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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. a husband in pleasanton makes a gruesome discovery when he comes home from working. find out what he found and why police are now involved. a wrong address almost led to disaster. a little girl malled by a pet pit bull and the potential for criminal charges against her own family. plus the new and improved weapon al qaeda was planning on using in an attack. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday may 8th, i am dave clark. >> we will ask steve paulson. >> we signed up online.
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and mostly near the santa cruz coastline, even some east bay north bay, may take some time to operate, here is sal. northbound 2el a is also good and new let's go back to the desk. we are still following developing news, police are investigating the violent deaths of a 13-year-old girl and her mother. they were both found in their home yesterday evening. tara moriarty is in pleasanton on the very latest of what we know. tara? >> he -- >> reporter: he made the gruesome discovery found his wife and daughter suffering
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gunshot wounds. we called police and they are not saying if this is a case of murder/suicide or homicide. police say the daughter died -- the wife died of a single gunshot wound and the young 13- year-old was taken to the hospital and died there. >> we have not found any witnesses yet. >> reporter: police are not ruling anything out at this point, they have looked. and i just got off with police, and we are hoping we can get more information from them. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. also in overnight news, mcarthur boulevard is open in oakland and firefighters are wrapping it back up, it
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happened at an abandoned business near mcarthur road and oakland. firefighters stripped off part of the roof getting to that fire. >> the initial address was not accurate, they found nothing and came back by and requested a full alarm response. >> the friars were found inside and the cause are still under investigation. he has now been identified as a high school senior. the pointed a gun at a police officer early sunday morning hitting blue ford three times.
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24-year-old sergio ran away from them and made threatening gestures with his hands. he was inside an u.s. a soldier from alameda has been killed in afghanistan. the 30-year-old staff sergeant thomas fogty guide during a battle with end any forces. they failed to blow up a plane in yemen bound for the united states. they planned to use the under ware bomber. coming up at 216 with a plot that led to the plot.
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>> the search may be over and as we first told you, we found a red jetta and it was seen on suv cameras the day she disappeared. they also say the car was see in areas where sierra lemar's belongings of where they were found. >> we are asking for the public's help in this case. >> crime line reports ruled out any connection between sierra's case and used condemns that were found on the field they will conduct another ground touch tomorrow. after a day off, things are
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starting back up in the district in 2008. prosecutors say he mistook them for rival gang members. one of them was sick and they will meet again this morning at the 30 -- 9:30. if you are driving from richmond to berkeley heading west. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving to the toll plaza although there is a little bit of a backup in some of these lanes. fast track lanes are moving without a big hitch. that traffic is looking good coming to to the area.
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leading edge fog is here on the coast it is too shallow so now everybody cools off, fog is there, coast and bay cool off but we are waiting for the season to open, patches of fog cooler breezy sunny and warmer this time, west fairfield but it is definitely different than last year. 49 santa rosa san rafael. also towards sap hose and that would be 90l1sl0 you about i
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would be pumping more towards the value. it is helping the fog ramp up. sunny inland coach the tall fog means cooler temperatures and westerly breeze is starting to show itself. cooler mild to warm depending on your proximity to the coast. lower 80s for some, mid-to- upper but a lot of 50s, 60s and 70s coast and bay. they take a plunge and indian areas start to come down then we have a little bit of a warming trend. it is warm and dry less than 12 hours ago. but it is too warm for that snow to stick. a two-year-old girl's
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family could face charges after their during attacked her. joining us now from the family's concord home, christian? >> reporter: yes, this is where the little girl was recovering after being attacked by the dog and the chopper was here shortly after the bull had hit her the latest update on the girl's company was that and the helicopter had to airlift the girl to the hospital and criminal charges could follow. >> there is always a potential we will investigate whether or not the dog had a prior history and if this that is the case they will have to pay some
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legal criminal charges and if that is the case, they reported that the dog has been euthanized. christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. the senate will vote on whether to free interest rates. and will they keep them from down willing on july 1st. let to the disciplinary action. plus a disor case. why is the mother the one being criticized. so, ah, your seat good?
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. time now 6:12 they are looking for a man who attacked a mother on suv video. this is disturbing. a man with a knife walked up to a mother and demanded her purse. you can see her start to run away and leave her four-year- old daughter and that is why she is being criticized. the little girl got away somehow. the man stabbed the mother as she tried to run into a store. her injuries are not life-
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threatening. vladimir puntin is back to being president of russia. demonstrators who are not happy with vladimir puntin's return they took to the streets ahead of his inauguration. he was forced out because of term limits and then became the prime minister while he waited for a chance to run didn't. they looking at the point planned to be here over the u.s. here is more on how the plot was disrupted, allison? >> reporter: pam, we are learning it was a tip from saudi intelligence officials in yemen break up the plot. the bomb that was seized is an upgrade from the underwear bomb that failed to detonate on christmas 2009 and they are
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examining whether it could have passed through airport security and brought down the plane. it is made pie one worker named abraham. they went on television about an hour ago and said the plot shows a tipped part of the united states. >> it seems be by the peninsular. >> the would-be bomber no longer poses a threat but would not say if he poses a say. and both democrats and republicans report freezing the student loan interest rate at 3.4% put they don't agree on how to pay for it. they want to eliminate dark
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breaks and they want to do that with the healthcare plan. they are agreeing to come to the board with the deadline. attorneys for two former administrators filed charges before they knew the facts tim curely along with the business administrator are accused of lying to a grand jury and are tied to the suspected football coach and jerry sandusky is accused of sexually molesting ten boys. berkeley high school has been suspended for sexual misconduct. he accused a former counselor of making unwanted advances of a sexual nature. he said the misconduct took place in 2009 and 2010 school
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year. smith denies the allegations but on teaching credentials, they issue a suspension. they are now certain that one of their loved ones who has been missing for almost 20 years. wesley howard shermantine and loren joseph herzog are responsible for the death of phillip martin and their suspensions were confirmed when loren joseph herzog indicated he was buried 30 miles out of stockton. >> he would have loved to meet all his grandchildren and finish being our dad. >> he worked with wesley howard shermantine and loren joseph herzog many years ago. all the men were working there when the man disappeared in 1993. kidnapping involving a cab
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driver, police released these sketches which resemble the three men nearly two weeks ago. they robbed the driver and force him into his cab. they released the driver who was not hurt, the cab was later recovered. it dramatically increases when this are other teens in the car. and the number of unsupervised teens go up and chances decrease if this is an adult in the car with a teenage driver. it always requires drivers with an adult any time this is another person in the vehicle. we will continue with harvey milk this one involving the navy.
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they are urging the navy secretary he was pros mousily awarded the presidential award of freedom. he served as a san francisco supervisor. time now 6:18 e-checking in on traffic, let's go to sal. we are doing well, we are looking good in the south bay and things have not reached a critical level here on westbound and we have not had a lot going on in the way of collisions and that is nice because tuesday can be one of the hardest days of the week. right now so far so good, this is a look at interstate 880 and 580 is also looking good, it is getting crowded but we don't have any crashes and to the bay bridge, you can see a backup
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stretching as back as the army base over crossing. >> 6:18, a very good morning and we have fog on the coast and it was not there yesterday but temperatures warmed up. low chads from the morning and cooler this afternoon a in mix of supplement and temperatures on the near 8 odds and it had take us time to warm up probably not as warm as yesterday. nothing too outrage so hardly much and it is showing signs of being more of a sea breeze. upper 40s for some 50s for others, still plenty of 80s showing up and you can see 50s and 60s and 70s coast and bay.
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curtsey of that few up there, it is weak but it is up there. cooler by the coast, westerly breeze, they will be in the 70s for some. it is catch fog .$♪it does brooks laich it will be warmer especially near the coast. they are taking steps to get even stronger. t- mobile commissioned the same technology used by verizon and at&t and they are handing avenue to buy t- mobile and they hope this will be operating in cities by next year. the candies are based on three of the most popular girl scout
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cookies, and scouts will not sell them door to door and instead they will be sold at national retailers and i am glad they didn't come out with one from system mow a why a big announcement by michael phelps about his future what it means for his up coming problem. trying avoid a family of ducks. the animals were rescues. another update is frame a hit. -- -- another update is straight ahead.
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we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪ . good morning traffic is moving along nicely on 101 as you head north up towards sunnyville. and they rushed to a very unusual call monday. cars were stopped along a busy freeway trying not to hit this family of ducks. they tried to heard the family away, look at the officers very generally and animal control officers used a net and moved
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them all to safety. meanwhile a pitt bull was found chained to a railroad track. they rescued this pitt bull near gary avenue. the dog, they are calling her georgia is okay but it appears she was stuck there for a few hours. nobody has come forward to claim her. officials are not able to determine whether it was purposefully chained to the train track or not. it is a proposed changed lease, it runs to the end of the season but the team would like to be able to move to its new stadium in santa clara if it is ready so they are willing to pay a million dollars as well as pay lost working and jobs to candle stick owners.
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>> the team could work out an agreement to bid on a supper bowl. time now 626, michael phelps is ready to enjoy life out of the pool. he said he will retire once the summer games in london are over. his coach said he was not sure if mind call phelps would make it to london and if he does he will make it with the most medals in olympic history. we are live out there, what they are demanding from university -- university before they end a farmland university. we are live where a mother and daughter are found shot inside their home, what police believe happened and what
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neighbors are saying. pam will have your early stock numbers coming up.
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. we are getting ready to ring the opening bell and they have some beautiful flowers because it is a big holiday. at least for 1800 flowers. yes, they get very busy as they lead this sunday so they are stuck and right now you can see numbers are headed lower and it is not expected to be a big drop. >> we will smile and say good morning to you, thank you for joining us. it is tuesday may 8th, i am dave clark. >> thank you for joining us.
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we are following news from pleasanton. police are investigating the violent death of a 13-year-old girl and her mother. tara moriarty is in pleasanton with what investigators are saying, tara? >> reporter: well police will not say if this is a double homicide or suicide but it is looking more like the latter and there is no reason to believe there was a killer at large. a key piece of evidence, a gun was found inside this house off of stacy court. police came home and made the gruesome discovery of his wife. amy had a single gunshot wound and her 13-year-old daughter had also been shot where she later died. the husband was the one to call 911. >> exactly what transpired, we are still not sure. >> we have not found any which
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is yet. >> reporter: police are trying to piece together what happened and there was no sign anybody broke into the home. her husband was there answering questions for police, he is not a suspect but he is considered a person of interest. police are not ruling anything out. the police recently -- police say they recently moved here from out of state. live from pleasanton tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. in overnight news, an oakland man is fighting for his life following a driveby shooting. it happened last night on international boulevard near 48th avenue. a gunman opened fire on a young man sitting inside his car. the man was shot in the head listed in critical condition and police are still looking for suspects. well the take over is still
6:33 am
going on this morning. tell us what the protesters will do to consider leaving the property. >> reporter: well they want to continue growing crops on this land. there is some concern about a potential police raid coming soon and that's because university officials have said they will take forceful action if this camp does not come down soon. they are open to sharing the land with protesters but only if they leave first. they are releasing a list of demands. they say they will move their tents only if they are guaranteed access to their crops. they planted crops in the field and setp tends as well. many people sounded off at the
6:34 am
city council meeting. >> you can see what they are creating for us. >> it is a varicable land -- variable land draft and you were elected to serve us and all of the people involved, please honor the process the democratic process we have been working at for years... >> reporter: and protesters are urging the city council planning the use of -- banning the use of this camp. this is used by student researchers normally and they need it available in the next week so they can begin to plant their drops. we will -- we will of course
6:35 am
stay on top of this operation. trustees are expected to a mend the executive compensation policy for campus presidents. under the proposed amendments new presidents could still receive higher pay but the raise would be paid for by nonprofit groups known as the auction i will rather -- he can still are yous. they authorized to raise a strike if they can't agreed on a new contract. the wife of sheriff ross mirkarimi is trying to stop the tape mayor ed lee wants to use the tape to show official misconduct. eliana lopez is crying during that time she suffered a fight
6:36 am
with her husband. police in livermore are warning women to be cautious while roping somebody over the weekend. coming up why they don't plea of this is could bed to other reports on joggers. >> now we know the name of the woman who crossed a street. suzanne monico was planning on becoming a certified architect. she was shopping at trader joes. the driver who hit her did stop and has not been arrested. a plan allowing muni riders who board buses through any door will go before the san francisco board of supervisors. the land use and economic committee did approve it and
6:37 am
they are expected to pass the plan. those who have not paid a fair will have to go through the front door but if you have a clipper pass or transfer you will be able to go through the back door. >> it is neutral if not positive but the better rider experience, that is the real benefit. >> mount any is adding 10 more fair inspectioners -- muni is adding 10 more inspectors to help enforce the payment rule. it is not quite as busy but yesterday you are right it was slow and it might even be that way later but as we start off in san jose, it still looks pretty good and we have not see a lot of super throw traffic. it is only 637 and we'll see what happens in the next hour and that will tell us a lot.
6:38 am
880 oakland has been nice. the a's play and incase you are wondering the a's are in town at the coliseum for the next few and with dumbarton brim looks good, we do have slowed traffic and let's go to steve. it is still being held in check by high pressure and this system right there, what system, it is not there and a few high clouds, it is there solid santa cruz coastline mostly but it is less than 1,000 feet so it has a hard time getting up and over and also over the coastal hills.
6:39 am
cooler breezy coast and bay and there is a little component southeast of napa and there is assure sign. upper 50s and 40s, so there is a little cool start well inland and you can see 50s and 60s and 70s are starting to move east and that will continue as the system moves into the pacific northwest. there is some fog and it can be thick on highway 1. westerly breeze kicks in and still some 80s, lower 80s towards the north bay and still warm conditions out towards livermore and pleasanton but
6:40 am
everyone cools down as we head to the weekend. a japanese diplomat is accused of domestic violence, the brutal crime he is accused of. a two-year-old girl is attacked by a pit bull and we will update you on her condition. westbound 24 as you drive to oakland we will tell you more about the bay commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. here is a quick look at the top stories we are looking at. the device they were getting ready to use to blow up a u.s. bound plane and it is an upgraded version of the unaware bomb, the one that failed to detonate in a plane over detroit on christmas day 2009. police in pleasanton are investigating the violent deaths of a mother and her 13- year-old daughter. it happened near interstate 580. it is still not clear if the deaths are the result of a double murder or murder/suicide. and they are contained in an abandoned business. the fire broke out and the
6:44 am
barber was closed down but has since been reopened. investigators do not know how the fire started. >> reporter: a two-year-old girl is recovering after being attacked by the family pit bull. here is more on the possible criminal charges her family could face, christian? >> reporter: we are here at children's hospital monitoring her condition and she is recovering from the bite wounds and chopper 2 was overhead yesterday afternoon shortly after 5:00 when the girl was bitten. authorities say the pit bull bit the girl three times and the latest update on the girl was she is in stable condition with serious bites to her face and leg. head to air lift the girl to the hospital and neighbors tell ktvu channel 2 morning news they had no idea there was a pit bull at the home.
6:45 am
>> i am not a pit bull fan, everybody has a right to own their own animals but it is not a good environment to put them with young kids but of course the dog will react differently. >> investigators say criminal charges could follow. >> the sap fran tropical reported and gave a call. our next series of calls are to the sheriff's office to determine the fate of that dog and to concord police to figure out if charges will follow this attack. christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. maurice has died, he was best known for the book where the wild ones are. it was the best children's book
6:46 am
of 1964. it became a hit movie in 2009. he had a stroke and died in a hospital this morning. he was 83 years old. time now 6:45, a diplomat has pled not guilty to charges of beating his wife and pushing her out of a car. he has been working as the advice consulate for two years. prosecutors say he brought liced his wife 14 times most recent -- brought lied his wife 14 times most recently to a month ago. he is out on bail on 350,000 dollars bail and he is still employed with the consulate and he is due back in court june 14th. former presidential
6:47 am
candidate rick santorum is formally endorsing mitt romney. he sent out a late night e-mail saying he decided to endorse mitt romney after meeting with him last friday. he is expected to coast to victory in west virginia and north carolina, he still needs 300 more delegates to clinch the republican nomination. the bill defines marriages only between a man and a woman and for bids recognizing civil unions and domestic partnerships. former president bill clinton urged voters to oppose the constitutional amendment but the proposed measure is expected to pass. they warn women to be careful after a groping incident on a popular trail. it happened on the bike pass near south l-street. the man approached her and
6:48 am
introduced himself as gabe. at some point the man was friendly and when they tried to shake his happen, she immediately started screaming. >> she backed away and ended up walking in the opposite direction. >> they don't believe it is connected to other assaults and the description of the suspect is different. she is a state lawmaker who voted in favor of increasing the penalty for drivers who get caught talking on a cell phone but she was believed to have done just that. >> sal are you starting at the
6:49 am
contra coster area? >> i want it mention high -- i want to mention highway 24 looks good grooving from pleasant hill and walnut creek and the slowest traffic is on antioch and we are getting some slowed traffic on bay point. it looks like it is crowded here and backed up from the oakland army base over crossing. let's go where we just talked about contra coster east and pinole, that traffic is moving a long nicely. >> mostly clear, starting to working find, and towards the sun noma coast -- sonoma coast, low clouds coast temperatures are held in check. mostly clear and 72 to 80 coming down as a west wind
6:50 am
comes down stale warm day and tomorrow everybody will cool down and you can blame that system. a few high clouds and the west winds are trying to working their way down here and showing up at west napa and fairfield but it is pointed in the right direction and i think it will pick up later on. 40s and 50s on the temperatures and it will start to warm up because the nights are so short. some upper #0s to near 9 -- 80s to near 90s coast and bay compared to yesterday and this system to continue to working its way east and it will lift some of that fog and reinforce it continuing to tomorrow. coastal fog means cooler coast and bay and it should start to working its way in.
6:51 am
antioch present wood that will cool down much in marin county and yet 60s and 70s tonight it will move in and cool down inland areas wednesday to thursday and it looks like it arrives in time for the weekend. >> thank you steve. pleasanton safe way will working to buy pork products from producers that do not use crates where pregnant pigs are confined. they do not know how long it will take bring in that new policy in march consumer debt rose by nearly $21.5 billion. it is the largest jump since 2001. and credit card increased after decreasing in january and february. oakland police are out
6:52 am
there looking for a burglary suspect and why he also appears to be a pretty crafty escape artist. the big news today, ahead of the golden gate bridge's 75 birthday party. it looks good, we will tell you more about the morning commute.
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. dow jones industrial average down, and still some concern about europe and we will keep watching the numbers for you. burglary suspect who escaped from inside an oakland police car is still on the loose this morning. it happened last night on 6th and jefferson within yards of the county jail. the young man was not handcuffed when he took off. they know where he lives and the original charges against him are not that serious, however the escape last night got him into a lot more trouble. the second phase of or oracle's lawsuit, they will hear testimony on whether it involves java and the legal
6:56 am
right battle. they decided one in favor oracle and they could not decide on the 4th basis of the settlement. there is a way to fight obesity. a new report estimates 40% of americans will be obese by 2030. a little more than a third of adults are overweight and researchers say the rise will cost the u.s. an extra $550 billion in help the care costs. well the golden gate bridge will turn 75 later this month but starting today there is something new to celebrate. the bridge now has it's open starting point for the golden gate bridge. it offers them to take their
6:57 am
picture even when it's too foggy to see the bridge. yeah, now the golden gate bridge district says it appreciates this new facility since it could never afford to build and maintain this kind of facility on its own. now on our channel 2 website we have more video from the golden gate bridge as well as a slide show along with new improvements. just go to the website let's go to sal to check in on traffic. let's look at the golden gate bridge right now i have a live picture for you, you can see it is a little foggy on the span. southern marin be careful as you drive through, the new doyle drive configuration and traffic on highway one also looks good. it is not foggy here and 880 that traffic is moving well.
6:58 am
>> parts of the bay it will be cooler coast and bay inland cooler for some and one more day for antioch and livermore but a cooler pattern is beginning to show itself. >> time now 6:57 a grim discovery quiet bay area tragedy involving a mother and teenage daughter. also some people may be spending a lot more time at home this summer, stay with us. we will be right back. mom? hmm?
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