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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 8, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> reporter: we're live in pleasanton where news of a shooting death of a teenager and her mother has a community reeling. we'll tell you what police are saying about the investigation and what we're learning about the daughter. a pit bull mauled a 2-year- old girl in concord. why the child's own family could face criminal charges. >> reporter: and a group of farmers occupying a uc-berkeley owned plot of land say they are willing to take down their camp. but they have a list of demands. what the protesters are asking before they leave. and a berkeley escape artist on the loose. "mornings on 2" starts right
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now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, may 8th. we begin with developing news from pleasanton. police are investigating the violent deaths of a 13-year-old girl and her mother. they were found inside their home on stacy court near 580. ktvu's tara moriarty is in pleasanton. any word yet on how they died? >> reporter: not yet. we've learned more information about the daughter. she was apparently a student at hart middle school. a daughter just came by and said her daughter knew her and news of this girl's death have sent shock waves through the community. this is where the violence erupted inside this home off stacy court. police won't say if it was a double murder or a murder- suicide. it is looking like the batter. the husband came home --
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latter. the husband came home and made the discovery. amy burton had a single gunshot wound. her 13-year-old daughter had been shot and was taken to the hospital where she later died. the husband was the one to call 911. now, burton's husband was at the police station last night answering questions. he's not a suspect nor is he in custody but is considered a person of interest. police were here most of the night. they spent about eight hours here. they say there's no sign that anybody broke into the home. they are not ruling anything out. the evidence is pointing to a murder-suicide. but we should be learning more details. the neighbors say the family moved out of state a short time ago. we're gonna head over to the school later this morning. there will more than likely be grief counselors onhand there. we'll try to find out exactly what happened here yesterday. we're live in pleasanton, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:02. oakland firefighters were quick
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to shut down a major boulevard and put out an early-morning fire. it happened around 4:16 this morning at an abandoned business near 99th avenue and macarthur boulevard. macarthur was closed while firefighters stripped off part of the roof to vent the fire. fire crews were initially sent to thong address but they noticed the smoke in the air and found the fire for themselves. >> there was a good heads up. it's a small commercial building, not in use, boarded up. it's currently under investigation. >> firefighters searched inside the building for any victims just in case but no one was hurt. our time is now 7:03. well, some say it's time for the city of oakland to revisit the issue of teen curfew as summer gets closer. the "chronicle" reports when asked howard jordan said the city could use a curfew. last year, oakland city council explored adopting a curfew ordinance urging from former oakland police chief anthony
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batts. however, that effort failed to materialize. jean quan reportedly says she could support a curfew ordinance with limited authority. there's still a stalemate between uc berkeley and the protesters who have taken over farmland in albany. ktvu's alex savidge is out there telling us what they are demanding before they agree to leave. alex? >> reporter: well, good morning, dave. a representative from occupy the farm told me within the last 15 minutes she's hopeful about a proposal they sent to uc berkeley yesterday. essentially, they are asking for continued access to this land and continued access to their crops and protesters say in turn they will agree to take down their tent. after much discussion yesterday, the group occupying the gill track came up with several demands, including they want some sort of a sharing arrangement for this piece of land owned by the university. they also want continued water supply for their crops and community access for the field as well. they sent that proposal over to
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uc berkeley yesterday. the university has said they will not discuss any sort of sharing of the land with occupy farmers until the tent city comes down. a representative from occupy the farm i talked with a short time ago said she's hoping university officials will be open to a dialogue. >> it's hard to say obviously -- to say. obviously, history has showed the university has pulled out from negotiations at the last minute with no explanation. i think we're hopeful but we have the reality of the history. >> reporter: it was two weeks back on earth day when occupy protesters broke into this locked piece of land in albany and took over the property that's owned by the university that began to plant crops in the field. uc berkeley police officers have made what we understand to be almost daily visits here out to the site, warning these
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protesters that they are protesting. the university says if protesters don't leave within the next week or so they say they need the land back to plant crops and the university says if they don't get the land back, they will have to take what they term more forceful action. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:05. the san francisco teachers union is preparing for the first of two votes that could lead to a strike. they plan to vote on thursday. the union wants to -- a 2% raise for the teachers. they say negotiations over a contract have stalled. it also says the district is demanding $30 million in cuts despite millions of dollars in resources. the school district says it doesn't have extra money and says those budget cuts are necessary. 7:06. the jury in the ed wayne ramos murder trial will begin another -- edwin ramos murder trial will begin another day of deliberations. they will neat at the 9:30 at
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the -- they will meet at 9:30 at the hall of justice. they did not meet yesterday because a juror was sick. prosecutors say he shot anthony bologna and his two sons in 2008 after mistaking them for rival gang members. for the first time ever the princess cruises will move the grand princess to pier 27 next may. the huge cruise ship will be based here year-round with scheduled voyages to alaska, hawaii, the california coast and mexico. the princess is already taking reservations for the first few trip. >> sounds good. >> uh-huh. sal, do we have smooth sailing so far in the commute? >> for the most part p. >> okay. >> i don't think today has been all that bad. today's commute is getting more crowded, of course, as more people hit the road. let's take a look at highway 4. we've had slow traffic here and slow traffic in antioch. that's not unusual.
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i don't see anything major on highway 4 reported, although it's pretty slow. it wouldn't surprise me if there's something here we just don't know about. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's backed up beyond the oakland army base overcrossing. those metering lights are on. you can see it's quite a crowd and our cameras are facing right into the sun. it's crowded. this morning's commute on 80 westbound from vallejo to pinole is looking pretty good. east 80 before pinole valley road, there is a car fire on the shoulder. the fire department has put that out already. we look at hayward, 880 southbound, the road sensors showing slowing moderately. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. mostly sunny. temperatures, there is a little west wind trying to form. it's trying. it's trying. it needs to get 'er going. i think it will better. some of the fog on the gbe --
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ggb could be thick. the fog is not going anywhere. 55 to 7 a 5. tear will be a big, big difference in the temperatures today. 58 to 70. go west, find the fog and cooler. you go inland. a few high clouds kind of filtering over from the week system. it has enhanced the fog. there wasn't any at this time yesterday. well, it's here today. still sunny and warm but i think some locations come down. north bay pill as well -- peninsula as well. nothing roaring yet. 50s and 40s on the temperatures. they are starting to rebound. we had some upper 40s. still plenty of orange. that would be the 80s and a few hovering toward 90. 50s, 60s, 70s closer to the bay. yesterday they were confined
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just to the coast. that system won't do so much as it lifts the fog. fog, sun, warm. cooler by the coast with that westerly breeze starting to roll in but it's pretty week right now. it's showing signs of picking up later on. 50s, 60s, 70s coast to bay. a few upper os far enough away from any fog influence. can't make much of an impact. it will make a big impact. cooler across the board on wednesday wednesday. friday looks warm -- on wednesday. friday looks warmer. we'll carry that into your weekend. a state lawmaker who is a member of a committee who recently voted to increase the punishment for drivers on their cell phone was caught doing just that. the sacramento tv station has the proof. look. they say state senator carol lu of glendale is right there talking on a cell phone while driving her taxpayer owned car. when she was confronted with that video, lu questioned
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whether that was really her because it's hard to tell. when asked again, this is how ms. lu responded. >> if it's in my car, it has to be me. if i'm guilty, i'm guilty. i apologize. we shouldn't do that. it's really dangerous. >> now, the lawmaker who wrote the law says there's exemption for law enforcement enofficers. senator -- officers. senator lu didn't give any explanation why she was on the phone and driving. bomb plot foiled. what the cia is saying about the attempt to blow up a plane bound for the u.s. and we're following a new development in the penn state sex abuse scandal. why the prosecutors are now under fire. and how a woman who was not even a candidate stole the show at a presidential debate in mexico.
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cooler, coast and bay. still, sunny, warm inland. look for 50s to a few mid- to upper 80s. >> all right. thank you, steve. 7:14. new this morning, the u.s. defense department has just announced a soldier from alameda has been killed in afghanistan. 30-year-old staff sergeant thomas forerty died during a fierce battle with enemy forces two days ago. we found out this morning a tip from saudi intelligence officials helped cia operatives in yemen break up an al qaeda plot targeting americans. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with what we are learning about the
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would-be bomber. alison? >> reporter: tori, president obama's top counterterrorism adviser went on tv this morning and said we no longer need to worry about the man who planned to blow up a u.s.-bound plane but would not say if he had been capture order killed. the bomb that was seized is an upgrade of the underwear bomb that failed to detonate over a plane in the united states in december of 2009. it's believed to have been built by al qaeda's mastermind bomber. secretary of state hillary clinton says it's a reminder al qaeda is not giving up. >> they keep trying to devise more and more preverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people, and it's a reminder as to why we have to remain vigilant as home and abroad. >> reporter: the bomb did not contain metal and likely would not have set off airport metal detecters and it's not clear if
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the body scanners in use in u.s. airports would have detected it. members of congress are already calling for new scrutiny of our airport security. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. vladimir putin is, once again, the president of russia. look at this. demonstrators angry about mr. putin's return to the presidency protested in the streets ahead of his inauguration. there he is walking the red carpet. putin served as president for eight years before being turned down in 2008. he then became prime minister while he waited to take over the presidency again. well, in mexico, ther was a bit of a distraction dab -- there what a bit of -- there was a bit of a distraction. a woman in a very revealing dress right there passed around the box with papers in it to
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see who would gofy. she's a model and former playmate. organizers of the debate are apologizing. the woman told the radio show she was only told to wear a white dress and that was the one she picked out for this particular occasion. we're getting our first look of a graphic video of the beating of a homeless man. this is a disturbing video. the grainy black-and-white tape was shown in court. prosecutors have charged the fullerton police officers with involuntary manslaughter. the police says they were dealing with a man who was putting their lives in danger. new developments in the penn state sex scandal. prosecutors filed charges before they knew the facts, it's reported. penn state athletic director
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tim curley along with a business administrator are accused of lying to the grand jury and failing to report suspected child abuse. those charges are tied with the scandal and cover up of jerry sandusky, accused of sexually abusing ten boys. a counselor at berkeley high school has been suspended for alleged sexual ms. conduct. the daily -- misconduct. anthony smith is reported of making unwanted advances of a sexual nature. the victim, who was 16 at the time, says the misconduct occurred in the 2009 school year. smith is denying the allegations. but the california commission on teaching credentialing issued a seven-day suspension. the u.s. senate plans to vote on a democrat proposal to
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freeze the loan% at 3.4% but they don't agree how to pay for it. democrats want to eliminate a tax break for some corporations. pruns want to pay for it out of president obama's healthcare plan. students and their families are urging the lawmakers to reach an agreement before that july 1st deadline. it is 7:18. antioch police have released new information about a robbery carjacking and kidnapping involving a cabdriver. police released these sketches that they say resemble two of the three men who hailed a cab at the bay atmosphere b.a.r.t. station two weeks ago. they forced the cab driver in the trunk of his cab. they drove the cab to the oakland hills where any released the driver who was not hurt. the cab was later recovered. a stockton family is calling for new searches in a serial killer says. they are now certain a loved one who has been missing for nearly 20 years is among the
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many victims. they long thought convicted serial killers shermantine and her done were responsible for the death of phillip -- herzog were responsible the death of phillip martin when they indicated in a map that he was buried 30 miles of stockton. >> brings out more dogs and -- bring out more dogs and start digging. i will bring my shovel out. >> all three men were staying at the same hotel shortly before martin disappeared. should the u.s. army name a ship after harvey milk? the san francisco board of supervisors is considering that today. the board is expected to vote on a resolution urging ray mavis to cyst -- to christen a
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ship. harvey milk was post whom mew lusly name -- post whom posthumously given an honor. all right. 7:21. well, we had some pretty warm weather in the past few days. up next, steve paulson will tell us which parts of the bay area may actually see cooler temperatures today. also ahead, a new study about teenagers and driving, the one factor that dramatically increases the chances of a fatal accident. good morning. traffic is getting busy all over the place as we look at a live picture of san jose. we'll tell you more about the
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a new study by aaa says the chances of a teenaged driver dying in a car accident dramatically increases when there are other teenagers in the car. the more young people in the car by themselves, the greater of chance of a fatal accident. the study also says the chances decrease dramatically if there is an adult in the car with a teenaged driver. california law requires new drivers to have an adult with them any time there is another young person not vehicle during the -- during the first year they have their license. >> very interesting. hey, sal, hopefully, everyone is banking themselves out there on the -- behaving themselves on the road. >> yeah, it has not been too bad. we've had the typical slowdowns. this is highway 4. we investigated. we just didn't find anything -- well, no crashes anything
7:25 am
reported by chp along the stretch. it's also very slow on highway 4 in antioch. almost the entire stretch of highway 4 is slow right through here. moving along and taking a look at the bay bridge. that's also very crowded coming into san francisco. the traffic continues to move along very well on the bridge itself. let's move along to hayward, union city, fremont, that traffic is getting busy as well. north of 880 it will be very. i want to show you that 680 walnut creek, pleasant hill walnut creek getting busy and then 80 also verying down and next report we'll take a look at the south bay. we're getting some slowdowns there as well the first let's go to steve. >> well, we have sunshine inland mainly for the bay. but some fog is fartherring to -- starting to get its act
7:26 am
together. a little westerly breeze is starting to show itself out toward the delta. a weak little st. louis. that he all it takes in may. west-southwest at 8. i know that's not much -- that's all it takes in may. west-southwest at 8. i know that's not much. concord is 53. the city is at 50 degrees. low clouds over the golden gate and starting to really fill in now on the coast as that whole system rotates towards the pacific northwest. it will be warm away from the coast. it will be cool he coast and bay today. temperatures big difference here. 50s, 60s, 70s. no impact on the fog until tomorrow. so 80s there. still a few upper 80s. we cool down dramatically on wednesday into thursday. and then we'll see warmer inland temperatures and nice conditions by the weekend. 7:26. a new lead and new hope in the sierra lamar case. the missing girl's mom responds to the latest development in the search for the teen in
7:27 am
morgan hill. and a pit bull mauls a 2- year-old girl. why the girl's family could face charges. and a church attacked by vandals. the messages of hate found there. ♪
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you said we should try why arclub chipotle! i said we should try a chipotle chicken club! spicy, crispy chicken with bold chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough. get it as a combo with fries and a drink. did you say you want drinks? i said a drink comes with the combo! you know how to mambo?! of course i can do the robot. a 2-year-old girl's family could face criminal charges
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after the pit bull attacked her. that 2-year-old girl is in stable condition. ktvu's christien kafton is live with the girl's injuries. >> reporter: good morning. we'll get to her condition in a minute. we've made repeated calls to concord police and to the contra costa county sheriff's office trying to determine if there will be charges in this case. they've refer us to contra costa county animal services. we'll called out to them as well. we can tell you that the young girl, the 2-year-old girl is recovering here at children's hospital oakland from that pit bull attack. chopper 2 was overhead yesterday shortly after 5 when the girl was bitten. authorities say the pit bull bit the girl three times. our chopper got calls of what appears to be a dog run of the home. the girl is in serious condition with bite wounds to her face and head.
7:31 am
the chopper had to airlift her to this hospital. neighbors say that he had no idea there was a pit bull at the hole -- they had no idea there was a pit bull at the home. the dog has been put down. we're trying to get in contact with contra costa county animal services to find out more about the girl and to find out about the possible criminal investigation in this case. we'll continue to follow this story and brings you updates. a -- and bring you updates. back to you. shelter workers say a dog called georgia is okay but she was stuck for a few hours and no one has come forward to claim her. they are unable to say whether the dog was purposely chained to the attack.
7:32 am
police say 18-year-old allen dwayne bluford pointed a gun at a police officer early sunday morning. that police officer fired four time hitting bluford three times. the officer has not been identified. san jose police have identified the man that police shot at sunday night. police say 24-year-old sergio aruda ran away from them and made threatening guest churs with his hand -- gestures with his hand. they say 15 minutes earlier, he was in an suv where someone had a gun. 7:32. new leads in the sierra lamar case are giving family members some hope. as we first reported yesterday on "mornings on 2," investigators need help finding a red '90s model four-door jetta like the one in the picture with you with with a black hood. the santa clara county sheriff's department says the red jetta was seen on surveillance cameras near her home on march 16ing, the day
7:33 am
she is disappeared. he also say she was scene in the area where her belongings were found. >> i'm asking for the community and public if they have any recollection of seeing this vehicle. it's not your efeveryday description as far as jetta -- your everyday description arpass as jettas. it is red -- as far as jettas. it is red and it has a black hood. volunteers will conduct another ground search tomorrow. the sheriff's dive team will continue to check more reservoirs this week. police in livermore are warning women to be cautious while walking on a popular trail. that's after a groping incident over the weekend. coming up at 7:45, why police do not believe this incident is connected to other reports of
7:34 am
sexual assaults of -- on joggers. the family of 25-year-old suzanne monaco said she was planning to become a certificate fid architect. police say she was hit by a pickup truck on masonic avenue sunday evening after shopping at trader joe's. she was not in the crosswalk. the driver of the car did stop and has not been arrested. a driver may have suffered a medical emergency moments before crashing his van into a nanny who was pushing twin girls in a stroller. this happened yesterday morning on 23rd street near fulsom in san francisco. the girls are okay. but they were knocked out of the stroller. they had to be treated at the hospital for minor injuries. the nanny was treated as well. the 81-year-old driver was checked out as you see here. he was not cited or arrested. 7:34. a court hearing is scheduled this week for a lake county woman accused of having sex with her teenaged son.
7:35 am
32-year-old misty atkinson is charged with four felonies. court records show that her 16- year-old son did not know she was his biological mother. prosecutors say atkinson was an an tentee mother who used the internet to find her son. they exchained text messages which allegedly turned into a sexual relationship. atkinson was arrested after the father discovered the affair. mayor ed lee wants to use the video in the ross mirkarimi case as evidence to remove him from office. the tape shows the sheriff's wife crying while showing the bruises she said she suffered during a fight with her husband. the tape will provide further embarrassment for her client, the wife's attorney says.
7:36 am
san francisco county will take a big step towards building a new jail. the meeting that will start in just about 90 minutes from now. the board of supervisors is expected to approve $20 million to start the construction. the new jail is expected to cost as much as $160 million to build and an additional $30 million every year to run it. the critics say the crash- strapped county should reduce the population in its current overcrowded jail instead. the plans to build a new school in los gatos have been abandoned. the school district decided to stop building the new lexington elementary school. state geologists have had some safety concerns about this site. it's an area that's vulnerable to land slides, especially during earthquakes. lexington students will be moved to portable bigs at fisher elementary instead. vandals in santa cruz damaged a 231-year-old catholic church.
7:37 am
police say it happened around 4:00. "evil" was spray painted. police are investigating the crime as a possible hate crime. trustees are expected to amend the executive policy for campus president. under the proposed amendments new presidents could still receive higher pay but the raise would be paid for by campus nonprofit groups. the california faculty association is criticizing the policy. they haven't had a raise since 2008 and voted to authorize a strike if they can't reach an agreement on a new contract. 7:37. well, the plans to build a casino near rohnert park are moving ahead after clearing a
7:38 am
major hurdle. the state senate approved the plan yesterday. the fed rated indians of rancho rio plan to build a casino off highway 101, just west of the scandia family fun center. the 700 million casino would have 3,000 slot machines. the plan has to be approved by the machine industry and then it goes to the interior department. the city of willits is about to start work on a replacement building for howard memorial hospital. the plans for the $64 million project have finally received approval by the state. construction on a replacement for the 84-year-old hospital building will begin this summer. howard memorial hospital is the largest employer in the town of willits. 7:38. the san francisco board of supervisor the is expected to pass legislation next week to allow muni riders to board buses through the back door. the change would go into effect
7:39 am
july 1st. riders paying cash will still need to board on the front of the bus. if you have a clipper card, pass or valid transfer you will be able to use the back door to get on the bus. officials say this will help speed up muni's average travel speed which is only 8 miles an hour. >> many of our buses have literally aborting every minute. the fastest way to get buses moving is to allow people to enter from the front door as well as from all side doors. >> muni is also adding ten more fare inspectors to help enforce the proof of payment rules. the honor system, have to be careful. >> uh-huh. sal is back. he's watching everybody. but i know you are watching the south bay. >> yeah. we're starting there this time, dave and tori. it's a little bit slow on the downtown san jose direction into the -- trek into the west valley. we have that. northbound traffic is going to be busy coming up to highway 17. it looks like my mike may have
7:40 am
fall -- mic may have fallen down. traffic is moving along relatively well. it slows down. i want to show you a map of the south bay in just a moment. there it is. northbound 280. you can see the red marks there. 85 also slow as you drive north of 87 but 101 continues to be the bad freeway in the south bay. i laugh only because it's kind of like a sympathetic laugh for people who are driving up to sunnyvale. i feel your pain. moving to fremont, southbound 880 getting there from hayward will be rough. hayward very slow. also slow through union city heading south. one more live picture. this would be the bay bridge. that's backed up for more like a 15 to 20-minute delay before you get into the city. let's go to stove. >> thank you, sal. we have fog on the coast. it kind of put on the brakes around point reyes. it's also moving over the bay.
7:41 am
it's a sign of a cooler pattern. inland it will probably take another day for some. the fog is there. i still think the fog will return. some low clouds and i do mean low for the bay when it comes over the golden gate bridge and heads to alcatraz and then takes a turn towards angel island. but sunny and warm for inland areas. there is a little component of a southwest that's already starting to show itself. weak little system. i just need a little burn. that's what this system is doing. west-southwest at fairfield. southeast at napa and west at 6 at sfo. nothing strong but it's a sign of a cooler pattern when you start to see a west-southwest. 50s on the temperatures. we had some 40s but they don't last very long. this whole system is turning into the pacific most. as it begins to plow into there. it will lift the fog tonight and everybody will cool down.
7:42 am
fog, sun, cooler, coast and bay. a little westerly breeze already in place here starting to pick up later. it will be warm later but i think the west wind wins out. antioch, brentwood, oakley, stockton, tracy, still very warm. santa rosa, napa, coming down on the temperatures. i will go 86 in livermore. i wrestled with that one but it will be cooler, cooler for much of the san mateo santa cruz coastline. it looks to be socked in. fog, sun, cooler for everybody on wednesday and then into thursday we start to turn things around and it will be warmer as we go into the weekend. tori? >> thank you, steve. moving the markets this morning. and they were bitter rivals and why rick santorum justifies his late-night endorsement of mitt romney. and a dramatic rescue as a worker back east falls into a giant take of acid. as a fashion blogger,
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the dow is down 153. the nasdaq is down 47. s&p down 17. yahoo!'s ceo says he's sorry his official company's biography listed a college degree he did not ash but he's not going to step down. one of the company's major shareholders is demanding yahoo! show him all of the document relating to scott thompson's hiring to see if anything else was was missing -- was missing. and the second largest u.s.
7:46 am
game publisher says the number of subscribers to its "star wars" the old prun game dropped by 400,000 in the first quarter of this year. the company is -- republican game dropped by $400,000 in the -- dropped by 400,000 in the first quarter of this year. a new jersey worker is a hero for jumping into a case of acid to save his coworker. the two men were working here together yesterday when davis fell 40 feet into a roof. he landed in diluted acid, acid used for cleaning steel. knuckles jumped waist deep in and pulled his buddy out. three others also helped with the rescue. davis is in critical condition, the hero, knuckles was burned on his legs and his stomach. 7:46. police in livermore warning women be very careful after a groping incident on a popular
7:47 am
trail. happened sunday afternoon on the arroyo road bike path near south l street. a woman was walking on the path when a man approached her, introduced himself as gabe. when the woman tried to shake his hand, he grabbed and groped her. >> this individual came up. he's very social and friendly. the victim in this case didn't perceive anything wrong with it. it wasn't until he extended his hand and kind of a friendly gesture that the dynamics just changed. >> police say they don't think this incident is collected to others in the patterson pass area. the description of the suspect is difficult. an indiana couple has been arrested for allegedly driving a car with their children -- i'm not kidding -- strapped to the outside. police in ft. wayne say the man and the woman drove away from a liquor store with their children ages 4, 5, 6, and 7 attached to the hood
7:48 am
with a tow strap. now, the children were not hurt. the man, he was arrested for drunk driving. the woman was taken in for questioning. child protective services is investigating possible child neglect. 7:47. a japanese diplomat has pleaded not guilty to charges of beating his wife and pushing her out of a car. 32-year-old yoshiama naganya has been working at the japanese consulate for two years. prosecutors say he brutally attacked his wife 14 times and he's charged with be staing his wife with a screwdriver and knocking out one of her teeth. >> she decided she had enough and had the courage to go forward with the police and report it and started this investigation. >> he was arrested april 1st but he's now out of jail on $350,000 bail. he's still employed with the consulate and is due back in
7:49 am
court june 14th. an ex-speechwriter for john edwards will take the witness stand at his corruption trial. he's expected to testify that edwards told her he knew about the nearly $1 million provided by wealthy donors that helped hide his pregnant mistress as he sought the democratic presidential domination in 2008. in testimony yesterday, an attorney for one of the donors testified that the woman considered the payments to edwards to be gifts and not campaign contributetions. -- corruptions -- contributions. rick santorum is now officially enforcing mitt romney. he sent out a late-night e-mail to supporters saying he decided to send out an e-mail and rick santorum says they both agree president obama must be
7:50 am
defeated. mitt romney is expected to coast a victory in the three states holding presidential primaries today. indiana, west virginia, and north carolina. romney needs 300 more delegates to clinch the republican nomination. well, early vote something now happening in california's june 5th primary election. voters you will notice big changes in the balot this time around. it's called the top 2 primary, meaning the two candidates in any given race except for the presidency who get the most votes go on to the general election in november even if they are both from the same party. >> you can have two or three democrats really competing for that slot. so in liberal areas in san francisco, most certainly the top democrats are going to win and they are gonna face off in november. >> on the palot all of the -- on the balot, all candidates are -- ballot, all candidates are grouped together.
7:51 am
there is a list of 23 candidates challenging kye ann -- dianne feinstein. a website that helps married couples cheat. the reason they are expecting a boost in business. all eyes on north carolina. voters there are deciding what defines marriage.
7:52 am
7:53 am
police officers in core pits christie, texas responded to an unusual call. cars were stopped on the highway trying to avoid hitting a family of ducks. an animal control officer eventually arrive and used a net to move the ducks to safety. time now, 7:53. well, there is a website that helps married couple cheat on their spouse and they expect to be very busy next monday. it's called ashley
7:54 am
it says more women sign up on the monday after mother's day than any other day of the year. the website's founder says women start thinking about how their husbands treat them on monday. if they don't feel appreciated they start to think about how to change their lives. this is the day that north carolina's marriage amendment goes before voters. the bill defines marriage as only between a man and a woman. former president bill clinton recorded robo calls urging voters to oppose that amendment. that measure is expected to pass. we want to check in with sal. any problems out there? >> we do have some problems out there. we're gonna start with sonoma county. highway 37 at 121 an injury crash there. we're getting word that a couple of medical helicopters
7:55 am
are on the way to the scene. 37 heading west from vallejo to marin is a huge mess now because of this crash right at 121. so watch for slow traffic in that area. and then you will have to deal with the slow traffic coming out of novato coming south of the civic center. i want to show you that traffic here, a couple of fender- benders and a lot of slow traffic heading south all the way down to fremont. this morning we're looking at live pictures. 280 san jose, getting a little bit slow as you drive down here. no major problems getting through. that traffic is going to be busy. the morning drive in san francisco along northbound 101 that traffic is moving along pretty well getting up to the 80 split with a little bit of crowded conditions. let's go to steve. >> sunshine inland fog is now hugging the coast. starting to make a little bit of a push. inland will be mostly sunny to sunny and warm. a cooler pattern is definitely
7:56 am
taking shape here, especially coast and bay. the system kind of falling apart. you can see the fog. it's actually a little thicker here. it has taken the turn there at point reyes. very shallow. it's moving up the sonoma coast. even though it's shallow it will make an impact with a westerly breeze. a lot of 50s on the temperatures. but this system coming in will pick up the west-southwest breeze. so war inland, cool he, coast and bay. temperatures, big difference anywhere from upper 50s to near 90 degrees. it's a summertime a ter. tomorrow those inland areas will cool down as the fog lifts. an oakland burglary suspect on the run and why this one appears to an pretty crafty escape artist. >> reporter: we're live in
7:57 am
pleasanton where tunes are reacking to news of the shooting death of one of their -- students are reacting to news of the shooting death of one of their classmates and her mother
7:58 am
♪ chevron's been here in california for 133 years. we work hard. we support 1 in 200 jobs in the state. we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪
7:59 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, may 8th. we're beginning with a story from pleasanton. the police are busy investigating the vie the have deaths of a 13-year-old girl and her mother. they were found yesterday on stacy court. tara moriarty is now at the teenager's school. what do you know now? >> reporter: yeah, the daughter killed in last night's tragedy was a student here. in about a half an hour, a district spokesperson is gonna give us an update about how the school plans to handle this tragedy. they will probably have grief counselors onhand. here's what police are saying -- it was a double killing or a
8:00 am
murder-suicide. but it's looking more like the latter since police say there's no reason to think a killer is at large. the husband came home from work last night around 6:00. he discovered the bod difficult his wife, 37-year-old amy fromman-burton who had a single gunshot wound. her 13-year-old daughter was shot and, taken to the hot where she died -- hospital where she died. neighbors say they moved in, took care of their home and they seemed nice. >> one day i was coming back from high walk, i see hill and the wife. they were trilling the roses. i was coming back and my wife and i said hello. that was it. >> reporter: so is this shocking to? >> definitely. >> reporter: the husband was the one to call 911. police were at the home much of the night trying to piece together. they say there was no sign that anybody broke into the house.
8:01 am
again, they are not ruling out anything at had point, but the evidence, pass, pointing to a murder-suicide. we're live in pleasanton, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:00. an oakland man is fighting for his life following a drive-by- shooting. this happened on international boulevard on 48th avenue. police say a gunman in a passing car opened fire on a young man who was sitting inside his car. the victim was shot in the head and is listed in critical condition. police are still out there looking for suspects. a burglary suspect who managed to escape from inside an oakland police car is still on the loose this morning. this happened last night at 6th and jefferson within yards of the county jail. police say the young man was not wearing handcuffs when he escaped. police know the suspect's name and where he love live -- where he lives. police say his original charges are not that serious.
8:02 am
however, that escape last night got him into a lot more trouble. 8:01. some say it's time for the city of oakland to revisit the issue of a teen curfew with summer break errorring q the ronic "reports that howard jordan said the city could use a curfew. last year, the city council explored adopting a city ordinance with the urging of anthony batts. but the effort failed to materialize. jean quan says she could support a curfew with limited authority. voters in contra costa county have rejected a mail-in ballot for clean water projects. the measure would have added between $6 and $22 per year. the money would have been used to help local governments meet stricter standards. now local governments will have
8:03 am
to find other ways to fund the tighter water -- tighter quality standards. there's a stalemate between uc berkeley and the protesters. alex savidge is joining us live. you say uc police came back again had morning talking to the protesters. they tried handing this letter to each of the individual protesters warning them that they are trespassing. >> i'm officer mcmillan. i represent the university of california. >> okay. >> you are trespassing. >> reporter: those uc berkeley officers tried to read that letter to protesters but most people walked away, walked in the other direction and ignored
8:04 am
police. officers ordered these campers to leave the piece of property known as the fell tract where they've been farming and gill track where they've been farming for the last few weeks. the university needs to have this land back soon. they are open -- university officials say they are open to the possibility of sharing the land with activists but only if they take down the encampment first. yesterday. protesters fired back with -- -- yesterday, protesters fired back with a list of demands of their own. >> the thing is the university has already publicly stated that there is enough room on this portion of the fell tract for both researchers and the drops that we've put in for urban agriculture. what we're looking for is inviting them that that's room for us and the researchers. >> reporter: row testers took offer this land on earth day and they say it was in part to fight any future development on this piece of property.
8:05 am
they also want to turn this into a community arden but the university says their student offers need the land back in a week or so. the university says if the land is not vacated in short order, they will take what they term more forceful action. again, another visit, a daily visit, police officers handing out again this trespassing warning letter to all of the protesters here. no one arrested here at the occupy the farm site in ab abe. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. -- in albany. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2
8:06 am
news. chrysler is recalling more than 12,000 cars here in the u.s. and in canada. the 2012 model year dodge chargers and chrysler 300s may have problems in the stability control and the antilock braking systems. the chrysler says they don't have any reports of injuries or zens pause of the problems which could be caused by a fuse. the owners of the cars will get a recall notice later this month. speaking of cars, checking in with sal. hey, sal. >> hey, tori and dave. you know, it's not doing very well in sonoma county and also in solano u.k. -- solano county. we have a crash on westbound 37 at 121. some serious injuries. also some very slow traffic in the area.
8:07 am
as we're looking more at the hayward area, we've had some slow traffic in the last few minutes. had a couple of fender-benders but mostly the slow traffic is there all the way through unian city. out to the live pictures we go, i'm gonna show you the 237. not all of that bad. we're also looking at slow traffic on westbound 24 in poths through la fayette and orrin ta. let's to -- let's go to steve -- orinda. let's go to steve. >> sunny, warm, inland. cooler by the coast. fog has come back. it's really starting to come
8:08 am
back. is upmy, mild, cooler for the bay. it will still be warm inland. temperatures are start to inch downward a little bit. big drop in the temperatures by the coast. a few high clouds kind of skirt the north bay as -- north bay as well. a little westerly breeze is showing itself. a little southeasterly wind. so with those starting to take over, temperatures start to come down. fairfield is already 61. there is not much of a sea breeze yet. san jose is already 59. we're seeing mid- to upper 50s. we'll start off warming up fast. about noon, 2:00 that system will start to work its way in. look at the blue by the coast. 50s, 60s and then yolo 70s around the bay. and then this whole system plows in the pacific most that will allow the fog to lift up tonight. storm track, jet stream stays to the north. a westerly breeze, the twos
8:09 am
will be -- temperatures will be hard-pressed to warm up. the inland locations will be hard-pressed to cool off today. tomorrow that won't be the factor. by friday, it looks a little warmer and goes into the upcoming weekend. 8:08. new this morning, maurice sendek has died. he was best known for the wildly popular book "where the wild things are." the book won the prestigious medal for best children's book in 1964. it became a hit movy. he had a stroke and died at a connecticut hospital 4 morning -- this morning. he originally had -- the title is was gonna be the wild horses but he realized he didn't know how to draw monsters so he
8:10 am
changed it. >> didn't any -- didn't know that. >> yeah. a new plot to take down a u.s.-bound jet. how the cia uncovered the plot. whoooa i'm in a river. what are some good kayaking words? like...rapids? look, i'm going through the rapids. ok. i'll take it. new offers in new places so you can try new things. sync your american express card with facebook, foursquare, and twitter to find savings. that's the membership effect of american express.
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8:13 am
alison burns is live to tell us how a bomb plot was disrupted. >> reporter: we're learning that intelligence officials in saudi arabia tipped off cia
8:14 am
operatives in yemen who disrupted the plot. now, the bomb that was seized in an upgrade of the nonmetallic underwear bomb that failed to detonate over a plane in christmas of 2009. the fbi is evaluating whether this pom could have passed through security. it's believed to be built by the al qaeda mastermind. the plot shows the continued threat to the united states, u.s. officials say. >> there seems to be a new level, a new level of sophistication by al qaeda, probably al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> reporter: now, could a full body scanner have seen this particular pom? we're looking into the property of the -- report of the vulnerability of the machines. for now we're live in washington, d.c., alison burns,
8:15 am
ktvu channel 2 news. 8:14. well, the perks of being the president of the united states, they continue long beyond the years spent in the oval office. the federal budget pays for the office expenses of former presidents the that includes rent, postage, phone and office staff. for example, in 2010, you, the taxpayers, paid $579,000 for bill clinton's rent and $830,000 for george w. bush's phone bill. in all. the total bill in 2010 for the four living former u.s. presidents was $3 million. there is now a proposal making its way through congress to limit the expenses of former presidents to $200,000 a year. it is 8:14. we now know what killed artist thomas kincaid. the coroner says kincaid's death was an accident caughted by a fatal combination of alcohol and valium. he died at his home on april
8:16 am
6th. his brother told the "mercury news" that kincaid had battled alcoholism for years and relapsed just prior tooth's death. kincaid is said to be one of america's most collected artists selling more than 10 million pieces. this morning a group of health experts are in washington, d.c. talking about ways to fight obesity. the meeting comes a day after the new report was released estimates 42% of the americans will be obese by the year 2030. right now, a little more than a third of adults are overweight. researchers behind the study say the rise in obesity could cause the -- would cause the u.s. an extra $550 billion in healthcare costs. michael phelps says he's ready now to enjoy life out of the pool. phelps told "60 minutes" he will retire once the summer games in london are over. his coach said there was a period of time that he was not sure if michael phelps would make it to london.
8:17 am
phelps would earn three more medals, if he can do that, he will retire with the most medals won by an athlete in history it is 8:17. a bay area restaurant has been awarded the prestigious james beard award honoring chefs and restaurants. san francisco's boulevard was named outstanding restaurant of the year. this was the 8th time the boulevard was nominated for the award but the first time it won. four bay area chefs were nominated for regional awards but a los angeles chef won in that category. and wolfgang puck was honored
8:18 am
with the lifetime achievement award. todaying nestle will announce a deal with the girl scouts for new candy bars. the candies are based on three of the most popular girl scout cookies, thin mint, peanut butter cream and caramel coconut. they will not be sold door to door. they will be sold in walmart and walgreens between june and september -- june and september. ened at girl scouts will get a portion of all proceeds. researchers estimate dinosaurs produce millions of methane a year, enough to warm the planet. that's also the same amount produced today by livestock, farming and industrial sources combined. the new study suggests that gas may have been a key factor in the warmer climate 150 years ago. 8:18.
8:19 am
one of california's new communities is becoming more politically active to bring about positive social change in the face of bigotry. about 3,000 muslims met up and they lobbied lawmaker on immigration issues as well as a new bill that clarifies rules on religious attire at work. >> a lot of times workers will ask for the right to wear a turban or grow a beard and employers won't know how to balance the rights of the workers verses their own legal responsibility. >> the counsel on islamic relations says california muslims are running for office and winning lower-level positions but still have a long way to go. are you looking for a job? san jose has been named one of the best big cities in the country to find work. that's according to a new forbes study. the ranks was based on factors including job security and breathe opportunities. automatic intab dash growth opportunities,
8:20 am
austin, texas, texas was named followed by salt lake city. the 49ers are getting ready to head south. it's shaping up to be another beautiful spring day and steve will be back to tell us how warm it will get. good morning. northbound 280, san francisco. you can see traffic a little busy getting down to king street. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
8:21 am
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8:23 am
san francisco's board of supervisors will hear an offer from the 49ers that could change the terms of the team's lease at candlestick park. the 9ers are willing to pay millions of dollars to be allowed to leave the old stadium before 015 when the current contract expires. sources say san francisco's recreation and parks department would get a million-dollar cash payment. the team would pay millions in lost rent, parking and possible playoff revenues. city leaders say the 49ers came up with the proposal. >> 49ers came to us in these negotiations and discussions and said, you know, with our stadium, if we -- we want the ability to move in a year early if we're able to construct it, you know, as fast as possible. >> there's also the possibility san francisco would be included in any bid to host a super
8:24 am
bowl. all right. 8:23. hey, sal, how are we looking out there? everybody behaving? >> well, we have the problem on highway 37 i've been telling you about, near 121. i want to show you, 37, the road sensor is very, very slow this morning, backed up as mar as the -- as far as the mare island bridge. if you are living from sonoma county to solano -- pardon me from solano county to sonoma county, this is a big mess. you might want to think about using the richmond bridge as your alternate route. highway 37 at 121, pretty serious crash. want to move to the peninsula. northbound 280 near john daly boulevard, there is a crash there blocking at least one of the lanes right near the 19th avenue exit slow traffic but i would still say 2 0 is better than 101 driving through the city let's take a look at the
8:25 am
live pictures. this is backed up to the army base. this is northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. very slow. you can see the traffic is going to be slow all the way to the west valley. 85 is slow the i think 101 still takes the cake. it's super slow from 280 all the way to sunnyvale. let's go to steve. we have a foggy good morning near the coast. it will stilling in the 80s for many today. offer by the beaches, 50, 60s and a few low 70s. the fog has not lifted too  high. the system moves into the north. trying to find a west-southwest breeze. but sfo is calm. all right 50s to low 60s yet over by some of the coastal locations, low 50s the it will be a big difference. pretty strong low churning in the gulf of alaska heading up north. that will allow the cooler breeze to kick in later. fog, sun, cooler, milder.
8:26 am
50s to almost 90 degrees. tomorrow everyone cools down even inland areas will drop pretty good. we'll start a slow warming trend. 8:25. we're getting tragic news about a bay area military family. we'll tell you this morning's announcement that came from the pentagon. >> reporter: we'll have the very latest details on a 2-year- old mauled by a pit bull. you gotta see this. some world-class race car drivers make a warning pit stop, right here at ktvu.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. 8:28. a 2-year-old girl still in the hospital after being mauled by her family's pit bulldog. christien kafton is outside her home in concord to tell us more about the little girl's condition and also possible criminal charges her family could face. >> reporter: that's right, dave. this morning, remember we were at children's hospital in oakland. the last now hour we moved to the family home in concord. we're waiting to hear p charges will be filed in this case. the 2-year-old little girl attacked by the pit bull here is recovering this morning at children's hospital in oakland. ktvu has identified the girl has 2-year-old lettie mcway. the last update listed her in serious condition with bites to her face and possibly her leg. chopper 2 was overhead yesterday shortly after 5:00 when the girl was bitten. the pit bull bit the girl three times and our chopper got shots
8:30 am
of what appears to be a dog run in the backyard. neighbors say they had no idea there was a pit bull there. the "chronicle" is reporting the dog has been euthanized. we've called the contra costa county sheriff's office and they say it's up to animal services to see if there will be charges. we've called animal services to see if charges will be filed and the final state of the pit bulldog taken away from the scene there. we will continue to follow the scene and bring you details throughout the day. back to you. 8:30. this morning -- the defense department has confirmed a soldier from alameda has been killed in afghanistan. thomas foe gertie was assigned to the infantry division. the pentagon said he died in a
8:31 am
fierce battle with enemy forces two days ago. the san francisco teachers union is preparing for the first of two votes that could lead to a strike. they plan to vote on thursday. the union wants a 2% raise for teachers and says negotiations over the contract have stalled.
8:32 am
it says the district is demanding $30 million in cuts despite millions of dollars in resources. the school district says it does not have extra money and the cuts are necessary. 8:31. well, today santa clara county sheriff's dive team will be checking out a pond on private property in morgan hill looking for clues in the disappearance of sierra lamar. as we first told you yesterday on "mornings on 2," investigators need help finding a red '90s model four-door jetta like the one in in picture but it has a black hood. the sheriff's office says that red jetta was seen on surveillance camera near her home on march 16th, the day she disappeared. they also say the car was shotted -- was spotted in the area where her belongings were found. >> this may lead us to the person or persons of interest. we're asking for the public's help in this case.
8:33 am
>> the sheriff's department says crime lab reports have ruled out any connection between sierra lamar's case and an empty handcuff box and used condoms found in a field near sierra's home. volunteers will be conducting another ground search tomorrow. a court hearing is debt for this week for a lake county woman accused of having sex with her teenaged son. 32-year-old misty atkinson is charged with four felonies. according to "the press democrat" court records show that her 16-year-old son did not know she was her biological mother. prosecutors say she was an absentee mother who used the internet to find her son last year. they exchanged text messages. that allegedly turned into a sexual relationship. atkinson was arrested after the boy's father found out about the affair. a counselor at correctly high school has been as you u.s -- has been suspended for
8:34 am
misconduct. anthony smith is accused of making unwanted advances of a sexual nature. the alleged victim, who was 16 at the time, says the alleged conduct so cure -- occurred in the 2009-2010 year. smith denies the allegations. a seven-day suspension was issued. we're following a new development in the penn case sex abuse scandal. lawyers for two former administrators say the prosecutors filed charges before they knew the facts. tim curley along with a former business department administrator are accused of lying to a grand jury and failing to report sexual abuse. jerry sandusky is accused of sexually abusing ten boys. in about an hour from now, jury deliberations in the edwin ramos trial will resume. the jury did not conseen
8:35 am
yesterday because one of the jurors was sick. ramos was accused of shooting and killing a san francisco man and his two sons in the excel yore district in 2008. prosecutors say he mistook them por rival gang medical. the -- for lival gang members -- rival gang members. for the first time a cruise ship will call the port of san francisco home. princess cruises will move the grand princess to pier 27 next week. the huge cruise ship will be based here year round with scheduled voyages to alaska, hawaii, the california coast and mexico. princess is already taking reservations for the first few trips. we want to check in with sal. >> things are slow. we have our chopper patrolling the 37 dorie -- corridor.
8:36 am
highway 37 is still very slow. the lanes were cleared about 15 minutes ago. pretty serious crash. they had close both directions of this freeway to allow medical helicopters to land. westbound 37 almost at a standstill. still it's getting much better now that the lanes have been reopened. the backup is still pretty lock here as you can see, traffic is going to be slow. people just kind of creeping along there. the backups are -- people are just kind of in slow in stop- and-go traffic from solano county all the way out to marin. this backup stretches for a long, long way. avoid highway 37 out of vallejo. use the richmond bridges -- bridges now eastbound, that should be okay. there has been a little bit of a sewdown. let's take a look at 880 northbound and southbound. the traffic here looks pretty good until you reach high street and then it slows down a little bit of the morning commute in san jose has been
8:37 am
slow on 280. i would still use 280. 101 is just terrible. i also want to mention that 880 heading south out of tremont has been very -- fremont has been very slow. let's if to steve. there is a big fog basic out there. by the coast today, we start off with low clouds in the morning. it will be partly sunny to partly cloudy later on today. but temperatures, really 50s and 60s. around the bay there is a little bit of fog. but it's mostly clear. it will be mild to warm. but breezy as the wind kicks in later. inland, it won't matter. i still hink the peninsula, the north bay come down a little bit. but for some, the east bay, the santa clara valley. it will be warm to very warm. temperatures tomorrow will start to drop as this system works its way in. there is a little component of a sea breeze.
8:38 am
not much. anything less than ten is not much. fairfield, 61 degrees. temperatures warming up pretty fast. mountain view is already 60 degrees. we'll have a lot of 80s through the interior. 50s, 6 as and 70s. it's starting that little cooling trend. the fog is going up the coast. it's there very shallow. this whole system works its way in tonight, tomorrow and that will start to cool things down for everybody by wednesday into thursday. fog, sun, cooler for some, still very warm. upper 80s for a few. 60s for -- s for around the bay, even some upper -- there is a lot of fog on the coastline. a big difference in the temperatures today. but a big cool down takes us to cooler temperatures. colorado is warm and dry today but it was a lot different about 12 hours ago. snowed all day yesterday in
8:39 am
summit county. but it's too warm out there for the snow to stick. the second phase of oracle's lawsuit against google is now underway. the jury will start to hear testimony will google's android phones violate two java patents. this is after the jury decided two counts in favor of google and one in favor of oracle. but it could not agree on the fourth count that will be the basis for a financial settlement. pleasanton-based safeway says it will stop buying pork that some say is raised inhumanely. the second largest grocery chain in the country says it is working to buy pork pro ducks from producers who do not use gestation stalls those are small crates where pregnant pigs are confined. safeway does not know how long it will take to phase in the new policy. the american le mans series
8:40 am
returns to monterey this weekend. that's a story campbell car. >> yeah! >> that's a tequila petroene if he faury -- ferrari. this is a six-hour race, it goes from 1:30 to 7:30 and the race car driver, well, he honed his skills on bay area back roads. >> having grown up locally in oakland, a lot of great backgrounds and friends and i -- and i used to go around and try to learn how to drive. what can i say? this is one of my home tracks. i love the tracks. >> it has a sweeping flow to it and it's just one of the greatest racetracks worldwide. >> and guess what. you can meet the dry he and get their autograph -- drivers and
8:41 am
get their autographs right before the race. you can win tickets at look for our cop test page. it's right under the entertainment tab. >> they look like flies guys. >> really nice guys -- nice guys. >> really nice guys. >> i want to do that. a new request from ross mirkarimi's wife. and a state lawmaker who voted to increase the fines for drivers who get caught talking on the cell phone gets caught ton camera doing just that. what she had to say when confronted with that videotape. we're live in pleasanton. students are learning one of their classmates was shot and killed last night. we love gardening...
8:42 am
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you may be wondering why stocks are down this morning -- because they have recovered from losses yesterday. the sense of relief has eevaporated -- evaporated now. the dow is currently down 158.
8:45 am
nasdaq is down 45 and the s&p down 17. well, spark of encouragement in the jobs industry. there were more job openings in march than there have been in nearly four years. the labor department says employers advertised 3.74 million job openings that month. that's a nearly 5% increase from february and the highest number of opens since july of 2008. more than 12.7 million people were unemployed, though, in march. machines are going into debt according to the federal reserve. consumer debt rose by $28 billion in march. it's the 7th month in a row. it is the largest jump since november of 2001. credit card debt increased by more than $5 billion after decreasing in january and february. 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. the fbi closely examining a
8:46 am
device that it says al qaeda in yemen was getting ready to use to blow up an american-bound plane. errorredly, it's an upgraded version of the underwear bomb that failed to go off -- reportedly, it's an upgraded version of the underbear bomb that failed to go off on christmas day in 2009. this morning, uc police went back and handed out letters warning the farm protesters they were trespassing. the university owns that land and says this encampment needs to be cleared for yum coming research pro -- upcoming research projects. and police in pleasanton still investigating the violent deaths of a 13-year-old girl and her mother. ktvu's tara moriarty is outside of the school that teenager attended. >> reporter: particular -- well, students have arrived at school. news of the classmate's death
8:47 am
has rippled through the school. a district spokesperson is out right now. we'll be talking to her briefly to let us know how the school plans to handle this tragedy. now, police won't say if this was a double killing or a murder-suicide but it's looking like the latter since police say there's in reason to believe there is a killer at large. the husband came home last night andy coursed the body of his -- and discovered the body of his wife who had a single gunshot wound. her 13-year-old daughter had also been shot and was taken to the hospital before she -- where she later died. neighbors say the family just moved in from out of state and seemed mice. >> real quiet. real friendly. they would wave back when i would wave if i see them. that's about it. >> reporter: the hu was the one who call 911. police were at the -- the husband was within the tab dash the husband was the one to call
8:48 am
911. police say there was no sign that anyone broke into the home. they are not ruling out anything at this point but the evidence perhaps pointing to a murder-suicide. we should be hearing more from police this, mooing and we'll have more on the news at noon -- noon. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a state lawmaker who is a recommend of a committee that recently voted to increase the punishment for drivers who talk on their cell phones was caught doing just that. a sacramento tv station says they have proof. >> they say state senator carol lu of glendale is talking on a cell phone while driving her taxpayer owned car. when confronted with the video, you will questioned whether it was really her because it's hard to tell but when asked again this is how lu responded. >> if it's in my car, it has to be me the if i'm guilty, i'm guilty. we shouldn't do that. it's really dangerous. >> the lawmaker who wrote the law says there is an exemption
8:49 am
for law enforcement officers an anyone facing an emergency or speaking with a healthcare provider. senator lu did not offer any explanation as to why she was on the phone. >> 8:48. the wife of suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is trying to stop the mayor from obtaining a video that is at the heart of mirkarimi's domestic violence case. mayor ed lee wants to use the tape as evidence to remove mirkarimi from office for official misconduct. now, that tape shows mirkarimi's wife, low -- propez, crying while showing the bruises she suffered at the hands of her husband. lopez's attorney says that will mean further embarrassment for her client. under a proposed amendment new campus presidents could still get higher pay but the raise would be paid for by
8:50 am
campus nonprofit groups known as auxiliaries. the california faculty association which represents professors doesn't like that policy. they haven't had a raise since 2008. and they voted to authorize a strike if they can't agree on a new contract. 8:49. the senate plans to vote today on a democratic proposal to keep interest rates on federal student loans from doubling on july 1st. both democrats and republicans support breezing the loan rate at 4.3% but they don't agree how to pay for it. democrats want -- freezing the loan rate at 4py 3% but they don't afree how to pay for it. -- agree how to pay for it. students and their families are urging lawmakers to come to an agreement before the july 1st deadline. 8:50. former republican presidential candidate rick santorum now formally endorsing mitt romney.
8:51 am
he sent out a late-night e-mail and decide to endorse him -- decided to endorse him last friday. anker to yum said they both -- san sore yum says they both -- santorum says they both agree obama obama has to be defeated. romney needs 300 more delegates to clinch the republican nomination. 8:50. starting today anyone who visits the golden gate bridge can engy a new few cheer -- that would be a -- can enjoy a new few cheer -- photos can be taken that makes tourists look like they are standing top of the tour. >> i think it would be great, feting to know the history, letting you any some facts
8:52 am
about the bridge. if you walk over it now, there is not a whole lot there. the golden gate parks national conner is vancy added yu grades to the vestors' experience at the bridge -- upgrades -- conner is vancy added upgrades to the experience at the bridge dan dan conservancy added upgrades to the experience at the bay bridge. and sal will have an update ton highway 37 now that a crash has been -- on highway 37 now that a crash has been cleared. [ male announcer ] what if we told you the 100% electric nissan leaf was the perfect car for you... that you can charge it at home like your smartphone...
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8:54. we have an update now on that 2- year-old girl who was mauled by her family's pit bulldog. ktvu's christien kafton just talked to animal control services and there's new information about the dog and tests that have to be performed as soon as possible. >> reporter: yeah, since our last report, we have a lot of new information since we did speak with animal services here in contra costa county. we are at the family home here in concord. meanwhile, the girl is recovering this morning at children's hospital in oakland. ktvu has again identified the girl as 2-year-old lettie mckay. in the last 20 minutes 0 so, i
8:56 am
spoke with an-- or so, i spoke with animal services and they confirm the dog, the 6-year-old pit bull named aries, was put to sleep. they say that is the fastest way to perform a rabies test and the time is of the essence isn't the girl was bit on the neck and they need to find out if the failed disease was in the dog and passed on to lettie. that's why they put the dog to sleep. animal service said there's been no signs of aggression of the dog in the past and the mckay family voluntarily surrendered the dog. no word if charges will be filed. investigators say they will be turning the -- the investigation over to the contra costa county district attorney's office to determine if, in fact, criminal charges should be filed. back to you. >> thank you. 8:56. today's tinner of ticket tuesday will get to check out
8:57 am
world-class musicians this summer. one winner will win tickets at the motalbo arts center. the series will feature performances such as the artist featured here, al green. for your chance to win go to before midnight. put in the secret word "music." 8:56. hey, sal you are watching things in sonoma. >> yes. very slow traffic on 37 westbound getting over to marin county and sonoma county out of solano bau of an earlier crash, 37 near 121. that crash still has traffic backed up. you can see how bad it is still unwinding. give yourself plenty of time. newschopper2 also showing us a look at 80 westbound out of pinole heading out to richmond. slow traffic heading down there. also albany san pablo at
8:58 am
buchanan clearing up a crash there. 280 northbound in san jose that traffic is slow. let's go to steve. fog is on the coast. cooler there. conditions around the bay, sunny, a little cooler, mild. tomorrow we all cool down and we'll take that into thursday and then it looks warmer on friday and saturday. >> thank you, steve. that's our report. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. >> be sure to join us for the news at noon for the violent death of a mother and her teenaged daughter. we're always here for you on thank you for joining us.
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