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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 8, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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we'll try to keep as much of a normal day as possible. >> from the victim's school to nearbies near the crime scene, a suburban community is shaken by the violent deaths of a mother and her desert. good afternoon. i'm tori -- her daughter. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. pleasanton police are investigating the death of a
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mother and a daughter shot in their home. christien kafton has more on this story. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to put together the pieces as to exactly what happened inside this pleasanton home yesterday afternoon. now, in just the last hour and a half, we received an update from pleasanton police. investigators are telling us, they are waiting on the results of an autopsy before coming to any conclusions. the police investigation began after a 911 call about a shooting on citicy court in pleasant -- stacy court in partly pleasanton. the 911 call came from the husband after he discovered the body inside the home. investigators say he's not a suspect in this case, that he's been very cooperative with investigators and is distraught over the deaths. earlier police had indicated they were not looking for any suspects which could include to the conclusion this was a --
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lead to the conclusion this was a murder suicide. they did say this is still a very active investigation. >> we don't have any conclusive evidence to show that either of the gunshot wounds were self- inflicted. until such time we can't rule out any possibility. >> reporter: a ktvu -- now, ktvu contacted officials at the school where amy was a student. school officials are helping students cope with the loss of one of their own. >> we'll try to keep as much of a normal day as possible. we decided not to have the star testing for the 8th grade. they were gonna have their tests delayed. we delayed that because this is not a good time. >> reporter: john sasaki is working on this story and we'll have the details for you coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. we're live in pleasanton, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. alameda sheriff officials say a toddler was severely
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injured by the family dog early this morning. it happened at a home on gary drive in castro valley. investigators say the pit bull/german shepherd mix attacked the child sometime between 2:00 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. we're told the injuries are severe and the toddler is being treated at children's hospital in oakland. investigators say the family could face criminal charges. this morning's dog attack is the second such case in the bay area in as many days. ktvu has confirmed that animal control officials in contra costa county county have euthanized a -- contra costa county have euthanized a pit bull that mauled a child yesterday. the girl was airlifted and is being treated for serious bite wounds to her face and right leg. animal control officers told us today the dog was put down so they could conduct tests to determine if it had rabies. they plan to turn over the case to the district attorney's
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office which will determine if criminal charges will be filed. oakland firefighters had to shut down a major boulevard in order to put out an early- morning fire. it happened around 4:15 this morning at an abandoned business near 99th and macarthur boulevard. macarthur was closed while firefighters stripped off part of the roof to vent the fire. fire crews were initially sent to the wrong address but any were diligent and noticed smoke in the air and found the fire themselves. >> there was a good heads up. it's a small commercial building, not in use, boarded up. it's currently under investigation. >> firefighters searched inside the building just in case any victims were inside. no one was hurt. an alameda family is grieving over the death of a soldier killed in afghanistan. the u.s. defense department says 30-year-old army staff sergeant thomas fogerty of alameda was killed sunday in an ambush.
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enemy forces attacked the unit he was in with an ied. he was assigned to the fourth brigade combat team 25th infantry division without of alaska. we found out today a tip from saudi intelligence officials helped cia operatives in yemen break up an al qaeda bomb plot targeting americans. the fbi is now closely examining a device that it says al qaeda in yellen was prepared to use to blow up a u.s.-bound airliner. reportedly, it's an upgraded version of the underwear bomb that failed to go off in a plane over detroit in 2009. it's not clear if the new bomb would have been detected by airport security systems because it contained no metal. officials say the scheme was discovered in mid-april before any specific airline was targeted. today crews looking for missing teenager sierra lamar will turn their attention to a cattle pond on private property in morgan hill. a sheriff's department dive team will conduct a sonar scan to look for clues.
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investigators also want the public's help in finding a red '90s model four-door jetta like the one in this picture but with a black hood. as we first reported yesterday, the red jetta was seen on surveillance cameras near her home on march 16th, the day she is disappeared. they also say the -- she disappeared. they also say it was near where her belongings were found. ross mirkarimi's wife is trying to stop san francisco's mayor from obtaining a video which shows her crying and pointing to a bruise on her arm. that was allegedly caused by her husband. attorneys for her are seeking a court -- attorneys are seeking a court order so they can use it to remove him from office.
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the murals in san francisco's coit tower are under the microsoft. descendance are pushing for a ballot measure that will preserve the historical site. alex savidge joins us live to explain what this will mean for the tower. >> reporter: this is all an hour to save the murals inside coit towers that in many cases are in badly need of repair work. supporters of proposition b got together on the steps of the tower pushing a measure that would establish an official coit tower policy. more money generated by the landmark would go toward the repair work on the artwork inside the tower. prop b would, and other supporters, three descendants of the coit tower mural artists. we talked to one of them who said three people in san francisco need to help protect
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these priceless pieces of art. >> once they are gone, they are gone. we really have to do something right now to make sure that they are preserved and there isn't enough money, i don't suppose, but what there is could definitely be applied to these frescoes and to be inside of the coit tower. >> reporter: there are 27 different fresco murals inside of the tower done by 25 different artists, some of them are peeling, the paint is peeling or they have chunks missing out of them. there is now opposition to proposition b. one of the groups opposing the proposition is the san francisco park alliance. they are pushing for the support to go to all city parks. proposition b would divert more money for repair work on the murals here would be put to voters on the june 5th bal here in san francisco. live in san francisco -- ballot here in san francisco. live in san francisco, alex sav
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vig, kut -- alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. occupy farm are still in a battle with uc berkeley. police were out this morning talking to protesters at the gill tract property that's ten ablers. the university hoped to have disputes settled yesterday. they say they are open to sharing the land as long as the protesters clear their encarmment first. they say if they leave they will be locked out and the crops they have planted will be destroyed. >> the university has already stated there's enough room on this portion of the gill tract for both the researchers and the crops that we've put in for urban agriculture. we're looking for that to be in writing, that there's room foreboth us and the -- for both of us and the researchers. >> the school is considering other options for removing the protesters. a bill to keep interest rates on college loans from doubling for millions of students will not be debated in
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the u.s. senate. republicans this morning blocked the senate from moving the bill forward. interest rates on federal student loans are set to rise to 7.4% from the current 3.4% in july unless congress acts. democrats and pruns disagree on how to -- republicans disagree on how to offset the $6 billion it would cost to keep the rates down. democrats want to eliminate a tax break for some corporations while republicans want to pull funds from healthcare. the san francisco teachers union is preparing for the first of two votes that could lead to a strike. they plan to vote on thursday. the union wants a 2% raise for teachers and says the negotiations over a contract have stalled. it says the district is demanding $30 million in cuts despite millions of dollars in resources. the school district says it does not have extra money and the cuts are necessary. we'll take you on a preview tour of a place designed to
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help keep kids safe. and rosemary says the cooldown's underway but it will not reach everyone. she'll tell you if your neighborhood is included. >> reporter: calfire and the fire agencies will bring the offense. we'll do our part to respond. and the warm weather is a reminderrer -- reminder about fire danger. ahead hear what the crews want you to know.
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two boys were seriously injured in a collision on highway 37 in sonoma county this morning. they were airlifted to oakland children's hospital with head injuries. the crash happened at 7:20 a.m. near infineon raceway. the chp closed highway 37 and 121 for about 40 minutes. the two boys, age 7 and 10, were in a car driven by their father. their father and another driver of another car were also injured. a car on westbound highway 24 caught fire this morning on the orinda side of the caldecott tunnel. this video was taken about an hour ago near the wilder road exit. firefighters arrived shortly after and were able to put the fire out in just a few minutes. happening now, crews are looking for missing teenager sierra lamar and are turning their attention to a cattle
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pond on private property in morgan hill. these are live pictures from newschopper2. you can see some of the crews down on the road clear -- clearing brush. divers are locking in a pond on private -- are looking in a pond on private property. this is west of highway 101. as they pull back, you can get a sense of where the officials are looking. this is south of san jose, north of morgan hill. this is actually the second location being searched today. aer isive's -- sheriff's department dive team is conducting a scan to lack for clues of the location of -- to look for clues of the location for sierra lamar. the jury in the edwin ramos murder trial is beginning another day of deliberations later -- deliberations. they are meeting at the hall of justice. the jury did not deliberate yesterday because a juror was sick. prosecutors say ramos shot and killed anthony bologna and his
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two sons in the excelsior district in 2008 after mistaking them for rival gang members. some say it's time for the city of oakland to revisit the issue of a ten curfew of "the chronicle" reports when asked howard jordan said the city could use a curfew. last year they considered adopting an ordinance with the effort being put forward by anthony batts but it didn't materialize. mayor jean quan said she could impose a curfew with limited authority. a new youth center is supposed to open in the east bay where middle school children and teens can have fun and learn new schools. construction workers are constructing a building and students from middle school and
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high school will find a safe haven from the streets and a chance to learn construction and other vocational schools. >> we have a lot of kids that are good with their hands. computer stuff, they are using their fingers and so this way they learn a trait at the same time in a safe, comfortable atmosphere. youth works will open in about three weeks. it's funded through a grant from chevron. rick santorum is now formally endorsing mitt romney. he sent out a late-night e-mail saying tee sided to endorse romney after meeting with him last friday. while acknowledging the two had deep disagreements, santorum said they both agree that president obama must be defeated. romney is expected to host a victory holding presidential primes, indianaing west virginia and north carolina. romney needs 300 more delegates
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to clinch the republican nomination. this is the day that north carolina's marriage amendment goes before voters. the bill defines marriage as only between a man and a woman. former president bill clinton recorded robo calls urging voters to oppose the proposed constitutional amendment. but the latest polls show the measure is expected to pass. east contra costa fire officials say the drastic cuts could be on the horizon if voters reject a proposed parcel tax in next month's election. measure s calls for a parcel tax of $197 a year for the next ten years. officials say that if the proposal does not pass, the east county fire district will see significant changes in the emergency response. those potential changes include closing half of the district's stations and laying off a dozen firefighters. calfire is preparing for
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another busy fire season. they've declared this wildfire awareness week. veg takes has grown all along the bay area. that's created possible fire hazard. firefighters say this is a good time to remind everyone about the dakeers of wildfires and the simple steps they can take to prevent fires. calfire and the fire agencies will bring the offense. we'll do our part to respond. but it's key the homeowners do their part to provide their defense and we mean that defensible space, clearing around your homes, having plans so when the fire occurs you are prepare and ready to leave safely. >> fire officials say there should be at least 100 feet of defensible space around homes, large trees and other vegetations. good afternoon to you. another round of warm weather for many of us. for some of us not as warm and for some of us a notable cooldown. giving you a live look at a mix
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of sun and clouds. we have the marine layer back. it's banked up against the coastline. it's very shallow but enough to bring us a cooldown across the coastline. here it is. right along the coast, ocean beach, foggy conditions as well as near the golden gate, the golden gate park down to pacifica. half moon bay, santa cruz, just off the coast. so mostly clear skies. mid-60s in san francisco. 67 oakland. so there is a change there. anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees below where we were 24 hours ago. the farther inland you go, it's near a repeat, 80 in san jose. 82 concord. we do have a bit of an yore shore breeze in santa rosa, santa rosa 78 degrees which is cooler than where we were yesterday. 74 in napa. the onshore breeze slowly coming back and eventually we'll all begin to feel it. here is the pattern change. we're watching it move a little closer to the coast.
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for today, ridge of high pressure still in control of the weather pattern but we're starting to see the cooldown, first the coast around the bay and then eventually we get it inland. for today, a little bit of patchy fog right up the coastline. cooler, breezy for the coast. around the bay, a notable change anywhere from 3 to 5 degrees below yesterday. still mild, warm. maybe even hotter for the inland areas. 83 expected for petaluma. 88 santa rosa. mid-70s sausalito. a widespread upper 70s, berkeley, oakland, down into san leandro. 82 expected for castro valley. upper 80s to low 90s for walnut creek. danville, livermore. into the south bay, mid- to upper 80s. for santa clara, 86. 90 degrees morgan hill. 88 los gatos and along the peninsula and 79 expected in san mateo. 82 redwood city. mid-70s san bruno. low 70s san francisco. so still above average and still warm in most cases. even a pit bit hoot in some
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casesle but the coast and the bay -- cases but the coast and the bay, feeling it. wednesday and thursday looks to be the coolest. it will be short-lived. as we head into the mother's day weekend, the temperatures will be back up there. >> thank you. if you like fast cars, the le mans series returns. they stopped by ktvu studios ahead of the american le mans monterey at mazda raceway. this saturday is a six hoff hour race from 1:30 to 7:30. race car driver overback honed his skills on bay area back roads. >> having grown up locally here in oakland, a lot of great back roads and friends i used to go around and try to learn hue to
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drive. absolutely love the track -- how to drive. absolutely love the rack. >> it has a sweeping flow to it. it's one of the greatest racetracks worldwide. >> and you can even meet the drivers and get autographs right before the race. if you want to experience this endurance race in pep, you can win tickets on the website. just go to look for the contest page under the entertainment tab. ahead -- encouraging news on jobs and what may be next in the court battle between two silicon valley titans. dñañy
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political uncertainty in europe is providing a jolt to financial markets as newly- elected greek politicians appeared unable to form a coalition government. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 93. the nasdaq is down 14. s&p, down 8. there is a spark of encouragement, though, about job openings, the labor department says employers advertise 3.74 million job openings this march. it's a nearly 5% increase from february and the highest number of openings since july of 2008. more than 12.7 million people were unemployed in march. the second phase of oracle's lawsuit against google is now underway. the federal jury will now start hearing system on whether google's android phones violate java a tense. this is after the jury reached a split decision on the
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copyright aspect the of the legal bat. the jury decided one count in favor of oracle. two in favor of google. he's called or-7, a lone wolf who has been on the move in california. we're tracking down those tracking the lone wolf. that's at 5:00. thank you for joining us. we'll see you the next time news breaks.
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