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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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right now. when he is able to put up a signal from his live truck we will bring the live report to you from there on the ground. we are hoping to answer questions about the fire and if there are any health hazards. we haven't heard of any shelter in place orders. these are all question wes are working to answer for and you hope to have a live report from the ground from tom for new just minutes here on ktvu channel 2news. >> now to the search for sierra lamar anded find of a car believed to be linked to her disappearance. we are in morgan hill. >> reporter: a they are ramping up for more searches, after what sierra's family called a whirlwind of information and developments today but even with all the progress investigators say they still need the public's help. late this morning the sheriff's
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department revealed pictures taken from various cameras of a red mid-90s jetta seen in the area near the girl's house when she disappeared. the teen was headed to her bus stop friday morning march 16th and hasn't been seen since. just a couple hours after releasing the surveillance photographs investigatorsa said they found the car but wouldn't say where or when though they said who the owner is they said for the saving the investigation they would not release any information related to ownership. >> we don't have a person of interest yet. we are hoping that some evidence if anything that would be yielded from the car will lead us. >> reporter: sierra's father didn't speculate on when the car was found but said investigators have kept him posted on developments and he was not told about the car being found until this afternoon. he said the family is encouraged. >> we have been in limbo and kind of desperate for more
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information for a long time now. this is -- this is good. it's making us feel much better and even more hopeful. >> reporter: today the sheriff's department continued its search of waterways in the area. we will have more on that and more details about the recovered car at six. live in morgan hill. >> with in just the past hour we got new information on a dog attack that sent a 2-year-old to the hospital. it was the second attack as in many days. paul is live with why the girl's parents were taken in to custody. >> reporter: we moved to dublin and when able to seat picture of the child's bite marks, they are so bad investigators will not release them. that dog is here and it's in quarantine. its being held. we said we just spoke to the sheriff's office about this
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case. >> investigators say this house is where the attack happened just after 3:00 this morning. >> the child will have to have surgery to repair the injuries, they aren't life threatening. >> reporter: they say the dog belonged to the family who claimed to all live inside this home. a home that's so dirty that officers arrested the parents. >> very unkept feces from the animal in the house. not fit for a 2-year-old boy to have to live in. >> reporter: police say they questioned the attack happened where the parents claim it dids because of the lack of blood evidence inside. neighbors we talked to said they live elsewhere and the house belong to the young child's grandparents. the father of the child is still in jail. his mother is in the hospital recovering from possible bites and it's not clear if she will
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be rearrestedw. will have more coming up on the news at seven on channel 36. live in dublin. >> as we said this morning the attack is the second attack on a child in the past 24 hours. another 2-year-old is at children's hospital oakland after being attacked by the family dog, a pit bull yesterday. she had serious bite wounds to her face, neck and right leg. animal control today said that the dog has been put down. at 5:30 we will tell you how she is doing and when he are learning about the dog. >> defense department officials said that an ambush attack in afghanistan claimed a soldier from alameda. they say the 30-year-old was commanding a vehicle on sunday when enemy forces attacked with a ied. three others were wound. he graduated from alameda in 2000 and joined the army in
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2004. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. >> occupy the farm protesters still refusing to leave land owned by berkeley in albany. police were out again talking to them at the ten acre gill track property which is located at the corner of marin and san pablo. they have been there since april 22nd. the university had hoped to have the dispute over the land settled by yesterday. it said its open to sharing the land as long as the protesters clear out their camp first. protesters are worried if they leave they will be locked out and the crops they planted will by destroyed. >> the university has publicly stated there is -- enough room on this portion of the track for both the researchers and the crops we have put in for urban agriculture. we are looking for in writing them agreeing to that there is room for and the researchers. >> with millions of dollars in research in danger a university
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spokesperson said the school is considering other options for removing them. twitter is resisting an attempt by new york city prosecutors to get access to the account of a occupy wall street protesters. the san francisco based service filed court papers asking a judge to stop a suspect subpoena they want the user information of a protester who was arrested during a demonstration last fall on the brooklyn bridge. among other things they want to look at all of his tweets in the week its before and after the demonstration. the battered housing market show science of improvement. home prices are up for the first time in eight months. according to the data analysis form core logic home prices rose nationwide in march for the first time since last july. the home price index increased .6% from february. analysts say the increase was helped by the improving balance
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between real estate supply and demand. >> homeowner who have a bank of america mortgage may have good news. they today started mailing outletters to people who may qualify to have their home loans reduced. its part of a settlement over alleged abuses. they estimate 200,000 could save 30% a month on their mortgage payments. >> immaterial the president gave congress a to do list to try to spur economic recovery. he visited the state university in albany new york. he said he has made a list of steps for congress to take to create jobs and help the mortgage crisis. >> it's about the size of a postist note so everybody should have time to read it. each of the ideas will help speed up the economy and put people back to work. >> reporter: his list includes measures to extend low student loan rates, discourage outsourcing of united states jobs, help veterans find work
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and let homeowners refinance their mortgages. >> on wall street stock was down as new concerns over the european debt crisis weighed heavy on the market. all three ended this day in the red but it could have been worse. at one point the dow had a nearly 200 point slide. at the closing bell the dow was down by 76 points. nasdaq was down 11. . fire officials say drastic cuts could be on the way if a par can cel tax is rejected. it calls for a tax of $197 a year for the next ten years. officials say if it doesn't pass the east county fire district will see significant changes in its emergency response. three of the districts six stations would face closure and more than a dozen firefighters could loose their jobs. >> the warm weather we are
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enjoying sevens as a reminder that fire season is coming and state officials say they are preparing for what could be a busy one. >> we are training air crews, we have trained over 55 helicopter crews in the national guard and 11 air tanker crews ready to respond. >> cal fire is taking advantage of wildfire awareness week around the state by reminding us of the dangers of wildfires. recent rains have helped vegetation grow all over the bay area, creating possible fire hazards. authorities say there are simple steps that people could take to protect themselves and give their homes a identifying chance during this year's high fire danger. >> cal fire and the fire agencies will bring the offense. we will do our part to respond but it's key that the homeowner doss their part and provide that defense. we mean that defensible space, clearing around your home, having evacuation plans so when the fire happens you are prepares and ready to leave safely. >> firefighters say there should be at least 100 feet of
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defensible space around the home and near large trees or other vegetation. fire resistant plants can also help. >> tomorrow california lawmaker also vote on a plan designed to keep dozen of state parks from closing. they have proposed using existing state vehicle license fees to fund park, road improvements. he wants to use a clean water loan to repair park water and septic systems. its facing a 22 million-dollar budget short fall and 70 of california's 280 parks could close. the senator said his plan could keep at least 50 of those parks open this summer. the youor of one of the most popular children books has died. he is best known for his book where the wild things are. the book earned him a medal in 1964 and was just made into a movie in 2009. his characters often were unruly dealing grown up
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emotions. his final book inspired by his love for his brother will be published next year. he died today at the age of 83 after suffering a stroke. >> this east bay neighborhood and a local school in mourning because of what happened here yesterday. what police are saying about the case today. >> more on the breaking news, a tire fire that's burning at the blue star tire company in antioch. we have a reporter on the scene. what we are learning coming up. >> and the fog returned but it's hot inland. some temperatures in to the low 90s. i will let you know how much cooler it'll be through the week and how much fog you can expect tomorrow. for the be. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.99. that's a dollar a roll! pack your lunches -- marie callender's are just 2 bucks.
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. we continue to follow breaking news happening in the east bay here, we are over the scene of a tire fire that ask happening right now in antioch and -- as the camera kind of pushes in you can still see
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some active flames inside the building, you see a number of firefighters outside would appear to be an entrance. they have been on the scene for almost an hour. it was first report add round four and that's what we first brought it to you live. we had a picture of a building and a very well defined thick plume of black smoke. you can seat picture has changed. you see a lost white smoke rising from the building after firefighters have put a lot of water on it. what is burning were tires, its building is called blue star tires, certainly you know we have covered tire fires for nut past and they take a while to burn and there are questions about what could be released into the air. we sent tom and he is there on the scene. the minute we can sort of dial him in and get the signal he will bring us a live report. we are still working to find out what started the fire, if anybody was hurt and if there are any health concerns. we have not heard of any shelter in place issue. we don't know in the reverse 911 call system was started but
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we heard from fire that it was a three alarm fire and that was almost about an hour ago we got that news. we also know they told us that we should be expecting to hear a major traffic delays in the area. specifically where blue star tires is it's along the pittsburgh antioch freeway. it's also called west ten street and that's just north of highway 4. certainly if you are on highway 4, approximately -- if you live in antioch, pittsburgh, you could be seeing maybe even smelling smoke as a result of the fire. we first started covering it for you at 4:00. the situation has changed dramaticly since then and from the picture itself appears fire crews have a handle on what's happening there, we hope to bring you tom live on the ground with more information on the breaking news. >> we are learning more about the death of a mother and her teen daughter both found shot inside their home. john spoke to police late the this afternoon. what are they saying? >> reporter: i talked to police
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just 90 minutes ago and they still have yet to determine just what happened here yesterday. there are flowers by the door to remember the victims. the killings of the 37-year-old and her 13-year-old daughter have rocked this quiet neighborhood. >> it's just upsetting to everybody to think something like this kind of tragedy could happen. it affects everybody. >> reporter: the pair moved here from month just over four months ago to be with her husband. the neighbors said during the little contact they had with the teen she was nice. >> big smile on her face every time. she would look at the puppy and -- just a nice little girl . >> reporter: it was 6:00 that her husband found the bodies and called police. a gun was found nearby meaning could have been a murder suicide. >> we will have to determine if that gun was used on the victims. >> police say they are investigate figure she was growing paranoid thinking
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someone was trying to hurt her. the school is a community in mourning though the girl was new officials say she had found her niche. >> she was a wonderful student. she was wonderful in art. she was an artist. other than that i think she -- she was just well liked. >> reporter: police say they found no science of forces entry and her husband isn't a suspect. they aren't prepared to rule it a murder suicide until after the autopsies set for tomorrow morning. live. >> with a summer breakfast approaching there is a push in oakland to revisit the issue of putting in a teen cur fume the chronicle is reporting that when asked oakland police chief howard jordon said the city could use a curfew as it faces a rise in violent crime. you may remember last year the former police chief wanted a curfew but the effort failed to show up. the mayor reportedly said she could support one with limited
5:18 pm
authority. >> if you like fast cars the series returns to monterey this weekend. that's one of the cars. it was outside in our parking lot this morning ahead of the race this saturdays. that race will last six hours 1:30 to 7:30. the driver is from the east bay and said he honed his skills on bay area back roads. >> having grown up locally here in oakland, lot of great back roads and friends i used to go around and try to learn how to drive and -- it's one of my home tracks, loved the track. >> reporter: the top cars in the race are seriously fast. they have 700 horse power and can go from zero to 100 miles an hour in 3.2 seconds. >> authorities have identified a body found in baja california as the missing skipper of a
5:19 pm
yacht destroyed last month near san diego. a fishing boat crew found the body on sunday. three others were also killed when the yacht broke up during the overnight race. investigators are trying to determine what happened saying the yacht may have hit rocks or may have been struck by a ship. >> we have been showing the live pictures of that tire fire in antioch. there has been a lot of thick black smoke. is the wind hoping out? >> yeah. had it been yesterday the winds were basically not there. the inversion was shallow and we would have dealt with nasty air quality issues. today the winds are out of the west so we go right to that area and we check out the pittsburgh area and you will see right out here. here is the live report out here by concord and antioch. by martinez. this is this direction.
5:20 pm
tire fire is out in this area or the fire we have been reporting on. we take a chopper, you see the smoke, it's blowing a little bit. the winds have come up the last probably in the last half hour, earlier they were light to nothing. now the winds are blowing out of the west at five miles to ten milance hour. that's good news because it'll take the plume pushes it off toward the delta. granted, antioch will get the smoke but the alternative will be for the wind to blow out of the smoke. if it was like yesterday it wrote have blown into populated areas. it's a good situation for the wind and they will kick up harder tonight. they will pick up every hour as the evening goes on. that's good news for people in the area. the recycle center. we will keep you updated on that story. looks like a good handle on it and that's good news. we first -- you do get concern and we did and jumped on it.
5:21 pm
current conditions out in the area the fire -- upper 80's, low 90's, concord 90, livermore 90, it was a warm day today. highs tomorrow coming down a few more degrees, not going do get cold. temperatures tomorrow in the hot spot, still mid80s. as we go through the rest of the week it'll warm in toward the bay area weekend. you see clear skies over us now. there is a baseball game at the coliseum. winds are about five to 15 miles an hour. about 61 degrees with the first pitch. a nice day. probably about the 7th inning about 61 degrees, a real nice evening. hope the a's do well tonight. the forecast highs tomorrow then -- 80s. it'll be another warm day. probably slight cooling. when i come back we will go city by city and i will show you where the temperature for your neighborhood will be and then to the five day forecast and to the weekend. i will see you back. >> how the border patrol is shifting its policing of those who come in to the united states illegally.
5:22 pm
and a historic action california is poised to take on therapy that's called a way to turn gays straight. >> and continuing coverage on that it tire fire that's burning at a company in antioch. often times in cases like this they have no choice but to let the fire burn itself out. we have a reporter on the scene gathering information, we will have more for you coming up after the break. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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. continuing to stay on breaking news hire, once again giving us a look at the building where a huge tire fire started at about 4:00 this afternoon and as you can see from the live picture there is still a lot of action there. what we are seeing there appears to be the smoke rising after firefighters put a lot of water on the tire that were burning, we showed you a much closer look and were able to see flames inside the building, the situation sure has changed from when we first brought you the live picture at 4:00. that is when we saw clear skies and a thick black plume of smoke rising. we just checked with bill and he said that winds in the area are fairly light, about nine miles an hour essentially blowing that smoke westward out toward the delta. it's a far less populated area. we have working to get tom on the ground for you for a live report. the minute we can get him in we will bring that. >> there is new information
5:26 pm
tonight on the al-qaeda bomb plot involving a new underwear bomb. authorities say the supposed terrorist was a cia informant. >> i won't confirm with whom we were talking but it's a success. >> the state department as you heard was tight lipped about who took part in the operation to try to foil that bomb plot officials say someone working for the cia turned device over to authorities. an al-qaeda cell allegedly planned to use the bomb to try to blow up a plane bound for the united states. today the secretary of homeland security tried to help fears. >> i want to say that the device was always under control. nobody in the united states was ever at risk because we did have control. >> there is also new word that the bomb plot may be connected to a recent drone strike in
5:27 pm
yemen. the white house told peter king the strike was part of the operation to try to intercept the underwear bomb. the fbi is studying bomb to see if it would have passed through airport screening coming up in ten the serious new concerns about airport body scanners. >> a state seven sate committee approved a first of it's kind ban on a controversial form of therapy used to try to make gay people straigh straight. >> it would require adults to sign a release form saying it's ineffective and possibly dangerous. the supporters say it can cause depression, even lead to suicide. opponents argue it would interfere with parent's rights to seek care for their children. the legislation now goes to the full senate for a vote. >> the polls closed just about an hour ago in north carolina where voters decided whether to
5:28 pm
approve an amendment to ban same sex marriage. north carolina law already bans gay marriage but the amendment would define marriage as only between a man and woman. it also forbids civil unions and domestic partnerships. the latest polls suggest it'll pass. >> it's happened again. another bad bite by a pit bull. why they get such a bad rap. >> what is the future for one of san francisco's most important spots? this could also come with a ten million dollar cost to clean it up. what is in store for lake merced.
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. >> go children attacked by the family dog in two separate instances just hours apart. >> we will get to that in am. first continuing coverage on the breaks news from antioch where a tire fire now has been burning more than an hour. these are difficult fires to put out. often times you just have to let them burn themselves out. we have learned they hazmat crews and air quality workers are on the wait a minute tom is on the ground near the fire scene and we want to join him. >> reporter: one of the things you have to understand is besides the destruction of the property and tying up traffic which it's already done. tires contain 17 different types of heavy metals. and many other organic substances, they are cancer
5:32 pm
causing and lead to other health hazards like poisoning and also in the process another proven cancer causing chemical is released. so you have a toxic bomb that needs to be dealt with. a lot of people have been evacuate from here. you look down the road you will see it's pretty much empty. when we first got here there were lots of cars heading away so a lot of people are heading away. the -- we thought we would update you. most of us it's not just the destruction of the property, there are significant potential health hazards. that would be anyone with lung problems and the old and frail and the very young, that don't have fully developed lungs. that's the latest. we will move closer to show you more in a few. reporting live. >> as far as -- i'm sorry.
5:33 pm
go ahead. >> we will get to him again. tonight we have new information on a concord victim of a dog attack that happened early yesterday evening. john fowler is live in concord with how she is doing and if criminal charges will be filed. >> reporter: i just spoke to investigators and she said they have found in evidence of any priori guessive behavior by the dog. it lived in a house you can't see but it's up that driveway here. it appears unlikely now that there will be any criminal charges. the girl was severely bitten on the face, neck and leg yesterday. she is in intensive care. today i learned the family already had the pit bull when the girl was born. experts call that a risk especially with this breed. >> very unpredictable. .. >> not licensed but it was fixed. >> reporter: the dog was put
5:34 pm
down. of the 2,000 dog bites last year animal control said pit bulls were not the most but the most severe. owners say they can be loving and loyal and good pets but animal control say pit bulls have a genetic trait of being unpredictable. >> the injuries pretty severe. >> reporter: the deputy has 36 years field experience. he said pit bulls have powerful jaws and when they bite they don't let go. the breed requires special precautions. >> it's not a dog that gives a warning in most cases the dogs will just suddenly snap. >> reporter: he said it's the owner's responsibility to take special precautions because the of the dog's behavior. it was first a working dog -- experts say it's not inheritly dangerous but requires strong
5:35 pm
discipline and socializing. neighbors in neighborhood say they rarely saw this dog. most said they didn't know there was a pit bull here. the family also has a ha iowa. >> a judge has sentenced three leaders a gang to long prison sentences. they say they are all once commanders of a gang in san francisco and merced. they were prosecuted as part of a ongoing crack down. >> santorum has supported rome if hee mailed supporters last night saying that both he and romney agree the president must be defeated. that came in contrast to a comment he made during his campaign that romney was the worst republican in the country to put up against obama. >> romney said today that the president's term in office has
5:36 pm
been a disappointment for some, a disaster for others. he returned to his home state of mitch for the time since winning that primary in february. at a rally he said that the past few years have been hard on a lot of americans. >> in the obama economy, some of the hardest hit have been those in the middle class of america. many of whom have fall phren the middle class. >> even though is he from michigan it could be a hard campaign. voters have chosen a democratic presidential candidate for the last 24 years. >> the warning going out today to university of california students. and a no go. the move that would have helped the cost of going to college. >> and you don't hear n the blunt word from the judge in the roger clemens dial. what he said to attorneys on both sides. ♪
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[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks
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with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. . university of california students facing the possibility of another heavy fee increase. the board of ridge entities will discuss the matter at a meeting next week. they warn that the university's budget could be cut in the middle of next year if voters fail to approve the tax measure on the november ballot. if that happens, they could make up that amount with what is being called a double digit boost in tuition. a finance committee memo notes
5:40 pm
its jumped 84% since just 2007. >> a bill to keep college student loan rates low ran into a roadblock today. democrats failed to get enough votes to bring the measure up for a debate. both sides say they want to keep the low rates doubling july 1st but disagree on how to pay for it. democrats want to eliminate small business tax benefits. the senate could vote again later this week. satisfy's lake merced is nowhere near its former glory. now some want to change that. it's located opponent on the southwest received the city and sal is there. >> reporter: i want to show you this is the boat house for you in san francisco and that building is quite run down and
5:41 pm
some say shows broken promises from years of mismanagement. one a popular spot today it's mostly empty. the lake is managed by the san francisco public utility commission. 1950 they degreed to let the department manage the land and facility around the lake. now some say it's done a bad job and should be fired. >> a number of us who have been involve for 20 years or more on -- the lake, do not feel they have been good stewards of the area. >> reporter: he said the parks mismanagement of the lease give tone the pacific rod and gun club on the west shore of the lake may have cost the city ten million dollars. he said they failed to hold the gun club responsible for lead shot that's contaminated the lake. >> i think had they really been on the ball they would have renegotiated the lease because month to month and gotten what is standard now in
5:42 pm
contracts. >> reporter: they will now take offer management but recon park will condition to manage recollect for now. >> they have indicated lots of good thing its but -- proof is in the pudding. >> reporter: now today at the puc meet deliberate was an argument between people who had differing plans on what to do with the lake, one thing is for sure it's going to be a contentionous fight to figure out what will go on. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2news. >> somewhere in the northern california wilderness there is a wolf walking around. some want it gone. >> also we are continuing to follow that breaking news. a tire fire burning at this company in antioch. its been going on for almost two hours, more coverage coming up in a moment. . >> it's hot out in the valley.
5:43 pm
temperatures in the 90s today but it'll cool.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
. a loan gray wolf has a new challenge to its low odds already. a proposed ordinance would ban wolfs just as they make their return to california after decades. ken is live in the sierra foothills tonight with the
5:46 pm
report. >> reporter: frank right now somewhere far to the north of us near the oregon border that gray wolf is wandering about the foothills and the search mountain. it's inspiring wonder and controversy. documentary film makers say this is or7, the wolf that's been tracked by gps crossing the california border four times in recent months. >> it's a significant from the stan point that the last known wolf was documented in california probably about 70, 80 years ago. >> reporter: fish and game have tracked or7's movements as it went across several counties including one where they say it's not wanted. this ordinance would prohibit wolfs in the county deeming them as trespassers. one man said it is not
5:47 pm
surprising. >> i hope it's a passing phase, it's not unusual but it's not the answer to having a wolf walk across some invisible political boundary that it doesn't know. >> reporter: she said they are federally protected, trumping state law and a county ordinance. >> though they come with a lot of myth and bags and first of all lore they are very shy. they don't want to have anything to do with you. >> reporter: or7's wandering took it through the county, it has now moved east. it split from its pack looking for a mate. officials worried about it. alone it's more at risk for injury or death. >> is he doing well so far. >> reporter: the backers of the proposed ordinance say they are worried about the loss of livestock. the board of supervisors wants to take up the matter today but
5:48 pm
at last word any vote has been put off for a later date. in placer, ken pritchett. >> there is renewed conseven over the effectiveness of full body scanners at airports after the find a plot to use a nonmetallic bomb on a plane. dozens united states scanners which let security see beyond the clothes. a classified report identified a number of problem was the scanners and -- they posted this video saying it demonstrates how they snuck a case through twice. >> a lot said if it keeps us safer we will look past past the invasion but the truth is they don't make it safer. >> the department of homeland security said its take taking steps to improve the process. >> the judge in the roger
5:49 pm
clemens said both sides boaring the jury and speed it up. today prosecutors did by calling a convicted drug dealer to testify. that is a former bat boy that provided drugs to dozens. on the stand he described a shipment that he allegedly sent to roger clemens. the former star pitcher is a ceus of lying to congress in 2008 when he denied using drugs. >> back down to breaking news we have been covering for the past two hours, it's a fire in antioch and we are live over the scene. let's bring in bill martin. have you been watching it since it started. this is very different from where we are just a half hour ago. >> reporter: we had a lot of smoke in the building just 20 minutes ago. i'm brought if for the wind and which they they will blow that smoke. right now they have increased a bit out of the west.
5:50 pm
we will go outwarred the strait where they are blowing west, gusting to nine. it's a west wind. the fire area in here. that wind as it blows westerly -- that plume and pushing it toward the delta and toward area was less people. that's a good thing. they will pick up overnight this to tomorrow and -- overnight into the late night hours tonight. things will start to mix out. we will be back at suspicious update the forecast. at the tire plant. the extended forecast will be mild to warm. some blazes in to the low 90's. with the fog, that on shore wind. things started to cool. coastal fog tomorrow morning. here is at one. the fog there now. it'll just linger, one it's really establishing itself and have thes through the san bruno
5:51 pm
gap toward the san francisco airport and across toward haywood. that starts cooling right around the bay. we didn't see that today. didn't push inland but it's trying to push. more of a push of fog and by seven look at that push of fog. toward livermore. that, just that little finger of fog will get you five degrees of cooling. instead of 90 about 85. tomorrow afternoon, looks like a nice day, little cooler, coast you stay cool, as we go through the bay area, down at the beach 58 degrees, downtown san francisco mid60s. you go toward oakland and those areas upper 60s low 70's and then 80s toward walnut creek. out in to the east basement 85 degrees toward antioch and brentwood. basically a very warm day tomorrow, still cooler than it was today. tomorrow's forecast highs 85 pittsburgh, 86 antioch. 84 gilroy and then a five-day forecast. shakes out just like this.
5:52 pm
plenty of sun and a nice looking week ahead with the weekend in view. no rain in mild changes on the temperatures. >> thank you. >> san francisco landmark that needs a political lift. who is fighting for funs to redo hoyt tower. mom? hmm?
5:53 pm
what does your esophagus look like? let's look it up after school. here. thanks, anita. eww. dad, how did luke cage get his powers? umm...
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ist w. >> the post master general plans to lay out a new strategy for the future of the agency's smallest post offices. they want to delay closures to give them time to consider a postal service bailout. we will have a crew at the news concomprehensive with details on how the changes could impact bay area post offices. >> some daughters of san francisco launch aid drive today to troy try to save a landmark. >> we have to do something. >> the tower and it's murals are close to jane's heart. her father was one of the artists who painted them inside the famous tower. she and her sister are even painted in to some of them. a tour of them today revealed time has taken its toll. >> the leaking walls, the
5:56 pm
cracking fre scos and the grafitti that has unfortunately creeped in. . >> reporter: they want voters toa propose proposition b to require the city to preserve the tower and it's murals. opponents including the parks alliance say the ref newses should be sent among all park projects. >> san francisco is set to bet home part of a cruise ship. princess will move the grand princess to pier27 next may. it can hold more than 2500 people and it's 950 feet long. it'll go year round to places like alaska, hawaii and mexico. >> hazmat teams have just arrived at a tire recycling warehouse. coming up the latest on this developing news story going on
5:57 pm
in antioch. > are the goods at farmer markets organic? the behind the scenes checking we found.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
. >> this car could be the key to finding sierra lamar. the new crews police have. >> and farmers markets tout fresh organic produce but who is checking? just how tight the checks and what happen when is a vendor falls short. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2news at since. >> good evening . >> we start tonight with developing news. news chopper 2 is overhead in antioch where it appears forts are now gaining the upper hand on a tire fire that's been burning more than two hours, that fire initially sent a lot of thick dark smoke up into the air. a hazmat team has just arrived on the scene to determine if the air quality has been compromised. we first broke it to programming shortly after it was reported. it's burning inside a tire


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