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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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star tires. it is causing some traffic problems in that area. if you live nearby you may want to consider staying inside and turning off the air conditioning just in case. >> there was a major find announced today in the search for sierra lamar. we are live in morgan hill where investigators say they have found a car that could be linked to the case. >> reporter: as you know we showed pictures of the car on the 5:00 newscast and investigators and the lamar family want to see you though it's important they still need people to come forward to make an arrest, identity a person of interest and find sierra. the sheriff's department sent out its duke team to check private property waterways. while this search didn't yield anything another one did. shortly after releasing these pictures of a vehicle they say is linked to the disappearance
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they announced they found it. >> we have the vehicle in custody. the jetta that's believed to be associated in the case. >> it's got to lead to something and i'm -- i'm praying and hoping that it leads to having my daughter back. >> reporter: the sheriff's department said because of the investigation it couldn't reveal where or when the car was found or any information about the owner. they -- they said they have just started looking at the vehicle and still need the public's help. >> we know what owns the vehicle. we have a license plate for the vehicle but it's something that we just don't want to compromise the investigation. >> they were stressing they still want information from the public regarding this car and specifically this car in this -- in that area of where she was close to the house, morgan hill. >> reporter: that area will be a focus of another search
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conducted by volunteers, starting here at the volunteer center tomorrow morning at eight. the sheriff's department planned another sierra round two local reservoirs. live in morgan hill. >> more details. on march 17th search crews found her cell phone a few blocks east of her school bus stop. on march 18th her bag was found inside a neatly folded san jose sharks and inside was a -- folded sharks shirt and pants and again today they said they found a red jetta they live is connected. >> we have complete coverage of the case including the things require parents say they it missed that remind them of her. >> he have more on the developing news in antioch. that tire fire. tom is on the ground there gathering new details at that tire fire and he just learned late word of abhijit an arrest. >> reporter: the plot thickens.
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what's happened -- a man was put into handcuffs and taken away by the police and apparently from information i got from a photographer out here who was talking to one of the sergeants apparently he was working back in the area where the fire parentsly started. whether or not he is under arrest for just maybe violating some safety laws or something or something worse, like arson, is clearly unknown at this point in time. there has been an arrest and this arrest will have everything to do with the fact that this it place burned down. caused a lot of toxic fumes to go in to the air and a lost clean up will be taking place. the latest we know that one person has been taken into custody in relationship directly to the fire. reporting live. >> california fire officials are getting ready for what could be a busy fire season. cal fire launched wildfire awareness week to prepare
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everybody for fire season. late season spring rains have resulted in a lot of vegetation creating fuel for grass fires, cal fire officials say crews and equipment are ready. >> we are training air crews, we have trained over 55 helicopter crews in the national guard and 11 air tanker crews ready to respond. >> cal fire said homeowners should create at least 100 feet of defensible space. >> rejected a clean water initiative. it would have required the  county do more to make sure trash and pollution didn't get flushed in to the bay. it would have added . ballots being counted in north carolina wore voters went to the polls an amendment banning same sex marriage and right now it appears that ban
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is winning with 55% voting for it, 44% voting against it. if it is a proved that measure would prohibit gay marriage and civil unions. >> farmers markets are popular for their healthy, organic fruits and vegetables but who is keeping track? only on 2, we are live at a market in martinez with the checks and balances . >> reporter: workers check for certificates from the department of agriculture and what is listed on the certificate matches what is here on the table. at bigger markets there are often more layers. farmers markets popular for those who want to eat local and or began i orioles began i can. >> reporter: we looked at how much checking happens. >> i don't want anybody getting ripped off. i want to -- this to be a safe
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environment. . >> reporter: the association runs nearly 70 market across the bay including this one in concord. anyone calling themselves organic must display three certificatation; from the state, county and one in ccos. a few weeks ago a strawberry farmer was sanctioned. >> we come in with a bag, we put the product in the bag. we seal the bag. we give them a copy of the bag number. we take it to woodland. that's where they have a testing. >> reporter: another vendor was suspended for reselling peppers he didn't grow. another was busted in fairfield for selling garlic from china. >> you cannot buy and resale. that hurts the real farmers. >> reporter: in the past year eight were found to be violating the rules. >> i come here often. i know they have the signs up and they always label it.
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i'm glad they do that. >> reporter: and a lot of folks use the word spray free. managers say there is no correspondentation for that and no way to check for sure but the best bet is to talk to the farmer ask about their growing practices. we are live. >> a father has been arrested after his 2-year-old was attacked by the family dog. officers say that the child's father was arrested for child endanger inspect not because of the attack that happened but because of the condition of the home the family claims to live in. >> very unkept, feces from the animals in the house, those kind of things. >> the boy is expected to survive after being attacked by a dog. his father is still behind bars. his mother is in the hospital recovering from possible dog bites. >> that is the second attack
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in two days. a pit bull that attacked a gill in concord has been put down. the dog bit the child on the face, neck and leg. tonight she remains in intensive care. results of the test are expected tomorrow. >> a soldier killed in afghanistan over the weekend was only a month into his tour of duty yes. the 30-year-old died sunday when forces attacked his unit with an ied. he had already served two tours of duty in iraq and left for afghanistan in april. friends say he was reserved and had a great smile. he is survived by his wife and two young children. >> state leaders join the chp to pay tribute to two fallen officers. a memorial was held in sacramento for the officers. >> we today recognize duty, and we recognize honor.
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the price was not just ben filths or income, the price is life and death. >> officer adams died last year after being hit by a year. officer kirk died of a heart attack in 1971 but just last year it was ruled a direct result of a foot chase hours before. >> suspended san francisco sheriff won't face the ethics charges for a few weeks but the legal fight is heating up. new, we are in san francisco with the key evidence that both sides are fighting over. >> reporter: the city and sheriff's attorneys are clashing offer the evidence and the amount of testimony that will come in a few weeks. time and money, ross's attorneys today said the mayor wants to waste both. a commission hearing over if the sheriff should loose his job. >> i think its shocking to see the amount of taxpayer
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resources, that the mayor is willing to waste on this effort to remove the sheriff. >> i don't know how much that this is cost. i know i have been doing a lot of work. >> reporter: the city said it'll call 22 witnesses to the hearing room to try to prove that the sheriff abused his wife and attempted to convince witnesses. >> they are trying to lay out through other people and people of -- some someone who did that is not suitable for law. >> reporter: the sheriff plead guilty to false imprisonment. lopez said she wasn't abused. her lawyer fought to keep videotape out. >> i think its meetly inappropriate. no crime victim should have their image go viral. >> it's a public proceeding. it's meant to be open to the public. the public can see the evidence
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and the basis for decision. >> reporter: a judge may decide a week from today if that video will be shown. four weeks today the commissioners will meet and set a schedule for witness testimony and that may give us the idea how long the hearings will go on. reporting live in san francisco. david stevenson. >> young people in richmond will soon have a new place to go for help with homework. workers turning a store front building at 27ing mcdonald into richmond's new youth work center. it's designed to be a safe place to go for middle and high school students. there will also be opportunities to learn construction and other skills. >> it's a god send. it's a miracle. i can now pay my bills and catch up and get my credit correct. >> youth work social security funded through a grant from chevron. it'll open later this month. >> a community in mourning. neighbors are stunned after a 13-year-old girl and her mother
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are found dead inside their home. >> also he is facing drunk driving charges himself. now this state lawmaker wants to cut some drunk drivers a break. the new punishment he wants to offer instead of jail time. >> and back not 90's for many today but temperatures trending down. what the cooldown will bring. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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. >> a state lawmaker charged with drunk driving has a bill that would let up punishment for drunk drivers. roger hernandez spoke on behalf of the bill. it would let a person convicted of drunk driving attend skill building workshops or substance abuse treatment instead of time. he was arrested after a traffic
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stop last march. police tonight are still trying to find what led to a mother and her young daughters fatal shooting. john live in pleasanton where he spoke with neighbor who are stunned by what happened. >> reporter: outside today i watched people drive in to the cul-de-sac and pass by and look at the home. they have still a day away from knowing what happened. the killings of the 37-year-old and her 13-year-old daughter have rocked the neighborhood. >> it's a shock. pleasanton is always known as a quiet town. . >> reporter: they moved here from missouri just over four months ago. this nearby resident said her friend had kids who were friended with the girl. >> she was -- a part of the community and the school pretty quickly. she was pretty -- got good grades and -- she had friends. >> reporter: it was 6:00 last
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night that her husband found the bodies and called police. a gun was found nearby meaning could have been a murder suicide. wewe will have to determine if the gun was used on the victims. >> reporter: police say they are investigating if the woman was growing paranoid. the school is a community in mourning. less than an hour ago it would have the classmates and the mother stopped by with flowers and balloons. >> for something like this to happen and the family community like this has just been horrible for everybody. >> reporter: police say the husband is not a suspect and there were two guns in the house. the autopsies are set for tomorrow morning. live in pleasanton. >> balance net creek police arrested two men after a brawl. the man attacked another at lounge early sunday morning.
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he now face as assault and drug charges. officers say the friend was also part of the fight and was booked for resisting arrest. that violence just days after officials in wall nut creek let the city impose restrictions on businesses after multiple alcohol related incidents. >> new figures show california is farther behind in the red. the state controller said california took in $2.4 billion less than predicted in the proposed budget. >> i somewhat despair of there being a resolve but the wrong thing to do is to paper it over. >> reporter: most of the short fall was caused by income tax receipts which came in $1.96 billion rebow projection. sales taxes were also down by 54%. >> a federal judge convicted a engineer of stealing trade
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secrets the clerk of the court said the 43-year-old was convicted on five counts of theft. he was cleared of four other charges. he works for admirer he was convicted of down loading secret before taking a job at another company. >> a yahoo board member who helped hire the ceo is stepping down. she announced she will not seek re-election. this after the board reportedly asked her to step aside. hart was in charge of the ceo search that led to the hiring of scott thompson. he is now under fire for putting out false information about his many indication on his resume. more people are accessing face back on their mobile devices. newing ins action found the average time spent on facebook with a smart phone was 441 minutes in march, compared to 391 with a computer. >> bill martin now from the weather center offer a warm
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day. are you tracking the cooldown. >> bit of a cooldown. fog returned to the coast and you have seen it out there. you see the fog, that starting to cool and the winds bringing in the cool air. that's the golden gate bridge. that's a live reading. gusts to 30 miles an hour. you -- you will see, right in here gusts to 38, gusting to 30. the winds out of the west southwest. that's blowing in to the inland vailly and that's -- going to put the squash on the highs for today. temperatures tomorrow about five degrees and cooler still around the approximate peninsula and the bay. 90 today in santa rosa. 85 tomorrow. cooling trend but still really nice. tonight the fog will have more impact. it'll go through san bruno. we will see cooler when we start off and it's the cooling trend right through the next 24
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hours, and then temperatures start to warm. the model does this wednesday at one. right here you see the fog and then you see the fog in the early morning, around seven and here is the -- shooting across the gap. that will start to spread. just was you don't see fog the cool air and that will impact about five degrees in the warmest inland bay valleys, a really nice day. that is how it goes. high pressure sets up and just gets a little tweak from the low. that will drop temperatures down into thursday it, wednesday and thursday but not much. we are talking mid80s here. we were in the 90s. temperatures coming down. forecast highs tomorrow and then 79 sonoma, 84 san helena. good look numbers, just not as warm as they were today. since the beach a little bit of sun tomorrow but 62 for a high. 85 livermore, out of the 90s and the valley, 84 gilroy, 83 morgan hill. air quality still good and
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it'll be a nice day and then -- the five day forecast which you will see the temperature sort of rebounding a bit with the bay area weekend and it goes back in to the 90's. midand upper 80s. no rain in the forecast. tree pollen trending high. oak and pine. off the charts and they will be all neighborhoods. >> lot of sneezing. >> thank you. >> coming up at seven on tv36 if you are near antioch you have seen this thick smoke coming a tire fire. we will update you on air quality concerns. and a second family dog attack in the bay area in two days leaves another 2-year-old in the hospital. this case still has them asking lots of questions, join us for these and more at seven. >> coming up mark is here with sports including what tiger is saying. hello?
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. more now on the developing news in antioch. these pictures just into the channel newsroom. a man just arrested in connection with the big tire fire that's been burning in antioch. tom said that he saw the man being taken away in handcuffs. he was reportedly found in the area where the fire started.
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it started around four this afternoon and firefighters have been battling to put it out. it's burning in a tire storage facility called blue star tires, along the pittsburgh antioch highway. a hazmat team has been called to the scene because of concerns the smoke is posing health hazards in the area. we will continue to monitor it and get new information. >> mark is here with sports now and any time tiger speaks people are interested. >> you hate that on the head. i would imagine after his disaster at the masters and missing the cut last week probably the hall of fame or any talk about -- is the last thing on his mind but last night phil was put in the hall of fame. tiger of course wishes him well but it's not something he wants to talk about as he gets ready for this weekend. >> i don't want to be on that
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ballot at that age. i still have work to do. i still want to play and compete and i think that -- maybe later age would be more appropriate. the problem is in our sport that -- when is the appropriate age? guys play to 70 out here. >> all right. meantime the a's and giants both back at it tonight many we will have full highlights at ten but -- little something that happened last night with the rangers game. watch hamilton. the bat flies well in to the stands and -- a man and woman kind of get in a fight over it. i want that bat says the woman. the guy has it and i is like calm down. is that your kid? i will give it to him. that he does. gives the lady's kid the bat and soon after that he is rewarded a beer from someone in the stands and all is well and the lady calmed down a little and her son got a bat.
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that's the sporting life at this hour. little slow but tonight -- a lot of good stuff. >> promise. >> yeah. >> just a bit slow. >> thank you mark. >> all right. >> we want to update you now. with very more now. we were first to break had to programming to tell you about the fire at the tire center in antioch and were the first to show you this arrest. we have reporter on the scene gathering the latest for the news at ten. . and thank you for trusting us. >> [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have
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