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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 8, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ays open. captioning sponsored by 20th century fox television and toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh paramedics rushed to help a 4-year-old girl she was struck by a pickup truck but the driver kept going. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. police in concord are searching for a hit-and-run driver after a child playing in front of an apartment complex ran out into the street and was struck by a vehicle. happening now, investigators still on the scene. amber lee is live where it happened on sixth street near clayton road with the description of that vehicle that was involved.
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amber-- >> reporter: it's been 3-1/2 hours since the hit-and-run took place but this is still a very active scene. the little girl lives in the apartment complex you see on the right hand of your screen. the little girl was hit by the car as she was crossing the street. she and her 7-year-old sister often played out here by themselves. around 6:30, police received a 911 call reporting the 911. when they arrived they found the little girl on the roadway. the little girl was air lifted to children's hospital in own land -- in oakland. she is suffering injuries to her head and legs but she is expected to survive. >> she was crying, he was in a lot of pain. her parents were just yelling at each other. blaming each other and they
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didn't know what to do. the mother was hysterical. >> reporter: it does not have a camper shell, and investigators say there may be damage to the passenger side front headlines. they're asking anyone with information to call the concord police right away. reporting live here in concord, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. in livermore police say a 13-year-old died tonight after he collided with a pickup truck while he was riding on his skateboard. it happened at 9:30. the boy was wearing a helmet and was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately did not survive. the driver had the right of way and stopped after the crash. the member of the police association -- >> reporter: family members are
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demanding answers they say they just don't believe the department's statement that 18- year-old allen bluford pointed a gun at an officer before that officer shot him several times. >> my life will never be the same. ever. >> reporter: gerald lin and adam bluford says their son had just left a friend's house when they spoke to him on the phone 15 minutes before he was shot and killed by police. >> he said dad i'm just okay, i'm just waiting for some girls in a chrysler. he said i'm coming to get my phone. he left his phone with me, he never made it. >> we pray. >> reporter: more than 60 family members and friends of the 18-year-old skyline high school student came to the spot in east oak -- oakland where he was shot sunday morning. agents say bluford ran when being approached by officers and pointed a gun at officers. >> my son, he would not, not do
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anything like that ever. he respected authority. >> reporter: witnesses told us police recovered a gun in the driveway of this house where a party was going on about 30 feet from where bluford was shot. the family was not convinced the gun was his and they've hired john burns. >> it is not uncommon and certainly from my history that for a police to give a version of that supporting their position whether it's true or not. >> reporter: and police declined to say anything else about this case today despite being on juvenile probation for burglary, bluford's family insist he had turned his life around and was looking forward to graduating in june. a teenager arrested for firing shots at berkeley police officers last month is now being charged with murder in a different case. 19-year-old stewart pleaded not guilty yesterday in the
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shooting death of devin whitmire. stewart was already behind bars accused of shotting at officers after a traffic stop. officers shot back hitting him in the arm and leg. a homicide investigation going on at this hour in sonoma county where a 66-year-old woman was discovered dead inside her home. ken wayne is inside the home and tells us about the investigation and something that is missing from that home. >> reporter: crime scene technicians are still going through this house on bernice avenue investigating what appears to be the first homicide of the year in roner park. police say they got a call from concerned family members who hasn't heard from the woman since sunday. they checked on the house around 8:00 this morning, found it locked and nothing unusual. after another call from family members around 11:00 this morning, police gained access to the house and found the body
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of the 66-year-old woman inside. >> we found what appears to be a violent type of crime scene that occurred inside the residence. >> reporter: police say they have no suspects but the woman's white toyota highlander is missing. it has a california license plate number of 5sgc869. anyone with information on that vehicle is asked to call roner park police. we talked to a neighbor in this area who says he hasn't seen anything un unusual or heard anything unusual in that house for the last several days. the woman's name has not been released. roner park police say they have working on some leads and may have some information on a suspect by tomorrow morning. live in roner park, ken wayne. and at 10:45 a fitting farewell for a bay area mother and teacher. the outpouring of support to make sure that her children are taken care of.
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the would be suicide bomber in yemen was reportedly a double agent. an intelligence agent from saudi arabia. the device was powerful enough to bring down an airliner and could have been detonated two ways. >> this is the most one of the most sophisticated and successful intelligence operations that i've been aware of. i've never seen anything so tightly held. it was held as close as anything i've ever seen. >> the leaking of information about the plot is triggering serious concerns in washington, d.c. u.s. intelligence officials are said to be very angry. now to the race for the white house. three states held presidential primaries today and in north carolina they were also voting whether to ban same-sex marriage. let's go first to south carolina. at issue a constitutional amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman.
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the yes votes gets 61%. only 39% voting against. three states held republican primaries today and no surprise here, mitt romney won all three of them. we're talking about north carolina, indiana and virginia. however when it comes to the delegate count in that case mitt romney is still shy of the 1,144 delegates that he needs to secure the nomination. right now he has 916 delegates. rick santorum is out of the race but still on the ballots he has 261. it's the same with newt gingrich who has 133 and ron paul he's still running but so far has only 99 delegates. with only three weeks left in the school year san francisco teachers are holding the first of two strike votes this week. at a rally tonight before the school board meeting. empty chairs were used to symbolize the 600 lay off notices sent to teachers. the union claims the district has $80 million in reserve and those notices should never have been sent.
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the district says that surplus will help make out for a budget cuts in the coming years. so what's at stake for teachers in the contract talks? the district wants to save $30 million through cut backs including unpaid furlough days, larges classes, reduced training and pay cut for substitutes. as for those lay off notices we won't know how much of those 600 workers may actually lose their jobs until the end of the school year. the controversy over the inflated academic credentials of yahoo's chief executive offer is costing one board member her job. patti hart says she will not continue in her role. today thompson apologized to yahoo employees saying i deeply regret how this issue has affected the company and all of
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you. on wall street stocks are feeling a chill from europe. the dow closed 76 points lower a fifth straight decline. the nasdaq dropped 11. there is a great deal of uncertainty on how new deals from europe will change. fighting obesity without invitro. and back here in 10 minutes with tomorrow's forecast. we had some 90s today. low 90s but the fog is returning at the coast and that's going to cool things off. per hams you saw that thick black smoke billowing into the air -- perhaps you saw that thick black smoke billowing in the air. what we just learned about a fire at a tire shop. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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whatever you want to do... droid does. a man is in custody in connection with that large fire at a tire shop in antioch. the business may be forced to pay for that fire response. the fire started at about four clock this afternoon at blue star tires along the pittsburgh- antioch highway -- about 4:00 this afternoon. heather holmes is on the scene and just learned more about the suspect. >> reporter: his name is rashad readi, and an employee of this tire shop. i learned from investigators that readi has now been charged with causing this fire. investigators say readi and other employees were using a dangerous combination of
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gasoline and tar. they use that to make the used tires look better. that's when readi allegedly lit an illegal fire work igniting those vapors. it didn't take long for this fire to reach four alarms. fueled in part by 300 tires. >> i told the owner, sooner or later something is going to happen. >> reporter: robert akalo has a business restoring classic cars and motorcycles near the shop. he says he repeatedly learned of the hazards of employees using gasoline and tar. >> he didn't cut it off. >> reporter: do you typically paint tires to make them look new. >> yes. >> reporter: the owner admits to using the combination and says it's common practice.
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>> they immediately went into a defensive mode because the building showed it was going to collapse. >> reporter: tonight his suv is beyond repair. >> i'm very upset, you know it's reckless people made this happen. >> reporter: the use of that gasoline tar mixture is indeed in violation of the california fire code. frk and julie that means that this tire shop may indeed be forced to pay for the fire response. air quality officials were out here today they were conducting some air samples and they determined there was no cause for concern. heather holmes, ktvu news. san francisco firefighters used four trucks to respond to a one alarm fire this evening on lake street. the fire broke out shortly before 7:00 tonight on the third floor of an apartment building at 653 lake street near eighth avenue. we're told no one was hurt.
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autopsy on a teenage girl and mother who were both found shot in their pleasanton home are expected tomorrow morning. amy freeman was found last night by her husband inside the family home on stacy court. 13-year-old ansley freeman was alive when her stepfather arrived but she died later at the hospital. mother and daughter moved to pleasanton to be with hartman's husband. >> it seemed that she was part of the community and school quickly. she got good grades, she had friends. >> reporter: a gun was found by the two meaning this may have been a murder suicide. police told ktvu they are investigating whether freeman- burton was growing paranoid thinking someone was trying to hurt her. two toddlers are in the hospital tonight after suffering serious dog bites in
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the past day. alameda sheriff investigators were called to the home in castro valley early this morning. the parents say their 2-year- old son had been bitten by their pit bull mix. but parents say they did not find any evidence of an attack and the attack probably happened away from the home. the sheriff's office says the house was filthy and unfit for the child. the father, jared perkins was charged for child endangerment. the dog is in quarantine. the other dog bite victim is at oakland's children's hospital in intensive care. she suffered bite wounds to her face, neck and right leg. the pit bull that bit her has been euthanized so it can be tested for rabies. those test results are expected tomorrow. new developments tonight in
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the case of missing teenager sierra lamar. authorities say they now have a car associated with her disappearance. lloyd lacuesta is in morgan hill where this new lead is certainly encouraging for sierra's friends and home. >> reporter: officers will gather for another search for clues. >> we still believe she's out there alive. we don't have any evidence contradicting that. >> reporter: jose cardoza says they now have some significant evidence. investigators have found the red volkswagen jetta which surveillance cameras photographed in three different locations, near sierra lamar's home, where her cell phone and clothes were found. these were some of the images released today. investigators are not saying where or when the car was
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located or if they have any persons of interest. >> we still want to reach out to the public, we still need information regarding any sightings of this vehicle. >> reporter: sierra's family says authorities haven't told them anything either, but they're glad the car has been found. >> we're kind of in limbo and desperate for more information for a long time now. so this is good, so it's making us feel much better and everyone more hopeful. >> reporter: more waterway than reservoirs were checked today but nothing was found. the red vw jetta is now at an undisclosed location being scrutinized by forensics team. san francisco based twitter is looking into a security breech affecting thousands of users at least 55,000 account pass words and e-mail addresses were posted online yesterday.
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twitter officials say many of those accounts are duplicates. they also say they've pushed password resets to the accounts that may have been compromised. the fcc accused my spaáeus of misrepresenting it's privacy policy to users. i says the company told users it would not share users information with others but gave advertisers friend numbers. and that allowed advertisers to use user information. some of us warmed inland 93 in livermore, 93 in antioch. temperatures tomorrow are going to drop a little bit more. about 5 degrees in the inland valley. fog cleared from the coast late tonight. you can see it out here about 10:00. here's a little bit of patchy fog in south moon bay. clearing at the avenues of san francisco, in richmond. but the fog comes back tonight.
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you will see it back here in the computer model. 6:00a.m. there it is. it doesn't just come back to the coast it shoots to hayward, albany, parts of fremont so it's going to provide that cooling that will take us into tomorrow afternoon. instead of low 90s inland. you're going to see mid-80s. still nice just cooler. the fog burns back to the coast. poor visible here and then burns off and goes away again. when i come back we will have the temperatures specific for your area. because it's going to be nice for your day tomorrow. another tuition increase may be on the way for the university of california students. the uc board of regents is set to discuss the matter and they're warning that the university's budget could be cut in the middle of next year if voters fail to okay the state tax measure on the november ballot. if that happens the regents say they would have to make up that amount with what's being called a double digit boost in
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tuition. a finance committee memo notes that tuition has jumped 89% since 2011. the best public high schools in the united states. we're going to reveal which bay area schools made the top 100. a bay area soldier killed at war. >> it's that smile that would get you. >> how the father of two will be remembered. in eight minutes the old fashioned fertility treatment is getting a high tech twist for thousands of dollars less than invitro. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. >> a wildfire burning in acton is burning tonight. at least one structure has been destroyed. several homes were threatened at one point but fire officials say those homes are no longer in any danger. no word yet on a cause. a soldier from alameda has
10:24 pm
died in combat operations in afghanistan only a month after he arrived there. >> reporter: in alameda an old military town the sad news was slowly spreading today. the defense department says army staff sergeant thomas fogarty was killed sunday near the afghanistan-pakistan border. fogarty was manning a checkpoint. nick myers grew up with fogarty and they were lifelong friends. nick says his friend was quiet but fun to be around. >> it was that smile that got you. great personality, the best person he can be. >> reporter: this is a yearbook
10:25 pm
picture of him in his sophomore year. >> kind of rolled with things. had a good sense of humor. >> reporter: it's not clear why fogarty chose the military but he served two tours to iraq and had only been in afghanistan two months when he died. >> it's too tragic, it's too soon. >> he has two little boys, it's those little boys that you feel for the most. >> reporter: according to the latest figures there are at least 1,834 members of the u.s. military who have died in afghanistan. in alameda, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. new information tonight about the fatal stabbing of a woman in santa cruz. tonight police called the attack random and unprovoked saying the suspect and the victim did not know each other. police identified the victim as 38-year-old shannon kathleen collins. this photo shows her in a
10:26 pm
halloween costume at the longerei store camouflage that she owned with her husband. collins was killed yesterday on broadway while walking back from a hairdressers appointment. police say they arrested charles anthony edwards on suspicion. he was locked up at atascadero state hospital following a conviction 12 years ago. a pilot from pen grove pled not guilty today to flying a small plane while intoxicated. chp officers say 62-year-old michael ferrero failed a sobriety test after he was spotted flying recklessly over highway 37. the officers told us he was buzzing drivers just 20 feet over the road. a young sentenced ferr era to three years in jail, and 26 days of volunteer service. that's in addition to a $2,300
10:27 pm
fine. the bay area high schools on a new list of the top 100 in the country. >> also tonight's special report. >> how to improve a woman's chances of getting pregnant. we investigate a possible high tech solution based on a natural cycle. >> and at 10:25, hundreds pack a bay area church in member reu of a mother and teacher. why help for her family is coming from as far away as tennessee -- church in memory of a mother and teacher. hello?
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in tonight's special report many people who want to be parents are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments but there's an old fashion method that's getting a high tech twist. john fowler investigates. >> reporter: her parents conceived 11 -month-old mckenna
10:30 pm
the old fashioned way. she just happened. but for many bay area couples, careers delay parenthood. bilogical clocks tick away and parents becoming difficult. >> they couldn't never tell me what was really wrong with me and then they just said it was too old. >> reporter: they turned to herbal medicine, then acupuncture. for many years women have used body temperatures. but catching that precise time can be tricky. so we investigate a potential high tech solution. >> it's easy to use and it's simple. everybody can understand what's
10:31 pm
happening. >> reporter: we were showed the fertility recording body temperature every five seconds. a reading sending temperature and other vitals by internet to analysts generates a statistical martil predicting a woman's fertility. >> we can see the green, that is likelihood of conception. >> and within eight weeks i was pregnant. >> the company says it does not replace medical intervention for women with physical problems. >> reporter: $800 buys a year's monitoring and daily comparisons to thousands of other women's cycles. >> this allows us to make a dramatic improvement in the quality of prediction of fertility beyond anything else out there. >> i think this one is a little overhyped.
10:32 pm
i think it takes something you can do low tech and creates a high tech solution. >> reporter: lori green says a thermometer and graph paper can help you figure it out yourself. after iui then ivf she did get pregnant. they say even at $800 early high tech help might have saved them money. >> if there's a high probably that -- probability that you're going to be successful, yes it's cost effective. >> the medication was $600 every time. that's just the uiu once you get the uvf that's thousands of the dollars. >> reporter: the family just e- mailed me, j.j. was born sunday. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. and at we have
10:33 pm
posted more information about duo fertility. just look for the story on the special reports tab. a san francisco judge could decide within a week if the video of the suspended ross mirkarimi's wife in tears will be shown to the ethics commission. mirkarimi as well as his wife do not want it aired in public. >> on an emotional level in swaying public opinion i think it'll be explosive. >> when people say a picture speaks a thousand words, i think in this case it speaks a million words. >> the ethics commission is supposed to meet in a month. mirkarimi's attorney told ktvu he is shocked about the amount of taxpayer resources being ewed in this case. twitter is challenging a union. tweets were posted during an
10:34 pm
october 1 demonstration on the brooklyn budge. twitter argues that the protest -- or prosecutors are asking the company to violate amendment rights as well as the company's terms of service. more than half of all mobile phone owners in the u.s. now own a smart phone. the survey took place in april and showed 50.4% of u.s. mobile phone subscribers own smart phones. apple was the top manufacturers of phones and google's android was the most popular operating system. new projection from the state suspects that california will not reach a population of -- the state department of finance says a downward trend in births and migration are changing the state's forecast. california currently has 37.7 million people. supporters of a tobacco tax initiative released their first ad today.
10:35 pm
>> why is big tobacco spending millions to suspend prop 29, because prop 29 hits them in the wallet. >> the new ad is expected to run here in the bay area in the next few days. residents in the west contra costa school district are receiving fliers urging them to vote yes on measure k on june 5th. supporters say the initiative would stop an increase in class sizes. u.s. news and world report has ranked six bay area schools in its list of its top 100 high schools in the country. those schools are dublin high in dublin. lowell high in san francisco, mission san jose high in fremont, american indian public high school in oakland, summit preparatory high in redwood
10:36 pm
city and monta vista in cupertino. you can find a link to the full list and rankings per state on just click on web links. protecting a san francisco landmark for the future. the debate on how to pay for much needed improvements at coit tower. back here in a few minutes with your wednesday forecast. not as warm tomorrow and the fog returns, i'll have all the specifics back here. it was chicagoed in alameda with much fanfare. the problem discovered with a new coast guard cutter -- and it was commissioned in alameda with much fanfare.
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
the captain of a brand new coast card cutter home port in alameda says he's had to patch leaks in his ship.
10:39 pm
first lady michelle obama was at the -- the ship's builder has declined to comment. a financial settlement is being reached in connection with the 2009 oil spill in san jose. the owner of the ship dubai star has agreed to pay $2 million. the oil tanker spilled 244- gallons of fuel back in october of 2009 while that ship was being refueled. a rally outside san francisco's coit tower brought together people hoping to save a landmark's depression era mural. along those on hand the daughter of one of the 25 artists who painted those murals. >> once they are gone they're gone. so we really need to do something right now to make sure that they are preserved. >> proposition b on the june
10:40 pm
5th ballot is a nonbinding measure that would direct money to repair those decaying murals that were painted back in the 1930s. city officials say san francisco has already earmarked $250,000 to restore the murals. san francisco's crime plagued sixth street corridor is going to be home to a new police station. the station approved a location for a new police station. it'll take $750,000 in renovations to improve the building. in news of the world tonight, in israel people reading the newspaper found out they have a new government eliminating the need for upcoming elections. this could allow negotiations with pelestinians or go forward
10:41 pm
with a strike on nuclear facilities. stock markets fell in reaction to ongoing political and financial problems. a left wing politician has not been able to form a coalition government after this weekend's divided election result and he declared that greece is no longer bound by its promises to international lenders to cut spending. greece has received billions of the dollars in bail outs. a new youth center in richmond will soon be open to help youth with jobs. it'll offer home work help as well as opportunities to learn construction and other vocational skills. youth works is sponsored by a grant from chevron. >> we're there for each other in petaluma. a community coming together
10:42 pm
to help the family of a mother who was murdered. when a warm up will return in the complete bay area forecast. ♪
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new at 10:00, petaluma is a growing community of 60,000 residents. but this latest tragedy shows how it clings to its small town roots. the community came together for a final farewell for a mother and teacher who was killed last month. about 600 people showed up for memorial services for kim conolo. a teacher, petaluma mother of four who was killed by her
10:45 pm
husband. >> i think kim's effect on people is being shown here. >> reporter: she leaves behind friends and family who remember her love and generosity. plus two teenage daughters and 21 -month-old twins. >> they're going to be very well taken care of in the community and they're going to do well. >> reporter: cooper field's books is one of the many business that's benefiting part of the proceeds to help the children. including $2,000 from a holiday gift wrapping. >> we see those moneys until we see a cause that's appropriate. the family's cause seemed to be the best recipient. >> one friend who now lives in tennessee says her new hometown has pitched in to help a woman's family the residents don't even know. >> i started getting messages about asking if they needed books or clothes or any kind of supplies and these are not people with a lot of money. >> reporter: tony macahee donated his restaurant for today's gathering. >> it was my turn to help. i pitched in. we all pitch in for each other,
10:46 pm
that's petaluma. >> here's for kim, one great lady. >> reporter: kim was active in combating violence for women and children. trust funds have been set up for her children throughout the county. california lawmakers today move forward with a bill that would prohibit psycho therapists from treating teens using a technique that claim to make gay people straight. they would forbid the use of conversation for minors, adults must sign a release form, and supporters say treatments can cause depression or even drive people to suicide. the bill now goes to the full state senate, no date is set yet for debate on the issue. joe semetian will keep his plan to keep state parks open before a committee tomorrow.
10:47 pm
the proposal looks to use money from parks accounts. 70 of california's parks could close. semetian says his plans could close 60 of those parks open this summer. the san francisco public utilities commission rejected a new agreement with the recreation department. they will take management of the lease currently in place with the pacific rot and gun club. critics say recon park hasn't done a good job of taking care of the park and should be fired. the puc says it wants more time before making a decision. new details are emerging about the problems that the power plant in southern california, operators say 13,000 tubes that carry radio active water have to be replaced. the tubing runs through four steam generators that were installed less than three years ago. san onofre has been shut down
10:48 pm
for three months now. that is such a beautiful sound. today members of the tequila patron team stopped by the studios to promote the race. the race takes place on saturday and it's a long run it starts at 1:30 and runs for six hours. we're back with the weather and we've got some warm temperatures to talk about. not as hot as today. temperatures tomorrow will cool a bit. check out concord, it's 72 degrees. it's warm, 70 in livermore as well. we checked the live buoy reading out for the wind direction. wind speeds, the winds are gusting to 14 out of the southwest. that's ushering some of that cooler marine air. some upper 40s, mostly low 50s. it's a little chilly when you get going. tomorrow not quite as warm as today but still really, really
10:49 pm
nice as we go into your wednesday. tonight the coastal fog returns. it went away for some time but it came back. that fog should be back where it was this morning. we look for a mild day tomorrow. you can see the oranges, those are 80s. along the coast it's going to be cool. temperatures come off about 5- degree. santa rosa 90 degrees. everybody is coming down a few degrees. even more than 5 degrees in some cases. not a big cool down but some cooling. high pressure is where it should be. the fog will return tonight as i mentioned. as we go through the next couple of days this pressure comes in and that's the mechanism for the slight cooling and temperatures want to come back up as we get to thursday. we're looking at numbers for thursday and friday should be back to the upper 80s. it's going to be a nice weekend ahead and very warm and no rain. 44 cities where you live or near where you live for your
10:50 pm
wednesday. 84 in san helena, 85 in fairfield then you get to concord and walnut creek. air quality is good. the tree pollens are trending high. oak and pine and this is the time of year they're going to be nasty. so just a really nice day. this whole week looks real good. the five day forecast shapes out with nothing but good. we have plenty of warmth, coastal temperature has a little bit of fog. just a nice run right into the bay area weekend. >> this puts a smile on your face. >> thank you, bill. a proposed ordnance in one northern california county could put a lone grey wolf in danger. the wolf named or7 was tracked by gps crossing the state border four times in recent
10:51 pm
months. but a proposed major in siskiyou county would allow that wolf to be hunted. we will introduce you to four young san francisco falcons by their new names, coming up. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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those four young falcons that live on top of the pg & e building in san francisco they now have names. the public submitted suggestions and the volunteers who monitored those bird picked the winners. so here they are the two males are perry and sutro. the females are amelia and electra. the names come days before those little tykes are expected to start flying. a much better day for the giants. >> what do they say what a difference a day makes. collective ears of the giants had to be burned all day today. fans all over the bay area squawking about how bad they were last night. complete reversal this evening. they were nothing more than sensational. air tight on defense. finally getting the better of dodger a's clayton kershaw that's not him. that's a great dodger fan there. the reigning cy young winner, the lefty beat the giants five
10:55 pm
times last year, not tonight. bret pelt takes him deep. ryan volgasan has to make that stand up. posey, aria, felts they make it happen and they're pumped up about it. it gets even better. 2-1 one giants into the eighth. and a scoop and a half by belt at first. vogelsan is pumped he gets the win. a routine night, casilla the save. 2-1 san francisco. you might say that the a's are playing better baseball than anybody figured. not tonight, loud and clear they were much better than anybody thought. but you had to stick around to see it. redick a 2-1 shot for the a's, what a pick up he's been 2-2. into the ninth after the a's
10:56 pm
tied it. 3-3. newcomer brandon inge to left. >> walk off grand slam for inge. >> doesn't get better than a walk off grand slam. five in the ninth starting the home stand with what you definitely would call a pie note right there for inge who just a couple of weeks ago was a detroit tiger. a baseball feat more rare than a perfect game this evening in baltimore. rangers josh hamilton goes off four home runs, only the 16th player in baseball history to do it. he was five for five with eight rbis, three of his home runs went to center field, 10-3 rangers over baltimore. he will never forget this evening. and a hang on for dear life. had the possibility of four teams packing it up for the
10:57 pm
summer only one goes home. showing his stuff there. nuggets up 15 with 6:35 left but then kobe is kobe. 43 points brings la back. he had 40 three pointers at one time. now down 3-9. five seconds left. kobe could not quite pull off the miracle finish and ramon session misses at the buzzer, 102-99 lakers still lead the series 3-2. staying alive, the bulls get over on philly, chicago still down 3-2. atlanta still breathing after they best boston. hawks are down 3-2. that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. all is well again with the giants. >> and the a's. >> and the a's. yeah. to say the least. >> mark, thanks. >> you're wearing your giants orange. >> got it on. all right. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time
10:58 pm
news breaks. >> the ktvu morning team will be following up on several stories still developing at this hour including the search for a hit-and-run driver who's pickup truck struck a 3-year- old girl in concord seriously injuring her. and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. ook around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.99. that's a dollar a roll!
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