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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 9, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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help authorities find sierra lamar. >> new details coming out about an al qaeda plan. the critical role played by an under cover cia agent. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day in the middle of the week. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. let's check your weather and traffic. i have to say it feels like hot summer nights i love it. >> i'm glad you are happy. i do it for you. >> thank you. >> inland it will still be warm. cooler pattern settled in for some. 60s to 80s today. inland temps should come down a couple degrees. here is sal.
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>> good morning steve. highway four looks pretty good. also a good flow if you are driving on 680 nearby. overnight authorities searched for a person hit by a train in richmond. officers searched the tracks around 10:30 last night. they didn't find anything but surveillance video showed the train hitting a pedestrian that tumbled down an embankment. i guess the individual got up and ran off. investigators have been checking local hospitals to make sure that person is okay. we begin with breaking news in the peninsula. crews are responding to a hazardous material alert on the 3500 block of eddison way many menlo park. authorities smelled some type of chemical in that area. >> reporter: a lot of activity for this hour of the morning. we are here at fair oaks and eddison way in the city of menlo park. what you are looking at is a
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hazardous material situation. firefighters from menlo park the people in the white suits dressed up in their hazmat gear and sheriffs department people here as well. they are in front of a business called immune path. so just beyond where they are standing there is a red tape that is the so-called hot zone. it's a little bit of a confusing situation but here's what was explained to us. we are told that sheriffs deputies came upon a pickup truck with people loading things in and out of that truck. they went to investigate and see what was happening at 4:00 in the morning with people loading things in the pickup truck. the deputies smelled what they described as a chemical smell coming from the pickup truck and a lab situation inside the pickup truck. the truck was parked outside the lab called immune path. it's a bio tech firm that does stem cell research. this is no longer what they
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thought as a criminal investigation it's now a hazardous material situation. they have not identified what kind of smell that is other than it smelled like chemicals. they still have an activity situation right here right now. >> the smell was coming from the pickup truck. my guys backed away. they went in and cleared the building. they the said the building is clear. >> reporter: the people you were looking at were in white suits. they look like they are confirming with fire department and sheriffs deputies. i asked them if there was any kind of evacuation order because this business park area is nestled in a residential neighborhood. they said it's basically an unofficial shelter in place. that means they don't want anyone that lives in this area
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to be becoming over here in this area or into what they call the hot zone which is about a half a block away. so you see this yellow tape here there is another yellow tape off in the distance where these people are talking and beyond them is the red tape the so-called hot zone. hazardous material in menlo park. we don't know what type of chemical they may be dealing with here. we'll have more information as it becomes available. reporting live in menlo park noelle walker. we have new video to show you of a fire. an unknown device ignited after being thrown on the driveway of this house on shamrock avenue. it happened around midnight. no one hurt. the flames were contained right to the driveway. the residents inside say they have no idea why their house was targeted. concord police are still out there searching for the hit and run driver that hit a four-
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year-old girl. it happened last night on sixth street near clayton road. tara moriarty is there at the crash scene were more information. >> reporter: if you look down here you can see the chalk marks where police marked all of the cars that were parked oned street. it happened here on sixth street in front of the apartments. this is where it all unfolded. police say a pickup truck struck a four-year-old girl as she was crossing the street. then it just took off. when crews arrived the little girl was laying injured in the roadway. she was air lifted to children's hospital in oakland. suffering major injuries to her foot and head but she is expected to survive. >> she was there. she was conscious. she was crying. she was in a lot of pain i understand. her parents are yelling at each other, blaming each other, they don't know what to do. >> reporter: now police have
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released a description of the vehicle. it's a light blue late model pickup truck with oversized tires. it does not have a camper shell. investigators believe there may be damage to the passenger side front headlights. back here live you can see a few yards away from the accident scene there is a very busy sen. we believe the truck was heading in this direction toward that intersection. neighbors say they would frequently see the little girl and older sister who was seven playing out in this area alone. we are live in concord i'm tara moriarty. a car that may be linked to the disappearance of sierra lamar has been found and being searched for clues. investigators say surveillance cameras photographed the jetta near sierra's home the morning she disappeared. they are now examing the jetta.
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we'll have more from investigators about this latest development. homicide investigators in san francisco are looking for suspects in a fatal stabbing. it happened around 6:30 last night. at this point there is no information about the victim, motive or any possible suspects. the man is right at the center of a foiled al qaeda plot to blow up a plane is not a threat. it's an intelligence agent from saudi arabia that was working with the cia. coming up for you at 5:125 why u.s. intelligence officials are not happy this story has leaked out. uc berkeley is considering illegal action against occupy the farm protestors.
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the protestors are refusing to leave unless they agree to give them continued access to that ten acre plot of land. they took over the problem on earth day. the encampment ha to be clear by the me l of the way. your time is 5:07 let's head over to sal. he has important information for you. right? >> that is right. things are doing pretty well around the bay as we look at these pictures. let's take a lock at the east shore freeway. traffic is moving along pretty well. the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems here come into the area. if you are driving on to the bridge it is a nice looking drive. also the morning commute looks good on northbound 280 right through downtown san jose. we hope it will stay this
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quiet. let's go to steve. >> thank you. yesterday some areas near the coast cooled down. other areas inland where it was cooking it was in the 90s. today looks more like a sea breeze is starting to establish itself. it's a tough pattern to break down. west, southwest it was up to 15, 16 now it's less than ten. sfo show ration little bit more of a breeze. calm conditions santa rosa. a little bit of fog there is a lot out there. trying to work its way in. it's running into a lot of resistance. upper 40s. it hasn't mattered. 50s mid 50s for some. still looks like the yellow 70s starting to make a little bit more of a push into areas that have been in the 80s. there will still be 80s near the coast. system right there is working its way into the pacific northwest. tar will work the high -- that will work the high down a
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little bit. mid to upper 80s inland. now robbie was giving me grief down there in morgan hill. i topped it from -- i drop it from 92 to 86. he said that is still warm. 76 in red wood city. does look like a cool down starts on sunday. time is 5:09. his petaluma home became a target of federal agents. what a father of a suspected gang member is saying about last weeks raid. >> pills containing human flesh. the reason the pills are in high demand and where thousands of them have been confiscated. >> right now traffic in marin county looks good. i'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. so, ah
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south korean officials say pills made out of human flesh and possibly dead babies are now being smuggled into that country from china. the buyers of the pills believe the 83s can boost sex -- the pills can boost sexual stamina. they found 99% match with human dna in those pills. they have confiscated nearly 30,000 pills. we are learning more about the man that volunteered to be
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a suicide bomber for al qaeda but was working on behalf of the cia. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with how the plot to bomb a u.s. bound plane was unraveled from within. >> reporter: claudine, the new york times reports the agent was working for saudi intelligence which is cooperated closely with the cia for years. he is now safely in saudi arabia. highway had infiltrated al qaeda in the peninsula. it was behind two of the most brazen plots in recent years. the failed 2009 christmas day underwear bombing. and bombs loaded from printer cartridges. the agent got the bomb from al qaeda and gave it to the cia. here in washington members of congress are demanding to know why all this information has been leaked. >> it's really unfortunate this has gotten out because this could really interfere with
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operations overseas. >> now the obama administration is debating whether to release pictures of the bomb so security screeners would know what to look for if there were any future attempts. why some say that might not be a good idea during my next update in about an hour. reporting live from washington, d.c.. >> travelers should not expect any major changes. they say airport security measures do not be toughened. >> and if you are wearing an under wear bomb that is going to stand out. so i suspect i feel strongly they will be able to identify that and they can identify either with a pat down or trace detection. >> but this morning there are new questions about airport scanners. a congressional committee will
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ask them why $184 million in security equipment ended up in a texas warehouse rather than being used at airports. the father of a suspected gang member is providing new details about last weeks raid on his home. dozens of federal agents swarmed on victor flores' house. three agents were wounded in an exchange of gunfire. he said he had no idea people that burst into his house were federal i.c.e. agents. he thought his wife was being attacked after she came home from working the night shift. that raid was tied to a triple homicide in south san francisco in 2010. former donor to john edwards presidential campaign said he warn president barack obama's campaign to not consider edwards as a running mate. he called the obama
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administration ailed & told them to look closely at edwards' extramarital affair. toe bin said he warned campaign advisors because he feared it would ruin his chances. the former penn state football coach faces 52 criminal counts and his trial is scheduled to start next month. the defense is seek more information about the ten boys that a eaused sandusky of sexually abusing them. expected to vote on a scale down plan near the famous pebble beach golf links. take a look. golfers practicing on that beautiful area there. in 1999 the company backed by
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golf great arnold palmer paid $# 20 million for -- $820 million. but after a very lengthy debate the commission today will support a proposal that calls for 90 homes and no golf course. >> it is 5:17 and let's head back to sal where things have been looking good. right? >> they have been. we have been following that hazmat situation in menlo park. i just want to let you know this is on eddison way which is in a neighborhood between highway 101. so far it's not causing any major problems. this is happening in the north fair oaks neighborhood of menlo park. if you know the area it's a good area to stay away from.
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our own noelle walker is there. we'll have a live report coming up. let's take a look at the commute on northbound 101. that looks good. if you are driving on the bay bridge commute, it's pretty light. 5:18 let's go to steve. >> we have mostly clear skies. fog on the coast. a little system moving on to the knot. it's showing signs of being out of the west, withsoutheast instead of the north. it is mostly clear there this morning. temperatures 40s and also 50s. couple upper 40s that's not a surprise. some of the 70s in hello -- still there will be system
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right there continues to work its way in there weak but that's all it takes this time of year. inland temps that have been warm will cool down a little bit today. a little cooler inland instead of mid 90s. upper 70s lower 80s to the north. 60s, 70s coast and bay. and still very mild to warm conditions and work your way inrabid. fog, sun will continue into thursday. level off warmer friday, and saturday. that looks like a cool down. european markets open the day with gains but most started to slip as trading continued. that continued to be the trends set for asian markets. australia, south korea and taiwan were down 1%. and that is effecting stocks here. greece blamed for another day
5:21 am
on the market. dow closed down 76 points. actually that was a bit of a recovery. the markets recovered after a rough day yesterday. we are still looking at five days straight of decline. investors that like facebook may be able to put their money where their clicks are. most of the large online broke ridge firms will let them quest ipos. analysts demand is expected to see exceeded the number of sales. 5:21. a fire in antioch destroyed a tire shop and the practice of making used tires look like they are new could be to blame. >> a young dolphin trapped in an offshore construction site. the delicate operation to rescue him. >> the traffic on the richmond
5:22 am
bridge looks pretty good. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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good morning. skies are mostly clear. a little bit of a sea breeze there. temperatures inland still warm. not as warm as yesterday. 60s and 70s coast and bay. >> 5:24. marine biologist closely watching a young dolphin out there became trapped in a
5:25 am
construction site. they first saw it on monday. yestererday divers were busy spent the day cutting away at the metal walls you are looking at. they are hoping the dolphin will be able to swim out of enclosure during high tide. >> a fire at blue star tires is being investigated and it could have been started by employees. that fire began sunday when employees were mixing gasoline and tar to paint the used tires. the owner of the shops say they do that to make the tires look new. during the painting one of the employees allegedly it will an illegal fire work which may have ignited the gas vapors. the owner of the business next door said they warned the tire shop about the dangers of what they were doing. >> i said sooner or later something will happen. he didn't cut it out. this is what happened. i lost everything. >> firefighters have not confirmed the tire painting and fire work is what caused the fire. it's all under investigation. one of the tire shop employees
5:26 am
however was arrested and questioned. time now 5:25. twitter is now in a legal fight with prosecutors in new york city. they are asking the judge to stop the da's office attempt to get access to the old tweets of occupy wall street protestors. one that was arrested last fall. prosecutors will look at all of his tweets. twitter says that request violates his constitutional rights protecting it from unreasonable search and seizures. american idol scored a big name to perform at this seasons finale. rihanna she will now be there when the noeses idol is -- newest idol is crowned on may 23rd. tonight the finalists go back to the stable for a california dream and theme show. just one of three performances left in this current season on american idol. you can watch tonights performance on american idol
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beginning at 8:00 right here on ktvu and tomorrow night watch the result show you'll find out who the next contestant to be eliminated will be. time now 5:26. very tense moments for travelers going to johnway airport. the security measures that were taken late last night. >> plus a deadly tragedy on the uc berkeley campus. how cal students are responding. >> we are at hazardous material investigation. it's still an active situation. we will tell you what sparked the investigation coming up. >> good morning, traffic is moving well on 237 westbound as you cross 880 we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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good morning, to you welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the morning off. your time is 5:30. we want to start off with a quick look at your weather and traffic. this whole cool down you are talking about it will still be warm. >> it is still warm away from the coast. it won't be in the mid 90s like yesterday. other locations started to cool down yesterday. a little bit more of a delta breeze. still mid to upper 80s away from the coast. here is sal.
5:31 am
starting off the morning with pretty good conditions for driving as you look at highway 4 it has not bogged down here or in antioch. and the morning commute also looks pretty good if you are driving on nearby 680. also this morning police are investigating a crash on treasure island that sent four people to the hospital. authorities believe a suspected drunk driver hit a parked pickup truck just before 10:00 last night. while one grandson was inside the truck a man and other grandson were behind the vehicle loading up their fishing gear. investigators say that is when the suspected drunk driver rammed into the pickup truck. there is no word yesterday on the condition of everyone involved. it is 5:31 let's go back to the desk. we are still following developing news coming in from menlo park. a hose douse material team out there investigating a bad oh door. noelle walker is there. i know you are talking with
5:32 am
authorities. do they know where that smell is coming from? >> reporter: they are saying that smell appears to be coming from a pickup truck parked in front of the business or the business itself or both. take a look over my shoulder here. you can see where the investigation is happening. they are standing in what they call the warm zone. there is a yellow tip there. beyond that is the red tape. that is the hot zone. this all started this morning when deputies came in contact with people loading things in and out of a pickup truck that were parked in front of a immune path. located at eddison way. we shot tape a short time ago because after the people in the white hazmat suits gone after their initial checks they came back out and suited up in full gear using their self-contained breathing apparatus. whatsoever their initial investigation found them warned them putting on their breathing
5:33 am
apparatus. i took a walk around the corner to see where this vehicle is parked. it's a white pickup truck that is the center of this investigation. they saw four men loading things in and out of it and noticed a chemical coming from the vehicle and maybe from the business as well which is a bio technology firm. they thought this might be a criminal investigation they say it's not a criminal investigation. they say it's a hazmat investigation. they have not let us know what kind of chemical they might be dealing with. ly have to say the wind would appear to be playing in their favor. there is no disearnable wind out here. i have not detected any slight smell of the chemical in the air here. also when i walked around the corner in the neighborhood it's nestled within a neighborhood of homes. no smell over there either. i asked the sheriffs deputy if
5:34 am
there was an evacuation order for people that live in this injure. they said it's kind of a shelter in place. they are telling people not to come over here. but we will be here all morning following the investigation and tell you the latest as things develop. reporting live from menlo park noelle walker. uc berkeley police are looking for answers in an overnight tragedy. officers found the body of a male student around 10:00 last night. police are trying to determine if he took his own life or fell from that building. his fellow students have set up a memorial page on facebook. an investigation continues in berkeley into an overnight fire at a popular restaurant. it broke out around 11:00 last
5:35 am
night at the flavors of india restaurant. according to officials the fire started in the kitchen and quickly spread through the whole restaurant. the restaurant was closed and no one was hurt. however the flames caused a lot of damage. fire investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of the fire. in a few hours volunteers will gather to search for sierra lamar. alex savidge joins us from morgan hill. >> reporter: good morning. investigators here have found a car they believe is connected to the case. they call this a significant development. it's the kind of case that may bring more volunteers down here to take part in the search for sierra. after releasing photos of a gw vehicle they announced yesterday et has been found.
5:36 am
the car was on surveillance cameras. they are not talkingn't who the registered owner of that car is. the 15-year-old vanished back on march 16th. they are hopeful they can bring sierra home safe. >> we start thinking positive. we believe she is out there alive. we don't have any evidence contra ticketing that. >> reporter: still sheriffs deputies continue to search waterways in this area. they do not recognize that red jetta that was captured on surveillance video and detectives would like anyone that saw the car to call them with information. and again as we come back out here live. that volunteer search gets under way.
5:37 am
live this morning in morgan hill alex savidge. new this morning a search is now under way for a plane with 46 people on board. it went missing over a mountain in indonesia. air traffic control lost contact with the plane this morning. it took off from jay cardia. it was supposed to come back in 50 minutes. that plane is the first new airliner designed by russia since the soviet collapse. a bomb threat -- security took the plane to an isolated area of john wayne airport. they didn't find any explosive devices. passengers on board that plane bound for phoenix they were taken off. now they have to be rerouted to
5:38 am
other flights. in the meantime a plane from orange county to phoenix was also inspected in arizona last night. it too was later cleared. a four-year-old boy caused a security threat at a -- coming up why he and his father were allowed to still get on the plane. autopsies scheduled today on a mother and teenage daughter found shot to death in their pleasanton hope. the bodies of -- were monday nigh. investigators also his beef recently grown paranoid. r police are investigating
5:39 am
the death of a boy. ever he was wearing a helmet but died from his injuries. the driver had the right of way. he immediately stopped after the crash and cooperating with investigators. time now 5:38 let's check in with sal. is 880 ready for wednesday morning? >> it is dave and claudine. right now traffic continues to move along on 880. this freeway usually doesn't get very heavy in this area until later on. so you have a little window of opportunity to drive through with little or no delay. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on the bay bridge toll plaza. already a little bit of slow traffic in some of the cash lanes. it hasn't become bad just yet. if you are driving in the south bay or getting to the south bay in hayward, union city, and fremont that looks good. at 5:39 let's go to steve. >> thank you very much.
5:40 am
a very good morning. fog out there. i thought that graphic wasn't going to move for a second but it did. patchy fog. there is a lot offshore. otherwise clear out there. by this afternoon fog near the coast. sunny breezy inland will be little cooler. upper 80s today. it will be still be warm but that system moving in is picking up a little bit of a breeze. 40s and 50s the lows haven't changed much. system in the north is helping to knock it down. warm for some. it will be a little cooler inland. so you see 60s and 70s today. low 80s to mid 80s. fair field 84. we will still go 88 antioch.
5:41 am
hayward 74. 88 in gilroy. 68 in santa cruz. fremont 78. palo alto is 81 yesterday. we will go with 88 today. 62 in daly city. 65 san francisco. fog wind out on thursday. turn around warm reteaches on friday and saturday. trouble involving tweets. the security breach involving thousands of twitter accounts. >> also a new poll on how the american people feel about the u.s. involvement in the war of afghanistan. >> good morning, southbound 680 traffic looks good. another update on the morning commute is straight ahighway. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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a little bit more of a breeze today. 60s and 70s inland. it will still be warm. >> welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are follows for you right now. live pictures from menlo park hazmat team right there. you are looking at them. they want to know the source of a chemical smell this morning on eddison way. again you are watching hazmat crews right there. some of them taking off their equipment. deputies say that smell came from a pickup truck right outside of a bio tech firm. they have determined this is not a criminal investigation it's a hazmat situation. we have a team out there live. we'll have more details later. uc berkeley police investigating an overnight tragedy on the dorm of a cal campus. police found the body of a male student at the base of towel hall. they are not sure if he took
5:45 am
his own life or fell from the building. and a volkswagen jetta that is involved in the sierra lamar case has been found. support for the war in afghanistan has hit a new low. a new associated press poll shows only 27% of americans now say they support the war in afghanistan. that compares to 37% one year ago and 46% back in the spring of 2010. about half of those that oppose the war say the continued presence of u.s. troops in afghanistan is doing more harm than good. rhode island police are investigating how a gun got inside the stuffed toys of a four-year-old boy. they were at the airport about to catch a plane to detroit
5:46 am
that is when a disassembled gun and ammunition was found in the three stuffed dolls. >> stuff animals were contained in a carry on bag and they were being processed. >> the father and boy were questioned by security officials. security officials decided they were not a threat and did allow them to board their flight. there are reports this could have been a result of a domestic dispute. 5:45. fairfax police searching for a man that sexually assaulted a woman in her house. they are describing the suspect as a white man in his mid 40s. look at this sketch on your screen. he may have been riding a blue and white motorcycle. the woman didn't know her attacker but it's likely she was not chosen at random. this happened on saturday. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is moving
5:47 am
closer to the magic number of delegates he needs to clinch his party nomination. he picked upmost of the delegates in indiana, north carolina, and west virginia and now has 919 delegates. that means he needs just 225 more to get the 1,144 delegates to secure that domination. 88 republican senator duke lost to a tea party candidate. he is one of the countries longest serving senators ever. he was first elected back in 1976. he's known as a moderate republican and attacked by his republicans for willing to work with democrats. twitter is investigating how thousands of the user names and pass words ended up being posted on another website. there are a number of user
5:48 am
names and pass words listed on the website. it doesn't apoor to be valid but it's sending out messages to users you better change your pass words because of the recent hack attack. police were called to the home on gary drive yesterday morning. the parents said their son had been bitten by their pit bull german shep par mix. they said the home one filthy and unfit for a child. the little boy suffered severe wounds but is expected to survive. >> this was the second dog attack in 20 hours. they mull a two-year-old girl. it has been tested for rabies. the results of that test is expected today. on a lighter note the four falcons that live on top of the
5:49 am
pga gilling now have names. i would like you to meet perry and sutro those are the boys. and amelia and electra those are the girls. they are expected to fly soon. time is 5:48 let's go back out to sal. make sure things are looking good on this wednesday morning. >> yeah, they are. so far so good. you know it gets lighter earlier so we ten to think it's later but it's only about 5:49. traffic is still light. let's take a look at highway 4 that looks pretty good coming up to the willow pass grade. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on interstate 80 westbound. you can tell things are get a little busier as you head west. the morning commute continues to look good on the peninsula in case you are driving to the airport. it's a nice drive. now let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir.
5:50 am
a very good morning. mostly clear out there. fog on the coast. and inching closer. but clear skies. temperatures at 40s and 50s low. a little chill at sonoma county airport. also napa low 50s. 51 san francisco. 53 out in livermore. low that was down in southern california is spinning into the four corners is moving off to the east. that will help relax. the northerly wind direction we have more of a westerly kicking in from that system to the north. fog, sun still warm. not as hot as yesterday. that will be a little cooler. still 60s, 70s, and 80s on the forecast temps today. 86 clear lake. 76 vallejo. 88 antioch. oakland 72. 86 morgan hill. that is down six from yesterday when it was 92 santa cruz 68. 80 in santa clara.
5:51 am
70 san bruno that is down six from yesterday. 77 redwood city. 65 in san francisco. cooler weather takes us into thursday. a little warmer friday and saturday. does look like another cool down starts on sunday. this morning toyota announced its profits for the first three months of the year quadrupled president toyota earned $1.5 billion. the auto maker thanked employees suppliers and dealers for working together to recover production and sales quickly. real estate analyst is predicting u.s. home prices will rise almost 4% a year for the next five years. prices will stabilize by the end of the summer then start climbing as investors jump back into the real estate market. the website just added san jose to the top 25 markets saying growth in the tech industry is increasing demand for new homes. apple has won a victory in the ipad name.
5:52 am
claiming apple had tricked it into selling the rights of the new fame. the two companies agreed to settling any dis agreements in a hong kong court. time now 5:51. he's a young billionaire and he's being criticized for what he wears. the fire storm about the way facebook ceo was dressed when he went to wall street shopping. >> plus how the ocean is being trashed. gp
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
there has been an alarming increase in the ocean. the amount of plastic along coastal states have increased 100 fold. scientists are concerned because the bits of trash are eaten up by fish and other marine animals that confuse them for food. our time is 5:55. a funeral service will be held on friday for a newark teenager that was stabbed to death. police found 18-year-old osana in a fremont street. this was almost two weeks ago. he died a few hours later. he was a fool star at newark
5:56 am
high school. 18-year-old fremont man and three juveniles were taken into custody in connection with that killing. we now know who is the first casualty from the problems with the official biography of yahoo ceo. patty heart said she will not run for reelection on yahoo board of directors. heart was the head to hire scott thompson. his official biography has included a bachelor degree in computer science which he doesn't have. 5:56. facebook ceo zucker burg may -- he is being criticized clothing he wore to meetings. he was mobbed by the photographers when he arrived at his first meeting with investigators in new york. he has on a hoody sweatshirt. some say that showed a lack of respect for the people he was asking to put up money for
5:57 am
facebook. however, silicon valley bloggers say zucker burg's hoody is just like steve job's black turtle neck. he said it serves more considerable than they are on wall street. >> it is true. let's head over to sal castaneda. >> i don't think that was lack of respect. the man is a genius. any way. >> he is. >> that's my personal opinion. let's move along to the traffic as you drive on the commute around menlo park. you are wondering if this hazardous material situation you have been talking about will effect traffic. if you look on your screen on the right is the white pickup truck where the hazardous material situation originated. investigators were there. we just looked ate for you. this is not effecting any of the major roads in menlo park. ktvu will have another live report from the scene coming up. let's move to the bay bridge toll plaza. we are getting more of a crowd here. this morning if you are drive
5:58 am
into the city northbound 101 that looks good. let's go back to the desk. 5:57. developing news from menlo park. there is a hazardous material out there. what's happening here on eddison way. how are the hazmat teams are dealing with it. ktvu news is there. we'll bring you a live report. >> police search in concord where a four-year-old girl is hit by a hit and run driver. >> temperatures were hot. what about yesterday?
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