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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. developing news off the peninsula. fire crews at the scene of this hazmat situation in menlo park. what was found that led to a local lock down. >> we are live in concord where police are searching for the driver in a hit and run. >> and significant developments in the search for missing morgan hill teen sierra lamar this morning. the discovery that is giving her family a renewed sense of optimism.
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>> new details about -- the critical role played by an under cover cia agent. ktvu morning news continues. good morning, to you welcome to wednesday, it's may 9th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook is off today. let's get a quick look at your weather and traffic and steve we keep talking about this gorgeous weather and i like it. so i'm glad you are warming it up for us. >> as long as you are happy. we have mostly clear skies. there is plenty out there. it's working its way toward us. a little bit of a sea breeze is kicking into the delta. 80s again. mid to upper far enough away from the coast. an update on your traffic with sal. >> right now highway 4 bay point we are looking at it. it's still looking good here. it is a little slow as you drive in antioch already. also this morning we are looking at the commute here actually we are looking at a
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video of overnight authorities search for a person hit by the train. officers searched the tracks between rum rail and market street. they didn't find anything but were tole surveillance video hitting a person that tumbled down the embankment. that person got up and ran off. 6:09 let's two back to the desk. >> investigate evers remain at the scene of a this developing story began a few hours ago on eddison way. we want to show you a live picture right now of what the situation is at the scene. first let me tell you authorities some men loading gear on a pickup truck outside a bio tech firm and then the officers said they smelled some type of chemical odor coming from that vehicle.
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>> the smell was coming from the pickup truck. they backed away. they went in and cleared the building. now they are doing their hazmat thing. >> authorities have not yet found the source of that odor. they don't know how dangerous the situation is at this point. however they are telling us this isn't a criminal investigation. it's simply a hazmat situation. we do have crews on the scene monitoring the situation for you. time now just about 6:03. this morning an unusual fire is being investigated. unknown device was thrown into the driveway. it burst into flames but those flames were contained right to the driveway. no one was hurt. they have no idea why their house was targeted. 6:03. police in concord asking for your help. they are searching for the hit and run driver that injured a
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four-year-old girl. this happened last night on sixth street near clayton road. tara moriarty is back there at the scene to tell us what happened. >> reporter: neighbors say this was an extremely traumatizing scene. we are stabbing on the street where a pickup truck struck the little girl. dragged her for half a block. if you see these chalk marks here this is where police were marking all of cars that were parked on the street at the time. concord police say the driver struck the four-year-old girl as she was crossing the street around 6:30 last night. reportedly he initially stopped but continued moving. dragging the girl for a few yards before stopping again. then the girl became disengaged. when crews arrived the little girl was lying injured in the roadway. she was air lifted to children hospital suffering major injuries to her foot and head. she was conscious and crying. they say here often playing
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outside with her seven-year-old sister by herself. >> she was always smiling. she was always happy. she had really pretty big eyes. she was a really pretty girl. >> reporter: police have released a description of the vehicle. it's a light blue late model truck with oversized tires. it does not have a camper shell. there may be damage to the passenger side front headlight. back here live you can see the very busy intersection that is clayton road where we believe the driver was headed. the good news this little girl is expected to survive. >> search for sierra lamar gets under way in a few hours. alex savidge joins us from morgan hill. >> reporter: investigate evers
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seem confident sierra lamar is alive. investigators have located a car possibly connected to the case that potentially could bring more volunteers down here to burnett elementary school later on this morning to take part in another search for sierra. the sheriffs office announced detectives located a red vw jetta with a black hood. this is a car seen several times. investigators won't say where that car was found. investigators are also not talking about who the registered owner of the car ask or how that person could be connected to sierra's disappearance. the 15-year-old you remember vanished back on march 16th. her father told us the discovery of that car is giving the family hope. >> yee i'm -- yeah i'm optimistic. i'm praying and hoping it leads to having my daughter back with
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us. so yeah. i'm positive and anxious to hear more and see if this goes somewhere. >> reporter: santa clara sheriffs deputies continue to search waterways in this area. early on they found sierra's cell phone clothes in a backpack near the home. they don't recognize the car. and investigators would like anyone that saw that car around the time of sierra's disappearance to call them with information. again the volunteer search as we come back out here live will get under way at # this morning. everyone meeting here at burnett elementary school. we are live in morgan hill alex savidge. time is 6:07. now we know why authorities are saying the man that is right at the heart of the foiled al qaeda plot to blow up a plane he is not a threat. he is an intelligence agent from saudi arabia. he was working with the cia. coming up at 6:15 why u.s.
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intelligence officials are not happy this story leaked out. uc berkeley is considering legal action against occupy the farm protestors. protestors are refusing to leave unless the university agrees to give them continued access to the ten acre plot along with other demands. they took over that to protest their development. berkeley says the encampment must be cleared by mid may. 6:08. the number of people using the car pool lanes on bay area bridges keeps dropping. the trend started almost two years ago when car pools had to pay $2.50 toll. within that car poolers dropped 26%. and this year is down almost 10%. the number of cars crossing the seven toll bridges is up about 1.5%.
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6:08 sal knows those car pool lanes can save you a lot of time. >> that is right. just the other day i went to the ball game with some friends from ktvu there were three of us in the car and got into the car pool lane and saved us a punch of time. let's go outside. i want to take a look at this pickup truck in this hazardous material situation. you may have heard earlier this truck and building were being investigated by the hazmat crews. we have gotten late word that situation may be wrapping up. we do have a reporter on the scene. we'll get a live update from noelle walker that was there. as i pull back it's only blocking these neighborhood streets. but this is a small business complex here. it's really not effecting traffic unless you happen to have a business or a home in this area on eddison way. 3500 block of eddison way.
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there is where it all happened. we'll get an update from the scene soon. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. we are getting a little bit of a backup here. it's kind of weird. the fast track lanes are moving well. this mornings drive on the south bay commute we are still off to a good start. here it is just after 6:00. let's go to steve. >> sal. >> yes, sir. >> and remember it was raining last thursday. >> it's unreal. >> it seems like a month ago. we have really warm to hot temperatures inland. today it will be cooler that fog works its way right along the coast. 45-57 on some of the lows. we'll still have 60s closer to
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the coast. gilroy yesterday was 95 degrees. the system to the north is happening. san jose calm. santa rosa calm. 47 santa rosa. 4 san rafael. 50s on some of the temps. the system moving into the north will knock the high out of here. the key was that little low. moving far enough east where we lose the north wind. fog near the coast. still though temperatures mid upper 80s for some. a lot of upper 70s or lower 80s in locations. down about 5-7 degrees. 86 morgan hill after yesterday's 92. 80 in santa clara. san bruno 70. 77 redwood city. cooler into thursday. warm up on friday and saturday. another cool down on sunday. time now 6:11. the cost of going to college  may go up again.
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the tuition hike the university of california is considering and when it may take effect. >> and president obama responds to north carolina -- responds to north carolina's constitutional amendment against gay marijuana. >> and more from that raid last week.
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father of a suspected gang member is providing new details
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about last weeks raid at his home in pet louima. dozens of agents moved in on victor flores' house where three agents were wounded in an exchange of gunfire. he said he had no idea that the men that burst into his home was i.c.e. agents. he immediately thought his wife was being attacked after she came home from working a night shift. roanoke park police are hoping to have a suspect in the cities first homicide sometime today. yesterday morning the body of a 66-year-old woman was found inside her home. police say they went to that house after family members called and said they hadn't heard from the woman since sunday. police say the woman's white toyota highlander is missing. it has a california license plate number of 5sg689. united states is finding out a lot more about al qaeda
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bomb making operation after a secret agent infiltrated al qaeda. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom to tell us how the latest plot to attack the u.s. fell apart. >> reporter: it was an extremely complicated operation. a saudi intelligent agent posed as a suicide bomber infiltrated al qaeda and yemen. got a bomb and turned it into the cia. a former fbi agent who has interrogated members of al qaeda says it's one of the best. >> this is as good as it gets. you have al qaeda. you have cia. you have other friendly intelligent agencies. you have a source on the inside. >> reporter: the bomb was built to pass undetected through airport security now it's in fbi hands. some in the obama
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administration want to release pictures of it so security screeners know what to look for. but the concern is it might give other terrorists more ideas. more on why some members of congress are furious why these details have been leaked. reporting live alison burns. north carolina voters approved a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as solely between a man and woman. the amendment expands north carolina's existing ban on gay marriage by forbidding same sex civil unions and domestic partnerships. a spokesman for the obama campaign said the president is disappointed that that measure pennsylvaniaed. in california legislation to allow civil unions has died. hoping to pressure the states house to take action on the bill. the bill needed to have an initial bill of the full house
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until midnight. republicans halted all debate. new details about a famed marathon runner that died while out on a run. that causes the heart to become enlarged. true's body was found in new mexico. he was well known very prominent in the running community. he was featured in the book born to run. time now 6:18. police in mountain view warning residents about an indecent exposure incident. a man in a red jeep possibly a cherokee exposed himself to a 13-year-old day. the girl ran away. she was not hurt. police are now putting together a sketch of that suspect who they say has a gray mustache and medium length gray hair.
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they think he's the same man that exposed himself to the same girl in february of last year. there is a new -- they wanted to build a huge film studio there. lucas film is working with the foundation on a plan to build affordable housing on that land. they have promised to turn over information it has about developing the property to the foundation. time now just about 6:19. the cost of going to a uc college could get more expensive. they want to increase tuition by 6% or $732 beginning next fall. they say that hike is needed to avoid more layoffs and also to prevent program closures. the regents are set to consider that hike next week. 6:19. let's head over to sal for a look at the roads. >> just getting an update from hewn know we had a stalled
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plane inbound from west portal to castro. it was a small plane and the castro station. that has been moved but there are delays. now let's move along to live pictures. i want to show you highway 4 looks pretty good. eastbound 4 near the@line there is a -- near the county line there is a motorcycle accident. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. that is back up for a pretty good delay. it's a 15 minute delay. and this mornings drive is looking good in the south bay where the freeways are not getting too slow. a little bit of slowing on 101. at 6:20 hello steve. >> hello sal. >> look at sun is out. >> i know. the mornings are showing up really soon as you head into mid may. temperatures were very summer
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like. it will be cooler inland. started yesterday a little bit coast and bay. there is fog along the coast. so it will be a cooler pattern. yesterday was very warm. today will be warm inland but not as warm. we will continue this into thursday. fog is hard to see it's out there and starting to get closer and closer. it will fill in. that will give us more of a westerly breeze. there is a component of it in the delta. santa rosa down to 45-degrees. system move into the north is allowing more of a westerly direction. some fog near the coast sunny. i think that breeze will pick up a little bit. upper 80s for some. still a tough pattern to break down. it will show signs of that later today. so about a 5-7-degree drop compared to yesterday. 50s and 60s closer to the cost. a little warmer friday and
6:22 am
saturday. a new report shows the number of u.s. homeowners that are late on their mortgage payments dropped during the first quarter this year. ever that is down from 6.2% at this time last year. it's the lowest level since 2009. before the housing bust home loan delinquency was less than 2%. android is the most popular operating system for all smart phones. our time is 6:22. antioch tire shop destroyed in a big fire. look at these pictures. regular habit of some of the employees that could have ignited those flames. >> approval for a development project. the celebrities behind the idea and why they may not necessarily be too happy with
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nothing unusual. however, you will be waiting there for about ten minutes or so before you make it on to the span. overnight firefighters contained a raging wild fire in northern los angeles county. flames up to 50 feet destroyed a mobile home and car. that fire also forced the evacuation of 30 homes. that blaze broke out at 4:00 p.m. yesterday annapurnaed 125 acres. the cause is under investigation. 6:20. just about 6:26. yesterday police say employees at blueford tires were using a combination of gasoline and tar to paint new tires to make them look newer. but one it will an illegal fire work. that could have ignited the gasoline vapors. the owner of the business often and repeatedly told them stop that practice of painting
6:27 am
tires. >> a lot of the material stuff you can replace it but there was no excuse for this. it didn't have to happen. >> the firefighters have not confirmed the tire painting and fire works started that fire. but if that's the case it's a violation of the states fire code which means the owner of the blue star tires may be forced to foot the bill for fighting the fire and damage. one of the employees was arrested in connection with this fire. homicide investigators are in san francisco looking for suspects in the fatal stabbing. at this point there is no information about victims or motive. california coastal commission is expected to vote on a scaled down development plan near the famed pebble beach golf course. a company backed by arnold palmer paid $820 million for the 2600 acres of prime real estate. they planned to build a new
6:28 am
golf course. but after a lengthy debate the commission today is expected to support a plan that calls for building 90 homes and no golf course. tense moments for travelers passing through john wayne airport in orange county. the security measures taken late last night. >> a chemical odor in an industrial park in menlo park you are taking a life look at the scene where authorities are talking about the incident and we will tell you what they are telling us coming up in a live report. >> also the opening bell about to ring on wall street. we'll bring you the early numbers. ♪
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[ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza. experience love that lasts. ♪ all right the opening bell just rang on wall street. you are taking a look at they are welcoming the day hoping to break this five-day losing
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streak. it started off ugly yesterday and they recovered a little bit but not enough to edge into positive territory. some of the stocks watched today. disney, macies, some that came in with second quarter profits that are looking pretty good and certainly above what analyst expected. >> we will spiel and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us. it's the middle of the week now. it's wednesday, may 9th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the morning off. >> a lot to tell you about. we are following a developing story on the peninsula. emergency crews out there looking for the cause of a chemical smell in menlo park. noelle walker has been out there since 4:30 this morning. you have the authorities with you now. what are they saying? >> we will talk to him right now and find out what is happening. they are wrapping thicks upright now. they just finished their
6:32 am
testing. what did they fine that this suspicious substance was? >> it was found to be chromatic acid. this acid was being used in beakers that were being heated by an electrical heater to melt the gold. >> reporter: they were being used in an unusual manner. in the back of a pickup truck. do you have any explanation for why? >> i don't know why. i don't know how it's connected to the business it's parked in front of. when the deputy saw that car down there with the trunk that is up, saw something was suspicious about that and smelled odor coming from pickup truck. one person was exposed to it though he received no medical attention. >> reporter: the people that were willing around here that were connected to that car and pickup truck said this seemed to be a misunderstanding. would you concur with that? >> no. it was a matter of health, life safety. >> reporter: is the danger passed now?
6:33 am
>> yes, it is. >> reporter: that is brian with the office of emergency services to recap what happened here this morning. starting at 3:30 or 4:00 the sheriffs deputies were out here in menlo park. they were in the area of fair oaks and eddison. they noticed a car with their trunk open and a pickup truck with people around it. they thought it was odd for the hour of the morning. they approached the pickup truck and the deputy noticed the smell of chemicals. that's when this became hazmat situation. hazmat crews came here and investigated they suited up the whole nine yards temperature conducted their investigation and just a short time ago they concluded the tests from that hazmat situation were from acid that is used in lab testing. this is all happening outsidida business called immune know
6:34 am
tech. we don't know for sure whether or not these people in the pickup truck that were parked outside were connected with the business or not. we are told there was an extension cord leading from the pickup truck which was a you tillty pickup truck. presumably they might have been connected with that but doing some type of lab testing. this is still an an going investigation but the hazardous material situation has passed. now the hazmat crews have all left and any apparent danger for the neighborhood which is surrounding it is now over for awhile those people were told to stay in their homes and not to come out near the situation here. it all appears to be wrapped up and other than the investigation everything is finished. reporting live noelle walker. we have new information on an overnight tragedy at the cal campus. uc berkeley found the body of a
6:35 am
male student last night. police are still investigating how he died. authorities have not yet released the students name. his fellow cal students have already set up a memorial page on facebook. your time is 6:34. an investigation continues into berkeley into an overnight fire that happened at a popular restaurant. it started at 11:00 last night. now police investigators say the fire started in the kitchen then it quickly spread through the whole restaurant. restaurant was closed at the time. luckily no one was hurt. but the flames caused a lot of damage. fire investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of the fire. police overnight investigated this crash in treasure island. sent four people to the hospital. authorities think a suspected drunk driver hit a parked pickup truck around 10:00 last night. now one grandson was inside the
6:36 am
truck. a man and his other grandson were behind the vehicle loading up their fishing beer. that's when -- loading up their fishing gear. still no word on the condition of all of those involved. concord police are looking for the hit and run driver that injured a four-year-old girl. ktvu tara moriarty joins us live from the crash scene. >> reporter: police do have leads in this case. there were several witnesses that saw the driver strike the little girl right here in front of the apartment. it was an extremely traumatizing. the driver carry her on the truck a half a block. the driver struck the four-year- old girl as she was crossing the street right in front of her home. reportedly he initially stopped but then continued moving dragging the girl for several yards before stopping again. then the girl was able to get loss from the car and the driver fled.
6:37 am
when crews arrived she was laying injured in the roadway. she was air lifted to childrens hospital in oakland. neighbors say she frequently plays with her seven-year-old sister outside unsupervised and she is a sweet girl. >> she talks to everything. friendly with everybody. my sister was giving her some flowers yesterday. she was like i will put them if a cup for you. she was a really nice little girl. i love that little girl so much. >> reporter: police have released a description of the vehicle. light blue late model pickup truck with oversized tires. did not have a camper shell. there may be damage to the passenger side front headlights. that is clayton road where we believe the driver is heading. the good news is that the little girl is expected to survive. live from concord i'm tara
6:38 am
moriarty. police in livermore are investigating a teenage tragedy on a quiet street. a 13-year-old boy riding a skate board crashed into the side of a pickup truck yesterday afternoon. he was wearing a helmet but died from his injuries. police say the driver had the right of way immediately stopped after that crash and now cooperating with investigators. >> bomb threat grounded a southwest airline fright. the threat came just as the plane was taxiing from the gate. security took the plane to isolated part of john wayne airport. although they claimed there was a bomb or hazardous material on board. nothing suspicious was found. passengers were taken off now they have to catch another flight this morning. in the meantime a plane from orange county to phoenix was also stopped and inspected in arizona last night. it too was later cleared. a security scare at rhode island airport because of this.
6:39 am
it leads back to a four-year- old boy. coming up at 6:45 we will tell you the weapons found inside his stuffed toys and why he was still allowed to get on that plane. your time is 6:38. sal is following a new crash on the east shore freeway. >> that is right. it's a new crash on 80 westbound in richmond near hill top drive. no injuries. some minor complaints of pain. but the cars are in the lane. chp is on the way. air bags have deployed there. they will have to get that car out of the way. traffic is getting a little slower in the area. let's move along and take a look at traffic at the toll plaza. looks like it's very slow westbound. at least a 15 minute delay before you make it on the bridge. i don't see anything that is making traffic slower on the bridge. also the morning commute on 237
6:40 am
westbound that looks pretty good. southbound 880 add westbound 237 there is a hit -- at westbound 237 there is a hit and run crash. now let's go to steve. >> thank you. a very good morning. sunrise over the big city. there is fog on the coast it continues to inch closer. it has been on the santa cruz coastline for awhile. it's starting to fill in now. it will be a little cooler now. 92 in morgan hill. 95 down in gilroy today. fog on the coast it will be a little bit more than a sea breeze. the temp is we topped out. the system is moving into the north isn't doing much but it's enhancing the fog. you can kind of see it there. so there will be more of a sea breeze. yesterday at fairfield west, southwest it was at six.
6:41 am
today it's at 12. that is not howling. there are signs of it there. santa rosa and san jose -- 57 san jose. 45 up at sonoma county airport. there are cool readings although they don't last very long. this system will give us a cool down today and tomorrow. it will still be warm. a little bit of cooler conditions as that sea breeze takes over. 86 though clear lake to 84 st. helena. we will go 84 fairfield. after those 90s yesterday it's tough to break that down. 68 alameda. 86 morgan hill. 78 fremont. on the peninsula upper 70s 60s on the coast. 65 in san francisco. cooler on thursday. it looks like another cool down starts late sunday into monday.
6:42 am
6:41. trouble involving tweets. >> significant break in the search for missing morgan hill teen sierra lamar the car investigators are focusing on. >> good morning, traffic is getting slower on highway 4 we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. without spending it. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you.
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welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories. investigators at menlo park have told us they have tracked down the source of a chemical smell out there. news chopper 2 capturing this picture. a group of men were using a type of acid in heated beakers to melt down gold. now investigators won't say if any charges are going to filed yet. there is no reports of any injuries and the scene is being cleared. we are still on the scene. we'll have live update coming up. >> police in concord want your help. they are searching for the hit and run driver that injured a four-year-old girl. this happened last night on sixth street. the little girl is expected to survive. police are searching for a newer model light blue pickup truck with oversized tires. >> the investigation is
6:46 am
continuing in berkeley into an overnight fire at a popular restaurant there. it started at 11:00 last night. it caused major damage. volunteers will be out looking for any sign of sierra lamar. alex savidge joins us live from morgan hill with a new clue investigators are following up on. >> another search for sierra lamar gets under way later on this morning. volunteers will be gathering here in morgan hill in about an hour. there has been a significant development in this case that may motivate searchers. yesterday the sheriffs office announced detectives located a red volkswagen jet that with a black hood they had been searching for. investigators won't say where that jetta was found but forensic teams are looking it over.
6:47 am
investigators won't say though if the discovery of that red jetta is leading them to focus on any one particular person. >> the registered owner of the vehicle we have that information on the scene. we have a license plate. we are not just going to comment on the relationship or the roll that registered owners how they are connected in this case. >> investigators do tell ktvu they believe citier lamar -- sierra lamar is still alive. they have no evidence to suggest otherwise. still sheriffs deputies continue to search water ways in this area. they would like anyone that saw that red jetta around the time of sierra's disappearance to call them with any additional information. as we come back out here live the volunteer search efforts will begin again later this morning. they will gather here at the
6:48 am
burnett elementary school. live this morning in morgan hill alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. rhode island police are investigating an airport terror scare after a disassembled gun was found in the toys of a four- year-old boy. the weapons were found inside the carry on bag by an x-ray machine. police say part of a gun was found inside a mickey mouse doll. the other parts were hid in two other dolls. >> the officers were comfortable allowing the father and son to continue on their flight. he indicated that he was unaware they were there. >> there are reports this could be all a result of domestic dispute. there was never any threat to passenger or airline safety. 6:48. twitter investigating how thousands of user names and pass words were leaked online. details of 55,000 accounts were
6:49 am
posted on paste bin. that is a website used by computer hackers to show the results of their hacks. twitter says half the posting were duplicates or had the wrong information. but they are sending out information you may want to change your county information. sal, how is it looking? >> sorry i was checking my twitter feed here. i do get traffic information from viewers. you can find us many ways. the place to start is let's start off on 80 westbound. we have that crash where it's west 80 at hill top drive. not injury or minor injury accident. there were minor injuries but the crash in the two left lanes and if you are driving from vallejo to richmond look for a delay starting after highway 4.
6:50 am
let's move along and take a look at live pictures here. bay bridge it's backed up for a 10-15 minute delay. also looking at a live picture from san jose. 101 is getting a little crowded. 6:49 here is steve. >> thank you. some of the fog and boy sit coming back. once it has decided to come back together it has been running into a lot of resistance. that is starting to move off a little bit. so fog making an impact. 45-57 on the lows here. fog or sunny later on. inland temps will be out of the 90s today. still upper 80s well, well inland. 62 upper 50s lower 60s near the coast. system that is move into the north is helping giving us more of a west, southwest breeze not rip roaring one but there is a component from sfo out to
6:51 am
fairfield. 40s for some. right at 45 santa rosa. a little cool there. a lot of 50s low to mid. the yellow would be 70s. kind of making a little more of a push now out toward parts of the east bay. but the 90s getting bumped off toward the valley. san jose which was 88 yesterday. start you off at 56. down eight compared to yesterday. this system will cool us down today and tomorrow. then we'll have a little bit of a warm up friday and saturday. that fog by the coast means temperatures held in check with 50s and 60s. now it will take over that fog influence into tomorrow. temperatures come down 5-7 degrows. a little cool on the coast. fog into thursday. another cool down starts sunday, monday. 6:51. trash from the ocean why the amount of garage piling up off
6:52 am
the coast is becoming especially concerning. >> you may want to call it a corporate wardrobe malfunction. >> good morning, southbound 101 approaching the 580 interchange the traffic is looking good.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
there is a look at the big board. not looking great this morning. down 122 points. this new just coming in. u.s. mortgage giant fannie mae made money in the first month of this year and will not seek additional federal aid. they have received $160 billion so far. making the largest bailout of a single company. it's the first time the company has actually reported a gain since it was taken over by the government in 2008. our time is 6:a#. 6:55. mark zuckerberg under fire for what he wore to a meeting. he was wearing his trademark hooded -- bloggers are fighting back.
6:56 am
they are saying his hoody is like steve jobs black turtle neck. and ceo wardrobes haven't heard either of the companies. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney is moving closer to that magic number of delegates. romney picked up the majority of the delegates in the primary yesterday. in indiana, north carolina, and west virginia. he now has 919 delegates which means he just needs 225 more to get the 1,144 needed to secure the nomination. autopsies will be performed today on a mother and a teenage daughter that were found shot to death in their home in pleasanton. that could help authorities figure out if the case was a murder-suicide or a double murder. they were found monday night. they also found a gun on the scene. the husband is telling the san francisco chronicle his wife
6:57 am
recently grew concerned about their daughter swapping photos with a 16-year-old boy online. there has also been aharming amount of trash in the ocean. plastic has gone up 100 fold since the early 1970s. scientists are worried because those bits of trash are eaten up by fish and other marine animals that think it's food. voting closes today in the search for a name for the four falcon chicks. meanwhile the four falcon babies in san francisco have just been named. the chicks hatched on top of the pg&e building. they are expected to start flying soon. let's see if traffic is flying. how are we going doing? >> doing pretty well. right now traffic is busy which
6:58 am
normally is. we do have one crash west 80 at hill top drive. they are all pretty typical. slow areas but for the most part not looking bad. and quickly at the bay bridge it's backed up for a 15 minute delay. let's go to steve. >> thank you. sunny for most. fog is filling in. it will be cooler coast and bay inland. a little cooler today compared to yesterday. coming up on mornings on 2 developing news we have been following since 4:30 this morning. a hazmat scare in menlo park. >> and a little girl hurt after a hit and run. i'm a fashion stylist! at t.j.maxx, i get designer clothes... all on trend. and, everyone and everything looks good. even my bank account! fashion direct from designers.
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