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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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they are just taking down the police tape right now. the investigation wrapping up in menlo park from the hazardous material situation. i will have the latest coming up. a new search for sierra lamar begins in one hour. it comes one day after a big break in the case. we're live in concord where police need your help to find the driver responsible for a hit and run that left a 4-year- old girl injured. also, a teenaged tragedy in one quiet east bay
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neighborhood. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, may 9th. a chemical smell on the peninsula triggered a hazmat scare in menlo park. noelle walker has been on the scene since 4:30 this morning. a half-hour ago, authorities tolded you where the smell came from. >> reporter: yeah, it's from a substance. you see that trunk slightly ajar? that's what set things in motion this morning around 4:00. theres with a deputy 245 saw that that -- that saw that
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white car, thought it looked suspicious. he detected the smell of chemicals. that's what brought out the hazmat crew. we have video. it was a full-out hazmat situation with the fire d. they suited up. they put on their breathing and -- fire department. they suited up. they put on their breathing equipment to see what the situation was. this all happened outside of a business. if you take a look at the shots we got from newschopper2, you can see the pickup truck in question. there were people doing some kind of experiment outside of that pickup truck in kind of a mobile lab situation. there was a power source that led to the nearby business which is called amuno path, that specializes in stem cell research. now, the tests that were done just about a half an hour ago and completed show that the suspicious substance, the smell was coming from a substance
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called chromatic acid. we spoke to the spokesperson. here's what he had to say. >> there are prosecutor ways to use this chemical. it's usually done in a proper -- proper manner with our safety precautions and respiratory protection and maybe a mood with a ventilation system. >> was this being used in a proper manner? >> it was not. >> reporter: okay. so this haz mart situation is now in the final stages of clearing, for a . for a time there was a -- clearing, for a time they were not told to necessarily stay in their homes but they were told to stay in in area because it was a potentially dangerous situation. the winds certainly worked in their favor. there was no wind.
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at no point since i've been here did i detect any smell of chemicals. but there were chemicals being used down there. the investigation is still ongoing. so we don't know if there will be any kind of charges in this case. but again right now, the situation is all clear, they are clearing up the hazmat situation here in menlo park, noelle walker ktvu channel 2 news. in overnight news, contra costa firefighters are investigating a fire in unincorporated contra costa. no no one was hurt. the -- no one was hurt. residents inside say they have no idea why their house was targeted. overnight, authorities searched for a person hit by a train in richmond. officers scoured the track around 10:30 last night. they didn't find anything but
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we're told surveillance video hit a pedestrian who tumbled down an embankment. investigators are been checking local hospitals to make sure the person is okay. 7:04. police in concord want your help this morning. they are searching for the hit- and-run driver who injured a 4- year-old girl. this happened last night on 6th street near clayton road. that's where ktvu's tara moriarty is now with some details. tara? >> reporter: well, several neighbors witnessed this accident and they describe it as very traumatizing. that's because the little girl was hit right here in front of the apartments and dragged for- a -- for half a block. concord police say that the driver struck the 4-year-old girl as she was crossing the street in front of her home around 6:30 last night. now, reportedly he initially stopped but then continued moving dragging the girl for a few yards and then the girl got loose and fled.
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when crews -- the little girl was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland suffering major injuries to her foot and head. >> obviously, you have to know if you hit something, you will feel it. i don't any why they didn't have the heart to stop -- i don't know why they didn't have the heart to stop. it's not like you are gonna go to jail. it was an accident. >> reporter: the vehicle was a light blue vehicle with oversized tires. it does not have a camper shell. you can see here the very busy intersection. that's clayton road where we believe the driver was headed. the cars have been speeding pretty fast down this street. sew you can see how hectic this seen would get especially for small chirp. the little girl is expected to survive. we're live from concord, i'm
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tara moriarty, back to you. >> thank you. a fatal stabbing last night at 6:30 on howard street has police looking for a suspect. we have no information about the ville, the motive or any possible suspects. "the daily cal" reports there have been assaults and a holdup on gailey road in the past few weeks. students are being urged, carry your cell phones at all times. try not to walk by yourself. happening now, we're hearing from occupy the farm protesters that uc berkeley are stepping up action. protesters say uc police came out to the albany site this morning and locked a gate and put up a barricade. protesters also say police warned them that they were trespassing and that chemical agents could be deployed to
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clear the camp. we are trying to get in touch with university officials to get their side. they've refused to leave until -- unless they are given continued access to the land. berkeley says the encampment must be cleared by mid-may for research projects. san jose police are investigating the city's eighth homicide in one eight. the latest death, a homeless man. the 48-year-old's body was found on monday on kirkwood. investigators are not revealing how he died but they say he was killed. the man name is being -- the man's name is being withheld. anyone with information is asked to contact police. the number of people using carpool lanes on baseball toll bridges keeps -- bay area toll
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bridges keeps dropping. within a week, the number of carpoolers went down 26%. so far this year, it's down almost 10%. however, the number of cars crossing the seven-state operated toll bridges, that number is up almost 1.5%. speaking of cars, let's check in with sal and find out why it is slow in contra costa county. >> it's pretty slow because of a crash 80 at hilltop westbound in western contra costa county along interstate 80. i want to put up the maps here. the injuries are minor. i can't say the same for the traffic. it's backing up. it's slow. they have moved the cars out of the way. as we move the maps i wanted to show you that contra costa is slow, eastern contra costa county antioch slow, slow to pittsburg to bay point and then as we move the maps to hayward,
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traffic looks okay. san mateo and dumbarton bridge. live pictures i want to show you that traffic is backed up for about a 15-minute delay before you make it on the bridge. the commute has not begun to slow down on 80 and 101. you can see a sample of what you are dealing with. here's steve. thank you, sal. fog coming back to the coast. starting to fill in there. cooler pattern trying to work its way in. today looks like more mid- to upper 80s as we get more of a sea breeze. then they are fighting between fog and a little cooler today. temperatures will start off in the 40s. fog, sun, a little cooler away from the coast. today will be more pronounced and we'll carry that into thursday and a little warmup on saturday and sunday. starting off in the 40s, 50s.
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most locations are sunny. we'll continue to that at noon. it's not going anywhere. today looks more like upper os. some of that fog beginning to fill in there as the system begins to pull to the north. it needs to be around 20, 25 before i will say it's definitely gonna be cooler for those folks. 48. they were down to 45. low to mid-50s for everyone else. bookends, 57 mountain and san jose. the yellow, which would be 70s, making a little bit of an eastern push today. still, some 80s surrounding the bay. the farther inland you go, you are find some 80s. we'll start you off 56, 67. go 80 for a high after yesterday's 88. a little cooler inland. fog, sun, it will still be mild to warm unless you are stuck in
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the fog. os for many. 70s for some now, clearlake ukiah, 86. 76 ka castro valley -- 76 castro valley. 68 santa cruz way, way down. 79 sul nin vail, 78 for men le park, mountain view. 62 daly city and 65 in the city. cooler on thursday. reel rebound on the temperatures. it looks like another cooldown sunday into monday. underwear bomb fallout. will there be any change to security following the latest bomb plot that was thwarted.
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fog has returned to parts of the coast. it will be cooler. they started a cooldown. it was still really hot yesterday inland. today looks more like a sea breeze. it will still be mild to warm. 60s, 70s and low to mid-80s. 7:14. happening right now, this is a live picture of the house judiciary committee holding an fbi oversight hearing. fbi director, robert mueller, is set to testify. lawmakers want to ask him about the failed bomb plot to al qaeda to blow up a plane headed for the u.s. we're learning more this morning about the suicide bomber who was supposed to carry out that airline attack. it turns out he's actually a saudi intelligence agent working in conjunction with the cia. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with how the plot unraveled from within. >> there are several reports that the agent was working for saudi intelligence which has cooperated for years with the
7:16 am
cia. he's now reportedly safe in saudi arabia. he had infiltrated al qaeda in the arabian peninsula aqua. the terror group was behind the two most recent bomb attempts, the air bombing and the 2010 attempt to load bombs onto cargo planes. here in washington, d.c., some members of congress are demanding to know why all of this information has been leaked. >> it's really to me unfortunate this has gotten out because this could really interview with operations overseas. >> the chairman of the house committee is vowing to launch its own investigation into how the information got out. as you mentioned, the fbi director is testifying right now here on capitol hill. we'll te what he says and have that for -- we'll tell soo he says and -- we'll see what he says and have that update for you in the next hour.
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back to you. 7:16. despite the bomb plot, travelers should not exact major changes on airports or airlines. airport security measures did in the -- do not need to be toughened. they are confident that the measures taken now are adequate security. >> this you are wearing an underwear -- if you are wearing an underwear bomb, that will stand out. i feel very strongly they could identify that either with a patdown or trace detection. >> about thash mog, there are -- this morning, there are now questions. they will ask thena why those were in a texas warehouse. south korean officials say pills made out of human flesh and possibly dead babies are
7:18 am
being smuggled in from china. they believe the pimms can boost stemmy na -- the pills can boost stamina. informations of luggage coming -- inspections of luggage coming in from that country have become tightened. dozens of federal agents converged on victor flores' home near mcneil avenue. three of those federal agents were wounded in an exchange of gun powder. he's telling the "democrat." he had no idea those people who burst in were i.c.e. ages. he immediately thought about his wife and she would be attacked after she came home and that was at night.
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north carolina voters approved a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as slowly between one man and woman woman. the amendment expand north carolina's existing plan on gay marriage by phoridding sakes unionses and -- by providing same-sex unions. a former donor to the presidential campaign of john edwards says he warned president obama's campaign not to consider edwards as a running mate.
7:20 am
in testimony at edwards' krupption trial, tim tobin said he called the obama campaign in june of 2008, told them to look closely at president obama's extramarital affairs. tobin says he washed the advisers because he feared that john edwards would have destroyed democratic chances in the election. michele bachmann is still a swiss citizen. the house confirmed that she was granted dual citizenship. her husband has this. she's been eligible since they married in 1988. it is 7:20. there is a new development in the case against accused child molester jerry sandusky.
7:21 am
he faces 52 criminal countries. the trial is expected to begin on june 5th. but his attorney has followed a question for a delay because he needs more time to prepare the case while waiting for the from prosecutor. the judge will rule on this hearing in 30 hourssh -- in three hours from now. new information on a famed runner. he had kye yomyotherapy. he was featured in the book "born to run." there is a petition from a woman in vallejo that's gaining same. it's all named at six flags discovery kingdom. it's calling for the park to find a male for shuka.
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it is 7:24. rohnert park police say they are hoping to maim a suspect today as they continue to investigate the city's first homicide. yesterday morning, the body of a 66-year-old woman was found inside her bernice avenue home.
7:25 am
police say they went to the house after family members called and said they hadn't heard from the family member since sunday. they said everything looked fine but when the family called in, they called police and forced their bay in after getting a warrant. >> we found a violent crime scene that occurred inside the residence. >> reporter: police say the woman's white highland is missing. it has came license plate number -- >> reporter: anyone with information is asked to call police. let's get everybody out the door. >> i want to show you highway 4 here. it's become slow here. it's become kind of slow in
7:26 am
antioch through the construction zone. 680 is pocketing down to walnut creek. for the first time we've been looking at westbound 24. today just a little slower than it norm is approaching the tunnel. somebody mood me to check on it. westbound bay bridge is whack -- is backed up. this is 0 southbound. it's -- 880 southbound. it's backed up. they are still clearing a crash west 80 at the shoulder. that's causing a slowdown. here's steve. after yesterday's warm temperatures, yesterday, gilroy was 95. fog has been filling in. san mateo and santa cruz coastline, been counsel to -- been down to santa cruz most of the morning. it's not lifting too far. it's making a push around the
7:27 am
bay. fog, sun, cool to warm. if you are over by the coast. it will be okay to nice. inrant it will still be warm but not like it's been. temperatures coming down about 5, 7 degrees. it looks like we have a cooldown -- cooldown on monday. a helmet fails to save a young skateboarder's life. teenaged tragedy in a quiet east bay neighborhood. >> reporter: and the search for missing teenager sierra lamar. the discovery of the car possibly connected to the case
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newschopper2 just get there. you can see these are live pictures of the area. you can see that it looks like they've just arrived. our newschopper2 just arrived. we had reports of some activity at this field that has been occupied by people who say they want a farm here. one of the things we heard is that the occupy protesters were tweeting saying there was some police activity. we haven't confirmed it. you can see here that there's some activity going on. our reporter is on the way. apparently something is happening. stay with ktvu. we're gonna be covering this and let you know what's here in albany at the occupy the farm protest. back to the desk. the search for sierra lamar
7:32 am
will resume in about 45 minutes. alex savidge has more. tell us about this new clue giving family members hope. >> reporter: well, investigators got a big break with the discovery of a car that they believe is lived to sierra lamar's disappearance -- linked to sty -- linked to sierra lamar adisappearance -- lamar's disappearance. yesterday the sheriff's office announced they had been looking for a red jetta with a black hood. it was seen on several surveillance cameras. investigators wont say where the car was. investigators say they know who the registered owner of the car is but any won't say if
7:33 am
detectives are focusing on that person in connection with the kidnapping. sierra says the discovery gives the family hope. >> yeah. i'm optimistic. it has to lead to something and i'm -- i'm praying and hoping that it needs to having my daughter back with us. i'm positive and anxious to hear more and see if this goes somewhere. >> investigators tell kight they believe -- say they believe that sierra is still alive because they have no evidence to suggest otherwise. detectives also say they would like anyone who saw that red jetta close to the time of sierra's disappearance back in march to call them with information. as we come back out here live. >> you can making a -- taking a live look the search command center. the doors are just opened. we do expect valleys to begin
7:34 am
arriving at a -- arriving in a half hon ur-- in about a half an hour. they expect a very good turnout today with a big break in the investigation coming. back to you. thank you. 7:33. we have new information on an overnight tragedy on a cal pam pus. uc berkeley police found the body of ale male last night. police are still investigating how he died but earlier evidence points to a side. an investigation in berkeley continues this morning into an overnight fire and a popular restaurant. it started at 11 clark the da ash 11:00 last night -- it started at 11:00 last night. the fire started in the kitchen and spread to the whole
7:35 am
restaurant. the restaurant was closed at the time. no juan -- no one was hurt. fire investigators still want to know the cause of the fire. well, police overnight investigated this crash in treasure island. it sent four people to the hospital. authorities think a somethinged trover pit a -- hit a parked pickup truck before 10:00 a.m. last night. >> he was with gather grand -- another grandson behind the back and that's when the investigator ran right into the truck. redon't know the conditions of everyone involved. >> police in mountain view searching for a man who exposed- selves tav dash themselves twice. this latest insdy dent hatched around 3:00. police say a want in a.
7:36 am
>> key. sfo want's bea. she was -- dash this latest incident occurred around 3. 7:35. a fire at blue star tires in antioch isee being investigated. it could have been started by employees. the fire began yesterday when police say a -- when police say mos were mixing gasoline and tar to minute used tires. police say during the painting one. employees allegedly lit an illegal fire work. that may have ignited the gas papers. the ownest of the business next door side he warned the fire department a they -- about what they were doing. >> i told them, sooner or later, something is gonna happen. he didn't put it out.
7:37 am
he lost,. >> everything. >> for firefighters are not confirming what cautioned the fire. one. tire shop employees was arrested and questioned. 7:36. now we're getting information about. tragic death of a 13-year-old girl killed as he was skateboarding through a livermore neighborhood. todd is in our noom right now to tell us -- claudine wong is in our newsroom right now to tell us what they believe happened. >> reporter: well, police are starting to investigate this. we want to show you video that we just got in of the accident scene and the memorial that continues to grow at the intersection where all of this happened. cards are expressing thoughts, memories and sadness for the loss of 13-year-old nathan stru. he was on his. date board. -- he was wearing a helmet.
7:38 am
was on his skateboard. a neighbor told us this morning that her husband heard the accident and knew right away something terrible happened. >> my husband was and what he -- he heard horrible screams and he imagined from the inside that something like this ha happened. >> where was the man? >> reporter: police say the attack was salphing about 25 miles an hour which is the posted speed limit in nabbed. he was pronounced dead at the scene. he was a student in the livermore valley the vehicles of dui continues. back to you. >> thank you. 7:38. we're gonna go back and check in with sal? >> do you have an update -- do
7:39 am
you have an update? >> i do. i do see some people lined up outside the occupy the farm protest and then i see the police locked up in this little area. in is in albany. they are marin and san pablo avenue. uc police have been patrolling the area since the occupy the protest the start -- started from. we have a view on the ground trying to find out more information. it's unclear if this will be when the protesters get off the camp. >> we'll have a bird's-eye view of the whole thin as it goes down. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, in tase you are trying
7:40 am
to get into san francisco, it's backed up for about a 15, 20 minute keep dash. >> 101 is backed up from 80 backed up out of downtown to you can per tee know -- cupertino. >> northbound 101 near capitol expressway there is a crash on the shoulder. let's go to steve. well, a little bit of a sea breeze and some fog but not much. there's not a strong sea breeze yet but there is a lot the -- a lot of fog to fill in. didn't scattered -- concord,
7:41 am
morgan hill and girl -- morgan hill and cooler. for some it was hot yesterday. it will still be warm but the trend is to bling the temperatures down the last couple of days. the tom testimony is pushing this in hal -- this in. i doubt sonoma county airport is still 48. mid- to upper 50s, the orange, doing this coming out of the 80s. 90s out to the valley. the 70s, making a little bit of a surge here eastward. that's a pretty good system to the north. we're's on the wind flows from higher pressure to lower
7:42 am
pressure usual. san jose starting off 6 and 72 for a high today. al, sun, warm. temperatures for some, upper 80s but a lot of upper 70s and lower 80s. coming down about i would say 5 tellsp but that's down yesterday. ful roy row it 70s. cooler into thursday and then a little rebound and then the temperatures for friday and saturday another airport security three where buns and ammunition were found tough -- were found stuffed inside some toys.
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u.s. stocks falling sharply as they open this morning as political uncertainty hung over greece and concerns rise over the frail state of spanish banks. u.s. wholesalers increased their stockpiles more slowly in march after seeing more sales. the dow is currently down 123 at 120 -- 12,3 -- 12,809. mitt romney is moving closer to gets the magical number of delry gets needed to -- delegates needed to get the
7:46 am
nomination. jamie dupree has more. >> reporter: inching ever slowser to the to mart -- closer to the majority that he needs. he picked up the lion share of the over 100 delegates up for grabs yesterday in independent an father, north carolina and west virginia. now, the level of the support that romney got, rick santorum finished second and ron paul after that. none of them making headway. romney with more voting ahead of him and california coming up on june 5th. i'm sure the romney people would love to clinch before they get to the primary. we'll see how the numbers come out. >> there was a federal president inmate in federal police be who dave him a --
7:47 am
prison. >> reporter: yeah, she's jailed in beaumont, texas. he got on the ballot in west virginia. he paid his fee and he was the only person on the democratic -- democratic side 0 other -- other than the president. and voters gave him 41% of the vote yesterday. he ually one or two counties. he won ten counties. there is a lot of -- the democratic senator running r for red sox from west valve, he wouldn't tell reporters yesterday if he voted mor the president. you can they'll there is a lot of even massty at the white house at this point in time. s to this mean anything wrong term you it's not too often you get a federal inmate faking 1%
7:48 am
-- wrong but it's not too often you get a federal -- >> never a dull moment. for more information go to pull down the news menu bar and go to the politics page. and dick luger lost to a tea party -- a u.s. senator utgard's defeat may create an opportunity who are trying to hang onto the 4% of the seat rhode island police want to know how a gotinsidea4-year- oldboy'sstuffi- -toys.
7:49 am
airportsecurityfoundakissassembl l eed--disassembledgun. >> th there'sstuffedanimalsonthecar ryongoingandthearounding. security officials key sided they were not a threat and allowed them to board the flight. that investigation continues. back here at hole, the family of a high school senior who was shot an killed by oakland police over the weekend, they are question the displeasant's version of what happened -- department's version of what happened yesterday his parents say they take youd to their son after he left a friend's house in oakland just 15 minutes before he was shot by.
7:50 am
fairfax police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman in her home. the suspect is white, in miss mid-40s. look at the sketch on your screen. he may have been driving or riding a blue and white motorcycle. police say the woman didn't know the attacker but it's likely she was not chosen at random. this all happened saturday on sir francis drake boulevard near the san anselmo bord he. >> preparations are underway for this season's learn idol finale and "rihanna" has agreed to record. no word on what songs she will be singing or -- or who else
7:51 am
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there will be a public memorial service for former usc and nfl star junior seau on friday. the memorial will be held at.comcom stadium in san diego where he played for the -- at qualcomm stadium in san diego where he played for the chargers. he. seau committed suicide last week by shooting him self in the chest. the family will hold a private funeral tomorrow in oceanside. 7:53. the continuing fallout at yahoo! over the controversy concerning the official biography of the board. patty hard will not run. she led the committee who hired scott thompson. his official biography has periodically included a bachelor's degree in computer science which he did not earn. yahoo! is not commenting on the
7:55 am
decision. mark zuckerberg is under fire for what he wore at his first meeting with invest -- investors this week. he wore, you can see there, his trademark hooded sweatshirt but some wall street analysts say zuckerberg probably should have worn a suit. now supporters are saying this is a little like job's turtleneck. and investors who like facebook may be able to put their money where their clicks or, most of the online brokerage firms will let customers request shares of facebook's ipo but only if they meet certain account requirements. analysts say demand is expected to exceed the number of shares cable available. facebook's stock will go public a week from this friday.
7:56 am
how is 880 going? >> pretty slow. let's go outside. i want to show you some things. 880 northbound getting up to the coliseum and beyond that is slow. i have some reports of lights out. we've had some slow traffic through the caldecott this morning in both directions. also looking at another live picture. this would be a look at the bay bridge, pretty thick getting into san francisco at this time, about a 15-minute delay. if you are driving on 101 or 2 or 0 -- or 287, all of those freeways are slow. let's go to steve. marin coast, san mateo, santa cruz coastline there's fog making a little bit of a push. overall, it's sunny and temperatures, even though they will be warm. they will be out of the 90s. today will be mid- to upper 80s. 60s and 70s closer to the coast. we're seeing more 80s.
7:57 am
temperatures should come down today. santa rosa, napa, 90 yesterday. i went 80 today. i'm a littler ins have. would but we'll -- i'm a little nervous. but we'll go with it. fog will continue to cool things down on thursday. then it will warm up on friday into saturday. cooldown starts on sunday/monday. developing news we've been following the past 30 minutes. police activity at the occupy the farm protest camp in albany. >> reporter: i'm standing in what was dubbed the hot zone for most of the morning. this is the truck that sparked a hazmat investigation in menlo park. i will have details coming up. also, the search for a hit- and-run driver who injured a little girl in concord. the information that could lead to an arrest. i'm a native californian.
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we support 1 in 200 jobs in the state. we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪ good morning. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark -- i'm dave clark. developing news right now, police activity in albany at
8:00 am
the site of that occupy the farm protest. a newschopper -- newschopper2 is flying over the scene right no. these are live pictures. now, in the past 30 minute, we've seen some of the protesters moving some of their tents and other items. we don't know for sure if they are actually leaving. the protesters say that -- that uc police warranted them they were trespassing and we were told they said that came cal -- chemical agents could be deployed to clear this camp out. the protesters refused to leave unless they are given continued access to this land you are looking at. now, uc berkeley says this land has to be cleared by the middle of may for research projects. again, these are live pictures. we have a crew heading to the scene. we'll have more details as soon as it's available. 8:00. well, a group of men who were
8:01 am
helting down gold triggered a hazmat scare in men low park this morning. deputies smelled a chemical odor out outside of a biotech company. noelle walker has been there since 4:30. what do you know now? >> reporter: we were kept away from the area dubbed the hot zone. this was the truck that was the center of the investigation. if you will step around here and show people that are inside. there are things you use in exper -- experiments, items to take liquid from one place to another. there's also some tweezers and in you go off to the distance, you can see there is an extension cord that leads to a are garage rollup door. notice the smell of chemicals. we have video from this morning
8:02 am
when hazmat came out here and started the investigation. they suited out. they spent several hours going in and out of there. in order to kick out -- it was the fire department. it was the sheriff's department. there was an unofficial shelter in place for the neighborhood here at edison and fair oaks in menlo park. the determination after some tests were done was the tests was coupling from something called chromatic acid. >> there's proper ways to use this chemical. and it's usually done in a proper -- proper manner with other safety precautions and respiratory protection and maybe a hood with a ventilation system that takes it up. >> reporter: was this being used in a proper manner?
8:03 am
>> it was not. >> reporter: i will give you some indication of why there was some concern. this is the truck and then chip, just go across the street and show them how close the neighborhood is. this biz park is nestled within holes. it's very much a neighborhood that surrounds this business park area. we're not sure if thes about is correctly to the truck. we knocked on the door. we don't any, dash we don't know if anyone will be charged in this sways. but again, hazmat situation hered. it went on 2004 three hours. well, police are searching for a man who tried to break into a pleasanthill home. it happened on scarlett. police say a man a had gun and repeatedly rang the doorbell. when no one answered, the suspect came face to face with
8:04 am
the homeowner. police say he may have tried to break up another house on the same street the same day. concord police are something for your help for the doer who injured a 4-year-old girl. it happened north of nay -- north. the little girl was hit as she wasco crossing the street. the child suffered major injuries but is expected to arrive. ktvu news spoke to one neighbor who witnessed the crash. >> she was conscious. she was crying. she was in a lot of pain. >> several people spotted the hit-and-run driver racing away from the scene. police are looking for a newer model light blue pickup truck with oversized tires. there's no camper shell and there may be damage to the
8:05 am
front head lights -- head lights. headlights. the bodies of 37-year-old amy fromman burton and 13-year- old answerly -- freman burton and 13-year-old ainsle. y were found and the husband told the "chronicle" he became concerned after the two were swapping photos with a 16-year- old boy. someone spray painted racial and ethnic slurs on a dental office. according to palo alto online. a van parked nearby was spray painted with a swastika and an uptate -- upside down question mark. if you have any information, you are asked to call palo alto police. 8:05.
8:06 am
wellge, a judge has set guidelines for the upcoming trial of a -- his lawyer admitted for the first time that lynch attacked father gerald linder in 2010. however, the judge ruled that lip of and several howe hadden for -- dash that smith and other witnesses may be allowed to testify. >> 1332,000 will if towards code enforcement in low-income hours. the nonprofit occupy jenkins. $135,000 will go towards roadwork in the city's river
8:07 am
town area. the california coastal commission is expected -- expected -- that's a beautiful spot. pebble beach. back in 1989, a group that included arnold palmer and clint eastwood paid $2 million for 26 million of real estate. they plan to build 100 ears i think was the last time i have changed my hairbrush. 8:07. a trip to the shark tank is about to get more experience. ares are economicked to go up 6 moi -- prices are conver ra -- conservative next uss a large
8:08 am
section of -- to get more experience. next tuesday, clayton and oak road will be closed. this is because of stage three of the amgen race. the officials are advising people to avoid the -- to avoid the area on april -- they will be closing sections between there. amg elf n starts this sunday and mother's day. sunday on hour's day it goes from san francisco to santa cruz, tuesday san jose. hey, sal, everybody behaving at the toll plaza. >> yes. >> it's been pretty busy there. >> we had some reports that some of the lights may be out.
8:09 am
you need to give yourself extra time. lanes are not blocked but give yourself extra time. let's take a look at the toll plaza. it's been backed up for a 120 to 15-minute delay. no major problems. the morning commute has been busy and slow. it's betting slower on 880. this morning's commute is the -- in the south bay continues to be heavy and slow all over the place. 101 still the busiest from 880 to mountain view. on the peninsula, 101 is slower than. >> we do have -- well, the fog is there. but there's not much of a breeze yet. it is sunny, mor post. there's some fog about from the marin headlands, p there. sonoma -- county corruption.
8:10 am
that'sing a it -- now we're back in the 50s. by noon, sunny for almost everybody. some fog by the coast will keep it that way -- will keep it there. inland, instead of the 90s, we'll have a lot of upperle os. in also done cord, livermore, all risk around 90, 95. west-southwest atle 12 if you really want a cooler pattern, it 20, 25, that's not -- it -- 20, 30, 09. not right there. trying. the orange will be more 80s. a little bit more in the way of
8:11 am
70s making a push toward the east compared to yesterday. system that's responsible right there will continue to work its way in although the temperaturesny where from 60s 70s coast payle it takes a system little well we some 80s. 70s coast. we'll see some 80s. 65 degrees cooler into thursday and then a little rebound on the temperatures. nothing dramatic. that will take us into friday and saturday. the -- back to you. a pit bull/german shepherd house killed a little boy.
8:12 am
police think it may -- it may have happened somewhere else. investigators also say -- also say the inside of the house was filthy and not safe for the little gill. >> the littlegy was severe re injured but this is the second to survive. monday night a bit bull mallal girl in concord. 8:12. new information about the airline bomb plot why some are calling the would-be bomber a here low. we're finding out more about the bay area sol olier who made the sacrifice in the war and afghanistan. why are we here? you said we should try club chipotle!
8:13 am
i said we should try a chipotle chicken club! spicy, crispy chicken with bold chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough. get it as a combo with fries and a drink. did you say you want drinks? i said a drink comes with the combo! you know how to mambo?! of course i can do the robot.
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8:15 am
some fog on the coastle it will be cooler coast and bay. it will be sunny. it will still be mild to warm. some temperatures in the upper 80s. time is now 8:15. happening right now in washington, these are -- we're gonna show you live picture of the house judiciary meeting holding an fbi oversight committee. there's robert mueller. he's there and testifying the. the lawmakers want to question him about that failed bomb plot by al qaeda to blow up a plane bound for the u.s. robert has
8:16 am
been there for a long time. i'm sure he will have a lot of questions aimed at him. we'll be back to see what's going on in washington. the united states is learning more about al qaeda's brom-making operation after a secret agent infiltered al qaeda -- bomb-making operation of a a -- of a secret agent. >> this is as good as it gets in intelligence oprations. you know, have you al qaeda, you have cia, you have the
8:17 am
source into the insight. it doesn't get any better than that. >> reporter: the nonmetallic bomb was meant to pass through airport security. now it's in fbi hands. director mueller has not made any comments. some in the obama administration want to release pictures of it or at least are considering doing that. so security screeners will know what to look for if al qaeda tries again. but the concern is it might give other terrorists idea -- other ideas. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:1. support for the war in afghanistan has hit a new low. a new associated press poll shows only 27% of americans now say they support the war m afghanistan. that compares to 37% one year ago and 46% in the spring of
8:18 am
2010. about half those who oppose the war say they believe the continued presence of u.s. troops in afghanistan is doing more harm than good. in alameda they are mourning the death of thomas fogerty who was killed by a roadside bomb in afghanistan only a month after arriving there. fogerty leaves behind a wife and two small sops. >> it was -- two small sons. >> it was his smile that could get to you. he lit up everything. >> he served two tours in iraq. the search went continues in western indonesia. it was a russian super jet just like the one you see in your -- on your screen. it was on its way to jakarta
8:19 am
when air traffic control lost droll of it. the passengers on board include journalists and businessmen. last night a bomb threat grounded a southwest airlines flight in orange county. the threat came just as this plane was taxiing from the gate. security took the plane to an isolated part of john wayne airport. no explosives were found. the passengers on board this plane found for phoenix were taken off and they would have to catch another flight in the morning. a plane from orange county to phoenix was also stopped and inspected in arizona last night. it, too, was cleared. a brand-new coast guard cutter based in alameda is already in need of repair. first lady, michelle obama was on stand for the cut -- was on
8:20 am
the stand. marine biologists are closely watching a young dolphin that became trapped in a long beach harbor construction site. yesterday, divers spent the day cutting away at the metal walls. they hope the dolphin will be able to swim out of the enclosure during high tide. >> well, the voting closes today in the flaming contest for the four falcon chicks. in the meantime, the now falcon babies in san francisco now have names. the boys were named perry and sutro. the girls, amelia and elektra. they are growing and are expected to start flying soon.
8:21 am
a night to remember for for baseball fans. i hope you like the weather we've had. that's a beautiful live shot. we're enjoying spring weather. steve will be here. he will fell you -- tell you if it will continue.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
number 4! >> it was a night for the record books for josh hamilton. he has hit four home runs against the baltimore orioles becoming only the 16th player in major league history to slug four homers in a game. he's not sure what he did wrong in the fifth when he only hit a double. a new member of the oakland as gave the fans a night to remember. brandon inge belted a walkoff grand slam in the bottom of the 9th. this gave the as a 7-3 victory and we welcomed the giants. >> wow. 8:24. sal, is it good morning for our commute? >> it seems pretty good. we've had some slow traffic out there which is kind of typical.
8:25 am
highway 4 is slow antioch and bay point as it normally is. we have some -- westbound 80 we had an earlier accident. traffic's not really recovered. bay bridge toll plaza it's backed up for a delay. it's about a ten-minute delay now. let's go to the south bay. northbound 280. still pretty slow. let's go to steve. >> it will be sunny wild and warm for some. upper 80s tough to break that down. we'll see if that continues to kick in. it stars tov mo. if it gets over 0, everybody
8:26 am
will cool down. temperatures will start in the 40s and 50s. ette not taking too long to warm up. today more upper 80s away from the coast. 60s and 70s coast and bay. temperatures kind of settling back in for a day or two, nothing extreme, another cooldown looks to be on the weather menu, late monday. 8:25. a sad first in one bay area city and an investigation is happening right now in sonoma county. a big break in the investigation into the disappearance of sierra lamar, the car discovered by wednesday and what sierra's mom thinks about this discovery. a teenage traffic eye on a quiet bay area road -- tragedy on a quiet bay area road. &c%c1
8:27 am
so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪
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8:29 am
happening right now, the search resuming for sierra lamar. ktvu's alex savic joining us live from morgan hill where with sierra's mother just met with search volunteers. >> reporter: she did. in fact, sierra's mother showed up at the search command center and says she's hopeful about this latest discovery, she says she found a car they believe is linked to sierra's disappearance. volunteers are arriving here the barnette elementary school. we watched a short time ago as
8:30 am
they all said a prayer before heading out. the first teams just left the building. yesterday, the santa clara county sheriff's office said they located a red jetta with a black hood. it's a car they've been searching for for quite some time. investigators are not saying where the jetta was located. but forensic teams are combing it over, looking for any piece of evidence from that car. investigators say they know who the. the-- investigators say they are optimistic about this discovery. >> i'm very hoeful. >> reporter: investigators tell ktvu a well -- we'll try to hear from sierra's mom shortly -- investigators say
8:31 am
they do believe that sierra lamar is still alive because they is no -- because any have no ore reason to believe otherwise. somewhere's mother is expecting a very -- sierra's mother is expecting a very good turn out at the command center throughout kay today. alex savidge itch,. homicide investigators aring -- are looking for suspects. it happened south of market. at this point there's no information about the victim, the motive or any possible suspects. uc berkeley police will increase patrols after a -- the daily cow reports there have been four holdups and one assault on gailey road in the last two weeks. the most recentle -- the even hanked -- the most recent saturday night at the greek feeter. students are encouraged to take
8:32 am
-- are en-- greek theater. students are encouraged to take their cell phones with them and not walk alone. six bay area schools are getting some special recognize this morning. they all made the -- made the list of the top 100 public high schools in america. they include dublin high, lowell lie in san francisco, meg san jose high in fremont. american indion public -- in oakland. the rainfallings -- the rankings are based on the international back lawyer yet
8:33 am
-- lack laker to out their. and for information:00 on the -- click on the web links. lucas film wanted to build a huge studio here with you neighbors complained it was too close to the property. >> now they are refresh -- new they are working on a plan to build if develop the plan. later today, palo alto state senator takes his plan to save state parks before a
8:34 am
legislative committee. the plan involved using money from existing state accounts to repair and main feign parks that are scheduled for closure. right now, the state markle system -- park system is facing a $20 million. 50 of those works could remain open this pummer -- summer. the number of people using the car people lanes on bay area toll bridges continuing to -- continues to drop. within a week the number of carpoolers dropped 26%. so far it's down nearly 10% more. however, the number of cars crossing the seven, state-
8:35 am
operated haved to 1% -- dropped to 1%. 237 is still slow. the problem is we've had a couple of incidents. nothing major but a couple of minor things that have slowed things down. this is a look at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. you can see traffic approaching the deck is low here. we had a problem on the loreck lek of the still back up -- on the lower deck of the bridge. let's go to steve. a little bit of haze inland. yesterday was hot. 90s. 90s. st. helena, concord, antioch, brentwood, morgan hill. gilroy and faud will be a cool cooler. there it is, it's not making a
8:36 am
strong sunk but it's there still 50s 60s. snow is already the sunk sunk but it's still there 50s, 60s. the system is now pushing inland and the information northwest. that will kind of open the door for a little bit more of the southwest southwest breeze. >> when the fog banks is social low, it makes no impact inland. 60s and 70s, coast and bay. it looks like a cool down and then a turnaround. no extreme right now, sunday -- right now, however. school officials are now telling us more about nathan
8:37 am
strueb andly family. claudine wong joins us live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: well, the morning is just really -- this all happening while police are investigating to investigate the tragic death of this 13- year-old boy in livermore. the. he was a student at william men -- planedoneton. school officials say his mother is now a teacher in the district. and they are coping everybody to get through had this -- to get through today and to help
8:38 am
our teachers make it through today and beyond. we also want to show you video at the memorial what's growing where this accident took place. this is low me toss there. there are crowds ands and -- that's growing where this accident took place. this is the location. there are crowds. a neighbor toledo us this morning that her husband was actually home when the accident happened and knew right away something terp had what happened. >> my muss was here. what he heard was horrible screams and emergency like this -- something like this happened on the inside and you saw it? >> it.
8:39 am
8:38. rohnert park police investigating what appears to be the city's first homicide of the year. the body of a 66-year-old woman was found inside her home on bernice avenue yesterday morning. police -- were called by family members who hadn't heard from her since sunday. once inside if a search warrant was obtained up -- a search warrant was obtained. >> we're hoping that based on the information collected -- collected at the crime scene, we may be able to develop leads with that information. police say the we'll white toe lapd he is dealing. 5 s g8 69. p you have any envelopele vehicle, contact hone et -- rohnert police.
8:40 am
the latest teeth in san francisco involving -- involves a -- the latest in san francisco involving a homicide. the man's name is being withheld until his family has been notified. anybody with information is asked to contact the san jose police. a problem on ti. and why now people were set if. >> also the security square involving tweet.
8:41 am
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stocks are down on wall street for a third day. political future is dominating financial markets. but the markets are comening down a little bit. the dow is currently down 60. the nasdaq down 19. s&p is down 10. tutter is now in a legal fight with prosecutors in new york city. it is asking a judge to stop the d.a. office's attempt to gain access to the old tweets of an occupy wall street protesters e raked
8:44 am
last fall. prosecutors want -- wall street protester arrested last fall. twitter say the request violates its constitutional rights protecting it from unreasonable search and seizures. and twitter says it's looking for thousand thousands of the user -- looking at how thousands of names and password were posed on a site where hackers show off the results of their work. twitter says a lot of the information listed does not appear to be valid but it is still sending out mess averages to users to change their passion words because of the reason hack attack. apple has won a victory in the i-paid game, apple threw out companies. but they agreed to settle
8:45 am
things in a hong kong court. 8:44. sapping right -- hatching right now, a lot -- happening right now, a lot of police activity. tara moriarty has been walk been -- been talking to them all day. >> reporter: they said uc police came in around 6:30 this morning. they were on the bullhorns and they were trying to get them to leave and -- and if anything tried to interfere with that that they would be using chemicals agents -- kell cam agents -- chemical agents. this is where you see the -- not to the -- not to where the people are you -- but to the
8:46 am
left there. downing me live is with cal occupy. i said your name. i said it wrong. >> that's okay. >> you've been here for a long time. are you guys pleased with the way things are going right because it got a little heated earlier? >> well, the interesting thing, this was our plan for today. we were going to move to the other side of the street to make sure we have enough room for farming and thele -- beside me, as you can see, there is -- there is the -- all the way to the wednesday, the area that you see, there is a couple scarecrows. that's what we have come till vateed. the rest of this is empty is where at nighting we would put our tent for people to sleep and the point of the encampment was only to protect the crops.
8:47 am
so they don't come in and destroy the crops. >> reporter: uc berkeley owns the land. protesters say it has plans to build a whole foods market and a ball mark -- and a bull park -- and a ballpark. this was after last fall's pepper spraying incident at uc davis. bottom line, the uc said it would not use force only as a last possible resort. it seems like it's definitely living up to that new recommendation. so are you pleased?
8:48 am
>> not exactly because -- they are intimidating people. they would come at night and sometimes knock on wents or even stip tents. so the physical brutal day is what they are talking with to leave behind. they come every night and they torture people. they harass individuals pie being very aggressive and if right now, it's very aggressive because we had already said that we're gonna do this. there was no idea for this. >> reporter: we're gonna stay out here and monitor the situation. it appears things have coled off and both sides are going about their business. 8:48. let's bring you up so date on some of the other toys we're
8:49 am
following for you. authorities won't say if charges will be they traced the smell to a group of men use -- using a type of acid in heeded -- in heeded beakers to meltdown jewelry. less are searching for a fluer model, light blue pickup truck with oversided hires. the investigation continues at a popular scant in it restaurant -- as a popular
8:50 am
restaurant. the restaurant was closed at the time. no one was hurt. investigators are still trying to determine the cause. four people were taken to the hospital after a car crash on treasure island. authorities believe a suspected drunk driver hit a parked pickup truck on avenue m. one grandson was in the truck, a none and another grand son were behind loading up their fishing there. there's no word on the conditions of everyone involved. >> uc berkeley police found the body of a male student at the base of tall howl. police are still investigating how he died but early evidence points to side. authorities have not released the student's page but a memorial has been set up on pack. a ma exposed himself twice
8:51 am
-- a man exsupposed himself twice to the -- exposed himself twice to the same gill. police say a man in a red joke, possible which a headquarter pulled behind -- a red one in which -- a red vehicle with a mustache is what they are looking for. painting used tires to make them look like they are new. this is along the pittsburg/antioch highway. police say one of the employees allegedly hit an illegal fire work. that may have ignited --
8:52 am
ignited gas vapors. >> in other words, stop painting those san francisco. blue there was no idea for this, it didn't have to happen. it. >> this could mean the owner of the blue star tire company could have to pay the bill for fighting the fire and all of the damage. one employee was arrested in connection with that fire. 8:52. a wildfire in southern california is under control. what was destroyed before firefighters got the upper hand. and the latest fallout frommiaha's ceo's resume scandal.
8:53 am
from yahoo's ceo's resume scandal. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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overnight a raging wildfire was contained down in northern los angeles county. the flames shot up to 50 feet high, destroyed a mobile home and a car. the fire also forced the evacuation of about 30 homes but those residents have since been -- have since been allowed to go back home. the blaze started yesterday at 4:a.m., burned 15 ache es. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. fairfax men are looking for
8:56 am
a woman who assaulted a woman in her hole. he may have been riding a blue or white motorcycle. police say the woman did not know her attacker. police in santa cruz is now released a foe foe -- a photo of the suspect. 8:56.
8:57 am
new this morning, even more fallout over the controversial resume of yahoo!'s score scott thom. son and the decision to hire him by board director patty hart. about 30 minutes ago we got a copy of the letter that third point sent to the board of directors. the letter says that the two should be fired. thompson has come under fire for a bachelor's degree that's on his resume but he did not learn. third-point is a hedge fund it ha more than a billion dollars invested in -- hedge fund. it has more than a where dollars invet -- invested in yahoo!. police are responding to a shooting. some police are already there. a peshwas shot inside a car according to police. investigators from the certain -- certain investigations are on the way.
8:58 am
let's quickly go out and take a look at 880 northbound. suburb toll is still backed up for -- bay bridge toll is still backed you for a ten-minute delay. it will be cooler for many today unless you are really, really far away from -- away from that fog influence. >> we can handle that. >> yes. >> that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting us. be sure to join us for the news at noon. we're always here for you at
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