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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 9, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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four more years. >> now with his statement for marriage equality, sends a powerful message to young gay and lesbian people across the country they are not alone. >> reporter: speaker perez who is himself openly gay called this an emotional day >> it is a powerful moment to see the president join us in full force in favour of equality. that said we are not there yet. >> reporter: at the lgbt centare executive director said it is a matter of convincing much of america why marriage equality is important >> it is a fundamental civil right, represents culture, legal, economic protections for our families without that protection, our families really are not able to have equal standing. >> reporter: i also talked by phone today to two state legislators, senator leno and tom amiano both openly gay. each is inspired by and pleased for the president's words.
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democratic house minority leader nancy pelosi responded saying it marks progress for civil rights out of all americans she said quote throughout american history we have worked to live up to our values of liberty and freedom and end discrimination in all of its forms. today we took another step forward in our march toward equality. president obama said he has gone through a quote evolution on the issue of gay marriage and spoke to factors that went into making his decision. >> i hesitated on gay marriage, in part because i thought civil unions would be sufficient, that was something that would give people hospital visitation rights and other elements that we take foregranted. >> the president also said he considered friends and staff members who are in committed same sex relationships and gay and lesbian members of the military in making his decision, to support, same-sex
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marriage. presumptive republican presidential candidate, mitt romney made his position clear in oklahoma. >> my view is that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and a woman and that is my own preference i know other people have different views. this is a very tender and sensitive topic as are many social issues but i have the same view that i have had since running for office. republican leadership issued a statement saying marriage should be between man and a woman and republicans would oppose any attempt to change that. >> here in california, john perez who is openly gay sent out a statement saying he was proud of the president. that feeling was not shared by conservatives including a group called save california. >> god, nature and whatever is in the best interest of children, disagree with barack obama. he claims to be christian he is disagreeing with jesus christ. >> other anti gay marriage groups say they actually
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welcomed the president's stand calling it a huge political mistake they think will cost the president his re-election. stay with us on for complete coverage. you can read more of the president's comments about his support for same-sex marriage. >> boy scouts of america at a center of a gay rights dispute in sacramento. asemijudiciary passed a resolution marking the anniversary of the boy scouts of america and urges them to reconsider its ban on gays and lesbians, a day after the same committee voted down a similar measure that did not include wording about homosexuality. a show of force in solidarity with trance gendered women and men in oakland. new at 6, live in oakland, where a march just wrapped up to honor a trans gendered woman killed 10 days ago. lore rain. >> reporter: well, supporters just put up these posters on the corner today where she was shot. they read say no to hate. today's rally is about
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promoting acceptance and finding justice. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> reporter: almost 100 people marched from 8th project east bay to where the 37-year-old was shot 10 days ago. friends and supporters say there is no explanation it is a hate crime. >> some people are scared to come outside. we are trying to unite them as one body to know you are not alone. >> we are stunned as a community because she was a bright light and a shining star and a classy personality with so much potential. >> reporter: police say in the the early morning hours of april 29th, she was shot and killed parked inside a car with three other trans gendered women. three men approached the vehicle, and talked to the
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group, later, one returned and shot into the car. no one has been arrested. people here today hope the rally will keep this case open and tips coming in. reporting live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. occupy protestors on the move in support of occupy the farm, at a piece of uc berkeley land at marin and san pablo in albany. what you are looking at here is a live picture of some demonstrators in berkeley. they have gathered at the north berkeley bart station sacramento. it is a small group they plan to march from there, to gill farm track in albany. we are told more demonstrators are on their way, and their march is set to begin 6:30 p.m. or so tonight. the protestors as you may be aware have taken over the farm land in albany owned by uc berkeley, the university says protestors are trespassing and named them in a new lawsuit. that is the latest tactic to
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clear the protestors from that land. 4-year-old hit and dragged by a pick up truck playing outside her home in concord continuing to recover tonight. new at 6, mike live in concord, with the plea from her family this evening. mike. >> reporter: and frank we just learned the girl got out of surgery and she is alert. also want to share with you something that just came into our newsroom within the last hour and that is a photo of the 4-year-old girl, sent to us by her uncle. that uncle was at the hospital this afternoon and says doctors are telling the family that young aleah will survive but may never walk the same again. tonight in concord, auto body shops are on alert and so too is concord police and city residents. >> they are going to get him some how. >> reporter: last night a young girl was hit by a truck in front of her apartment complex on 6th street near clayton road the driver took off the girl was air lifted to hospital.
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>> she was very active very cute. >> reporter: the young girl is identified by family as 4-year- old, alema who today under went surgery for a broken femur bone and ankle. >> her ankle looks terrible, three tendons are completely gone they put it back together, they said they don't know if she will be able to walk normal again. >> reporter: his niece was playing ball with a friend in the street right before she was hit he understands accidents happen but still has this message for the driver of the truck that just kept going. >> do the right thing man, you can't sleep at night i know you can't. i wouldn't be able to. it is a little girl, 4 years old. >> reporter: the truck police are looking for is a newer model light blue pick up, possibly dodge ram, raised or lifted body, over sized tires tinted windows also may have possible damage to the right front head light. if you have any information about the where abouts of that truck you are asked to call police. here in concord, ktvu channel 2
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news. alameda county narcotics agents discovered 13 pounds of meth and a makeshift lab at a house in newark that took place yesterday at a house on bonnie street, between knoll and dary avenues. agents were called in to dismantle the lab. it is unclear if arrests were made. new ordinance became law banning racial and religious profiling for the sake of national security. >> there it is done. [ applause ] >> mayor ed lee signed the san francisco civil rights ordinants into law. it was unanimously passed last night by the board of supervisors. san francisco is only the second u.s. city to pass such an ordinance >> this is already something that our police chief, our elected and community leaders said but we have now put this into ordinance. >> the new law requires public review of any agreement between
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the san francisco police department and fbis joint terrorism task force. >> pleasonton police department issued a carefully worded statement concerning the case of a mother and daughter found shot to death in their home monday. the release said autopsies performed determined 37-year- old amy and 14-year-old daughter aiynsley were shot once in the head but statement stopped short of calling it a murder suicide, saying test results are not back yet from a gun and other evidence recovered at the scene. those results are expected some time next week. police lifted a lock down at a san jose high school after a classroom by classroom search, independence high school was put on lock down 10:00 a.m. this morning someone reported sighing a man, possibly a student, tuck a handgun into his clothing and walk on to campus. police searched the area but did not find weapons. >> members of occupy movement blocked sale of several
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foreclosed properties on the peninsula. [ yelling ] >> they disrupted a foreclosure auction held outside san mateo county courthouse. one man says he comes to the courthouse to make sure his home isn't on the auction list. >> the constant resubmitle of paperwork seems to be a ploy to discourage people from applying for loan modifications, it is also a method of slowing it down so that they have time to go through foreclosure proceedings. >> occupiers say the auction process is unethical and accuse some would be buyers of bid rigging in an effort to keep costs low. bay area postal workers are doing their part the feed those in need. this saturday is the 20th annual national stamp out hunger food drive. residents are asked to place nonperishable food items inside a bag next to mail boxes helter carriers will collect items and take them to local food banks.
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this saturday was really important because participation is down for upcoming food drives this summer. emotions run high as a jury hands out a guilty verdict in killings of a san francisco father and his two sons. >> back here in just 10 minutes, temperatures cooled a bit but then they will begin to warm. how warm in your neighbourhood ♪
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>> supporters of jean kwan, held a press conference today. she thanked supporters and staff. >> being a big city mayor is a tough job i don't get much sleep i work constantly at
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being mayor. i have spent relatively little amount of time on the recall. >> one recall effort has a deadline tomorrow to submit signatures the second recall campaign has until july. the mayor told supporters polls show the two recall efforts against her likely won't have enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. former bart police officer, meheserle asked for his conviction to be over turned. we were the only television station there as meheserle walked into the state appeals court in san francisco today. he is on parole for involuntary manslaughter for the fatal shooting of 22-year-old oscar grant on a bart platform in 2009. he says the shooting was a mistake and he meant to use his phaser. prosecutors say he was grossly negligent. the court has 90 days to issue a decision. jury late this afternoon handed down a guilty verdict gain the confessed gang member, for shooting deaths of a father and his two grown sons in san francisco. ktvus rob other is in the city
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with emotional reaction from family members rob. >> reporter: frank the trial lasted three months here at the san francisco hall of justice but took the jury just four days to reach a verdict. guilty of first degree murder. >> god answered our prayers. that is all i got to say. he answered our prayers. i miss my son and my grand kids. i am never going to see them gain. >> reporter: members of the family cried as the verdicts came in. justice has been served but doesn't change what happened. the case drew national attention over illegal immigration it came out san francisco juvenile justice authorities had kept ramos from possible deportation when he committed crimes as a minor. they cited san francisco's sanctuary city policy, a policy since changed. >> it is how we deal with immigration, it is a problem we
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need to fix at a much higher level. we have national immigration policy that is broken. >> reporter: ramos convicted of murdering anthony and his two sons michael and mathew. ramos claimed a passenger in the car pulled the trigger but the jury disregarded it. >> we can all be relieved today, that justice has been achieved, this was a horrible incident, has destroyed a family and i am hoping i think we all collectively hope this will be the beginning of a new life, for the family. >> justice today will not bring my family back. >> not at all. >> but it helps a little. it helps a little. >> reporter: the da is not seeking the death penalty, ramos does face life in prison without the possibility of parole. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth ktvu
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channel 2 news. mountain view police are reporting that a man exposed himself to the same girl twice as she walked home from school. the 13-year-old girl was walking home when a man pulled up in a car, possibly a jeep and exposed himself. police believe the same man did the same thing to the girl a little more than a year ago february 2011 that incident reportedly happened on middle field road near wise man sports pavilion. bed bath and beyond is buying oakland based cost plus for $495 million. for the past two years, cost plus has been operating specialty food departments in some bed bath and beyond stores. cost plus started in 1958 at san francisco's fisherman's war of. when -- wharf. apples online store has a lot of happy customers, e retail satisfaction index says amazon topped the list but apple showed the biggest jump
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in customer satisfaction. apple scored 85 out of 100 points in this year's index up 80 points last year. cisco systems beat analyst earnings expectations by a penny a share today but stock felony way. investors reacted to lukewarm forecasts for earnings next quarter and cisco shares fell more than 8% in after hours trading. management said, uncertainty about the european economic situation is effecting projections. beautiful day today, bill martin is in the weather center, tracking great spring like conditions. >> a five day forecast you will like. it did cool off today you will see that here on the live storm tracker. you can see the heat in the fallly. looks like a summer deal -- valley, looks like a summer deal. and lower temperatures in this area, because of that little bit of a sea breeze we got, or late last night early the morning and then this afternoon. that cooled things off a little bit highs today as i mentioned
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were cooler than yesterday. yesterday was warm, low 90s inland. highs tomorrow, the same, maybe a degree or two cooler, or a degree or two warmer in others. that temperature profile is what you will experience tomorrow as you move through the bay area thursday. 62 pacifica one of the cool spots because of the patchy fog which is not there now but will return tomorrow. fog went away last night and tonight. and it is coming back. it will cool things off and make for a cool start in the morning. 47 napa, 51 pacifica, 52 san jose, mild overnight lows for the most part. this gets weakened a little bit tomorrow and the weak system goes by and intensifies as we head toward the bay area weekend. because this system is a little closer temperatures will stay flat. highs 60s, you will find mid- 80s along the coastline, and bay valley. forecast again, using isotherms, forecast highs,
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oranges 80s . yellows, upper 70s. forecast highs cities where you live or near where you live 81 fairfield, 80 napa, 80 santa rosa, temperatures quite nice, as frank points out spring like weather pattern that will stick with us. tree pollens i mentioned the last few nights they are up there, trending high. the pine and oak and sycamore, some of the prominent ones but really just matters what isblooming out front of your house. the 5 day forecast, shows no rain, patchy fog, nice mornings just real steady as she goes deal. >> i like steady as she goes. >> i do too. >> yes. >> nice >> thank you bill. >> sure. coming up on bay area news at 7, on tv 36, the president announcement on same-sex marriage is resonating in the bay area. we will hear how it is impacting one couple at the heart of california's contentious legal case. >> kef canine caper, champion show --
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>> a lottery ticket worth $209,000 was bought by a local winner last week in sunny vail. tran bought it on north fair oaks, tran matched five of six numbers, lottery officials say tran plans to buy his wife a new car pay off his daughters college debt and donate something to charity. as play this afternoon and they weren't so lucky >> they didn't follow up last night, great victory with another one. major league games for sure. both former bears, brandon morrow is now a blue jay and out pitches, fellow cal alum, ross, it was scoreless going to the fourth, adam limb is taking care of that, a 2 run shot for the jays. as were able to recover against morrow who racks up his fourth win.
6:25 pm
he strikes weeks right there. 10 ks in 6 innings for morrow. as a matter of fact but just to make sure, jp also for the distance for the blue jays, morrow however, the pitching star, from cal. >> yes, it is great. always fun to come here. i got a lot of family and friends that show up. it is always great. yeah, i got texts from our coaches at cal and you know, i always get friend that is just show up unannounced it is great. >> meantime, there was a touch of good new for the as this afternoon, slugging sensation from cuba, has only a minor injury to his left hand. he hurt it in batting practice prior to last night's game. tests reveal, no breakage, only a muscle strain as a matter of fact he could be back in the line up as soon as tomorrow. you know what, you always hear beer and baseball go together so well maybe not like this. last night san diego, a little
6:26 pm
pop down the third baseline. it actually landed right in the gentleman's beer. what does he do, wins the ball in the beer of -- whips the ball in the beer he has no problems guzzling it down just to get the baseball. amazing what people will do to get a baseball. that is the sporting life for wednesday night and giants will conclude, their series with the dodgers tonight in l.a. rubber mat. so whoever wins,. >> i could watch shots like that all night. >> he didn't care where it was going he wanted that ball. a little tough to autograph. >> thank you before we go we want to check in for another look at the 5 day forecast. >> it has been a good run and will stay that way. five straight days, warm weather upper 80s as you head to the weekend. i know that is what you guys are looking at. a little bit of fog but a good looking 5 day. >> perfect. all right thanks bill. >> thank you bill. they say there is an ap for
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that but how about for your privacy. while you are on your smart phone. extra scrutiny that we uncovered and why it may take awhile to find a solution >> we will have that special report tonight at 10:00 p.m. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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