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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 9, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> ryan: your top four, america! the lines will be open for at least two hours. if you have never cast a vote on this show before, now is the perfect time to start. tomorrow night, david cook and jennifer lopez on the stage. who is going to be in the final three? don't miss it. 8/7 central. your local news is next. thanks for watching. good night, america. you are looking at a live picture here. we have breaking news in san francisco at this hour, where police say a man has been taking shots at officers. good evening, everyone, i'm
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frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. a tense situation right now on the streets of san francisco, where police tell us a man in an apartment building has fired at at least 13 shots at officers. we get the latest on this breaking news from ktvu's heather holmes. she just arrived at the scene near post and hyde where evacuations are taking place. >> reporter: just up the road from where i'm standing in a three story apartment building is a man barricaded inside. he has indeed fired off at least 13 rounds at officers, this all happens on post street, in the 800 block of post. you can see that here all the way to levenworth is now blocked off. i'm told officers are trying to talk with this suspect. in fact, he is a man wanted in connection with that homicide that we reported last night on the 10:00 news. the woman found dead inside her
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home. the search for that suspect evidently led officials to that apartment building here on post street. i'm told that suspect armed with a handgun started firing again at officers. and that at least one officer returned fire. i'm ailed told that building -- also told that that building has been evacuated and other buildings on post street have been evacuated. i'm also told the suspect has lit his apartment on fire. we have seen fire engines rushed to the area. the headline right now is you have a man wanted in connection with a homicide. police in san francisco responding. he has barricaded himself inside a three story apartment building here on post, he has shot at least 13 rounds at officers. again, thissier has been blocked off, a very heavy police presence. as soon as we find out any more information in regards to the ongoing efforts to negotiate
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with this man, we will be sure to bring them to you. reporting live tonight here in san francisco, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. now to our continuing coverage of president obama's historic announcement on one of the most divisive issues of our time. no sitting president has ever done it before. in a surprise move today, president barack obama declared his unequivocal support for same-sex marriage. rita williams reports on the announcement and its timing. >> reporter: a history making day in the white house. in an interview. >> for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> reporter: that drew this response from his republican opponent. >> i have the same view on marriage that i've had when i was governor. i believe marriage is between a man and a woman.
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>> reporter: a subtle suggestion that president obama is flip flopping. a charge romney has fended off on several issues. just yesterday, north carolina became the 31st state to pass a constitutional amendment saying marriage is between a man and a woman. the president said the decision should be up to each state. >> can president obama lose this election because of the stand he took today? >> no. no. >> reporter: uc berkely political scientist says polls show national public opinion swinging slightly in favor of same-sex marriage. older people against, younger people for. a group that the president needs to reenergize. while it will hurt him with some african americans, brady says most won't turn to romney over this one issue. >> i just don't think that's going to hurt him very much. indeed, it's probably going to help him on balance.
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>> reporter: political analysts say republicans should quickly refocus the campaign on the one issue that could defeat president obama. the economy. not marriage. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the president said his views have evolved, and that his daughters influenced his decision. the children have friends who's parents are same sex couples, and it didn't dawn on them that their parents should be treated differently. it is no surprise that opponents of same-sex marriage are critical of president obama. the head of the group save california accused the president of a flip flop. >> although his duplicity is not surprising, he's actually going against the values of most voters and that is surprising that he's being that foolish. >> randy thomasson also said he believes same sex couples
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getting married goes against god and nature. >> san francisco has long been at the forefront of the same- sex marriage debate. gavin newsom ordered the city to start issuing gay marriage licenses to same sex couples. >> you send a message about your character that transcends the issue. for me, this is a statement of leadership. >> newsom also said he was surprised that the statement came before the presidential election. in the castro district tonight, there are clear signs of gratitude for the president. at the lgpt center, a celebration with champagne. they got married in 2008, then watched as california voters passed proposition 8, banning gay marriage. today they called president
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obama a fierce advocate. >> means the world to us and it means the world to thousands and thousands of loving same sex couples, not only in california, but nationwide. that the president of the united states now says yes to all families. >> those celebrating tonight say if the president's stance on same-sex marriage can change, it gives them hope that others will change their views as well. >> marriage laws vary from state to state. we put together a map for you tonight. take a look. a total of 30 states seen here in red, those that are right there have outright bans on same-sex marriages. typically, they restrict a marriage to one man and one woman. take a look what happens when i change the map a bit. same sex couples have full marriage rights in six states and the district of columbia. those are the states colored here in green. washington and maryland also
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allow same-sex marriage, but those are on hold with referendums. 12 states allow for civil partnerships. all of these fall short of allowing same sex marriages. our coverage continues at you will find more video of president obama's historic words today, as well as reaction from others. we have developing news tonight in east oakland where a manhunt is underway right now. details are still sketchy, but it appears police pulled over a car with two people inside around 7:30 this evening. witnesses say at one point, during the stop the passenger jumped out of the car, and that's when an officer fired at him. early reports suggest police believe they have found a man's gun in a backyard as well as several casings. it's not clear what prompted officers to stop that car
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initially. in san francisco, edwin ramos was convicted of murder today. >> reporter: the verdict brought tears inside and outside this san francisco courtroom. some members of the balogna family. >> he answers our prayers. i miss son and my kids. i'm never going to see them again. >> reporter: after a three month trial, it took the jury less than four days to convict 25-year-old edwin ram -- ramos
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of first degree murder. they found him guilty of murder as the family drove home from a picnic in 2008. the jury agreed that ramos had convicted an act of gang violence, but deadlocked on whether he pulled the trigger. ramos terrified a passenger in his car pulled the trigger and not him. his attorney said justice is a not serveds so long as the killer is still on the streets. the lone surviver testified he saw ramos pull the trigger. >> it will not bring my family back. not at all, but it helps a little. >> reporter: the d.a. is not seeking the death
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penalty. edwin ramos could face life in prison without the possibility of parole. there seems to be an app for everybody. but is your privacy at risk? the growing concern about privacy and how the federal government is stepping in. olympic dreams nurtured right here in the bay area. we're going to introduce you to the team hoping to row toward olympic gold this summer. back in 10 minutes with thursday's forecast. we've got some fog to talk about. it will return. details coming up. >> and we're continuing to follow breaking news in san francisco. more live coverage from the scene of that shooting coming up just a little later in this newscast.
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new at 10:00, you might call it the silicon valley of the midwest. recruiters are trying to fill thousands of high-tech jobs in michigan. the pitch to try to get our high-tech workers to leave the bay area. >> reporter: in a california restaurant, called the california cafe. recruiters try to persuade workers to come to michigan. the state of michigan has budgeted $100,000 to lure high- tech skilled workers. online mortgage company quicken loans was one of four companies here. >> we wanted to let them know
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detroit is also great in technology and give us a shot. >> reporter: raiding silicon valley is not new. but tonight's raid was aimed at people who had left michigan and may now want to come back. >> we showed what a high quality of life they have. how far their salary will go. >> reporter: a material scientist in san jose makes a little over $100,000 a year. in ann arbor, michigan, it's about $30,000 less, but a house that costs $640,000 in san jose drops to $200,000 in ann arbor. >> the cost of living is so high out here. >> reporter: charles was hired by google. given the choice of working in mountain view, or a google office in ann arbor, michigan. he chose his hometown. >> i live in a cul de sac in a big house with great public schools that are free. low taxes. >> reporter: this man says he's had a point in his career where
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he is flexible, and is thinking of returning home. >> have you kind of had it up to here with california? >> there are times. even just getting here this evening, the traffic, and the crowds, and everything. >> reporter: the message is apparently being heard. one detroit company says it is talking to some 500 engineers laid off by yahoo last month. live in palo alto, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. the uncle of a 4-year-old concord girl who was injured in a hit and run last night tells ktvu, doctors say the girl may never walk normally again. family members say she was in surgery today for a broken femur. they also say her ankle and tendens were badly damaged. the girl was playing around 6th street in concord when she ran into the street and was hit by
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a pickup truck. the driver never stopped. police describe it as possibly a dodge ram with a raised body, oversized tires and tinted windows. it may have damaged the front right headlight. in liverwood, mourners. a 15-year-old boy died at the hospital. police identified the boy as nathan strube. an 8th grader at william mendenhall middle school. dozens of occupy the farm activists marched tonight from berkely to albany in protest a new tack tack by uc berkely. this was the scene tonight as protesters made the mile long march to the plot of land right next to the intersection of marin and san pablo.
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the school has filed a trespass and nuisance lawsuit against 14 activists. both sides insist they're willing to work out a compromise, but the university warns that the time to make a deal is running short. >> we can't allow a group to simply take over our property, hold it hostage in an attempt to tell us how when, and where we're going to conduct our research. >> protesters are planting vegetables at the site. saying they want it to be preserved for sustainable agriculture. university officials say it is used as an open air laboratory by students and faculty. there are olympic hopefuls in our midst with the olympic games just ten weeks a way. these nine men training on the
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oakland estuary make up the men's rowing team. they share a fearless drive to win. he told us he's been in rowing since 8th grade, and has dreamed about competing in the olympics. >> i've wanted this for a long time. >> reporter: the coach hand picked each member of the team, except flahos. his teammates chose him to steer, hopefully to olympic gold. >> me and the other guys just click. it's the ultimate team sport. it's not just about one person. >> reporter: the coach equates his role to that of a jockey. >> you kind of have to know when to use the whip. and when to lay off. >> and he does that. >> yeah. >> reporter: the pressure is on for these dedicated athletes, the team must win in the qualifying regatta in switsland, if they don't, it will be the first time the u.s.
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men's eight won't be represented in the olympics. >> we're all focused on the task at hand. >> reporter: he has competed and medalled in the olympics as an athlete and a coach. >> it's more a little bit of nerves, just because they have to qualify. they're not the olympic team yet. they have to win this race. >> reporter: this was just nine days ago, they found out they had been selected for the u.s. teams to try to qualify for the london games. >> we to go out there and perform the best on race day. >> reporter: one stroke at a time. with hopes their hard work will bring them to the finish line and olympic gold. ktvu, channel 2 news. high temperatures today, a little cooler than yesterday, and temperatures tomorrow, they're going to look just like these. temperatures on your thursday,
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look for 80s, i don't think we'll see 90s, but lots of 70s and 80s. as we go through tonight, we're looking for overnight lows to be in the 50s. tomorrow, almost a duplicate of what we had today. no fog at the coast right now, but the fog will return in patches by late tonight, early tomorrow morning, and should fill in again tomorrow night. forecast highs in the warmest inland bay valleys tomorrow in the mid-80s. i'll be back here for the complete forecast. a prayer vigil to mark the death of a woman stabbed in her own home. it was organized by christian and muslim leaders part of sfop. the san francisco organizing project. they're urging city leaders to work to make those communities safer.
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a compromise to keep a north bay school from closing. plus -- >> a bay area beauty queen who has hopes of competing in the california pageant next month is hospitalized tonight with series burn injuries. >> and the growing popularity of apps is leading to a growing concern. the first steps to set up security standards. mom? hmm?
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a contestant for the miss california pageant is hospitalized after a devastating apartment fire in san francisco. ken wayne is live now in is a sonoma county and tells us, the young woman is battling to make a recovery in time to compete for the pageant next month. >> reporter: the current miss golden gate is still aiming to
10:25 pm
compete in the miss california pageant next month, despite suffering serious burn injuries. sara choi is recovering tonight at st. francis memorial hospital in the city, after she was transferred from the burn unit earlier today. the 24-year-old beauty queen suffered serious leg burns, while trying to flee this apartment fire in the mission district last weekend. >> it actually turned my stomach. i had skin grafts down when i was a child, and it's not pleasant, but i know she's going to overcome that. >> reporter: michelle was there when choi was crowned miss is sonoma county. she is a harvard graduate, an accomplished violinist, and was set to start at google today. now she faces a month in the hospital. >> she is very determined, and has a very positive attitude. >> reporter: choi finished fourth runner up in a previous miss california pageant.
10:26 pm
and was considered one of the top contestants this year. >> she's worked too hard, she's competed before. this is her last year. she brings everything to the table exempt this potential problem, and i'm prepared to overlook it. >> she is such a wonderful young girl, but you know what, she's going to take a negative and turn it into a real positive. that's just the type of girl she is. >> reporter: choi's ultimate dream is to compete in the miss america pageant, which has already crowned a deaf miss america. pageant officials say it's not inconceivable a burn victim could win too. but first sara has to find out if she will be well enough to go to fresno for the miss california pageant in june. new developments tonight in the controversial closing of a north bay elementary school. the santa rosa school board voted in march to close doyle park elementary. a lawsuit to block the move was filed by doyle park supporters.
10:27 pm
now the santa rosa press democrat reports a compromise is in the works. it would allow the students to share the campus with the french school at least for one year. in response to strong public opposition, the u.s. postal service today dropped a plan to close 3700 rural post offices, and instead the postal service is now pushing a plan to reduce hours at some 13,000 rural post offices. hours could be cut anywhere from 2 to 6 hours a day. they're forecasting a record $14 billion loss by the end of this year. economic turmoil in europe led to another down day on wall street. losing 97. the nasdaq dropped 11. late word of a new debt bail out for greece did help trim the losses somewhat. i don't like knowing that people know where i'm at. >> keeping tabs. the federal government's
10:28 pm
concern about the growing popularity of apps. >> and we're following breaking news out of san francisco. a man barricaded in an apartment has opened fire on police. a live update right after the break.
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an update now on that breaking news in san francisco, where a man holed up in an apartment building has been taking shots at police. >> reporter: just a short time ago, i got off the phone with my police source who is now telling me that the man who was barricaded inside the apartment building has been shot and killed by police. again, though the sergeant here at the scene is now confirming that. but there's what my police
10:31 pm
sources are telling me, about 25 minutes ago, the man who was wanted in connection with the homicide at roanoke park began shooting again. that's when one officer shot one round, striking the man once in the head. i have learned that the park officials along with the assistant of san francisco police, they came to this apartment building in the 900 block of post street hoping to talk with that individual about the homicide. that's when they say he began firing at officers, firing as many as 13 rounds. he also lit the apartment building, turns out it was his girlfriend's apartment, not the building. the apartment and his girlfriend on fire. there was a little lull in activity. the building was evacuated. then about 25 minutes ago, that man started shooting again at officers. my police source telling me that at least one officer fired
10:32 pm
one round, striking that suspect and killing him. we're here monitoring the situation. i'm told the area will remain blocked offer to some time. you can see there is still a very heavy police presence. if there are any new developments i will be sure to bring them to you. reporting live tonight here in san francisco, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> again, as heather just mentioned, we will of course continue to monitor the situation in san francisco. you can also get the very latest tomorrow morning. our coverage begins at 4:30 a.m. many of us have an app for that. but do those apps have a privacy policy for us? growing concern over privacy has gotten everyone from the courts to the feds to industry leaders talking. it's our special report tonight. >> reporter: these days, there's an app for pretty much everything. from banking, to games. >> playing scrabble with friends. >> reporter: even apps to help you sleep. >> the white noise at night. >> reporter: consumers are always looking for more.
10:33 pm
>> i have 12 apps. >> roughly 30. >> 30 plus. >> reporter: is your privacy being compromised? what information do apps collect? what do they share, and are they telling you about it? >> i don't like knowing that people know where i'm at. >> reporter: a recent report said it is almost impossible to find out which apps collect data and what they do with it. congress has taken issue with apps that gather and store information from your address books. lawsuits have been filed accusing companies of sharing information without users' permission and the push to get everyone on the same page is underway. just sat down with apple, google, microsoft,amazon, hewlett-packard, and research in motion. the companies that represent 95% of your mobile app market. at that meeting, the six agreed to brave principals. a small, but first step toward
10:34 pm
minimum standards. >> states traditionally have been incubators of information. california was a bell weather state in privacy. >> i think the lender community would love that, and user communities as well. but it goes back to the different individual companies and their policies. we're getting there. we're getting there. it's a challenge. >> reporter: but not everyone is happy with how fast this is moving. southern california congressman henry waxman sent a letter in february to apple asking for privacy protection answers, then sent another letter last month saying the march 2 reply does not answer a number of questions we raised about the company's efforts to protect the privacy and security of its mobile device users. >> i think we're at a critical juncture, but i think we have an opportunity to fix things before they grow to a level that can lead to lawsuits or other damage to consumers. >> reporter: this conference
10:35 pm
was one of the first designed to get innovators, competitorsk and regulators all talking to each other. >> we all have to do our individual part. >> reporter: privacy doesn't mean apps will stop collecting information or that users are off the hook. >> that's a lot to be aware of what she's doing on that thing. >> reporter: whether it comes to privacy, whether you're on your phone or not, most seem to agree, there is a difference of not being told, and just not paying attention. >> a reminder here, we post all of our special reports at, you'll find the tab with all of our reporting right there on the front page. rejuvenated search efforts today brought out about 100 volunteers to look for sierra lamar. they were inspired by news that santa clara officials have located a red jetta that may be connected to the 15-year-old's
10:36 pm
disappearance. investigators ruled out a link between sierra's case and attempted kidnappings in san jose, and walnut creek involving red cars. sierra lamar disappeared on march 16. former bart police officer mehserle was back in court today. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter of oscar grant. his legal team says mehserle should never have been tried or convicter. the former officer said poor training is what caused him to reach for his gun, rather than his taser. >> a very experienced officer in kentucky, having the same identical weapon and taser carried in the same positions did the same thing. >> the family of oscar grant says they are outraged at the
10:37 pm
prospect of a new trial. the court has three months to make a decision. a show of solidarity in oakland today as nearly 100 people marched to honor a transgender woman killed ten days ago. the marchers want to bring attention to what they call the cold blooded murder of brandy martell. iends say martell, who's legal name was milton massey jr. worked to help other transgender people. >> we're stunned as a community, because she was a bright light and a shining star. and a classy personality with so much potential. >> no arrests have been made. her friends say they hope today's case will bring leads. what we've learned about a
10:38 pm
russian built airliner today, and the dozens of people onboard. a little bit of fog and warming in some places. i'll let you know where. >> first, cost plus, what we've learned about the company's head quarters.
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you know, those farmers, those foragers, those fishermen.... for me, it's really about building this extraordinary community. american express is passionate about the same thing. they're one of those partners that i would really rely on whether it's finding new customers, or, a new location for my next restaurant. when we all come together, my restaurants, my partners, and the community amazing things happen.
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to me, that's the membership effect.
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a woman was shot and wounded in east oakland tonight. the shooting occurred around 5:00 this evening on courtland avenue and congress avenue. police say the woman was sitting on a curb when she was shot in the leg. she was taken to highland hospital and is expected to recover. neighbors tell ktvu they're tired of the violence. new information now. pleasanton police said today autopsies on a mother and her 13-year-old daughter found shot monday night could not confirm if the killings were a murder suicide. police say the option showed 37- year-old amy freeman burton, and her daughter were each shot once in the head and it didn't appear the teen shot herself. they say it's still unclear whether the mother's mound was several inflected, but that is not being ruled out. police are now waiting on a ballistic and dna test. oakland based cost plus is about to get a new owner. bed bath and beyond is buying
10:42 pm
the chain. for the fast few years, cost plus has been operating specialty food departments in some bed bath and beyond stores. it now has 259 scores worldwide. the headquarters for cost plus will remain in oakland. the famed fairmont hotel on knob creek has been sold. it was bought for $200 million. fairmont hotels and resorts out of canada will continue to manage the hotel. it is one of the most famous hotels in the bay area and was added to the national register of historic places back in 2002. in news of the world tonight, in the philippines, 17 women died in a raging fire in a clothing store overnight. three escaped. the fire burned for five hours before firefighters were able to put it out. the women were sleeping on the
10:43 pm
top floor, which is a common practice in the philippines for workers who live far from their jobs. in indonesia, a plane vanished. there was word a short time ago that wreckage has now been spotted and it appears none of the 47 people onboard survived. this was the first russian made passenger jet built since the fall of the soviet union. in moscow, thousands of soldiers paraded celebrating the defeat of nazi germany. president vladimir putin canceled a trip to the u.s. for a g8 summit and a private meeting with president obama. they will meet next month. breaking news right now. a major fire that is burning in santa clara. we'll have late details right after the break. plus >> a string of violent crime on
10:44 pm
campus. find out where they took place and what was stolen. >> also, chief meteorologist bill martin is working on his five-day forecast. he's back with the warm up, he's tracking for this weekend.
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
we have more breaking news tonight. right now a fire is burning in santa clara. it's in the 1900 block of hillmont place. photos show a good sized fire, amend callers to the ktvu news desk say it started about 30 minutes ago, and the flames can be seen from a long distance away. we have a crew headed to that fire and will let you know what else we learn. two people were sent to the hospital after a drive-by shooting in oakland tonight. it happened just after 6:00 this evening at 13th avenue and
10:47 pm
east 18th street. a witness told ktvu this car was traveling on 13th when the car behind it drove by and opened fire. the driver of the car that was hit made it to highland hospital where at least two people were treated. no word on the condition of those victims. students are on alert after a string of armed robberies. on the road where all of those armed robberies are happening and told us what at least one student is doing. >> reporter: we're on gailey road where the strong of robberies took place. this is a fairly busy area. but as you can see, also at night, it's dark. all the attacks have taken place under the cover of darkness. there have been four armed robberies and one assault with a deadly weapon. they've taken place near two
10:48 pm
dorms. foothill residents hall and stern hall. >> these are dorms and it's a part of the campus, and it sucks to know that we're not safe here on campus. >> reporter: students have been robbed of wallets, a purse, a backpack, and a laptop. in one incident, three students were approached by two men who had gotten out of a car. one man had a knife, and the other punched the student in the face. school officials are reminding students that the campus is open to the public. they're urging students to pay attention to their surroundings. >> we do want to feel safe. but we're in a city, and you've got to remember that at all times. >> reporter: one student told us, she no longer wears ear phones as she walked around at night. >> i wear them during the day when i know i'm going to be around people. >> reporter: campus police are urging students to use the free night safety services, such as asking for a walking escort. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2
10:49 pm
news. budget concerns in melpilas. 52 employees will get pink slips. the city's park department will be transported to public works. the city manager says most of the budget short fail came from the loss of redevelopment agency money. governor jerry brown is reportedly telling state employees to be prepared for hefty cuts. there is a $9 billion cap to fill. a fierce dust storm called a haboob swept through tucson, arizona today. the national weather service said wind speeds are up to 50 miles per hour with stronger gusts. it moved north of tucson, heading to phoenix where
10:50 pm
forecasters warned of hazardous driving conditions. there were no reports of injuries or major damage. temperatures have cooled off a bit tonight. a little cooler than last night at this time. the fog is gone from the cost. it's going to try to reform later on tonight. there is a wind, a north gradient keeping the fog south of the area. that will lesson tonight, and the fog will try to slip in like it did this morning underneath that. either way, we're looking for a beautiful day for your thursday. tomorrow looks a lot like today in terms of temperatures. less cloud cover at the coast. lots of mid-80s inland, and lots of 70s right around the bay. as we go into the bay area weekend, it's going to be warmer. tomorrow is thursday, like today. saturday and sunday, a little warmer still. it looks like a spring weather pattern as you look at the satellite imagery. rain to the north in the gulf
10:51 pm
of alaska now. the jet stream is up there. we get a few high clouds. the fog trying to work its way in, but very, very little. the weather system is tweaking through tomorrow morning early. as it slides through, it will basically try to bring a little more fog on the coast, but it's going to slip through fast tonight. tomorrow is going to end up being another nice day. the reason it's not going to be warmer tomorrow is because of this weather system. once it goes off, then the warming begins. that's on friday, saturday, and sunday into the bay area weekend as high pressure replaces that low pressure system. we get more fog at the coast certainly, and some really nice warm days. forecasts for the fog then as you look at it tomorrow, or tonight, a little bit trying to reform around pillar point. tomorrow morning, just not a lot of it. there will be a few more patches up around rockaway beach. then it burns off again tomorrow afternoon. so the coast tomorrow, looks like a pretty good afternoon. the forecast highs then like
10:52 pm
today, almost a repeat of today except less costal fog. 85 in sonoma. 85 in pittsburg. it's going to be a nice day tomorrow. the five-day forecast is one of the nicer ones we've had in a while. it's not showing rain looming. it's not showing temperatures dropping. it's a real steady across the board, lots of 80s, lots of sunshine and the weekend stands out as being two of the nicer days. >> even warm on the coast as well. >> steady as she goes. thank you bill. his name became synonymous with a particular hairstyle. vidal sassoon died today. he said his idea was to cut shape into the hair. before him women's hair was teased, and high. he also developed a very
10:53 pm
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experience love that lasts. ♪ fremont based tesla motors agreed to ship its first model s sedan in june.
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that's a month ahead of schedule. in a letter to shareholders it had approved almost all the certifications necessary to deliver that car to u.s. drivers. it has a base price of just less than $50,000. tim lincecum had some great moments tonight, but then some not so great moments tonight. >> they need this guy. he's their ace, they need him so show their way it was not happening. you're going to hear he was all right. the giants are far from first place in the west, losing two out of three to the dodgers. thoroughly waxed in two of the three as a matter of fact. timmy comes out dealing. a couple of men stranded. then with the bat, a little grounder. he will hustle, dee gordon can't make the play at first. and call it a hit and an rbi.
10:57 pm
1-0. they lead 2-0. but the 4th was his unduing. 36 pitches. this with the bases loaded, laced to right, everybody is going to score. turns out a three run triple for tony gwynn jr. biggest hit of the night. 4-2 lead there. 6-2 final. it was a major league game for sure, but had a cal feel to it. today's starting pitchers at the coliseum, both former bears. in the 4th inning, scoreless, and ross it taken deep by adam lindh. 5th inning, morrow winds up up with his fourth win. getting to him for an rbi single. not nearly enough. the jays will wind up adding insurance in the 7th off the
10:58 pm
bat of jp. deep and way gone. 5-2 your final. jays have evened the series. there was a touch of good news for the a's this afternoon. the slugging sensation from cuba, only a minor injury to his left hand. he hurt it in batting practice prior to last night's game. tests reveal only a muscle strain. he could be in the lineup as soon as tomorrow. in the only other games tonight, it is a no-go for jeremy lin and the lin-sanity will have to wait until next year. the heat putting new york to bed. wade 19, lebron 29. the heat take it in five. only our game, the clippers are extended to six, as mark gasol goes for 23. the grizzlies still down 3-2 in the series. going back to l.a. that is the sporting life for wednesday night. just one more thing about the giants, lincecum, you know he's
10:59 pm
not near really what he did in say 2010 and most of last year, and they need him. >> they sure do. thank you. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning team will be here starting at 4:30, following the fire burning in santa clara in a residential area. the morning team will also have more on that armed standoff in san francisco. we learned police chief greg suhr arrived on the scene just moments ago. >> we will be updating throughout the evening and mobile ktvu.


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