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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. find out why police are still on the scene in connection to a murder in the north bay. a search for a gunman in an overnight shootout with oakland police. firefighters remain on the scene of this fire that destroyed several town homes, those were not occupied but there were 75 to 100 people still not allowed back in their homes and we will hear from one of them coming up. also, gay marriage, how this big announcement could affect the presidential race.
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ktvu channel 2 morning news this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us this thursday may 10th, i am pam cook. >> and steve is right there, how is it looking steve? >> we have breezy, a couple of upper 40s so coast, bay inland, patchy fog on the coastline and 60s and 70s and lower 80s. here is sal. westbound 24 still looks good driving over to oakland in lafayette. and we are looking at the commute on 101 as you approach the 580 interchange and that's doing well, let's go back to the desk. san francisco police will hold a news conference to tell us more about a fatal officers
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involved shooting. the man is tied to a deadly murder in roner park. >> reporter: you can see police still have a presence here in front of the apartment building where the shooting unfolded and neighbors were scrambling after they started shooting randomly. they tried to secure the scene, now the man was wanted in connection to a murder on roner park. the man fired shots and over the course of the hour the suspect fired multiple shots through walls and floors and the building had other people in it and sometime at the ballpark of 10:00 the suspect set fires within the apartment. several people were evacuated from that building and shortly after 10:00, they say the
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gunman was shot and killed. he was a person of interest from roner park earlier this week. 66-year-old dianne hughes was found beaten to death inside her home on bernice avenue. there appeared to have been a violent struggle. they were looking for her missing suv. there was a large party sunday night and that gave them some leads. and we have not seen any and of course red cross was assisting them last night so most likely the people found other places to stay. we will hear a press conference and we will learn more about the gunman's identity. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. two people were shot as they drove through vallejo. the victims were 21 years old. it happened just before 6:00 last night and while the woman
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suffered a grazed wound, that man was shot several times and his injuries are life- threatening. the back window of their toyota carola was completely shot out and police are asking witnesses to come forward. right now as many as 100 people are being kept out of their homes. claudine wong is right near city hall where an investigation is beginning, claudine? >> reporter: we wanted to give you a first look, several cars and six of them are badly damaged by this fire. that is where the fire was ranging overnight. these were several town homes up the came from you proud but it's still smoking here. you can see firefighters still putting out hot spots and there are two firefighters with lines
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dropping water on them and we have seen flames popping up here and there. keep in mind this fire was very intense and at its height it was shotting 100 feet in the air. this fire went to five alarms and in their favor last night there was no winds and it kept embers from going to other buildings. this couple has no idea if they can go back home and all they knew at 10:00 when this fire broke out was that they had to get out. >> it was bad, we had to get out. >> it had to be pretty scary. >> oh, it was very hot. really very hot. >> reporter: do you know how your home is? >> we don't know, we are going back now. >> you have not been back to look at it? >> not yet. >> the chief said people will be going home today and there are 75 to 100 people who are
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still not being allowed back in and that's where firefighters are working. even though, people were living inside the homes and it was very badly damaged. >> the homes are not livable over the next several days. >> reporter: back live out here at the fire scene off of scott street, you can see a live look and some of the fire damage just the heat burning into some of the buildings and one of the fires did spread into the attic area, but the people will not be allowed in mostly because of water damage. the sprinklers were going for a long time and caused damage in four to six of the units.
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investigators will be back out here very soon to try and figure out how all of this started. claudine wong, back to you. we have information on a manhunt and police are now clearing the scene without a suspect in custody but they say they are confident that they will catch the suspect. now the s.w.a.t. team, they evacuated people, all in an effort to catch a man who jumped out of a traffic stop. he ran into a yard and police say right now they are not actively searching for him but they are confident they will track him down. new details this morning about president barack obama's controversial decision to support same sex marriage and coming up, 6:15 what the political experts are saying
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whether it will help or hurt his reelection chances. >> and in san francisco's castro district they celebrated at the corner of castro and market and some people wrote messages of thanks. >> i think it is about time and it was finally acknowledged that every one should have the same rights. >> i am proud we have a president who can actually stand up and say how he truly feels. >> some say if the president's stance on same sex marriage could change, others may change as well. cal trans will outline details of an upcoming closure and construction crews need to have all access to major parts of the bridge when they replace a major part of the bridge and it is expected to be completed
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by early next year. >> sal, how is highway 24. >> well it looks good and checking all the bridges, highway 24 looks good as you walk through contra coster county but that is to be expected. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza and there is a little bit of a backup building here which used to be the back of that parking lot but not a big delay and once you get onto the bridge it looks good. it is slow getting to los gatos, but the rest of the freeways still looking good >> >> i was looking on the peninsular woodside 44, palo alto, and loss alternate toss is -- los altos is 46. they have been cooling down and it will bottom out on the
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temperatures and 79 today, concord 86 and it did not feel that warm. redwood city dropped only 2, san carlos was 77. 81 sap hose and 77 today. temperatures continue to slide with a system to the north, 60s and 70s and lower 80s for most. a few high clouds will thin out and just some patchy fog on the santa cruz coastline. travis is cranking up and that's a sign southwest fso everything is starting to move into place look at that santa rosa 44 and 49 and 50 for redwood city coal valley, that is cool. 70s for many, a few $80 out here, because it is a cooler
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pattern we will settle over averages and patchy sunny and breezy for many. upper 60s and lower 50s coast and bay, we will have warmer weather into saturday, slight cool down saturday and a bigger cool down on monday, pam. thank you, steve. a message for the bart board of directors, a new contract for new bart cars and where they will be built. it becomes a vicious attack, what was lurking in the water that has one woman in the hospital. and a plot foiled by cia for al qaeda bound for the u.s. ♪
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. powerful explosion in the area of damascus. those blasts took out the side of a military intelligence building and 70 people were killed almost 400 have been hurt we are not sure who is responsible. the syrian government is blaming so called terrorists. opposition forcings is accusing the syrian government. >> they want to know who leaked out the foiled al qaeda plot
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that one that tar question -- targeted u.s. airlines. a would be suicide bomber for al qaeda was actually working with the cia in saudi arabia and thwarted that attack. they are absolutely furious about the leak. they say it disrupted a very sensitive ongoing intelligence operation. the parents of a soldier are revealing he is the focus of secret negotiations between the obama administration and the taliban over a proposed exchange. this is a sergeant and his parents say negotiations involve five taliban prisoners at guantanamo bay in exchange for their son. he was captured by the taliban in june 2009. his parents say they decided to talk publically about all of
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this because they are frustrated with the lack of progress. president barack obama's embrace is a clear difference of his rival, mitt romney. allison burns has more on how this could all impact the presidential race, allison? >> reporter: potential sides are hoping to use this issue to rally new support for president barack obama and that means energizing liberals. they are showing the president's change of heart on twitter and president barack obama said in some places that will be pretty important in this electoral map, it might hurt him. some say mitt romney can use this to rally conservatives and here is what they say. >> my view is marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman and i know people have
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differing views, and this is a very sensitive topic. >> the post reports, one out of six of the president's top funds raisers is gay and i will have more on how much money president barack obama raised during my next update in the next hour. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a german tourist remains in serious condition after she was attack by a shark. she was swimming 25 yards off the coast when she was attacked. the shark bit into her thigh which went straight to the bone. >> i saw she was in a pool of blood in the water so i immediately ran down there and got her out. >> she underwent surgery and lifeguards closed down the beach and ordered everyone out
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of the water. >> and a judge in orange county ordered two fullerton police officers to stand trial for the death of a mentally ill homeless man. he died five days after police officers responded to a call. ramos is charged with secondary murder. and the other officer is charged with secondary manslaughter and assault. both are pleading not guilty. sheriff ross mirkarimi is expected to turn over his witness list in his continuing fight to save his job. he plans on trying to save himself before his ethics community from last month. the mayor's list also includes sheriff ross mirkarimi's former
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firm friend, christina flores and michael hennessey. and from marin to contra coster county that chase ended near willow pass road and concord. it began 7:30 last night when novato police responded to a domestic violence call. officers chased the suspect to the freeway where the chp then took over. a section of 680 was briefly closed during the pursuit and arrest. and a bart board meeting will call on the board of direct ters -- directors. they are ask asking they award a new fleet of cars to a company from canada. they planned to make 66% here in the u.s. a french company
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that bid promised to bid 9 5,000 in the u.s. labor unions want bart to go with the company that will mean more jobs here in the u.s. >> let's check in with sal. we are looking at bart, bart is on top so far so good let's look at the freeways 237 is moving along well, no slow downs yet, normally there are later in the morning, interstate 880 also looking nice past the coliseum, and to 980. the metering lights should be switched on and there is a backup of a little more than ten minutes. let's go to steve. lots of 40s and the peninsular down to south bay, los gatos, up to the north bay,
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there is a noticeable chill and now the system giving us a few high clouds set the stage. the cooler air a lot of, now they are much, much cooler. delta breeze over san pablo bay. 44 santa rosa, 44 livermore and a lot of 40s even in the city, and there are a lot of 46s. palo alto, and the system that moves out, it will start to nose in starting tomorrow. patchy fog, sunny breezy, and a cooler pattern inland, mainly low 80s morgan hill, antioch, some upper to mid-70s, 60s mainly on the coast. warmer on friday and a little
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cool down comes in. in the next few weeks the social network plans to launch a storefront for social apps. it will help people find apps and games, hens the concerns over the facebook growth rate. and against honda, that was the award to heather peters claiming they say the mileage he is plates for comparison only and the judge ordered peters to pay honda 75 in court fees. she dreamed of winning and how a weekend fire has a young woman very determined to win.
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and westbound 4, slowed traffic in antioch, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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and the metering lights are getting better and backed up on the army crossing. this is the last chance for you bay area history buffs and you can get a last look at a war war 2 battling -- world war ii battle ship. it has been docked there and this time it will reopen for two final days of public tours. a young woman setting her sites on winning mystical foreign why is setting her sites on winning the pageant next month. she suffered serious burns trying escape an apartment which caught fire. it could make it difficult for her to compete when the event starts but if she can be in
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fresno she can compete even with bandages. >> she has worked too hard, this is her last year, she brings everything to the table. >> she is a mid-golden gate title holder and she came in 5th when she represented sonoma county. that will make her a top contender. britney spears will be one of the new judges on the x factor. she signed a contract and will be joining simon and there is another seat up for grabs, reportedly miley cyrus and didn't my love veto. and -- deemmy love veto.
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and police are not allowing people back in their homes after a fire and we will tell you when they might be allowed back in their homes and we will show you the damage. >> pam will bring you the early stock numbers, stay tuned for more. i'm a native californian. times are tough. our state's going through a tough time. but we can fix it. ♪ chevron's been here in california for 133 years. we work hard. we support 1 in 200 jobs in the state.
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. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news stock market is opening up and there are a bunch of retail names to keep an eye on, avon, and cody, private company tried to buy avon and kohl's beat the forecast and the forecast looking forward is not good so we'll see how it looks coming
6:31 am
up. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is thursday, may 10th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, time now 6:30. overnight news, a massive fire in the south forced about 100 people to evacuate and they still cannot go home. wopping wong is live where townhouses were being built are now destroyed -- claudine wong is live where townhouses were being built are now destroyed. >> reporter: firefighters are still putting water on that area and these are areas where people weren't living but taking a look at the surrounding buildings, there is damage and people were living inside those buildings and as many as 100 people will not be allowed in and somewill find significant damage when they return. the fire burned hot, it was
6:32 am
extremely intense at one point and it shot about 100 feet in the air. people didn't realize what it was until police came banging on their door. >> gunshot -- >> reporter: you didn't think it was a fire next door to you? >> no. >> reporter: until police said -- what did they say? >> they said there was a fire. >> reporter: that couple still does not know what kind of shape their home is in and firefighters are estimating 175 people are out and people living in four to six units will not be able to get back into their units for several days. >> we are doing the best we can to salvage the uninvolved buildings to get them in as quickly as we can. >> back out here live at the
6:33 am
fire scene, we do expect investigators -- investigators to figure out how all of this started. you can see parts of the damaged area and there have been a lot of hot spots, and it is on the other side of where they are staying because obviously the stucture is very unstable and they don't want anybody nearby. also the cars parked here were very damaged by the heat and fire that raced through this area. yes when i asked him how long he said we will be out here for quite a while. they will do an overhaul trying to do this safe and trying to let residents back into their homes here. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. police actually tried evacuating some houses they
6:34 am
used flash bang grenades but they still have not captured the man involved with the officers involved shooting. now those flash grenades went off at a home on 79th avenue just a couple of hours ago. police were trying to catch a man who jumped out of a car and he may have had a gun. at least one officer may have fired some shots and police say they do know who they are looking for. >> this morning san francisco police will reveal more about a deadly officers involved shooting. they say a recent killing in roner park created a very dangerous situation and coming up, we'll see why police are still on the scene. also a very tense situation across the bay, a standoff has ended peacefully. we have taken these pictures of
6:35 am
an uncover police car late last night. both were parked outside where a suspect was barricaded inside. the man is your rendered just a short time ago and nobody was hurt. it ended in a high-speed chase, the two suspects crashed their car on lakeshore avenue 11:30 last night. earlier they broke into a home armed with handguns. police say they stole cash, a car even the family dog. authorities tracked them to oakland which is where they crashed. speeds were reaching up to 100 miles per hour. the suspects were taken to the hospital and we have not been told about the condition of the dog. they say there is no information about sierra lemar and two information about
6:36 am
attempted kidnappings, both involve a red car linked to sierra lemar's disappearance. yesterday 100 volunteers spread out searching for the missing teen. sheriff's divers went back checking respond and waterways. they will vote the first of two votes to authorize a strike. the teacher's tune that beyond -- the teacher union said they issued more than 600 layoff notices and they are proposing more cuts. the meeting will take place between 6:00 and 7:00 tonight. drivers may notice some riders on the road this morning and today is national bike to workday. alex savage is at the golden gate bridge and we can see what is in store for people to
6:37 am
decide to bike to working today. >> reporter: well this is the so called energizer station and you can see a whole crew of people who are handing out snacks, refreshments for bikers who stop by and they are getting everyone ready as they head-off to working, biking to working and this is all of an effort from the bicycle coalition to end courage people to bike to working. you are from keizer. >> we know exercise is the best way for you to stay healthy, it improves your mood and health and helps prevent chronic diseases whether you are jogging hiking, the key is to find your thing and get out and exercise. >> reporter: aside from the health benefits, it just puts
6:38 am
you in a good mood. >> it does, the feeling i get, it makes me feel young and health think and it is a great way to get out and have fun. >> reporter: what a gorgeous backdrop. >> exactly we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and the best way to see it is biking to working. >> reporter: we will have roughly 200 energizer stations a long bike commute routes along the bay area so if you see one, stop by. folks are handing out refreshments and snacks, pedal off, live this morning, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the partners over at silverstein, they all ride their bikes over the bridge to working. >> i have to say, all my years as a reporter, more and more people in san francisco, i have
6:39 am
seen them on city streets riding to work it just becomes a regular commute and there will be a lot of people guiding you along, go ahead and try it, i think you will like it. 237 westbound, traffic is slow, no major problems and speaking of 880, it is a little bit slow but north bay, past 92 and out at the coliseum. it is backed up just beyond the army crossing, let's go to steve. very good morning, it is is it chilly out there, blossom hill 4 , santa rosa is the coolest, 44, it will be sunny today but cooler, we start off warm and we will bottom out on the temperatures, concord 86,
6:40 am
redwood city 76 today and san jose 81 going 77 today. high pressure is losing its grip as the system moves in and it is a daily double. you get the upper level low and weak front and the combination makes for a chillier air mass. so cooler morning. sunny and breezy, 60s and -- 70s and 80s, all of that is gone right now. most locations are not too bad, but it will pick up a bit, some of those 40s santa rosa 44, even in san francisco, cole valley, 46 degrees, 45 woodside, los gatos, i think i saw 46 as well. a cool pattern, they will be very, very low lower 80s. high pressure is on i way -- is
6:41 am
on the way for tomorrow. it tips to working its way in, a lot of 70s and closer to the bay and coast, 75 fremont and los gatos 79. it will be warm on saturday, not a biggy on saturday and i think you will notice it more on monday, dave and pam. cleanup is underway after an unusual storm, winds blew roofs off homes and power lines went down it quickly turned to rain and hail, many drivers were caught off guard right during the rush hour commute and fortunately nobody was injured. wait until you hear this, another terror threat diverted plans to injure hundreds of people at the olympics. we are live in san
6:42 am
francisco, the scene of a tense standoff between a gunman and police. find out why roaner park police were here as well. >> it looks good if you are heading to pleasanton and we will tell you more about the bay area commute and bay area weather. ♪
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. here is a look at some of the top stories we are looking at, oakland police are clearing the scene and a s.w.a.t. team was out there searching mcarthur and east oakland. police say they know who the suspect is and they think they found the gun he had. firefighters are still busy putting out hot spots from a big housing development fire in santa clara. this is brand-new video we had just gotten in, several townhouses were destroyed forces nearby residents to evacuate their homes. >> and labor unions will be holding a rally for new bart cars to the company who agrees to build most of the cars right here in the united states. and the top story this morning, san francisco police have scheduled an 11:00 news
6:46 am
conference to reveal more about a fatal officer involved shooting. the man has ties to a deadly attack in roner park and tara moriarty joins us from last night's shooting right in knob hill, tara? >> reporter: you can see one of the people was stuck behind a kitchen counter and police escorted him to get out making room for police to do their job. there are two patrol cars in front of the building you see here. the gunman shot randomly through walls and floors even lighting nearby fires and he was wanted in connection with the murder at roner park and now he has been killed. police cordoned off an entire park after the visit to the man's apartment took a turn for the worse. the girlfriend answered the door when a man fired a gun.
6:47 am
>> several shots were fired, they tried setting up a perimeter. over the course of the next hour the suspect fired multiple shots. >> reporter: as we mentioned, the man was a person of interest in a roner park murder. dianne hughes died after a violent struggle. she had been beaten to death and police were looking for her car. we will be hearing from police and hopefully we will learn the identity of the gunman and folks are now allowed back into their homes and they most of them spent the evening somewhere else. russia said the foiled terror attack plans were aimed at the winter games and they found weapons and ammunition
6:48 am
including surface to air missiles, rifles and explosives. russian secret service said they expect it was planned by a rebel leader. now they have found the wreckage of a russian plain that smashed into a volcano. there were 45 people on board. nobody survived. they will have to use helicopters to retrieve the bodies. they were journalists with other potential buyers when they crashed. max michael wade is expected to appear in marin county court this morning. 17-year-old max michael wade is charged with repulling into an auto dealership and stealing a $200,000 lamborghini longing to guy fieri gash belonging to guy
6:49 am
fieri. max michael wade is also charged in the attempted murder of two people in mill valley. he may end terrible a plea at this morning's preliminary hearing. sal, are the folks in count from county -- contra coster happy? >> no, it is getting slower on westbound highway 4 over to the antioch area and the slow traffic is still there and out to the toll plaza traffic is still very slow and kind of a tough shot with the sun coming in and it's backed up to the oakland army base. 880 traffic is a little bit busier leaving the hayward area heading on south, when you get to the south bay, 101 is slow. 6:49 let's go to steve. cool, mostly clear, a few
6:50 am
high clouds, the system is falling apart, so far all i can find is hanging out at the santa cruz coastline and otherwise it is going to be clear, look for temperatures to be on the cool side, 42, i mean 44 in woodside, 44 in santa rosa, it will be sunny later on, 54 to 74 and my forecast area goes way out there. most temperatures are coming down to the lower 80s and 60s and 70s coast and bay. i expect that to pick up -- expect that to pick up and there are a lot of 40s including peninsular, south bay, even livermore 46, so it is cooler and after today, high pressure will build in, patchy fog, nice to warm but cooler than it has been.
6:51 am
mid-$80 for some, and a lot of locations that were mid-90s lower 80s around pleasanton and warmer weather takes over on friday with your weekend always in view and there is a slight cool down sunday and monday does look much cooler, thank you pam and dave. first time unemployment insurance is down and this morning the labor department reports 36 5,000 people filed for initial benefits and that's down 1,000 from the week before. analysts say it is new evidence that hiring could pick up this month. the bounty game scandal this time it is the 49ers accused of targeting a player. a man's prized possession is stolen from his home, what is so special about this great
6:52 am
dame. and it is getting thicker on the way to the bay bridge -- traffic is getting thicker on the way to the bay bridge, stay tuned for more traffic and weather.
6:53 am
6:54 am
. welcome back, taking a look at the big board, ben bernanke talking about the financial sector, saying some credit
6:55 am
worthy borrowers are still having trouble getting a mortgage. >> touch mango. >> mango. oh, you are my girl. you are so smart. >> and zoo keepers are using the ipad to communicate and talk with zoo animals. they hope one day they can tell zookeepers what they want for lunch just by pointing to a picture of their food. a show dog worth $25,000 was stolen from their home. that is knight, an 1 month old great dame and he was stolen sometime yesterday and the thieves seem to know what they wanted. police say there was another dog, electronics and other valuables that were not stolen. we have learned the san francisco 4 thers were -- 49ers
6:56 am
bounty game, now ben roethlisberger says he was targeted. he says 49ers put a bullseye on his ankle. he threw three interceptions and pittsburgh lost and we remember that game the night the lights went out at candle stick. a showdown with the nation's top college teams going head to head. number one cal, hosting 2 arizona state. they have not played each other since last april. this could be a previous screw of the national championship -- preview of the national championship game. happening right now, president barack obama is set to board air force one and we want to take you there live, the president -- there he is coming right on down the steps, he is headed to seattle for two campaign events and president barack obama is also attending
6:57 am
a campaign event at the home of george clooney and a record fundraiser, 140 people have paid a lot of money to attend that event and it comes after the announcement that he supports same sex marriage. how is the toll plaza now? >> slow, traffic is backed up behind the oakland army base and the metering lights are on and it is pretty slow. not here in downtown as we head to the west valley, let's go to steve. patchy fog on the santa cruz coastline it's clear but definitely cool. sunny breezy, high 60s and 70s and a few very low 80s.
6:58 am
at least 100 people are homeless after a fire, the huge fire is causing some big problems. also the search for the gunman in an overnight shootout in the east bay, stay right here with us.
6:59 am
>> reporter: almost 100 people are still


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