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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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led them to his girlfriend's apartment. >> he responded box. officerinize gauged him in conversation. >> reporter: dennis hughes barricaded himself and started shooting and set a fire. >> what unfoldal over the next hour were -- unfolded over the next shot were gun shots. the police chief says investigators found two hand guns after two sharp shooters took him down through a window. >> if the threat could be neutralized that should happen. >> reporter: firefighters kept the flames from spreading. we talked to some of the residents and we are putting together more of what might have led up to this for 6:00. live in san francisco, eric
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rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on the shooting. the police chief says things could have been worse. he referenced this shooting that left four officers dead. they were killed by a convicted felon held up in an apartment. >> suspect began to shoot at the officers through the walls. we didn't suffer a tragedy like in oakland where they lost two officers. >> no offenses were injured last night. police say two brothers suspected of stabbing a man to death have been captured. authorities say it was a touch that led them to brian bess and jonathan bess. they were arrested yesterday. police are working to extradite them here. investigators believe they stabbed 51-year-old james cotta
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at a home april 27. one hour ago teachers in san francisco started taking a strike vote. ktvu's rob roth is live in the city with how the results could impact students. rob? >> reporter: right now a group of teachers are out here singing protest songs while inside this high school the voting has begun. at issue, whether or not to authorize a strike vote. >> reporter: the san francisco educators association and the school district declared a impasse. >> 31 years, this is the worst. >> reporter: many teachers are upset over the proposal to cut $31 million in salaries and benefits, including four furlough days and then there is the layoff. [ singing ] >> reporter: this afternoon music students were rehorsing. their teach -- rehearsing.
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their teacher is one of 200 teachers who got pink slips yesterday. >> i haven't told the teachers i may not be back. >> reporter: she is in her first year teaching, it may be her last year. >> makes me feel like i am disposable. that my job doesn't mean anything and my work has been for nothing. >> reporter: officials say the school district can afford to give them what they are asking, a 2% raise but the superintendent says there is no money, only deficit. >> no one wins. everybody loses. particularly children. i think that there is better ways of doing that. we -- if we were in a situation we could afford the money, why would we not give it to them. >> no solution. i am 100% supportive of the strike. >> reporter: this is the first
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of two required strike votes. if approved and if talks continue to fail, they could go on strike this fall. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police are looking for a boy who ran away from a group home. the staff at greater new beginnings group home last saw jerry walker at 6:30 last night. jerry walker is 90 pounds. police are worried about him because of his young age. protest in support of "occupy the farm," who has been camped out in the east bay. ktvu's sal castaneda is live. >> reporter: i want to show you something here. if you could look over hereimate one of the researchers here -- here, one of the researchers tried to get inside the gates and police turned him away.
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"occupy the farm" protesters say police shut the gates. they are not allowing anyone in, some say they are not being allowed out. anyone who comes in will be arrested for tress passing. "occupy the farm" protesters hopes the university sees this and opens up a dialogue. >> this is the next stefas far as a form of -- step as far as a form of communication where we could be taken seriously by the universal. our right to grow food and provide for ourselves. >> reporter: "occupy the farm" handed water and food over the fence. they are trying to water the food because the water has been shut off. they hope the university will change their mind and reopen the game. the university says "occupy the
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farm" is trespassing. i was speaking to a man who said that the people inside are being allowed to leave but if they leave they will not be allowed to come back. this is a protest called for 5:00 here. people standing around, the police are inside, protesters are outside. reporting live, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. new at 5:00, president obama appeared in seattle and there he alluded to his support of same-sex marriage. >> you will have the chance to make your choice heard on the issue of making sure that everybody, regardless of sexual orientation is treated fairly. >> he said every american should have the chance to succeed no matter who you love. the issue of same-sex marriage today moved from the
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personal to the political as democrats and republicans tried to make political hay from the dea bit. >> same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> i do not favor marriage between people of the same gender. >> president obama's campaign rolled out new video today. mitt romney says a marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. nancy pelosi said the announcement filled my head with joy and not a political move. >> had to do with who he is, what he thinks is right for america. our families, values. >> the president's advisories say the same-sex marriage will energize the democratic base but speaker of the house john boehner says other things are more important to the voters. >> the american people are
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focused on the economy and asking where are the jobs. >> president obama said when vice president joe biden got over his skis and embraced gay marriage, president obama was forced to speed up his plans to announce his views. he will be in southern california tonight. the stran city -- san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi hasn't yet filed his witness list. mayor ed lee filed two witnesses. mayor ed lee filed the charges after ross mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment case involving his wife. antidomestic violence
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advocates held a rally today. workers from a dozen agency rallied. they said they are facing budget cuts that will rip the safety net they offer to survivors of domestic violence. together they serve more than 25,000 survivors and their children every year. >> we provide serves with the support, re-sources, tools to escape the violence and establish safe and stable lives. >> the agency rill take a $165,000 budget hit this july and $267,000 in july of 2013. microsoft is reworking its search engine to work with facebook and twitter. they outlined the changes. microsoft is hoping it will allow them to compete with
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google. the changes are set to go into effect next month. the number of people filing for first time unemployment benefits was down again but just slightly. 367,000 claims were filed last week. down 1,000 compared to the week before. a jump in job opening suggest hiring could be on the increase. employers advertised 3.74 million job opening in march. >> the dow broke a six day losing streak today. investors appeared encouraged by unemployment benefits. the dow is up 20 to 12,855. the nasdaq is down 1 at 2,933. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire that destroyed townhouses and tonight many of the people are still not allowed back in to
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their homes. ahead, the reason why and the latest on the investigation. >> a hoist of a celebrity's sports car, the teenager accused of the crime went before the judge. what his attorney is asking for. >> your bay area weekend, friday's forecast, you will like it, warming temperatures. mom? hmm?
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police arrested a patient at napa state hospital after an attack on a psychiatric technician tuesday. a representative said the technician was injured while trying to place the patient in restraints. the teenager accused of stealing a lamborghini from a chef was in court today. ktvu's alex savage says his behavior was somewhat usual and
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the legal move that could take the case out of the public lime light. >> reporter: the judge read the charges against max michael wade during the arraignment. he decided not to enter a plea. we were not allowed to show the defendant but he could be seen grinning. the teenager is accused of carrying out a break in at this car dealership. stealing a $200,000 lamborghini, similar to this one. that car belonged to guy fieri. >> i ask the public keep an open mind. one of the most important things in society is a right to the presumption of innocence. a fair jury trial. the lamborghini was stolen last year but investigators say they caught on to him last month after he carried out a
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drive by, firing shots at two people in a car. neither were hit. according to reports, investigators discovered the stolen lamborghini in a storage locker along with guns and a police department uniform. his attorney wouldn't talk about how he is holding up. >> his family loves him and supports him and misses him. >> reporter: he has been charged as an adult but today his attorney told the judge he is filing a motion to have the case sent to juvenile court where the proceedings would be closed to the public. he is due back in court next month, in the mean time he is behind bars. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. only a few days remain to
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apply for supervisor to replace nadia lockyer. she said she wanted more time from her family and recover from a dug addiction. a follow up on a story we told you about at 5:00 earlier this week. supervisors decided not to take up an ordinance proposed on a loan wolf. it has been tracked from oregon. ranchers wanted an ordinance making it possible to hunt wolves. supervisors said there wasn't a lot of public support for the idea. beachgoers in florida are concerned after a shark attacked a tourist. the woman was swimming in waist deep water wednesday when the shark bit her thigh leaving her
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with a 12-inch wound down to the bone. >> she was in a pool of blood in the water. i ran down there, got her out. >> she was airlifted to a hospital. she is in serious but stable condition. our weather now. beautiful day. over to our chief meteorologist. friday looks good? >> yeah. nice day tomorrow. temperatures on the increase into the bay area weekend. nothing to complain about in the five-day forecast. no rain and a nice forecast. temperatures increasing into tomorrow and into saturday and then they drop off on sunday. winds at 22 miles per hour. temperature right now is 72 degrees. very typical, very afternoon for this time of year.
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highs today were about where they were yesterday. 82 in santa rosa. 63 fairfield. 84 livermore. that temperature, see the oranges, yellows, greens, that is classic bay area weather. microclimates there. bay area microclimates. we have hundreds of them. your might recollect climate you may be suffering from tree pollen. pine seed and oak tree are trending high. grasses, give them a week or two, weeds are still low. and also doesn't matter what i say, what is blooming in front of your house, everything is, should get better next week. but this week has been rough. allergies hardest to deal with early morning and evening. over night lows, 46 in santa
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rosa. 46 napa. 51 hayward. over night lows tonight where therapy last night. -- where they were last night. 70s on the bay. mid-70ss and warms rapidly. over the hills, into the flat lands, livermore, mid-80s and upper 80s. when i come back i will get specific with the forecast for your neighborhood. see you back here. >> thank you. vacation in outer space might moved closer to reality today. the company space exploration announced it is teaming up to develop private space stations.
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they would build the stations and transport the vacationers. it was ktvu's tom vacar who first reported earlier this year. some angry words today. why these workers are not pleased with the company that bart picked to make its new cars cars and how the agency is fighting back. >> the step forward for a drug made by a bay area company that could be making history in presenting hiv.
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thousands of people around the bay area getting back on their bikes and riding home from work, taking part in the national bike to work day. 200 energizer stations were set up to provide snacks snacks snacks and drinks. happening now. bart is reporting a delay in service on the bay point line from sfo into the east bay. trains are running 20 minutes behib schedule. bart is having a computer communication problem. bart is one step closer to
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completing the fleet of the future. they chose a company to build new cars for the fleet despite a noisy protest from labor unions. they rallied outs headquarters asking them to reject the recommendation benefiting brian b -- bombardier. union leaders and members say they want a company that goes far beyond that. they says it would mean lore local jobs and safer cars. >> we want to make sure the cars are made here in america. union made. >> a spokesperson says bombardier was selected because they had high techical scores
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and they would be assembled in america. with 6% made parts and they replaced the oldest fleet of rail cars in the nation. >> reliable cars sooner rather than later and we want to put jobs in america now. >> the bid from bombardier came in $100,000 less than the next lowest bid. bart says the 410 new cars should hit the rails 2017. a panel endorsed the first drug shown to prevent hiv in healthy people. it is used to treat hiv but it appears to be a safe way of preventing it. a final decision on approving it as the first hiv prevention drug is expected in july. taking it cost $36 a day.
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officials declared a epidemic of whooping cough. so far this year in washington 1,280 cases have been reported and they expect the number to rise. officials asked hospitals to vaccinate every adult who goes home with a newborn. raw milk from a dairy is being recalled after tests confirm bacteria was found. officials say 10 people have fallen ill after consuming the product. the owner believes the test results aren't correct and requested a hearing for this friday. a housing complex goes up in flames leaving dozens of
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people without a place to stay, what investigators are saying. >> caltrans gets ready to install super shocker. still ahead.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> a massive fire at a complex that ended up going to 5 alarms. firefighters say this was the largest fire this year and you can see from the pictures how big it was. flames shooting 100 feet up into the air. ktvu's janine de la vega is there with more of the video of
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what happened. >> reporter: frank, this fence has been put up for safety reasons to keep residents out of the rubble. officials are concerned the framing that you see there may fall down. >> reporter: this video taken by a homeowner shows the fire that shot up into the air last night. today this wood is what is left of two complexes that were under construction. each were fully framed. it spread quickly and damaged nearby homes. residents were evacuated. this morning around 50 residents were still not allowed in. parts of the complex still smoldered. bill was consoled, his home was heavily damaged. >> that was my couch. in the living room.
5:31 pm
it burst into flames, which set off the alarm and the sprinklers. >> reporter: investigators spent the day interviewing people and looking for evidence. >> we have witnesses. there is a lot of video out there that folks are offering up to us. so all of that would be compiled. >> reporter: he is thankful his car wasn't damaged. >> i don't know whether the tvs or computers will work. they were on when i left. >> reporter: investigators have not determined a cause for the fire yet but officials say the majority of people will be let back in within the next half hour. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. police released surveillance video that may show the person who vandalized a church. the photos are blurry but they show a man wearing a necklace.
5:32 pm
police hope someone can qualify the man -- can identify the man. a statue was painted black and a font was broken. crucial warning for drivers. the bridge will be shut down over the memorial day weekend. ktvu's tom vacar will tell us why and what workers will be doing on the bridge. >> reporter: caltrans says if the south bay starts shaking this work will keep the bridge from shaking apart. >> reporter: replacing this joint that runs across all lanes, more than 100 feet above the bay. crews have been working underneath the bridge for many months so the major surgery
5:33 pm
needed will minimize the closure to three days or less. >> we open the bridge across, six lanes. we did as much as we could. >> reporter: over memorial day weekend they will jack sections of the road up so they could sandwich in bearings that will allow the road to swing 3 feet in any direction during a major earthquake. that will absorb the seismic shocks. >> when the shaking is all done the bridge will be exactly in the same operation. >> reporter: next year they will have installed 98 joints and bearings. making it one of the strongest and safest in the world. there is one possible snag. >> if there is rain throughout memorial day weekend, there is
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a possible we will have to -- possibility we will have to push the work back. >> reporter: another similar enclosure will happen on the other side later during another holiday weekend. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu's. more details now, there are two alternative routes you could take. highway 237 or take the san mateo bridge. once again the closure runs from 10:00 p.m. on friday may 25 till 5:00 a.m. on tuesday may 29 for all of that work to be completed on the bridge. on the campaign trail, president obama is on the west coast raising funds for his re- election bid. he is scheduled to arrive in los angeles in an hour. he spent the day in seattle at paramount theater. he pushed his theme of moving
5:35 pm
forward and attacked mitt romney. >> what mitt romney doesn't get is that a healthy economy doesn't mean just maximizing your profits. you don't make america stronger by shipping jobs over seas. >> when he arrived in los angeles president obama will attend dinner at the home of george cloney. these are pictures of his home. it is expected to be the most lucrative fundraiser for any president. the president is scheduled to spend the night and leave tomorrow morning for reno. >> mitt romney spent today apologizing for a allegeied anti-gay behavior in high
5:36 pm
school. it stems from a story about a prep school. several boys pinned a man to the floor who was gay. mitt romney then cut the student's hair as he was crying. today mitt romney said he wouldn't have known another student's sexual orientation. >> i don't recall the incident. no question i did stupid things and if i hurt anyone i apologize for it. >> mitt romney also said he became a different person after high school. a call for more dogs to help with security at airports and why the tsa says that idea isn't practical. >> enrollment decline in california colleges, who is
5:37 pm
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with more flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. everything changed with miracle-gro. for you are these flowers, like soap is for showers. everyone grows with miracle-gro. . new attention is called to gaps in security measures following the foiled plot to sneak a bomb on a plane bound for the u.s. outside the u.s. body scanning technology is not widely used. it is the best way to detect
5:40 pm
plasting explosives. outside the u.s., most go through metal detectors. part of the reason for not using body scanners is money. some cost more than $160,000 each. >> the tsa is urged to use more dogs to boost security. they want to make dog as more common sites. terrorists would be more likely to be nervous passing by dogs. >> they can detect things from the parking lot to the gate and on the airplane. it is what the israelis do. what the pentagon does. >> the tsa says it is impactical because they need breaks and require training and handling. fewer california high school grads are enrolling in four year universities in the state. more high school grads are leaving california for four year colleges in other states.
5:41 pm
fewer than 18% of all state high school grads in 2010 enrolled in four year universities in california. that is down from 22% in 2007. a bill makes it more difficult for parents to send their kids to school without vaccination, california allows parents to opt out for religious or medical reasons. the law would require parents to discussion their decisions with doctors. the bill goes to the state senate. the centers for disease control says young people might not be taking the risk of skin cancer seriously. one group had one sun burn in the past year. the other shows indoor tanning is common. both can put people at risk for skin cancer later in life. i am sal castaneda, how help from man is helping
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thousands of fish survive. >> and a bit of fog this morning but the fog is cleared. how does that plan at our your bay area friday? i will let you know and i will have your bay area weekend forecast to boot. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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at&t. have you seen these falcons born this year at city hall. they now have names. 1200 people voted online. here is what they chose, hope,
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thunder and cobalt. children submitted the names. they are expected to leave their nest and learn to fly in the coming weeks. baby salmon have a new home tonight. ktvu's sal castaneda reports how they are part of a plan to save northern california's salmon population. [ inaudible ] >> to harm the salmon fishery, primarily water issues. >> reporter: he says dams have led to a lack of natural migration of sam toon the ocean -- salmon to the ocean.
5:46 pm
this is the first time fish have been brought to the harbor. >> you don't know till you try. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: he says it is rewarding. >> it is what i wanted to do since i was a little kid. i am one of the lucky ones that i got the job i have. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] >> to me it is history in the making. the project manager says another load of fish will be released at the end of the month and they will do it again next year depending on the results. sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. some pro football hall of famers were in washington, d.c. asking congress for help. they want the government to order the u.s. mint to produce
5:47 pm
official football hall of fame coins. money from the sale of the coins would benefit the pro football hall of fame to help preserve football history and help it collect more nfl artifacts. the hall of famers say the education outreach program help youngsters realize the importance of education. >> give them a better understanding of what football is all about and what the history is about and the more important things it took to become successful, getting over adversity and keep striving forward. >> if congress agrees it would be minted in 2016. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here now. >> fog burned off quickly.
5:48 pm
at the beaches you got sunshine right now. breezy conditions and a beautiful thursday afternoon. that is how tomorrow will go. the fog will come back tonight. central valley, looking like summer time. 88 degrees right now in san francisco. francisco-- in sacramento. winds out of the west, northwesterly wind and cooler colors here. they are issuing in the cooler moisture air. that is bay area spring and summer. that is how it will go. increase in temperatures on friday. increase in temperatures on saturday and temperatures come down on sunday. tomorrow patchy morning fog. not a lot. in the weekend it returns. i said this on monday and tuesday, similar each day. we haven't seen a week like this in a while.
5:49 pm
these are the highs from today. like the highs from yesterday. highs tomorrow will be warmer. fog is south. and it will work its way up bit by bit. works its way north. sunday we will see the big fog bank. patchy fog at the coast. temperatures in the 60s coast side and cooler on sunday as the winds come out of the southwest. the cloud forecast for tomorrow morning, brings it back, aggressively. you get the idea. at the coast. see how it isn't coming over the hills, won't get inland. that is how you know it will warm tomorrow. these are the highs. near where you live. beautiful friday afternoon. this week flew by. beautiful week. mild over night lows.
5:50 pm
day time highs in the 70s, 80s. five-day forecast, shakes out like this, with the bay area weekend in view. continues like this. cooler next week but still nice. >> thank you. we believe that bill martin is a prince, a royal prince, a real royal prince was doing the weather in scotland. >> unsettled during the week. cold, wet and windy. >> i think i prefer bill but that is prince charles doing the forecast today. his wife was with him as well. they were visiting the studio to market the anniversary of the service in scotland. >> you don't see that every day. firefighters were busy today with a fire that destroyed a house. broke out this afternoon on
5:51 pm
taylor road. flying embers and smoke damaged a house across the street. a man living in the house where the fire started suffered minor burns. at this point the cause of the fire is under investigation. the high tech product from apple that is helping a zoo communicate with arang tangs. and your last chance totour this -- to tour this world war ii battleship. ll over for the . you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. and fage greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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this weekend will be the last chance to see a world war ii battleship. it has been attracting visitors since october. people have been able to walk on the ship and now they are opening interior areas for saturday and sunday. it will be toed to los angeles pay 20th -- may 20th. the white house is launching a new tourism initiative. >> people who come here from all over the country will be able to spend more time, drop more dollars and create more jobs. >> he announced a new tratagy to increase domestic and international travel. they plan to partner with leaders to encourage travelers to extend their visits. plans are also in the work to
5:55 pm
stream line the work. and the agency will conduct new online outreach to small travel business. >> they are a part of our program, promoting tourism. >> officials say international travel and tourism spending set a record of $153 billion last year. and the white house estimates international tourism to the u.s. will jump by 50% by 2021. 3,000 students will graduate at university of california at berkeley saturday. he is the 2012 alumnist of the year. zoo keepers in florida have a tool to communicate with
5:56 pm
orangutan. they are using ipads. >> mango. >> you are my girl. you are so smart. >> they are building orangutan's vocabulary. they hope one day they could tell them what they want to eat for lunch. police under scrutiny again, we asked the police chief how they are handling the complaints filed about his officer's conducts during the occupy protests and one of the hottest tech companies. [ male announcer ] sizzler's new ultimate steak combos.
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hand-cut, tri-tip sirloin, plus choose shrimp scampi. or grilled malibu chicken, or bacon-wrapped shrimp. starting at just $11.99. you watched it live on the 10:00 news, now police break down thevents that ended with -- the events that ended with officers killing a suspect. >> and the governor delivers boxes of signatures to get his tax plan on the ballot. the promise the signatures make to california. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
>> good evening. i am frank somerville. >> i am julie haener. >> new at 6:00, ktvu's rita williams is live in oakland where she confronted the police chief following a meeting. >> reporter: hanging over the police department is threat of a federal take over for failing to implement all reform said from a decade ago. >> reporter: city leaders met for an hour this afternoon about one of those reforms. the department is required to complete all citizen complaints within six months. that led line has come and gone. more than a thousand people filed complaints, most about what they saw on tv. the chief says that number is now down to 96 individual incides.


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