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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 11, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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we are live in oakland where children are involved in a hit and run accident. we will tell you what the driver that hit them was doing when he slammed into them. >> plus a neighborhood on edge over night after a lengthy stand off between a man and swat team. we'll tell you how it all ended in just the past hour. >> and mitt romney on the hot seat over high school pranks. the serious claims leveled against him that has many people wanting an explanation. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day it's
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friday may 11th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. let's check in with steve paul son. people have maybe out door plans. >> i think they are good to go. we are looking for sunshine and warmer weather today. had our little cool down. started the week off hot and now we are cooling it down. 60s and 70s still no fog. 80s to near 90 for some. here is sal. >> traffic is moving well on 237 as you cross 880 it's a nice drive to the morning commute so far. i want to show you video of an arrest after a high speed chase. independent videographer joshua john posted this video from his camera on his motorcycle helmet. the suspect took off with speeds reaching 100 miles an hour. the chase end on highway 680
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the monument boulevard. the driver faces charges of drunk driving. driving with a suspended license and resisting arrest. the video is taken from a motorcycle cam. 5:01 let's go back to the desk. we begin with developing news this morning. two children are among the four people injured in a hit and run crash in oakland. tara moriarty joins us now from the scene with new information about the victims and the driver police are looking for. tara. >> reporter: the man that was in this house heard this sound the crash the impact of a car hitting and screeches the tires peeling off. when he walked outside this is what he found. his nieces blue monte carlo severely damaged. a woman, her two daughters and another family member was backing out of the driveway when a person driving a jeep slammed into them and took off. it happened just after 4:00. the woman spent the night at
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her uncles house. she and her two girls approximately 10 and 12 were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. when the driver of the jeep crashed into him the his license plate fell off. the car had just been stolen six or seven miles from here. police found it abandoned within minutes. the good news here is the family will be okay. meanwhile police are still trying to find the driver. mccarthur between 90th and 99th was closed but it looks like it will be opening up here momentarily. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty. we are following more overnight news from oakland. a very tense standoff involving swat teams and a gunman it has ended with a grim discovery. we just found out the gunman took his own life. this started at 10:00 last night. police immediately sealed off
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several streets and called in the swat team. police finally went into the home around 3:00 this morning they is where they found the gunman dead. a group of occupy protestors are vowing to remain at a research field belonging to uc berkeley. the group occupy the farm held a rally last night at the ten acre field. a handful of members stay on the property even after uc berkeley police shut the gates and sealed off the area. they began camping and growing vegetable there is two weeks ago. also this morning members of oscar grant's family will hold a news conference. they will denounce johan necessary mehserle's effort to have his conviction for killing grant overturned. the former bart police officer made that request for a new trial on wednesday. his attorney says grant's fatal
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shooting in 2009 was just a tragic mistake. grant's family will be outside the county district attorneys office in oakland at 9:00 a.m.. oakland police need your help to find a missing 11-year- old boy. jerry walker there is his photo ran away from his group home wednesday night. he attends school in richmond. investigators tell us they think jerry ran away because he was facing disciplinary action at school. he could still be in west oakland. if you have any information please call oakland police. 5:05. mitt romney is apologizing for taking part in what he calls high school pranks. coming up the bullying attack that romney is accused of leading and why some of his classmates say that are still haunted by that incident. meantime governor jerry brown
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will be in santa clara today. he will be at the first ever economic summit. trying to come up with selections to california's economic problems. to get ready for the summit organizers held 14 regional forrums in the past two months. ideas, suggestions, and concerns from those forrums will be presented today at the summit. ceo of facebook could be back in the bay area as part of the social network road show. there are reports mark zucker burg will -- zuckerberg will appear at the show. he has not attended any others so far. facebook has not officially announced when it will sell its shares publicly. >> it's looking pretty good so far. this is looking a the the east shore freeway and traffic is
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moving along pretty well heading out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems reported here as you drive on the commute toward the bay bridge. speaking of the bay bridge, the traffic continues to move along very well with no major problems here. if you are driving let's say to san francisco should be a pretty nice drive for you. and the morning commute looks good in the south bay. this is san jose. northbound and southbound 280 traffic moving along pretty well here in downtown san jose. 5:06 let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. a very happy clear friday morning. temperatures yesterday 70s for some. upper a few low 80s. today we bump these up. not much for downtown san francisco. a little warmer now. santa rosa in town was 78. the airport was 84. we'll bump in town up to 86. would not be surprised if the sonoma county airport is warmer than that. today and tomorrow we are looking for upper 80s to near
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90 degrees inland. 60s and 70s near the coast. there is a pretty good breeze until the higher elevations. we are good to go for sunshine. i did see some east bay hills also up in marin county 15-20 and it's turning will more northerly. a lot of 40s to start off with. temperatures have no problem warming up in this pattern. 80s and 90s for those inland. system right out here will inch toward us by sunday. today and tomorrow everything looks like sunshine and warmer weather. nice and hot breezy up in the hills. 75 in the city. 78 in oakland. 90-degrees in gilroy. 85 san jose. 88 livermore. 70 beautiful degrees in half-
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moon bay. little cooler but still nice on sunday. pam and dave. >> thank you, steve. 5:08 is the time right now. he was a few weeks away from graduating college. the honor for one of the victims. >> also a scare in midair. why an unruly passenger forced an emergency landing. >> good morning, southbound 101 traffic is moving along. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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energy landing at boston airport led to federal authorities arresting an unruly passenger. other passengers say 40-year- old michael got out of his seat and tried to open the cabin door while the plane was in midair. >> it looked like someone who had alzheimer's and didn't know where they were going. >> he was just talking in complete randomness. >> his family believes he may have had a seizure. he was interviewed by tsa. he is now facing federal charges of interfering with a
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flight crew. we are now learning about a -- holds a british passport. reportedly the agent lived in britain before he was recruited for saudi counterterrorism. he was sent to yemen by the saudis to infiltrate al qaeda there. he was success in discovering not only the airline bomb plot but other important information. in election news myth romney -- mitt romney's teenage years are under scrutiny under reports he was a bully. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with how the republican presidential candidate is reacting. >> reporter: a lot of romney supporters are tweeting that this really does not matter even if it is true it happened 50 years ago. the stories from the washington post quoting classmates that say in 1965 at the elite can
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brook prep school in michigan romney and a group of his friends tackled and cut the hair of a fellow student that is rumored to be gay. romney says he does not remember it but is apologizing any way. >> i played a lot of pranks in high school. and they describe some that you can say to yourself back in high school i did some dumb things. and if anybody was hurt by that or offended obviously i apologize. >> reporter: romney critics are seizing on the story. one of the classmates said it was vicious. now the sister of the student that was allegedly bullied is having some problems with the story she reportedly says it was not factually accurate. i'll have more on that in about an hour. reporting live from washington,
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d.c. alison burns. 5:14. four performers that entertain the passengers on that doomed italian cruise ship they are suing the cruise lines owner for $2 million. they accused the cruise line of gross negligence for the disastrous crash. they can no longer perform after suffering physical and emotional injuries. the ships captain is accused of manslaughter and abandoning ship. a kentfield college student that died in a sailing disaster will get a degree. there will also be a new scholarship fund in his honor. he was among the four people that died last month at a yacht race on san francisco bay. the large waves forced their boat low speed chase to crash
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into the fallon islands. several are expected to attend the funeral for junior seau. every seat in the huge stadium is expected to be filled as fans say goodbye to the san diego sports ledge. the all proline backer spent 13 seasons with the chargers. he took his life last week. he was 43 years old. police in pleasanton want you to take a close look at a photo from a bank security camera. take a look. the picture show as man wanted for robbing the u.s. bank near the stone ridge shopping center on wednesday. he did not appear to have a weapon and no one was hurt. he was wearing a tan fisherman style hat wrap around sunglasses. he had a slight mustache and severe acne. time now 5:16. the tv show alcatraz will not
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be coming back to tv next season. fox is canceling the mystery thriller after a big drop in viewer ship. back in january alcatraz attracted more than 10 million viewers for its premier. but by the end of the season the audience slunk by more -- shrunk by more than a half. let's check in with sal. any problems? >> we are looking at the traffic being pretty good. we may be hearing there are bart problems. we will run those down for you. let's take a look at what we have now. san francisco northbound 101 this traffic looks good approaching the 80 split. also the morning commute looks good northbound and southbound 101 on the golden gate bridge the traffic continues to move along very nicely. and if you are driving on the nimitz freeway coming in on 580 or in that general area of the east bay we are off to a good start. now add 5:17 -- now at 5:17
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let's go to steve. >> a little fog down toward monterey. high pressure is here and it will kick in a big way. also kicking in a big way is pollen. oak, juniper, mulberry but it's the grass that's is going very high. west or southwest not a big deal on the sea breeze here. it's less than ten. it won't take much to warm up. there is also a little more northerly breeze in some of the higher elevations. 45 napa. 45 san rafael. 90s would be out toward eastern parts of solano contra costa county. a lot of 80s showing up again. high pressure is here for two days. today and tomorrow. a little system will start to work its way toward us. that will increase the on shore
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breeze. sunshine warmer today. nice to hot. a little breeze out of the north, northeast maybe a little toward the higher elevations. 60s and 70s and 80s to near 90 degrees. san jose 85. fremont 82. san mateo 80 and half-moon bay at 70. sunshine warm to hot conditions on saturday. slight cool down but pretty good on sunday. european markets are down this morning as worries over the greek political scene continues. hong kong and south korea fell nearly 1.5 percent. this morning nissan reports record sales between january and march. that despite production disruptions from last years tsunami and flooding in
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thailand japan's largest auto maker earned $940 million indicating a rapid recovery from the natural disaster there is in japan. nissan expects to increase sales for the current fiscal year by 10%. that would put it on target to sale 9.5 million vehicles globally. the news from jp morgan chase sending it down right now. it's also taking the other financial stocks down as well. our futures indicate a lower opening as well. massive trying losses. time now 5:20. i hope you like bike races. the a jam tour is back. how you can get involved in the first stage of the big race. >> plus how time magazine controversial cover is breathing new life into parenting styles. >> 237 traffic looks good so
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does 280 and 880. we have a problem on bart.
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good morning. skies are clear. there is fog down toward monterey that might take the turn along the santa cruz coastline. other than that it will be sunny warm to hot. >> all right time now 5:23. look at this. northwest china swamped by a
5:24 am
huge sand storm pushed by strong wind visibility was poor and as you can imagine traffic came to a halt work at construction sites shut down. some schools even canceled classes. that sand storm lasted two hours. the new time magazine cover has gone viral. it shows a woman breast feeding her son who is nearly four years old. 26-year-old los angeles mother pose for the cover photo with her preschooler son standing on a chair while he nurses. the headline reads are you mom enough? now the article is about attachment parenting leading supporter dr. bill sears says extending breast-feeding can create a closer bond. >> i think teaches parents people are social touchy people. i sleep with him still. he sleeps in the family bed. >> not more than a year. not when they can walk and stand on a chair. >> the cover mom says she was nursed until she was six years
5:25 am
old. she says her parents were really into nutrition. her father is a uc berkeley trained nutritional scientist. and also tells time magazine she nurses her other son who is five about once a month. 5:24. the united states football league you remember that it's making a come back. oakland raider is one of the advisors for the reborn usfl. it went out of business in 1987. the new usfl plays between march and june with eight teams. portland, oregon, salt like city, utah, and memphis, tennessee are some of the cities being considered. the amgen tour begins this weekend. stage one begins on sunday in
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santa rosa. now stage three starts tuesday in san jose and for the first time in the history of this race riders will climb mt. diablo. drivers are to expect delays for two hours. nearly 300 workers signed up but they need about 50 more. if you want to volunteer go to the west america bank building. time is 5:26. very tense friday morning on wall street. that is after really bad news from a major bank. >> uc berkeley has filed a lawsuit. uc police are inside this protest site but occupy the farm protestors say they are not going anywhere. >> also we have developing news. this is coming in from oakland.
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two children among the four victims of a hit and run crash. >> 237 off to a good start. but we have major problems on bart. [ alarm beeping, motor revving ]
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[ motors revving ] ♪ [ motor turns over ] [ liquid pouring ] [ chain saw buzzing ] [ male announcer ] what if everything ran on gas? then again, what if everything didn't? the 100% electric, zero-gas nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all. ♪ good morning, to you welcome back this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. yes, it's friday may 11th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now 5:30. let's check with steve paulson for a little weather. nice today? >> warmer. temperatures will start to warm
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up pretty fast. fog is only down toward monterey. it might impact santa cruz. upper 80s for some to near 90s for others. here is sal. steve, good morning. traffic is moving well. you see the lane workers are out there on the bridge. no major problems here but they are changing the lane configuration for the morning commute. a little bit of fog there. also the morning commute on the westbound bay bridge looks good coming into san francisco. bart 24th street station in the mission district is closed for police activity. the trains are running through without stopping. you cannot use 24th street station. you should go to the either 16th street station or glen park to get on a bart train. let's go back to the desk. we are beginning with developing news in oakland. we are starting right there. two children are among three people hurt in a hit and run crash in oakland. look at these pictures. this happened at about 4:00 a.m..
5:31 am
the two girls are 10 and 12 years old. now the children along with their mother suffer minor injuries. police are still looking for the driver in a stolen car who raced away from this scene. happening right now a group of activists camping out at a uc berkeley owned research field. claudine wong is out there right now. >> reporter: they have been there for 2.5 weeks. the gates are locked inside here. the university has filed a lawsuit yesterday trying to get them out. and you can see the lock still sitting there right now. keeping them from opening that gate. that has been opened since they have been here and people have been able to walk in and out at will. inside the gates the uc police officers monitoring the situation. there is only two of them. there is not more than a police presence than that.
5:32 am
the occupy protestors they talked to. they don't mind the locked gates. we have been seeing people going up and over the fence. there is still folks inside actually sleeping right now and there are these folks outside who are standing guard. will they be forced out of here? that is still unclear. we talked to one of the protestors this morning about staying put. >> everybody is so just you know happy with what we are doing. and how fulfilling the occupy the farm experience has been that even the presence of police hasn't dampened spirits. everybody is happy and chipper. >> reporter: back live out here at this occupy the farm encampment in albany. the question is now again will they force think out. there is a time sensitive issue. they have research they want to happen on this land that starts
5:33 am
monday. obviously they have the weekend now to try to figure out if it will in fact go far. weather not they will fine agreement is still unclear. at this point we are continuing to watch this situation. live here in al an any congress -- albany claudine wong. a squatter in the south bay is causing a lot of frustration for the nearby neighbors. paul chambers is back now. he's in san jose. paul. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are on galveston avenue. this is the area where people were worried that something bad would happen and it did. yesterday there was a fire at a homeless encampment back here in the woods. fire officials say it was a small vegetation fire with burning trash. there is also a barbecue grill
5:34 am
in the area. firefighters were able to knock it down pretty quickly. the issue that these people are saying they want something done. they are very upset and concerned about something happening as it did yesterday. police say this is an issue that happens just in general. always have issues with homeless problems and people and working on ways to solve that. right now the main issue was there was a fire behind us here. i was able to put out pretty quickly. people in the neighborhood are concerned. live in san jose i'm paul chambers. the search for sierra lamar will get national attention today. americas most wanted will feature the case at 9:00 tonight. crews from the crime show interviewed sierra's family last month. she disappeared on her way to school almost two months ago. frank police now confirm -- san francisco police now
5:35 am
confirm the man killed by a sharp shooter was accused of fatally beating his own mother in rohnert park. they say 41-year-old dennis hughes barricaded himself inside his apartment he began lighting fires and shooting through walls, floors, and ceilings when officers tried to arrest him. >> he continued to shoot out of the apartment, through the floors, walls, >> they knocked on our door and told us to leave because there is a murder suspect. >> reporter: hughes killed his mother on tuesday. they say he flew into a violent rage after 66-year-old dianne hughes told him to move out of the home they shared. 5:35. a memorial will be held tonight for a teenager from newark that was stabbed to death last
5:36 am
month. osana futi was killed at a house party. he was star football player and just about to graduate from high school. today's memorial begins at 6:00 at newark memorial high. he will be buried in american city moe a that is where he was born. a woman is accused of dousing her boyfriend's bed with gasoline and setting it on fire. jacqueline believed her boyfriend was cheating on her. this happened about two weeks ago according to police. police say rivera just turned herself in this week. jp morgan chase said they suffered trading losses. report federal governments of
5:37 am
$200n. the losses were as by error and judgment. bank stocks looking down thousands morning >> alabama american is those -- certain crews ha to trudge through the rugged terrain. so far they have cover ten bo des. the jet liner crashed on wednesday during a demonstration fight. president obama wakes up in southern california after a big fundraising event at george clooney's place. now the guests paid $40,000 each to be there. we are looking from helicopter shot of the area.
5:38 am
but most of the $15 million that was raised through an online raffle was for a chance to attend that celebrity dinner. two women won. they attended the dinner with their husbands. vice president joe biden has apologized to president obama for up staging him on the big same sex marriage issue. coming up at 5:45 how president obama responded to the vice president's apology. >> celebrities always have a lot of big trees. you can't really see their house. >> yeah i think that is bedesign if if glut you are -- we have something toty you about. the they are doing a police investigation if you want to get on a bart train you have to go to glen park or 16th street in that area.
5:39 am
you cannot go to 24th street. let's go out and take a look at the east shore freeway. on the east shore freeway itself traffic is moving well. train delayed it was coming through berkeley. it clipped a pickup truck that may have been parked on the tracks or too close to it. no one was injured. that train is delayed. passengers are on it. let's go out and take a look at the toll plaza westbound. there are no major problems coming up here. light delay at the toll plaza. the morning commute looks good on northbound 101 in san francisco approaching the 80 split. so far so good. now let's go to steve. >> thank you. clear skies. it's the grasses that have gone nuts. through the roof. very high. i had more people this year
5:40 am
ever say this is the worst they have ever felt it. probably that spring rain. temperatures along the coast will be not too bad. 60s to near 70 degrees unless you are down near santa cruz. ocean beach 68. 75 officially in san francisco. it will be very pleasant and upper 70s to near 80. berkeley and oakland. now you get over the coastal hills. in the 80s to many to upper 80s. a few near 90 degrees antioch in there and also brentwood and oakley. the temperature is warming up. right there would be some 90s. southwest or west at 7. sfo to fairfield that is nothing. some of the higher elevations are a little breezy. a lot of low to mid 50s. the nights are very, very short.
5:41 am
sunrise in 20 minutes. doesn't a little breezy in the higher elevations about 15-20 miles an hour. 70s, 80s for the bay. cleaver mother will if close. big cool down on monday and tuesday. our time missing sister town alive. >> bad news for bay area veterans and how long they have to wait for care. >> good morning, westbound interstate 80 looks pretty good if you are driving out to the mccarthur maze. another update straight ahead. gp
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good morning. skies are clear. there is fog maybe santa cruz coast. temperatures today warming up upper 70s to near 80. >> welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we following for you. two children are among those injured in an early morning hit and run crash that happened in oakland. look at these pictures. this happened shortly after 4:00 a.m.. the two girls were only 10 and 12 years old. those children along with their mother suffered minor injuries. >> occupy protestors will not vacate a field in albany. this is new video we took this from that ten acre property this morning. demonstrators want that area devoted to urban farming. the university has locked the
5:45 am
gate there is. they posted scout guards and filed a herb -- security guards and filed trespassing signs. >> they will denounce johannes mehserle's convictions. nato says a man in an afghan army uniform killed a service member in the eastern part of afghanistan. the statement from nato did not give the nationality of the service member killed. but there have been several attacks this year in which afghan soldiers division guised in mill -- disguised in military uniforms. bay area veterans have to wait almost a year to get their benefits. the yearlong waiting period is nearly double the national
5:46 am
average. in response the veteran center has meaned to increase staffing and training to speed up the process. >> the oakland office an led the veteran claims. our time is 5:45. vice president joe biden has apologized to president obama for forcing his an on the gay marriage issue. he pushed gay marriage to the forefront when he said he was comfortable with same sex marriage. well right after that reporters started hounding president obama for his position on the issue. that led to the president's announcement on wednesday that he now supports the right of same sex couples to get married. we are hearing the president accepted vice president biden's apology he understood he did not mean to cause such a commotion. marin county teenager
5:47 am
charged with several high profile crimes will go back to court next month. because of his age we cannot show you the picture of max wade. but he grinned. he seemed amused with all the news media attention. he will be tried as an adult. he's accused of shooting two people in mill valley and stealing $200,000 lamborghini. two kidnapped children who have been missing for two weeks are safe this morning and their alleged kidnapper is day. >> authorities are saying adam mayes shot himself in the head as he was ordered to surrender. the girl there is eight and 12 years old they were found safe nearby. maze said he kidnap the girls
5:48 am
after killing his mother. >> so we would like to again say thank you to law enforcement that made this possible and to the community that made it possible. >> the two girl were taken to the hospital. they were released early this morning. mayes reportedly kidnapped him because he believed they were his daughters. 5:47. police in mountain view released a sketch of a man that exposed himself to a young girl not once but twice. here's the man. he was driving a red jeep. possibly a cherokee when he pulled along a 13-year-old girl on monday. now police believe the same man exposed himself to the same girl back in february of last year. she was not harmed. look at that sketch. if you have any information about him call mountain view police. they will wait to hear from
5:49 am
you. well on american idol we are down to the final three there. >> which means we say goodbye to holly. >> 18-year-old texan holly cavanagh was eliminated last night. she was also a contestant on last season but she was cut during hollywood week. hollie will join us live during mornings on two today. i will be talking to her about her experiences on american idol and what is next for her career. that will be coming up during the 7:00 hour. 5:49. let's check in with sal. >> we do have some news about the bart situation this morning the 24th street bart -- you also see the -- there was a reported stabbing earlier on the platform and trains were
5:50 am
moving through here without stopping. just got off the phone with bart central they say all the trains are now moving through. the station is open again. and bart is back on time. for awhile people were not able to get on the trains here and now they are. you can go to the 24th street station and get a train here. let's go out and take a look at other live pictures. also the morning commute is moving well on westbound bay bridge at the toll plaza. 5:50 let's go to steve. >> thank you. happy friday. just one guy talking. yesterday i thought yesterday was nice. temperatures a hit too hot for me -- little too hot for me on tuesday. we had fog yesterday. it disappeared boy was it cold in that fog. there is some down toward monterey. might take a little turn there. that would really be the only
5:51 am
fly in the point hasn't. all right i'm giving up. i'm clicking and clicking and talking and it won't go. come on clicker you can do it. maybe not. i can do this manually. >> i can look at the coast of california. i can follow right along with you. >> maybe not. let's try it again. there. well i'm out of time. all right it will be sunny and warm today. temperatures warming. orange would be 80s and right there 90s popping up close to the coast and bay. temperatures on their way up today. yesterday we had 70s and 80s. 86 santa rosa. 86 concord. not much of a sea breeze.
5:52 am
40s and 50s. high pressure is here today and tomorrow. increasing higher clouds saturday and increasing the fog into sunday. that will cool us down. sunshine today warmer. nice to hot. 90s for some. and temperatures will continue to be very warm today and then about the same saturday it does look cooler an sunday and definitely monoand tuesday. >> thank you. there is a report that yahoo ceo scott thompsonty not -- he never gay yahoo a resume or said he had a computer science degree. it's the first time he said that information did not come from him. last week the sunnyvale based company said they made a mistake. one shareholder though has demanded that scott thompson be fired for unethical conduct. national drop in gas prices dragged down producer prices by
5:53 am
.2%. producer prices actually edged up. prices for pharmaceuticals and airplanes. >> and -- the national retail federation reports penning on mothers day will increase 8% this year. consumers will spend an average of $152 for mothers day gifts, cards, and meals this year. mothers day is second to christmas as the biggest gift giving day of the year. >> lucky you. i get to say happy mothers day to you early. 5:53. spider man lives and once again look at this he shows why they call him spider man. mom? hmm?
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bell come back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. a pit bull found tied to railroad tracks is now back with its owners. the owners told animal services their dog was in the front yard with the two other dogs before they all disappeared. one of the dogs was found tied to a stop sign down the street.
5:57 am
one was found tied to the railroad tracks. the third has not been found. they call him the french spiderman and he just tackled his biggest challenge. look at this. he just climbed the tallest building in france with no ropes, no equipment. he only had chalk for his hands and climbing shoes. wow and we are right next to him. the 49-year-old daredevil has scaled more than 100 skyscrapers in the world. this climb by the way that is 758 feet up in the air. wow. >> my question is why? >> because it's there. >> i guess. this challenge hopefully sal the traffic is not like that. >> if you want a challenge you can commute in the bay area. >> that is true. >> it can be challenging especially on highway 4. let's look at some of the things here. northbound 280 not challenging right now. that is good.
5:58 am
good. northbound 280 traffic moves pretty well. now coming up at the top of the next hour on the morning news we have news on the bart station in san francisco that has just reopened. let's go back to the dave and pam. >> thank you, sal. an early morning hit and run crash that involved children in oakland. what we have learned about one of the cars involved. >> also breaking news out of berkeley. a passenger train collided with that truck. how this crash will effect the morning commute. we'll have live report. >> good morning, skies are clear. will we warm up or cool it down? we'll have that coming up in two minutes.
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