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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 11, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning. developing news. this we've been following for the past several hours. a crash. this could cause a delay for many train riders. and a hit and run crash and how children are involved. and people m san jose are concerned -- in san jose are concerned about a fire and break-ins. and an attack at an east bay b.a.r.t. station. this one happened just a few hours ago. "mornings on 2" begins right now.
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well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2". i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's friday, may 11th. an early-morning crash in berkeley involving a commuter train and a pickup truck is having a big impact on many friday morning commuters. we'll have more on this story coming up shortly. ktvu's tara moriarty is on the scene and will give us details in just a moment. also happening now -- occupy protesters are camping out at an albany field owned by uc berkeley. demonstrators set up tents and spent the night there despite school list locking the -- school police locking the gates. the occupiers want the land for urban farming. they began to farm and grow vegetables there two and a half weeks ago, on earth day but the school has a research study they want to start on monday and you can see some of the
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tents set up. some balloons and shelters and a few people milling around. administrators have filed a trespassing and nuance set against the ocpiers -- occupiers. a squatter in the south bay is causing some problems for neighbors. paul chambers is out there live. what happened? >> reporter: there was a fire that happened yesterday. we also just talked with some neighbors in the community. they say there is a lot of break-ins. this is coyote break. we're at galveston avenue near tully road. and that's where the fire happened yesterday. people are worried about a homeless encampment. they say there is a big issue of homeless in the area. fire officials say there was a small vegetation fire where there was trash and a barbecue grill in the area. firefighters were able to knock it down pretty quickly.
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but this wasn't the first time they were having this problem. >> it happened last year, too. we have to close off the windows. if you are suffering asthma or allergies, forget it. >> reporter: be sides that, they say there is -- besides that, they say there's cars out here as well. they are a close-knit community and they are afraid what might happened. police said there's very little they can do. they are staying on top of it. they are monitoring the situation but with the homeless encampment, it takes a few days toence force it. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul. an update on a story we first brought you live at 4:30. two children are among the three family members injured in a hit-and-run crash in oakland. it happened shortly after 4:00 in the morning at 98th and
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macarthur. the two children are 10 and 12. the two children with their mother suffered minor injuries. we just got off the phone with police five minutes ago. they tell us they are still looking to aive doer in a stolen car. investigators found the stolen jeep two blocks away. police say the hit-and-run driver ran away along with the passenger. we're following more overnight news from oakland. a tense standoff with police and a gunman has ended with a grim discovery. we learned the gunman took his own life. the standoff started around 10:00 last night when the man barricaded himself in the home. police immediately steeled off several streets and called in the s.w.a.t. team. officers finally went in the home around 3:00 a.m. where they found the gunman dead. 7:04. we're gonna go back to developing news in the east bay. we told but this. ther was a crash in berkeley. a -- there was a crash in
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berkeley. there was a train accident. i know the commute is being affected. tara moriarty has more. tara? >> reporter: we just got numbers from the corridor. they were able to speak with us and let us know what areas were affected. you are looking at delays up to one and a half hours. the one involved in this accident was number 518. it was headed to sacramento. so that one as well as 520, 022 and 021 are delayed by -- 522, 521 are delayed by an hour and a half. the train was bound from sacramento for oakland. so it just left. it wasn't going very fast, we're told so the damage was not nearly as bad as it could have been. there were several passengers on board. we're not sure how many. union pacific railroad workers packed the train up and drove the train off the track. it did suffer damage.
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police say the worker at a nearby steel mill parked near the track as workers do. you will most likely be receiving a parking ticket. we're at the union pacific railroad tracks that run parallel to 880 near gilman street. the good news, all of the rains are back up and running -- trains are back up and running. if you are headed to sacramento you might want to check and see if your train has been affected. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:05. oakland police need your help. they are trying to find a missing 11-year-old boy. police say jerry walker ran away from his west oakland group home wednesday night. here's his picture. he attend a school in richmond but he never showed up yesterday. investigators say they think jer -- jerry ran away because he was about to be disciplined. they say he could be in west oakland still or may be trying
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to find his way to the mall. if you have any information, call oakland police. in about two hours, members of oscar grant's family will be holding a news conference. they will be denouncing johannes mehserle's efforts to have his involuntary manslaughter conviction for the killing of oscar grant overturned. the former b.a.r.t. officer made the request for a new trial on wednesday. his lawyer claims that oscar grant's shooting at the b.a.r.t. station in 2009 was just a tragic mistake. oscar grant's family will be outside of the d.a.'s office in oakland at 9:00 a.m. 7:07. mark zuckerberg could be part of the facebook road show when it hits the road today. he will be at the palo alto event regarding the ipo. he was at the first road show event in new york on monday where he was criticized for wearing that hoody sweatshirt, but he's not attended any other promotional events so far.
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7:07. sal, what are you seeing out there? >> looking at traffic that's moving along pretty well in most areas. i want to show you that this friday has been better than we normally see it by looking at some of these pictures. if you look at the road sensors, usually we have a lot more red here, northbound 680 coming up on the 24 interchange. there is an accident on the right shoulder. but it's not causing any delay to traffic yet. as we look at vallejo, pinole and richmond, the road sensors are showing pretty good traffic moving through. i moved it back and forth a couple of times there. let's go to the toll plaza. traffic is much lighter than it normally is. this is the first day this week where we haven't had a big delay at all. i would say a small delay. if you are driving in san francisco, the same thing applies. northbound 280 is off to a good start. >> and i hear the weather is gonna be nice. that's correct.
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unless you are down in monterey or the coast. otherwise, everyone else is clear. kind of a roller coaster week. started off warm and then it looks cooler toward the latter part of the weekend. it's very shallow. won't do much. the allergy is a big problem for people. blame the trees. but the grass is there off the chart. mainly trees and grasses. if you are suffering therein lies the culprit. 80s and 90s. starting to pop back up. 70s closer to the bay or upper convicts by the -- 60s by the coast. 3 miles an hour at sfo and also fairfield which is nothing. there's a little bit of a stronger breeze in some of the higher elevation but that's out of the north. mid-50s for many, from san jose's 55. the system went by yesterday. it's long gone. the high pressure kicks in for a day and a half. the low is gonna work its way towards us.
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that will increase the fog and knock the high out here. today it's sunshine and warmer weather unless there's that little pocket of fog. nice to hot, breezy in the hills. about 15, 20. 60s, 70s, 80s to near 90. antioch, brentwood, oakley, morgan hill will be closed. livermore will be closed. 82, fremont. san mateo at 80. mountain view, 84. los gat tote, saratoga 86. a little cooldown starts on sunday and then we'll start to have cooler weather starting next week. 7:10. a midair scare how an unruly passenger forced an evacuation back east. and find out how a group of entertainer are suing the owners of the costa condorria for $200 million -- costa concordia for $200 million.
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a lot of sunshine. it will be sunny, warmer, 60s, 70s, coast and bay. to nearly 90 well inland. federal authorities blame an unruly passenger for causing an emergency landing at boston's logan's air. the express jet from portland, maine was heading to philadelphia but it landed safely in boston yesterday afternoon. other passengers say in the middle of the flight, the 40- year-old man got out of his seat and tried to open the cabin door. the lone cab flight attendant restrained him but not before he unlocked one of the latches. >> it looked like it was someone who had a.m. and didn't know where they were -- alzheimer's and didn't know where they were going. >> he was talking in complete randomness. >> his family believes he
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suffered a seizure. he was interviewed by the tsa and faces federal charges for interfering with a flight crew. :14. well -- 7:14. well, mitt romney 'teenaged years are under scrutiny after reports are surfacing that he was a bully. alison burns has more to tell us how the republican presidential candidate is
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dealing with all of this. >> reporter: mitt romney says he does not remember the specific incident that one of his former classmates calls vicious. "the washington post" reports that mitt romney and a couple of his schoolmates cut the hair of a classmate. >> here's what he said on fox -- >> there's no question i did some stupid things that i did in high school. if i hurt anybody by virtue of that, i would be very sorry and apologize for it. >> reporter: the man worked as a contractor in iraq and died in 2004. his older sister says she did not know about the incident but she does have some problems with "the washington post" story. she does not want her brother
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used to further a political agenda. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning, a study by the u.s. says use of sonar could harm more sea life. it's reported the underwater sounds could cause 1600 dolphins and whales to lose their hearings. explosions could kill mammals. public meetings about this will be held in hawaii and also southern california. four performers who interviewed the passengers on the costa concordia are suing the owners for $200 million. the muse triss and dancers -- musicians and dancer from hungary are suing for gross
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negligence for the crash back in january. they say they can no longer perform after suffering physical and mental injuries. the captain is accused of manslaughter and abandoning ship. that accident killed 3 -- killed 32 people. a kentfield college student who died in the sailing disaster will receive a college degree post whom posthumously. there will be a new scholarship fund in his honor. he was one of four people who died last month along the san francisco coast. large waves forced their boat to crash into the farallon island. the tv show "alcatraz" could not escape the corporate acts. fox is can't -- caningling the show due to -- canceling the show due to a drop in
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viewership. by the end of the 13th season, the audience shrunk by more than half. the oakland raiders say they are still collecting information after darius hayward bay was charged with a dui. he was pull over on the lower deck of the bay bridge after a chp officer saw him speeding and waving in his -- weaving in his lane. he was arrested after he failed a sobriety test. he's due in court in three weeks. bay area high schools will be holding senior proms and graduations some of the students will celebrate by drinking. that's why some teenagers and parents held this town hall meeting in novato last night to fight bipge and underaged drinking. this week, the local market, united, agreed to stop selling sweet alcohol beverages which are very popular among young
7:19 am
people. >> a lot of kids as my school drink and there -- at my school drink and there is a lot of pressure to drink. but i try to keep away. >> the parents say they want an open dialogue with their children to talk them out of trying to sneak booze into limousines and hotel parties on graduation night. 7:18. a beautiful friday is on top for most of the bay area. up next meteorologist steve paulson will tell us what we can expect this weekend. also, "time" magazine causing a big controversy that deals with parenting styles and an eye-opening picture. good morning. southbound 101 is looking very nice. we'll tell you more about the commute and the bay area.
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a lot of people this morning are talking about this -- "time" magazine's controversial new cover. it shows a 26-year-old los
7:22 am
angeles mother breast-feeding her son who is nearly 4 years old. the headline read "are you mom enough." the article is about attachment parenting, leading supporter, dr. bill sears, says extended breast-feeding can create a closer bond. here's what local parents say about the photo. >> i think to each its own. i sleep with him. he sleeps in the family bed. >> not more than a year. not when they can walk and stand on a chair. >> the cover mom said she was nursed until she was almost 6 years old and she said her parents are really into nutrition. her father is a uc berkeley trained knew trishal scientist. she also tells "time" that she nurses her other son who is 5 about once a month. 7:22. let's see what's happening in your commute. not dwight friday light, is it
7:23 am
-- not quite friday light, is it, sal? >> in some places, not. on this beautiful day a lot of people are taking the train downton if they have to go to work. it might be a good thing. on the road, not that bad. let's take a look at 208 in san jose. it looks pretty good. by yesterday at this time we had a lot of slow traffic here. 101 and 85 still looking good. there's some slow traffic. i don't want to mislead you but you will see lighter-than-usual conditions on this friday. the traffic here looks good. tonight at 7:05. the as host the detroit tigers. sew you might see some people -- so you might see some people showing up for the game. any time after 5:00, a friday night game may bring some of the as fans out to the coliseum. westbound coming up through antioch, yes, we do have stop- and-go traffic here. it's getting a little bit slow
7:24 am
in bay point. but as we move the maps to livermore, we had some stop-and- go traffic coming in from the altamont pass. it looks good from castro valley. if you are using -- chewing between 101 -- choosing between 101 and 880, either of them look pretty good. >> you say the as are playing the tigers tonight? >> they are. >> i might have to check that out. >> all right. we to have a mostly clear morning. there is a little bit of fog there. just a little bit. down to tess pescadero. we had some -- down to pescadero. we had some cool readings. mid-50s for other. san jose at 55. a few high clouds will start to steel in. a couple of systems will approach us on sunday. sunshine and warmer except for the little patchy fog. a little breeze up along the higher el vague.
7:25 am
60s, 7 oh, 80s -- 70s and 80s coast and bay. about the same on saturday. i think we'll see a few high clouds and then an increase in fog will spill in. it's 7:24. early-morning violence in the east bay. the attack at a b.a.r.t. station that shut it down just hours ago. >> reporter: the gates here are locked but that's not stopping the occupy protesters from getting in and out. we'lltel you how. and a high-speed chase. the arrest that was caught on tape. ♪
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a standoff between occupy protesters and uc berkeley. next week, the school plans to begin a study on the plot of land it owns outside campus. ktvu's claudine wong is in albany where both sides are digging in, so to speak, and holding their ground. >> reporter: well, they've actually put a lock on the gates. you have uc police on the other side of the gates. they are letting people out but they are not letting people back in. that's the latest move as this two and a half-occupy protest
7:29 am
continues. the protesters say they that's not affecting them in any way. when they want to come in and out, they just go over the fence and go back. they are actually in the stopping them from doing that. there's security walking around the perimeter of this occupy the farm tract. we also see security officers hired by the university kind of patrolling. but that's where things kind of stand at this point. the university says they would like to work with protesters to try to see if they can continue their urban farming on the land while giving the researchers the spot of land the ability finish their work. will that happen? it's still unclear. but occupy protesters said as far as they are concerned, the conversation only started when they decided to occupy the land. >> we know from 15 years of past history, many, many different people and different organizations on several ditch attempts tried to turn this into an urban farm. the university only ignored
7:30 am
them. it's only new that we have the land that they've begun to have a conversation about turning this into a farm. >> reporter: back out here live in albany, you can see protesters on one side of the fence, really, again, it's been kind of a passing of materials and supplies and really then they go ahead and climb back otherrer with uc police watching. if you take a okay at the sign -- take a look at the sign, you can see they have workshops planned, a mother's day brunch. they will be here. they will be moving forward with the protest. they are not going to try to be forced out -- try to force them out? we don't know that. the occupy the farm protesters still are on this land. live in albany, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. in overnight news, b.a.r.t.
7:31 am
has reopened the san francisco station after a stabbing. around had -- around 4:40, the officers put up crime tape and arrested a woman for allegedly stabbing a man there. the victim was taken to san francisco general hospital. trains pass through the station without letting passengers on and off. the station opened 45 minutes later and no other stations were affected. we have video of an arrest following a high-speed chase from solano to contra costa county. this video was shot by a camera by a rider on his motorcycle helmet. police tried to pull over a car. the car took off reaching speeds at 100 miles an hour. the driver faces charges of drunk driving, driving with a suspended license and resisting arrest. 7:31. national attention today for the continuing search for
7:32 am
missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. "p wanted" will -- "america's most wanted" will highlight the case tonight at 9:00 on the lifetime network. the 15-year-old disappeared on her way to school almost two months ago. tomorrow, volunteers will conduct another search for crews. san francisco police now confirm the man who was killed by a police sharpshooter this week was suspected of fate tally beating his own -- fatally being his open mother in rohnert park. police say 41-year-old dennis hughes barricaded himself in his girlfriend's post street apartment. he began setting fires and firing shots through walls, floors and ceilings when the police tried to arrest him. >> the suspect continued to shoot out of the apartment through the ceil, the walls, into adjacent apartments. >> they knocked on the door and
7:33 am
told us to leave because there is a murder suspect. >> they say hughes killed his mother in rohnert park on tuesday. they say he flew into a violent rage after his mother told him to move out of the home they share. the as have an atms game tonight -- the as have a game tonight and there's also something going on. >> yes. there is a concert going on at at&t park. just be aware of that. you are thinking the giants are out of town. it will be nice and quiet. well, not quite. by the way, the giants come back to town after the weekend. and then we'll get more giants' traffic. just keep that in the back of your mind. this is 237 westbound. we have a little bit of slow traffic finally appearing here. it had been light until now. they removed an accident nearby. you see some of the tow trucks
7:34 am
and the the bottom of your screen. this is a look at 880, we did mention that there is an as game at the coliseum. the traffic starts earlier than that. and the morning commute at the toll plaza, all of a sudden, we have a big backup. remember it was very, very light coming across. well, now, westbound is going to be slow. that's because there was a stalled sedan on the bridge westbound in the second from the left-hand lane about ten minutes ago. i didn't realize that was gonna cause such slow traffic. they slowed the metering lights down to allow the tow trucks to get up there. we went from zero to huge in just a little while. 7:34. let's go to steve. >> thank you. a little haze around the edges and fog. i will show you that in a second. temperatures on their way back up. we have allergies, they are just ridiculous this year. i mean, i keep getting people saying it's the worse i've ever
7:35 am
felt it. well, grasses are really high. trees are not far away. they are in the medium to medium category. i saw projections for weeds to go higher. if you are suffering, you have multiple sources to blame. i hope you feel better too, along with the pets having allergy problems. there is a little bit of fog here. santa cruz. just a little there. very shallow. there's not much there. i expect that to burn off. some 80s and 90s showing you. the 80s back over from santa rosa east bay all the way down to santa rosa. 60s by the coast. i -- i imagine the temperatures are higher than that. this guy here will start to work its way towards us. that will increase the fog and give us a cooldown. today we're sunny side up.
7:36 am
upper 80s to near 90. brentwood, antioch in. sonoma county airport will probably be close to 90. novato 84. upper 80s, to gilroy, 90. livermore will be close. mountain view, sunnyvale, half moon bay 70s. saturday into sunday, a little cooler pattern works its way in on sunday. it looks like it will take us into early next week. 7:35. one of the largest banks in the country announced trading losses of $2 billion. shares of j.p. morgan are down about 8%. here's more. >> reporter: good morning, tornry. wall street is still getting over this one. u.s. stocks opened lower. they were being dragged off by a selloff after the bank reported thursday that it --
7:37 am
that it will suffer a $2 billion trading loss. the losses are stemming from a part of the bank's so-called corporate unit that was making trades really designed to hedge against risk. the bank shares fell more than 9%. let me put this in perspective. if you remember, j.p. morgan came through the financial crisis of 2008 in relatively good shape but this incident has now raised worries over whether there will be more unreported losses at other big banks. in other words, is there another shoe that will drop on this one. also there's now renewed debate over the vocal rule. you know, this -- what happened here was very complicated and there's questions as to how the vocal rules would be impacted here. those proposed regulations that limit the trading that banks can do with their money, that's what that is about. the ceo of j.p. morgan, jamie diamond, he's one of the most vocal critics of the vocal rule he says those losses were caused by errors,
7:38 am
sloppiness and bad judgment. this is affecting morgan stanley, gold man sax, citigroup, bank of america and wells fargo. they are all -- goldman sachs, citigroup, bank of america and wells fargo. they are all taking hits. >> could this really show the banks are in trouble? >> we'll have to see. right now the markets are in positive territory. it's sort of wait and see. it will be interesting to see how we close today. all right. thank you. 7:38. president obama is waking up this morning in southern california after last night's bigfording event at the -- big fund-raising event at the home of george clooney. they raise the $15 million. that's a record for one night. most of the $15 million was raised through an online raffle
7:39 am
for a chance to attend the celebrity dinner and sit at the head table with the president and george clooney. tens of thousands of people contributed an average of $23 each. two women won and attended the dinner with their husbands. coming up at 8:35, we'll go live to los angeles for more on the hollywood fund-raiser. and yahoo!'s ceo is speaking out for the first time about that error on his resume. and we'll talk live to the singer voted off "american idol" last night to find out more about her plans ♪
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7:41 am
7:42 am
we say goodbye to holly! >> wow. that's how the "american idol" journey ended last night for holly. she made it to the top four but then was sent hole. holly is home with us, joining us live from los angeles. holly, first of all, good morning. you said -- good morning to you. you said you had kind of a gut feeling it was gonna happen last night. tell me about that. >> i think i just woke up that thursday in a different kind of vibe, different kind of mood going on. i think i kind of -- i mean, it's weird because all of us had it. i got it, skyler got it, elise got it, colton got it. i think being here we kind of get the vibe and the gut feeling. i tried to stay hopeful throughout the day but preparing just in case. >> last season you were eliminated but this year you
7:43 am
made it to the finals. how does that feel? >> it feels amazing. i'm really proud of myself. i can't really sit here and be sad. i've gone so far than last year. i'm just really happy. i can't complain. i made it out of thousands of people. i'm really thankful. >> i love to hear you talk. i love your accent. it's just great to hear. >> thank you. >> people all over the country know you. how do you feel now? what do you want to do next? >> i feel good this morring. i'm just excited to go back for the finale see what happens and then enjoy that. that's gonna be a lot of nun and then after that -- fun and then after that hopefully get a single out or an album out and then start making some songs. >> a lot of people like you.
7:44 am
you have a lot of that tent. you have a reason to feel good. i have to ask you, out of all of the judges, do you have a favorite that you would go for every week? >> i don't really have a favorite. >> yeah. >> but i've definitely been -- jennifer's been an inspiration for me throughout this whole experience. she's definitely had my back throughout the whole thing and really pushed me to be the best i can. so i would definitely say she's been a huge impact. she's had a huge impact on me throughout this past two years to this year. >> now, looking back, is there anything you would do different? i'm you're you go back to the hotel and when you are by yourself think man, i wish i would have done that. anything? >> not a at this point. we were all standing there and saying no matter what happens,
7:45 am
we have come this for. i think we all wanted to be at the finale. i think you are -- i don't really -- i wouldn't say i have any regrets. if i start thinking too deep in it, i will drive myself crazy. i'm happy with the position i'm in. >> you are 18. your stardom is coming your way. how has your life changed? it will never be the same again? >> no. it's definitely changed for the better. i'm really excited to see what my future brings and hopefully get some hit songs out there and put -- you know, inspire people through music and i'm just really excited to get started on all of that good stuff. >> wish you all of the best. i can say i talked to hollie cavanagh. [ laughter ]
7:46 am
>> thank you. >> and ktvu is grateful you joined us. >> thank you. >> "american idol" airs right here. you can watch the performances and vote and then catch the results show on thursday. the news of $2 billion in losses of j.p. morgan chase, the largest bank in the u.s., is pulling down other financial stocks this morning, as we saw earlier, on wall street. but right now, the major indexes have moved on and are now in positive territory. the dow is up 30. nasdaq up 23. s&p up 4. yahoo!'s ceo is telling co work esdid not give out -- work esdid not give out bad information -- workers he did not give out bad information. there's a report out saying he did not say he had a degree before or after he was hired. one shareholder is demanding he
7:47 am
be fired for unethical conduct, implying that he lied about his qualifications. :46. new this morning -- 7:46. new this morning, nato is saying a man in an afghan army uniform killed a serviceman. there have been several attacks this year where afghan soldiers or insurgents disguised in military uniforms have opened fire on nato troops. back here at home bay area military veterans have to wait almost a year to get their disability claims processed at the regional center in oakland. that is according to a highly critical federal report published "the bay citizen." the veterans center is responding. they are pledging to increase their staffing and also improve
7:48 am
training to seed up the process. two kidnapped children who had been missing for two weeks are safe this morning. their alleged kidnapperrer -- kidnapper is dead. authorities say adam mayes is dead. the girls, you see their pictures here, they were found safe nearby. authorities say mayes kidnapped the girls after killing their mother and their 14-year-old sister. the fbi said it was a tip that led them to mayes. >> this was really about the public coming forward with information that helped us to get to this resolution. so we would like to say thank you to law enforcement who made this possible and to the community that made it possible. thank you. >> the two girls were taken to the hospital. they were checked out and released early this morning.
7:49 am
mayes reportedly kidnapped them because they believed they were his daughters. a marine charged with a series of crimes is due in court next month. due to his age, we cannot show max wade in the san rafael court yesterday. but he grinned and seemed amused with the media attention. right now he could be charged as an adult but his lawyer says he might try to get the case moved back to juvenile court. he's accused of stealing a democrat 200,000 lamborghini belonging to tv show host guy fieri. a judge has sentenced a santa clara man to life in prison without the possibility of parole for a murder-for-hire case. paul garcia prosecutors say was
7:50 am
jealous of the female bartender loving him and not him. there is a new threat to the plans to restore the hangar one at moffett field. the head of nasa says the old blimp are excess to the agency. he says the general services administration should review them and decide if that land should go to another government agency. now, the congresswoman wants the white house to block that from happening. the local community has been working with nasa and the navy for 15 years trying to have google restore hangar one. a final farewell. the memorial to the for a star football player from newark whose life was cut short. and that bay area connectioned a one of the victims killed in indonesia.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:52. mothers, grandmothers stepthermometers will no they are -- steppe moms will know they are -- stepmoms will know they are loved this year. spending is up 8% this year. mother's day is the second biggest gift giving of the year. christmas is number one. 7:52. b.a.r.t. will be buying hundreds of new train cars from a canadian company despite objections from union members. [chanting] >> well, the b.a.r.t. board of directors voted unanimously yesterday to approve a contract to buy 410 new train cars at a price tag of $896.3 million. b.a.r.t. will buy the cars from bombardier of canada. total cost of $1.5 billion.
7:54 am
officials expect the first 60 cars to be in service by the year 2017. b.a.r.t. says bomb boddier's bid compries with the buy america's regulations. 66% of the compo nets come from the united states. -- components come from the united states. 100% of the assembly will be done in the u.s. we're learning that a man from oakley is among the victims killed in that russian plane crash in indonesia. it's still unclear whether his body has been located. search crews have been recovering bodies. but steep terrain is hampering finding others. the plane was on a demonstration flight for journalists and airline flail officials -- airline officials. a medical will be held tonight for 18-year-old -- a memorial will be held tonight
7:55 am
for an 18-year-old who attended newark memorial high school. he was a star pray -- player and was about to graduate. he will be buried in the american samoa, where he was born. let's go to sal. >> we have a crash at the foothill exit. this crash is in the left lane and causing a backup. it's not causing a huge backup but it's there in the left lane and center divide. if you are driving to the san mateo brick, there was a stalled vehicle there westbound. we can see some slow traffic that he. come bar -- dumbarton are all doing very well. let's move along to the bay bridge. we had an earlier stall on the bridge. that stall is gone but they slowed the metering lights down to make the bridge traffic free
7:56 am
while they cleared the stall. and this morning in san jose, we haven't seen that huge backup out of downtown yet anyway. getting up to the -- getting up into the valley. >> it's a sunny friday, steve? >> mostly sunny skies. temperatures today, they will start to warm up pretty fast. brian just tweeted me and it feels -- and said it feels warmer. it does. there's the fog. just took the turn around at pescadero. napa is warmer than 48. everyone else now, upper 50s. concord, 59. san jose, 60. it's not taking warm to -- long to warm up. the system southwest of us will move in late saturday into sunday. today high pressure says i'm in charge. so sunshine and warmer weather a little breezy. some fog along the coastline. 60s, 70s, 80s near 90. fair, cooler.
7:57 am
i think it will be warm inland. everybody gets in on the cooler pattern on sunday. we'll take that -- we'll take that into monday. 7:56. a new security scare at a bay area school. the discovery that has suits, parents and teachers on alert this morning. -- students, parents and teachers on alert this morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2". i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's friday, may 11th. we're starting with developing news from the east bay. it's a bad friday morning if you ride the train. a lot of train riders an early- morning crash -- riders. an early-morning crash is causing big delays. tara moriarty has been out there. what's the latest, tara? >> reporter: well, those early- morning trains to sacramento facing major, major delays because of an accident that happened here at this train
8:00 am
crossing. a worker from a nearby steel mill simply parked too close to the tracks. it happened at 4:45 this morning when the train collided with the pickup truck parked near the tracks just off gilman street close to 880. the train just left oakland so it was not traveling very fast we're told. and damage to the pickup was not as damaged as it could have been. there were several passengers on board. we're not sure how many. union pacific workers pulled the train off. you will face big delays. number 518, which is the train involved in the accident, 520 and 522, all looking at an hour and a half tack onto their commute. same story from the 523 oakland and the 520 facing minor delays. the good news, the trains are back up and running. the bad news, a chaotic
8:01 am
morningp and the pickup owner is facing a parking violation and most likely will immediate some car repairs. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. mountain view police have released a sketch of a man who exposed himself to a young girl not once but tie. police say the man was living a red jeep, possibly a cherokee, when he pulled alongside a 3- year-old girl on monday. she was walking home from school. police believe the same man exposed himself to the same girl in february 2011. she was up harmed. if you have -- unharmed. if you have any information, call mountain view police. we have an update on a story we first brought you at 4:450. two -- 4:40 twofer children were hit in a hit-and-run
8:02 am
crash. the two girls are -- 4:40. two children were injured in a hit and run crash. police say the hit-and-run driver ran away along with the passenger the person was with. we're also following more overnight news from oakland. a very tans standoff involving police s.w.a.t. teams and a gunman have ended with a grim discovery. hours ago we found out the gunman took his own life. the standoff started about 10:00 last night when the man barricaded himself on a house on east 5th street. police immediately seal off several streets and called in the s.w.a.t. team. police finally went into that house around 3:00 this morning. that's where they found the gunman dead. 8:02. tens of thousands of people are expected to attend today's public memorial for former pro football star junior seau. it will be held at san diego's
8:03 am
qualcomm stadium, the home of the charge es -- chargers. every seat in the stadium is expected to be filled. the all-prolinebacker spent 13 -- all-pro linebacker spent 13 seasons with the chargers. he was 43 years old. he took his life last week. police in pleasanton wanting to take a -- want you to take a look at a man who is wanted for robbing the u.s. bank near the stoneridge shopping mall on wednesday. he did in the appear to have a weapon. no one was hurt. he was wearing a tan fisherman's hot, wrap around glasses and a gray shirt. he had a slight mustache and severe facial acne. paul chambers is live from san jose right now. you've been out there for a while talking with neighbors about a squatter probs -- about
8:04 am
squatters causing problems. >> reporter: this is coyote creek. this is the area where the problem happened. yesterday there was a fire here. saves said -- neighbors said this is a major problem. yesterday the camp happened at a homeless encampment. firefighters say it was trash and a barbecue grill and the firefighters were able to knock it down pretty quickly. but the people out here will tell you that's not the only problem. >> we call it in, 911. they will come out. there's nothing -- nothing more they can do. you can even tell on the windows our neighbor's brand- new truck, they smashed out the passenger side and all they took was c ds. >> >> several neighbors say they've had car break-ins. they are watching out for one another to make sure everything is okay. but they also stay enough is enough and with the fire
8:05 am
happening so close to the hole, they would like police to do things. police say they are doing as much as they can to take care of the problem. live in san jose, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:04. state controller john cheung says the city of hercules has the worse set of records it's ever seen. he says the city may have to pay back the $2 million. now, the mayor of hercules respond and says the city did not misspend any funding. it is just short staffed. they've been close to bankruptcy and has laid off 40% of the staff in the last year. facebook stock may sell for a lot more than originally thought. they plan to sell shares for $28 to $35 each. now there are several reports that institutional investors
8:06 am
are asking for more shares than will be available. an ipo date has not been set but experts say it's probably gonna be before the end of next week. the rest of the country is seeing gas prices fall but unfortunately, here in california, they continue to rise. here in the bay area, we're paying between 4:20 and 4:30 a gallon for regular. analysts say we should not expect that to change any time soon, at least in the downward direction. that's because inventories of the special summer blend of gas used here in the golden state are at an all-time low and some experts predict the gas prices could go up another 20 cents a gallon in the coming weeks. >> just a coincidence. >> yeah. >> so it might be good to get out the bicycle if you can. hey, sal, everybody behaving out there? >> yes, this is a good time to be old and remind your younger friends when i was young, gas
8:07 am
was a their for a whole tank! -- was a dollar for a whole tank valley. let's take tank -- a whole tank! >> let's take a loot look -- take a look at the commute. what kills your gascon sumtion is the idling -- gas consumption is the idling. so slow traffic is not your friend. there are no major problems coming up to castro valley. i want to move the maps to the san mateo bridge. we had an earlier crash on that span. the san mateo bridge not a very good bridge to be on now. i would use the dumbarton bridge instead if you have to cross the bay. speaking of crossing the gay. there is a backup there, the earlier stall has been removed. the damage is done. it's backed up beyond the army base crossing. let's go to steve.
8:08 am
skies are mostly clear. a little bit of fog over by santa cruz and monterey. very shallow. i doubt it makes too much of an impact. but for those areas by it or under the influence of it, then it will be a cool he pattern for everyone else it's a warmer a terp. temperatures will be jumping up today. sunday looks like a cooler day. otherwise, it's sunny and hazy. there's thattive arer of fog there -- there's that river of fog stretching back to pescadero. already 62. no problem barming up there -- no problem warming up there. we -- we did have some upper 40s. high pressure today, sunny warm, warmer to hot but a couple of systems will start to work its way toward us. that will increase the fog. today it's sunshine and warmer except for a patch or two. nice by the coast to warm
8:09 am
inland to very warm or hot. 90s hot. antioch and brentwood is in there. napa, 88 to st. helena, sal -- calistoga. maybe 90 near the airport and healdsburg. oakland, 79. upper 70s for some. livermore at 88. morgan hill at 88. gilroy at 90. about the same saturday i think there's more fog trying to make its way back to the coast. dave and tori? >> thank you, steve. 8:09. a cyber crame wave here in california. find out about the most popular item among high-tech thieves. it's been an historic week for president obama. le announc] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
8:10 am
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real big deals this week and every week. 8&&&&& and on small business saturday bothey remind a nations of the benefits of shopping small. on just one day, 100 million of us joined a movement... and main street found its might again. and main street found its fight again. and we, the locals, found delight again. that's the power of all of us. that's the power of all of us. that's the membership effect of american express.
8:12 am
sunshine, temperatures warming up. it will be warm, very hazy skies. a little bit of fog down towards the santa cruz coastline and monterey. cyber criminals, they just love to target california. reports of cybercrime jumped 3.4% to more than 314,000 cases last year and the people of california filed one out of ten out of all of those reports. cell phones are the most popular target right now.
8:13 am
the average victim was duped out of almost $4200. the average here in california, though, was less than 15,000. well, in california, it's illegal to text when you're driving but in one town in newell, the police are giving out -- in new jersey, the police are giving out to people who text while they walk. fines can go up to $85. police say the crackdown is all about safety. they've responded to 23 pedestrian accidents just in year. three of those accidents were fatal. it is 8:13. reports by "the washington post" that say mitt romney was a bully in high school, well, they are coming under new scrutiny this morning. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more on the fallout. alison? >> reporter: tori, the sister of the student that mitt romney allegedly bullied has a lot of problems with "the washington post" story. she says there are inaccuracies in the story.
8:14 am
she's not elaborating but she says she does not want her brother used to further a political agenda. the "post" says in 1965 at the school in michigan, romney and a group of his friends tackled and cut the hair of a male student who was allegedly gay. the student cried and screamed for help. romney says he doesn't remember that incident but he remembers the student. >> i have had no idea what that individual's sexual orientation would be. in the '60s that's not something that we discussed or considered. that's simply not accurate. i don't recall the incident myself. >> reporter: the student of romney's died in 2004. the sister of him said she did not know about the ins sent but thinks he -- incident but thinks he would be furious at
8:15 am
the story. president obama has reportedly accepted the vice president's apology for forcing the president's hand on the same-sex marriage issue. biden pushed the issue to the forefront when he said he was comfortable with same-sex marriage during a tv interview last sunday. immediately reporters began to hound president obama for his position on the issue and that forced. president to move up his planned announcement that he now supports the rights of same- sex couples to marry. gay rights advocates say it's time for him to keep a campaign promise and sign an expectative order banning anti-gay discrimination by federal contractors. job discrimination based on sexual orientation is already illegal in washington, d.c. and 21 stays including california. a presidential order would protect employees of contractors hired by the federal government in the other 29 states. and the vatican is
8:16 am
investigating seven priests from the troubled legion of christ religious order for alleged sexual abuse of minors. it follows a scandal around the leader who fathered three children from three different women. a vatican investigation found the same culture of secrecy that allowed the founder to cover his actions enabled other priests to abuse others. according to the contra costa times, a resident filed a lawsuit accusing town leaders of failing to vir fi an environmental impact report for the dog -- verify an environmental impark for the dog park. they will look into a small
8:17 am
dogs' only zone. a pit bulldog found tied to railroad tracks in antioch is back with the owners. the family said that dog was in the front yard along with the other dogs before they all disappeared. one dog was found tied to a stop sign down the street. the pit bull was found tied to the railroad tracks. a third dog is still missing. palo alto residents are pleading to keep the animal shelter from closing. supporters packed the city council meeting last night holding signs saying "s.o.s." standing for save our shelter. this is after the city of mountain view ended its partnership with the shelter taking away nearly $500,000 and 1 jobs would be at risk -- 13 jobs would be at risk. >> there's so many ways to do
8:18 am
this. zuckerberg has a jog and i doe think he has a license. [laughterr ] the biggest bike race in california is -- get ready for it -- find out when it will be rolling through the bay area. and it's heating up in the bay area. steve will be back to tell us where we can expect 90-degree temperatures.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
welcome back. the am again tour begins -- amgen tour begins this weekend. stage one is in santa rosa this sunday. stage two begins in san francisco on monday. it will go through daly city, pacifica and half moon bay before ending in santa cruz
8:22 am
county. now, stage three begins tuesday in san jose. for the first time in the history of the race, riders will climb mt. diablo. drivers expect delays for about two hours in each of the cities where the race will take place. now, volunteers are still needed for sunday's stage one in santa rosa. organizers say they've got about 300 workers signed up. you this need about 50 more. if you want to volunteer go to the west america bank building at first and -- first and d streets at 6:00 monday morning. less check in with sal -- let's check in with sal. >> traffic sa little better than it was. we've had a couple of things going on that's cleared. first of all, let's go out 0508 westbound. we had an earlier accident at san ramon. the traffic is recovering here. when you get to castro valley,
8:23 am
it's light. san mateo bridge still busy after earlier problem on on the span. when you are going over to -- problem on the span. when you are going over, traffic is moving well. in april, chp issued 30,000 citations rerate -- related to distracted driving. pay attention to what you are doing. if you are texting, you could get a pretty expensive citation. northbound 880 driving past the oakland coliseum. tonight there is an as game. as and the tigers will play tonight. people like to go to games when the weather is like this. give yourself extra time. the bay bridge is recovering after a stalled vehicle. not a huge key bay. it's backed up for about -- not a huge delay. it's backed up for about 10, 15
8:24 am
minutes. let's go to steve. temperatures, they feel warmer this morning and they will be warmer for many today, especially away from the coast. now, i think the marin and sonoma coast will stay fog free but our system will come a little bit closer to saturday night into sunday. that will enhance that. look at that. that's -- that's a tough day for santa cruz capitola. it's moving right on up pass pescadero -- pass ka der row. 50 -- pescadero. there are a few locations that are re-- that are breezy. there is a lot of fog there. everywhere else it's sunny and warmer. 60s, 70s, 80s to 90.
8:25 am
i dropped that temperature in santa cruz. there's too much fog. fair and warm on saturday sunday and sunday weep continue that -- we'll continue that that into monday. he's he's no steve paulson, but -- he's no steve paulson but prince harry took a crack at the weather. >> we're under the influence of low pressure and this weather pushing is bringing clouds and might brick some rain. >> bravo. prince charles delivered the weather during a bbc forecast. he and his wife they were touring the studios marking the network's 6 oth anniversary in scottland. one of the executives called him a natural. one of the tabloids wrote "one
8:26 am
day he will reign offer us today he just -- over us. he just predicted it today. north china was hit by a huge sandstorm. visibility was horrible. traffic came to a halt. it even stopped work at construction sites. some schools canceled classes. the sand storm lased two -- dash lasted two hours. what the family of oscar grant will be doing in about 30 minutes from now. >> reporter: we're keeping a close i on the occupy the protest here. there's been a lawsuit file the but protesters say they are -- filed but protesters say they are not going anywhere. plus -- president obama goes hollywood. we have the details of the president's tornadoesing trip in southern california -- fund- raising trip in southern california.
8:27 am
never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help.
8:28 am
i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
8:29 am
welcome back. 8al 28. we're keeping an eye on the occupiers. the school wants to conduct research on the albany farm next monday. it's getting close. ktvu's claudine wong just talked to a university spokesperson about what may happen next. what are they saying, clue dean? >> reporter: well, the university says, look, this is our position this piece of land is it's their land and they will be committed to some kind of an urban program which is what the folks of the occupy the parm want. but they say it has to be under
8:30 am
their terms. they say they are liable for this land and this needs to be supervised by them. they are also talking about this research that they want to go on at this land and they say the dean of that department says he can't do that. he doesn't want his researchers or his folks out here unless they have control of the land. so that research is set to go forward some point this month. they say the middle of the month, that could be as early as monday were you they say they are flexible -- but they say they are flexible. as far as the occupy the farm protesters out here, they say, you know what? at this point, they are not going anywhere. >> absolutely not. we're here for the long-term. uc has been demanding we leave the land in order to negotiate but we're calling their bluff. >> reporter: again, back out here live, you can see uc police standing by. the new developments out here within the last 24 hours are uc police kind of limiting people's traffic slow in and out of here.
8:31 am
they have locked the gate that's in front of us. usually people are walking in and out of here. but now they are only allow security in there. they will allow security to go out. however, that doesn't seem to be stopping the flow of traffic in and out of this fenced land. as you can see, you can see this, you know, wood that's set up against the fence and you've seen several people going back and forth over the fence and no one is stopping them. what happens now? well, the university spokesperson says their position remains the same that they are not going to just give into all of the demands here at the occupy the farm protest, the protesters have to live by their rules if they want to do urban farming on their land. does that mean there are discussions that are go in be happening? does that mean that more progress can be made? that's still unclear i asked if they could just forcibly remove everyone. woe not take a position on that. certainly, if they are gonna
8:32 am
get this research done, time is running out. live in albany, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. 8:31. right now, students, parents and teachers at a vale elementary school are dealing with increased security after a bomb threat note was found on campus. these are live pictures from opinionny cook elementary school. the note was discovered at the school on tuesday night. a jan ter found the note in a stall in a girl's bathroom. >> the note was handwritten on the wall that put a warning about today about having abloom threat and from that, we took -- having a bomb threat and from that we put in our procedure. >> the note indicated three plays on campus where a bomb would be placed. a bomb-sniffing dog was brought in. no bombs were found. school is open today.
8:33 am
in overnight news, b.a.r.t. service normal again of a someone tas stabbed on the platform -- was stabbed on the platform. you can see the police sealed off the tape. they arrested a woman for allegedly stabbing a man who was later rushed to san francisco general hospital. trains passed through that station without allowing passengers to get on or off. the station reopened about 45 minutes later. no other b.a.r.t. stations were affected. very unique perspective of a high-speed police chase coming to an end in contra costa county. look at this. independentgrapher shot this from his motorcycle helmet camera. vallejo tried to -- independent videographer shot this from his motorcycle helmet camera. vallejo police tried to pull over this driver. the driver faces charges of drunk driving, driving with a
8:34 am
suspended license and also resisting arrest. speeds reached up to 100 miles an hour. oakland police need your help to find a missing 11-year- old boy. police say jerry walker ran away from his west oakland group home wednesday night. he attend school in richmond but never showed up for class yesterday. investigators tell ktvu they think he ran away because he was about to be disciplined at school. they say he could still be in west oakland or still may find his way to east mount mall. if you have he information, you are asked to call -- have you -- if you have any information, you are asked to call oakland police. the tv show "america's most wanted" will highlight the sierra lamar case tonight at 9:00 on the lifetime network. sierra lamar's family was interviewed last month. the 15-year-old disappear odd be listen -- disappeared on her way to school two mont-- two
8:35 am
montes ago. prosecutors say this bomb believed her 21-year-old -- this woman believed her 21-year- old believed her boyfriend was cheating on her and let his bed on fire. the boyfriend suffered minor burns. the family of oscar grant will be denouncing having johannes mehserle's conviction overturned. his lawyer claims the fatal shooting was just a tragic mistake. oscar grant's family will be outside the county district attorney's office in oakland at 9:00 a.m. the dog of a cyclist killed in a hit-and-run accident in santa cruz county has been
8:36 am
adopted. >> ozzieette was found right next to the body of his owner last friday on highway 1 in santa cruz county. 31-year-old joshua laven was on his bike riding when someone hit him and then took off. now, the dog, ozzieette had been riding in a crate. a long-time friend of laven is taking care of the dog but hopes to eventually reunite him with the family. president obama is in los angeles this morning. we're hearing he went out this morning to a city recreation center and played some basketball. that's after attending a fund- raising event at george clooney's home last night. the event raised nearly $15 million for the president's reelection campaign. that's believed to be a record for a one-night fund-raiser. the guests paid $40,000 each to attend. but most of the $15 million was raised through an online raffle for a chance to attend the celebrity dinner. two women won and they attended
8:37 am
the dinner with their husbands. new standards are being developed to develop k through 12 see just education across the u.s. a recent report by the federal government foundle 8th grade science test scores barely improved by between 2009 and 2011. a group of teachers, scientists, engineers and others are collaborating to develop new standards. 8:37. sal knows all about your commute. how are we doing? >> we're not all that bad. we've beenism proving -- improving -- we've been improving in the 7:30 to 8:00 hour. this is a look at highway 4. you can see from bay point all the way through, it looks pretty good. this is looking at bay point you canning out of pittsburg and getting over to concord. the morning commute looks good
8:38 am
at the bay bridge. i would say looks good for this time of the morning. it was really light. that's the thing. then we had a stalled vehicle. they slowed the metering lights down. still about a 10 to 15-minute delay. i would not get worried about it. if you are driving to the san mateo bridge, we had an earlier crash there. i got a tweet saying it took someone 0 minutes to cross. normally it takes 10 to 15. the traffic on 101 is actually good when you get there. 580 is he re-- 508 is recovering from earlier problem. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. we do have mostly clear skies. a lot of activity this weekend. so the weather looks pretty good. pretty good. i say that because there's fog trying to work its way up the coast. i would rather forecast rain. today's mostly sunny but before we get to that, let's talk about the allergies which have been just awful.
8:39 am
trees are moving out higher as well. medium to medium high but the grass is the leader of the pack. they are above very high category. again, two people were telling me, this is the worse i've had it. there are a lot of culprits out there. but the grass is the leader. the system out here will evegly eject toward us -- eventually eject toward us but probably not until tomorrow. it took the turn, went to monterey bay and is going right up the santa cruz coastline knocking on the door to half moon bay. it's already 6 for some. fairfield is in there. mountain view, temperatures will be warm to hot today. this little guy right there, now, it won't brick us any wayne or anything -- it won't bring us any rain or anything. sunshine, warmer, except some of that fog by themate and santa cruz coast. it will be barm to hot for everyone else.
8:40 am
there could be a big spread between some near the coast and others inland. brentwood, 90 degrees today. but 67 santa cruz. i had to drop that temperature. that southern surge came roaring in there. los gatos will be 66. about the same saturday. i think a little cooler weather might tart to work its way in the coast. dave and tori? price tags for downtown san francisco office buildings may set records this year. that's according to "san francisco business times" reportedly the demonday for commercial real estate is growing. sales agreements so far this year have topped $1.2 million and summertime is considered the busy see fon for commercial real estate sales. the experts say that san francisco could see almost 4.5 billion in commercial sales this year. well, ford is recalling more than 10,000 vehicles for problems with the transmission.
8:41 am
the affected vehicles are all rear wheel drive models. he include the 2012 expedition. the 201 and 201 models of f-150 pickup trucks. 2012 and 2013 mustangs and the 2012 lincoln november gator. now -- navigator. now, recall notices will be going out to the owners of those vehicles. postal workers are teaming up with bay area food banks this weekend. they will be collecting food for the annual stampout hunger food drive. it takes place tomorrow. if you want to take part, all you have to do is leave some nonperishable food items by your mailbox and your mail carrier -- carrier will pick them up. the food drive is happening all over the country. it's the biggest single day effort to combat hunger. it's amazing a few items from everybody can really add up. >> yes. 8:41. boy, "time" magazine is making news itself. some people say they look at this cover and they say maybe they have gone too far.
8:42 am
we thought, okay. someone is trying to open a plane doorle what's donna happen here -- plane door. what's gonna happen here? >> the unruly passenger back east who forced an emergency landing and new video of his court appearance this morning. what's the best gift you can give mom ?
8:43 am
a powerful connection. with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte stay in touch with your loved ones on skype. plus, enjoy verizon's 4g lte network in more places. the droid razr you want, one powerful connection on america's largest 4g lte network. that's real value. give mom the droid razr by motorola. only 99.99. the lowest price ever. verizon. hola, mama. it's my mom.
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8:45 am
the markets are up this morning despite j.p. morgan's huge trading loss. while the law has prompted a selloff in financial stock, investors decided this was for investments only. the dow is up 36. the nasdaq is up 19. s&p up 4. time, just about 8:45. let's bring you up to date on tom of the other top stories we're following for you. developing news from berkeley. it was an early-morning accident involving a capital corridor train and a pickup
8:46 am
truck. the shares of the bank j.p. morgan chase, as tori just mentioned, dunn about 7 1/2% right now after the company announced trading losses of $2 billion. we're now learning that u.s. and british regulators have been talking to the bank for the last month before the news of these losses came out. the federal reserve wants more information about the company's chief investment office. and also a london-based trader allegedly responsible for those losses. 8:46. new this morning, we're learning that a man from oakley is among the victims killed in that russian plane crash in indonesia. it's still unclear whether his body has been located. search crews have already recovered 12 victims but steep ravines are preventing crews from getting to the other bodies. 45 people were on board the jet
8:47 am
diner -- jetliner when it crashed into a mountain side on wednesday. the plane was on a demonstration flight for journalists and airline officials. and new video this morning of the airline passenger accused of causing an emergency landing at boston's logan airport. the 40-year-old man appeared in a massachusetts court today. he faces a charge of interfering with a flight crew. authorities say he was aboard a u.s. airways express jet traveling from portland, maine to philadelphia when he allegedly got out of his seat and tried to open the cabin door. the lone flight attendant retrained him but not before he actually unhooked one of the latches. >> it looked like someone who had alzheimer's -- alzheimer's and didn't know where he was going. >> he was talking in complete randomness. >> his family believes he suffered a see chew. he was inter-- interviewed by tsa and faces federal charges of interfearing with a flight crew. we are now hearing that the
8:48 am
saudi intelligence agent who discovered a plot by al qaeda to bomb a u.s.-bound plane holds a british passport. reportedly, the agent was of middle east decent but lived in britain before he was recruited for saudi counterterrorism operations. the fact he had a british passport made him valuable to -- valuable to al qaeda because he could travel to the u.s. without a visa. he was sent to infiltrate al qaeda there and was successful in discovering not only the airline bomb plot but other important information about al qaeda operations in yemen. 8:48. the time magazine cover, this one, showing a mother breast- feeding her almost 4-year-old son is really causing a controversy. 26-year-old los angeles mother jamie lin grummen posed for this cover photo with her son. you see him standing on a chair while he nurses. the headline says "are you mom enough." now, the article is about attachment parenting.
8:49 am
now a leading supporter, dr. bill sears, says extended breast-feeding can create a closer bond. here' what some local mothers say about that photo. >> i think it's too much. you know, they have a sense of what the body parts are. it shouldn't be like this. >> it's not something i would do but i think every mother has to decide for her -- what the right thing is to do for her and her children. >> the mom who posed for that cover shot said she was nursed until she was 6 years old and as i her parents were really into nutrition. her dad is a uc berkeley trained knew trishal see yu. she also told "time" magazine she nurses her other son who is 5 years old about once a month. 8:49. new this morning, a study by the u.s. navy shows its use of explosives and sonar could harm more sea life in california and hawaii than first thought of the report estimates the underwater sounds could cause more than 1600 dolphins or
8:50 am
whales to lose their hearing. ex-- explosions could reportedly kill 200 marine mammals every year. an earlier study indicated only 100 animals would be injured. four performers who entertained passengers on the doomed italian cruise ship are suing the cruise ship's owner for $200 million. the musicians and dancers from hungary accuse the cruise line of gross negligence for the disastrous crash off the coast of italy in january. they say they can no longer perform after suffering physical and emotional injuries. the ship's can'ten is accused of manslaughter and abandoning ship in the accident that killed 32 people. 8:50. a kentfield college student who tragically died in a sailing disaster will get his degree posthumously. dominican university will present the degree to the
8:51 am
family of jordan fromm. there will also be a scholarship named in his honor. he was one of five who died last month in a yacht race along the san francisco coast. 8:50. the tv show well alcatraz "could not escape the corporate ax. fox canceled the mystery thriller after only one season because of a big drop in viewership. back in january, alcatraz premiered to more than 10 million viewers. bu by the end of the -- but by the end of the 13 episode season -- 13th episode season, the audience had shrunk by half. some students will celebrate graduations and proms by drinking. that's why some teens and parents held a town hall meet until novato last night. this week local market united
8:52 am
agreed to stop selling sweet alcohol beverages which are popular with young people. there has been a considered effort to stop teen drinking after drunk driving crashes. >> a lot of people at my school drink. there is a lot of pressure to drink. i try to stay away. the oakland raiders say they are still collecting information after wide receiver darius hayward bay was charged with a dui. he was pulled over on the lower bridge last month after a chp spotted him speeding and weaving in his lane. the 25-year-old was arrested after failing a field sobriety test. he's due in court in three weeks. 8:526789 remember the united states football -- 8:52. remember the united states football league? it's making a comeback. the league originally went out
8:53 am
of business in 1987. the new sfl plans to play between march and june between eight teams, portland, memphis are some of the teams considered for the teams. eight minutes before 9:00. two missing sisters are found alive after a frantic search in the south. what happened to the man accused in their kidnapping. what's behind the long wait for veterans who apply for disability benefits. hey, it's me again.
8:54 am
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new this morning, in afghanistan, a man wearing an afghan army uniform opened fire on american troops killing one before escaping. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. it's the 20th time this year that of a dwan soldiers or insurgents disguised in military uniforms have turned their weapons on foreign troops. bay area veterans have to wait almost a year for their disability claims to get processed at the regional center in oakland. that's according to a highly critical federal report in the bay citizen. the year-long waiting period is nearly double. in the past, the veterans center has offered to increase staffing and training to speed up the process. they handle claims from bakersfield all the way north to the oregon border. the man accused of kidnapping two girls and
8:57 am
killing their mother and older sister is now dead himself. authorities in northern mississippi repeatedly ordered the system, adam mayes, to surrender, but he took his own life. the fbi says those two girls, ages 8 and 12, saw it happen. the girls were found safe nearby. those girls along with their mother and 14-year-old sister disappeared from their home in tennessee two weeks ago. last week, the mother and the 14-year-old were found dead. >> i would like to have seen adam stand more accountable. he took the sissy way out. but praise god the girls are safe and that's all that matters. >> the two girls were taken to the hospital. they were released -- released earlier this morning. mayes reportedly dipped them because they -- kidnapped them because they believe he believed they were his daughters. okay. sal? >> we do have some problems out there. traffic is gonna be busy on the
8:58 am
east shore freeway. train delays still exist along the capital corridor line because of an earlier problem in berkeley. the train accident was cleared. this morning's commute at the bay bridge taupe backed up for about a ten-minute wait, and in san francisco northbound 280 some pretty busy traffic because of an accident, backed up almost to daly city now. let's go to steve. a lot of sunshine, although some fog on the coastline, everywhere else it will be mild, warm, hot about 90 degrees. cooldown on sunday. >> all right. thank you, steve. that's our report for this morning. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. also, be sure to join us at noon. the price of gas just keeps going up.
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