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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 12, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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governor brown is making a new push to raise taxes after new projections show the state budget is in even more dire straits than expected. >> california is looking at a lot more red ink in the state budget with new estimates putting the deficit beyond $15 billion. we will learn more details as the revised budget on monday comes out. but we already know at least one way the governor plans to deal with
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the deficit. >> reporter: you know, you see this kind of thing in a lot of communities. parents say they already pitch in a lot of their own money to education. and tonight, the governor warned of more cuts to education, and public safety, if voters don't approve those tax hikes in november. >> i'm governor jerry brown -- >> reporter: about a minute into this video, he announced the bad news. >> we're facing a $16 billion hole, not the $9 billion we thought in january. >> i'm not surprised. it's bad. it's our future that they're compromising. >> reporter: tracy joyce has two daughters in school in contra costa and isn't happy to hear education is back on the chopping block. >> i'm sorry. it's just sad. i work hard, and i pay my taxes, and i want to get a good education, and we're trying to get the kids in college. >> reporter: governor brown says the growing budget hole is due in part to a slower than
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expected economic recovery. >> we can't fill a hole of this magnitude with cuts alone, without doing severe damage to our schools. that's why i'm bypassing the gridlock and asking you, the people of california, to approve a plan that avoids cuts to schools and public safety. >> even though i love jerry, i don't trust a lot of the politicians! >> reporter: tonight we heard mixed reaction to the governor's grim forecast. >> i hope it's not a scare tactic to get people to vote to pas the tactics. but i do think we need to pass those taxes. >> reporter: the governor's tax plan would temporarily raise the state sales tax by a quarter of $0.01, and increase income taxes on people who make $250,000 a year or more. and we are expecting to hear more about the governor's plan on monday. we have posted governor
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brown's entire speech from today, as well as his most recently proposed budget on our website, >> there's a breakthrough in that occupy the farm protest that's been going on on a plot of land in albany. protestors left the field but are still making some demands. >> reporter: 21 days, that's how long protestors have claimed this land for urban farming. but despite moving from inside the fence to outside, you can see a lot of bicycles here and property. protestors aren't ready to trust what uc officials offer just yet. >> we see this need for urban farmers to have moreland to produce for their communities. coming to this space, i see an amazing opportunity. >> reporter: after much discussion about the university's 39 by 10:00 this morning, our cameras watched as protestors took down their tents. university police and private security remain silent
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on-lookers this afternoon. >> obviously there has been some hurdles that have been placed before us. but as you can see, we slide right on through. >> reporter: a slide installed to get children over the fence into the farming field was a clear indication no one was abandoning the work done in the past 21 days here. 1 man explained to us, ten years ago, this land was eyed by groups looking to expand sustainable farming. a proposal even given to university officials. >> we did all those particular things. but they were supposed to do it at the time. you wouldn't have this situation here today. >> reporter: the university offered two spaces to the collective if they wanted to attend an early morning meeting. the collective made the decision to not send anyone. the same decisions about this land need to be made out here. >> it really is about the farm. it's not about the occupation. and we want that to be clear to folks and understand that there's a danger that this is going to be oh, they just want to dig in their heels and occupy it. of that's not the case. >> reporter: the dean of the
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college of natural resources discussed a stewardship council, possibly managed by albany and university village to oversee the track. >> reporter: a little more than two dozen people out here tonight staying outside of the fence. the dean ended the meeting with an advisory session and will continue to look over summer and long-term options for the land. as for the collective, they have no special events planned for tomorrow. reporting live, jade hernandez. occupy los angeles cost city taxpayers there almost $5 million with most of the money spent on policing last year's protest out of la city hall. the la times is reporting that los angeles police spent $1.3 million monitoring protestors during the two-month demonstration. the department spent an additional $1.3 million evicting them. another half million dollars was spent on security officers protecting property. occupy oakland cost the city $3.7 million during
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their protests. for the second day in a row, a large crowd took to the streets of oakland to protest the death of a high school senior shot and killed last weekend by police. [ crowd noise ] >> about 200 people marched this afternoon calling for a full accounting of the shooting. he ran from officers, and then pointed a gun at them, officers say. a gun was found at the scene. his family says they don't believe he had a gun. his mom called for justice and said her son's death should not be in vain. >> all over america, but we're not going to stand by her, killing our babies and ruining our homes. >> the shooting is under investigation by oakland's police department's internal
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affairs department. the family has also hired an attorney. san francisco police are investigating two separate shootings last night that left two men dead and a woman injured. the first shooting happened at seven:30 on broadway. the 27 year-old victim died at the scene. two hours later, gun fire erupted on turk street. officers found a 50 year-old man and a 27 year-old woman suffering from gunshot wounds. the man died, the woman is scholarshiped to survive -- expected to survive. sheriff's investigators are looking into the death of a man found dead at a bus stop. his body was discovered at about 8:00 last night on santa rosa avenue near todd road in south santa rosa. of the manager there says the man had been in the market earlier, and appeared intoxicated. investigators say the man had no obvious injuries. an autopsy will be performed.
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kamala harris is leading the push to change the way foreclosures are carried out in california. of that's partly what led to a protest today in san francisco. >> what do we want and >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> reporter: it is a david and goliath fight. >> so many homeowners in this neighborhood are in foreclosure with wells fargo. >> reporter: they organized a small group of protesting homeowners in san francisco to take on big banks. for monica kenny, the fight is personal. >> i lost my job in early 2010, i went to the bank and i said i need your help. >> reporter: she said her bank worked out an agreement to keep her home. >> and the following day, the left-hand didn't know what the right-hand was doing, and now i have to struggle. >> reporter: it's called dual tracking. one arm. the bank reaches out to help the homeowner while the other
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proceeds with foreclosure. a homeowner's bill of rights would make banks give struggling homeowners one point of contact to negotiate their payments rather than multiple contacts. >> so they can navigate the system and have clear directives and no ambiguity and confusion. and that's good not only for the homeowner, it's good for the basic. >> i want my piece of the american dream >> reporter: there are more foreclosures in this neighborhood than any place else in san francisco. add to that a aren't audit -- recent audit showing 80% of all foreclosures in san francisco had at least one irregularity. >> if you were making parachutes and 80% of them didn't work, you would get out of the business. >> reporter: attempts to pass the homeowner's will bill of rights have failed. it's 10:30, the explanation for a huge loss by one of america's major banks. and the renewed call for regulations.
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people who ride san francisco's muni line can expect some changes this weekend during construction work. they are building a new boarding island at church street. the transit agency is also doing track and road work on carl street and judah street. they are running shuttles between ocean beach and church street all weekend. there is word tonight of a massive data los affecting hundreds of thousands of californians. the state department of social services says a microfiche was missing from a payroll package sent by hewlett-packard to an office in riverside. the department is notifying over 700,000 people who sproid support for the elderly -- provide supporter for the elderly or disabled about the loss. one sailors killed in last
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month's boating accident was honored today. jordan from was awarded a postthumous degree. he was one of five people who died during a yacht race after the low-speed chase was overtaken by waves. oakland police are looking for an 11 year-old boy missing since wednesday. jerry walker was last seen working out of the greater beginnings youth home for at-risk youth on wednesday. staff members say he was wearing black hooded sweater. that time magazine cover featuring a woman breast feeding her son, research shows that breast feeding is good for children's growth and development. she is a cosponsor of a bill to conspire that women
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have time and space to pump breast mill at work. but the decision over how long to breast feed is a personal decision. president obama and joe biden today honored police officers who have gone beyond the call of duty and acted with extraordinary bravery. among those honored, two los angeles police officers who were off duty last december when they were responded to this deranged gunman shooting randomly at cars and pedestrians. >> i guarantee you, when the bullets were flying, when lives were on the line, these men and women weren't think being about bravery, they weren't thinking of themselves. instead, they were looking out for their fellow officers, and for the civilians that they swore to protect. >> in all, 34 officers were honored with the award given by the national association of police organizations. the air is filled with excitement at uc berkeley on graduation day. why there is
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reason for concern as well. strike it rich. the gold mine open ed in the sierra nevada. the 10:00 news continues in just 90 seconds. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home.
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check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. many of the graduates at
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berkeley are worried their new degree won't help them find good jobs. >> [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: a sunny day could portend the bright future that awaits berkeley graduating class of 2012. 2,900 students took part in the commencement ceremony today. google chairman eric schmitt gave the address. >> actually talk to them. i know this is a new skill. okay? talk. speak and look. >> reporter: talking may be easy, but talking oneself into a job is tough these days. a new study shows of the people who graduated since the economy tanked, just half have full-time jobs. 30% of those are in their chosen careers. >> it's scary, and i don't have money, but i think it'll work out. >> all we can do is have hope for myself and my class mates. >> reporter: that study found 20% of recent graduates are currently in graduate school. that's where a lot of these
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young people are headed at least in part because of concerns about the economy. instield be lying if i -- >> i would be lying if i said i wasn't. it's nice to know i have two years before i have to do the job. >> reporter: the class valedictorian is doing research this summer for $13 an hour. >> i have a pretty low-cost life tile right now. money -- lifestyle right now. money isn't a huge issue right now. i just want to be out and about the. republican presidential candidate mitt romney delivered the commencement address today at the country's largest christian school, liberty university. the evangelical school is located in lynchberg virginia. during his speech, the presumptive republican nominee defended traditional marriage.
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>> as fundamentam as these principles are, they may become topics of democratic debate. so it is today with the enduring institutions of marriage, marriage and a relationship between 1 man and one woman. [ cheering and applause ] >> liberty's decision to invite romney, a mormon, drew criticism from those on campus who feels his beliefs go against the school's teachings. the university offers a theology course that describes mormonism as a cult. president obama is calling on voters to get congress to get to work on a to-do list. >> i need you to call your members of congress, write them an e-mail, tweet, and let them know we can't afford to wait any longer to get things done. tell them now is the time to take steps we know will grow our economy and create jobs. >> in his weekly address, the president listed tasks he says would help create jobs and
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restore middle class security. they include eliminating tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas and give them to small accident owners. the president -- business owners. he called to congress to create a job core specifically for veterans. plans for a casino in sonoma cleared a state assembly. they want to build a casino off highway 101 near to the scandia family fun center. it heads to the federal department of the interior for final approval. bay area veterans will get a chance to speak out about the length of time to takes to produce disability claims. a federal report finds veterans have to wait almost a year for claims to be processed at the regional center in oakland. that office handles paperwork for veterans from bakersfield to the gone border. jacky spear, congresswoman, set up a town
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hall meeting where the regional director of the va will address the issue. car enthusiasts came out today to honor the memory of a homicide victim with ties to ktvu. the 11th annual arroyo high school classic and custom car and motorcycle show was held today in san lorenzo. in 1998, he was killed in a hit and run in front of his family's trucking company in berkeley. his brother is a longtime ktvu photo journalist. today's event raises money for high school sports. the case remains unsolved. a new gold mine is opening in the sierra for the first time in more than half a century. why this gold rush has been decades in the making. of >> reporter: it used to be horses, now it's horse power. but the goal is the same. to pull the gold out of these hills. >> i think this mine has been waiting to happen for a long
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time. and you're going to see a lot of resources come out of here. >> reporter: this ceremonial event organized by sutter gold mining celebrated the first phase of mining, which starts by the end of the year. here's a sketch of the plan. it will start out small, but consider this: 90% of their land holds are unexplored. they invested $30 million and who knows what it is sitting under all this dirt? >> once we are underground mine, we'll have the potential to be exploring from underground. so we're building up this very small foundation. >> reporter: they've seen opposition from some businesses and resident, and it's taken a long time to come up with the money to start a commercial mine. by one estimate, it took 30 years of planning get to this stage. >> proving to all of the people in this industry and in this state that it can be done. that it can be done responsibly, that it can be done profitably.
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>> reporter: we should know within about five years whether the industry that put our state on the map has a shiny new future. >> sutter gold mining says it plans to hire about 150 people. and the deal with the county requires that the company hire local workers if possible. some brides to be spent the day in san francisco shopping for that special dress, and helping a good cause. brides against breast cancer helped fill out the stanford court renaissance hotel with thousands of beautiful gowns. they were donated by designers, manufacturers, and bridal shops. the proceeds are going to support cancer patients and their families. >> we teamed up with care which offers services to those impacted by cancer. it's going right back into the community. >> the gown sale continues through tomorrow. dramatic video of a funnel as the goes from water spout to tornado. where this storm hit,
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and the damage it left behind. a unique mural is dedicated to the man shot and killed by a bart police officer three years ago. another fog bank is moving back into the bay. the temperature change you can expect for tomorrow. and the timing of our next warming trend. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours?
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the tornado tore through grand aisle just before 4:00 pm on thursday. power was knocked out for several hours. despite all the damage, there were no reports of any serious injuries. crews in southern california are cleaning up tonight after a brush fire that broke out yesterday. the marlowe fire in riverside county burned five acres5 acres.
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in syria, funerals were held today for those killed in thursday's dual bomb attacks in damascus, which claimed the lives of 55 people. a radical islamic group claimed responsibility. there are concerns the group may be affiliated with al-qaeda. >> we do have intelligence that indicates that there is an al-qaeda presence in syria. but frankly, we don't have very good intelligence as to just exactly what their activities are. >> meanwhile more united nations observers are now in syria, bringing the total to about 145. the number is expected to reach 300 within weeks. in spain, tens of thousands of people marched to voice their anger over the country's high unemployment rate, and new austerity measures. they vowed to remain there for three days.
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spain's unemployment rate is 24%. and for those under the age of 25, unemployment is at 50%. in australia, thousands turned out for demonstrations in support of same-sex marriage. in 2004, australia passed an amendment specialistly defining marriage -- explicitly defining master bedrooming between a man and a woman -- marriage between a man and a woman. and north carolina supporters of same-sex marriage say they intend to keep fighting despite a resounding loss earlier this week. there were arrests at a protest yesterday at the bunko county register of deeds as same-sex couples demanded marriage licenses. on tuesday, north carolina voters overwhelmingly passed an amendment declaring marriage between a man and a woman is the only domestic legal union recognized in that state. 29 other states have similar laws. in west oakland, supporters unveiled a mural in memory of oscar grant, the 22 year-old man shot to death by a bart police
10:27 pm
officer on new year's day, 2009. the ribbon mural was created about a year and a half ago. since then, organizers have been looking for a permanent place for the artwork. the owner of the revolution cafe offered a spot for the mural. >> that portrait is made out of strips of ribbon, rubber. and little children in 2010 did this mural. there's so much emotion seeing it. >> we spoke to oscar grant's uncle who says the family is grateful for the artwork. a big bank and a very big loss. the explanation for what happened. a journey for a cause. what has bicyclists riding all the way from oakland to sacramento today.
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members are congress are once again discussing the
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possibility of new regulation on wall street. it comes in the wake of that shocking disclosure that jp morgan chase bank had losses of $2 billion, losses that no one outside the bank saw coming. >> reporter: the nation's biggest bank ands it $2 billion blunder. jp morgan chase's ceo jamel diamond blame -- jamie diamond blamed the los at a hedgying strategy that failed -- hedging strategy that failed. >> these are egregeous mistake, they're -- egregious mistake, they are self-inflicted. >> reporter: the bank took billions in bailout money. >> i think they're not playing fair. >> i think they should be punisheded for it this time. >> i'm not shock the am i'm not surprised. we're raped and pilled all the time. >> it's all about greed. nothing has changed.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: congresswoman jaky spear told me she hopes republic outrage will strengthen the hand of federal regulator. writing rules new restricting banks from trading with their own money. >> i think it's safe to say that all the regulators are very focused on this. but i really can't comment on it. >> reporter: the loss has renewed debate about how big is too big. >> the banks are too big. that's the problem. they're all too big. they can't be managed by one person or by a board. you got to break them up. >> put your money into community banks. they're the gones that are going to lend you money, they're the ones that do not become too big to fail. former alameda county supervisor has a restraining order against her exlover according to the bay area news group. she accused him of threatening to file a false child protective services report against her, texting her
10:32 pm
8-year-old son, and sending her threatening e-mails. the restraining order is set to remain in effect at least until a court hearing later this month. she accused him of attacking her in a newark hotel room in february after an investigation. petaluma police increased traffic enforcement today with the goal of improving motorcycle safety. extra officers were patrolling areas frequented by motorcyclists, and where crashes have occurred. between 1998, and 2008, motorcycle fatalities jumped by 175% across california. that trend began to change in 2009 and 2010 when fatalities decreased by 37% since that 2008 peace. they started their motorcycle safety operations in 2009. a petaluma man is under arrest tonight, accused of wreckless driving and speeding with two 9-year-olds in the car. he drove his silver nissan
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altima at speeds of up to 104 miles an hour an hour. his 9-year-old son and friend were in the vehicle. he told police leafs late to their sock -- he was late to their soccer game. california's biggest bike race kicks off in the north bay. the rides will hit the road for stage one of the tour in california at 10:50 am. stage two begins in san francisco on monday, before finishing in santa cruz county. it then moves to san jose for stage three. they will tackle mount diablo. what does the field look like for this year's event? we will size up the top competitors coming up later it was a tiring but rewarding day for 17070 ibing lifts who make their -- cyclists who made their way to san
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francisco today. many of the riders gathered in oakland for the 100-mile ride for a reason. the cyclists are raising money and lobbying for additional funding. >> it's to draw attention to the fact that california fundses it schools at 25% below the national average, which is totally unacceptable . >> the ages of the riders span from 10 to 75 years old. not everyone rode from oakland. others caught up with the pack in vaccaville. the group expects to raise $52,000 for local schools. a championship game sparked a riot inistan bull today. outside the stadium, the crowds set two police cars on fire, turned over trash requests, and hurled rocks. turkey is bidding to host soccer's european championship in 2020. stevie wonder's nephew is
10:35 pm
being accused in an extortion plot. he has pleaded guilty to felony extortion charges. the two were arrested earlier this month after threatening to reveal embarrassing information about the singer to the media unless he paid them millions of dollars. a famous dare devil is getting ready to walk across niagara falls. he began practice walks today. next month the wire will be placed above the waterfall where he will attempt to make history. >> this is unique. no one in the world has ever rigged a cable to walk on this long, ever. let alone the fact no one has ever walked directly over the top of niagara falls . that's why i'm here, to work out all of the bugs. >> adjustments were made after today's practice after he complained that the wire was twisting and rolling and making it hard to stay on. he plans to
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practice every day for the next ten days. the giants snap a dry spell in the deserts of arizona. matt cain came through today. expect to see a big change in our weather starting tomorrow. we'll have your mother's day forecast. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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the microclimate has resurfaced in, because of this. the fog is one component on our forecast, and it has been increasing over the past few hours. all the white showing up there from monterey bay closer to san francisco, and san rafael, as we take a closer
10:39 pm
inspection. we have a pretty good on-shore breeze, from around 10-20 miles an hour, and that wind will strengthen into sunday and into monday. with that, we'll have a big impact on temperatures at least over the next couple of days. . ifs for today, they -- temperatures for today maxed out from 60 in pacifica up to 91 in antioch. san jose in the middle at 81, and oakland topping out in the upper 60s at 68. areas of fog targeting the coast, and for the bay. tomorrow for mother's day, coastal fog and temperatures cooled off across a good portion of the bay area. but especially for the inland spot accident. then the extend -- spots. then the extended forecasts, you'll see that in a little bit. santa rosa and napa, in the 40s. lots of low 50s from san francisco, fremont, down toward the south bay as well for san jose.
10:40 pm
high pressure has been warming up the interior over the past couple days. this will weaken. we're watching this system off-shore. it makes the forecast er nervous when you have an air of low pressure in the pacific as far as rainfall potential. shower potentials should be to the north of the bay area. but we will be watching out for this. for sunday and into monday, this will reenforce the cooling trend as we have that stronger on-shore breeze, and coastal drizzle a fairly good bet tomorrow morning, but a better bet sunday night into monday morning. there's not going to be a lot of moisture with this, but there could be some thunderstorms and with that some lightning, not in the bay area, but up to our north, and as a result a fire weather watch kicks in for the mountains of northern california beginning sunday night, lasting right on through monday night. in the short term, here's our forecast model, showing you some of that fog, possibly some drizzle tomorrow at 7:00. some patchy fog to the beaches. more sunshine as you work your way
10:41 pm
inland. the clouds thicken up by this time tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, warmest locations in the upper 70s to the lower 80s. no more 90s in the forecast. oakland 77. san jose 74, and san francisco starting out with some fog in the morning, skies becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon hours. here is the five-day. we'll continue to cool things off for monday, and then a little bit of a bump in the numbers, heather and ken, for tuesday into wednesday. but it looks like a very nice mother's day forecast. we have options out there. low 60s to the 70s all the way to the low 80s. check with mom and see if she wants the cool weather at the coast or the warm weather. >> it's her day. thanks mark. up next, a dual in oakland as the as try to make it two in a row against detroit. a famous nba coach gets his degree. we'll tell you who it is.
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no team has played better in the last week.5 or so than the oakland as. and a half or so than the oakland as. doug fister on the mound for the detroit tigers, quickly finding himself down 1-nothing in the 1st inning. jamile weeks scores, but later had to leave the game with a spranged ankle -- sprained ankle. brandon mccarthy missed his last start with a


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