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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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temperatures, even cop cord at beau can't no, that -- even one system at beau canon and this system is on the cool side compared to being very warm. low clouds, sunny breezy, there will be below average temperatures and lowest is antioch. there is a lot of low 60s, here is sal. good morning, traffic is moving along well and we don't have any incidents, you can see traffic is moving nicely as you pass the coliseum. also the morning looks good, there are not a lot of cars on the road just now and if you are driving northbound 101, let's look good. we go back to the desk. an investigation is underway into an officer
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involved shooting. it happened in the backyard of a home on parish road. police say an officer shot and injured a suspect following a brief chase and that suspected to survive. the police officer was not hurt but it is still not clear what led up to the shooting. we will have a live report coming up. and there was another confrontation, that happened at mission and fremont streets just after 10:30 last night. they fired at a robbery suspect who threatened them with a weapon. it turned out to be a beebee gun and turns out he was not hit apple took him into custody. governor jerry brown will release his state budget. instead of the $9 billion budget gap, the state is now
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facing a $16 billion deficit and that's mainly due to lower tax deficits. now in the video, he once again makes the pitch to voters to approve his plan for tax hikes in november. today is the start with the third leader in five months. scott tonight sop is out just of a six mops of ceo. he has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer but many say thompson's fate at the head of yahoo was sealed after it was revealed he padded his resident pavement. >> i honestly thought they would make this decision much more quickly than this. >> yahoo who had a global fate, there were three e board member
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and he was the first man to pressure him to fire thompson and he said in what's new board is working with leadership to unlock why he significant value. he is threatening to expose all of yahoos problems. there are propers that free of the top executives cheaper. it follows a $2 billion loss by one of the bank's trading groups. and tonight, the city of san bruno will mark the rebirth of a neighborhood much city headers -- a few families have
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already moved back in to rebuild their homes and 20 new homes are under construction. protesters say the pipeline disaster is one example of pg&e putting profits ahead of safety. they will hold a share holders meeting and they will be protesting against the nuclear power plants which they say createsth risks. and their next step is to apply for far university land. university officials have offered to discuss it if they left by 10:00 a.m. saturday. they need full control for a research project that is set to
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begin this week. 4:34 is the time, president barack obama's recent announcement that he supports same sex marriage and he has a rainbow halo over his head and in response to thyme magazines, of a mother breast-feeding and we will have more in a live report. the discussion on gay marriages sparked a debate at many american churches over the weekend. sunday's service at sap francisco had many talks but the president spend most of his time at the pulpit talking about the president's thoughts on gay marriages.
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he made it clear he stands behind the president and even a higher power. why no do you think you have the right to tell him that. >> even though we don't believe in it as christain -- christains people have a right to do whatever they want to do and be happy. >> there were several discussions around several african-american churches -- african-american churches around the country. >> he was hit in a face with a line drive. 12-year-old boy has not opened his eyes since being hit in the head, a crushed head and if the naturally no distaps and he -- distance and he believes the
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distance may have hurt his son. >> i'm sure in the majors they are 60 feet away from home plate but you are talking about a 100 miles per hour ball and there is no reaction time there. >> this week they will consider changes of older boys playing on the field. coming up, the precautions rangers say you should take while hiking. 4:37, sal says there is a crash in fremont. >> south pound 880 and the fire department is out on the way to the freeway. watch for it, very light traffic in the area and
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emergency vehicles have arrived. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems coming to san francisco and it's looking light. and on 280 to san jose, it is light getting to highway 17. thanks you very much and -- thank you very much and let's go to steve. by the way, snakes come out in this weather and if you are up in the hills keep that in mind. this system is continuing to move in and most of this week look hook a reversal. there is a little bit of a president 0 out there. i expect some of these -- there is a little bit of pressure out
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there, i expect some of these to get lower and another system will move in and clip us wednesday and thursday. low clouds, morning clouds will give way to mostly sunny skies and breezy and below average temperatures. this may be one of those days, i know it is crazy but novato 78, oakland 63 and there will be some low 70s, morgan hill 72, 70 in los gatos, redwood city 67. and it will be chilly and another cool down into thursday and friday and you know i do it for you, it looks good. >> i appreciate it, dave.
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well stage ii is 100, they will travel through pacifica and up bonnie down road in santa cruz and now peter will wear the jacket, he wouldn't stage one with left than five miles to go. the support team was able to sprint. he each had to navigate during the final mine unless. he proked a few -- provided a few laps downtown and business owners we spoke to said they are pleased with the results. it cost them $7 billion and the
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return on the investment is huge. >> very cop servetive, we leave it hats up impact want wally on our state. >> cyclists will race up mt. diablo the race will end on sunday nearly 750 miles after it gun. we have a map showing each stage of the race and just creek on the bay area sports tab on and a deadly plane crash, how two people were able to escape the wreck an. the job now open to female soldiers. >> we will tell you about the
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morning commute and bay area weather.
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. good morning, it is cool, partly sunny and cool and breezy today. 15 people are dead after a plane crashed into the mountains in the himalayas. it crashed as it was turning
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around. two people on board survived but is critically injured. two danish citizens were sitting close to an exit which helped them to escape. they discovered a russian jet liner. two 45 people died when they crashed into a dorm man volcano. 55-year-old adler from oakly was there and it is not clear if adler was among them. they are aimed at getting pakistan to reopen their border to carry trucks in afghanistan. it has been almost six months in retaliation for u.s. air strikes that killed 24
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soldiers. it's likely they will not be invited to a nato summit on may 21st if they refuse to reopen the supply lines. starting today, women serving in the around mys, they will open combat roles. they were either directly involved in combat but women were already risking their lives in serving in patrols on the front leans. 30% of army jobs will remain off limits to women. vallejo police officer jim cap pooh is now memorial iced in washington -- memorialized in washington d.c. >> august 24th, 2011 periods. >> reporter: eric holder read
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the names of officers killed in the line of duty. it's held every june 13th and there are now more than 19,000 names on that monument. >> we pledged to honor their stories. we honor their sacrifice and although they are missing from this crowd, they are still with us. >> and the officer was shot and killed by a suspected bank robber, he -- bank robber was shot and killed. 32-year-old frederic toeser faces attempted murder and robbery. he has confessed. a lodg is expected to rule and the judge will decide on
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whether he will answer those charges. it happened before 2:30 yesterday afternoon on west 10th street on auto center drive. police say the victim had left the scene by the time officers arrived. the 21-year-old man was found -- was found near his home still awake and alert. he is expecting to survive. two other men have been identified. it happened near plymouth avenue. he was shot by a pair of gunmen who were chasing him. police say a 27-year-old woman was also shot and she is also expected to survive.
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no arrests are made for shooting. one is recovering and rangers say it is that time of year. the man was bitten by a baby rattle snake that he thought was dead and it was very much a hive, it bit the man -- very much alive. >> i think the frequency is so frequent but we enjoyed it. >> researchers say you should carry first aid kits and anti- venom for animals cost $150. and on the secret service prostitution scandal. mark sullivan is among those
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and he has done a thorough job and he wants to know what steps are particular taken to avoid any future problem. >> this is a very dangerous incident and we want to look into are questions before the columbian scandal and the hearing is scheduled for next wednesday. today john edwards' legal team will starts laying out their defense. the first witness -- among the first witnesses will include chairman scott thomas and a top her he had -- edwards attorney. he tried to hide his pregnant mistress as he sought the democratic nomination in 2008.
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and the new letter from san francisco mayor ed lee they call to return to san francisco in the next few years. after 8 years of working, what he is now planning for the future.
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. welcome back, time now 4:53. the city has set a goal to repair more than 3500 potholes in the next two months. today crews will working on 14th street between market and brush west oakland. mayor jean quan said 1,400 potholes have been fixed so
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far. this morning they woke up to an unusual site in their swimming pool. the driver smashed through the wall inside their home and went right into the backyard pool. the man was able to escape through a window and packed on suspicious of drunk driving. just in time you get your pool all ready and there is nothing so traumatic here. we have the same crashes into the area, northbound at 880 and two separate incidents one car ran into a divider and the other car ran into a deer. just be careful if you are driving to fremont near union city on i-84. it continues to look good with no major problems getting to san francisco and this morning
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if you are driving on i-84, on the way to san francisco we are off to a good start. we have an upper level low with enhanced low clouds and ones you get temperatures the fog dome allow it so it is tough to support lower clouds. a chilly morning, partly sunny, skillly pattern put as moisture started and -- starved and we had a delta breeze and i expect that to pick up. crocket had 48 degrees and santa rosa 49 and redwood city is at 49. there goes our lomein lip moving into the north and
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another system will move -- there goes our low mainly moving into the north and another system will move in. some low-to-mid 70s and we were in the 90s last time this week. because that low is going into the north, it is really cool. still below average temperatures, redwood city san mateo at 65 and a little on the cool side, we will repound for wanter temperatures. food news as it clears out, it is looking sunny and warmer. pamela? they are attempting to whoa the golden state warriors and mayor ed lee has written a letter to the team calling them to the 2010 season and in the
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letter he this said they would quote to working to this goal and they have it built with private financing. and he is now a college graduate. felipe is a refugee from using go laugh why. he took a job working at a night janitor. he started taking classes and just graduated with a bachelor's degree and hopes to p.m. a teacher while translating into his favorite, albania. and we will have the latest on the questions and the condition. and governor brown is expected to announce the state budget
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today and who he is turning to for a solution. stay tuned for more news whether or and traffic.
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