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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 14, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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governor jerry brown will announce the budget and we will tell you what is on the chopping block. what you need to know about the routes and road closures, coming up. plus a shocking magazine cover, president barack obama puts same sex marriages back in the spotlight. . good morning, thank you for joining us. i am pam cook. >> and let's go to steve, how is the weather? that system moved close enough to enhance the fog bank, the fog is still there but it will be a cool, cool morning and partly sunny breezy day,
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highs below average, here is your update on traffic and here is sal. as you drive passed the coliseum, it is a little bit south of here in union city there are a couple of minor problems and also this morning the commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza, let's go back to dave and pam. an investigation is happening right now into an officer involved shooting. it happened shortly before 11:00 last night in the backyard of parish road. tara moriarty is in napa and tara, there are several big questions surrounding the shooting good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes, that's right there are and there is quite a sheriff's and police presence and as you can see they have cordoned off this road and they are focusing on a search behind this block, we
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have seen canines on the right- hand side of the street and officers knocking on people's doors. at 11:00 last night a napa police officer made contact with a man in this area. we know a foot chase followed and then a struggle between the officer and a suspect in a backyard. the man was shot, later transported to the medical center where he is now being treated. the officer's name will be released pie the sheriff's office. now the sheriff is taking over the investigation which is standard protocol and we will keep you informed and it seems like an active scene and right now they are releasing very few details and we will bring it to you in the next half hour. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in san francisco another
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confrontation just after 10:30 last night. police say they fired a shot at a robbery suspect who threatened them with a weapon and it turned out to be a beebee gun. the suspect was not hit and police immediately took him into custody. today governor jerry brown will release the budget. instead of the $9 billion budget gap, the state is now facing a $16 billion deficit and that's due to weak taxes and slow budget cuts. if voters do not approve his tax hikes in november there will have to be a new round of cuts in education, compensation and welfare. they are stone have a huge i am -- they are certain to have a huge impact, alameda is
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having money troubles of their own. they are having less money coming in from the state capital. this week's news coverage is about president barack obama and hip supporting same sex marriage. it includes the words, the first gay president and there is a halo. mitt romney's commons are coming up and -- comments and he made them during a commencement address. >> in the meantime, the president's historic announcement sparked a historic debate at several churches over the weekend. the service included songs and scriptures however it focused a sermon on the support over gay marriages but he stands behind
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the president and an even higher power. >> we ought to be consistent and stop cherry picking morality and let us be just as jesus was. >> even though we don't believe it as christians, people have a right to do whatever they want to do and be happy. >> the san francisco's church is the oldest in the west and there are similar debates and discussions at other african- american churches nationwide. they are considering a crackdown on mass massachusetts -- massage parlor. tonight tougher restriction will be discussed. and in san francisco, they are due back in court today.
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he is accused of killing one person and wounding three others outside fisherman's wharf club two years ago. it led to a crackdown of nightclubs. all right our time is now 5:05 and the bike tour california continues this time in san francisco. stage ii at 17.1 miles long and it will start in the marina district, head south through highway one, daily city pacifica and a half moon bay and go up done a bonnie road -- dune bonnie road. with less than five miles to go, he punctured one of his tires and the support team came to his aid and he lost 20 seconds but he was able to
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sprint and catch his team which got him back in front. he even had to navigate. they provided a big business boost. speculators went into several local restaurants and retailers say they were happy with the results. it cost santa rosa a half million dollars to sponsor this part of the race and the return was huge. >> it was about $7 million and we believe as an impact of $100 million annually on our state. >> it will start in san jose and cyclists will race up mt. diablo and finish in livermore. the race will end next sunday almost 70050 miles after it
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started. we have our channel two website. just click on the sports tab at a lot of them come to ride some of those stages so it does bring people here for years to come. sal, you are talking about a crash on 880, do you have an update? >> one has been cleared on the update, this has been a car that hits a deer. they are out there southbound 17 near saratoga go road and there is a report -- saratoga road an injured deer on the right hand shoulder so just be careful. moving on to live pictures, westbound bay bridge, no major
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problems if you are trying to make the drive to san francisco. and this morning's commute looks good. let's go to steve. now before i get way to ahead of myself, mt. shaft terrible city -- shafter city, in oregon they hit 95 and that's blistering heat for this time of year to get that warm. we have blistering lows coming in but things have settled in but it is a cool pattern and the highs today, no orange so don't spent any 80s. tomorrow is on the cool side and we have a weak low, the wind is out of the southwest at 12 with fairfield and a little
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bit of a breeze so things will pick up. upper 40s and lower 50s so another cool start to the morning and temperatures will be held in check. a little bump up and it looks like wednesday and thursday a cool week on tap was warm to very warm. below average temperatures, fairfield is the warmest on this panel. livermore 67 and right there from mountain view and santa cruz, a cool 62. it will be chilly monday and we have another cool down, clears out friday, looking good for
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sunday and monday weather. >> the recall ends today and how the second recall group is lining up for signatures. and the biggest tourist attraction, it is something people do inside coffee shops and cafes. >> the traffic looks good and we will tell you more about the traffic and bay area weather, stay tuned. thiof performance.evel the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the smoke has cleared thanks to the new ban. the law banning anyone serving marijuana goes into effect in january but some places are already refusing to serve tourists the signs read, new rules, no drugs. shop owners say this will be bad for business and the country's tourism industry. clear skies are finally allowing disaster teams to begin removing the bodies of the victims of last week's plane disaster. a russian plane crashed. 55-year-old adler is among the victims. he leaves behind a wife of 33 years and the couple's two
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children. >> well the gay presidential race begins this morning and we will have more on what president barack obama is doing today, allison? >> reporter: dave, president barack obama heads to new york to deliver the commencement address and he will be sharing the stage with a group called freedom to marry. they are adorning him with a rainbow hollow after last week's common that he backs same sex marriage. mitt romney continues to speak out against it and here is what he said over the weekend. >> culture, what you believe, how you live matters. marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> reporter: we are trying to think about what president barack obama thinks about that newsweek cover in my next up
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tate, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> and the guysers magnitude quake, no damage or injuries were reported. it is the largest geothermal field in the world and it reaches several seismic events. today is the ted line to remove her from office. now that group's loader said it caused confusion and his did not and they have until july 2nd to complete the needed signatures. that group has up to 15,000
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signatures. they are expected to name their new mayor and matt is serving as the agenting mayor. -- acting mayor. he took over after klein left for personal reasons. a man died because of a heart attack and the advice counsel is expected to leave. they already have a nickname the hash tag success. the twitter workers for the success with market and 9th street, it is a block from the headquarters when twitter moves into its new building at 10th and market. >> let's see what sal is
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seeing, now what are we looking at, i want to start off with traffic, westbound 94 not too bad already getting crowded and we have no major problems reported through this stretch and if you are driving drew the east bay, i want to show you traffic looks food. north and southbound we already have an injured deer on the saratoga exit and watch for a bunch of them out there, this is the time of year they are out there. moving a long, they are out this on 101. hits did to steve. now sop of their lows are
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56 degrees and a lot of them are on the mild side, it will stay cool and very low 60s, partly cloudy 48 to 60s on the lows and this afternoon inland very low 70s and it will be mostly sunny and we start off 56 to 62 and moving along, highs 70. i top think we will people to much at all so it is a cool pattern and it is all the way up into southern oregon. for us the on shore flow kicked in and we still have a low cloud deck on the coast and we have a cool breezy side, book ends on the 56, sap hose, 53,
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rather price i on fairfield we usually tonight say that. low clouds below average temperatures, 60s and 70s and there is not much of a difference here. this time of year you can get a 35 to 45-degree spread. gilroy 72 los gatos 72 and tuesday will clear out and warmer during the tie thursday and friday, warm weather arrives in time for the weekend. pam, dave? latest talks have failed to form a new greek government. overnight much of the same for the asian markets and they put
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a spotlight after the nike was down nearly 5%. and it looks like a big drop for us as well especially for the nasdaq and s&p 500. futures show worries about the future of the economy and we will have more in just an hour. mark zuckerberg's 28th birthday and he has accomplished quite a bit and it makes him half the age of the average ceo and he has already logged more time as a company leader than the average ceo and by the way, facebook is expected to go public. >> if he keeps going he can retire when he is 35? we had check on a young boy who was a pitcher hit in the
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face by a ball, will this force them to make changes. and hear how to this teen landed her famous date. good morning, traffic on 101 on 580 in marin county is looking good and we will have more on your commute and the bay area. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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[ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. . good morning, temperatures by the coast in the upper mid-
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40s, we have a cool breezy day with very low 70s. and local little league baseball league will consider making some safety changes after a pitcher ended up in the hospital. the latest photo of this young man looks like this. brandon o'neil has a crushed forehead and his nine newses -- sinuses as well as a concussion. he was hit between the eyes with a baseball and the water hit a line drive, the sound of it shocked everybody. >> he remembers pitching it and he had no time to react, it was at his face with his follow- through. >> the local little league will talk about the changes even
5:26 am
making pitchers where protective head gear and they may even decide to put the younger players on alarmer field. 18-year-old up peps ohio joyce scored with joe hidden. he asked her on twitter and he picked her up in his lamborghini. >> i said will you consider going to the date with me because my date backed out. >> i feel like we are legitimate. i felt like does this look cool? this is my prom too. >> now 23-year-old hidden never -- haden never got to go to his prominent her dad met him and he approved the date.
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and the disaster victims are giving new life to a devastated neighborhood. it is a new chapter for yahoo employees and the third ceo is out. we will tell you where it is. and news from napa, the many questions surrounding a police shooting. and good morning traffic is moving along well on 80 westbound and we will tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather.
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. well, good morning, it is monday, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, let's check in with steve paulson for weather. it is cool to mild, some mid-50s due to a southeast wind by the beaches and we will end up with a partly sunny partly cloudy day, here is sal. and traffic is moving in both directions and traffic is looking good getting to downtown oakland and also the morning commute looks good if you are approaching the bay bridge plaza westbound, let's go back to the desk. some big questions remain
5:31 am
following an officer involved shooting and it happened on parish road, tara moriarty is out there this morning, tara? >> reporter: well we saw one of the othersers tape off the road and officers are going door to door. we are not sure if officers were looking for a weapon or not. around 11:00 last night we are told a napa police officer came upon a person and officers started chasing the suspect and had a struggle with the person in a backyard. the officer fired one round, the suspect was shot and later transported to the medical center where they are being treated, we tonight know was the suspect in a car or simply walking.
5:32 am
it is standard protocol since it happened with a map what police call and he has already been placed on administrative leave. we are told this area will be cordoned off and nobody will be allowed in. this will be a lengthy investigation and we will be sure to update you after we receive news, time now 4:32. >> he is putting an end to his resume scandal and here to tell us about the scar that scott thompson revealed and the next challenge facing yahoo. allie? >> reporter: well if you go to the yahoo search page you will not find anything relating to
5:33 am
this story put roth was appointed interim ceo. he replaces scott thompson who resigned over the controversy over his resume. he claimed he had a degree in computer science when in fact he did not. >> if you can't be ethical about something to do with him what can he be ethical about and what this does is he takes any problem he has and puts it on to the board and a board will not accept any liability and the board had no choice but to replace him. >> the 54-year-old tonight sop told yahoo he had been tie ago knowed with thigh road cancer. he also -- high road cancer. they also added a new chairman
5:34 am
and they said quote, the board is confident they will accelerate the substantial advances the company has made since last august. we will have to wait another hour before the market opens to see if they are just as confident. >> allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. and there are big changes, jp morgan may accept the resident signature nations, this announces one of the grading groups have left it since the beginning of group and at least two other executives will be head a accountable. they will hold a ceremony to mark the rebirth of their city neighborhood. they will welcome back the families devastated in the 2010
5:35 am
pipeline disaster. the explosion killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. a few families have already moved back in to rebuild their homes. 20 new homes are under construction. protesters say the pipeline disaster is one example of pg&e putting profits ahead of safety. this morning the share oilers -- shareholders are holding back smart meters which they say are creating risks. he took over a plot in albany and they are just outside the locked gates of the tract. officials after youered to
5:36 am
discuss main taping the prop can i farm they say they need full control of the site which is due to begin this week. a man was shot multiple times while driving. it happened on west center drive. the 29-year-old man was found at his home still awake and alert. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive but police are still trying to work out what led up to that shooting. law enforcement officers, last night attorney eric holder read the names of more than 360 people who will be added to a national memorial. coming up, the local named ad to the local memorial and we will have how many other names
5:37 am
he joins. sal, how are the roads? not too bad, tray on east pound westbound. .. and you can see the traffic is going to be busy getting up to the albany area and no problems getting up to the mcarthur maze. we have a little bit of a backup in some of those cash lanes but it is a nice drive getting into sap fran. and just driving into the lanes northbound is 01 just -- 101 just north of san antonio, it is a truck facing the wrong way and police are still on the road. north of sap sap avenue. interesting low temperatures
5:38 am
and mid-50s, i have seen a lot of upper 40s, a couple of 46s in the upper basin and there are cooler readings and all courtesy of a low, but boy it did enhance the fog bank so partly sunny chilly for some and definitely a cooler pattern. we don't find any 80s, 50s and 60s, closer to the coast and bay. the low ahead of us, rocking it up to the sacramento bay, 9 and 95 degrees, that is a blistering pattern, our low picked up that fog bank. it is hard to sustain the fog when it gets like that.
5:39 am
it is not too bad, upper 50s and southeast whip and another such will roll in, into thursday so this looks like a cool week. parsley sunny. fairfield 70 and antioch the warmest at 70 and same for pleasanton and livermore, a lot of upper 70s and it is a chilly to us tie morning a and with your weekend in view it looks like sunshine and warmer temperatures as we head to the weekend. . if you are heading
5:40 am
outdoors, a 29-year-old man is bitten by a rattle snake at a local park. consequences if he does not succeed by thursday. if you are tree offing up to to free mop we will tell you more your morning commute. hello?
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switch from cascade to finish dishwasher detergent. that's about 150,000 a month - over 2 million people so far. with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without having to rinse them first. now see for yourself why millions have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. and for two years in a row, finish quantum was rated #1 by a leading consumer publication. . mostly cloudy, we end up with partly sunny skies and a lot of 60s and very low 70s. good morning to you, here is a quick look at some of the top stories, right now at 5:42 a police officer shot an injured a suspect after a brief
5:43 am
foot chase and that suspected to survive. it is still not clear what led up to that shooting. yahoo has a new leader after scott thompson resigned. he had been under fire after his official biography said he received a computer science degree he never earned. recent diagnosis of cancer may have influenced his decision to leave or stay and fight. and the bicycle race starts through district in daily city in pacifica through santa cruz county. and they will resume more and he met with the three of the biggest leaders. if no solution can be reached, greece will have to hold new
5:44 am
elections next month. voters backed candidates who are against awester are you measures opposed by the european union. this is a picture of the union. 15 people crashed into the mountains of the himalaya ups. six other people were on board.$♪ rescue was swift because the plane crashed just a few yards from an army camp. two danish citizens were sitting close to an exit which helped them escape. right now more than 360 names were added to the memoir mall and they include james cap
5:45 am
pee. >> they hold it area 14th as part of police week. >> it is overwhelming how much support and love the officers have here. >> the officer was shot and killed last year by a suspected bank robber. there are now more than 19,000 names on that memorial. today john edwards legal team will start its defense at the trial. there is no words on whether he will testify. and a former edwards attorney. he is accused of using campaign money to hide his pregnant man mistress as he was -- pregnant mistress. newt gingrich will promote mitt romney on friday at the
5:46 am
state republican convention in georgia. that is newt gingrich's home state where he won a primary and the former house speaker said the important thing is for republicans to unite to defeat president barack obama. he ended his open bid earlier this month. he will speak to people there and he presented the president with a medal of distinction at the ceremony and later president barack obama will attend a fundraiser with gay and latino voters. and they are expecting to talk about how oakland schools are performing. they will be joining them at a breakfast and going going before leaders at a -- and they will be going before business leaders to talk about how they
5:47 am
can improve schools and the children. they will talk about the education cabinet. it was formed a year ago to better improve graduation --ed from situation right. >> they say it is rattle snake cease on. yesterday a 29-year-old man was bitten by a baby snake. people at the park say it is all about watching out for yourself and your pets. >> if you just look ahead and you see something crawling, you just call them back. that's all. >> obviously, you are supposed to be outside and you have to respect it. >> now vets say it is especially important to watch out for your pets. anti-snake venom cost $850.
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>> pam, which do you think is the happiest seaside town and it is carolina. and what moon bay. they put -- and a half moon bay. also they looked at sunny days, low crime and the commute time and even education and some other factors were looked at through all of that. i think people along the beaches are usually pretty happy. >> i think we need to personally research it. >> all right, sal, we are heading out to the beach. >> i wonder if there are anyone happy towns. >> not along the beach. >> good morning everyone, well if you are driving along the bay area, i don't think you will be tooup happy and that
5:49 am
peninsular is clearing up and near mountain view and palo alto, near sap hose and they are off to a great start. there are no major problems and if you are driving on westbound 24 through lafayette, it looks good all the way to oakland. we have an enhanced upper level low and this time of year, the main affect is a big increase from the fog bank and low clouds and a southeast winds, and for some, it is cool and it will be on the cool side, it is tough to warm up and mostly cloudy for the bay, ending up partly sunny skies
5:50 am
same for inland areas compared to the coast. yellows will be 60s and 70s and this is a bill low average pattern it is ejecting to the north and that will keep cooler temperatures and it picked up that fog bank. there is a component southeast an "f" s o is there -- and fso is there and san francisco is in the mid-50s and 54 for santa rosa and we are down to 46 and i have seen some upper 40s into lake townty. it will tip to move out of the picture. mostly sunny and a lot of 60s and very low 70s and 60s on the
5:51 am
coast, just a deep fog bank then sunny and wormer. right now the system is looking much improved with lower temperatures. early morning trading was selling for less than $26 a barrel. if growth there slows it decreases the demand for crude oil. avon is considering a take over bid, $10 billion for avon but the offer was rejected. then cody increased its bid and warned they would provide fundraising. air have on friday here is clothes at 18% less than --
5:52 am
avon here shares clothes less than 18% less. and it is topping the weekend box office for the second week in a row. dark shadows came in second and think like a man and the hunger games round out the top 5. time now 5:51, some love messages for the warriors and they are convincing the golden state warriors, the plan some are calling is a slam dunk. a real live scare for some big hollywood movie director and one of their biggest stars. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam
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. welcome back, time now 5:55, tim burton took a tumble while promoting his new book in japan. standing with johnny depp, he fell backwards off a stage, luckily he was caught by a staff member. burt top and didn't are are -- shall burton and johnny depp are promoting the new book dark shadows. it happened near plymouth
5:56 am
avenue and broad street. he was shot by a pair of gunmen who were chasing them. james lee was in a double addition she was also shot, no arrests are made in either shooting. and they want the golden state warriors to move back across the bay. mayor ed lee asked the warriors to move back to sap fran in time for the 2710 season -- 2010 season. they said they would working to achieve this goal. they will have to get fan -- financing. they want to repair 3500 potholes in the next few months. they will be working on market and bush in west oakland.
5:57 am
mayor jean quan said 1,400 potholes have been fixed so far. >> a lot of people will be happy about that, there is nothing like running over a pothole. let's check in with sal. thanks for somebody who let me know about that and if you are driving on 680 in san jose, we are off to a good start and coming up, we have a good start with our contra coster commute, let's go to the desk. why the focus on scott thompson is expanding to his health. >> plus shots fired in napa, an officer involved shooting and why police say the shooting was justified. >> we will have more on the
5:58 am
cool readings coming up.
5:59 am
. the investigation of a nasa police officer. and tho


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