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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 14, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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. what you need to know about the route and some of the road closures, mornings on 2 starts
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right now. usc police -- uc police protesters are still standing guard outside the gill track property which is owned by uc berkeley and you can see in these pictures there is quite a large police presence at that intersection. a camera was there as protesters tents were cleared from the property. uc released a statement saying they were left with no choice after protesters rejected their offers. they need to ensure researchers
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go ahead as planned. as you may recall on earth day back in april last month, they have planted crops and they have shut off water to the area so protesters had to bring in their own water. uc by the way said if needed police will making arrests and we will continue to follow the story throughout mornings on 2 and bring you more updates as they become available. developing news from napa, and they are at the scene of an officer involved shooting. it happened on parish road and there are several big questions surrounding that area and tara was the first on the scene, tara? >> reporter: it appears they actually shrunk the crime scene and it took up the whole block
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and now it is just taking up three or four houses. they are working to piece together what happened last night. they have been logging evidence, scouring the ground taking pictures and interviewing neighbors. they have been out here sniffing for clues and we are not sure if they were looking for weapons or drugs or what. this happened when a police officer made contact with a man on the 2100 block of parish road. we don't know if he was in a car or walking but the officer had some sort of an exchange and started chasing him. the suspect was struck and now is at the medical center being treated. they are taking over the investigation since the officer involved shooting happened with a napa police officer and the
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police officer has already been placed on administrative leave. somebody leg speaking with us and we -- somebody will be speaking with us and we will find out more details coming up. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. another tense confrontation involving a suspect which happened just after 10:30 last night. they fired a shot at a robbery suspect who threatened them with a weapon which turned out to be a beebee gun. the suspect was not hit and police immediately took him into custody and we are just learning now away area student was arrested for bringing a loaded gun to school. it happened last tuesday and school staff noticed two teens in an area off limit to students. one tried to run away but was caught and admitted to having a loaded handgun. the 17-year-old was booked in a
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county juvenile hall. tomorrow was the deadline to issue final pink slips for layoffs for the 2013 school year. the preliminary school year was given and most people will still have a job. people are leaving on their only which means there are jobs for many of the people who received pink slips, however they don't know how much money is available until the state budget is approved this summer. soming up president barack obama recent announcement that he supports same sex marriage, it shows president barack obama with a rainbow halo over his head and includes the words, the first gay president. presidential candidate mitt
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romney made comments about same sex marriage and made it during a commencement address. governor jerry brown will release his revised state budget and gave a preview of what to expect. he said instead of the $9 billion budget gap, the state is facing a $16 billion deficit and mainly because of slow budget cuts. if voters do not approve his tax hikes in november, there will have to be a new round of cuts in education state compensation and welfare. the growing crisis is certain to have a huge impact on the bay area and supervisors are having big money problems of their own. today they will discuss ways to
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fun the money for the state capital. riders will be going through daily city and pacifica and alex savage is live at the starting line, alex you can tell us what we can expect to see out there, alex? >> reporter: first off, i don't think i am going anywhere near a bike and we will leave this to the professionals. they will be able to see them riding past their doors. stage ii they will be leaving from green going past pacifica and 120 professional cyclists are taking part in this race and they will be finishing in other areas. it will be throughout daily
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city, half-moon bay and other communities as well. they will be shut down with rolling closures and maybe 20 minutes at a time and they are hoping to have a minimal impact especially on san francisco. the organizers i spoke to tells us riders will only be here in san francisco in the city itself for about an hour. >> it is a quick run through town catching all the neat sites on the coast and it should be fast moving through town probably faster than you can drive in any given day. >> and you can really cruise through. and peter wearing the yellow jersey, he took stage i up in sonoma county which took place
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in california, a total of 700 miles is what they will be doing and this tour continues and they will be finishing and leafing from here from san francisco -- leaving here from san francisco this morning. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> if you want to see a map of the race showing the stages of the race from california, just click on the bay area sports tab right on the top. >> all right, it is 7:09 let's check in with sal. all right, torii, we are looking at the commute and the traffic continues to move along around the bay and you can see the bay bridge is backed up for a 20 minute delay and maybe a little less than that before you make it on to the span.
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police activity, we have been showing you and we will give you further updates on that. let's look at the 880 freeway in oakland. contra coster county looks good and slow on antioch, heading towards fremont. let's go to steve. a very happy monday, mostly cloudy and a little bit of a drizzle, temperatures are cool or mild with a southeast breeze and the system responsible has an upper level low and it started to show itself friday and by saturday it was starting to cool down while the low will keep us cool the wind tailed off and it is a cool pattern this time of year for me.
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in fact many locations were near 90 last week. the damage is done as we said with that low cloud deck in place and not much of a breeze right now there is that southeast from san jose and on oakland on the other side it is more of a westerly breeze. mild near oakland and 58 near san francisco, for some it is mild, some local drizzle isolated showers giving way to a a partly sunny afternoon and even down to gilroy, mountain view and gilroy, here comes another system and friday we kick it out of here and with your weekend always in view it will be mostly sunny and warmer as we come to the weekend.
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right now president barack obama is about to climb on board to air force 1. there is marine 1 and the helicopter there, the president plans to fly to new york and that's where he will deliver the commencement address at bernard college. the area joins andrews and maryland. he will be taking an appearance and later two campaign fundraisers. again we are looking at marine 1, the president's helicopter and he will be heading for new york, a very busy day for him campaigning in new york. >> it looks like the ground is wet. >> all right, it is 7:12 one down one to go and the mayor's weekend ended and where the
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second recall stands. and they are now open for females in the military and we will have more on how many jobs remain for females in the army. in 200 jobs in the state. we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪
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. it is coming up on 7:15, we want to update you, uc police have detained them with the occupied movement. they moved in at 6:20 and cleared the protesters and their belongings from outside the property which is own by uc berkeley. a standoff continues on san pablo avenue at marin avenue and these are live pictures from the scene. uc released a statement saying they were left with no choice
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after protesters rejected their offers. they need to assure earth day next month and they have been demanding access to crops they planted. we will continue to follow this story as it develops and we will bring you updates throughout mornings on 2. starting today, women serving in the army, the pentagon will open more than 14,000 combat roles. women were kept out because they were either too close or directly involved in combat and women were already risk their lives by serving in military units and patrols on the frontline. 30% of army jobs will remain off limits to women. they are scheduled to renegotiate with pakistan and getting them to reopen their border to trucks in
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afghanistan. it has been six months since they closed the border in retaliation for u.s. air strikes that killed 24 pakistani soldiers. it's likely they will not be invited to a sum knit in chicago on may 21st if they refuse to reopen that supply line. gay marriage continues to be a big focus in the presidential race and newsweek is calling president barack obama the first gay president. allison burns is our first in the washington d.c. newsroom and the poll is showing how it is looking, allison? >> reporter: well it does not look like the change of heart has influenced many americans. they find 4 in 10 americans believe same sex couples should be able to get married and still as you mentioned newsweek magazine is calling president barack obama the first gay
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president and adorning him with a rainbow halo after he backed same sex marriage. mitt romney is continuing to speak out against it and here is what he said at liberty university over the weekend. >> culture, what you believe matters, marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman... >> reporter: the issue does seem to be helping president barack obama raise money and they are hosting a big fundraiser headlined by rickey martin. reporting live, allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 7:18, the announcement sparked a spiritual debate at many african-american churches in the bay area. now sunday's church service at the third baptist church included the usual songs and
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scriptures but the pastor spent most of his time talking about president barack obama's support of gay marriage and the pastor made it clear he stands behind president barack obama and an even higher power. >> we need to stop cherry picking morality and let us be just as jesus was. >> even though we don't believe as christians, people have a right to be happy. >> the san francisco's third baptist is the oldest church in the midwest and there were other discussions in african- american chips around the nation. they will hold a public hearing on the secret service prostitution scandal. mark sullivan is among those called to testify called for a schedule next tuesday and they want to ask if this was questionable behavior by agents
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before the columbian scandal and what stems are being taken to avoid any new problems. now the law banning anyone who is not dutch from coffee shops that serve marijuana goes into effect in january but some places are already refusing to serve tourists. many have signs up that read, new rules, no drugs. one has been shut down by police for violating the law and shop owners say it will be bad for business and the country's tourism entry. -- industry. one of the recall efforts for recalling mayor jean quan will end today. one of the recall efforts to remove her from office will qualify for the november ballot. they say two different recall efforts caused a lot of confusion and his group did not
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get enough signatures. the second group, well they have until july 2nd to collect the needed signatures. they have between 12 and 15,000 signatures. they are expected to name a new mayor and matt is serving as the acting mayor. he took over last month after interim mayor and announce he is leaving because of personal reasons. he filled a seat that was left opened for a man who died of a heart attack in may. they are expected to call a vice mayor at today's meeting. steve paulson will call us if cooler temperatures will stick around. and also the mission district is demanding change. good morning, traffic looks good on interstate 880 if you
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are driving through oakland and we will tell you more about the bay area commute and bay area weather. alright, what do lions eat? ♪
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7:123. well, a liquor license ban in san francisco's mission district is raising some if you problems for some of the business owners there. the san francisco chronicle says the 196 ban makes it impossible to let a liquor license unless it includes a full-service restaurant. the ban was put into effect to shut down liquor stores that officials believe were adirecting crime. let's check in with sal. the santa clara valley. we're getting some slow traffic there on this monday.
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280 is getting its fair use here. 280 and 101 are very heavy trying to get to sunnyvale taking a look at -- taking a look at 237. the traffic here looks pretty good looks good. it's pretty good out to 101. it's getting busier. the morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up to a 15 to 0-minute delay. something that happened -- that popped up as i was speaking to you. university avenue, it looks leak there is a brand-new accident got involved there. one of the things i want to mention. that area has already been really slow on 101 through palo alto. let's go to steve. a mostly cloudy morning. an upper level low responsible for enhancing the fog bank.
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there's some upper 50s to low 50s on the lows. i heard from patrick in redwood shores. they both said it's calm. the breeze will pick up. the low is enhancing the swing. low crowds, drizzle, partly cloudy, breezy, cool for the coast and for the ba -- for the bay. some isolated drizzle and then partly cloudy skies will give way to mostly sunny conditions. that west wind will kick in. 56 mountain view. for some its mild and the low will keep temperatures well below average. mostly cloudy. continued cool in the afternoon. highs, 50s, 60s for almost everything except a few locations. chilly tuesday morning and then warmer in the afternoon.
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another system keeps us cool. and then the weekend looking much better. into it is breaking news. we've been following in the past hour. >> a monday-morning raid on the occupy the farm camp in the east bay. >> it's a mu chapter for yahoo! employees. we'll tell you what he told his board of districtors as -- about his health before he stepped down. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
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droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99. time is 7:30. breaking news. at least five people have been detained in albany after uc police took back control of the gill tract from occupy the farm protesters. dressed in riot gear, uc police showed up about an hour ago. these are live pictures right now where you can see traffic is still going through the area, but a heavy police presence. protesters and their belongs
7:31 am
were clear. four or five people have been detained by police. uc released a statement saying it was left with no choice after protesterses rejected their offer. uc says it needs assess any damage and any repairs that will be required before it can begin resuming its operation there. we'll be following this story throughout the morning continued to give you updates as often as we can. there may be more to the depart chur of scott thompson. allie rasmus joins us live from sunnyvale to tell us what thorpep son revealed before he stepped down an what's next beforia -- before yahoo. well, scott thompson diagnosed
7:32 am
-- was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. if you look at the yahoo! page, you won't see any -- he's the -- he was the third ceo yahoo! had in as many years. he resigned. his resume claimed he had a degree in computer science when he did not. they added three new board members and a new chairman. that new chairman issued a statement saying that the board is confident. they will serve the best
7:33 am
interest of our shareholder an accelerate the advances made since last august. this shakeup could have a long- term impact. we have contacted some yahoo! company representatives to try to ask them about this. the leadership at j.p. morgan is changing. a trading unit of j.p. morgan lost $2 billion since the beginning of april in that division, reportedly two other high level le officers are expect -- high-level officers are announce -- expected to
7:34 am
announce they are leaving. they are demonstrating against a utility they say puts profits ahead of safety. the disaster in san bruno is one example. the city of san bruno will hold an emotional. they are hon -- they will honor the families devastated by the fire that killed eight people and destroyeded 38 families. 7:31. tonight, the lobby and city council will make a decision about imposing tougher restriction on massage parlors. all of this comes that after complaints that illegal activity was happening inside of these businesses. some said some of the reviews were graphic and sexual and nature. proposed new rules would
7:35 am
include being state certify and also registering with the city's police department. a suspect in a st. louis shooting that raised questions about nightclub safety in san francisco is due back in court today. keandre davis is accused of injures individuals. :35. ment accused of sexually assaulting three women in san francisco goes back to kurt this morning. 32-year-old fled derick dosher faces 22 felony charges -- frederick dosher faces 22 felony charges. a judge is expected to rule today on whether ko -- dosher should be held to answer on those questions. it's 7:35 a local little
7:36 am
league team will consider safety teams after a picture was sent to the hospital. he has a crushed forehead, a broken nose and a concussion. brendan was hit right between the eyes with a baseball when a batter hit a line drive. the hard sound shock everyone. >> he remembers pitching and he had no rhyme to react. later this week, the local little league board will discuss his injuries and consider possible safety changes like changing from aluminum to wooden bats or have pitchers wear head gear. they may also decide to have the older players be put on a bigger deal. governor ground is warning came's witnesses are in worse shape than what was projected
7:37 am
back in january. richard sharp is in sacramento now. how bad are the numbers? >> reporter: worse, he said. voters need to get ready for this. there are likely to be a lot of trigger cuts. increases of quarter-cent sales tax and increased sales taxes on the wealthy. some lawmakers are concerned the cuts will be too deep. otherses say they will fight against increases in taxes. the governor is expected to
7:38 am
release his budget here at 10:00 a.m. at the capitol. he's also doing a big pushdown in l.a. not only will he be releasing the budget but trying to convince for this fax increase. in the meantime this is likely to be a budget battle. the deadline for the budget is june 15 but with the june 5th primaries many are not go no -- gonna be focusing on the primary until june 5th. thank you. it is now 7:38. el is what's going on in richmond? >> a crash off the richmond bridge. if you drive from marin county into richmond this morning, this crash was in the two lanes for a while. then it was only in the right lane. newschopper2 giving us a look now. newschopper2, i want to show you the back up here.
7:39 am
of course, we always look at the toll plaza. that's backed up for a 15 to 20- minute delay. 7:39. let's go to steve. mostly cloudy. i remember from san jose almost out to fair field, even up to the north bay. almost everybody on the coast.
7:40 am
low pressure decided to make its move. the southerly surge of fog came roaring in on friday. even though it's very shallow. took hold on saturday. today we continue it and there is a lot of clouds out there. it's already set the stage for what looks to be a really cool
7:41 am
day. the low keeps temperatures cool. below average. after some local drizzle. mostly cloudy gives way to mostly cloudy skies. i might be a little on the high side. we'll with it. 66 santa rosa. san rafael, 66. berkeley 63. 64 oakland. a cool pattern all the way down to san jose. only 68. redwood city, sunnyvale, 67 and a cool pattern on the coast. especially santa cruz, 62. morgan hill, only 7 -- 70. it will be chilly, warm. another system moves into the north, that keeps the cool going through thursday. friday we kick it off and warm he as we head to the weekend. tori. it is 7:4. greece's new president scrambles to form a coalition government. the consequences if he does not succeed by thursday. a warning for people heading out doors after a man
7:42 am
is bitten by a rattlesnake at a local park. [ alarm beeping, motor revving ]
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us stocks opening sharply lower as europe wrestles with what to do next about the financial crisis in greece, also j.p. morgan chase stock is down 3% nearly trading following news the chief investment officer is retiring after the $3 billion loss was revealed. the dow down 123. nasdaq down 26. s&p 13. speaking of greece today? the newly elected greece president will resume talks in an effort to try to -- to form
7:45 am
a new government. the president met yesterday with the leaders of the three biggest parties. if no solution can be reached by thursday. greece will have to hold new elections next month and then votersback candidates who are against the austerity measures imposed by the european union so there is a growing chance it seems that grease will have to leave the euro. this is video of an anti- austerity rally held in athens. and prince williams turns 30
7:46 am
next month. newt gingrich will endorse mitt romney. gingrich ended his own bid for the white house earlier this month. president obama will be -- president obama will be speaking to graduates at barnard college today. this is back in 2010. barnard will present the president with a med of a of distinction. and while later on tonight in new york, the president will attend a fund-raiser with gay and latino users.
7:47 am
the defense is arguing that any person would attempt to hide an affair from their spouse, whether they had a -- whether they are a political candidate or not. they are trying to portray this, rather than john edwards trying to maintain his asprecipitations -- aspirations or supreme court justice. the big question is whether the defense will call john edwards himself to testify and while there are always inherent --
7:48 am
inherent risks. remember, john edwards the prosecution did not call reel hunter -- rielle hunter. >> they are always concerned about what she might say publicly. apparently that may have been a concern for the defense because she brings up memories of the affair and all of the hurt that it caused resident edwards. it's the defense that's trying to bring the jury away from that. away from the emotion involved with the affair and getting them to focus on the legality.
7:49 am
tori? >> thank you. it is 7:48. roger clemens' chief accuser is due to take the stand to testify against the former star. brian mcnamee is the former strength coach. he injected the human growth winner in 1998, 2000 and 2001. clemens is accused of lying to the grand jury about using steroids. the 29-year-old man was later found at his home nearby. he was still awake and alert. he was taken to the hospital. he's expected to survive. police still want to know what led up to the shooting. more than 360 names have been added to the national law enforcement memorial in washington, d.c. and they
7:50 am
include fallen vallejo police officer jim kapoot. >> this was yesterday evening. that's u.s. attorney general eric holder leading the grams. leading the precision.
7:51 am
pretty good for the bay
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the avengers took in $103 million u.s. it held off on the movie -- old tv show. move slip director tim burton made news. he took a tumble as he was out promoting his new movie in japan. see what happens? standing next to johnny depth there.
7:55 am
johnny has the hat. tum burton fell backwards. he was caught right there by the staff members. dark shadows. 7:54. crude oil prices continue to slip this morning as investors worry about china's pace of growth. just checked right now and oil is trading at 94 daff -- at $94 a barrel. that's down 2%. it's down 70 cents from friday's close and nearly half of that drop comes in the last two hours. china has the world's second largest economy and if growth there slows. it decreases the demand for crude oil. the u.s. government says there's a lot more oil in previously believed in the rocky mountain region of the united states. the government accounting offices estimates there are $3 -- there are 3 million barrels
7:56 am
of oil. turns out those three states have about as much recoverable oil as the world's reserves col bind. the gao warns developing that oil could badly damage the region's air, oil, vegetation and wildlife. 7:55. hey, sal you got the chopper working with you. we're working at the richmond bridge. we do have slow traffic on the richmond bridge. there's the crash. i want to have -- the chopper pan to the right. it is improving a little bit. you can just showing you the lower deck i just want to see what it looks like. now that the lanes are open. should start to see -- we should start to see more movement off the lek. let's take a look at the east shore freeway westbound. that traffic is still pretty busy getting off to the
7:57 am
macarthur maze. 101 and 85 and, all are slow. most lit -- mostly clue, mild, to cool -- all the way up to the city. means some upper 50s but for other locations. you can see the cloud cover pushing right in because of a low-pressure system moving into the north. that keeps this low cloud deck in place. look at that. i mean, just solid. the wind is kind of tailed off. 50s, upper 50s for some. it's kind of a mild pattern. the end result will be at that stage. partly cloudy, the breeze will pick up this afternoon. highs today mainly in the 760s. upper 60s very, very low 70s in locations that were 0, four or five day -- 90, four or five days ago. things improve by the weekend. it is 7:57.
7:58 am
it's california's biggest bike race and today it rolls right through the bay area. the napa county sheriff's department involves a shooting involving a police officer? we'll tell you why there are so many unanswered questions next.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. >> we are following developing news from napa. investigators are still on the scene of an officer-involved shooting. it happened on parish road. tara mori aty was the first reporter on the scene. what's happening there now? >> reporter: well, investigators appear to be focusing their efforts on two, three four homes. the police and sheriff's department have been logging evidence, scouring, checking underneath cars taking pictures and interviewing neighbors. search dogs were out here as well searching for -- sniffing
8:01 am
for clues. not sure what they were looking for. this is all because of a shooting that anded -- that happened last night at 11:00. a police officer made contact with the man on parish road and -- parish road and started chasing him. the person was struck. >> i was in bed going to sleep when i heard a gunshot. and it was loud and it was close by. i got out of bed and looked up and down the block. didn't see much going on. i woke up this morning and saw my block tape off with the cops around. the suspect was transported to the hospital. not sure about his condition. the sheriff's department is taking over the investigation as is standard protocol. the major crime's task force is already here. the afterwe're told has been placed on administrative leave.
8:02 am
quite a huge presence and we're supposed to be hearing from someone within the sheriff's department in the next couple of minutes. we'll let you know if they have an i.d. on the suspect or on the officer involved. in san francisco there was another tense confrontation involving police and the suspect. this happened at mission and fremont after 10:30. police say they fired a shot at a robbery suspect who threatened them with a rob -- with a weapon that turned out to be a bb gun. we now know the games of -- we now know the names of two men killed in san francisco on friday. the first happened on plimict and proud street -- plymouth and proud street. after that, james lee was killed in a double shooting in
8:03 am
the western district. so far no arrests have been made in either shooting. city leaders want the golden state warriors to move back across the bay. mayor lee lee asked them to move back and the chronicle said there was talk about building a waterfront marina. the bar pilots say a second pilot is needed. they want state lawmaker -- they want state lawmakers to approve a bill to cover the costs but the merchant association says bar pilots would earn $450,000 a year are already well pay and extra fees
8:04 am
could be passed on to consumers. oakland public work crews are still out there fixing more than 3500 potholes. today is the third week of their pothole blitz. now the crews will be working -- will be working on 14th street between market and bruce in oakland. mayor quan says more han 1500 potholes have been mixed -- have been fixed. one of the most popular bike trails will be closed. now the crew also repair cracks and holes and bumps along the three-mile trail. the service says construction will not take place on weekends and they vow it will be finished by the 4th of july. 8:04. happening now, crews are setting up the starting line for the next page of -- next stage. this is mu video setting up
8:05 am
for. amgen tour. stage two starts in two hours. more than 100 professional cyclists will ride down the presidio and beyond that riders will go down pacifica and down to half moon bay. the 117-mile road for stage two runs along highway 1 up the vase mountains and to cabrio college. slow caulk yowill wear the yellow jacket -- slovak slow -- slovakio will wear the yellow jacket today. click on the bay area sports tab near the top. tomorrow they will be in san jose biking through danville up
8:06 am
mountain dean blow -- bean -- diablo. hey, sal, you know all about that, you know about our commute. navigate us through the mountain. southbound between hayward, union city and free mont. there will be stop and go traffic and then in the south bay. i think one is -- 101 is the worse. 280 is slow from about 87 getting back to up -- getting back up to cupertino. a cloudy to mostly cloudy
8:07 am
morning -- monday morning and really kicked into higher gear or cooler gear. it continues today. look -- there is a lot of low clouds swinging in. you can either thank or blame an upper level low which decided to pay an upper visit. it's moisture already starved as we say. it's really enhanced the fog beige. that means temperatures will be on the cool side. they will mainly be in the 50s and 60s. the lows are very mild due to a southeast wind from san francisco oakland, peninsula and also to the south bay. more of a westerly direction towards the east bay and north bay. there you go. that's a big cloud deck right there. all the way up and down. that west wind will eventually win out. almost 60 for some even with some cloud cover upper 50s for almost everybody. temperatures went up and then the southeast wind. the system is to the north ebay the way -- by the way, medford
8:08 am
hit 95. in advance of it which is just incredibly hot for them. especially for medford. so early in the season. now 2 will be much, much cool he. it's already influenced us. a few light showers. mostly cloudy will give way to partly sunny, breezy conditions but not very warm. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. closer proximity but between down to morgan hill. fremont, redwood city, los gatos. and a cool day on the coast with a lot of gray. chilly morning tuesday but and the cool down continues. it's out of here on friday. it looks good with more sun by the weekend. 8:a 8. mayor -- 8:08 mayor quan's breakfast with leaders.
8:09 am
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plenty of gray. temperatures are kind of mild could to -- mild to cool. highs today mainly in the 60s. 8:11. right now, oakland mayor jean quan is discussing city cools.
8:12 am
many graduating seniors are getting more of a degree. many garage ways in 2012 have already jocked up -- locked up jobs. this year's graduates arrived on campus, the same month that lehman brothers collapsed, setting off the financial crisis. many graduates to be say they should -- say they had to settle for less than desirable -- less than desirable
8:13 am
conditions. ra horrifying discovery in mexico, dozens of decapitated bodies. police say 49 bodies, most of them with no heads, hands or feet were found along a main
8:14 am
highway between monterrey, mexico and american bodder. officials say interest family member who is a hiker is missing. they are concerned he may harm himself. he was des distraught. angry members rushed the stage on saturday and several
8:15 am
fights broke out. as jamie did you prereports, via skype, congress is far from any action on this issue which is a little strange because you think with all of this red ink that the post office would like to do to do something about it. >> and the tax payer doesn't send any money into the postal service. at this point in time, this deadline will be missed by congress. the senate has approved a postal reform bill but one is not even on the schedule for this week. they wouldn't even be -- even be able to get at it in june.
8:16 am
the postal office could still be announcing cuts starting tomorrow. but tori that is sort of the uncertainty. nobody knows if there are gonna give congress more time to act. maybe the postal service will start closing major facilities. they announced that they would pull back on a plan to shut down rural offices. but still when you look at them, they are losing in the last six months, if you can believe this, an average of $1 billion a month. something has to give in terms of cost cutting. >> what are some options here? i mean, could the post office go private and have fed-ex and -- >> reporter: here's the issue -- do you allow the postal office, theby a -- the ability to have them get rid of saturday? something congress doesn't want to do, but it will save
8:17 am
billions a year do you iz ra the postage more -- do you raise the postage more? the latest financial report last week showed a sizable drop in the amount of male last week. the postal office says we can't have limits in terms of what we can't do. we have to get rid of a lot of employees and you are talking about jobs. and when you talk about jobs, a lot of lawmakers can't give up. it will be interesting to see what happens. jamie did you prejoining us live -- jamie dupree joins us live. pull down the news member u -- news menu bar. we have the numbers from the chp on the crackdown on distracted drivers. now, last month 5900 traffic citations were issued to bay area drivers. statewide about 30,000 citations were issued.
8:18 am
it's all part of the c. crash crash chp's it's not worth it reminding -- of the chp's campaign, it's not worth it, reminding drivers of the dangers of the texting and driving.
8:19 am
8:20 am
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there is a new national study out looking at whether a chemical could be used to treat alzheimer's. that is found in red wine and nuts. this new study will launch this week at 26 different states, including stanford, ucsf and uc davis. and 7/11 is unveiling the summer offering a low-cal pumpee. there it is -- slurpee. there it is. it will be made with splendid. it will be available all over the country, tori. low-cal versions were made with
8:22 am
sack ka vin -- saccharin. saccharin. we want to check in with sal. i guess that he's no good spot for a stalled struck. westbound 80ance you head out -- i guess there's no good spot for the stalled truck. westbound 80 as you head out, right before the -- there is a new exit. you can see what it is -- this is between university and ashby avenue. this is actually causing a big traffic jam and you are gonna be late if you leave the house at the same time. some of this may help the bay bridge as people are not getting through as quickly.
8:23 am
you might see a lightening here in a few minutes. 85 is i proving, but 101 and 280 is not. 101 is backed up. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. mostly cloudy. mild for some. you can see why. there is a he pretty big cloud deck. help aid lock by the low which is cutting across northern california on his way. it looks like north of tahoe around susanville. watch how the enhancement. it's sold out. the wind is tailed off. but once the fog bushes off. a little east-sobe more westerl on. you can get a low there spinning right there heading right into cape mendocino. it will be a slow process to
8:24 am
burn this off. it will be chilly, tuesday morning and then warmer but then here comes another system coming in to cool us down and then we'll finally get rid of it on friday. it does look warmer but nothing too outrageous. >> we're following developing news coming in from albany. uc police moved in. alex savidge is there. what's happening? >> reporter: there is a lot -- there a large group of demonstrators, essentially they are standing behind their barricades. moving in the occupy the farm. police are still here. a number of uc police officers essentially surrounding the gill tracts. they moved in earlier on this
8:25 am
morning. we showed you police in riot gear. at this point, we understand that nine people have been arrested. there's also, i understand, in speaking with the spokesman that one person is in a -- is up in a tree -- they are up in a tree and they trying to get him or her to come down. folks eventually -- essentially took over this piece of land. they sent up -- they set up an encampment as well. the uc -- university of california gave them an ultimatum and said you need to leave by this weekend. this morning -- this morning they came in certainly with a show of force. i want to bring in -- were you here 24 morning? >> yes. >> reporter: took what -- what took place? >> what took place, we had a
8:26 am
three-hour meeting to try to relieve any fears that were had. we told uc we were gonna be completely off the land by 10:00. we were gonna make sure the offers didn't feel me here about their research. we weren't gonna ham their research. and in vee -- harm research -- harm their research. >> reporter: why why -- why were the folks arrested? >> most people were arrested outside. two people were arrested inside. we are trying to heighten awareness about the value of soil. >> reporter: two of them went in to farm, to water the plants. at that point, they were arrested. everyone else is outside and clearing out of the land. one of them was arrested in san
8:27 am
pablo and marin in a classic snatch and grab bau the police don't like her and she's a named defendant -- because the police don't like her and she's a name defendanted. >> reporter: and fen, nine arrests so far here. it looks like things have calmed down for the most part. you can see a fair number of protesters still here on san pablo behind some of the barricades and university police, a number of them surrounding the entire gill tract property, university- owned property that was occupied by these protesters to three -- for three weeks. the university said they are gonna be going inside this property and checking for the damage. we'll stay on top of what takes place and have further updates.
8:28 am
a really scary incident on a little league field. how what happened to a young boy could lead to big changes on bay area baseball diamonds. and it's a new chapter for yahoo! employees. the third ceo they've had in as many years is out. also, a big city mayor's fight to keep her job. why the leader of oakland may be winning that fight. [ male announcer ] what if we told you the 100% electric nissan leaf was the perfect car for you...
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8:31 am
yahoo! trying to move forward now that scott thorpeson is out -- thompson is out as ceo. here's more. >> reporter: checking yahoo!'s stock, their stock is up 2.5% since the announcement of scott tomp sop's re is -- thompson's resignation. the resignation he provided said he had a degree in computer science when he did not. over the weekend, tomp son told his board he had been
8:32 am
diagnosed. tech analysts believe it was the resume problem. tech analysts say the resume controversy called the board of directors look bad. it raised questions about whether the board did enough to vet. it replaced three board medicals and they added a -- members and they yarded a board chair yesterday. >> when you don't do a good background, it will cause a good board shakeup. nobody is gonna come on, typically, unless they change the board out. >> reporter: levinson was brought in and promoted. about 15 minutes agoing i did get a call back from yahoo!'s company spokesman. he said the company is not issuing statements or making any comments about the leadership changes.
8:33 am
allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:32. vallejo police now confirm a student has been arrested for bringing a loaded gun to school. staff members caught the student last tuesday at vallejo high when they questioned and tried to search the stay tuned, the 17-year-old admitted to having the gun. tomorrow is the deadline for bay area school districts to issue final pink slips for the 2012/2013 school year. the preliminary notices were issued. and now most people, it's reported, will still have a job. district officials say most people are leaving but it's on their own. however, they do say they won't know exactly how much money is available until a state budget is passed this summer. 8:33. if the california high speed
8:34 am
rail authority starts to build, it will cost $3.3 million. that's according to "the l.a. times." the track through central valley has to be finished by september 2017. otherwise, the authority risks losing federal funding. rail officials were considering whether they can legally shift as much as $1.3 billion of the work passed that 201 deadline. later today, governor brown will release his revised california budget plan. in a youtube video the governor gave you a preview of what you can expect. he says california now faces a $15 billion deficit, not $9. that's mainly because of weak revenues. he says if this is not approved, there will have to be another round of cuts in
8:35 am
education, state fund education and also welfare. the growing crisis in sacramento is gonna a have an impact on the -- is gonna have an impact on the bay area. today they will meet to talk about ways to close an $88 million deficit with less money coming in from the state capital. 8:34. a long time liquor license ban in san francisco's mission district is ray raising -- is raising new problems. the "chronicle" says it makes it impossible to get a liquor license unless it includes a full-service restaurant. business leaders say the ban is outdated and needs to be amended. they say it makes it ill possible for the mission to ex- - mission to expand.
8:36 am
one recall for oakland mayor jean quan will end today. today is the dad lie for the group -- deadline for the group to turn in 20,000 signatures to qualify for the november ballot. the second group has until july 2nd to collect the needed 20,000 signatures. the group says they are between 12 and 15,000 signatures. currently city council matt grockas is serving as san carlos's mayor. he -- the san carlos mayor is also expected to select a vice
8:37 am
mayor. a marin county juror man was arrested, because for kneeing nudist -- for being a nudist. the park ranger approached hill, there was a scuffle. san francisco's muni could approve a new bus route that's already being called the hash- tag express. the 83 express would -- express would connect with market and 9th streets. that's a block away from twitter's new headquarters the service would begin in june. well, for a two-month period earlier this year,
8:38 am
clipper card users, earlier this year, clipper card readers are not -- were not recognizing the first trip. 8 has been slow -- 880 has been slow. we're looking at the commute on 880 in oakland.
8:39 am
this is typical for this to slow down. it's approaching high street. traffic is gonna be busy. we're looking at the toll plaza. it's still backed up. we had the earlier garbage truck. >> the big valley at the ranch. it's 57. here's why. that system right hear. the low was moving into the north and that's enhanced. mostly cloudy. they will see this slowly burn off. but temperatures will stay low.
8:40 am
northern sacramento valley also ulto the mother lode -- up to the mother lode. look for -- look for an yorerall -- look for an overall, partly sunny day. even down to santa clara valley. you can see the cloud deck in place. the wind will pick. it's been east-southeast. but more westerly. the le there will stay to the north. mostly cloudy and then turning partly sunny. below-average temperatures. that local drizzle will give way to the breezy pattern.
8:41 am
8:40. a little league baseball player recover, in the hospital now. he was hit -- recovering in the hospital now. he was hit by a line drive. he was pitching when he suffered broken bones. his dad said the shortdy staps between the pitch he's mound. that may have worked against
8:42 am
sis son. >> later this week, the little league board will consider safety changes including putting older players on a bigger field. nineteen minutes before 9:00. it's a $2 trading blunder. major new developments. also, ktvu news was first on the scene and napa, new information on an overnight police shooting.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
stock prizes still heading lower. continuing the power of weakness. the dow currently down 95. nasdaq is down 19. an anti bailout party
8:46 am
refused to return to talks, and greece is trying to ecfloor a coalition government. the leadership at j.p. morgan chase is also changing. the trading unit of j.p. morgan loss $2 billion since the beginning of april and that division errorred to drew --
8:47 am
reported. we're tell -- we're still following developing news from napa. there was an officer-involved shooting last night. the investigation goes on. it happened on parish road and tara moriarty was the first reporter on this story. what do you know now? >> investigators are zeroing in on a couple of homes. search dogs were out here earlier this morning sniffing for clues. the police and sheriff's
8:48 am
department taking pictures. last night at 11:00, a police officer approached a man here on the 2100 block of parish road. for some reason he started chasing them. the two ended up where they struggled. the officer fired a shot and he was shot. >> i've never known anybody to be shot on my block. you hear gunshots. >> it happens. >> reporter: the -- the suspect was transported to the hospital. the major crime task force is here and the officer has already been place -- has already been placed on administrative leave. >> live from napa. i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> thank you tara. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories's
8:49 am
we are -- some of the other top stories. police say they fired a shot at a robbery suspect who threated them at a weapon. it turned out to be a bb gun. that suspect was notly. with, stage two of the amgen tour begins in a little while. the cyclists will ride from the marina district through daly city and pacifica through santa cruz county. and uc police arrested several occupy the farm protesters at the gill tract in albany. alex savidge is live to tell us what happened out there. >> reporter: quite a few protesters out here. they've been pushed back these
8:50 am
barricades. as we push over to the left here, you can see -- we can -- >> really pissed! >> reporter: i understand. you can see here -- >> i have a right to stand here. you cannot tell me -- >> reporter: we have quite a few police officers obviously in riot gear surrounded -- would you like to talk about what happened? >> not to tell me whether or not i can speak or not. >> i did not -- >> yes, you did. you pointed a finger at me. >> reporter: can we just give the background? officers in riot gear showed up a -- showed you at this property. arrests were made. at this point we're told nine people were arrested. it's still essentially unclear as to what they were arrested
8:51 am
for. some of them were relatived on this piece of property -- were arrested on this piece of property. protesters moved in. they began to -- they moved in early this morning. there were some people who were here including leslie hadock. >> yeah. >> reporter: tell me how this happened. >> i was at hole. i what woken up at 6:30. i -- i was at home. i was woken up at 6:30. i was told a raid started. i thought the land was safe. we had made a decision to move our camp. we have made it clear to --
8:52 am
>> reporter: this morning a major show of force. what's next? >> we're farmers. we -- we've cultivated that land. we're hoping that our crops are protected. we're gonna be meeting up tomorrow reconverging at the albany community center and will be marching back here. i hope that we're aloud -- that we're allowed back on the land. >> at this point, the university has taken back the gill track. the piece of land they own but it's been occupied by a group of protesters. they took other et -- they took over the piece of property on earth day. at this pin, they've moved in, taken back the piece of property and they are going through it right now and removing at lost belongings. as you can see, police in riot gear remain on the scene. we'll let you know how this
8:53 am
situation plays out. for now we're live in albany. alex savidge, kut -- alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. there was a 3.2 earthquake yesterday, followed by another -- in the geysers. the geysers are the largest thermal in the world. they got a lot of seismic activity. firefighters are battling five wives. these are live pictures. look at how dry it is out there. chopper is flying offaide -- overhead. one crowd has destroyed two buildings. the biggest fire is burning in
8:54 am
the tonto national fore. we're told no -- forest. we're told no homes have been threatened. the reason protesters are getting ready to target pg&e's shareholders' meeting in san francisco. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon
8:55 am
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8:56 am
protesters will be outside the pg&e shareholders meeting in san francisco. they claim the utility put -- puts profits ahead of public
8:57 am
safety and say the reason pipeline disaster in san bruno is one example. right now we want to check in with sal. >> we still have things to worry about out there. i want to show you the peninsula, another crash for 101. this time this is 101 southbound coming down through redwood city through whipple. but there have been a few of them. if you are driving down burlington, it starts to get slow. i just want to caution you that the traffic is slow. 101 and san jose is still slow. i would say 85 is pretty much recovered. 85 is looking good. and then we look at the nimitz freeway. it looks good on the dumbarton bridge or the san mateo bridge. >> let's go to 880 now. this traffic is slow. there is a crash 880 near fifth reported. at the bay bridge toll plaza,
8:58 am
it's not become light yet. i was kind of hoping it would by this time but still backed up for a long wait here at the toll plaza. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. partly sunny for some. there have a lot of clouds out there. temperatures will stay school. last week heat this week cool. and that's our report this morning. we'll see you the next time news breaks. and be sure to join us for the news at noon. for all -- we're always here for you at 3q
8:59 am
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