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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 14, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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they came through, snatching people, things, anything in the way. >> police move in and break up the occupy protest at a small farm in the east bay. that is our top story. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. albany's octhe farm encampment is no more this morning -- occupy the farm encampment is no more this
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afternoon. police moved in and the land was taken back. alex savidge is live with what's happening there. what's happening now, alex? >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. as you can see behind me, not a lot of protesters here. you can see as we push down here, this is the gill track and there are still a lot of police officers here completely encircling this piece of university-loned land. even after the police action that took place early this morning. we're told as we look to the left here that stares's still one lone protester -- that there's still one lone protester up in the tree. it's become clear -- demonstrators are not going quietly. hours after uc berkeley secured the site, our cameras covered this man with his head covered, hopping over the barbed fence. police officers raced over as the man poured water onto the field. eventually he climbed back on the property.
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it was just after 6:00 this morning when at least a hundred uc police officers moved on the land where protesters had set up plant and set up crops. nine people were arrested. two of them refused to leave the property itself. the others refused to disperse. >> they came through as a line, snatching people, things, anything in the way, forcing us to the front gate here. >> reporter: the occupy the farm camp was set up three weeks ago to promote urban cropping on this university- loned land. a university spokesman told me they were open to the possibility of sharing the land and tried to negotiate with protesters. >> while we're dispointed that the occupiers sealed to take yes for an answer, we are relieved there are no injuries or complications. >> reporter: work crews used heavy equipment to clear out items left over as protesters here vowed to continue to fight for a farm on this site. >> i live here.
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my kids go to school down the street. i want them to learn about how to grow food or gannicly, naturally, without chemical help, without engineering help. >> reporter: now that the land is clear, the university spokesman tells me agricultural resources will be coming in to begin to plant the crops that they need to. they said they will do anything they can to preserve the crops planted by protesters. alex savic, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. two hours ago, governor brown unveiled a revised and as you tear government plan. the proposal increases funding for education and -- austere. the proposal increases funding for education and this will leave the state with a $15
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billion deficit. he also made a pitch for his november ballot measure to raise income taxes on high earners and boost the state sales tax by .25. >> i said before, it's taken a long time, more than a decade, to get into this mess. we're not gonna get out of it in a year. >> the plan would slash state workers' pay by 5% through either a shorter workweek or cuts in hours and wages. and the growing crisis in sacramento is certain to have a huge impact on the bay area. that includes alameda county where supervisors are already struggling to deal with a budget shortfall. today they will meet to discuss ways to close an $88 million deficit. tomorrow is the deadline for bay area school districts to issue final pink slips for layoffs for the 2012/2013 school year. the preliminary notices were issued to teachers back on march 15th and now two months later, most districts say most
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people will still have a job. district officials say people are leaving on their own, meaning there are jobs for many of the people who received pink slips. however. >> they do say they won't know exactly how much money is available until the state budget is passed this summer. yahoo employees have a temporary leader this morning. ross levinsohn was named interim ceo. he's been at yahoo for about two years and is in charge of the media websites. he replaces scott thompson who was ousted after a controversy about resume padding. for continuing coverage on this story, allie rasmus explains how the shakeup happen and what's next for the company. >> reporter: employees made their way to the yahoo campus week. scott thompson is out, following a flap about his resume. he claimed to have a degree in computer science when, in fact, he did not.
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>> blatantly lying about a college degree, the penalty for the crime fits. >> in this day in age with all. informs that's available to all of us -- with all of the information that's available to all of us, you can't do stuff like that. >> reporter: thompson said he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. and he said that's why he stepped down. >> when you have people that didn't do a good job with regard to a background check, typically, that's gonna cause a board shakeup. >> reporter: and that's exactly what happened yesterday. three of the board members were replaced. daniel loeb is the one who exposed thompson'sson's resume problems. one employee told me "things can only go up from mere." >> now they have a new board in place. it looks like the board is motivated to fix the underlying
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problems. >> reporter: a yahoo spokesperson did call us back saying. company would not make statements or comments about the leadership changes they experienced over the weekend. in sunnyvale, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and despite the dow being done, yahoo's stock has been up all day. right now it's up nearly 2%. the white house for the first time is weighing in on the j.p. morgan chase $2 billion trading blunder as a top executive involves steps down -- involved steps down. also today, ina drew, the chief investment officer, at j.p. morgan chase has resigned t was her job to manage a port foot
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yoel designed to -- portfolio designed to hedge against risks. she was one of the highest- ranking women on wall street. and shakeups continue on wall street with the resignation of best buy's founder. in just seven minute, the reason behind why he quit and why investigators say he acted inappropriate. we are learning more information about an officer- involved shooting in napa overnight. police say the suspect who was shot is being treated right now in a local hospital. tara moriarty joins us live from napa with an update on his condition and what prompted the shooting. >> reporter: we've just spoken to the sheriff's department and they've could be confirmed -- confirmed that the officer has been with napa pd for one and a half years. and we've obtained surveillance video here that could perhaps shed light on what happened. this footage shows a man in a
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hoody and baggy pants talking on his cell phone outside the 7/1 -- outside the 7/1. >> a napa police officer said he was in pursuit, a foot pursuit. >> reporter: the officer was chasing the man. the two had a struggle in one of the backyards off parish road. >> i was in bed going to sleep when i heard a gunshot. >> reporter: the video shows that within three and a half minutes backup arrives. >> medical responded to parish road where this person was shot. they transported hill to a local hospital. he was -- him to a local hospital. he was shot in the case and is now in a medically-induced coma and is expected to survive. >> reporter: search crews were out here looking for any evidence that may have fallen in the pursuit. exactly what led up to the shooting, they are not saying. the sheriff's department is investigating.
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>> you hear gunshots in the neighborhood but i've never known anybody to be shot on my block. it's a little bit concerning. it happens. >> reporter: now, contreras, the suspect, was arrested last fall but the charges were dropped. immigration services of put a hold on him. there's nothing to indicate that contreras shot at the officer. officer diener -- keener has been placed on administrative leave. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a distraction for drivers late this morning on northbound i-880 near hegenberger road. the chp says a disabled jeep was about to be towed. the brakes locked and sparked the fire that engulfed the entire vehicle. no one was hurt. freeway traffic slowed down as drivers watched the flames. >> smart meter opt free, must be free! >> reporter: pg&e shareholders got an earful as they arrived for their annual meeting. why these people are
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protesting. the cooling trend may be over soon. meteorologist rosemary orozco has the specifics for you. and the amgen is underway. how it started and where the cyclists are now.
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it was a slow commute for a while this morning for commuters on the richmond/san rafael bridge. eastbound drivers found themselves backed up onto the lower deck. chopper 2 showed you the scene live around 7:30 a.m. the problem was a two-car accident east of the toll plaza. it took about an hour to clear the lanes. and more solo drivers are using -- are paying to use the new toll lanes highway 237, interchange 880. according to the first report on the lanes, more than 9,000 solo drivers used the express lane the week of april 16th. that's up from 7600 in late march, when the lane opened. solo drivers with fastrack can buy their way into a lane for a price that varies, it averages about $1.50 with a peak as high as $4.50. pg&e shareholders' meeting in san francisco today, they
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were greeted with a gauntlet of protesters. the protesters are angry over charges for opting out of the smart meter program. the demonstrators also say pg&e has traded public health and safety for profit. they cited the deadly san bruno natural gas explosion and fire and alleged health risks from smart meters. >> many, many people have been harmed from the microwave raid -- radiation smart meters. most of the symptoms are cardiovascular. pg&e says the smart meters pose no health risk. the ceo noted most customers support the smart meter program and he said 9 million smart meters have been installed while 17,000 households are opted out. tonight, the city of san bruno will hold an emotional ceremony to mark the rebirth of a neighborhood. city leaders will officially welcome back the families who have returned to the area
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devastated by the 2010 pipeline disaster. the explosion and fire destroyed eight people and destroyed 38 houses. a few houses have rebuilt and 23 homes are under instruck. best buy's chairman is stepping down after an allegation. best buy hired a law firm to hire brian dunn. he was having a personal relationship with a female employee. the inquiry found that founder richard schultz acted inappropriately when he found out about the relationship and did not report it to other company officials. one of two efforts to recall jean quan will end today. today is the deadline for a group behind one of the petitions to remove mayor quan from office to turn in 20,000 signatures to turn in to
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qualify. another group did not have enough signatures, and the second group has 12,000 and 15,000 signatures right now. tonight, the lay fa yet city council will vote on tougher restrictions on massage parlors. this comes after people complained that illegal activities were happening inside some of those businesses. one woman who began researching massage parlors in her neighborhood said some of the activities were graphic and sexual in nature. new rules would include being state certified at registered with the city's police department. police arrested a petaluma man m over the weekend after they say he was clocked driving over 100 miles an hour with two kids in the car. officers stopped 41-year-old juan carlos gallegos on highway 116 on browns lane near petaluma. they say he told officers he was in a hurry to get the two
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boys to their soccer game. he was booked into the sonoma county jail on wreck les driving and child indangerment charges -- reckless driving and child endangerment charges. the chp issued 5,000tations to driver for talking on the -- 5,000 citations to drivers for talking on the phone and texting while driving. stage two of the amgen tour of california began. today's route takes the racers from the marine grau greens through the presidio and half moon bay and then it will end in aptos. this is how the race started last hour. we just checked and the bikers are already south of daly city on highway 1. for both the
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racers and their fans, today's start had the field of old home week. i live in berkeley. my wife grew up in nearby. >> they've been here since this began. you get to see everybody up and close -- up close and personal. >> the amgen tour ends sunday in los angeles. you can see a race map that shows the routes for the different stages of the tour through sunday. go to our website,, and click on the bay area sports tab near the top. well, you might notice the roads in oakland are getting a little less bumpy as the continue its annual blitz to fix her than 3500 potholes. this is the third week of the concerted effort. this morning workers were on 13th street between market and brush streets.
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this week crews are rebuilding parts. road bed instead of just filling the holes. so the repairs last longer. good afternoon to you. relatively cool day around the bay area. partly sunny to partly cloudy skies expected. temperatures right now, holding in the 60s. giving you a live look over the city. and you can see a combination of clouds out there. we have the low cloud deck. we have mid to high level clouds streaming overhead as well. we're looking at a pretty good burnoff by the second half of the day. you can see socked in pretty good. the marine layer about 4,000 feet deep. most of us will end up with partly cloudy skies this afternoon. even some drizzle reported in santa cruz. the winds are generally light but could pick up once we see the cloud cover start to retreat. 62 degrees right now, oakland. low 60s, sfo.
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low to mid-60s around the south bay as well as the inland east bay. 63 in napa. 63 outside your door in santa rosa with light winds, mostly gray skies. again a weak system crossing over california today, not really bring us any rain. we're seeing a little bit of drizzle along the coastline and over the sierra. that possibility is there. in fact, a fire weather watch for the northeast corner of california. by tomorrow, we begin to see that ridge rebuild and our numbers are gonna bounce right back. for today, partly sunny skies in store. a little bit of coastal drizzle a possibility there. a cool pattern in place. upper 50s for the coast. low 70s inland and that will be for some of our areas and the breeze again picking up at times behind the system by the afternoon. 63 expected for san rafael today. 64 petaluma, mid-60s in santa rosa. low 60s sauce leta. upper 50s in stinson beach. low to mid-60s for the east
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bay. 70 des for walnut creek. 72 livermore -- degrees for walnut creek. 72 livermore. 72 san jose, 72 morgan hill. 63 for sunnyvale and along the peninsula, and 69 redwood city. 66 expected in san mateo. 61 degrees this afternoon in the city. we are running cool for this time of year. but by tomorrow, 5 degrees warmer for the coast. almost 10 degrees warmer for some of our inland spots. we'll hold onto that for a few days and then we'll cool down again as we get closer to the weekend. the weekend looks good, a slight bump in the temperatures. the san francisco "chronicle" says ed lee wrote wrote a letter to the warriors asking them to move to san francisco in time for the next season. the "chronicle" says the letter
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greece is edging towards exiting the eurozone. the dow is down 107. nasdaq down 5. s&p down 12.
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pilots who help navigate ships in and out of the bay want a fee hike. the bar pilots say a second pilot is needed for larger ships to ensure safety. they want state law makes that would require ship openers to cover the cost. but the pacific merchant association says bar pilots who earn $450,000 a year are already well paid and that extra fees could be passed onto consumers. which seaside town do you think might be the happiest in america? it's kiowa island, south carolina. sauce leta ranked third. tibby round ranked fifth. the list was compiled using the gallup well-being index. along with sunny days, commute time, education, low crime, and other factors. tonight at 5:00, you might have noticed it. the siding has come off hangar one at moffett field but the
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future of the hangar one and move felt field still things in the valance. -- still hangs in the valance. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we're always on at and mobile ktvu.
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