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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 14, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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to voters to pass the tax plan in november. >> california voters rejectedjected the last 7 tax increases. >> reporter: k-12 is not touched but if his plan fails more cuts will occur. >> this might add an additional two weeks less of school. >> reporter: they will find a way to avoid some of the cuts but say nothing can be done for schools without new revenues. >> win the election in november. >> reporter: what the governor outlined today was his budget plan. the legislator will hash it out. democrats will try to reduce am someof the cuts. -- reduce some of the cuts. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> he hopes to close part of the gap with his initiative to
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raise taxes. it will increase by 1% on individuals making more than $250,000. 3% for people making more than a million dollars a year. it would last for 7 years and increase sales tax for a quarter of a percent. >> reporter: thousands of teachers will find out tomorrow if they will be keeping their jobs. tomorrow is the deadline to issue pink slips. a lot of districts say most teachers will be able to keep their jobs because of the number of people leaving on their loanone. loanone -- on their own. police drove out all but one of the "occupy the farm" protesters. ktvu's rob roth is live where the loan protester is trying trying to get back against police. the protesters have mostly cleared out and this new fence
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has just gone up. you can see the police standing by to make sure protesters don't return. there is still one protester and he is sitting in a tree. >> reporter: after three weeks of negotiations that went nowhere, police officers went in and cleared the encampment. police arrested 9. >> they came through as a line, natching peoplic things, anywhere -- snatching people, knicks, anything in the -- people, things, anything in the way. >> reporter: they say some protesters had baseball bats. police say the operation went smoothly. officers from 8 different campuses came to assist. >> we work closely in terms of
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training so we were confident in their abilities. >> reporter: after police cleared the field there was still a game of cat-and-mouse. this man ran off. police say they are keeping close watch on a protester sitting in a tree. two sources say he urinated in the direction of an officer or through a jar. the plan now is to wait him out. but he is a seasoned tree sitter. much of the land is needed for university of california research. >> they have destroyed 70 rows of organic vegetables. all kinds of staples that people eat that we were trying to grow and gave away for free. >> reporter: they plan to meet tomorrow to decide their next move. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the police department
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contacted an outside monitor in response to the reaction to occupy protests. the chief tells ktvu the department submitted a plan this morning. the plan is expected to address a back log of complaints. the chief said they won't release information about what they submitted till they hear back from the monitor. the judge orded the department on may 1 to submit a plan and implement it by may 14. the court could consider implementing sanctions. a judge ordered a man to stand trial for sexual assaults. frederick dozier faces two dozen felony charges, including attempted murder, attempted raid and other sexual assault charges. he is being held without bail.
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investigators say a hospital nurse charged with having sex with a patient committed suicide hours after he was released from jail. napa hospital police arrested him on thursday. he was booked on charges including suspicion of elder abuse and having sex with a confined consenting adult. he was released on bail and later found dead. a investigation into a relationship scandal involving the former ceo. investigators found that the founder was having a personal relationship with a emmoyy and he failed to alert other officials. shake ups continues on wall street and here in the bay area with u-- yahoo naming a new
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ceo. we will have a report later. on wall street new concerns bever the european debt crisis weighed heavily on the market. at the closing bell all three major indices were down. the dow is down 125 to 12,695. the nasdaq is down 31 at 2,902. the s&p is down 15 at 1,338. the governor of rhode island will recognize same-sex marriage. new york and several other states allow same-sex couple to marry. the governor signed an order directing them to recognize those out of state marriages. that will give same-sex couple more rights. the senate passed a bill that would increase fines while
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driving or texing on -- texting on a phone. it will raise the total fee to $200. some opponents say the fines are already too high. the vote was 24-9. the bill now moves on to the state assembly. bay area bowling alley is asking for help to find a new location. its facebook page is asking people if they know of an available building. there are reports one property under consideration is at a vacant market. another san bernardino homecoming -- san bruno home coming tonight. that story still ahead. >> another cool day today. next couple days it will warm up. i will show you which cities
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the city of san bruno is planning a ceremony in an hour from now to welcome people back to the neighborhood that was devastated by the pipeline explosion in 2010. the blast and fire killed 8 people. seriously injured many more and destroyed homes. 26 families are in the process of rebilling. the ceremony is at 6:30. on the day san bruno residents are welcoming back victims, pg&e faced share holders. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar joins us live from san bruno with what happened. >> reporter: you can look and see they are setting up for the 6:30 thing and that will take place on time with new people moving in. but earlier today in san francisco it was a share holder
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meeting. >> reporter: protesters wanted to send a message to the ceo and the share holders. >> they are the people who make the difference. who vote on the policy. >> don't sell out our health in california. and around the country and the world. >> stop angrying californians. stop acting in a way that puts our health at risk. >> reporter: few of its customers had their smart meters replaced. >> the 9,999,000 other customers are getting real benefits. >> reporter: how much will the public utilities commission fine pg&e for san bruno. >> we, in our statements, think the smallest fine that we get is $200 million. >> reporter: based on a fine
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for a single death 5 years ago that seems $100 billion short to pay for eight san bruno deaths. >> i don't think you can take that and multiply it by 8. that is not how it works. how much is an appropriate -- versus the fact if you financial disable to company, where will we get the money to pay the fines and do the investment. >> reporter: at 6:30, right here a party to rewelcome those back to the neighborhood. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> he wants higher personal fines for executives found to have endangered public safety. in a news conference he said he is proposing a law that would raise the fines from $20,000 to a million dollars per
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violation. >> raising the penality to a meaningful level will ensure they focus on safety in addition to profits. >> we are talking about money. we are talking about accountability for over paid executives who are getting huge bonuses and walking away from mistakes. >> it comes after former pg&e ceo retired last year with a $39 million golden parachute. the legislation would force executives to return the bonus physical they violated safety regulations. the memorial to united flight 93 is getting help from leaders. george w. bush and bill clinton will join speaker of the house john boehner tomorrow night and headline a fundraiser. money raised will go to
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completing the memorial where the plane crashed on september 11. we will have coverage of the fundraiser tomorrow night. oakland city workers were working on 14th street. this year they are rebuilding parts of the roadway. the start to repair more than -- the start to remare more than 35 -- repair more than 3500 pot holes. car ended up in a swimming pool yesterday. it crashed through a wall and landed in the pool. a cinder block broke loose and missed the driver's head. >> just very scary. i was very afraid because my daughter's rooms are right there.
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this is the second time it happened. >> you heard that right. this isn't the first time a car ended up in her pool. a crane lifted the car out and the crash is under investigation. officials call it a water shed event. the new webcam that started sending out live pictures tonight of the falls. it transmits a picture every 30 seconds. donations paid for the cameras. if you would like to check it out go to >> that is beautiful. our weather is nice too. over to our chief meteorologist. >> it will warm up. it was cool yesterday and today in the 70s in the warmest spots. but we will warm safew degrees -- warm a few degrees and temperatures start to cool off
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again. fog along the coast. north valley, one of the reasons for the cooling is the low-pressure system that brought thunderstorms towards redding and we will watch that for you. most of the activity stays north and east of the area. that had lightning strikes up there. that is something you don't need this time of the year. the fire season. 71 in fairfield. this time of year i would expect them to be 84 degrees. this time of day and year, napa to be about 79 degrees. so you can see the temperatures are 10 degrees below where they should be. tomorrow lots of low 80s. this is the mechanism for the cooling. you see it moving towards the east. high pressure behind it. that will warm up for a couple days and another low-pressure system further south will move in and drop our temperatures
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again. kind of cool and we will see more patchy fog. this is something you don't see all the time in may. 46 degrees in santa rosa. that is a cool over night low. 48 in napa. vallejo 50. 49 in concord. as you send the kids out the door, tomorrow morning, it will be cool. as you head to work. notice that. much more cooler than we have seen. maybe a jacket or something. if you are working outside, you notice that. tomorrow san francisco upper 60s. across the bay, low 70s. berkeley, hayward. fremont 78 degrees. inland bay valleys, low 80s. that is how it breaks out tomorrow. nice day. warmer. but then a leveling off period into the five-day forecast. when i come back we go to the
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five-day forecast, look that bay area weekend in view and i will give you a specific high for your city. >> thank you. grueling day in the amgen tour of california. ktvu's robert handa is live where stage two just wrapped up. >> reporter: there has been quite a buzz of excitement here. the races began crossing the finish line an hour ago after starting in san francisco this morning. 130 of the world's best took part in the amgen tour of california. taking off after 11:00 a.m. from san francisco marina green down the coast, pacifica, half moon day, into the mountains to the finish line here. today's 117-mile ride had dramatic moments. anyone who drives through the mountains knows how treacherous the roads could be, set up a dramatic finish with peter
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sagan edging out the rest. here is what the fans saw. [ cheers and applause ] >> the pain becomes mostly a mental factor after a while. but those last 20k are just suffering so bad. you think it will never end. >> beautiful course. you know, the climbs are hard and decents were tricky and dangerous. >> reporter: it was quite a day and peter sagan's second stage win. we will have more at 6:00, including what it took to bring the race here and details on stage 3 from san jose to livermore. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a bike safety bill is making its way through the legislature. it would require a buffer zone of three feet between cars and
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bikes. it passed and it appears it will coast to approval and governor jerry brown says it will sign it. he vottos a similar -- vetoed a similar bill last year. it is a big day for mark zuckerberg and it has nothing to do with facebook's ipo. plus ... [ cheers and applause ] >> the message from president obama today. >> bidding is about to get underway for a personal lunch with warren buffett. the charity that will be getting all of the money. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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warren buffett is auctioning off a private lunch to benefit a san francisco charity. the proceeds go to the glide foundation. last year a bidder paid $2.6 billion to have lunch with warren buffett. bidding begins june 3 and continues through june 8. president obama urged young women to help the world become a weaken of life.
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>> the class of 2012 chanted yes, we can as president obama took the stage. he focused on the possibilities of women and urged them to take their rightful place in history. >> don't just get involved. fight for your seat at the table. better yet fight for a seat at the head of the table. >> the presidents noted he graduated from columbia university in 1983, the first year women were admitted there and said the economy was in recovery. >> i have seen a generation eager, impatient to step into the rushing waters of history and change its course. >> the college president awarded president obama the medal of distinction and
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thanked him for pursuing a sounder, freer and smarter world. the president said speakers set a high bar. they included secretary of state hillary clinton and meryl streep. big week for mark zuckerberg. today is his 28th 28th birthday. that makes him half of the age of the average ceo. he has been in charge of facebook for 8 years. the average is 7 years. facebook is expected to start selling stock to the public for the first time and begin trading on the nasdaq on friday. making his way into the digital age. the company announced it is putting out 1958 book breakfast at tiffany as an e-books. he died in 1984 at the age of
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60. the fox network announced it will introduced several new shows. one program is called the goodwin games. as three siblings on the brink of inheriting $20 million if they follow their father's wishes. and the mob doctor, a surgeon in chicago who is caught between her career and the mob. the mindy project and dana fox will be the force behind ben and kate. you will be able to watch all the programs right here on ktvu channel 2 news. the future of hanger one is uncertain. what nasa's latest plans are. >> a new chapter for yahoo, the
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. if you drive on highway 101 you probably noticed more and more of the skeleton is exposed on hanger one. crews are taking it apart but the question is, what happens next. ktvu's janine de la vega tells us why some people in the community is troubled by what they see happening here. >> reporter: crews stopped stripping down the siding today but they will be back at it tomorrow. all siding is supposed to be gone by summer and the future
5:30 pm
is unclear. for many it is a strange site. the structure is more than 75 years old and built to house the uss. but locals fear it won't be saved. >> sad to know. >> reporter: she lobbied nasa to allow a company to use the hanger to house its jets. they agreed to pay for the restoration. but nasa haven't given the green light. the gsa. >> to go into an evaluation of what should happen would be disappointment for those of us working on the issue for 15 years. >> reporter: in a letter, nasa said nasa has determined these properties no longer have a
5:31 pm
need and are excess to the agency. but they have 70 partnerships that uses their runways. >> i am aware of the rich history they have and all of the benefits because of that. >> reporter: a delegation is urging nasa to reconsider. in the mean time many worry this will delay restoring hanger 1. reporting live, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. there are new carnes that the high-speed rail is in danger of losing funds. if the state starts building the central segment late this year as planned it must be completed in record time by september of 2017. otherwise it could lose some federal funding. experts say it would be
5:32 pm
challenging to meet the deline and cost $3.5 million a day. the ceo of yahoo is out. he has been at yahoo for two years now and in charge of media websites. he replaces scott thompson who was outed after a controversy about resume fatting. ktvu's allie rasmus explains what is next for yahoo. >> reporter: employees made their way to the campus this morning to start a new chapter. the ceo scott thompson is out following a flap about his resume. >> i think the penality for the crime fits. >> reporter: with all of the information that is available about all of us, you can't do stuff like that. >> reporter: on sunday scott
5:33 pm
thompson told the board of directors he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. scott thompson says that is why he stepped down. he says the resume flap hurt him and yahoo's board. >> when you have people that didn't do a good job with record to -- regard to a back ground check that will cause shake up. >> reporter: three board members and the chairman was replaced. he is the one who exposed the resume problem. employees didn't want to talk on camera but one told me things can only go up from here. >> now they have a new board in place. the bode is motivate -- the board is motivated to fix the problems. >> reporter: a spokesman called us back this morning, he called to say the company won't make any comments about the changes
5:34 pm
they experienced. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. apple will try to go head to head with instagram. apple will expand its icloud service to allow users to swap and comment on photos. sources say the company plans to unveil the new service next month in san francisco. president obama and mitt romney are engaging in a war of words. president obama's campaign released a video attacking mitt mitt romney's work. >> made as much money as they could. and they closed it down. filed for bankruptcy without concern for the families or the communities. they also launched a new
5:35 pm
website, it accuses romney on focusing on wealth creation. mitt romney fired back today focusing on his role. >> a lot of pride in what we build out here. >> sdi almost never got started. mitt romney's private sector leadership team stepped in. >> it tells the story about a factory in indiana, workers talk about the growth and mitt romney is portrayed as a champion. >> ron paul is throwing in the towel when it comes to spending money. he said today he will end active campaigning but he is not suspending his campaign. ron paul will continue to fight for delegates all the way to the republican national committee. but ron paul said he will no
5:36 pm
longer spend tens of millions sof dollars. the search is on for a bank robber who robbed a bank on sunday. plus where police officers from the bay area are gathering to honoring their fallen comrades. >> and san francisco is making a serious play for the warriors. where the new stadium would be built and what san francisco mayor ed lee told us this afternoon. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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police are looking for a man that robbed a bank yesterday afternoon. it took place about 3:30 inside a bank at the lucky super market. police say they are looking for a white man in his 40s. investigators say he told the teller he had a gun but the teller didn't see one. a police officer who died in the line of duty will be remembered in the nation's capital this week. he was shot and killed last year. he is one of more than 350 fallen officers whose names were engraved on a national memorial this week. thousands are traveling to washington for police week to honor those who died last year.
5:40 pm
he will be honored at u.s. capital ceremony tomorrow. new numbers from the fbi show 2-3 officers killed last year were wearing body armor. 72 were killed last year. 49 were wearing body armor. most were killed in ambushes, or police chases. the family of a high school student scheduled a memorial for her tomorrow. she died last wednesday in st. louis from complications of a disease. she was a freshman at washington university in st. louis. she was co-captain of the lacrosse team. acupuncture may help improve breathing in some patients. patients getting medicine and
5:41 pm
acupuncture showed improved breathing. larger trials are needed to confirm the findings. >> new research finds a million adults in the u.s. are prone to sleepwalking. scientists found people with depression were 3 times more likehy to sleep -- likely to sleepwalk and people suffering from alcohol abuse or who took anti-depressants. tools. give you information about the photo. >> next, we will show you how easy it is to get inside information that could be hidden in any photo. >> back in 10 minutes. clear out there now. we will see more fog that coast and a bit of a warm up for tomorrow.
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many are comfortable sharing photos online, what we learned about some pictures could make you very uncomfortable. not what the pictures show, it is the information that is hidden inside. >> reporter: she is like millions of other moms, she keeps her friends and family up on what her son is doing by posting photos online. whether it is a messy face or friends out for a night of fun,
5:45 pm
he says be careful. each photo carries its own tag that enables anyone to find out when and where the picture was taken. >> the technology developed so much. >> reporter: we asked a police officer to take our picture. >> anytime? >> yeah. >> reporter: he downloaded the photo and cracked the code. >> go to tools. this gives you information. >> reporter: including the time and gps where it was taken. one last click brings up google maps and a picture of where we are. he did the same this with this dog. he says the tag can reveal to anyone the information that try to keep private. >> then they know i am out of my house. away on vacation.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: it can be used to build a retune of your activity, telling someone where you are on certain times on certain days. she said she is surprised by -- >> how easy it is for anyone to get information to find out where she is or where we frequent. >> reporter: for that very reason, she turned off her feature for her photos as soon as she learned about it. >> i wanted to make sure we were safe and wasn't being tracked. >> here is how to make sure your photos don't have the location and time they were taken. we are using an iphone. click where it says settings. it takes you to location services. you need to make sure your
5:47 pm
camera is turned off. and what you want to do is go ahead, it is a simple move, camera and it is off. that means it will not reveal that information so you can still share without sharing where you are. . congress is considering ideas on how to bring down helium prices. the senate is debating whether to change the way the government sells helium. low prices set in 1996 led to a surge in demand and that created a shortage and higher prices. the cost has tripled ovthe last 10 years -- over the last 10 years. >> hope congress can do something to free up the helium available for the industry. >> helium is also used inch microchips, mris, cables and wind turbines. weather satellite is taking
5:48 pm
pictures of earth. images from the satellite have a resolution of 121 mega pixels. the highest resolution ever made available to the public. it captures the earth in a single photo. this is made of 350 such images. it is a orbit 22,000 miles in earth. >> remarkable. . weather now. over to our chief meteorologist bill martin. looks like it will heat up? >> saturday was warm. 90s and sunday temperatures plummeted and it stayed cool today. we will warm up and then we will cool off again. no real heat wave and no real major cool down. rain in northern california. showers and lightning and thunder. redding area, the showers should be tapering off.
5:49 pm
for tonight patchy fog reforming that coast. highs warmer than today by 5-10 degrees. you will notice a warm up tomorrow. and you will notice a cool start to your day tomorrow. over night into the 40s, which is cool. here is the system. as it moves high pressure sets up and temperatures go back up. tuesday and wednesday we will see low and mid-80s. and temperatures go down wednesday, thursday and friday. out of the 80s into the 70s. the computer model lays out fog along the coast around 5:00 a.m. and high clouds. about 7:00 a.m. fog along the coast and over by sfo and hayward. into the afternoon it clears away. tomorrow warmer day as high pressure -- transition day, temperatures will come up.
5:50 pm
it will be a slow build on temperatures. not a massive 90s. but we will get into the 80s. 83 in brentwood. fire danger is inching its way up. but we still have green on the hills. santa clara, mountain view, menlow park, mid-70s. five-day forecast, dry. no rain. bay area weekend in view. plenty of sunshine into the weekend. a little warmer for the weekend but a cool down on thursday and friday. it is like this. not a real big change. tomorrow it will warm up, but after that it flat lines. >> thank you. so which town do you think might be the happiest in america? it is south carolina.
5:51 pm
the list was used using the index. why people in one city could be paying more for a popular drink and the best 1 dollars 50 you could spend at costo and how a hot dog landed this man in the history books and how a teen helped put him there.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
the city counsel plans to take up the issue of taxing sodas. he is pushing a measure that would add a tax of 1 cent an ounce to soft drinks that contain sugar. a report says it would generate $2 million-8 million dollars a year for the city. making a decision about imposing tougher restrictions at massage parlors. one woman says some of the activities were graphic and sexual. new rules include being sate certified and registered with the police department. san francisco wants the warriors to move across the bay. mayor ed lee sent a letter to the warriors inviting them to move to san francisco. mayor ed lee talks about
5:55 pm
building a water front arena with private financing. >> strong venue for them because of the transportation that we have in order to bring people from down the peninsula from the north bay and from the east bay and all of the amenities we have to offer folks a full experience of going to a sporting event. >> the mayor's letter says the city would work with you to achieve the goal. 30 minutes from now a man who won a art contest will be honored but the twist is how the artist found his model. >> somebody come up to me and asked if they could take my picture. i guess it is all right but i am not much to look at. >> he has been dubbed the mystery model but he did not set out to be a sensation. every monday he meets his
5:56 pm
friends at costo and has a -- costo and has a hot dog. a student entered an art contest and decided to do a portrait that reflected patriotism. >> i saw him walk up and i knew he was the guy i was looking for and he was wearing the u.s.a. hat. it was perfect. >> he took the photo and drew a portrait from the picture and he beat out 90 entries to win for california's 15th district but he never got his name so they did a little work and tracked thousand model. now they will share -- tracked down the model. now they will share honors
5:57 pm
tonight. when he was gunned down in oakland and community cried out for action. how his death prompted police to round up dozens of criminals. and the voter fury we found when we asked about the plan to cut more state services.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
. the governor's new budget paints a bleak picture for california and that is his optimistic version and police round up three dozen wanted criminals. the fuse that sparked this action. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening i am. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. it hawse a shooting that -- it was a shooting that rocked a community. a but struck and killed carlos nava outside a pizzeria in oakland last august. today the police chief revealed the death prompted a warrant sweep this


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