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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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ktvu's jade hernandez spoke with the chief today. >> reporter: those arrested were told were responsible for robberies, shootings and even a murder right here in oakland. >> reporter: what ktvu captured monday was the first of a three day sweep. 32 arrests, 5 teams leading the operation, indeluding three u.s -- including three u.s. u.s. marshals swept over oakland. today the police chief sat down to discuss how the shooting death of carlos nava last summer pushed the department to act. authorities agreed to help clean e streets of oakland. a collaboration began. >> this was one of the promises they made. they agreed to do it twice. >> reporter: two sweeps. one last fall, the other last week, mainly in east oakland. >> during the operation no
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officers were injuredjured and several criminals were taken off the street. >> we have plans to do more operations with our federal partners in the near future. >> reporter: also confiscated two rifles and one zip gun. they aimed to serve 91 more felony weren'ts but were un-- warrants but were unable to locate them. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. he is celebrating the passage today of a bill he authored aimed at reducing gun violence. it requires owners to report missing or stolen fire arms within 48 hours. some say it is unrealistic. authorities are releasing new details about a officer involved shooting. we are on the scene where a
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police officer chased the suspect on foot. the sheriff's department says the two fought before he opened fire. the suspect was shot in the face but he is expected to survive. authorities are not saying what led up to the shooting or whether he was armed. governor jerry brown unveiled his spending plan today and says new cuts are required to fix the budget gap. >> the real problem will be to get the one time cuts at the level we ask. which is half. >> over the weekend he revealed california's budget short fall is $16 billion. $9billion higher than anticipated. he also renewed his push for the tax initiative. here is the key elements of the
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budget. public employees are asked to take a 5% pay cut. trial court lose $544 million and cuts to gal grants. and hospitals and nursing home that serve medical patients would receive reduced payments. >> offices may be closed more often, ktvu's john fowler is live where he discovered voters growing frustration. >> reporter: along highway 4, delayed by construction and will be for at least three sect is complete. lot of people said they are concerned because contractors, including caltrans are among the employees the governor wants to work less. >> hurts our perception of
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california. falling behind. >> something has to happen. maybe we have to suffer before it gets better. >> reporter: waiting for two hours at the dmv today. >> i have seen the economy crash, seen everything go rock bottom. where is the up in this? >> reporter: they see a bleak future with the governor prosing deeper cuts to higher education. >> now it will be harder to get into college. >> if they don't educate their youth they are not going a work and pay taxes. >> reporter: the governor leaves k-20 alone but cuts into health and human services. >> i don't think it is right or fair. >> reporter: she fears there will be no safety net for her. she being layed off. >> regular people will be
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homeless too. >> we are in this mode of spend, spend, spend and i don't know where the money is coming from. >> i am hoping that the younger generations will make wise decisions to bring the economy up. >> reporter: battle lines are being formed over the budget. the deadline is a month from tomorrow. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. a fair budget. when do we need it? >> now. >> the women's foundation of california responded to the budget proposallual a protest that -- proposal with a protest at the capital. they argue the cuts hurt women and children. calworks could have $880 million cut. >> the budget is drawing heated reaction. >> this place continues to do
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things that hurt the economy, discourages individuals and businesses of all levels of business to invest. >> nobody wants to raise taxes. there is a myth democrats get joy out of it. >> ed the fail, education faces billions of dollars in new cuts. they pointed out california voters shot down the last 7 proposed tax increases. you can read more on and watch his new commercial. click on politics. a judge ordered a man accused of three sexual assaults to stand trial. frederick dozier faces more than 2 dozen felony charges in connection with three separate attacks. police released this surveillance video but say it was a tip that led to frederick
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dozier's arrest. an suv caught fire this morning near a freeway causing a distraction for drivers. fire crews rushed to the burning vehicle. the chp says the suv was disabled and about to be towed the breaks locked and sparked a fire that engulfed the vehicle. bait a abreakers will -- beta breakers will take over san francisco on sunday. new at 6:00, ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco. >> reporter: fans are saying a simple souvenir will make the difference whether they register or not to run this year. >> reporter: the beta breakers race is sunday but this year some will sit it out, their
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disappointed registration cost $57 and doesn't include a t- shirt. >> seems logical. >> i don't know if it is worth 57 dollars. >> reporter: registration last year included ahmedal and a t -- a medal and a t-shirt. >> a lot of people were asking for teared pricing to give people more of an option. so we are being responsive to that. >> reporter: she says 40,000 runners are expected this year. 55 registered for last year. >> people want to be a part of history. and always come out for the big anniversaries. but we are expecting a lot of people this year. >> t-shirts are nice thing to have to remember. >> reporter: much of the money raised goes for port-a-potties and clean up.
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another reason they are hoping it will entice runners to pay extra to run. >> i am not going to pay. >> reporter: registration ends on wednesday. the runners can register on saturday in the city. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. legal victory for apple today in its fight with sam sun could end with a ban on tablet sales. apple sued. but a judge ruled against apple. apple is seeking an immediate injunction to block the sale of some of their tablets. the two companies are locked in multiple cases. facebook plans to stop taking orders for its ipo two days ahead of schedule. they will close its books after the end of trading tomorrow. facebook is scheduled to price its shares on thursday.
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they will go for between 28-$35 each. trading is do to start friday. fewer women are securing fewer senior positions. positions. it is down from 11% last year. 30% said the technology departments don't have any women at all in management. the amgen tour of california came to san francisco today and fans got to see a great finish. we will show you what it was like for fans and riders. >> back here in 10 minutes, temperatures dropped but they will come back up. which cities warm the most. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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>> a protester remains on the land owned by university of california at berkeley after police raided the encampment known as "occupy the farm." 100 police officers arrived and cleared the encampment. protester who remains is in a tree and they plan to wait him out. a spokesperson says some crops will have to be destroyed but the majority will be preserved. at the state capital asking asking for help in stopping a flow of guns from the u.s. to mexico. he spoke with governor jerry brown as well as scenters -- senators. he says guns from the u.s. played a role in the drug related deaths in the last six years in mexico. >> we all have a responsibility to do something to correct this
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issue. >> he plans to go to washington, d.c. with his message in september. this comes as police in mexico are trying to identify 49 bodies found yesterday. heads, hands and feet were all cut off, making the task of identification difficult. the area where the bodies were found is contested by mexico's two dominant drug gangs. in a half hour from now san bruno will hold a ceremony to welcome back families to the neighborhood that was destroyed by the pipeline explosion. 26 families are in various stages of rebuilding. promises to be an emotional ceremony. protesters grated pg&e share holders today at a meeting in san francisco.
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>> they say waves from the smart meters are a health concern and customers must pay to opt out of the program. he tells ktvu most customers don't mind the meters. some of the world's top bicyclist pedal today as they cross the finish line for the amgen tour of california. ktvu's robert handa is live with how the town brought the race to the area. robert? >> reporter: frank, another sprint started. this is the race to get to san jose to set up for stage 3 now that stage 2 ended with a thrilling finish. 130 took part in the second stage of the amgen tour of california. taking off after 11:00 a.m. from san francisco marina green down the coast into pacifica, half half moon bay, into the
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mountains, 117 miles later. promoters sold the idea of a beautiful coastal ride. there were a couple of minor spills and then a 90-degree turn before the home stretch with peter sagan coming out on top. here is how we saw the battle to the finish line. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: what is the most exciting thing about watching the race? >> just the finish. really enjoy it. >> the pain becomes mostly a mental factor after a while. but the last 20k are just suffering so bad. you think it will never end. >> reporter: you got together stage tomorrow. >> yeah. we will see how that goes. get rest and food and we will
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do our best tomorrow again. >> reporter: we should point out he gathered major point, stage three he was dreading, starts in san jose, up sierra road, 115 mills to livermore. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> today's race began in san francisco marina green. took them through beautiful spots, including ocean beach. we caught the riders. >> tomorrow they will race 115 miles from san jose to livermore and for the first time it includes an uphill climb on mount diablo. they are expected to cross the finish line before 4:00 in the afternoon. small businesses have a new incentive to go green. they are offering $5,000 to
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each business. the rebits will cover material -- rebates will cover material costs. a business must be in alameda county and 10,000 square feet or less. the website launched a new webcam today. you see it there, that updates with a live picture every day. the president says more than 400,000 people view the webcams every year. cooler today but a warm up is on the way. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin is in the forecast center. >> sunday was cool. today isn't that warm. temperatures increases as much as 10 degrees. showers by redding, sacramento,
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north of marysville, creeping in around chico, red bluff. the showers produce thunder and lightning today. so we will watch that. most of the activity will go away. you will see it light up here right there. back spin as the low-pressure system moves off. it was enough to cool the temperatures. yesterday was cool day around the bay. the fog and low clouds tonight. temperatures tomorrow increase. over night lows tonight into the 40s. not freezing. but this time of year, which means some of the areas, they will be around 45 degrees tomorrow morning. a chilly start for your tuesday. fog and low clouds at the coast. tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m., fog here, san bruno, to the san francisco airport, to the oakland airport.
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fog burns off quickly. right? by the afternoon green. those are 60s and 70s. you will see 80s creeping in in the afternoon. more 80s. 60s in san francisco. across the bay, warms rapidly, mid-70s towards oakland. livermore valley, morgan hill, santa rosa, mid-80s. when the bay and ocean temperatures factor in, the microclimates show up. 83 brentwood. 82 livermore. 80 san jose. 82 morgan hill. fog along the coast. nice start to the week. no rain. 5 days are dry. five-day forecast is not dissimilar to last week. real nice.
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upper 70s into the weekend. >> mild. >> yeah. it is. >> good stuff. thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 game on for san francisco and its dream to add another sports franchise to the roster. >> first the giants came here and now the city is coring another sports franchise. >> also, a tribute to a fallen police officer on the seats of the nation's capital. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. as we showed you, the amgen tour of california is making its way through the bay area, our sports director mark ibanez is up next with the leaders.
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the state approved a new bill requiring tougher sanitation rules for restaurant playgrounds. they require them informing customers food is not allowed on play structures. restaurant playgrounds could be breeding grounds for bacteria. mark is here now, and the sharks are out out of the playoffs but a player making
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headlines. >> the sharks are always out in the community and at it again. you find that joe thorton scores high on the good guy rating and they dedicate a street hockey court to him thanks to the sharks found option and the good tiedings -- foundation and the good tiedings foundation. he learned to play on a hockey court just like this in canada. he had fun. but you know what the sing of the way the regular season ended is still sticking with him. >> stuff still watching teams play and you know, you it is difficult. but you realize you can't make it every year. the parody of the nhl is just so good. los angeles being a number 8
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seed, phoenix being a number 3 seed, teams are so close, it is good for the nhl in general to have so much parody right now. >> good day. meanwhile a perfect weather day it was for the second day of the amgen tour of california. cool on the ride from san francisco down one to santa cruz. extra activity. watch it here. a 10 bike crash that includes the leader, peter sagan, however happy to report no serious injuries. he bought back up on the bike, sprint to victory. today's stage 117 point 1 miles. he looks like he is ready for another 100. easy there. giants tonight at home against colorado. a's in southern california. >> he gets in a crash and comes back and wins. >> yeah. and yesterday he had a flat
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tire and he got back up. not a recommendable formula but working. >> rolling with it. welcome home tonight for san bruno residents a year and a half since a pg&e pipeline destroyed their neighborhood. we will bring you the latest on the 10:00 news and at bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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