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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 14, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> a bay area neighborhood rises from the ashes, celebrating its rebirth tonight after being leveled in a disaster. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. first there was dispair now there's hope in san bruno. the first families to rebuild have finally returned to their new houses. heather holmes is live in the neighborhood where residents marked an anniversary. >> reporter: inside the
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pelligirni's are spending just the second night. while the couple may be sleeping on an air bed, they say it's certainly good to be home. >> reporter: they are discovering the joys of life again in this san bruno neighborhood devastated by a huge fire ball. >> congratulations. >> oh my goodness. >> reporter: the mayor today gave proclamations to the recent homeowners who completed construction of their home after the 2010 pipeline explosion. >> i just started screaming i'm home. and i had another neighbor out there and i said i'm home. >> reporter: pelegrini says she has not stopped smiling since moving into her new five bedroom home. her and her husband are weary after trying to make a rented place their own. >> sleeping on a rented bed,
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eating on a rented table, this is mine. >> you miss thing that is you don't have anymore. >> reporter: today is the day that we have waited for for a very long time. >> reporter: in addition to the three homes completely rebuilt, 16 others that were damaged have also been repaired and are now being lived in again. >> it's a good feeling to see things coming back. people slowly coming but it's never going to be the same. >> reporter: here's another symbol of this neighborhood rebuilding. city crews today planted a tree and there are more trees to come here and frank and julie the major says he plans addition ceremonies like tonight as more residents return here. i'm heather holmes. pg & e ceo says he expects the company will have to pay a substantial fine to the families of the victims of the san bruno explosion. >> we in our disclosure statement think that the smallest fine apparently that we will get is $200 million.
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>> reporter: chairman and ceo anthony early suggest that is a larger fine could financially disable his company. protesters greeted pg & e shareholders today outside the utilities annual meeting in san francisco. the protesters oppose the required fees for customers who want to opt out of the smart meter program. 17,000 customers have chosen to opt out so far due to health concerns. pg & e says smart meters do not pose a health risk and that most customers are happy with the devices. san francisco police are asking for the public's help to find a hit-and-run driver who critically injured a 60-year- old man. the hit and drive happened thursday night near columbus avenue and fulsome street. the last two digits of the license plate are the numbers
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two and four. anyone with information is asked to contact the anonymous police tip line at 415-575- 4444. a man survived being struck by a commuter train this evening. it happened not far from the caltrain station in south san francisco. it caused an hour long delay at the height of the evening commute. authorities still have not revealed the man's authorities or the extent of his injuries. governor jerry brown is proposing a pay cut for state employees. as ken pritchett reports closing the gap will mean millions of the dollars in addition cuts. governor brown's second look at the budget revealed almost nothing but bad news. >> it's a difficult budget, and it reflects the fact that revenues are lower than we expected. the governor says half of the solution to closing a $15.7 billion deficit will come from
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gaps. they include 5% from state worker pay, saving $402 million in part by shortening the workweek. medi-cal would be cut by $396 million. in home support services will cut $99 million. >> we're going to have to cut deeper. by cutting alone really doesn't do it. >> california voters have rejected the last seven proposed statewide pay increases, they're going to reject them once in november as well. if the governor's tax plan fails he says more cuts will occur, 90% targeting schools. >> this is an addition two weeks. >> reporter: nothing can be done for schools without new revenues. >> i hate the cuts the only way to avert the cuts is to win the election in november. >> reporter: what the governor outlined today is his budget plan. the legislature will have its
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own take and they promise an on time budget by june 15th. sacramento, ken pritchett. >> the governor's proposed cuts will affect every californians one way or another. we talked to people in concord this afternoon and many said they're discouraged the way things are knew. the idea of getting less financial their tax dollars or paying more makes them pessimistic about their future. >> thins are crashing. i haven't seen anything go up. i've seen the economy crash and go everything completely rock bottom. where's the up in this? >> it's hard because now it's going to be harder for me to get into college with little money. >> reporter: another woman told us she's worried about not having a safety net. she is being laid off next week. and has more details on the governor's proposal. we have posted his revised budget on our website. a 69-year-old doctor who's accused of running a pill mill
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accused a judge today. santa clara county prosecutor says dr. jasna mrdjen was selling bottles of prescription pills. if convicted she could face up to 12 years in prison. state regulators have placed the nursing program on probation. they say the school's graduates have a low pass rates on exiting exams. oikos is being given two years. one goh is currently in jail. the unique way she a woman is pleading for a cancer drug not yet approved by the fda.
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levinson took the realm today and investors seemed to approve the change. embattled ceo thompson stepped down after controversy erupted over his resume. it stated he had a computer science degree when in fact, he does not. the dow industrials plunged 125 points, nasdaq dropped 31. facebook will reportedly take stopping orders for its ipo tomorrow but even so the price will still go up. facebook has more orders than it needs. the initial public offering is expected on thursday with trading to start on friday. shares are currently priced at 28 to $35 but analysts say they
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could be bumped up. this has been a big week for mark zuckerberg, he also turned 28 this week. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live in san jose where people attended a community meeting and raised concerns about homeless encampments. >> reporter: emotions were raw today about a homeless encampment less than a mile from here. >> who are these people? i mean they are people, i want to know who are they. >> reporter: under an overpass is a homeless encampment. a week ago there was a murder here. >> they are just right there. >> reporter: residents of a near by townhouse development are nervous. >> they know when i come and go and when my wife comes and go. they know when my place is empty and they know when my wife is alone. >> reporter: there is broken glass in the parking lot during a recent break-in. >> usually on trash day we have
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people here rummaging through the recyclables. >> reporter: a court has ruled that police must now catalog and keep such property for 90 days. so the items can be reclaimed. san jose police say they don't have the resources or manpower to make raids anymore and there are no quick fixes. >> if we go and completely clean up one encampment, they are homeless. they don't have any where to go, they're going to pop up some where else. you're really just chasing the encampment around. >> reporter: this is not the only city with a problem. >> being homeless is not a crime. we can't go and arrest people and force them into permanent housing. they have to allow us to help them. >> reporter: there's an estimated 11,000 homeless in san jose. a 20% rise since the economy took a nose dive. >> it's a community problem. i think a lot of people miss the fact that these people are human beings. >> reporter: the city hasn't given up entirely and are
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looking for ways to clean up the encampment by the end of the month. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. this year's beta breakers just days away. why some regulars say they'd rather sit it out this year. a warm up is headed our way for tuesday. i'll show you which cities will be the warmest and we'll look at the five day forecast with your weekend in view. another controversial magazine cover this time it's how newsweek depicts the president. some people call it offensive.
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new at 10:00, a mother with stage four breast cancer makes a plea to a bay area company. amber lee joins us now live on how the woman was able to get a potential life saving drug that is yet to be approved by the fda. >> reporter: julie, tonight we spoke with the sanford professor of medical ethics about why a lengthy approval process is needed. 46-year-old darlene van of florida posted this you tube to ask the fda to allow her to take cenentech. within one week it was able to get the fda and gant's doctor
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to approve the drug for gant. this is debated on a case by case basis. >> it has to be the case, we're very careful about the circumstances under which we give these acceptance other wise we won't be able to enroll enough patients in the research to fine out if these drugs work at all. >> reporter: he says researchers and federal regulators need time to determine how safe a drug is and if it works. >> we look for a magic bullet. so the demand for that magic bullet puts more pressure on our system than it can really manage. >> reporter: genentecl tells us a study on nine women was just completed in december. the drug is given to women in an iv drip. promising results will now mean the fda will look at whether to approve the drug in six months
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instead of 10. still for this woman it's hope that she will not have to wait anymore. >> cancer has taken over my life, and i have to plan what to do with my son so he remembers me. >> reporter: the fda is expected to announce its decision about the new drug by june 8. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a 25-year-old man is in a medically induced coma after being shot in the face by a napa police officer. it happened in east napa on perish road. napa sheriffs are investigating the incident and says thomas keener got into a confrontation after a foot chase. there's no word yet on exactly what started the case or if contreras was armed. contreras is expected to survive from his wounds. the lafayette city council is expected to discuss
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provisions on massage parlors tonight. the massage parlors must be certified and signed up with the police department to operate. -- it may lead to a reduction in the consumption on those drinks. other lawmakers say it will hurt local businesses. this weekend is the beta breakers race. but some are opting out because the price of the race does not include a t-shirt. that has left some runners leaving angry messages on the
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race website. we spoke to runners who said they would expect the registration to include a t- shirt. >> it's for the next race, the next year. it seems logical to have it as part of the base price not an add. >> reporter: a spokesperson said last year's registration did include a t-shirt however she says it did not include a medal. a new play to attract the golden state warriors to san francisco. where a new basketball arena might be built and oakland's plan to try to retain the team. newsweek's presidential news coverage includes president obama and his stance on gay marriage. it comes a week after another magazine cover gained attention. >> this is not good. >> reporter: i don't know i love this picture actually. >> reporter: this magazine doing this bothers me. >> why? >> because it's labeling him. you know what did you think
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about the newsweek saying the first gay president? >> colorful reaction to newsweek's controversial cover today featuring president obama with what they're calling a rainbow halo. he is the first sitting president to publicly support gay marriage. this comes after time came out with a cover with a woman breast-feeding a toddler. >> it's designed to get people to talking about it. >> reporter: a recent gallop poll shows the majority of americans now support same-sex marriage, 53%. among 18 to 34-year-olds it jumps to 70%. some don't agree with this portrayal like terry lindsay who says it's offensive. >> why would they put this in the magazine? i don't think it would hurt him. i mean you know the man has a wife and kids. >> reporter: political consultant randy shandobil doesn't think it will hurt the president either. he says if anything it may feel a tax on the press. >> there are already many critics of the main street
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media who accuse it of a liberal bias. showing the president of the united states with a halo over his head certainly doesn't do anything to disabuse that notion. >> reporter: as for magazine sales, it remains to be seen how this issue of newsweek will do. here at telours the owner told us he ordered 200 more copies to meet the demand. you can join the conversation on our facebook wall at on facebook. president obama addresses gays and lesbians directly. his comments about last week's marriage announcement. and it's going to be cold out there tonight. it already is in some places. there's patchy fog showing up along the coast. 48 in napa, that's cool for this time of year. so as the kids go off to school and you go off to work, 7:00, 8:00 in the morning you're
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going to have temperatures like 48 degrees in concord, so it's cool. jackets as you go for your tuesday. we're going to see clouds and fog along the coast. we have fog out there right now. half-moon bay you have fog, pacifica. fills in like this. by lunchtime it goes away like this. and temperatures start to warm, we're going to see plenty of 70s and 80s tomorrow. and we'll see warming temperatures as we go through the next couple of days. just know tomorrow will be warmer than today by about 10 degrees. i'll see you back here with your complete forecast. san jose could become the largest city in the u.s. to put any restrictions on payday lenders. the lendsers would allow the payday lenders to stay in their current locations. if one closed a new one could replace it in its same location within six months and it would bar any new ones near by. police move in to empty out
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an occupy encampment. and why one protester was allowed to stay. she ran from the flames and still suffers from the burns. at 10:30 a miss california contestant who still has the courage to compete. you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪ real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77.
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firefighters in arizona say the five wildfire burns there tonight mark an ominous start to the fire season. the gladiator fire burning in the historic mining town of crown king has forced the evacuation of the town's 350 people. so far it's burned 600 acres, destroyed three buildings and at this point it's just 2% contained. one of the largest fires is in the tonto national forest, it has burned 3,100 acres however no structures are in danger. in all some 6,000 acres have burned so far. here at home invest invest
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-- investigators say a number of deliberate fires may all by linked. someone put an incendiary device into the gas tank of a car on waiverly court in san francisco. there was another car fire on king drive in daly city and several small fires were set on collin drive also in daly city. no one was hurt. police are keeping an eye on a piece of property after clearing out several protesters. the occupy the farm protest came to an end with a show of force. >> reporter: after three weeks of negotiations that went no where are about 100uc police officers went in this morning and cleared the farming encampment. police arrested nine protesters, and seven for unlawful assembly. >> they came through as a line, snatching people, things, everything in the way. forcing us to the front gate
10:25 pm
here. >> this site changed my life. i'm disappointed. >> reporter: officers went in with nonlethal weapons because they said some protesters had baseball bats. bun unlike some past occupy protest police say the operation went smoothly. officers from eight different uc campuses came to assist. >> we worked closely with all the other uc in terms of their training so we were real confident with how they worked. >> reporter: after the clearance this man jumped the fence and watered the crops and left. >> peas, beans, squash, melons,
10:26 pm
pumpkins, cucumbers all type of staples that people eat that we're trying to grow and give away for free. >> the protesters are planning to meet tomorrow to discuss the next move. a new book claims to unravel the mystery of the zodiac killer but stops short of naming him. the zodiac wrote three cryptic messages in 1968 and 1969. the author of this new book is a former highway patrol officer. he says the zodiac is a 91-year- old alcoholic living in solano county but he says he will not name the man bauds of privacy and safety concerns. republican ron paul reveal as tactical change in his campaign for president -- reveals a tactical change. how san francisco is trying to court the golden state warriors. a san francisco beauty queen suffering serious burns in the hospital got some more unsettled news today. we'll have a live report. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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new developments tonight in the case of a miss california con -- contestant. sarah choice suffered burns in a house fire. the woman faced more adversity today, ken wayne has the story. >> reporter: sarah choy is recovering from those burns here at st. francis. but for a while she wasn't sure where she would be spending tonight. the reigning miss golden gate showed us her sash and crown from her hospital bed. >> i ran out the hall way which was covered in flames. >> reporter: she barely escaped this fire. >> i was completely in shock, i
10:30 pm
was hysterical. for whatever reason i couldn't stop screaming. >> reporter: she says she will be able to walk again and may have to spend a month in the hospital with additional rehabilitation. but today she said she got another shock writing on facebook. now they're discharges me with mere hours notice. i have no home, no clothes and no knowledge of how to take care of my wounds. >> it was very scary for me to imagine being discharged and being put on the street. >> reporter: st. francis says it can't discuss her case, but whatever appeared to happen today has been resolved. >> i'll be here for at least a few more days if not longer. >> reporter: meantime the harvard graduate still hopes to compete in the miss california. >> if i were to become miss america i would become the first burn victim. there's always a first time. >> reporter: and she says scars
10:31 pm
on her legs will not slow her down. >> it reminds me of a will to live that i have. >> reporter: choy's miss california competitors sent her this get well video to boost her spirits today. she's hoping she will be able to take the stage in the pageant in fresno in about four weeks. president obama made his first remarks about his decision supporting gay marriage directly to the people it affects. singer ricky martin introduced the president at a fundraiser at the lgbt leadership council. the president said his decision is about fairness and the right thing to do. >> we have never gone wrong when we expanded rights and responsibilities to everybody. that doesn't weaken families that strengthens families.
10:32 pm
>> earlier today the president delivered the commencement address today at a woman's college. women, young people and gays and lesbians are three of the core voting blocks that mr. obama will need to win reelection. ron paul said today he will no longer activity campaign for the nomination. paul said he won't spend money that his campaign doesn't have but he is encouraging his supporters to make their voices heard at party meetings and cause problems for presumpive nominee mitt romney. paul has said he will not campaign for mitt romney. the future of the famed hanger one at moffet field remains in question. crews have been removing the siding but what happens after that is up for a debate. the company h211 would like to use it to house private jets and has even offered to pay the restoration cost. but nasa is putting the decision on another
10:33 pm
organization. >> to go through another drawn out fight, will be too much for those who have been working on the issue for 15 years. >> there are concerns that deferring to the gsa will delay the reskinning of hanger 1. city leaders are making a new push to bring golden state warriors back to its east bay roots. how oakland is hoping to keep the team. >> reporter: tonight's giants game a drew thousands of fans. now city leaders are hoping to do the same thing with golden state warrior plans. major ed lee brought this letter to the warrior's front office last week urging the warriors to consider the move. >> we consider the warrior's to be a bay area team so it's not about stealing the warriors from oakland it's about
10:34 pm
bringing them home to san francisco. >> reporter: a 17,019 seat arena would be privately funded. the golden state warriors today responded saying we appreciate the outreach exhibited by mayor ed lee and other city officials as they continue to show their enthusiasm and interest in the warriors building a new state of the art multi purpose arena in san francisco. at this point we continue our due diligence in exploring all potential sites in the bay area. oakland is moving ahead with its plan for a new sports complex at the warriors current home. mayor quan says her city is not giving up the team without a fight. >> the oakland has the warriors now. our plan will give them a state of the art stadium on great public transportation. >> reporter: as you can see the site in san francisco on pier 30 and 32 is just a parking lot right now but the city says it has potential. the warriors hope to be in their new home by the 2025
10:35 pm
season. christien kafton ktvu news. senate bill 1310 would raise the total fee based by first time offenders to about $200. the fines are already too high say opponents. the bill is authored by joe smitian and passed by 24-9 margin. the bill now moves to the assembly. meantime the state assembly approved a bill today that would establish tougher sanitation rules for fast food play structures. research shows restaurant playgrounds can be breeding ground for illness causing bacteria. the bill passed by a vote of 82- 22 and now goes on to the senate. and back here in 10 minutes
10:36 pm
with a warmer tuesday forecast. numbers back into the 80s and the five day forecast. at first dozens arrested as police sweep the street. the violent act they say pushed them to take action. you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
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150 people marched tonight to remember a woman that was slain a week from today. collins was stabbed to death on a busy street in broad daylight not far from her shop. police say collins did not know her attacker, a man with a history of mental illness has been arrested and is accused of her killing. oakland police say a three day warrant sweet ended with the arrest of 32 people including one person wanted for
10:39 pm
murder. a ktvu camera was on hand for the first day of the operation. those arrested were wanting for shootings, robberies and other assaults. oakland police chief says the shooting death of carlos nava last august pushed the department to act. oakland police received help from federal marshals and other law enforcement agencies they plan similar operations in the future. the founder of the electronics retail chain best buy is stepping down in after a scandal involving the ceo. richard schulze began a company. he says he failed to alert the committee of an inappropriate relationship between byrd.
10:40 pm
reagan is favored by many because it's close to the downtown area and has a metro station. in news of the world tonight in italy police sought to solve a decades old mystery that involves a reputed mobster, the vatican and missing teenage girl. police exhumed the body of the reputed mobster from a basilica in rome. the reputed mobster's former girlfriend says clues to the case are in his coffin. gunfire reigned in tripoli once more. the violence involves the same- sex that are fighting across the border in syria. the lebanese sect has been in odds for decades but the violence in syria set them off once again. that is raising fears that they could move to other count trips. authoritys are trying to identify 49 dismembered bodies
10:41 pm
found yesterday near the city of monterey. all believe to be victims of a war between two war gangs. in previous incidents were picked up off the street. the x factor now two new judges today, britney spears and denny lovato. they will replace paula abdul and nicole. fox did not release contract details but it's widely reported that conspiracy will earn $15 million for a single season. there are other changes coming to fox programming. new comedies ben and cate and the minty prompt are slated for -- mindy project are slated for a tuesday showing. and the am tour of
10:42 pm
california, the winner and where the cyclists go from here. plus chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking changes in our weather. he's back with our five day bay area forecast. hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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the second stage of the amgen tour of california rolled through the bay area today on its way to the santa cruz coast. robert handa tells us only one rider won today's stage but communities that hosted the race were winners too. >> reporter: the amgen tour of california gave an exciting finish. a race that started 250 miles and five hours earlier in san francisco. 130 elite bikers took off from marina green rolling down the coast to pacifica, half-moon bay, bonny doon and into the mountains. >> we saw some guys getting
10:45 pm
caught up out there. >> reporter: as riders struggled, fans partied. today's stage was a triumth for the community that brought the race back. >> if we sell a lot of merchandise we'll be totally in the black. >> reporter: some say the race keeps getting better and the fans more fanatical. >> the crazy, running up and down the mountains dressed in all kinds of strange things. borat, it's certainly gotten crazier. >> reporter: fans went crazy as peter segen sprinted to his second consecutive win. for others -- >> those last 20k are suffering so bad. it's eternal, you think it's never going to end. >> you have another stage coming tomorrow. >> yeah, we'll see how that goes. >> reporter: another grueling ride starting in san jose and its famous sierra ride 150
10:46 pm
miles to livermore. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now tomorrow the cyclists will race through san jose, livermore, danville, walnut creek and dayton. for the first time the rout includes a grueling uphill climb on mount diablo. the riders are expected to cross the line in livermore just before 4:00 p.m. the world's top alzheimer's scientists are gathered at the national institute of health. the national alzheimer's plan set the deadline of 2025 to find a way to treat or at least how to stall the mind destroying disease. alzheimer's is currently the sixth cause of death in this country and there's no cure. currently 5.4 million americans have alzheimer's or related diseases. mountain view is set to tightening it's smoking laws tonight. the council voted 4-3 to ban smoking within 25 feet of outdoor patio, windows or the
10:47 pm
door ways of workplaces. on downtown castro street, only people walking down the street without stopping will be allowed to smoke. a san jose high school teen -- senior won a drawing contest. sam bowen calls this chalk drawing american pride. he wanted to show an older man, a world war ii veteran to show patriotism and he saw him in cosco last month. >> i saw herman walk up and i just knew this was the guy that i was looking for. >> at my age, any attention is appreciated. >> we caught up with herman at costco where he comes every monday to have a hot dog and to tell stories with his buddy. he's now 90 years old. he served four years in the military during world war ii. and we go to live storm
10:48 pm
tracker ii. we have some green showing. what's happening is some wrap around moisture from a low that dropped some thundershowers up toward shasta. i wouldn't be surprised if you would get a few sprinkles but nothing big. thunderstorms are not a part of this and basically the testimony is dying on t maybe a middletown. at 65 today in vallejo, 70 in concord. it was cool this weekend, it was cool sunday. today was cool. saturday was warm but the last two days have been pretty cool. temperatures are coming up, 10 degrees over the next 24 hours instead of 60s and 70s that we saw today. tomorrow we're going to see lots of 80s. mostly sunny and normal. patchy coastal fog but no big deal. as we go toward thursday. temperatures come down again but subtle. i mean this is going to be kinds of like last week. last week was warm but very everyone. this week is the same way.
10:49 pm
after tomorrow once temperatures get to 78 and 80 degrees they're going to hoover in that range. here it is. and it triggers off a few thunderstorms and comes back this way. you see it working it's way down but it's really dying down. few sprinkles possible in the north. low 60s at west. 61, 62 but when you get across the bay mid-70s. hayward, fremont upper 70s. as you get out toward concord and discovery bay and the modesto area you get into the mid-80s. that low leaves, high pressure comes in and what happens? temperatures increase. it's a classic formula and this is how it goes. today was not much warmer about the same. maybe 5 degrees warmer as we go into the next two days more of the same. for cities where you live or near where you live 83 in clear lake, nine in santa rosa. 78 in napa. temperatures warmer than they were today by 10 degrees. 82 in livermore, 82 in
10:50 pm
pleasanton and these numbers are about some places 15 degrees, almost 20 degrees warmer than they were on sunday. 80 in san jose and 82 in morgan hill. along the coast the patchy coastal fog lingers. it'll be there in the morning, i showed you earlrlier. it'll go away in the afternoon. like it has been really. it's been clearing off. but it's a nice looking friday. we have a few days to pick up sunday on your weekend right there. you can see your weekend in view. and your weekend looking good. >> good weather for the amgen. >> better than they've ever had. looks like a shattered bowling alley may soon find a new life in a new location. serra bowl lost its lease and closed. now they're looking at the location recently vacated by delano's market.
10:51 pm
the owners are also asking patrons to suggest other locations. you don't have to leave to take on a movie of a movie of yosemite. the conservancy turned on their latest outdoor cam. you can find their website on our website. and baseball pitcher roger clemens testified about steroids. what he said about the use of human growth hormones.
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great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today.
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for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store. the government star witness against baseball star witness the clemens took the stand today. clemens is on trial for testifying he never used steroids. clemens trainer said he injected clemens with steroids eight to 10 times. he is expected to testify tomorrow about additional injections in following years. and it was a great day for the a's and giants. >> both of them. let's start with the giants
10:55 pm
with the trouble they've had, that constitutes a win streak we'll take it. buster posey not exactly playing like buster ball game, but tonight he had a big hit and giants do wind up winners over colorado. maybe the start of a hot stream for him in san francisco. that's why bronco predicted yesterday. he tied things up. ticket to ride with a big homer. two on buster earlier in the day hit into a double play. this time the rbi single put the giants up for good 2-1. panda is pumped. despite the fact he can't play. and bret pill earlier a single to left. he will take it. knocks in another run, 3-1. 3-2 the final as casilla with a shaky play. as the summer approaches, a couple of teams to keep your
10:56 pm
eyes on, the a's for overachieving. albert pujols is a former a. victimized by josh redick who just continues to hammer the ball his ninth homer. the a's out in front of the angels 1-0 it was 2-0 in the fifth. another newcomer to oakland starting to hit the ball with regularity. that would be seth smith got off to a terrible start but that works. he has himself a two run shot to right. he was on the right. and shut out balls this is the fifth shut out that leads the major leagues. young and fresh versus just plain used up. that's what it looked like any way. these aren't your daddy's lakers. run off the floor by the thunder of oklahoma city. the inappropriately named world peace is back. the guy he elbowed a couple of weeks ago james harden stole it, streaks, slams, he had 17
10:57 pm
off the bench. the big 1-2 punch kevin durant. sixers and celtics final seconds just like the old days with these two storied franchises came down to this. evan turner a drive, sensational. puts him up by one. free throws wrap it up for the sixers who even the series at one a piece. you know you always hear about it's all about who you know. how about this one. the warriors name kirk laket as their new assistant general manager. . it just happens his dad own it is team. that's the sporting news for sunday night. >> thank you, mark. >> thank you fotrusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning news will be following the impact from
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the latest proposed state income tax. we are always here for you at and mobile ktvu.
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