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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. we are live in san francisco's north beach district where a man is in critical condition after being struck by an suv and now police need your help. it is layoff day for bay area teachers, how can they keep more teachers on the payroll. also coming to the south and east bay today, how to race will affect several bay area cities. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues.
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. well, good morning, welcome to tuesday, it is may 15th, i am dave clark. >> let's check in with steve paulson, it warmed up in the afternoon, not bad. >> we will start off again with some low clouds and fog, temperatures held in check the lows are much cooler and it will develop wally get wiped out, a few 60s and 70s and a couple of low 80s. here is sal. traffic looks good and you can see for yourself it is a nice looking drive on the way to concord. also traffic looks good between novato and marin county let's go to pam. right now homicide investigators are at a home where a body was found last night. allie rasmus is on the scene and allie, you just spoke to a
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neighbor? >> reporter: yes, we will tell you what he said in just a minute but this is the first investigation of the year and alameda sheriff's investigators have been out here for 12 hours since this investigation began. there is a mobile calm man tune -- command unit and they are focusing their investigation on this house across the street. it is in caster valley and that's where the body of a homicide victim was found. investigators continue to go in and out of the house gathering evidence and we have seen them do this since 3:00 when we don't hear this morning. police are not saying how this victim died or whether the victim is a man or woman. police are keeping quiet about how they discovered the victim's body although it is possible they were coming to this house as part of a
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separate investigation looking for somebody possibly when they found the victim's body inside the home. now i spoke to the man who has been living there for several years. he didn't know if it was a family member or somebody else but all he was able to tell us was he didn't hear any gunshots or disturbance happening at this home yesterday evening which is when the body of the victim was discovered. we are here with spokespersons and we are working on information and getting more information and there is still a large law enforcement presence here 12 hours after the victim was discovered here at this home on omega avenue, allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man was critically injured in a crash in san francisco over the weekend.
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tara moriarty is live in north beach where police are still searching. there are three separate streets that all upper secretary at this spot. >> reporter: the man was crossing columbus right here in this direction when an suv headed this way slammed into him. now police need your help in finding that suv. it struck a 62-year-old local homeless man named less. less was critically injured as he was walking east and he was not in across walk when this suv slammed into -- slammed into him. it is described as a white chevy suv possibly a suburban with a california license plate with the last two numbers ,2-4.
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anybody with information is asked to call the anonymous tip line. now we were supposed to receive an update where less is still staying in this. they say he was a good person. we also spoke to one of the people in the cafes and she said she might have surveillance video that might be helpful in solving this crime. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have information from the 4:30 news. 25-year-old lewis contreras is in a medically induced coma after police shot him in the face sunday night. the shooting followed a brief foot chase but it is still not
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clear if he was armed. they are calling for police reforms. council members are expected to vote including immigration arrests at berkeley jails and providing aid to those who follow different standards. a group for the coalition for a safe berkeley says reforms are needed to protect their rights. the ceo is expected to be grilled at the bank's shareholder meeting and that's after jp morgan $2 billion loss in risky trading. we will hear what action congress is calling for in reaction to that loss. and teachers all overall corn why -- call -- all over california will finds out about
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final layoff notices. there are 20,000 pink slips which have gone out all over the state. some say some teachers may be hired back but they will have to wait until the budget is workinged out. the governor is proposing a 5% pay cut for state workers to help with the $16 billion budget. >> it is a difficult budget and it reflects the facts that they are in the needed. >> he said if they don't pass his tax proposal in november schools will be next on the chopping block. you can go to our website and we have posted his revised budget.
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and after coming up from california in san jose they will head for danville, walnut creek and clayton and for the very first time in this raise it will include 1,000 foot climb in mt. diablo. the riders took off from marina green, it rolled up to the coast into the santa cruz mountains. for the second stage, he sprouted to a first place finish. and just before 4:00 p.m., coming up, we will take you live to san jose where today's stage begins. 6:08 is the time let's go back over to sal. >> we have more traffic on the road, dave and pam, this is the hour and it is fooling us because it is light and it is only just after 6:00, now is
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the hour when people start getting off the road and check in with chp, and moving along at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are getting a little bit of a crowd and metering lights are on at 6:15 right now they are waiting for cash pairers. -- payers. and it is still not bad. the san mateo bridge has cleared up and it continues to look good from livermore to dublin and caster valley. at 6:09 let's go to steve. lower clouds are in place when it was a big fog bank and temperatures -- here in lies
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the caveat. the row is 8 to 10 degrees for some and on the peninsular there were a lot of upper 50s and today is lower 50s so that makes a difference. a little breeze for some, 60s on the temperatures, coming up to the a lot put another cool down. out of fair filled this is a cool pattern this time of year, 40s for some, yesterday was upper 50s for many, now we have that upper low and a couple of lower 80s and a lot of upper 70s and we will rebound 3 to 6 degrees compared to yesterday's highs and high pressure builds for a day and a half. after that morning breeze,
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about half of what we saw yesterday. 78 sent ssemolina. upper 60s walnut creek to alameda 80 in gilroy, santa clara 74 and 68 in santa cruz sunnyville 73 same for redwood city and san bruno 68 and the city is 65. about the same wednesday, cool document thursday, clears out on friday and a little warmup as we go to the weekend. we have information about the zodiac killer. new information directly involved in the case. we have more on how another case is tied to murder, stay
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tuned tara moriarty. stay -- stay tuned for more.
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. a security chief at one of the busiest airports is now facing serious charges in a disturbing identity theft case. he stole the identity of a dead man to hide his illegal immigration status. he started working at the airport in 1992 up the name
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jerry thomas. now thomas was murdered in queens a few months earlier. >> you can't believe this kind of thing happened particularly at a major metropolitan area neighbor like this. >> they wanted to see how he got his hands on the dead man's birth certificate and social security card. they say he might have been involved in the man's murder. allison burns reports some members of congress say the debacle at jp morgan chase says tougher rules are needed. restaff, high risk -- dave, -- >> reporter: dave, high risk gambling, they were supposed to
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reign in risky bets and they have yet to take affect. jp morgan has been lobbying against them but the company is lobbying for a tougher approach. >> but the question is are these types of trades legitimate trades or not. it's my belief it is questionable. >> even though they have donated to republican campaigns they seem to have a solid pep pew station on capitol hill -- reputation from capitol hill we have not seen much on either side coming to the company's defense. allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. a new book claims the infamous zodiac killer is alive in the bay area. they are blamed for several murders and the cover up is a former chp officer who worked
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on the case. he claims the zodiac killer is now a 91-year-old man living in the county. rafferty claims he and others investigated the suspect in the early 1970s but claims he was some time mid -- claims he was stopped by power brokers. the school's graduates have a low pass rate, oikos university has time to prove proof. it happened well before a former nursing student began. they want to remove a november ballot that would abolish the death penalty. they filed the petition in court. they filed a state law that limits to single subjects and
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in passed it would allocate the money saved to law enforcement agencies. time now 6:17 today is the dead line if you want to apply for supervisor seat. it became vacant after a scandal of the treasurer. heather locklear blames some things on her own chemical dependancy and in fact last week she filed a restraining order on a former lover she claims abused her. san francisco public works said large debris is being left in the neighborhood. this is happening 0 almost every month since -- happening almost every month since october and it is expensive to
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remove. your time now 6:18 a peninsular neighborhood which was reasonly destroyed in a disaster is now being restored. lots of hugs after that deadly pipeline and express use, the first families returned to their new homes and many have opinion living in apartments and rented homes since october. >> sleeping on a rented bed with rented sheets and now it is going to be mine. >> it is still strange trying to place things, you miss things you don't have anymore. >> now more families are expected to move back and city leaders are hoping they will be holding more of these in the weeks ahead. >> a couple of slow downs, how
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is it looking sal? >> well, as a matter of fact we are doing well, easing into this tuesday morning, let's look at 280 northbound and santa clara valley looks better and it eachs out the cop mute. this is not to say -- commute. this is not to say it will be busier later. there is a little bit of a backup as the metering lights have been turned on and it looks like a tow truck is taking care of a vehicle or getting into to take care of a stalled vehicle and we will let you know what is happening here at the toll mazda reported westbound and in fact it is a collision with no injuries just popped up as i was talking and they are trying to get him out
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of the way right now. >> let's go to steve. thank you and a very good morning, mostly cloudy, not as much as yesterday, it was san jose, they will burn off sooner than today. it was upper 50s and the low responsible for yesterday's cool down has moved out of the picture and the low responsible is moving out of the picture. there it does, it is out of the picture. now this is an approximate forecast, approximately within a couple of degrees. 60s near the coast, i want 65 near sap fran upper 60s to
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lower 70s then you get past mt. diablo and you will field temperatures upper -- find temperatures upper 40s and that's a big dips, the system moves out and high pressure moves in mostly sunny, a little breezy, not too bad, upper 70s, ken field 73, petaluma 73, 77 danville, livermore brentwood 80, 67 berkeley, 60s on the coast, upper 60s in san francisco. a cool document kicks in for a little warmup on your weekend.
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she reported cheaper gas and housing prices but most of them have gone up 2. 5%. avon is discussing a $10.7 billion deal and cody says that shows they are not serious about a take over bid. that leaves them coming up with a plan to turn to a company that is definitely falling from suffering sales. it became official just hours ago. also a warning in iowa, dozens of buffalo have escaped and they are running loose.
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. good morning right now traffic at the toll plaza, it was affected by a minor crash they have moved off to the side, still not too bad at the toll plaza but it is not too bad. we have a herd of buffalo running loose. several escaped from their pens and rangers were able to coral most of them but many continue to roam. so far the only damages are to
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some farm fields and some fences. a gray whale that was tangled in a crab pot line is free this morning. it was spotted on bodega beach last week. they were called in to help free the whale. it was continuinged around the whale's mouth and fin but after three hours they were able to free the line and cut him free. they are going public for the first time. facebook will sell stock between 24 and 38 dozen. the strong demand is why the price is going up. there is also a report facebook will not take stock orders today and that's two days earlier than planned. also friday from facebook headquarters they will be
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working from meadow park. and involving a bart police officer. they discovered the body inside an east bay home. we will take you live to the floor to find out what is affecting stocks this morning. male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back.
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. there it is right on time, the opening bell in new york i want to take you over to the nasdaq, you may recognize jimmy johnson and the national football foundation, they made a big announcement to the coaches of who will be announced into the hall of fame and just to give you a little bit about it, they developed the power of football qualities
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of leadership sportsmanship competitiveness trying to inspire young people and the national football foundation, they are saying hello and it is a busy day. a lot of economic news coming in and we will have all the business news coming up. >> thank you for joining us channel 2 mornings news and it is tuesday may 15th, i am dave clark. well, we are still following developing news coming in from caster valley and right now homicide detectives are where a body was found last night. allie rasmus is also there and alley you have some new information from the neighbors, what are they saying? >> well, now that it is getting later, people are coming and talking to us about the family who lived in this home. 4300 block of omega where you see crime scene technicians doing their working, this is the focus of the homicide
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investigation, a body was discovered just after 6:00 last night. we have information on the family who lived there. the family has been a fixture for more than 20 years. >> just a regular family, mother, son and daughter, mother and son live in the house. >> but you were told it was not one of the family members who passed away. >> correct, not a family member. >> reporter: now visioners will -- investigators will not tell us what led to this homicide and it does not appear the homicide victim is a member of the family who lived here for 20 years. also, she is on -- the mother is still on vacation and however the neighbor said when she left for working yesterday there were three cars parked in front of the house. it is possible the adult son may have had people over the house when this all happened.
6:33 am
right now they can see -- it looks like they are taking finger prints on omega and that amonged to the parents and the alameda sheriff's office is supposed to be here shortly to give us an update on this investigation and this investigation is now 12 hours into it and you can see there is still a large law enforcement presence out here. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> time now 6:33 in overnight news a bart police officer suffered injuries in an early morning crash. his patrol car collided with another car at 1:30 this morning. both the police officer and the driver of that other car were taken to a local hospital, checked out and released. we are still not sure what led up to that crash. protesters with the occupy
6:34 am
the farm movement will continue to meet after their next step after they were forced out of their camp in albany. we first showed you the raid unfolding on the ktvu channel 2 morning news, police arrested 9 protesters for trespassing and unlawful assembly and the university research projects can move forward and they are worried about the crops. >> i am worried about the bulldozers. >> they are waiting out uc protester sitting in a tree and that protester either urinated on a police officer or threw a jar of urine on the police
6:35 am
officer. several small fires were set and in dahly city there was a car fire on king drive. nobody was hurt in any of those fires. bracing for more hot windy fire and flames from a house fire sparked this wildfire near the historic ming fire of crown king. it has already destroyed two buildings and a trailer. the national forest the fire is only 20% contained and we are still not clear how the fire began. well our time is 635 and the new president of france is officially the new president of france. there he is walking the red car pet and this is from the swearing in ceremony that happened this morning at the palace in central parish.
6:36 am
there is the reporter president shaking his happen and this is the first time they have had a socialist leader and the first time he is married. however he does have a girlfriend and she will be referred to the first lady as opposed to nicolas sarkozy who served just one term. and a vet for the presidential primaries, mitt romney is closer to getting the delegates he needs to clench the republican nomination. he needs 170 more. rap paul is the only other major can't tate in the race and he said he will no longer focus on it instead he will focus on gop primaries where he hopes to pick up more delegates. 67% of those surveyed in new york times poll thinks president barack obama made the
6:37 am
announcement mostly for political reasons while 24% said he made it because he thinks it's right. another big day in the sheriff ross mirkarimi race, they may hope it will help sheriff ross mirkarimi get his job back. they are heading to the east bay, ktvu channel 2 morning news alex savage is there at the starting line talking to organizers. >> reporter: they will be there pedaling up mt. diablo and it is all part of stage 3 and it all starts here which is where riders will be leaving here and crews are busy prepping the starting line here in san jose.
6:38 am
peter remains in the lead, he won stable 2 to scar valley, and today they will cruise through 3 bay area communities including walnut creek and counter coster county, and mt. diablo is a 2000-foot climb. it is one riders have been asking for, for a long time. are they crazy? why are they asking to ride up mt. diablo? >> as you said it is a reveered climb in the area and these guys like challenge and i think we have thrown one their way today. >> this is something they have been asking for. >> also, patterson past, how about the job he has don't so far, he is still in the lead?
6:39 am
>> real classy riders, yes. >> thank you. so peter is still in the lead and 115-mile ride, ending in livermore at 4:00 this afternoon live this morning in san jose, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. we know it will affect traffic and there will be an easy transition to traffic, how are we looking sal? traffic is getting busier and this is the time you can see busier changes. slow in antioch and no major problems as you drive through the area. now it is backed up as it normally is and it is not like a sunday morning but it is a 15 to 20 minute delay. this morning we have been looking at caster valley to 238 commute and that looks okay and
6:40 am
as we look at the santa clara valley 101 is getting slowed traffic but the rest still looks good, let's go to steve. cloudy for some, and san jose states it was cleared. i to the a nice treat, he is the tortous. low clouds will burn off soon and lows are much cooler and there in lies a bit of a challenge and i don't think it will be a big jump to warm up. why only 1 degree warmer? well the low is 51 versus 58 and that's a big difference. san jose even though it is sunny they are cooler as well. west southwest 16 and we have
6:41 am
the delta and upper 50s especially san francisco a little cooler on the lows. >> there is a few 80s and far inland i think we will cover the inland location. we are over into nevada and that allows weak high pressure to build. we will have 60s and 70s coast and bay, antioch brenly walnut creek 76 and 77, 75, morgan hill, milpitas, palo alto, mountain view, san mateo, a lot of 60s on the coast and in the city. not much change, another one on thursday, with your weekend always in view it looks sunny
6:42 am
and a little warmer. >> good morning, if you are driving in marin county to central is san rafael another morning commute is straight ahead. ♪
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. well, good morning to you, here is a quick look at some of the top stories and as we speak we are still at the scene of a caster valley homicide. the body was found at 6:00 and we have very few details right now. the sheriff's department said this investigation is just beginning. teachers all over the bay area and the state of california will find out if they will have a job in the next school year. today may 15th is the deadline for california school districts to issue final layoff notices. a 62-year-old man is critically injured after a hit- and-run crash over the weekend. more more is at north -- tara moriarty is at north beach where there is a memorial set up for the victim, tara? >> reporter: they know the
6:46 am
homeless man as less and he was very well-known and liked as you can see by the flowers and cards that comprise this memorial for him. the 62-year-old was walking eastbound when an suv going north slammed into him. he was taken to the hospital he was not in the crosswalk when the suv slammed into him and the suv fled the scene. it is possibly a suburban with isn't ited windows and a california license plate with the last two numbers, 2-4. anybody with information is urged to call the police department's anonymous tip line. now we are supposed to receive an update from the hospital where less is staying at icu and locals have been taking him things at the hospital and they
6:47 am
hope this driver is caught. live in sap fran, -- san francisco, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. a computer train hit a man shortly after 6:00 last night in san francisco. the victim survived and still no word on the extent of his injuries this morning and the accident did provide a delay for the cop muters on the evening commute. the country will have to have new eye legs and talks to form a new -- election and talks to form a government they are trying form a deal and according to the socialist party, those talks have failed. the new president faces a deadline. the former editor of a
6:48 am
british tabloid is now facing charges in the former phone hacking scandal. they were charged with trying to hide evidence of the phone hacking from police. in the news of the world they had hacked into cell phones including one which belonged to a missing school girl who was later found dead. it could hold a crucial hearing and a judge will hear the tape at whether the tape used which shows sheriff ross mirkarimi's wife eliana lopez showing her bruised arm while tearfully describing a violent fight with her husband on new year's eve. mayor ed lee wants to show that tape in an effort to prove sheriff ross mirkarimi is unfit to be sheriff. people are behaving
6:49 am
themselves. >> well, we don't have a lot of crashes, we do have some slow downs which are normal this time of the morning. fortunately there have been not a lot of collisions but there has been a few. traffic is getting busier, 580 coming through oakland and also toll plaza looks good until you make it -- well it looks good this time but it is backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay and no stalls or accidents, we had a couple of accidents which were taken from the lanes and you will lanes are open. there is a crash near 280 or actually more like a stall under vehicle. 6:49 let's go to steve. thank you and a very good morning, cloudy for some, temperatures are much cooler compared to yesterday, the fog
6:50 am
will burn off sooner but there is a lot stacking up on the sonoma and marin coast and right there, we didn't have much moisture to working with. the low moves out and high pressure moves in and it is just a little pressure. in fact it will send temperatures up 5 degrees for many, west southwest at 16 and a sea breeze delta breeze is in place, san rafael in there, napa santa rosa, also a little breezy, clear if i eight defreeze and a steer his of week systems will move into the pacific northwest and temperatures will be warmer after that morning fog, upper 70s for some, more upper 60s and mid-70s unless you are away
6:51 am
from fog influence and we will have 77 livermore redwood city 72. it is a soft 80 for some. on thursday starts to cool down and looks good for the weekend but temperatures are near seasonal averages. home depot expected weaker sales and it missed analysts expectations by $150 million and spring is usually the biggest selling sees sop for home improvement stores. cape an eye on group upon. it is an 18% gape. they started shelling but this morning's pop is on a surge first quarter results turned to purchase tat a lot of skeptics didn't think it would turn a
6:52 am
profit for quite some time. live look at the big board, dow jones industrial average up 13 points right now and just getting a nice update, s&p 500 5 and nasdaq also a little higher as well. banks are rebounding a little bit but again home depot is keeping it from surging more and that stock is down 3%. if you go into some san francisco bars, you may want to ask who is looking at you. the new high tech plan to track where you want to hang out and when you leave. shocking revelations about kodak, the potentially explosive device they kept hidden for more than 20 years. good morning 101 traffic is getting slow up to 880.
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. welcome back some shocking new details coming out about kodak's information, the company was hiding a nuclear react tore in its basement for 28 years and that reactor was enriched with uranium. the company dismantled that
6:56 am
reactor in 2006. >> lift off, lift off... >> there is the lift off and american astronaut is on there and when it blasted off crew members will get ready for next week's arrival for the dragon capsule. this will be the first time a private company has launched space station supplies. lake merced, the focus now shifts to long stall plans for a renovated boat house and recreation such as kaiaking and day camps. they are cleaning -- they are
6:57 am
kicking off and hidden sensors will record age and gender and this will allow people to make informed decisions about going to a bar and you will find the mail to female ratio and some say it helps bars with advertising. faces and information will not be recorded. >> see there is 'app for that. >> hey, sal, how are you looking out there? >> well, just to show you what is going on, firster one likes to -- first, everyone likes to know, the morning commute looks good on 237 and then it gets better after sanger road. there is a lot of low
6:58 am
clouds, mainly north compared to yesterday, upper 70s to a few lower 80s. coming up next on mornings on 2, a body found at an east bay home, homicide investigators are still on the scene. >> also stage 3 of the tour of california how today's big bike race could directly affect you. stay right here with us. i'm a native californian.
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