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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 15, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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alameda county sheriff investigators discovered the body of a homicide victim inside an east bay home. we'll tell you what we've learned about the family who lives there. a serious hit-and-run crash in north beach. police are now asking for your help. and the biggest procycling event in the country continues here in the bay area. the strenuous ride riders will be facing as they head to mt. diablo. and the countdown to facebook's ipo. the big news that became official just moments ago. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell.
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it's tuesday, may 15th. we're following developing news in castro valley where a body has been found at a home. for 13 hours, homicide detectives have been on the scene. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: good morning. there's still crime scene tape up and the police have been investigating this for more than 12 hours. the body was discovered inside the home just after 6:00 last night. this morning we're learning more about the family would lives here. according to the neighbors, the family has been a fixture on this street for more than six years. the victim of this homicide is not one of those family members according to the neighbors. the neighbor told us the mother is on vacation in reno right now. however, her son was still at home and it is possible he had
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some visitors at had house yesterday. the neighbor said when she left for work yesterday morning, there were three cars she didn't recognize parked right in front of this house. >> last i heard, they couldn't find him. >> reporter: what do you think about all of this? >> it's scary, especially when you have little kids at home. >> reporter: now, investigators won't tell us anything about what may have led up to the homicide just yet. we still don't know if the victim here is a man or a woman. we're still waiting for the sherr efavenue spokesman to update us. he just a -- for the sheriff's spokesman to update us. he just -- if you can take us back over here, he should be coming out and giving us an update. part of omega avenue in castro valley is still blocked off as sheriff investigators coats to gather evidence in this investigation. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie.
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east palo alto police are looking for three carjacking suspects they say attacked a victim. they drove off in the victim's jaguar. the stolen car's license plate is 6 uvw 915. in berkeley, activists are planning a rally tonight to call for police reform. they will demonstrate before the city council meeting. councilmember are expected to vote on police policies and issues. and providing mutual aid to outside agencies. a group called the coalition for safe berkeley says reforms are needed to protect civil rights. pleasanton police investigating a burglary at a high school. it happened at 6:30 in the
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moving on football high school. police say whoever got in through a hatch through theel is's roof. the principal's office was also broken in to. investigators think the break- in happened late sometime early thursday night -- late thursday night or early friday morning. it's that time of year when teachers learn whether or not they will be able to keep their jobs for the next school year. today is the deadline to issue final rayoff notices. back in march, almost 20,000 preliminary pink slips were issued all over the state. that's according to the california teachers association. there is a chance some of the teachers could be rehired but school districts will have to wait for the state budget to be sorted out. an offshore earthquake hit off the coast of california about four hours ago. according to the usgs, the 4.0 quake hit at 3:19 this morning,
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it was centered 54 miles west of patroilia. there have not been reports of any damage or injuries. stage 3 of the amgen is pedaling. and they will go through danville, walnut creek and clayton. alex sav ridge has more on the -- alex savidge has more on the major climb that the cycles will be making. >> reporter: it will be a tough ride as part of the amgen tour. we're outside of the berryessa community sentern. the race will start here and the riders are heading out for a 115-mile raid. sagot took first place yesterday.
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today more than 120 riders cruise through counties today, including walnut creek, and for the first time ever in the seven years of the amgen tour of california, riders will head up to mt. diablo, a difficult 2,000-foot climb but it's one that riders have been asking for for a long time. >> it's definitely one of the toughest climbs. some riders are not looking forward to it. if it came later, it would probably be later in the stage. some climbers are gonna have a tough time. >> reporter: the leader of the pack, sagon, now holds the lead. it all wraps down up -- wrap ups in southern california. as we come back out live, we'll be leaving just of a 1:00 --
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just after 11:00 this morning. you can see here from our live picture roads already closed here in san jose. if you live anywhere along the -- along the race route today. you want to expect there will be road closures, rolling road closureses and potential delays as the amgen tour continues throughout the day -- throughout the bay. looks like they got a good day for it. let's see how traffic is moving around the bay area. >> dave and i and all of us we communicate on the message here. any problems and i looked? there was a new one on llewelyn. it's already moving to the shoulder. that's good news. that one just came in. let's take a look at the toll plaza. westbound traffic is going to be slow a little bit. we had an earlier accident here at the toll plaza that was removed rather quickly by chp. always doing a good job out there feting those cars out of
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the way but the traffic is a little bit backed up. this morning's commute on 880 northbound. i mentioned the new crash. now we've had a little bit more information. it's no injuries and everything is on the right-hand side which is good news there, at least. and the morning commute is okay here on 101. i want to move it up to the left here because southbound -- i'm sorry. southbound 101 at willow road there is a crash on the shoulder and that's gonna affect traffic coming out of san mateo towards mountain view -- mountain view. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. yesterday we had a lot more cloud cover but there's city still plenty of cloud cover around -- but there's still plenty of cloud cover around. today it's upper 40s an low, low 50s. the low came that came in is on its way out. temperatures, starting off at 46 to 54. that's much cooler.
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at noon, 58 to 72, mostly cloudy -- mostly sunny. 60 to 8 -- 60 to 80. sunny and warmer. not a bad guy moving into northern nevada. a lot of low clouds -- a lot of low clouds in place. temperatures in place, held in check. we'll warm it up a little bit. santa rosa, 67 going 74 only 1 degree warmer in san francisco because the low was 58. today it's 51. concord, 70 to 76 and then san jose bump you up two even though it's already sunny. so weak high pressure. it's not really strong that will take us into tomorrow and thursday. still a sea breeze out to the delta. nothing rip-roaring but it's there. we'll get that from the direction the wind is coming from. low 50s, mid-50s for some but these are much, much cooler than yesterday. highs in the orange, they
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disappeared yesterday and they will pop up again. you can see goodbye to that little guy. another weak system. this time of year it doesn't take long. mostly sunny, some morning low clouds and fog. a little breezy here and there. but i think about 15 miles an hour to 20. 60s, 70s to near 80. st. helena, 79. 78 fairfield, 80 walnut creek. castro valley, livermore at 77. 78 morgan hill. that's at gilroy. 74 san jose. cupertino. 73 redwood city. san bruno 68. dc 62 and 65 san francisco. not much change on wednesday. your weekend looks nice and a little warmer. >> thank you. >> steve. 7:10. two men in wheelchairs are safe after being rescued from a
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burning van by godmother toyens. the van was carrying 14 people with developmental disabilities. it stalled yesterday morning on plaza drive and caught fire. two people who saw the smoke ran over to help. they were able to rescue the men in wheelchairs who were -- who were trapped in the van. firefighters say the van's battery may have caused the fire. it's coming up on 7:11. it's a local murder history that's been the subject of several books. the latest on the zodiac killer. and a huge security scandal that's tied to a murder case. >> it's very scary being discharged and being put on the streets. >> how a california beauty queen faced another battle with a hospital bed. ♪
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one man stole the identity of a dead man to hide his immigration state tis. the man started to work under the name of jerry thomas. thomas was murdered in queens just a couple of months earlier. >> you hear things. you can't believe this kind of thing happens, particularly at a major metropolitan airport like this. >> it's a very scary thing. >> you can't trust anybody
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anymore. >> investigators are checking to see how he got his hands on the deadman's birth certificate and social security card. they are not ruling out the possibility he may have been involved in the man's killing. it is 7:14. the $2 billion trading loss from j.p. morgan chase is calling for stricter rules on banks. alison burns is live with more on how the congress has turned to avoid another meltdown. >> reporter: a top democrat on the senate banking committee went on tv this morning and said the type of risky trading that cost j.p. morgan chase $2 little is the type of gambling that nearly brought down the country's financial system.
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senator jeff mercly says the -- >> if we don't fix that now, we'll be at a high risk for a meltdown. >> reporter: we'll take a look at how this could impact the presidential race during my next update in about an hour. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. coming up on 7:16. a new book claims the infamous zodiac killer is still alive and living in the bay area. the zodiac is blamed for at least five killings in the bay area in 1968 and '69. the author of the zodiac killer coverup is a former officer who worked on the case. he claims the zodiac killer is now a 91-year-old man who lives in solano county. he was investigated but they were stymied by people they
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call power brokers. today is the deadline to apply for supervisor seat of nadia lockyer. supervisor lockyer recently resigned after several bizarre incidents that she's blaming on her own chemical dependencies. last week alone, she obtained a restraining order against a former lover that she claims abused her. later on tonight, a public meeting in san francisco will deal with the problem of illegal dumping. large amounts of construction and debris is being dumped in the neighborhood. they say it's been happening every month since october and it's very expensive to clean up. the meeting tonight will talk about cleaning up the area and also the strategy is to keep it from happening. the meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. at the ingleside station. the ms. california contestant who was seriously
7:18 am
hurst in an apartment fire last week has another challenge to overtum. sara choy is the reigning ms. golden gate. she's expected to be at st. francis hospital for several weeks. yesterday she posted on -- posted on her facebook page, now they are discharging me with hours' notice. i have no hole, no knowledge how to take care of my wound. i have no -- i have no home, no clothes, no knowledge on how to take care of my wounds. >> she says she still plans to compete in the pageant next month in fresno.
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your time now, 7:18. the u.s. postal service now backing away from a plan to close down 3700 post offices. now the post office says it will keep those branches open but with shorter hours. last year, the postal service announced it was looking to close thousands of post offices and mail processing centers in an effort to save about $6.5 billion a year. a new plan for mail processing centers is expected to be unveiled later on this week. starting today, military families can get free passes to national parks and monuments. the white house says it's a way of saying thank you to the men and women serving in the military. an annual pass normally costs about $80. the estimated loss of revenue is expected to be between $2
7:20 am
million and $6 million. 7:19. a gray whale tangled in a crab pot line is free this morning. the 0-foot whale was spotted off dylan beach in bow day bodega -- bodega bay last week. investigators were able to cut the lined a free the whale. there is a warning about a herd of buffalo running wild. 220 buffalo escaped from their pen wednesday night. they were able to rod up most of them. the only damage is to farm lands and fence lines. 7:20. we have breaking news. it's about the homicide investigation in castro valley. we've been following this since
7:21 am
this morning. there's sergeant nelson. >> i was getting close, trying not to be too much asleep and get over this -- everybody's sound working okay? give everybody a chance to -- >> brand-new uniform -- >> he's preparing to speak. this is about a body found in castro valley. >> will i -- preliminarily, i -- i don't know a whole lot. last night around 7:00 p.m., deputies in response for service in the area and criminal activity in the area did a probation search at the house here on omega at which time when they entered the house, there was a significant amount of blood. at that time they froze the
7:22 am
house and later discovered the body of a 20ish -- in his 20s, male and that's where we're at. we don't know who he is right at this point. the coroner's office is here. we don't know the exact manner of death at this point. we do know there was some trauma because of the extensive amount of balloon. but we don't know the -- blood. but we don't know the manner and cause of death. >> does he live in the house? >> that's one of the questions i asked earlier. since we don't know who he is for sure, it's probably not safe for me to answer that question right yes. >> since you were doing a probation search, is's suspect? >> well, the person we were doing the probation search, they don't necessarily have to be home. in our line of work, sometimes
7:23 am
people lie. so you go into the house and search the house regardless if they say he was there or not. in this particular case, we don't think he's there but we ended up finding something we didn't expect to find. >> so the person you are looking for is not the person who is dead? >> again, not knowing who he is, i don't want to say that. we get a lot of calls just in general for disturbances, just things that are going on in the neighborhood. so when we start to get a call, we go in and start to do probation searches, parole searches, just to make sure they are in compliance and the result of that, in many cases is the criminal activity in the area when you put a lot of deputies in the area, crime
7:24 am
tends to go down in the area. >> jd, you said you went on a search. was it a phone call -- >> it wasn't specifically to this home. but we've had calls in the area. that's what i was just saying. we found that you start getting the spike and activity -- that activity will go down. >> has anyone talked to members of the family or any other -- >> we're gonna be talking to everybody. >> have you talked to anybody? >> i don't know. some people are in different areas right now. so i haven't had a chance to talk to anybody. >> why -- >> this is how we do it, we bring our crime lan in.
7:25 am
so you don't cross contaminate a scene. >> the mask, is there a chemical in there or -- >> no. just a safety precaution and again for cross contamination. this is kind of how we do it nowadays. >> have you been able to contact the homeowner, apparently a woman, daughter, in his 20s, rather. >> i'm sorry. i don't have an answer for that one. >> the body -- >> the way the body is situated you can't examine the whole body because of the surroundings. we'll have the coroner do that at the coroner's office. >> you've been listening to the detective talk about a home found in the castro valley. he did say they entered the home on a probation search after a call of criminal activity in the area.
7:26 am
they found a significant amount of blood and the body of a male in his 20s. they are wait energy the coroner to determine that. he was pretty unclear when he was asked about a suspect, saying, they needed to get more information. but it does not look like there is a frantic search going on. we have a reporter on the scene. we'll be getting more information to you -- to you as it develops. all right. we'll take a break and we'll be right back. >> actually, we a gonna go to traffic first. >> we are going to traffic. >> okay. sal? >> it's getting pretty busy in the san jose area. northbound, 208 is cloe to 880. so again yourself plenty of extra time. 85 is slow through 17. the moving commute is slow on 237. it's beginning to slow down but only here at zanker road. if you are driving this morning to the bay bridge toll plaza, that's backed up for a 15- minute to 20-minute delay.
7:27 am
sunny for some. but cloudy for others, about half or three quarters of what we saw. it's a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. 40s and 50s. low responsible for our cooldown yesterday is now in norp nevada. it will be mostly sunny. still no sea breeze in place. that's no northeast or northeast wind. not much change wednesday. cooldown on thursday. friday, clear it out. the weekend looks nice. 7:27. a crash on an east bay roadway overnight. why in minor accident is getting a lot of attention. we're live in san francisco where police need your help in trying to search a hit-and-run accident that left a 62-year- old map critically injured. and new poll numbers out for president.
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stealing your roommate's laundry money? really? i'm starving and i only have a few bucks. that's all you need. i just added four new things to my value menu. try my new chicken nuggets, jr jack, value fries and drink. and right now get them all together for only $3.99. it's called jack's value deal. hey, isn't there suptosed beheanoty?r gu i'll be right there. i'm busy. 7:30. san francisco police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who critically injured a pedestrian. ktvu's tara moriarty is at the north beach intersection where the accident took place. good morning, tara. >> reporter: well, good morning. you know this, is a very busy intersection because there are
7:31 am
three streets that all intersect at this point. we understand a man was walking across columbus in this direction when an suv came in this direction. we know he's well known and well liked, as you can see by the flowers, the candles and books that comprised this tribute to him. police say saturday night at 11:0, the 62-year-old was crossing columbus headed eastbound when and suv going north was critically injured. the man is known as les around here. he's homeless. the vehicle is described as a white model suv possibly a suburban with tinted windows and a california license plate with the lass two numbers, 2 and 4. the vehicle may have front-end damage caused by the crash. if you have any information,
7:32 am
call 415-575-4444. we were supposed to receive an update around sf general. that's not happened yet. the people we spoke to say les is very well liked. they hope he buts through and they hope the driver is caught. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. a b.a.r.t. police officer suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital and checked out. we're not sure how that accident happened. a man hit a commuter train around 6:00 last night. the man survived.
7:33 am
but we don't know about his injuries. the accident caused an hour and a half delay for caltrain riders right at the heart of the evening commute. all is quiet at the gill track in albany after uc police clear fi out the -- cleared out the oc-- the occupy the farm encampment. we were on the air when we showed you. this police arrested around nine people. this morning, the gates are out -- the gates out there are locked. barricades are in place but there's no police presence. 7:33. investigators say arsons in two peninsula cities may be related. police in south san francisco say someone put an incendiary device into the gas tank of a car on waverly court saturday
7:34 am
morning. in deli -- daly city there was a car fire on king drive. no one was hurt in any of the fires. for the first time in 20 year, france has a socialist president. early this morning, the swearing in ceremony was held for francois hollande. he is not married. he lass a long-time girlfriend who will be referred to as the first lady. and it looks like greece will have to hold new elections last month. greece's new president has been meeting with various party lead esover the last nine days in an attempt to form a government. the president's deadline to create a new government is tomorrow. today, voters in oregon and nebraska -- nebraska vote in the primaries. mitt romney is getting closer to the dull of delegates needed
7:35 am
to clinch. the -- to clinch the nomination. there are 63 at stake today. ron paul is the only other major republican candidate still in the race but ron paul says he will no longer spend money for primaries. he's focusing on state republican convexes. there is also a new poll out showing mitt romney pulling slightly ahead of obama. it shows 49% verses 43 . a month ago, they were tied at that 43%. meanwhile, roseanneby is trying to -- roseanne barrr is entering the race and trying to
7:36 am
win. we have new information on that police shooting in napa we first reported yesterday morning at 4:30. investigators now say 25-year- old lewis contreras is in a medically induesed coma after a police officer shot him in the face sunday night. cop tear ris is still expected to survive. it's still not clear what led up to the shooting or if contraries was armed. >> state regulator have put odose' nursing program on notice. they have two year to improve or the state could review its license. residents were worried about the curriculum well before one goh shot and killed four people.
7:37 am
there was joy in sun last night. 20 minutes after that dadly pipeline explosion and fire. the first members to rebuild in the neighborhood. we turn to their homes. >> i just heard a scream, i'm home! and then i had another neighbor up there and i send i'm home! >> it's good to see people coming back but it will never be the same. >> how many are expected to move back in the neighborhood. time to check back in with sal, keeping an eye on the commute. any rough spots out there? >> it does look pretty good but there are some spots out there. i want to show you some slow traffic here. let's take a lack at 80 westbound the it's a little crowded coming in. by the time you get to the bay
7:38 am
bridge you will see a moderately heavy crowd. we have -- an earlier crash. once you get on the bridge, it looks good. >> we do have slow traffic on anfy okay on highway 4 -- on highway 4. woe mentioned the east showfry and we wet to -- we get to look at hayward. let's go to steve. farthers -- parts of the east bay and north bay are dealing with clouds. as it moves out, that allows weak high pressure to build in. it will be a little warmer. still have a sea breeze there.
7:39 am
temperatures will settle in the mid- to upper 80s. i think they will hold there tomorrow. upper 40s, to 50. i think yesterday at this time, redwood city was 57. the city was 58, 59. so much, much cooler. so we have to make that up. >> the low moves out -- the low moves out. high pressure moves in. it's not been working out or anything like that. pretty big guy. if not tomorrow, definitely on thursday. it looks good. a little chill in the area. a breeze, though, is in place from sfo all the way out to san pablo bay. so with the sea breeze there, 60s, 70s.
7:40 am
60s on the coast. 60s upper 60s or low os on the peninsula. the woodside and portola valley, 63. not much change on wednesday. cooldown on thursday. we start to see it retreat a little bit. always in view. it looks better just temperatures where they should be this time of year. 7:40. this week it seems to be all about facebook and the impending offering on wall street. more people are questioning
7:41 am
what's next. mark zuckerberg, and the company, they are said to be worth about $100 billion after that ipo. but despite all of that, a recent poll shows 50% of the -- of those asked say the stock may be a little bit high. >> i'm over it myself. i think -- if my company, we actually out facebook to -- i work for an internal aditt association. and and we've seen a big growth. root now, facebook has 900 million account holders around the world. this morning, the company did file new paperwork with the
7:42 am
sec. the price range how, set to be between $34 and $38 a safe. facebook set to go on friday. it's a controversy. sol people them that 5:00 may be chicagoing. what's tab -- dash what may be changing -- what may be changing? why this cancer patient is so grateful for a bay area company and what it is doing to give her the gift of time.
7:43 am
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san francisco mayor ed lee wants to use the tape from new year's eve to she that ross
7:47 am
merck merck is not fit to -- to show that ross mirkarimi is not fit to serve as sheriff. cate edwards may not have intimate knowledge of all of the funding that went into that secret attempt to cover up her father's affair with rielle hunter but she can testify to the emotional impact to the affair and emotional coverup to the family, particularly her mother and may be able to humanize her father, john edwards, in a way that previous witnesses have in the been able to. cate et edward has been by her -- cate edwards has been by her father throughout the trial. she's an attorney. she's been seen list perking advice in her -- whispering
7:48 am
advice in her father's here. it is entirely impossible that john edwards wants to testify. but the defense has had to tweak its strategy, particularly yesterday, after the judge decided to block some key testimony from scott thomas. scott thomas yesterday was prepared to give his opinion on those funds that went into hiding rielle hunter. his opinions those campaign were not campaign expenses but -- but the judge said his opinion is something that founded -- that sounded more like a closing argument and so she was going to block his
7:49 am
testimony. 7:48. testimony is underway in the roger clemens' perjury trial in washington, d.c. the former baseball star is accused of lying to congress in 2008 about outing performance - -- using performance enhancement drugs. yesterday, clemens' trainer testified that he injected clemens with steroids eight to ten times back in 1998. his testimony continues today. a mother with stage 4 breast cancer says a bay area drug company may have given her the gift of time with her young son. >> it helps to stabilize me and extend my time here on earth with my 11-year-old son. >> that's darlene grant. she posted that video on youtube asking the fda to let her use a drug that's not been
7:50 am
approved. those decisions are made on a case-by-case basis on "compassionate use." the regulators have to determine what's best for one person under these concerns. >> we look for a magic bullet. >> the drug is made by again -- again -- genetic if san francisco. today the government launched this website, the alzheimer' website to find out information about the disease. the government wants to find a cure for alzheimer's by 205.
7:51 am
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walnut creek businesses that serve alcohol will face tougher restrictions. violaters could have their permits lost. business owners are threatening to see saying this violates rights. certificating this friday, some san francisco bars will begin testing facial detection
7:55 am
software. hidden sensors will record the age and gender of people entering and leaving and then broadcast that information to an app called "seeing tap." the users make informed decisions about going into a bar based on how crowded it is and also the male-to-female ratio inside. some say it's creepy but a ceo says it hes bars with their advertising. they also say faces and personal information will not be recorded. >> that's still a little creepy. i don't know if everyone is read yesterday for that. everything okay, sal? >> we use technology to look at our traffic and sensors. i want to show you the traffic on 80 westbound is gonna be slow here -- slow peer, especially near the albany
7:56 am
hill. southbound 808, some slow traffic here as you head south. it's backed up for -- backed under from about 238 to fremont. as we move to livermore, westbound 508 is slow. now, let's go to steve. either sun or fog. some of that fog is keeping cooler temperatures in place. we have more of a westerly breeze. but it's already sunny and you are out of the gate and good to go. kind of favoring more in san francisco. there's plenty on the san mateo coast. the west-southwest wind is there were the golden gate gate out to the win -- golden gate. san jose, 58. it's been sunny there. frank just tweet immediate and said what a beautiful day for
7:57 am
my 30th birthday. oh, frank, we know you did that for you. our low will spin out, weak high pressure moves in. morning -- morning fog. a little breezy. it will be 60s. i did go with a -- just a smattering of some 80s. not much chick on wednesday. cooldown on thursday. rebound on friday. the weekend looking sunny and mild and a little bit mild but not a lot. a deadly drive-by shooting in the east bay, the clues that could lead to a break in the case. >> reporter: alameda sheriff's investigators are still at the scene. what we've learned about the family who lives in the home where it happened and how investigators discovered the victim. and procyclists continue to cruise through the bay area today. stage three of the amgen tour of california. the strenuous climb these riders will face today -- will climb today when "mornings on 2"
7:58 am
continues. ity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online. instantly on any screen. this spring, you'll be the bolder, the better. i love when i get to do a morning talk show. as a fashion blogger... i tell people how to look like a million bucks without spending it. i'm always talking about t.j.maxx. everyone looks so fresh for spring... and this is the bohemian vibe. and yes, stripes are back. tj's is a great place to find those perfect designer pieces for less. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. born fashionista... self-made maxxinista!
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t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, may 15th. we're following developing news in castro valley. that's where a body was found.
8:00 am
it's a 20-year-oldish male. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: we wrapped up a press conference with the sheriff out here. people here seem close-knit and know the neighbors. for the last 12 hours, investigators and crime scene technicians have been out here. they are at that evidence van and continue to gather evidence. the home across the street from there -- from them is the focus of this investigation. that's where the body of the man was found. about 30 minutes ago, investigators explained how
8:01 am
they found this-victim. there was a call about suspicious activity and officers came to this house because the sheriff said someone who lives here is on probation. officers went into the house. they saw blood in the hole anddy kos -- and discovered a body inside the garage. >> shocking, crazy. the sheriff does not know the identity of the victim. so we -- so we don't know if the man found here is a family member. the mother is on vacation in reno but her son and daughter were still at home. it's possible the son had visitors at the house. a couple of neighbors told us there was a pretty big party happening here on sunday evening. a neighbor says when she left
8:02 am
for work yesterday morning, tear were still three cars she didn't recognize parked in front of this house. but this investigation is still ongoing. the crime scene tape is still up part of omega avenue is still brocked -- is still blocked off to traffic from the sheriff and bring you that information a little later on in the show. live in castro valley, alexeily rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> richmond police are searching for the gunman who killed the man in a drive-by shooting. it happened around 7:45 yesterday morning on figure and silver. police have not released the name of the victim but they say he was 22. investigators believe the shooter was driving a black or dark-colored sport utility vehicle. anyone with information is asked to contact police. two stanislaus county high school students are -- were
8:03 am
arrested and booked into san nis laws juvenile hall. -- stan stanislaus juvenile -- stanislaus juvenile hall. m just a couple of hour, stage three of the amgen tour will pedal off. today's route will go through danville, livermore, walnut creek and clayton. alex savidge is at the starting- line right now and he has all of the details about the regulars -- about the leg of the race. >> reporter: good morning. they will have to pedal up mt.
8:04 am
diablo. stage 3. the race gets started at 11:15. we're at the berryessa center. the ridelers head out for 120- mile ride today. riders will cruise through three counties. for the first time, riders will be heading up mount diablo, a very difficult, 2,000-foot climb. but it's one meaned -- many riders have been requesting for a lightning time. >> when we look for routes, we start with the start and finish city. this year it worked out, our start and finish city has allowed us to go to mount doe an blow.
8:05 am
something we've been looking at for years and very lucky to do this it -- to do it -- to do it this year. they will be leaving san jose. they are expected to hit mt. diablo around 1:00 and the rest of the riders will arrive. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. and let's go to sal. >> i want to show you some pictures just to show that you highway 24 is busy here through
8:06 am
la fayette and it's busy on orinda. when you get to the toll plaza, it's backed up for a moderate delay. look at 880 northbound, you will see some stop-and-go traffic here. it's very, very slow. i just want to make sure there is a collision -- is a collision. remember, fifth is a few miles away. maybe -- if this is your route to fifth, i would get off 8 0 and use 580 as an alternate. again, in case that confused you. 0 is -- 880 is terrible. think of 508 as an alternate -- 580 as an alternate. 8:06, let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. thank you. there's still a pretty good fog bank out there and it continues
8:07 am
to increase. mainly north bay, parts of the east bay. parts of the peninsula south bay, so far sunny, now i will get out of the way. i have a better shot of this here coming up. a little cooler. what do you mean? a lot cooler. about as much as 8 degrees. we had the low sitting there. we had upper 50s to near 60s. today it's upper 40s and low 50s. 58 to 72, mostly sunny by noon. some low clouds hanging around. 60 to 80. sunny and a little warmer. 34 up in tahoe and truckee. it left behind a lot of low clouds, temperatures still breezy. temperatures, they will recover but you have to get rid of some
8:08 am
of that fog and low cloud. mountain view, san jose, 58. fairfield is only 5. we had the orange 80s disappear. they are trying to creep back. but they are pretty far inland. a lot of -- a lot of 70s in the areas. weak high pressure builds in. another system will drive toward us and cool us down. if not tomorrow, definitely on thursday. mostly sunny, morning fog and that breeze will be there. not that strong but it will pick up later. 60s, 70s for many. very, very few low 80s. clearlake is in there. antioch, brentwood, a.m -- alameda, danville, pleasanton, all p the same on the corridor, hayward, 67. 78 morgan hill, milpitas, 74 and san jose in there as well. a lot of low 70s on the -- os on the peninsula. too many low 60s on the coast.
8:09 am
not much of a change, wednesday. there is your next cooldown. the weekend is looking better. temperatures coming up on sunday but another cooldown on monday of next week. all right. 8:08. firefighters in arizona bracing for more hot, windy weather. they are battling several wildfires. the fire has grown to 1500 acres. it's destroyed two buildings and a trail he. an acre in the tonto national forest is just 5% contained. no homes are threatened. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a $10 million cleanup at lake merced is underway. last week san francisco's puc approved the money. the focus shifts to plans for a renovated boathouse and a lake merced club gun to pay for lead
8:10 am
cleanup caused by lead shots. the gun shop has already sopped using those items. the city of mountain view has tightened its smoking laws. in february, the city promised to ban smoking -- on castro street downtown, only people walking down the street without stopping will be allowed -- will be anowed -- will be allowed to smoke. some council members are calling for tash are calling to ad the -- to add the 1-cent per tax. they say it may lead to a reduction and consumption of the drinks but ores argue the tax will do little to cut consumption but will hurt businesses. governor brown wants to shift
8:11 am
to a four-day week. >> it's a difficult budget. it reflects the fact that revenues are lower than we expected. now, in the governor's budget revision plan, k through 12 education is spared. however the governor says if voters don't pass the tax proposal in november, schools will be next on the chopping block. >> if voters rejected the last seven tax proposal increases, they will reject the one in november as well. >> the deadline for an on-time budget is june 15th. now, to get more details on the governor's proposals -- proposals, go to we've posted his revised budget in the politics section. 8:11. san jose police say their hands are tied. they know there is a homeless camp problem but they can't do
8:12 am
much about it. >> a growing scandal in great britain. also it happened more than 40 years ago, the new book that could put the zodiac killings back on the front page. ♪ beth! hi! looking good. you've lost some weight. thanks. you noticed. these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right -- whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't.
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8:14 am
foggy for some and sunny already for horse -- for others. a little bit warmer. it will be sloan to burn off especially near the north bay. highs 60s and mainly 70s today.
8:15 am
the first named tropical storm has formed. alette day has 40 mile-an-hour winds. it's expected to strengthen over the next couple of days. and it is not expected to threaten any land. new this morning, the former editor of a british tabloid faces charges in the phone-hacking scandal. rebecca brooks, her husband and four others were charged today. the scandal surrounds allegations that news of the world hacked into phones including one belonging to a missing school girl who was last found dead. the $2 billion loss loss by j.p. morgan is prompts major scrutiny in congress. some members of congress say the debacle at j.p. morgan says it's time to get tough at wall street banks.
8:16 am
alison? >> reporter: in the last hour, the ceo of j.p. morgan chase told shareholders, the company remains strong and will learn from the $about -- from the $2 billion loss. but here on capitol hill, members of congress are accusing the bank of high-risk gambling. interim the -- companies like j.p. morgan has been lobbying heavily against them. but the loss is prompts calls for a tougher approach. >> but the question is, are these types of trade legitimate trades or not. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu
8:17 am
channel 2 news. the bill that would allowed civil unionses for same-sex couples in colorado was defeated. the legislation was voted down by republicans. there was a special section called last night. that was after republicans blocked the. an environmental group has
8:18 am
ired a warning about the san onofre plant in southern california. there was a plan announced to restart the reactors at low power. engineers believe that could help reduce wear on tubing. but the group, friends of the earth, issued a report saying running the plant could worsen damage and endanger public safety. according to reports, the kodak company was hiding a nuclear reather in its basement for 28 years. the company dismandelled the reactor in 2006. 8:18. the victims' rights group wants to remove a november ballot measure to abolish the death penalty. the initiative violates a state law that limits propositions to
8:19 am
single subjects. now, if it's passed, the measure would abolish the death penalty and allocate the money saved to law enforcement agencies. emotions ran high at a community meeting in san jose, talking about the growing number of homeless encampments. there are an 11,000 estimated homeless in san jose. that's a 0% jumpp since the economy took a nose dive. last week a transient member was murdered. madison -- madison bipartisan says this has hit close to her own home but some people blame city leaders for it. >> you voted for these cuts and these cuts to police, to our services, to the vice unit. this is what you created and it came to roost in your neighborhood. >> now, in the past, san jose police have made sweeps but a court has ruled that police have to catalogue and keep
8:20 am
property for 90 days so items could be reclaimed. san jose police say they don't have the resources to do that. the city is looking for cleanup the by the end of the month. the zodiac killer, reportedly, is still alive and living in the prayer. the zodiac killer is blamed for five deaths in the bay area in 1968 and '69. the author of the zodiac killer coverup is a former chp officer who worked on the case. he claims the killer is a 91- year-old man who lives in solano county. tonight a public meeting in san francisco will deal with the problem of illegal dumping in bernal vites. the department of public works says large amounts of construction and debris is being left in the neighborhood. they say this has been
8:21 am
happening every month since october. it's expensive to clean up. tonight's meeting is to discuss cleanup efforts and strategies to stop this from happening. it begins at 7:00 p.m. on john v. young lane. lady gaga is hard to ignore. she's back in the news. she just canceled her asia show. where she's too provac tib to perform. and all over the east bay, it's pretty slow. it's one particular freeway that's really ter. i will tell you more about -- more about that coming up.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
lady gaga has canceled her soldout show in indonesia. some say her shows should be foregidden under -- forbidden under islamic law. lady gaga also faced protests groups from south korea. concerts there were limited to fans who were 18 or older. >> it's interesting. she still wins because she gets the publicity about it. >> yep, she sure does. hey, sal, how is 880 doing? >> not very good. >> uh-ho. >> we've had a couple of crashes. a couple of lanes were blocked.
8:25 am
they are clearing that. i wanted to show it to you. it is at a standstill. sometimes we do it -- we see it right through high street. this is standing still here. i wouldn't use it. i would use 580 or put off the trip because of these crashes. i just can't say anything else except avoid it. let's take a look at the commute now. bay bridge westbound looks good. lower deck of the bay bridge, there is an accident eastbound at treasure island. this morning's drive in the south bay is pretty slow as you drive on the nimitz freeway getting there. it's -- i want to look at contra costa county. we've had some traffic lingering there. temperatures much cooler today compared to yesterday. we had a lot of upper 40s than yesterday. the fog has been increasing the last couple of years. most of the peninsula seems to be in the sun.
8:26 am
parts of the east bay. once that burns off, then it will be a little warmer. i say a little warmer because the days are longer. but west-southwest 13, west 15 at sfo. west 9 at oakland. that tells you there is a sea breeze already established. a little warmer where the sun is shining -- where the sun is sunshining. the low is spinning in northern california and nevada but it's out of the picture. but another low will drop in, i think late wednesday into thursday. mostly sunny after some of that morring fog. it may take a while. 50s and 60s there. 60s around the bay. i did go -- it will be a soft 80. 73 in redwood city and san carlos. not much of a change onwards. a big cooldown -- on wednesday. a big cooldown on thursday.
8:27 am
yes. it was certainly not your typical carjacking case. the weapon used last night in east palo alto. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where police need your help in solving a hit-and- run case. the victim -- a well known and well-liked member of the north beach community. also -- why this is a very nice and intense tuesday morning for many bay area teachers. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam
8:28 am
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8:30 am
uc police cleared the protesters yesterday morning and arrested nine people. university research projects are expected to resume and begin this week. the protesters are saying they are gonna get together today to talk about their next move but again you are seeing this activity back in that property in albany again and we'll keep you posted on what we see and what we know. 8:30. san francisco police busy looking for a hit-and-run drive who critically injured a pedestrian. ktvu's tara moriarty is in north beach right now at the intersection before that accident happened. tara? >> reporter: well, we're told that the man is homeless. his name is les. he was crossing this very busy street right here. this is columbus.
8:31 am
it's extremely hectic down here on a saturday night with the big bar scene and everything. over here, you can see where -- where friends, neighbors, locals have put flowers, book, candles. this is the spot where les would often stand and they are now offering donations for the man they would see he every day. he was -- see every day. he was crossing eastbound when an surf slammed into him. he was taken to the hospital. he was not in a crosswalk when the vehicle struck hill. that suv fled the scene. neighbors say it's unconscionable. they describe les has a soft- spoken man they don't mind giving change to every day. >> no matter what his problems are, he manages to keep a certain kind of grace and gentleness in his persona. >> people like himly this
8:32 am
reaction shows that -- like him. this reaction shows that he touched some people. >> police need your help tracking down the vehicle. it's described as a late 1990s model, possibly a chevy suv. the last two numbers of the license plate are 2 and 4. the vehicle may have front-end damage. 404-5 5-4 -- 415-575-4444 is the tip line. you can remain anonymous. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. president obama is speaking at the national police officers association at the u.s. capitol. he just stepped away from the
8:33 am
microfoe. james kapoot is one of the officers being honored from this area. his name is now engraved on the memorial to fallen police officers in the nation's capitol. it's called the fraternal order of police memorial event. you can see the president there walking with ribbons in his hand. the event started about a half- hour ago. obviously, well attended but a very somber event for the president. later on, he will be heading down to -- la galaxy, the event there welcoming tell -- welcoming them to the white house. it looks like they will be -- it looks like a star -- >> and ribbons and flowers. >> yes.
8:34 am
>> honoring the fallen police officers, and mock them james kapoot. east palo alto police are searching for three carjacking suspects. this allegedly happen last night on daisy lane. police say one suspect had a handgun. the other one had a stun gun. then the suspect the drove off in the 2004 silver jaguar. now, the suspect is described as a latino man, the license plate 6 uvw 915, of the stolen vehicle. activists will be calling for police reforms in a rally tonight. they will demonstrate in front of berkeley's council meeting. councilmembers are said to be sloating on police policies.
8:35 am
the group that calls itself a coalition says reforms are needed. police in pleasanton are investigating a burglary at a high school. it was reported just before 6:30. police say whoever broke in did it through a hatch in the school's roof and they broke into the principal's office. an undisclosed amount of cash was stolen. investigators believe the break- in happened sometime late thursday nighter -- or early friday night. friday -- late thursday night or early. there is a chance some laid off teachers could be rehired. districts will have to wait for the state budget to be sorted
8:36 am
out. about five hours ago, an offshore earthquake hit off the northern california coast. now, according to the us geological survey, the 4.0 quake hit at 3:19 this morning. it wassennered about 54 -- was centered about 54 miles west of patrollia. that's west of humboldt county. firefighters are investigating a house fire. look at these picture. there are reports that the house was full of various items. we haven't heard of any injuries in this. firefighters say at the moment it appears to have been an accident. two men in wheelchairs are safe this morning. they were rescued from a burning van by good samaritan. the van was carrying 14 people who have developed menial disabilities. the van you stalled on --
8:37 am
developmental disabilities. the van stalled yesterday and two people who saw the smoke ran over to help and they were able to rescue the two men in the wheelchairs who were trapped in the van. firefighters say the van's car battery may have caught fire. there are some traffic troubles on 880 in oakland. let's check in with sal for an update. >> trust me. you don't want to go on 880. let's look at it. its improving a little bit. i want to show you the road sensors. this is good news to see the traffic -- remember last time it was stopped. see the road sensors -- this is my low-tech cursor. right there, this -- it's getting better. eventually it will get better for the rest of the commute. over there on 580 you might want to use that instead just for now. let's go to a live picture. this will be northbound 280.
8:38 am
it is slow getting into the valley on 280. more of a typical slow. let's go to steve. sunny for some, still, foggy, cool for others. the sun will eventually win out. temperatures coming up a little bit. there is a lot of low clouds even though the -- this left behind a lot of low clouds. mainly away from the coast. actually well inland, not too much around the bay. you can see some of the west breeze in place. west at sfo which has 36-minute delays at sfo due to some low cloud decks. west-southwest at air field. south wind in santa rosa. it's still gray out there. and some foggy, misty conditions up that he. foggy, misty on a tweet. other areas are towards san jose. 50s. we had a lot of upper 40s here this morring. we had the 80s disappear but they will come creeping back a
8:39 am
little bit. but they are very, very slow os. 60s, 70s around the bay and 60s on the coast. i show you the satellite. it departs it's bumped by another system. that will tart to come in tomorrow night into thursday. so we warm up for a day, day and a half and that's it. nothing lingering be on the coast. it will be mostly sunny. so 60s, 70s here of a weigh rebound from some of these temperatures to near 80 for a few. 75 in napa. 79 in pug. walnut creek at 76. oakland 68. alameda 66. 78 morgan hill to 80 gilroy. santa cruz, 68 a little bit more sun today. too much fog. south san francisco and low 70s on the peninsula with menlo
8:40 am
park. not much of a change wednesday. a little breezy, but mostly sunny on friday. but the weekend looks better -- looks better. more sun and a few temperatures. facebook is raising its ipo price range between $34 and $28 a share. investors are trying to get their hands on the stock when it goes public on friday. facebook might be using friends. what do you mean? >> well, they are wonner dering is facebook the -- wondering is facebook a fad or another google? the reaction is mixed but a new poll says almost 60% of adult unthe age of 35 think facebook's stock is a food buy. less than those think it's a good investment. now, half of the people surveyed say facebook is nothing more than a passing
8:41 am
fad. >> a lot of toils you lose contact with and facebook brings you back to that. >> advertising. how can facebook continue to make money? now, mobile is where the growth is online. and facebook has 488 million active monthly mobile users. that number is -- that number is growing. like many other companies, it's kind -- it's kinding the space on a mart phone, not really -- don't really want to or have the time to scroll through advertisers. analysts say facebook may be opening -- hoping if your friends like the ad, maybe you will too. we'll see what happens. thank you, pam. into well it's a big day in the
8:42 am
roamer cau rimmy case -- ross mirkarimi case. alameda county sheriff offices tis doff the little of a 20-year-old discovered the body of a 20- year-old. partly sunny ♪
8:43 am
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8:45 am
good morning. this picture is an improved 880. they removed that. traffic is now getting back to its normal old slow self which means it's slow coming up to high street. 8:44. let's go back to the desk. stocks are in positive territory. there's hope after word of confidence among u.s. builders rose to a five-year high in may and some retailers beat expectations. the dow is up 33, the nasdaq is up 17. s&p up 3. it looks like grease will have to -- greece will have to hold new elections next month. greece's new president has been meeting have various party leaders over the last nine days in an attempt to form a
8:46 am
government. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following. about a half-hour ago, at a shareholders meeting in florida, jamie dimon won a vote to keep his pay package and his title of the chairman. some of the shareholder wanted him to be stripped of his title after the bank lost $2 billion in a trading loss. in about two hours stage three of the amgen tour of california begin. today's route will take those cyclists from san jose through livermore, danville, walnut creek and clayton and for the first time ever, the race includes a steep climb up mt. diablo. right now, homicide investigators are still at a home in castro valley where a body was found. allie rasmus has been there
8:47 am
since 4:30. she's back now with the very latest. >> reporter: the house at the center of this homicide investigation is behind us. this is omega avenue in castro valley. you can see the street is still blocked off. the body of the man in his 20s, it's the house with the blue trill. about 20 minutes ago, the coroner removed the body from the home. neighbors tell us that a mom, her adult son and daughter have lived in the house for the last 20 years. the mom, according to neighbors, was on vacation in reno but her son was still at hole. at this point, we don't know the identity of the victim. we depth know if the victim of this homicide is a family member. was able to speak to the daughter who lives here, when i asked her if everyone was okay, she samemy said she -- simply
8:48 am
said she did not want to comment about what happened. the sheriff's spokesman says one of the people who live in -- who lives in this house is on probation. he wouldn't say what for but because of the status, dupes were able to walk in the house and they saw blood in the hole and found a body in the garage. mr. we don't know the exact manner of death at this point, we know there was trauma pause of the exsensive amount of -- meth -- extensive -- we know there was trauma because of the excessive amount of blood. >> reporter: the investigation out here continues. while it continues, this part of omega avenue in castro valley is still closed off to traffic as police coat their investigation. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. a kayaker talking about
8:49 am
being attacked by a 14-foot great white shark. it happened saturday afternoon off the central coast of cambria. a 30-year-old says the shark attacked his shark. he pushed him up four feet in the air. he is okay. he says he's gonna stay out of the ocean for a while. mendocino county supervisors gave preliminary approval to ban disposable shopping bags. ukiah, the biggest city in mendocino county, already has a plan in place. it still needs a final vote of approval which is likely to take place next month. 8:49. today, voters in oregon and
8:50 am
nebraska vote in presidential primes. mitt romney is getting close to the number of delegates. ron paul is the only other -- only other major prun 2349 case. paul says he will no longer spend money to campaign for primaries. he's focusing on gop conventions. a new poll shows mitt romney moving ahead -- a month ago in the same poll the two were tied. and wrote ann barr is oning for president. she's trying to inwith the three-great nomination. there will be three da tash 
8:51 am
there will be three three. le the seeing-in ceremony -- the swearing-in ceremony. you see him walking the red carpet there. he's greeted there by the former president, sick co lass sarkozy. pull the five-day forecast unmarredlele back here at home. oeyes' nursing university is did dash university is put on hold. if? regulariters were concerned
8:52 am
about the it da rick lum. one boh is now in the santa rita jail facing a haing today will play a crucial role in the sus -- regulators were concerned about the curriculum. mayor ed lee wants to use the video tape in the ross mirkarimi trial to show he's unfit to serve as san francisco's sheriff. we have breaking news. it's about a protest happening now at apple headquarters. and is it creepy or helpful? the app being tested in bar scene that's getting mixed reviews. hello?
8:53 am
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8:55 am
two green peace activists have barricaded themself in front of a giant ipad and are broadcasting audio messages from people all over the world to apple's employees and their executives. they want the company to power
8:56 am
their i-cloud with clean energy instead of coal. this is breaking news. we'll have coverage of this coming up on the news at noon. hidden acceptsors will record the age and gender of people entering and leeching bars and then broadcast the information to -- leaving bars and then broadcast the information. this will allow users to make informed decisions about going to a bar based on how crowded it is and the male-to-female ratio. some say it's creepy. bar owners say it helps with advertising. in about 30 days, walnut creek's alcohol ordinance will take effect. that's businesses that serve alcohol will face sufficient -- will face tougher laws and pre -- restrictions. the new law violates their
8:57 am
rights, the businesses say, and are threatening to sue. one viewer will win tickets to the u.s. olympic trials in june at the hp pavilion. for your chance to win, go to, do of it before -- do -- do it before midnight. put in the event word, "strength." let's check in with sal. is 880 moving letter -- is 880 better? >> it's a little bit better. northbound 880 is getting more room. it looks typical approaching high street and heading downtown. we're looking at the toll plaza. that's cleared up. it's backed up to the middle of the parking lot. this morning's drive in san jose is still a little bit slow coming into. valley. a lot of low cloud and
8:58 am
position for some. some of that fog is slow to burn off, 60s, 70s. it could be a very few low 80s. cooldown on thursday. clear it out on friday. it looks a little nicer on the weekend. >> okay, steve. >> that's our report this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and be sure to join us -- an be sure to join us for the -- and be sure to join us for the news at noon. thank you for joining us. like a million bucks
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