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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 15, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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we don't know the exact manner of death at this point. we do know there was some trauma because of the extensive amount of blood. >> a gruesome find in an otherwise quiet bay area neighborhood. that's our top story. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. authorities are investigating the first homicide of the year in castro valley after a body was found last night. we've been bringing you continuing coverage on this
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story since 4:30 a.m. the victim was found in a home on omega home. tara moriarty is live to tell us what police and neighbors are saying about this crime. >> well, sheriff investigators seem to have wrapped up their investigation on the scene. we just saw two women just over the past maybe ten minutes or so enter the garage where the body was found and we don't know if they are the sister and mother who live here. but they did appear shaken and did not want to answer our questions. now, authorities discovered the body of a man in his 20s inside the home here off omega avenue. last night around 6:00, in what is described as a oody scene. officials say the man had suffered obvious trauma. his body had been there for some time and someone tried to cover up the crime, according to our sources. the deputies were checking on probation. neighbors were worried about increased criminal activity. >> shocking, crazy, it's kind
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of disturbing. >> it's scary, especially when you have little kids at home. >> reporter: now, rodriquez says that investigators her about -- investigators interviewed her about the incident and said the victim did not live at home. there's another man who lives here, 26-year-old cody trip. he had a handgun and modified shot gun with him. he's currently being interviewed but has not been named a suspect. we're live in castro valley, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are looking for a driver who injured a man saturday night. police say he was not in a crosswalk when the vehicle struck him and drove off.
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they put flowers and candles in e spot where he would often stand. his name was les. he was homeless. >> that what ther what his problems were -- no matter what his problems were, he seemed to keep a certain type of grace. >> police describe the suv as a late '90s model, the last two numbers of the vehicle are 2 and 4. it may have front-end damage bau of the crash. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. president obama paid tribute to the nation's law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of cutie -- duty. ♪ >> the president honored fallen officers, including vallejo police department's james kapoot who was killed last
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november. during the service, mr. obama hailed the bravery of -- of those officers. today, voters in oregon and nebraska vote in the primaries. mitt romney is getting close to the number of delegates he immediate to clench the nomination. there are a total of 63 $ly gets at stake today. ron paul is the only other major republican candidate paul he will no longer spend money to cam pine -- to campaign for primaries. instead he's focusing and hopes to pick up more delegates. a just released "new york times" poll shows mitt romney is 46% and a slight over women.
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and a change at the top in europe. and the country has a socialist loader -- leader. a court hearing early this afternoon will play a crucial role in ross mirkarimi's efforts to keep his job as sheriff. a judge will consider whether a tape at the enter of the domestic violence case can used. the tape shows his wife showing her bruised arm while tearfully describing a violent fight on new year's eve. mayor lee wants to use that tape to show that he's unfit as san francisco sheriff. less than an hour ago, stage three of the amgen tower got underway -- tour got underway. alex save idge is live with more -- alex savidge is live with more. >> reporter: they left here
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from san jose just about an hour ago and thanks to this handy app, you can track their progress life. the pack right now is approaching sunol headed up to contra costa county where they will take on a major challenge later this afternoon. although some of the bay area cyclist the i talked to say they are not sweating that climb. the fact that ride -- pack of riders pushed away from the starting line just after 7:00 here in san jose for the kickoff the stage 3 in the amgen tour of california. >> it's been in washington every year since it started. it's been a big deal. an exciting day for bay area cycling fans. this woman rode down. today's stretch of this tour de france-style race will be a huge challenge for the 121 riders. they will have to pedal 2,000
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feet up mt. diablo. but local cyclists don't seem all that worried about the crime. fred rodriquez from berkeley thinks he has home advantage. i have all of my parents and tem cheering me on. >> reporter: and this individual from watsonville says he's looking forward to diablo, the first time the riders have headed up the mountain in the seven years this hayes has been around. >> my very first sentence when i was 16 was to ride up the roads up there. >> reporter: the racers are expected to wind up in downtown
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livermore:00 this afternoon -- livermore 4 this afternoon. alex savage ktvu channel 2 news. again today's stage goes from san jose to livermore and then up mt. diablo before ending up in california. some of the cities will be danville, walnut creek and clayton. sierra road and came other roads are affected. you can see more -- sierra road and other roads are affected. you can see more on this at our website. in berkeley activists are planning a rally tonight to call for police reforms. they will demonstrate before the city council meeting. council members are expected to vote on gathering intelligence, immigration arrests at berkeley jails and providing mew chur
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aid. a group called the coalition for a safe berkeley says roms are needed to protect civil rights. a b.a.r.t. police officer suffered a minor -- minor injuries in oakland. his patrol car collided -- collided with another car around 1:30 this morning. both men were checked out at the hospital. and they were release the -- and they were released. it's still not clear what led up to the accident. the story of what happen during this van fire -- just ahead. warm he weather on the way. it may not be here for long. rosemary's details coming up. we think -- >> and what this customer with apple on thes -- wants the ron to do.
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two men in wheelchairs are safe after being rescued by a burning -- from a burning van. it stalled and caught fire. two people who saw the smoke listen over to help. they were able to rescue the men who were trapped inside the van. a dozen others were able to escape without help. firefighters say the van's
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battery may have caused the fire. the traffic on the bay bridge is back to normal after a car crash caused a big jam up had morning. this is how highway 101 looked an our ago when traffic was at a crawl. a ktvu staffer shot this cell phone video. it caught fire near the s- curve. the car has been towed off and task has been at the speed limit. despite the $2 billion loss at j.p. morgan, the ceo are keep his tight. the share hold he meeting was held today where security was tight. jamie diamon's pay package, $23 million. and during the meeting, he called the company's mistakes self-imofficialed. there's word the -- self-
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inflicted. there's word the fbi's new york office is heading an inquiry. and scott thompson was given $1.5 million signing bonus and $5 million worth of restricted stock when he joined yahoo! back in january. he was expected to earn a $2 -- he would have been eligible to earn a $million bonus. mark zuckerberg is set to -- earn a million dollar bonus. mark zuckerberg is set to ring the bell when the company goes public. they are expecting to sell the stock for $34 to $38. the change means the ipo could raise almost $13 million. we asked some people today if they think facebook about be --
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if they think facebook will be a good investment or a passing fad. >> i'm over it myself. i think it's if that fade. >> my company -- i think it's gonna fade. >> my company, we use it and we've seen a lot of growth. >> facebook brings you book those you have lost touch with. it's a good thing. >> facebook is selling 181 million of its shareses in -- share in the ipo. a group of environmentists are taking a creative approach in a protest against apple. activists with green peace
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dressed as a giant ipod and iphones for a protest in front of apple's headquarters in cupertino. two people were taken into custody. the protesters passed out fliers and called on apple to cloud the data centers with clean energy instead of coal. >> this costume is to let apple know they had been an innovator in the technology sector. >> green peace says apple should follow the lead of other giants such as facebook and yahoo! which activists say have all adopteddialcies to epsure they are increasingly powered by -- ensure that they are increasingly powered by clean energy. and apple pointed to a new data system it's building in north carolina saying "we believe this will make -- this will
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make maiden the greenest center ever built." we went by the former occupy encampment this morning. this is what we saw. a tractor was operating on the property. university research projects are excepted to begin out there this week. uc police cleared the protesters encampment yesterday morning. protesters say they will meet at 5:00 to discuss what to do next. francois hollande is officially french's president. nicolas sarkozy, who served at one term, was defeated. this is the first time france has had a socialist leader since 19 5. he's the country's first under married president. he does have a long-time give.
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he -- girlfriend. he will refer -- she will be referred to as thes the first lady. she will be referred to as the first lady. the walnut city council is expected to give the second and final approval next week to a new alcohol law. walnut creek businesses that search chom will face safer rules and restrictions. the law could take effect in 30 days. business openers say the new law violates are their right and they are threatening to sue. starting friday, hidden sensors will record the age and gender of people enderring and -- entering and leeching and then broadcast the information to an app. this will help users help make informed decisions about going to a bar baited on how crowded
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it is. some people say it's kind of creepy but they say it helps with advertising. richmond will consider a tax on sugar-suite bed drinks. son are calling to ask the -- some are calling for the tax. others argue the tax will do little to help the consumption. firefighters are on the scene of a house flier in concord that broke out of a 11:00. you can see the smoke rising behind the building. the fire was under control within 30 minutes but there's still the home -- poofs are still at the home assessing damage. there were no injuries or
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indication of what caused the that, -- firefighters are still at the home assessing damage. there were no injuries or indication of what caused the fire. you may find some haze. mostly sunny skies. the winds generally light from 5, 10, 15 miles an hour expected for today. that's what we're catching at sfo. we do have a variable wind. 57 degrees in oakland. 59 in san francisco. but notice where we're warming already. our inland areas, upper 60s to near 70. 70 reported in concord. still mild to cool. with the sunshine out there, it probably feels pretty good. as we head into the afternoon, our numbers will be five to ten degrees warm he. along the way and coast we'll
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find temperatures a few degrees. your pacific satelliteview beginning to built in. it will be knocked down by a system. that won't bring us rain but it will be us a cooldown. for today, mostly cloudy skies -- for today, mostly cloudy skies. take a look at what you can expect for your neighborhood. 75 sonoma, 79 st. helena, 74 nova toy. upper os sausalito. into the upper -- into the east bay, upper 60s. as well pass hayward, yet inland and it's nice and warm into the dey, 7p -- 77. along the peninsula today, 65 degrees in the city.
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68 for -- there's your extended forecast. inland spots may not feel the cooldown but wednesday, nothing. thursday, friday, notice the numbers rolling back. muper 70s for the valley locations. sounds good. thank you. a $10 million cleanup at -- -- cleanup at lake merced is underway. the commission also wants a lake merced gun club to lead by -- the club clock already stopped using those i -- club
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already stopped using those items. just ahead -- what do you think of your wireless phone company? we'll tell you what most customers are say. you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
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efforts to form a graft in greece collapsing. dash. the fine for teching while driving could be going up. the fine for first-time offenders was proposed to be did the 200. opponents say fines for texting for trialing are already too high. there is a new survey of customer satisfaction concerning the biggest wireless carriers. sprint ranks first with a score of 71 out of 100. veer right done earned -- verizon earned 70. and at&t and t-mobile tied for third at 69. that's the closest the scores have ever been. tonight at 5:00, a new whale rescue off the coast of the bay area. this time, a 20-foot whale off bodega bay. we're talking with re -- with rescuers. thank you for trusting the
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news. we will see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join us again at 5:00. we're always here for you at and mobile
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