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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 15, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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called real heros for rushing into a disabled van to help two disabled people. eric rasmussen has their incredible story of heroism. >> reporter: someone recorded nearly the entire theupl on their cell phone. everyone out here today you can see some of the black marks where that van burned and we certainly could have been talking about a tragedy if some of those bystanders did not jump into action. >> oh my god. >> reporter: 14 people were on this pace solano van when it started burning at the gateway shopping plaza. within minutes this cell phone video shows how the van was completely engulfed in flames. >> i know i was taking a risk. you know but i had to. >> reporter: 70-year-old cab driver bill putnam was among the first to help. >> this is great. >> it is. >> reporter: when he learned two disabled men on wheelchairs were stuck on board as smoke
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started going up. >> i knew it was about to blow. >> reporter: roy thomas ran over from a near by toys r' us under construction. >> we got the wheelchair ramp up and then a couple of my friends got them on the ramp and set them on the ground. >> it was a team effort. >> reporter: yeah the bus driver even helped us get some of them out. >> reporter: bill putnam could have known that the outcome could have been a lot different for the passengers that could not get themselves out. >> you can see i'm still emotional, but yeah i'm tkphrad -- glad i got them. >> reporter: the fire is still under investigation. pay solano helped adults with development disabilities here in solano county.
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we're learning more about castro valley's first homicide of the year. officials told us they are looking into several calls ability criminal activity at a home in omega avenue where a man's body was found last night. authorities also say the victim's name will not be released until after an autopsy which is set for tomorrow. no arrests have been made. one person is dead after being hit by a train in fremont. amtrak officials say the victim was walking along the tracks at the nursery avenue crossing around 1:00 this afternoon when the accident happened. no word on why the person was on the tracks. no one else was hurt. the search is on tonight for two more whales spotted off the california coast tangled in nets. ktvu's robert handa is live with what rescue crews are doing to try to track down and save those whales, robert. >> reporter: julie we're at point pinos near monterey bay at monterey bay. this is where people have reported seeing the whale tangled up in fishing lines
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today. as we told you at 5:00, it takes special rescuers and equipment to save them. >> reporter: the sighting of two whales tangled is becoming more common right now. scientists say the migrating gray whales and hump back whales are traƔfing close -- are traveling close to the coast. yesterday crews rescued a juvenile gray whale. >> this is one of our favorite tools when we're responding to an entanglement. this is a polemtitry buoy. it has a transmitter that we can monitor in a relatively localized area. let's say about a 10 square mile area. and it also has a satellite link transmitter on it that will send data up to a satellite orbiting the planet. >> reporter: once the whales are found. >> these are designed
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specifically for whale disentanglement. this particular knife is used to let's say this is a rope that's over the top of the whale, to push this down and cut the rope without cutting the whale. >> i wish something could be done about the fishing gear so it wouldn't happen. but i suppose that's going to be, but i think the people that have gone out to rescue them in their very small boats are really rather heroic. >> reporter: and it appears those heroics will continue. there has been eight whales trapped by lines in california this year. three in may alone. live near pacific grove, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the amgen tour sent cyclists on a tough route today. dozens of the world's best bicyclists road up mount diablo for stage three of the race. some spectators tell us it's exciting to see the pros ride the same course they do.
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>> obviously the best, one of the best hills to climb in the area. everybody comes here to do it. >> reporter: peter segen crossed the finish line first. segen also won the first two stages of the race. the amgen tour will head out for stage four of the race. bicyclists will start in sonora and head south to clovi ending 130 miles later in fresno county. organizers say it's the most difficult and longest part of the race. a proposal to change the name of m street has stirred up controversy tonight. tonight john fowler is there and tells us why officials think it'll make a big difference. >> reporter: new signs and cash strapped city of antioch is now considered plain old l street to something more interesting. more interesting name to get people to take the exit.
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the idea is to showcase antioch's new marina plaza at the end of l street and lure visitors to the struggling river town business district. >> we would like to boost tourism, absolutely. >> reporter: ron bernal says l street could be better named, something meaningful. >> this is the time if we're going to do it to change the name to marina plaza beltway. >> we spent $40,000 doing it. >> what do you think? >> no, we need money other places. >> reporter: the street signs would come from money for pothole and street repairs. budget woes forced city pay cut, unfilled positions, offices closed on friday. a dozen years ago the city paid to change north center sreul road to auto center drive to keep a toyota dealer in town. >> it increased our business and we have more auto dealers here now. >> now there's a marina down here, boat launch, they can come down and launch their boat.
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>> reporter: still we found many oppose the name change. >> i think people are going to be confused about it. i don't think it's worth that much money any way. >> reporter: the police department would get a new address, so would three businesses and three homes. reporting live in antioch, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. a federal regulator is criticizing california's effort to tackle the mortgage crisis. the federal finance agency said the proposed state legislation aimed to stop foreclosures would harm the legislation. the legislation goes after illegal tactics like robo signing and she is disputing the criticism. just 48 hours after facebook goes public the social networking site has increased its potential stock price.
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today the menlo based company told securities and exchange commission it will ask for 34 to $48 per share that's up from the original ballpark price of 38 to $48 per share. at the top end of the range, the top sale would bring in $12.8 billion. and sources say high demand pushed up the price. one investment manager said investment banks are swamped with orders. the initial offering will be completed late thursday. shares will start trading on friday and founder mark zuckerberg will reportedly ring the opening bill from menlo park. wall street is counting on facebook to keep growing in popularity. according to an associated press poll, 43% think it's a passing fad that will fade
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away. >> and we have more on facebook's ipo on activists dressed as giant ipods and iphones demonstrated in front of apple headquarters in cuper to the best of my recollection no. they called on the company to power the cloud with clean energy instead of coal. two people were arrested during the protest. apple tells ktvu it's building a new green center in north carolina saying quote it will be joined next year by our new facility in oregon running on 100% renewable energy. researchers say smart phones running google's android software are the market leader in much of the world now. a study revealed that the droid is growing. new phone models are helping android grow.
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apple is a close second to android here in the u.s. the case stems from rape charges filed against deputy district attorney michael gresset in 2008. those charges were dismissed last year. gresset claims he's the victim of a political conspiracy because of his past attempts at running for district attorney. he is now on paid administrative leave collecting a $151,000 a year salary. now to a potentially explosive development in the ethics hearing into the suspension of ross mirkarimi. a judge today found that video showing mirkarimi's wife lopez crying with a bruised arm can be shown as evidence. the video was taken by a neighbor of the mirkarimi's. that neighbor is also expected to testify. mirkarimi pled guilty to false
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inprisonment in that case. chancellor linda katehi says she agreed with a report that sighted poor -- katehi says she authorized police to remove tents but not the use of pepper spray. >> with 20/20 hindsight i know that actions we took that day were wrong. well intended but wrong. >> reporter: a series of reform measures are set to take effect in february 2013. in a historic vote today northern california presbyterian leaders stripped with their church. last year the presbyterian church voted to sensure spar. speeding up the buses, something that is now illegal
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may actually be the solution. >> and state lawmakers take their first crack at governor brown's new spending plan. the tough questions they had for his finance team. >> back here in just 10 minutes, we have a small forecast a bit warmer for your neighborhood.
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the state has placed oikos university nursing program on -- regulators say they were concerned about the school before a man shot and killed seven people last month. the state took heat for the
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governor's revised budget plan. >> what are you doing differently now so we're not ensuring that we're back next year in the same hole? >> all i can say is that as a department we're using our best judgment and using the information we have at any point in time to build the budget. >> technically lawmakers now have one month to submit a budget for the governor to sign. governor brown reiterated today it is going to take difficult cuts as well as the passage of a tax hike initiative in november to wipe out the projected $16 billion state budget gap. >> we have to exercise the budget discipline. i'm determined to do that by whatever means necessary. we're going to come out with a balanced budget. advocates are predicting the governor will produce new cuts to the poor including cal
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works and medi-cal. >> cutting home care doesn't make sense. members of the united health care workers union gathered at the steps of the state capital this morning in support of a new bill. the legislation would integrate in-home support services with medi-cal. in home care is expected to share $208 million. drivers will soon be able to bus in the back. sal castaneda is live in san francisco with rider reaction and the reason for the change, sal -- >> reporter: a lot of people here waiting if the bus and when the bus gets here they only have one option, they're going to be able to get on in the front. they can't use the back door. that's about to change. the signs warn of stiff penalties for those who board through the back of the bus. today the board of supervisors changed that rule. those with clipper cards will be able to board using all
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doors. until now boarding has only allowed in the front expect for some especially designated lines. now it'll be system wide. >> everyone who rides nummi, wondering why we can't board through all doors, now we have the technology to do it. >> reporter: fast is something nummi wants. at an average speed of 8 miles per hour, it is one of the slowest public transit systems in the country. a point not lost on many. >> it should be better, i mean this is a first class city man, come on. >> reporter: many say all door boarding is just clear. >> sometimes it's hard to get on board. if it speeds up the time of getting on and off it's fine, why not. >> reporter: to keep fare cheaters at bay, it will add 10 more fare inspectors on july
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1st that's the day that all door boarding will become legal. live in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. things are certainly warming up and our chief meteorologist bill martin is here to bring us the weather. >> not hot just warmer as we go outside temperatures mostly right now are in the 60s. we have fog right along the coast, we've got 65 in san jose, 64 in santa rosa. then we have fog shooting across daily city now and it's working its way over toward the airport and san bruno gap. it's made an advancement in the last half hour since i showed this imagine to you live. tomorrow morning when you wake up you're going to see it in many bay area locations, like we did this morning. fremont, hayward, san rafael. redwood city, mountain view, i think you will see high clouds and fog. a little warmer than yesterday but still below what you would
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expect for this time of year. tomorrow is a similar pattern with highs in the 80s. tomorrow slightly cooler so sort of a mild changes as we go through time. overnight lows are going to be cool like they were last night so upper 40s, low 50s. fog in many bay area neighborhoods tomorrow. a rapid burn off. shows not a heck of a lot. the fog along the coast so there's a good doze of it. as the day goes on after lunchtime it starts to clear out. then temperatures begin to warm. so more 80s in the inland bay satisfies tomorrow. most of us will be in the 70s or upper 70s. you're up out of fog. 74 in nevado. i expect fairfield to be in the low to high 80s by now. 81 in pleasanton, so there's all the 80s out in the livermore valley. we have good air quality right now, as you look at the santa
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clara valley, los gatos and santa cruz about 10 degrees apart with 68 in santa cruz. fog will greet you at the coast as you knew, good air quality. fire danger it's that time of year it's not high but it's coming up. you notice the hillsides are starting to get a little more brown as we go through these warm days. as we get into the bay area weekend which is going to pop up right here you see temperatures back in the mid- 80s especially sunday. it is a really easy going forecast. there's no major changes. >> all right. >> thank you bill. news chopper 2 is over head a situation that is developing on mount diablo you can see what happened here, a car ran off the side of the road. we believe that it ran off north gate road. although we haven't actually confirmed that yet. the car went right down that hillside. and it looks like it was damaged extensively as a result. this is on the danville side of mount diablo. we don't have a condition of
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the person inside the car or perhaps what led up to this accident, we are working to get that information. but again the headline at this hour, you can see it live here from news chopper 2 a car has gone off the road, we believe to be north gate road on mount diablo. you see the result sitting on the basin with heavy damage to that car. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, students learn the dangers of texting and driving without ever getting in their car. >> i'm texting and driving in the virtual world, we'll tell you how this heat gear is making teens better drivers. and a new perk for military members, opening access to some of the most beautiful places on earth. join us for these stories and more on tv 36 at 7:00. the ground breaking new research and big name in technology that's leading the way. hello?
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it's been called a ground breaking alzheimer's ground study is about to get underway. researchers from genentech are going to be focusing on 300 members of an extended family
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in columbia. they all share a mutation that can trigger alzheimer's as early as their mid-40s. scientists hope to learn if an experimental drug can hold off the on set of the disease. the a's are in progress and it doesn't look like it's going too well. >> they better get the on the ball in a hurry. for the a's i bet they wish it would start later because it didn't go well from the beginning but i tell you ever single game it seems like. highlights josh redick this time on defense. nice play, alberto callespo you are out. beautiful throw. the guy has a sensational arm. but the next time callespo comes to the plate. redick is not going to get him. he shoots it down the right field line, got himself an rbi double in the person of mike trous. the angels so far with the only run they need but they've got albert pujols in their line up.
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this guy has been in such a slump but he gets a break today. in fact, a couple of them off the glove of bartolo colon. pujols has three hits in the game all of them infield hits and the a's in the top of the ninth are trailing 4-0. meantime the oakland raiders, what a redoing of this team top to bottom with the scouts changing, the players changing, coaches, the organization a top to bottom new look. and new head coach dennis allen. when is the last time you had a head coach of the raiders say he was in control of something, anything? >> i believe as the head coach ultimately you're in charge of the product that goes out on the field. but part of being the head coach is you want to hire good people, you want to declare your expectations what you expect out of them and you want to get out of the way and let them work. that's what i'll do. but i'm a coach at heart and i'll get my hands dirty when i
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need to. >> all right meantime the giants playing over at at&t tonight against the rockies in a mini two game series. highlights of that tonight at 10:00 but that is the sporting life. >> let's hope there's a better season for the raiders, they've had a tough time. >> for a long time. >> all right, mark. >> thank you, mark. a first of its kind tax on soda is being debated tonight. we'll bring you the latest at 10:00. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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