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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 16, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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i don't buy into those 80s and there is another fog that will given to move in later today and tomorrow that with keep us cooler. highs today 60s for some mid- oz for others but gray skies closer to the beaches. here is stall. looking at the chp, we don't have a lot here we have some that could slow you down coming across that span. let's look at these pictures and the traffic is moving a long relatively well so you will not see a lot of slow down. you can see as you drive through the area there are no major problems driving through and traffic looks good through san jose to fremont, let's did
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-- let's go back to pam. a s.w.a.t. team has been called in overnight in richmond. tara moriarty is live where police are blocking off the streets, tara? >> reporter: well it is going to take them awhile to suit up and become nobodyelized. they are in an apartment which is kind of lit up with a spotlight and we noticed a police presence which -- which is here and they are zooming in on a man in an apartment complex and apparently police have been here since 11:30 last night and we will figure out if
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this man is armed and they are blocked off here at this intersection and if you pan over here you can see they have blocked off this section as well. we are definitely taking this seriously and we will definitely let you know what happens. they are looking for four carjacking suspects. the pursuit ended when the suspects rammed into a parked car they jumped out and scattered. we are following developing news where police in the east bay are looking for more. here is more from dublin you will only see on 2. here is
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more. >> reporter: we are between fall creek and willow creek road and this accident happened on dirty -- doughty. we are not sure where this map was this morning when he was shot and killed. this area has been shut down since this all happened at 11:30 and the investigation continues through the early morning hours. there are reports he was walking his bike or riding his bike at the time he was hit, a car driving by found him in the middle of the road. he had been hit and died from his injuries. the car that hit him fled the sap but they are looking for a
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dark colored van they plea of in responsible for this fatal run. again, can cat thing point they are still trying to notify next of kin and track down this driver. they are on their way to talk to you can live in didn't lynn claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have new information on other planned taxing soda if approved it will tax 1 penny perhaps and some say the goal is to help children but some say they will have to put that on to customers. >> we have a lot of obese
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children walking the cities and soda is contributing. >> the proposed soda attach would be used to support youth sports and nutrition prey grams. friends family and volunteers are marking the sad occasion. today they will be head out to other wrote who areas and she disappeared after leaving for school and they believe a red volkswagon is linked to her disappearance. he is out of a hospital but it recovering from an attack while delivering the mail. he was delivering the mail yesterday afternoon when
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somebody jumped him. a neighbor found him slumped agnst his mail truck and he was grabbing his neck and moaning in pain. somebody could look up and take you from behind. >> reporter: was that they did, they jumped him from behind and pistol whipped him. >> that is what coward do. >> they may have been trying to steal tax refunds and anything else trying to steal themment someone ransacked a san diego home just days after his suicide. how the burglar slipped into the house and what they still to coming up.
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the ads on the social network have had very kill concerns and gm pains on facebook may appear to be under pop half. facebook's stock offering this week could help california's budget. it is expected to help through the middle of next year. they could cash in some of their shares and mark zuckerberg exercises his options on his stock. sheriff ross mirkarimi is now heading to san francisco city hall. yes a judge ruled the tape can be used.
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the tape shows eliana lopez pointing to her bruise on her arm while tearfully describing a fight she had with her husband. mayor ed lee would like to permanently remove inous -- him from office. they are investigating the first homicide of the year. it was a story we first ahead. the corner is expected to release today. they are now trying to track down the area where this home is often the scene of criminal active time. >> banks are not happy with it, the city council voted unanimously to make banks register blighted homes with
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the city once they send a defought notice. they must pay a fee and main tape the way it hooks the papers say they don't open the home so they should not be held suchable. muni will begin with a new track and light rail service will be shut down and bus shuttles will be in place and that will affect the church, 37 corbett 43 masonic and end owl routes and had bass a lot of activity on the roads construction weiss since we come in early and i hope it will be picked up soon. >> yes, that is right, there is some road working on the golden gate bridge as well. let's look at what we have with
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the commute on a westbound, no problems this morning if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza, ifs to and if you are in the south bay you have a little bit of time here, also it 17 looking good along with 187, 4:44 let's go to steve some component so the direction the wind is coming from and the coast will be cool towned to. up and down the coast i think when it makes it all the way to
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parts of san jose and santa rosa and everything will sweep in and keep the pattern going. it will be cooler end than and book ends pacifica, not much going on in betterly or hayward. upper 60s 9 had e-- very low 70s and it was 70 yesterday. clear and breezy on friday and with your weekend always in view, it does look sunny and a little bit warmer, pam. the new evidence that may support george zimmerman's claim of self tee fence.
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and police are hailing him a hero. and this could cost him his job. coming up, everything looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. &&&&
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. the war crimes trial is underway right now in the internet they are lands. -- netherlands. now the trial comes after the brutal cleansing of bosnian towns he is accused of ordering the massacre of 8,000 men and boys. george zimmerman had black eyes, and cuts to the back of his head following the confrontation with trayvon martin. that is according to the records an accident accident saw his family doctor one day after he shot him and the former neighborhood watch claims he acted in self-defense and claims he is out on bail. tiaina baul "junior" seau,
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police believe the suspects crawled through a dog door in the garage. they were going to maintain a memorial but crews have cleared all the flowers while his family removes the valuables inside. ryan young said he was in the middle of the shift when he noticed this man beating his pregnant girlfriend. when he refused to stop, he jumped in. the saved the woman's life but he fired him without pay for not following store policy. >> it puts a lot of stress on me, i don't think anybody should have to second guess themselves or feel bad about doing what was right.
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>> one is supposed to call a manager or security, but there is no word on whether he will be allowed back on the job. northern presbyterian leaders have refused to saning those for leaders. presbyterian voted to i ignore the sense source and that defies the highest court which issues a rebuke after she initiated same sex weddings when it was legal in california. house speaker house speaker john boehner insisted any increase will be marked at least as much as spending cuts. >> we can make the cuts necessary to meet this principal and i believe we
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must. >> all this could lead to a replay of the battle for raising the debt limit and that led standard importers to downgrade for the first time the president wants them to reach an agreement on several of his i can not mix proposals. he overwhelmingly won both primaries last night. the nebraska contest is more of a beauty contest mitt romney needs 1400 delegates to wrap up the nation and he currently has 973. he can send the nation into the knob hill area. it is already scoped for a
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supermarket and neighbors have said they would like a grocery store within walking distance. they could find no reason to deny another wall march moving in but today is crop call reports peter was shotted outside san francisco city hall and they made with ed lee to discuss the new arena. the new owners are believed to be unhappy with the team's current home at the oakland coliseum. they will given the longest and it takes riders from the gold
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country it runs 149 to clovis which is 130 miles. >> went to see the end of same 3 and spectators shopped at the downtown stores. this year it was a heat of 15 anybody with 15,000 fans. >> you can see the impact, it is a tremendous boom for livermore. >> now the city hosted an after party to keep visitors around and they are driving some -- they are joining some locals by -- while dancing in the streets, he has won all three stations so far.
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a simulator has helped to bring teens and the system how hayer drives through a -- simulator drives through a virtual neighbor, then they are told to text within seconds on a most of them veered and even crashed. >> i have texted and drove before. >> i thought it was good, i should not text and drive at the same time. >> more than 300 teens tack the similar drive. they are asked to move avenue or come to a come float stop. the heroic reactions to save two people from this burning van. and it is san francisco's biggest street party, what they
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are doing to make sure it toes not get out of hand.
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. welcome back, time now 4:53, two men are being called heros from rescuing the people from the burning van. bill putnam, a 70-year-old cab driver was one of the first people to jump into action. >> i knew it was going to happen at any time. >> well a couple of friends of mine sat him down on the ground. >> they say that fire was likely caused by the battery.
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>> reporter: this sun day many serious people will come for the party and there will be 360 police officers on patrol. they are cracking down on public drunkenness. pam, we always like it to be nice and wyatt in the afternoon. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see traffic begins to move with no meant problems. also the morning commute is driving well on interstate 880 and that's looking good unless
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you are driving to the san francisco airport, 4:55 let's go to steve. >> a very good cloudy day and my forecast highs are -- well i like what i am seeing so far because there is a big fog bank out here. sunny breezy and inland temperatures, mainly upper tell bucks and that will continue to sweep in, traffic visit has it mainly out of the west and 50s on the temperatures and there is too much cloud cover and there is not much of a difference, once the system moves off there comes the next one and it is enhancing pie the
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fog and fairfield 76 and 68 hayward and 62 in oakland. mid-70s for some, but a lot of 70s and 71 to upper 70s and maybe inland areas, pam. coming up on 5:00, guess what, uc tuition could be coming up again. what to do in order to make sure things don't get worse. we are following attend developing story out -- a tent developing story out of richmond and we will have a live report coming up next.
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. cleaning up foreclosed houses in oakland, the new expansion to the city's blight program and what they are forcing banks to


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