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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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40,000 students could soon get a free ride, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. thank you for joining us, may 16th,th, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark, let's check your weather. every reporting station on at least what we call the hourly and we have some local drizzle and just dealing with too much in the way of local clouds. mid-to-upper 70s inland. and highway 4 steve, we are starting off here and it is a little bit crowded on highway 4 to the antioch section, but it looks good. also the commute to the freeway traffic and it is looking good here and san rafael traffic
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looks good at 580. let's go back to the desk. it is happening right now in the city of richmond. a police s.w.a.t. team is standing around and it is on a street and galilee avenue. >> reporter: police tell us the suspect they are pulling in on a is suspect in motive. we are where the suspect is hold up in an apartment and it is a two story apartment complex and officers have sealed off a street in a building they are not sure the suspect is in. they have been trying to coax him out. he is refusing to come out, we are not sure if he is armed or what but we have noticed
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several police cars and somebody from the police department is supposed to talk with us so we will let you know what we have learned coming up in the next half hour. ktvu channel 2 morning news. also happening right now. police are searching the back yards around the 2400 block of high street. they are looking for several suspects who they have been pursuing for the past couple of hours. the suspects jumped out and scattered. these carjackers are considered armed and dangerous. following overnight news from alameda county. it involves a man on a bike. that you dean? >> reporter: that's right i just spoke to a police officer who took us through what they
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know what happened right now. this is where the accident happened at 11:30 last night and this area was shut down for four hours and they just opened this up in the next half hour to try to figure out what happened. >> when they got here to the scene, they noticed a male subject on the ground apparently hit by a car and the male subject was riding a bicycle towards san ramon. >> there is a couple of mysteries, this is a pathway. we do not believe he was using that bike path and the man was
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found in the middle of the road and it is still unclear if he was walking his bike or riding his bike. they were able to trace it to a 2010 or 2011 mercedes ease ben. he claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are investigating two armed robberies, the person was a tacked and they were taken to the hospital at the same time. also a person was beaten with a metal pipe, he suffered a broken arm, no arrests have been made in either case. postal worker is out of the
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hospital recovering after he was jumped. he was later found laying against his mail truck. he was knowing in -- moaning in pain and was pistol whipped with a gun. >> you can't always concentrate on what you are trying to do. >> their mail may well have been causing ited and they may have been trying to steal things that could read that identify theft. they will be talking again about another tuition hike and the proposal calls for raising tuition by 6%. if it is approved, they will
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have to pay 13.5 a year. there could be more painful cuts if they decided on it. if nobody is living in a foreclosed home the bank would have to hire a property manager to keep up the home. banks say it is unfair to ask them to maintain a home that is not healy their property yet. he will not bulging and the expense mut be offset. >> if we can go to party before country, which others are accused of doing our economy will suffer... >> we will go to an event speaker house speaker john boehner has today.
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it could be a little tense. san francisco's youth could get a little more support. they voted to recommend $400,000 for the pilot program. now the full board still has to approve that recommendation. the pilot program is expected to cost about $9 million. the transportation commission will vote next month on a request. >> again i mentioned it earlier, because we start at 4:30 and there was a lot of road working, and i hope it is cheaped up. >> yes, and they just did a pup much of round robberies and just a few minutes ago they were clearing up the keeps and
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at least where palm mentions make sure. and 101 and i-85 is off to a got a start. >> sal, i the engines, they went right by me. >> really no yes. >> they went right by me. i am going to stay with it i any and you know it is tough to warm up when you have that kind of a pattern. i would not call it mr. drizzle but mist or drizzle is there. and it is even cooler on the afternoon highs but we will
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bottom up if backville is getting it and even the parkly ranch, she says there is a west wind and that tell me a hotp 51 and 54 degrees they are not much of a dips and that little guy will move in and it is a slow process by the coast. that is with the hoe clouds and 66 vallejo, 65 and 69 gilroy redwood city 6 and with your weekend always in view warp
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dash-cam her as -- warmer as well. on a short leash, the new specific flying restrictions and we will have more on the new problems that are causing concern. driving looks good as you head to the west valley, we will have more news weather and traffic coming up. hello?
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leon panetta is now ordering restrictions on the jets and now they are ordered to fly close to fly close to landing locations. they are complaining of symptoms of oxygen deficiency which caused some people to feel up comfortable during mid- flight. they are speeding up the installation of automatic backup systems that come with the jets. the department of homeland security inspector general says the tsa is failing to adequately report security
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breaches. you new jersey is one of thousand visited which prevents effort to monitor improved security. >> president barack obama is at the white house and the meeting could get off to a tense start after a warning from house speaker john boehner. allison? >> reporter: well, pam it will be a friendly enough setting a lunch meeting at the white house and it is their first sit down since fell and the president hopes it will stim lake the economy. and house speaker john boehner could have another, and he is increasing any debt limit must be offset with other bigger spending cuts. >> we must force the elected leadership of this country to
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solve our structural fiscal imbalance. >> reporter: a closer look at when we reach our borrowing limit, allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. they take on added significance following the $2 billion lost with chase. now the commit did i's -- now to the committee's banks where it will be even harder to watch. somebody left threatening letters at the holy cross church and it came just days after the church was vandalized. the suspect is described as white and in his lane teens or early 20s. a confrontation with
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'umpire turned ugly at last night's blue rays game. he began arguing. the coach came out screaming. he likely faces suspension over that. tara moriarty is now near l- street in gailly avenue, what do you know tara? >> reporter: police have taken him into custody and they are conducting a search of the man's apartment right now and we understand he is a suspect in several murders. he apparently had some sort of
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ankle bracelet and they think he cut it off. whether he did that last night we are not sure but that's the time police officers zeroed in on him but it could have taken days for them to realize or it could have been instantaneous but again, he was hoe up from the opposite side of where we are standing since 11:30 last night negotiators were trying to coax him out and they were not sure if he was armed or not. people are now leaving the scene and we have noticed several types of people hosting the scene. as we understand the sap is beginning to wrap up and s.w.a.t. team are wrapping it up as the suspect has been taken into
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custody. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. let's check in with sal, early morning commute. rye now we have a good whip tow and it look good with no major problems. the traffic is moving well all the way over to concord. bay bridge toll plaza also still light coming into san francisco and it looks pretty good. if you are driving on the peninsular, that looks very nice and northbound 280 looks good from the peninsular all the way into san francisco. thank you and santa rosa to concord and san jose everybody is staying cloudy at 5:00 a.m. watch, right there, now there is still more out there than
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that. with the fog in place, inland temperatures and there is too much in the way of low clouds and another low and we will continue to see temperatures slide town. everybody else is reporting a westerly breeze. 53 and 54 in mountain view and san jose. one system right there went by and we had a little warmup inland not too much and that will continue to keep this fog cooler drizzle upper 70s and my forecast temperatures are considerably cooler than many. 50s and 60s and 70s across the board and livermore 76, morgan hill 76, san mateo 76 half-moon
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bay breezy on friday and over the weekend even warmer. most are concerned greece will make the euro debt crisis even worse. those worries were being felt in the far east. south korea lost more than 3% taiwan and australia lost more than 2%. actually they indicate a higher margin, targets' profits are up 1% for the quarter and facebook is a p r problem but gm is going to quit advertising on facebook. keep advertisizing and it's way
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to what analysts have forecast and they are in favor of lower everyday items and the strategy would ail yep eight or confuse customers. he is one of hollywood's best writers, now he has a new job, who was hired to bring the story of steve jobs. and it is a book and some are calling it mommy pornography, we will have more on your traffic an weather straight ahead.
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. nadia suleman, the woman who gave birth to octuplets. she a single mother of 14 children and is a million dollars in-debt and can't pay it. her home may be foreclosed on and by the way she does not have a job. libraries in florida have banned the latest book to hit the new york times bestseller
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list but shades of gray is very much in demand here. the public library has a waiting list with nearly 1,000 names for the books. >> a third of our business is children and there are a lot of mom miss asking for this book and they are talking about what their friends are saying. >> it is about a woman's discovery about young love sex and bond damage. the owner of one bookstore says this story is just for adults. plastic grocery bags, today that agency will consider whether to conduct an environmental impact report and if it happens, it will be in step with all nine of its
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cities. santa rosa is one of those cities. it wants to ban plastic bags at check out fees and fine violaters between 1 and $500 however they want to make their own decisions. they don't want to join a countywide ban until they know who can enforce the ban and how. the goal is to reduce litter and save room in landfills. well the oscar queen writer or written just signed on to write of movie, and sony has purchased the rights to the movie and there is no word on when it will be ready for
5:27 am
release. taxing drinks, they are debating putting the issue up and not everybody likes the idea. a cemetery unearthed, what will be done with these bodies and what is next for this project. breaking news, what is next, just a littlerring -- just a little while ago we will give you a report on the standoff that just ended. 880 looks good, and traffic is moving along fine, we will have more on traffic and weather stay tuned for more straight ahead. ♪
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. good morning, i am pam cook, almost 5:30, let's see how the weather is with steve paulson. there is fog all the way from fso to santa rosa concord and livermore, that is a big fog bank for this early in the morning and even some misty conditions so 50s #0s and -- 60s and upper 70s. here is sal. the morning commute looks good if you are driving onto the bay bridge and we have no problems getting on to that span, let's go back to the desk. we have been following this
5:31 am
since 4:30 richmond police moved in and arrested a murder suspect. tara moriarty is at ellis avenue where how this ended just moments ago. >> reporter: we didn't hear any gunshots and it does appear everything moved a long smoothly. we understand the man was a suspect in multiple murders and last night he apparently cut his ankle monitor on gps and they realized that and the court mandated that so it was a clear violation by cutting it. they had s.w.a.t. team overnight and the home he was hiding in was one spot away. they did a such and the street is back only again and the
5:32 am
suspect is with police. i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:31 a man was shot, seriously wounded and this happened just after midnight. the victim in his 20s is said to have life-threatening injuries. so far no arrests have been made and the police have not given us any information about a suspect or a motive. police in dublin are responsible for a deadly accident. this is video you will only see on 2. investigators say a man with a bike was hit and killed on doorty road and police are looking for a dark colored mercedes and she will have a next update when an hour. they have stopped all
5:33 am
construction working at the santa clara medical center and joining us live where crews unearthed a graveyard. >> reporter: yes, workers made that discovery while digging at this construction site behind us working to expand santa clara medical center. it was right behind the emergency room where they unearthed more than a dozen coffins. this was a cemetery that nobody working on this project knew was there. they believe close to 1,500 coffins are in this area underground. this used to be a cemetery for the county's poor residents buried between 1875 and 1935. they are is surprised to hear about this discovery. >> i am surprised and i feel it should have been well documented and it should have
5:34 am
been a known fact that those bodies were there. >> reporter: and because those coffins were found in the middle of the working site, construction has been put on hold for this project and the county will be asking to remove roughly 100 of those bodies and track down those family members and id the bodies. we will have more information coming up apparently a cemetery unearthed and for now live in san jose, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is now exactly two months since sierra lemar disappeared. family members, friends volunteers are marking this sad day with another look and they
5:35 am
will be heading out towards santa clara. the teen disappeared on march 16th. they saw a red volkswagon jetta that they believe is involved in her disappearance. last night richmond city council voted 5-2 to place a tax on the ballot. if approved it would tax on one penny per ounce on sugary drinks sold -- drinks sold but critics say it will negatively affect low income people. >> it is not called a sugar tax, it is called a tax on poor people. >> i think if you are poor it would be better to not buy the soda and start eating healthy. >> that money will be used to
5:36 am
support youth sports and nutrition program. >> they may be ready following a meeting. this may head out of the bay area and into the gold country. same 4 begins at 10:35 and runs along highway 49 through mariposa through clovis and that's more than 100 miles. it began in san jose and went up mt. diablo. hundreds of cyclists ran to watch the pros compete and the lead cyclist was called king of the mountain and after the ride up to the mount tape stage
5:37 am
three ended in livermore. thousands of fans were there shopping and waiting for righters to finish up. livermore hosted the beginning of the same and saw the large crowd leave quickly. >> they had coffee and watched the race and headed out to follow it. everybody is ready to put on a show and give people reason to come back again and again. >> the business of promoting on a world stage this came as a light hearted after party, a lot of dancing and singing. this could be a major up convenience. light rail service will be shut down during this time and bus shuttlings will be in place, -- shuttles will be in place and
5:38 am
it will serve certain routes and service should resume june 4th. yesterday we had a mess, dave and pam on 880 but this morning we are starting off well and looking at 880 and it looks good, north and southbound, 5 and 7 and i know what is moving along and as you come up to the bay bridge toll plaza, a lot of that has been cleaned up. and and manhattan also -- san mateo is also looking good >> >> there is a big fog bank and
5:39 am
50 to 54 cloudy to mostly cloudy even some drizzle, 72 fog sun breezy and we will hold onto that later, 56 to 80 but that 80 may be way out there and temperatures were held in check today. one system that went out of the picture into nevada that started to cool down and there is a little fog on the next system and that will move in tomorrow so we are hard pressed to warm up and as that system cools off, lots of fog and sun even cooler and we bottom off and we start to warm as we head to the weekend. fairfield is having trouble so they are not reporting because of their system is not working and the water over there, san mateo bridge, it is a cooler direction, southwest an "f" s o
5:40 am
and -- fso and even oakland, it is going to be tough to warm up there. here comes the next one, it will be with us later today. a few attempts, upper #0s 50s and 60s livermore and clear on the peninsular. and with your weekend always in view it does look clearer and warmer. the public offering is just a few days away but not everybody wants to put their money into facebook. >> i don't think anybody should have to second guess themselves or feel bad about doing what was right. now a safe way employee may
5:41 am
be about to loose his job. >> the traffic looks good and we will tell you more about the traffic and bay area weather stay with us. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam
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. a police standoff just ended a few minutes ago in richmond and a murder suspect had been taken into cuss isn't it he had been hold up just before mid--- into custody and he had been hold up and was wanted for multiple murders. coming up, we will bring you a
5:44 am
live report for a continuing search for carjackers in oakland. police are searching for a hit-and-run driver responsible for a deadly accident. a man with a bike was struck and killed late last night. police are looking for a dark colored mercedes mercedes benzs. they have discovered a graveyard in san jose and reportedly there are more than 1,400 coffins in the ground there some of them dating back to the year 1875. construction work out there is now on hold. the heroic actions of a safe way workers may cost him his job. he was in the middle of his shift when he noticed this man beating a pregnant woman. when he refused to stop, ryan jumped in and pushed him away. >> i saw nobody was intervening
5:45 am
in the situation and i just -- i became afraid for her safety and also the customer's safety, the guy was out of control. he was gone and pretty much lost it in there. >> police say the man saved the woman's life but safe way suspended him without pay for not following policy. they are supposed to contact security or a manager if there is a problem in the store. they have not given him word 0 of whether he will be allowed back on the floor. you may find these pictures disturbing and there is police beating a man to death on the ground by fullerton police. they captured kelly thomas getting hit and tasered by
5:46 am
officers last july. the man died five days later. the city agreed to pay his mother a million dollar settlement. there was enough evidence for two officers to stand trial is what a judge ruled. it is getting stronger into the northern part of the state and whipping up fires. this happened in the area of ground king. it's down to two and a half square miles. it has forced the evacuation of dozens of homes. search crews have now found the block box of the jet. the plane slammed into a dorm man volcano and 45 people were
5:47 am
killed including peter adler. an inn dough nearbyian consultant from the -- a consultant from the city of oakland. they have not said whether he will testify. edwards attorney said they will call his daughter kate to the stand but that has not happened yet. he is accused of matter minding a plan to use millions from wealthy donors to cover up an affair while running in 2008. we have several strong leads in caster valley's first homicide of the year. this is a story are you we brought you live. this man was found dead in his house in his 20s. the core no is expected to -- coroner is expected to tell us his name today. a dozen people were spotted running away from that house
5:48 am
when police arrived. some say the only was often the area of crime. police say the man you see in this photo robbed the wells fargo bank in green bray monday evening. police say he demand cash and threatened the bank teller with a gun. he is a while male between 30 and 35 years old. he was wearing a gray sweatshirt and the black cap partly covers his face. he may be able to move across the bay. the team owners were spotted outside st. hall and they met with ed lee to discuss the state of the arena and they are not too happy with the current home.
5:49 am
you are watching the whole bay area but starting in the south bay. >> that's right, i have some firsthand information because i was at city hall and there were people out there saying they saw peter goober go inside. it is not always the chronicle but people at city hall were talking about it. >> so they confirmed the owners were there? >> yes, unless all the people were lying they are all -- >> i don't think so. >> well on 237 south bay, north bay getting 101 to the change that traffic -- interchange that traffic is moving well. getting out to the mcarthur maze that traffic is moving well and it is going well but not quite stop and go. clouds are around and the fog bank extends well up and
5:50 am
down the coast and the table is set for what it looks like a rather cool day and it may be a slow process, tomorrow each cooler, still it doesn't take much. it will be a warmer pattern as we head into the weekend and if those two have a component of a sea breeze and it has made it to the valley that is a sign of a cooler pattern. everyone is close on temperatures and fairfield's information and system have stopped working but i hang my hat on that this time of year so come on guys, get that fixed. that will sweep to the north and that will keep enhancing the fog bank.
5:51 am
cooler pattern inland fog sun breezy, my forecast highs are considerly higher than others, a lot of 50s and of 60s, redwood city san jose, mostly sunny and warmer weather as we go to the weekend. there will be more facebook stock available when it goes public. just a short time ago facebook said they will increase by 2 5% to 422 million shares. that could raise as much as $16 million combined with 'increase in that ipo share in the u.s. general motors said they will
5:52 am
stop advertising on the social network because it is not cost effective. they will review how well those ads are working. the grocery store has approval to go into an empty building. they have approval moving into the 30,000 square foot building that used to house another store. there was no reason to deny the permit but some say wal-mart will hurt the local economy. we know they are in trouble but where are they they? a search for two whales, they swam into something they can't get out of. plus freezing the bay area heros who prevented the two lives from going up in flames. 3q
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. welcome barks time now 5:55, it happened monday morning at the gate way shopping center in vallejo. bill putnam a 70-year-old was one of the first to jump into action. >> i knew it was going to go at any time. >> we got the wheelchair up and
5:56 am
a couple of friends got it off and picked him off from the ground. >> it was a team effort? >> yes, the bus driver helped us. >> nobody was seriously hurt and firefighters say the fire was caused by the van's battery. the annual race, the man already had a close call. he went into cardiac arrest. the photo was taken just before his heart stopped. he said this sunday he plans to run alongside the doctor who saved his life. time now many bay area cyclists will gather as part of a nationwide area of silence. today's ride begins at richmond
5:57 am
civic center at 5:00 this afternoon and then it goes to the farmer's market. a piologist are trying -- biologist are trying to rescue two whales. the whale was spotted by a whale watching boat the second tankelled up whale was a gray whale and scientists don't have any other reports of whales. there have been many reports of stranded whiles this year -- whales this year. northbound 280 looks good through the 880 interchange and southbound pleasanton looking good and coming up in the next hour we will look at the entire
5:58 am
east bay commute, let's go back to you. a hunt for carjacking suspects, we will tell you about a police search coming up. a police investigation is happening right now and we will have more on what we know about the victim. temperatures are coming down or warming up a little and we will have forecasted highs in two minutes.
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