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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 16, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we're live in richmond where authorities stumble upon a large marijuana growing operation. we'll tell you what tipped them off -- neck. a new scandal in san francisco. why the judge ruled the fire chief is a date -- deadbeat divorcee. and a surprising discovery under a bay area hospital.
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it's brought construction -- construction work to a grinding halt. "mornings on 2" begins right now. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. police plan on removing hundreds, thousandses, possibly, of maurb plants. it all unfolded around 3:30 it morning atth and ohio when firefighters received a call about a fire. tara moriarty is live at the scene where police are working on a ure knit. >> reporter: good afternoon. this was quite a sophisticated growing operation. we're told hundreds and hundreds of plants are inside, if not a thousand. they were all tipped off because of a fire here. joining me live is a member from
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the richmond fire d. who made the call? >> the individual calling for the -- calling and watching for -- watching the area. she heardle dogs whining. >> reporter: firefighters say this was probably an electrical fire. can you explain that? >> yes, there is a lot of electricity running through the building so some of that started the fire. >> her on 6th and hoey hoey it is part of a ware -- there's damage to the house. what does the -- what does it looks like?
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>> the fumes from the smoke. police in dublin searching for a hit and one driver responsible for a deadly accident. now, ktvu had the only camera on the scene overnight and this morning, claudine wong is at the scene. you know more about what happened. >> that's right. you can see there is a bike airline between doherty road -- path between doherty road and the victim was found in the middle of the road. it's unclear how he got there. we do know at this point, the police are searching for the
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driver involved. let's show you video from the scene. they shut down this overnight for about four hours. police tell us that actually a person driving by saw the victim in the middle of the road with his bicycle. they called 911 paramedics responded and pronounced the dead. we only know hes with a map in his 50s. we to know the perp who fired the shots -- we do know the person who fired the shots the vehicle was a mercedes. >> reporter: and the mercedes was dark in color and police say there should be front-end
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damage. they also say there's no way no that that person did not know or they regretted in. you are taking a live look back at doherty. this 0 opened up back up. it's a preit them be dash it's a pretty -- it's about pretty -- it's pretty busy. they are hoping anyone with any information who might have seen -- who might have seen the -- contact the bike illist. a suspect wanted -- wanted for if l street and gate --
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police surrounded around l street and gate street. 26-year-old todd gillard eventually surrendered to police. officers say he was wanted for murder and attempted murder at the hill top mall. research called off the search for stealing the searched through homes in the babe. it is a concern because they are kepped armed and dangerous. >> san francisco's fire chief is a deadbeat divorcee. the judge found documents that
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the judge is now rottedly ordered the city to take 3300 a month out of the fire chief's paycheck to pay her former husband. well, university of california students are bracing for another u hike in about an hour and a half from now, we'll talk about the reason that mo was supposed to the -- was moved to the state capitol? muni -- the plan at targets in the earlier stages of foreclosure and places the bump of. -- of the -- places the bank.
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texas le leaders have a chance to improve city parks calling for a $195 million been. the bond money would play to replace play ground p picnic and spruce up public bathrooms. the bond is going on the november pot and needs a two- thirds majority to pass. the committee with the county transportation comet eto relative humidity $400,000 for the pilot program. the full board still has to approve the pilot. this is expected to cost $9 million. the most transportationing will vote next month. we want to were -- we want
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to check in with sal. >> good morning. we had -- we had an earlier there i wonder if that car broked -- is slow -- if that war is broken. we'll find out. victim, richmond, if you are driving that way, it's been a decent drive. southboundle 880 getting it -- southbound 880 getting througug let's go to steve. mike out in pittsburghal will bit of sun. a lot of locations are saying gray and kay have that he is a
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lot of low clouds -- and there is a lot of lowe clouds out there. we had one system that came by tome -- another one is coming from. another low is coming in tomorrow which will enhance the fog bank. it can't get much cooler for the temperatures. >> off with a lot. >> mostly cloudy, about 95%. 54 to 72 by noon. fug, sun, brozy. 506-80 but those 80s will be har inened. almost testimony -- one system starts to work its way in. f.m. f.m. it's a definite sea breeze.
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50 had a 5 had -- there are a couple of 80s showing u. i don't buy it. there's too much fog out there in low fogs, clade,ing a lot of 70s, mid-70s. far awith you way away accept 68 hit lou ma ta 60 berkeley. 64 -- petaluma, 68. 60 berkeley. a lot of upper 50s, san francisco low to mid-60s and a few extra 60s. it clears out on friday and high pressure says i think i will come in for a visit for a almost bit warmer of a pattern.
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happening right now, barbara lee and other members of consideration, they are holding a -- congress, they are holding a news conference right now. they want to speed up the -- speed up the withdraw on the road of afghanistan. >> right now american and nato forces are expected to leave afghanistan by the year 2014. this news conference is coming ahead of this weekend's nato summit m chicago machine but again, members of congress want to get it up to fet out of afghanistan. we'll have more details later. 7:12. getting a pay raise while on paid leave. the reason an embattled sex crimes prosecutor got a bump in salary even though he has not
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working in -- not worked in two years. what's happened overnight in greece do deal with their -- to deal with their government impasse
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pretty solid fog bank out there. 50s, 60s coast and bay. mid- to upper 70s inland. if you already have the sun, be thankful. most people don't. temperatures a little bit cooler. 7:15. secretary of defense, leon panetta, has ordered new restrictions on f-22 fighter jets until problems with the oxygen supply system are fixed. all of the sophisticated jets are only ordered to play close to landing locations. that's after some f-22 pilots complained of simple of -- symptoms of oxygen deficiency.
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the air force says each aircraft costs $143 million. a contra costa sex times prosecutor who has been on paid leave is getting a raise for outstanding performance. according to the times, the department ordered it give the employee 5% salary increasing had salary. critics questions why an employee who was not worked in more than two years is has -- has worked
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in two years. the union, respondeds, it was due to an agreement already. house speaker boehner is scheduling he's ready for another big -- ready -- is saying he's ready for another big night and ready tackle the issue now and says any is -- increase with the date limit. >> the only avenue i see is to force the leadership to son our impiment ten -- so ovour issues. push issue-- to solve our
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issues. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:17. new this morning, new elections in greece will be held on june 17th. this comes after party leaders failed to come to an agreement. a court official will be appointed to -- to head the government to -- already greeks have pulled hundred of la of row -- muir rows out of the zone (a hearing takes on added
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following the -- hundreds of euros. purr -- push well, there is a new twist in the case of that vandalized church in santa cruz. someone left threatening letters at holy cross church over the weekend. the letters came a few days after that church was vandalized. police released security camera images from may 6th the night
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of the vandalism. the describe something -- the suspect is described as white and in his 40s. zimmerman saw his family one day after fatally shot trayvon martin in february. he acted in self-and coming up at 7:45, we'll have a live report -- a live report on the charges in that case. the oakland is building toking -- a police officer shot and killed 18 why william forward about two hours ago. the groving mother said she wasn't fishen anything to eat
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or issues to type away -- to wipe away for the tears. 7 o 2, well, president obama will present the medal of honor. it's preened reported resly saby -- saby, junior. epis it for when he was cre he from -- -- 7:05. well -- 7:0 2. well, president obama will present a medal of honor it will be presented to
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reportedly leslie saby, junior.
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santa rosa's doyle park elementary school will stay open for one more year. the school district reached an agreement that will allow 130 students to remain at doyle park next year. the students will share the campus with a french-american charter school. doyle park will only enroll grades 1 through 6 and not kindergarten. >> all right. 7:24. we made it to the middle of the week. how are we doing out there in. >> we're doing okay. i would say the commute gets a p plus -- gets a b-plus. 7:24. you can see the traffic on the
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nimitz getting slower. highway 4 kind of brings down the an if we're doing great. it's slow in antioch and bay point. no crashes which is really good for this time of the morning, at least not in contra costa county. the traffic here at the taupe moves well. we had an earlier crash on the westbound bay bridge. that was cleared a while ago. interstate 8 0, looks good. now -- 880 geeks load. 2 0, if the guy -- looks good. if the guys in the control room -- i just want to show you that -- northbound 280 is go no be slow. there is an accident, northbound 280, it's a little slow here. northbound 5 at cam pen there
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democrat -- at camden there. steve? >> thank you, signal look at that. that's a big, big big fog bank. tom said 0 -- that's a big, big, big -- that's a big, big, big fog bank, tom said. another low has to swing in here. that will be tonight and tomorrow. that means even cooler temperatures, i think -- i'm considerably lower than anyone other temperatures. i just think there's too much fog out there. when the nothing makes it this year. cooler breeze warmer weather on the -- over the weekend.
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we're getting word of a if marathon power outage in one prob and couldn't trucks brings a surprise while digging. what will be done with the remains found under here? -- in one area and construction brings a surprise while digging. what will be done with the remains? i'm a native californian.
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7:29. the discovery of an old graveyard has stopped some construction at santa clara valley medical center. ktvu's alex savidge with more. >> reporter: more than a dozen coffinses, reportedly un-- coffinses, report -- coffins reportedly. construction has been halted at this area of the santa clara medical sent he. want to show you -- center. want to show you video that we took. according -- according to historic maps. this was a cemetery from around the turn of the century that crews didn't even know was under ground. county officials believe there are -- there are 1500 coffins
7:31 am
in the area. people we talked to this morning near the hospital hope the remains are handled carefully. >> being a disabled retired vet. i'm concerned about how things take place in the pat. if it's done pretty. -- take place in the hot. if it's done pretty -- yeah. >> reporter: live in san jose, alex sav ridge, ktvu channel 2
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news. a man was shot overnight in the ingleside district. the victim who was in his 20s is said to have life- threatening injuries. so far no arrests have been made. police have not released information about a suspect or motive. and there were two strong armed robberies overnight in oakland. around 11:30 last night, the person was attacked and suffered a serious aud head and was taken to the hospital -- injury in his head and was taken to the hospital. it's been two montes since sierra lamar disappear -- been two months since sierra lamar disappeared. the 15-year-old vanished after leeching for school on the
7:33 am
morning of march 16th. last week, investigators recovered a red volkswagen jetta that they believe is connected to her disappearance. san jose has approved a social ordinance law. acoreing to the her curry news high pressures could be subject to ain't even if they are not home have no knowledge of the accident. an east bay postal worker is out of the hospital recovering from an attack while kirring -- while delivering the male. he was approaching mailboxes in gill birth yesterday afternoon mentionupped him. he was later found and was
7:34 am
mowned and mo. >> they talk to us about when -- we're aware of it. you can't -- -- we're aware of it. >> stage 4 starts in three hours from now and snow raw in tu wall m county it runs from sonora coming up at 8:15. yesterday. stage three started in san jose. hundreds of cyclists rode up the mountain to -- mutt to catch. peter sagon -- military to
7:35 am
catch up. peter sagon won. about 15,000 fans shopped, mingled and ate in downtown. it what a lot different experience last year. >> they came down, they had coffee and watched the race begin and then out to follow it. everybody is ready to put on a show and have people come back again. a lot of dancing and singing. next week, san francisco muni will begin an 11-day project that could be a imagine jeer veep for vict ors -- major
7:36 am
development and service should resume on june 4. we have a crash in the south bay, where, war is it? >> you can see 85 is a little bit slow. i'm gonna put up a map. there is a strange that's hit a person and that's -- they do have -- that's hit a person and that's -- that's close to the gawd rupe way pack way and there is a pen feting behind -- that's close to the guadalupe
7:37 am
way parkway and there independent -- and there behind. let's take a look at the commute, it looks pretty good. it's getting more crowded. we always watch the toll plaza. it's backed up por about a 15- minute -- for about a 15-minute delay. just had a et tweet picture. you see the fog work its way on -- you see the fog working its way in. i'm going cooler. i'm not warming things up. there's too much fog out there. fog, drizzle, then sun, breezy. just talked to ap. -- yeah, west -- just talked to my friend and we talked about yeah, yeah, west winds and that low pressure -- and that will enhance this nothing. after that things will improve.
7:38 am
is this my summer or with -- enhance this fog. after that, things will improper -- is this nothing? yes. there were some upper 40s in thecy. west wind makes it a little tough on the coast. the forecast model wants to put 80s in there. i'm looking for more up efp -- mun more 70 -- i'm looking more for a soft i-s. -- i'm looking for more up cards of 70 --
7:39 am
upwards of 70. richmond, 60. benicia, jen sip says, it's afternoon out here but. it's know what she hasn't means. >> berkeley ail oakland, all -- jenny says. it's cooler out there. i know she -- i know what she means. berkeley, oakland. it does look sunny and warmer for -- for the weekend. richard sharp joins us live from -- richard sharp joins us
7:40 am
live from san francisco. >> reporter: they are braising for the two dozen police officers, but the uc stem million i just spoke to the students it -- now, some -- take a look at some of these region meetings that they've had, some of thesingsing now, acordsing to the -- that they've had, and according to the regions, it's the first time they've met since 1993. however, the fact ill till coalition, the faculty plan on yet the rally. today, regions will be discussing their about the truck -- however, the faculty
7:41 am
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happening now -- happening now, the power is still out for some residents in newark. the electricity has been out, in fact, since yesterday afternoon. pg&e's website says nine homes are affected. this is a live picture of the affected area on guava place. crews are out there working on it right now someone -- they are working in a big trench -- tren digging away. no word what caused the outage. -- trench digging away. no word what calmed the -- what caused the outage. i've just gotten word that
7:45 am
j.p. morgan chase is the target of two separate lawsuits by shareholders this morning accusing the bank and management of excessive risk. the dow is up 77. the flak is up 18. s&p up 9. facebook says it will offer 421 million shares of its stock when it goes public. that's up from the planned off hing and that could raise $18.5 billion. it with make face -- it would make facebook, the third largest shareholder after visa. and the city council approved the store moving into the 30,000 fair scoot feeting that used to rob nob hill rods and it was already zoned for a it
7:46 am
if -- square feet that used to house nob hill roads and it was already zoned. surgeon atlantic airways will start to allow finance service. they say only six passengers at a time will be age to use the system. the passengers will be able to spend tess mentallages. now, vir jib olympic continue charge for the san fernando --
7:47 am
the passengers will be able to continue to charge -- be charged for messages. new jersey international airport is one of six airports visited for the report. the inspector general says programs are not comprehensive. 8:47. some new evidence has just now been released in the trayvon martin shooting case. phil keating -- phil keating joins us live about a zell report about george zimm heman. zooter -- zooter. >> this raises the issue that's been argued about here in as to what in particular trayvon
7:48 am
martin or interest -- which -- or -- which juan was acting in self-darafs -- which one was acting in self-defense. according to zimmerman, as well as his supporters, family members and at least two witnesses there in the gated community martin that night. they say that trayvon martin was the one on on of zimmerman doing the punching and beating. and zimmerman's claim was all along that's when he feared for his life. shooting and killing mart opinion -- martin with one shot to the chest. >> lit discovery that's been
7:49 am
released by -- this is discovery that's been released, witness statements, video of martin, the night of the shooting we believe that's probably surveillance video from ka skittles that night while wearing a hoody and then it being -- with the skittles that nighter withing -- wearing a hoody and then ultimately died from one single gunshot wound. 7:49. the heroic actions of a mounty ray county safe waif -- safe -- the heroic actions of a worker jumped in and helped out.
7:50 am
>> no one was intervening in the situation. i became afraid for her safety and also as a cuss -- the other customers' safety. the guy was out of control. he was -- he re say -- they say the guy was out of control, it's reported. the images and sounds of this next story has disturbed quite a few people. a settlement has been reached with the man who was allegedly beaten to death by fullerton. >> city surveillance camera captured this. the man died. the city has agreed to pay his
7:51 am
mother. this morning from if it -- powerful winds in northern california are getting stronger. informs are battling a huge out of control -- out of control fire. it's grown to two and a half square miles. the foyer was beened throwing -- buildings -- the fire has been burning and has homes threatened. the foal, they want to get 2500 more people to live downtown. there's new evidence --
7:52 am
there's new evidence that the warriors may move back to the bay. the owners, it's reported, were spotted outside of city hall and met with ed lee to discuss the finishing of a a -- the finishing of the coliseum. the warriors did play in sacramento for a time he's from yeah, years ago. >> they were heroes in the right place at the say time. what do -- what two men did to help save two p burning people?
7:53 am
you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
7:54 am
7:54. two men are being called heroes for rescuing two wheelchair bound people from a burning ban. it happened monday morning a the -- monday morning. bill putnam, a cabdriver, was
7:55 am
one of the first people to jump in action. >> i knew that was gonna go any time. that's why we this to -- we had to do it right away. >> a couple of friends of mine helped. >> a team effort? >> yeah. >> there were 14 people on the bus. no one was seriously hurt. firefighters say the firefighter was likely caused by the van's battery. 7:55. a new service, a ferry service between the east bay and peninsula it will launch june 4th. the ferries will take passengers from the main street ferry stop in vietnam and jack london square -- in oakland and alzheimer's and jack london.
7:56 am
common -- and alameda. and jack london. commuters will be allowed wi-fi service. i'm gonna put this on. map here. this is on lick street, this incident, right here. there was a person hit. they are on the tracks. the coroner is on the way. one northbound train has been canceled. this is happening now -- right in the party of the -- heart of the commute and it will cause major delays. let's move to some live pictures now. i want toeshoe you that 6 -- i want to show you that 6le -- 680 has no problems. now let's go to steve. >> all right. thank you, steve. a little bit of sun out
7:57 am
there. i emphasize a almost bit. >> you were pointing at me. you were like steve, go other there, no-- go over there. no. i'm here. i think the temperatures will come down today. fairfield is back on track. i love it. they were down since 8:00. west-southwest 17. even vacaville west-southwest. that's all of the sea breeze. it's sold out for many here. the wind kicks up as well. i've been on very good authority last night. 50s on the temperatures. it can't go anywhere. that system started the cooling trend. we still have another one. that's going to give us an even cooler day probably thursday into friday. fog, sun, breezy, cooler with local drizzle. most of that seems to be
7:58 am
ending. i went 68. oakland, 62. and 70s for many. 77 gilroy. 50s on the coast. 60s on the peninsula. this -- this pattern even cooler on thursday. we'll clear it out on friday. it does like nice especially as we head into sunday on the weekend. 7:57. california's big bike race moves to the cold country today. we'll bring you a live report from sonoma. >> reporter: we're live in richmond, where authorities strum bell stash -- authority authorities stumble upon an extremely large marijuana growing operation. and this hour, the search is on for a driver who hit and killed a cyclist. i have new information about the investigation. i will tell you what we've learned about the driver and the victim.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. just hours ago a huge illegal marijuana growing operation was
8:01 am
uncovered in richmond. ktvu's tara moryiarti is live. >> authorities really stumbled upon this marijuana growing operation and now they are waiting for a search warrant so they can go in and seize hundreds and hundreds of pot plants. right now let's take a look at the inside of the warehouse. these are some pictures, here off of six and ohio is where we're located. neighbors say there's been some shady business going on here for about six years so they were not surprised. a woman heard her dog wining, opened the door and was overcome by smoke. she called the fire department and that's when they discovered upwards of 1,000 pot plants. >> this is a ladies and large scale operation. it's probably been going on for a long time. there's different rooms, different stages of growth of plants. there's also a room where they take all the buds off the plant and get rid of the stems and stuff. so there's different areas for
8:02 am
different things in this warehouse. >> reporter: now there's been heavy smoke damage and some fire damage inside the building. firefighters say this was an electrical fire perhaps sparked by the high voltage fires that are rigged inside the facility for the growth. pg & e has put out the fire, nobody was hurt not everyone the three pits that were in the facility. police are waiting for the search warrant. we're live in richmond, i'm tar a moriarty. it is 83: 8:00 -- 8:02. ktvu's claudine wong just talked to dublin police and joins us with new information and video you will only see on 2, good morning claudine. >> reporter: good morning tori, dublin police were out here for hours overnight taking a look at the spot where this accident
8:03 am
happened. the victim we're being told is between 55 and 60 years old. he was found in the middle of the road with his bicycle. the police looked at what they saw but also what they didn't see. they also told me they did not see any skid marks in this area leading them to believe that the driver involved in this did not break at all. i want to show you video from the scene overnight because again they were out here for several hours after this all happened at 11:30 last night. now a driver passing by saw the victim, called police, police got out here u , shut down the road. called paramedics and they pronounceed the man dead then the investigation got under way. they're not sure why the victim was in the roadway. if he was walking his bike, if he was riding his bike when he was leave. but they do know that the driver did leave immediately but he did leave evidence at the scene. >> at the scene there were vehicle parts in the roadway,
8:04 am
and our patrolman ran the numbers on the parts and found out it belonged to a 2010 or 2011 her 2011 mercedez. >> reporter: we've been speaking to people out here, he's always concerned about safety. >> oh, yeah. you have to in this kind of place. when you're biking you have to be very careful. >> reporter: you can see traffic moving along. there is this bike trail that goes along and parallels this stretch of roadway. but the folks who are talking out here to say if you didn't know it was there in the dark certainly hard to see. you can see there's a big stretch of little land in between the road and the pathway. at this point this investigation is continuing, they're looking for a black late model mercedes 2010 or 2011. they say it should have cig any
8:05 am
cant front end damage. -- have significant front end damage. they are asking anyone with any information who may have been in this area at the time to give them a call. live in dublin, claudine wong, ktvu news. 8:04, this overnight tragedy in dublin comes as many bay area cyclists get ready to take a ride of silence. tonight's ride is to honor all bicyclists who have been killed. it begins at 5:00 this morning at civic center plaza then goes to the richmond farmers market. a similar ride will take place tonight in tiburon. our time is 8:05. let's go to sal castaneda. a lot of things going on right now. >> that's right a man killed, we have the area circled. there's a bus bridge causing major delays for caltrain.
8:06 am
anyone who rides the system will know that the trains isn't quite right. an investigation is underway. just south of san hill road just got a call of a new accident and police are rushing out to the scene. just look at the south bay that crash has been moved to the shoulder. still a little bit slow in the south bay as you can see. especially on 85 heading north out of the blossom hill valley and on 101. let's move to some live pictures, 880 getting a little slow passing the coliseum heading northbound to oakland in pockets it's slow. slow back up from 10 to 15 minutes. now let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a very good morning. a very cloudy morning for most. about 90% of the forecast area has to do with low clouds and fog. a little bit of a breeze, sea breeze now pick up later on. there are a few locations that have had some sun today. this viewer photo sent in from mark in scotts valley. he said steve sun here and an
8:07 am
hour later he said, fog is coming in. so mix of sun and clouds. there's a lot of fog out there, thank you mark. also a little bit of sun, mike out in pittsburg. you want to see a big fog bank, i'll show you a big fog bank here in a second. sunny and breezy once that fog burning off, if not it'll get warm later. travis at 17, even out west of vacaville, west at sfo. that's a cool direction for them. now 50s here but there's been some upper 40s still in the city and the mountains. the system that started is here in utah, but here comes his little brother and he's coming here fast and that's going to move north. and that's going to keep it in a cool pattern.
8:08 am
local drizzle, about 9:00 it ends. there'll be some 80s but those are well away. san helena, 76, vallejo, benecia. 76 concord, 75 in walnut creek. pleasanton 76, oakland 62. berkeley and alameda 60, cool cool. 70 milpitas, that's really cool for them. santa cruz 65. cupertino 72 and 60s in the peninsula. 50s and 60s in the coast, in the city and south san francisco. cool pattern on thursday. start to bounce back and it looks mostly sunny and warmer as we go into the latter part of the weekend. the amgen tour of california begins later this morning.
8:09 am
reporter bryan hickey joins us live from sonoma which is hosting the event for the first time, good morning brian. >> reporter: good mortgage. and in this old historic mining time of sonora about 1,700 feet above sea level. just an awesome start as they get everything prepared here right along washington street, downtown sonora where they expect 10,000 people to head out today and cheer on the riders as they head out on stage four. this is video from yesterday, stage three that ended the same way the last first two stages ended with the same guy taking the yellow jersey. today's course very different from what the riders have seen over the last couple of days where this, today is going to be very hilly. if not mountainous. sixthcategorized climbs today. a lot to do with the climbers today and that's certainly going to divide up the field and make some good drama. kimberly and rick, you guys are going to be excited. >> so so excited.
8:10 am
>> very, very excited. great time for sonoma california. >> reporter: this is an old mining town. >> the history here and having this involved with our community, like i said earlier it's paradise for sonora california. >> reporter: a lot to do and see here. and this is what they're going to see as they ride off for stage four. it's going to be an exciting one if you're keeping score at home. >> and you can see more, just check the video player on the right side of the home page on time is now 8:10. the annual beta breakers race is being held in san francisco this sunday. one of the participates is a man who already had a brush with death -- participants is a man who already had a brush with death. now ken byk went into cardiac arrest. this is a picture of ken taken off his heart stopped. well a doctor running behind
8:11 am
him gave him cpr and kept him alive. well this sunday he'll be running along with that doctor who saved his life. a lot of people just want to come out for the party. there will be 360 police officers on patrol making sure things don't get out of hand. they'll crack down on things like public urination, pub lib drunkenness and also in those businesses that may want to sell alcohol to people who were already too intoxicated. >> of course we will have a news crew there on sunday morning. >> we will. >> covering beta breaks. we also have a crew heading out to a deadly accident in san jose that's causing huge delays. and a violent crime tied to the death of a football great. an argument with an ump gets completely out of hand. the ugly incident on a baseball field. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week.
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mostly cloudy out there, cool or cold for some along the coast and it'll be slow clearing on some of this fog. inland highs in the 70s. by the bay 50s and 60s. in the race for the white house mitt romney gets closer to securing the republican nomination. now he overwhelmingly won both the oregon and nebraska primaries last night. the nebraska race was more of a beauty contest. delegates won't be awarded until the state republican convention. mitt romney needs 1,144 nominees to wrap up the no,
8:15 am
ma'am nation. - - to wrap up the nomination. right now he has 972. president obama getting out of his vehicle, he's conducting a round table discussion with small business owners in washington, d.c. the president wants to use this event to push congress to invest in small businesses and also jump start new hiring by passing a bill that gives incentives to companies that create new jobs or increase salaries. it is 8:14, in about 15 minutes president obama will host congressional leaders at the white house. it's their first sit down in months and as ktvu allyson burns reports, boehner is drawing some controversy before the sit down. >> reporter: the country's ballooning debt this morning, mitt romney spoke in front of a giant debt clock in florida. he said he would cut government
8:16 am
programs to deal with it. >> it's high time that we have a president who will stop this spending and borrowing inferno and i will, i will get it done. >> reporter: the government sits its spending limit at the end of the year and boehner says he will insist on spending cuts bigger than any debt ceiling increase. tax increases must be a part of any deal, but it is unlikely with the election, the presidential election in november. anything relating to this debt ceiling will get done before them. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time is now 8:16. a time to put a tax on soda and other sweet drinks in richmond is going to go before voters in november. richmond city council voted five to two to put a soda tax
8:17 am
plan on the ballot. the goal is to help children but critics say it will negatively effect business as well as low income residents. >> this is a tax on poor people. let's just not call it sugar tax let's call it what it is. a tax on poor people. >> i think if you're poor, you wouldn't have enough money then you need to stop buying sodas and eat healthy. >> reporter: that money will be used to support youth sports and nutrition programs. the santa clara valley water district may have to pay up for polluting water used by millions of the people. the district maybe prosecuted in order to pay fines of up to $20,000. the first spill happened last november when about high
8:18 am
gallons gallons of hydrolic oil spilled. the waste management agency in sonoma county is joining the push against plastic bags. today the city will decide whether to conduct an impact report. if it does it will be in sync with 15 of its cities. they want to charge a 10 crept fee on plastic bags -- 10-cent fee on plastic bags. the city does not want to join a county wide ban until it knows who can enforce the ban n and how. the ban aims to reduce litter and save room in landfills. time is now 8:18, two new developments in the case involving former football star junior seau. thieves broke into his home in
8:19 am
oceanside only days after his suicide. the burglars rummaged through the cabinets and they stole momentos. there's a new police report out reporting more on how junior seau died. his girlfriend said he last saw him alive at 7:45 that morning. police rushed to a report of a shooting at his home. junior seau was found in his bedroom. he had been shot in the chest. a final autopsy report is on the way. well a confrontation with a baseball umpire got real ugly. in last night's rays blue jay's
8:20 am
game. the umpire bill miller ejected mawr. later the ump was hit by a drunk thrown by a fan in the stands. lawry will probably face a suspension. evidence in the mirkarimi case is headed to san francisco city hall. last night a judge ruled that video of mirkarimi's wife can be used in the ethics committee hearing and dismissed pleads from mirkarimi's wife that it was private. mayor ed lee wants to use his tape to permanently remove mirkarimi from office. john edwards defense attorney says they will not call edwards or his mistress hunter to testify at his
8:21 am
corruption trial. this is new video of edwards arriving for court this morning. defense attorneys told the judge they expect to rest their case earlier today. they also said they will not call edward older daughter kate to testify. she was expected to be a very sympathetic witness. edwards was accused to master mind a plan to use funds to hide his mistress. he faces very serious charges if found guilty. good morning westbound 24 traffic moving along pretty well as you head out to the
8:22 am
caldecut. we'll tell you more about the commute coming up.
8:23 am
8:24 am
welcome back. in his budget revision, governorjerry brown backtracks. the governor's budget included plans to shift all juvenile inmates to county facilities. however the counties is already struggling with adult prisoners sent from the state prisons
8:25 am
that they just couldn't handle the juvenile inmates. there were warnings that county jails could not handle the juvenile inmates. one of the main ones the bay bridge is not all that bad today. it's improving a little bit. i can give you a little bit of good news here and a lot of people make their decision going on the city based on this picture. it's a five minute delay before you make it up to the bay. 880 there's a little bit of a back up but that's after a little bit of slowing in san leandro nothing else really. if you are driving in san jose that seems to be a hot spot. 85 is a slow from an earlier crash, 101 is still slow from 280. we still have the bus bridge set up between the timen and d era don station because a bus
8:26 am
hit a pedestrian. major delays for caltrain. low clouds, fog, drizzle, some sun out there but more clouds than anything else. low cloud deck really enhancing it's solid at the coast. that's a big one, that's a big fog bank and it's also moved pretty far inland right there. you get the sea breeze to accompany it and that means we're in for a cooler pattern. temps, current temps they barely moved. 51 to 55 covers. 50 in san francisco. there were some upper 40s there. another little low right there in the middle of the screen will move in and cool us down. inland areas tomorrow. how much cooler can it get by the coast seriously. some fog gives way to some sun but that fog is not going away. it'll be back tonight. i took care of most 80s we just won't see it today.
8:27 am
the weekend looks better, sunshine and warmer temperatures. breaking news in livermore, there's police action now a a motel six. we do have a ktvu news crew there. a surprising discovery right under a south bay hospital, construction work out there comes to a grinding halt. and ktvu news was first on the scene this morning, there was a marathon police stand off in richmond. so, ah, your seat good?
8:28 am
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our time now 8:29. we're going to bring you an update on the breaking news we've been following in san jose. we told you earlier a train has struck and killed a person on caltrain tracks. it happened within the last
8:30 am
hour. we do have a reporter there, alex savidge out there. we know one train has already been cancelled. they're expecting more derails as a result -- more details as a result. let's try to go to alex. this is all happening now. so what do you know alex? >> reporter: we do know according to caltrain speaking to one of their spokes people, this was an adult man who was hit and killed on this section of the caltrain tracks this all happened right around 6:40 or so this morning. you can see the scene here right now it's secured with crime tape. this was a southbound caltrain headed from gilroy to san francisco when the accident happened. there's no word another there point why this man was exactly on the tracks but as you can clearly tell here this train stopped after the accident. we are told the san mateo county sheriff's investigators will be coming in here to do a full investigation. we do also understand there are
8:31 am
potentially some delays with trains in the south bay. not system wide, and a bus bridge has been set up between the d era don station to get people between those two locations. but a man hit and killed by a caltrain here in san jose this morning working to get more information here. we're live in san jose, alex savidge, ktvu. >> we hope to get back to alex in the next hour of mornings on 2. the power is still out this morning for some residents in newark. the electricity has been out since yesterday afternoon. pg & e websites says nine homes are affected. this is a live picture of the affected area on guava place. you can see crews out there working on it right now. about four crew members looking at the situation in a ditch. they say the cause is a burned cable and they expect to have the power restored sometime this afternoon. police have cleared the scene of a stand off in livermore, officers had surrounded the motel six on
8:32 am
lasen road just after 4:00 this morning. they were reportedly looking for an armed suspect. all right our time is 8:31. new this morning after being on the run for months, a fugitive who was accused of murder has now been arrested. it happened in richmond. ktvu's taramoriarty first told us about the assault. this was around 11:30 last night. a s.w.a.t. team was called in. 26-year-old todd gillard eventually surrendered to police. he was wanted for a murder at the hilltop mall. that victim was critically injured in the attack. >> we've been looking for him ever since. he was electronically monitored at that point and cut his ankle monitor off after the shooting. we've been trying to track him
8:33 am
down and finally located him. our special forces located him last night. >> there was an arrest warrant out on gillad. he will now face additional charges for taking off that ankle monitor. police have called off a search for two carjacking suspects in the city of oakland. the suspects were accused of stealing a vehicle at gunpoint then pistol whipping the victim. police chased after the alleged carjackers after they crashed into a parked vehicle in the 2400 block of high street. police went out and searched through homes and backyards in the neighborhood but the suspects got away. it is a concern this morning because they are considered armed and dangerous. it is 8:33, construction workers made a surprising discovery at santa clara medical center in san jose an old graveyard.
8:34 am
more than a dozen old coffins were uneffort. maps show that it was a cemetery in the 1700s. there were more than 14 coffins buried at the site. >> being a retired veteran the i'm worried at how things from the past are respected. >> reporter: the santa clara county will ask to move the coffins unearthed and placed in a different area. family members will be contacted. we have bart ár -- b.a.r.t. delates in contra costa county. between san bruno and the
8:35 am
airport they've been having ongoing delays because of track issues. people are beginning to notice and becoming irritated with b.a.r.t. because of those mechanical issues. let's go out and take a look at the toll plaza, now it had been improving, but now there's word a first report of an accident westbound near the metering lights. they're trying to get more information. but it's quickly worsening the traffic which was almost beginning to die down here. but now it's getting busier as you can see. this morning in san jose, things are getting a i would say 101 is the worse freeway. 280 is a little better and so is 85. mainly gray skies although it looks like there's a few breaks now in the clouds of san jose. mostly cloudy but at least a a little blue starting to breakthrough the clouds. it's up and down the coast, 50s
8:36 am
on the temps on live storm tracker 2. we're showing fog and direction from the west or a sea breeze. once fog burns off then the breeze will pick up. low 50s, mid-50s. there were some upper 40s this morning. san francisco had a couple and west portal also cold valley and potrero hill. there were a bunch in the santa cruz mountains. san pico at 73. there was the start of the cooling trend. that guy is in utah now. next little system is right there. will lift that cloud bank tomorrow then we'll have a warm pattern for the weekend. a little breezy here and it'll start to pick up. they cooled down yesterday, some local drizzle will end here and then we'll have partly sunny, partly cloudy skies, 60s, 70s to now well inland. you can get some eight -- 80s
8:37 am
but a lot of 70s here. 60 alameda, pleasanton 76, sanford gilroy. low 70s with that fog just showing signs of burning off now. santa clara 70 degrees. 50s and 60s along the coast and also san francisco and south san francisco. so a cool pattern in place will take us through thursday. starting to clear out of here friday and it does look sunny into mostly sunny and warmer especially inland as we go into the weekend. it is 8:37. a new scandal involving a san francisco city leader, a judge rules the city's fire chief is a dead beat divorcee. and news about the state's grapes, this could be bad news if you love wine.
8:38 am
at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area,
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the more we help make opportunity possible.
8:40 am
gold is officially in bare market territory. it is down $7 right now to $15.50 an ounce. that's mainly due to concerns about greece possibly leaving the euro. that government right now is at an impasse. they're going to have new elections in june. jp morgan chase is the target of two separate lawsuits by shareholders accusing the bank and its management of excessive risk. taking a live look at the big
8:41 am
board. the down is up 21, s & p up two. the reason the stocks are still in the black, a sign that the housing market is increasing. that's a 2.6% increase from march and better than experts had expected. transunion says the number of new cards increased last month. that -pl -- comes as americans are making more credit card payments on time. time now 8:41. a judge just threw out a request made by the octomom. suloman reported to fail the proper paper work. she's a single mother of 14 children.
8:42 am
says she has about a million dollars in debts and she can't pay it. her southern california home may be going into foreclosure soon and by the way she duh not have a job. well there's a new study out that connects the health of nascar with the health of the economy. nascar has seen a downturn since the beginning of the recession. and as the unemployment rate went up, track attendants went down. sponsorships are down since 2007. companies are cutting back their advertising budgets. well a growing demand for california wines has driven grape prices higher. some grape prices even doubled in just the last year. that's causing tension between grape growers who are demanding high prices for their crops and the wineries. the wineries don't want to have
8:43 am
to drastically increase their prices. their worried consumers are still very carefully watching what they spend. time now is 8:42, let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. police in dublin out there searching for a hit-and-run driver responsible for a deadly accident. investigators say a man with a bike was hit and killed on doherty road late last night. police are searching for a dark colored mercedes bends it has front damage. uc regents are talking about yet another tuition hike this fall by 6%. a vote is expected in july. police in richmond now waiting for a search warrant to go inside a warehouse they believe is filled with illegal marijuana. tara moriarty joins us to tell us more about this.
8:44 am
>> reporter: apparently they just received a search warrant because we just noticed this white truck pull in here and that's going to begin -- taste -- they're going to use that to remove the marijuana plants. and a pit bull is actually credited for saving a woman that lives here as a watch woman. the dog started whining when it smelled smoke. she called the fire department and that's when they stumbled upon hundreds and hundreds of marijuana plants. >> we located a large marijuana grow, hundreds of plants possibly over 1,000 plants in numerous stages of growth. the pg & e officer responded
8:45 am
and discontinued the service to the warehouse. >> reporter: now firefighters say this was an electrical fire per happen sparked by the high voltage wires that are rigged inside the facility for the grow land. pg & e has cut off all power. there's extensive damage inside. and no word yet on the street value of this marijuana. but they say this is definitely an illegal operation. if it was a legal operation they would go through city council. they have no record on that. folks are going to begin loading the plants out as we speak and we'll keep you posted on any charges filed. live from richmond, i'm tara moriarty. it is 8:45. just this morning defense attorneys for john edwards told a judge they expect to rest their case this afternoon. reporter jonathan seri is live outside a federal courthouse in north carolina. so apparently jonathan the defense is not going to call edwards, his older daughter or mistress, is this rather surprising? >> reporter: yeah, it is.
8:46 am
they had listed a list of very big witnesses. but they also said if they did not call these witnesses they would rest today and that's exactly what they did. it appears they were looking for leverage from the prosecution. when they were discussing, the defense indicated that they wanted the prosecution to agree to certain stipulations and if they would the defense would rest today without calling andrew young to the stand. well apparently, the prosecution has agreed to these stipulations, we're still trying to get a handled on what the stipulations are, but closing statements, closing argumenting are scheduled to begin first thing tomorrow morning. but for observers it's really been a roller coaster ride.
8:47 am
we knew it would be a pivotal day but we weren't sure if it would be pivotal because of the nature of the witnesses who are being called or because the defense was finally resting its case. tori. >> yeah and we just learned that the case has rested, the defense team rested the case and the team telling the jury no more witnesses to be called. just remind us again what kind of punishment is edwards facing if found guilty? >> well, there's what's going to actually happen versus what he could face in theory. if he's convicted theoretically he could face $1.9 million in fines and eight years in prison. each of the counts carries up to five years in prison but many analysts are saying most likely if he is convicted the judge would make defendants concurrent so he would only face up to five years and quite possibly less in prison. of course his defense team has indicated that if they lose the case, that this case will be
8:48 am
appealed, a big bone of contention is that the judge in this case has not allowed them to enter into evidence statements from former fcc officials, federal election commission officials expressing opinions that the money involved with hiding hunter did not fall under the facs definition of a campaign contribution. the judge won't allow that saying that the jury does not need to be hearing opinions from fcc officials, that that should be reserved for closing arguments. but edwards lead defense lawyer, abbie lowell has been frustrated each time the judge prevents him from entering this type of evidence. and yesterday indicated that it would likely be overturned on appeal if they lose this case. it is 8:48. a judge has reportedly declared the san francisco's fire chief is a dead beat divorcee. today's chronicle reports the
8:49 am
judge found documents that allegedly show fire chief joanne hayes stopped paying spousal support 14 months ago. those payments reportedly stopped after a domestic violence incident involving her ex-husband robert shawn white. the judge has now reportedly ordered the city to take $3,300 a month from the fire chief's paycheck to pay off her former husband. time is now 8:48. a contra costa county's sex crimes prosecutor who's been on paid leave for more than two years after previously facing rape charges well he's about to get a pay raise for outstanding performance. according to the contra costa times an arbitrator ordered contra costa county to give michael gresset a 5% pay raise raising his salary to $551,000 a year. now critics are asking why an employee who hasn't worked in more than two years would get a pay raise. county officials say the raise
8:50 am
is part of a union contract. the rape charges against gresset were dropped last year. the city of oakland has a plan for some of the old houses that have become eyesores. and the banks are not happy with that plan. the city council voted unanimously last night to make banks register blithed houses with the city once they sent out a default notice. if the homes are vacant the banks must pay a fee and maintain the appearance of the property. the banks though say they don't own the homes once a default notice is sent so they should not be held responsibility. there's a plan to improve parks in san francisco, it'll be on the ballot in november. it's a $195 million bond proposed by city leaders. the san francisco chronicle reports the bond money would pay to replace playground equipment. resurface trails and courts and also spruce up public bathrooms among many other things. san francisco voters you will have the final say.
8:51 am
the bond needs a 2/3 majority to pass. it is 10 minutes before 9:00 today president obama is presenting the military's highest honor to leslie sabo, jr. sabo is being honored for his heroic actions in 1970. he is credited with saving his fellow soldiers lives and blowing up an enemy bunker. that explosion also took sabo's life. this morning biologists will be out there trying again tori. >> that's right this morning biologists will be out there trying again to untangle two whales. biologists don't have many other details, there's been eight reports of whales getting badly tangled along the
8:52 am
california coast so far this year. our time 8:51, we're still following the breaking news from san jose. we're talking about a train this morning hit and killed a person on the caltrain tracks. these are the pictures, we'll tell you how service is affected. plus sal will have a final check of the morning commute. ♪
8:53 am
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it is 8:54, we want to take you back to san jose right now. we've been following breaking news for the last hour and a
8:55 am
half involving caltrain. a person on the track struck and killed this morning. alex savidge joins us once again with the update on the delays and situation. >> good morning tori, yes after this deadly train accident that happened a short time ago, caltrain has been forced to rerout some of their trains. investigators here investigating the death of this man on the tracks this morning. this was a caltrain going northbound headed from gilroy up to san francisco. the accident happened around 6:40 in the morning. there's no word at this point why this man was on the tracks but the train stopped him, killed him and stopped after that. the san mateo sheriff's office is coming out here to do a full investigation. obviously there were a lot of passengers on board that train. one of the boys on board a 15- year-old boy taking the train
8:56 am
to his high school this morning. we talked to his mom who came down here to the accident scene to pick him up. >> i asked him, he said nothing. he had his head phones on. he was probably half asleep. all he knew was the train stopped and he wasn't going any where. >> and now you're here to pick him up. >> and they've been very kind and helpful and getting him off so i can get him to school. >> reporter: because this portion of the tracks is closed and this area of san jose certain trains again have been rerouted. according to a caltrain spokesperson, so there are some delays with certain trains and there are no delays system wide at this point. what's happening in this particular area is that passengers who need to get up in the northbound direction are using a bus bridge. so a bus is picking them up at the deredon station and taking them up to the tamian station. so a bus bridge has been set up to get those passengers where they need to go this morning
8:57 am
after this deadly train accident here in san jose. alex savidge, ktvu news. thank you, alex. a plan to provide free nummi passes is getting more support. the full board still needs to approve the recommendation. the pilot program by the way is expected to cost $9 million. time now 8:56, let's check back with value see what you see out there sal. >> we have a lot to talk about in this last report. let's start off with a look at the freeways in northbound 280 looks good. southbound 280 is moving along okay. moving along to the 880 freeway, it's pretty slow heading north past the coliseum and up to downtown. bay bridge a little bit crowded because of an earlier crash that was removed. the east bulletin tweeted us some readers say there's a big back up on southbound great highway because of road work. 8:57, let's go to steve.
8:58 am
>> some of the fog slowly starting to burn off especially in san jose. some areas that didn't get it will enjoy the sun. 50s by the coast, cooler thursday. we start to rebound in the weekend with warmer temperatures especially toward sunday. >> so we'll warm up eventually. >> we'll warm up. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news, we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to join ktvu morning news at noon for more on this morning's big pot bust in richmond. we're always here for you on thanks for joining us.
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