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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 16, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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hundreds of plants, possibly over 1,000. >> there was so much marijuana, it took police a while to count it. major marijuana bust in richmond is one of our top stories. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. investigators are still on the scene that massive pot raid in richmond. it came to light during an early-morning fire in a warehouse. we have continuing coverage on the story we first brought you on "mornings on 2." ktvu's tara moriarty is at the
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warehouse at 6th and ohio streets with new video and information new. tara? >> reporter: authorities really stumbled upon this operation because the woman who lives in this warehouse made a call for help. now, it resulted in agents seizing,000 marijuana plants -- 2,000 marijuana plants from this building. around 3:30 a.m., the woman woke up and was overwhelmed by spoke. she called 911 and said fire broke out. >> this is a large-scaled operation. it's probably been going on for some time. there's different rooms with -- like i said, different stages of growth of plants. there's also a room where they too take the buds off the plants and get rid of the stems. >> reporter: there's heavy smoke damage and some fire damage inside the building. pg&e did cut off power. neighbors say there had been
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shady business been going on for about a year. they were mott surprised about the -- not surprised about the bust. police say there was about $200,000 of an operation here. the owner will face charges. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. as that pot warehouse fire was underway, a young man was gunned down. witnesses say a 27-year-old man was sitting in his car when several african-american men walked up and opened fire. the victim's sister who did not want to be identified told our news crew she saw the shooting. >> they got the wrong person. my brother sits in his car and listens to his music every day like clock work and doesn't bother no one. >> the victim is married and the father of four
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stepchildren. police say he's in critical condition at the hospital but is expected to survive. the shooting could be linked to a recent spike of gang violence in richmond. a six-hour standoff in richmond led to s.w.a.t. police sour rounding an apartment at l street and gately avenue. 26-year-old todd gillard eventually surrendered. officers say he was wanted for several murders and attempted murder in a shooting last february at the hilltop mall. there was a 1.5 million arrest warrant on gillard. police say he's a reputed gang member who will now face additional charges for allegedly ditching an ankle monitor. in san francisco, police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man in the city's visitacion valley neighborhood. the victim was found shot after midnight in the 1700 block of
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sunnyvale avenue. officers found him lying between two buildings suffering from a gunshot wound to his upper body. he died late at sf general. police don't have a suspect or a motive in the shooting. a commuterrer train hit and killed -- commuter train hit and killed a man around 7:10 a.m. at monterey and southside drive just south of the tamion station. caltrain set up a bus bridge between tamion and durdin stations and commuters were delayed in both directions. authorities say they don't know why the man was on the tracks. dublin police are looking for a hit-and-run driver responsible for a deadly accident. the driver hit a man on a bicycle around 11:30 last night near the corner of doherty and fallcreek road. police say the bicyclist is a man between 55 and 60. he was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision. there were witnesses but
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investigators found a vehicle parked at the scene and determined what kind of car hit the victim. >> at the scene, there was -- there was a vehicle parked on the roadway and our patrolman ran the numbers on the parts and determined that it belonged to a 2010 or 2011 mercedes. >> police also say the mercedes may be black and possibly has front-end damage. anyone with information about the hit and run is asked to call police. the tragedy in dublin comes as many bay area cyclists get ready to take part in a nationwide ride of silence. tonight's ride is to honor all bike riders who have been killed. it begins at richmond's civic center plaza at 5:00 this afternoon and goes to the point richmond farmer's market, a similar ride will take place tonight in tib bu rin. >> we're learning more -- tiburon. we're learning more about coffins discovered underground at a hospital construction site
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in san jose. alex savidge is live there with what will be done with the remains. alex? >> reporter: well, good afternoon, tori. an attorney for santa clara county told me this morning he's asking a judge to grant permission for archaeologists to deal with this. this is the area where they came across 15 pine box coffins. workers immediately began stop digging. >> this was a little bit of a jaw-dropper. not something you would expect. >> reporter: old maps show this was the site of a some tarry back around the surn -- back around the turn of the century. mostly the poor and indigent buried here between 1875 and 1935. at some point, those plots were
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paved over. >> it's my understanding this was purposely done to take folks who were indigent who didn't have next of kin or didn't have a plot that they could afford. this was a way to -- to deal with a dignified -- a dignified way of dealing with their remains. how it gets covered under and buried over so to speak, i don't know. >> reporter: cortez says work crews building a new loading dock at valley medical center had no idea there was an old cemetery here. they plan to bring in an arc toll just to excavate these coffins. project is to go forward while handling these remains in the most sensitive way as possible. the family is hoping there will be identification inside and they will reach out to loved ones. live this afternoon in san jose, alex savidge, ktvu
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channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, alex. there are new signs the long-suffering u.s. housing market may be recovering. buildingers broke down on 717,000 new homes in april. that's a 2.6% increase from march and near january's high. however, analysts say this is still half the pace considered healthy. still, it's helping to keep stock markets in the black today. there is concerns in greece where political deadlock has forced another election to take place in june and could fracture the european union. taking a live look at the big board, the dow still hanging on, up 10. however, the nasdaq turned around. it's down 13. s&p down 1. facebook now says it will make more of its company shares available when it goes public friday. according to a regulatory filing, the menlo park-based
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company will offer $421 million shares -- 421 million shares. that's up from 320 million, an 25% increase. an expected value of $38 a share, the ipo would generate almost $18.5 billion and that would value facebook at more than $100 billion. you will see a touching and memorable moment that happened two hours ago at the remember them sculpture. chilly nights and cooler days. steve paulson will tell you if that bay area pattern is about to change. we feel it's very important for parents to know what kinds of games their kids are playing. >> and why giants turned out with a request for parents. ...
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pg&e crews were out working to fix an isolated power outage in the east bay city of newark this morning. nine customers were without electricity in the area around guava place. it's south of 880 and east of central avenue, not far from birch grove community park. people in the neighborhood say the electricity's been off since 2:00 yesterday afternoon. there's no word on what caused the outage. we have breaking news now. there's been a gas leak at contra costa college.
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john sasaki is live from the college campus to let us know the situation there right now. good afternoon, john. >> reporter: tori this, has been a busy morning here at contra costa college. let's take you over here and show you this morning around 10:00 crews working up on the hill where the backhoe is working, they hit a gas line and that sent a lot of gas into this whole area and it caused the school to evacuate six different buildings. it's been very busy here with the crews. pg&e came in. fire crews came in. but it was not a busy morning for the students because they had to be evacuated. crasses -- classes were canceled between 10:00 a.m. and up until about noon. we taj talked to the president of the college just a few minutes ago. he told us this -- >> we were notified immediately, called pg&e, called fire, evacuated this end of the campus as a precaution, moved people to the north end of the -- north end of the campus. >> reporter: a little frustrating? >> oh, yeah. i travel a long way to come to school.
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i live in the east bay. so when i got here i was expeoplely upset and disappointed -- extremely upset and disappointed. >> reporter: extremely upset for an instructor who had to evacuate from that building. about a half however ago, over in front of that -- half-hour ago, over in front of that truck there, they were able to go in and make sure there was no gas in any of the buildings. the classes were able to resume around noon. live in contra costa county, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. livermore police arrested a man this morning accused of pulling a gun on a man who confronted him about throwing a small dog off a balcony. it happened around 2:30 at the motel 6. police say the two men got into a verbal argument about the dog tossing. a few minutes later, the suspect identified as 39-year- old michael hanby came to the man's door and pointed a gun at
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him before running off. s.w.a.t. was called in. the motel as well as nearby businesses were located. hanie was arrested on suspicion of felony animal cruelty. police caued off the search for two men accused of stealing a car and pistol-whipping the victim. they crashed on the 2400 block of high street. police searched through homes but the suspects slipped away. it is a concern because they are considered armed and dangerous. the city of oakland has a plan for old houses that are eyesores. banks are not happy with the plan. the city council voted unanimously last night to make banks register blighted homes with the city once they send a default notice. banks say they don't own the homes when a default notice is
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sent so they should not be held responsible for anything. there is a new plan to improve parks in san francisco and it will be be on the ballot this november. it's a $195 million bond proposed by city leaders. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the bond would spruce up public bathrooms, among other things. san francisco voters will have the final say. the bond needs a two-thirds majority to pass. in his budget revise reached this week, government brown, back in january, his budget included a proposal to eventually shift all juvenile inmates to county facilities but the counties already struggling with adult prisoners sent from state prisons said they just couldn't handle it. this was art visual day for a group of visually-impaired
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students. >> taking my time. >> they visited the remember them sculptures in downtown oakland. after the visit, they were heading to the studio of the sculpture's creator. richmond city council voted 5-2 last night to put a soda tax proposal on the ballot in november. if approveds it would tack on one penny per ounce on sugary drinks sold in the city. the sporters say the goal is to help children. but critics say it will negatively affect businesses and low income people. the proposed soda tax would generate an estimated $2 million to $8 million and that money would be used to support youth sports and nutrition programs. the amgen tour of california bike race began stage four within the past 90 minutes. [ cheers ] >> racers took off around 11:00 a.m. from the gold country town of sonora. peter segen has won the first
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three stages. today's course close to clovis. it's 130 miles long and that makes it the longest leg of the eight-day race that began last sunday and ends in los angeles this coming sunday. you can see more video and read mor stories at the home page at the san francisco giants are making a pitch aimed at parents whose children play video games. a pitcher and catcher helped to launch a new public announcement at at&t park within the hour. spot encourages parents to check the ratings on video games played betheir children. as parents of young children, the players say they pay more attention to young ratings than they used to. >> as preve lent as video games are today, there is a lot -- prevalent as video games are today, there is a lot out there. not all will be appropriate for a 9 or 10-year-old.
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>> we all know how sneaky kids can be and so it's right there for you. >> this ad will run on radio and tv stations through outnorthern california. well, a little bit of sun inland. it started this morning. but for about 95% of the forecast area, it was cloudy this morning and that fog is slow to burn off. san jose, fog burned off around 9:00. tom just checked in. he said he was 71. but i think it's 67 degrees. it's another cool day and by the coast, there's just a lot of fog that wants to hang on and hang on. take a look at the visibility satellite picture. you can see it there. that's a big fog bank. today we had the fog and a little bit of drizzle on the morning. now we're mostly sunny to partly cloudy. another low is dropping into the picture tomorrow and that will keep the beat going as far as an even cooler pattern inland. it looks like we'll bottom out on temperatures tomorrow and start a warmup as we go into the weekend. the system is starting to get closer and it will be here late
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tonight and tomorrow. if you have the sunshine, enjoy it. there is a lot of areas that don't have it. little clearing on the santa cruz coastline. a lot of fog on the cost line and a little bit around the bay. temperatures really held down. not even 70 yet for fairfield or concord. probably by now they are. but 53 in san francisco. 54 in oakland. officially 66 at san jose airport with santa rosa. sonoma county airport is 4 degrees cooler towards downtown santa rosa. a lot of yellow with the 70s. there might be a few 80s. those would be pretty far inland even -- out towards fairfield and vacaville. they are not hitting the 80s. that's a cool pattern. the start of our cooling trend was there. that system was into utah. the next one is racing into the picture. that will keep us coomb. that fog will regroup fast. a little breeze kicking up. the fog kind of hugging the coast. temperatures up near men so
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dino county and lake county, fairfield, only 75 -- mendocino county and lake county, fairfield, only 75. livermore at 77. south bay temperatures, low to mid-70s. not much difference on the peninsula. upper 60s. and on the coast, boy, i will term you, it's been cold -- tell you, it's been cold. 50s, 60s. tomorrow will be the coolest day and then we see warmer weather with your -- with your weekend in view. it's a cool pattern for us. >> yeah, yeah, it is cool. when we -- we had the heatup for a little while. >> and the water temperatures are very, very cold. so the fog has no problem forming. >> all right. >> youer 40s and 50s outside -- upper 40s and 50s outside of the gate. the unexpected impact linked to the popularity of
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, even the dow has turned around -- has turned around in federal governmenttive territory -- negative territory. fiscal policy could weigh on recovery. that's spooking the markets. the dow is down 12. nasdaq down 16. s&p down 3. the nike town store in san
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francisco's union square will soon be shutting down. but don't worry. nike is swooshing in to different it a new look and a new name. according to the chronicle, the 50,000 square foot store will be closing within the next 12 months for a complete read pollle. when it opens it will be called nike sf or nike san francisco. it's all part of a rebranding exercise. similar changes are taking place at the nike towns in chicago and portland. growing demand for california wines has driven grape prices higher, some prices doubling within the last year. that's led to ittions between grape growers and wineries. the wineries don't want to have to pay -- to pay increased prices and are concerned that consumers are still carefully watching spending. a plan to provide free passes to san francisco's youth is getting more support. a committee with the
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transportation authority the voted to recommend $400,000 to the pilot program. the full board still needs to approve the recommendation. the pilot program altogether is expected to cost $9 million. the annual beta breakers race is being held in san francisco this sunday. many serious competitors are expected at this sunday's beta breakers. but a lot of people just come for the party. there will be 360 police officers on patrol to make sure things don't get out of hand. that he will be cracking down on public urination, public -- they will be cracking down on public urination and for people selling alcohol to those who are already too intoxicated already. the county's district attorney says the district could be prosecuted and order to pay fines up to $25,000 for repeated oil spills in its reservoirs. the water district says the spims are minimal and the result -- spills are minimal and the result of mechanical
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failures in hydraulic systems. tonight at 5:00, a tu bure cue low sis patient is in trouble with the law for not taking his medicine. this man from stockton was arrested and has been charged. at 5:00, we take a look at what he did to get the attention of authorities and why this is considered a crime. thank you for trusting -- trusting ktvu news. we will see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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