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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 16, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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afternoon the dea confirmed it was all part of a million dollar marijuana bust at 14 different locations. our cameras were rolling as agents with the dea focused ensemble homes on gold creek circle working with several other agencies the dea says it seized more than 3600 marijuana plants. maybes reported seeing authorities search as many as five houses in the area, yet even before the details of the operation known as disco days were made public some neighbors say they weren't surprised to see drug agents here. >> drug dealing, a lot of people walking around late at night. people that shouldn't be here are in this park, and they are not residents here. >> reporter: this man did not want to go on camera for fear of retaliation despite being in a gated community the neighborhood and this park have become a haven for out of town drug dealers. >> they are selling marijuana to 12-year-olds, 13-year-olds. they are on skateboards bikes. parents are include less to even know what they are kids are doing over here by the
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basketball court. >> reporter: the dea says the alleged ring leaders are stephen ortega sr. and stephen ortega, jr. we're still going through the many details that were just released to us in the last hour. we're putting those together for 6:00. eric rasmussen. that operation in discovery bay isn't the only one uncovered in the bay area today. these pictures show police pulling marijuana plants out of a warehouse in richmond early today. coming up at 5:15 we'll have that story plus the unusual 911 call for help that brought officers to the scene. dublin police are looking for the driver of a mercedes responsible for a deadly hit- and-run accident. a driver hit a man on a bicycle near the corner of doherty and fall creek road. the bicyclist is a man between 55 and 60 years old. he was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision. there were no witnesss, but investigators found vehicle part at the scene and used it
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to determine what kind of car hit the victim. >> at the scene there was vehicle parts on the roadway and our patrolman ran the numbers on the parts and determined that it belonged to a 2010 or 2011 mercedes. >> now this afternoon police have narrowed down the type of black mercedes they are searching for saying it either a cls500 or 550 or cls63. likely brand new pretty expensive worth an estimated $85,000. the front right side of the vehicle may be damaged. anyone with information about the hit-and-run is asked to call police. the san francisco medical examiner today said blunt force trauma to the head led to the death of a 71-year-old pedestrian who was hit by a bicyclist in a crosswalk. the medical companier said his condition went down rapidly after he was hit. it may allow the district
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attorney's office to move forward with charges against the bicyclist. that deadly collision in dublin may be on the thoughts in the nationwide ride of silence. they are honoring all bicyclist that have been killed. the riders will head to the farmers market in point richmond and back to the civic center a similar ride is also taking place in tiburon. a disturbing discovery in the south bay that's where construction crews found a long forgotten graveyard. how the crews just stumbled upon what's believed to be a mass gravesite. >> reporter: officials tell us they believe the ball was dropped more than half a century ago when this graveyard disappeared from county maps. what you're looking at right now in and near where this construction is this area served as a graveyard for the
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poor in the late 1800s and early 1900s and this could be as many as 1500 unmarked graves in this area. about 15 pine coffins discovered by construction workers at valley medical center in february. county leaders say it turns out this area used to be a graveyard for the indigent. >> we're seeing people that didn't have money, and they either their families cone afford or they did have a family so they were buried close by. >> reporter: now the county is trying to get permission to move about 100 coffins so hospital expansion can continue. >> how did the county not noah head of time these were there. >> the 1932 map shows the cemetery location. in the 1958 map there's nothing that's indicated exists in that particular area. and by 1966 part of the area
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had been repurposeed as an employee parking lot. at some point between 1932 and 1966 the county lost track of the cemeteryish as for what will happen to the remains. >> we're not just going to leave them there. we're going to take care of those remains. >> reporter: about 100 cover fins are in the path of construction. county officials have a court date friday to try to get permission to move them. if they do they say they will bring in an archaeologist try to notify next of kin and key mate any remains that aren't claimed. as for how much longer there will take or how much more it will cost we haven't gotten those answers but you can be sure we'll keep asking those questions. live in san jose carol l. pg&e is working to repair a gas leak in the east bay. a construction crew broke the 3- inch line while digging near mission bell drive near contra costa college. as a precaution caution gas was
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cut off to 6 buildings on classes and classes were evacuated. >> we evacuated this end of the campus as a precaution. >> a little frustrating a little surprising. >> oh, my god yes. because i travel a long way to come to school. i live in the east bay. so when i got here yes, i was extremely upset and disappointed. >> the camp has has been reopened and we just spoke on the phone with pg&e they tell us all of the repairs should be finished by 6:30 tonight. friday facebook is going public. and it could be the biggest initial public offering of stock in history. ken pritchet live at the capital. how it could ease some of california's budge cuts. >> reporter: the would could should be stressed. there are a lot of estimates some estimates that the facebook ipo could different california more than $2
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billion. the numbers are staggering. so what is the connection between facebook going public and california reaching the benefit? >> the state gets money because when folks sell their stock that's tacked add a personal income tax rate. >> reporter: facebook ipo could generate $1.5 billion or more for the state. >> it is a substantial benefit to the state's bottom line. that said we have to view there in the context of having to close a budget gap of nearly $16 billion. >> reporter: when the governor announced his budge full of painful cuts the facebook cash infusion was already factored in. in the wealthy taxed in november. mark. >> $35 a share that would
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generate $135 million personal income tax revenue. >> reporter: the timing is right. >> we know that the ipo may take a little bit of time but we know that we will realize significant revenue in the budget year and we'll take advantage of that to mitigate even worse cuts for people. >> reporter: the department of finance is basing its estimates on a 35-dollar stock price if the stock sells higher which many believe that it will that could mean hundreds of mills of dollars extra for the state and give lawmakers some wiggle room to reduce cuts. in sacramento ken pritchett. facebook said an additional 84 million shares will be offered on friday. the shares are coming from company insiders and early investors and could be worth up to $3.2 billion additional to what the other facebook ipo will be worth. the offing is expected to get a
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final price thursday night. shares would start trading on the nasdaq on friday under the ticker signal f b. top officials at the federal reserve appear to be open to more moves to simulate the economy if growth doesn't pick up. that comes from the minutes of the meeting last month involving the central bank as open markets committee. it's not clear how much they could do since the feds interest rates are already near zero. the fed has used bond purchases in the past to try and boost the economy. it was another down day on wall street as worries continue over greece and the european debt crisis. all three major indices posted their fourth straight day of losses the dow has finished lower in 10 of the last 11 sessions. the closing bell the dow was down 33 points. nasdaq 20 points lower the s & p 500 closed down almost 6 points. a few hours ago after a contentious debate u. s. house renewed the many democrats rejecting the republican backed
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bill. both sides agree funding for domestic violence programs should be extended but they clashed over some provisions. democrats wanted to add special protection for gays and lesbians similar to the measure passed by the senate but republicans say those provisions are not necessary. >> the bill doesn't make any special votes for any particular victim groups because it protects everybody equally. >> this republican house bill will impede criminal investigations under main prosecutions and interfere with victims' safety. >> lawmakers must work out the differences between the house and the senate versions. police in illinois are still searching for a newlywed husband who's wanted in connect with the killing of his new bride. authorities are looking for arnaldo jimenez. they got married on friday at chicago city hall. the next day police in suburban burbank found carrera stabbed
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to death in her bathtub wearing the same formal dress she wore on her wedding day. her sister called a relative and said he left her bleeding after a bad fight. two u. s. navy ships collided today in the pacific ocean but fortunately no one was injured. the collision happened 120 miles off the coast of southern california as the ships were heading to the base in san diego. they say the assault ship essex had a steering problem as it approached the refueling ship yukon. there was no obvious damage the fuel tanks on either ship but the navy is still checking them to make sure. it was a tight finish in stage 4 of the california bike race. >> he's going to do it again and he's on the line and he gets it. 4 out of 4 for peter sawing an. >> he led the pack across the finish line he won all four stages so far.
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they bike 130 mails from sonora to clovis. >> it's the longest of it the 8 stages in the race which began sunday in santa ross a and will ends this coming sunday in los angeles. you can read more stories on the amgen tour of california police in richmond descends on a large marijuana growing operation. we'll tell you what tipped them off. got a lot of fog sitting offshore right now. it's making its way inland tonight. i'll show you how and when it gets to your house.
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. >> a group of about 30 food writers and academics is urging uc berkeley to drop all charges against the protesters who tack over a research farm in albany for three weeks. >> this is video of the protesters outside the fences
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san pablo avenue and marin. university police kicked them out on monday. the university uses it for agricultural research and would be willing to talk with protesters how to share that lands. what started as an early morning fire at richmond ended up leads to go a huge marijuana bust. tara m tells us what started the fire and what all the marijuana is worth. >> reporter: they hauled out one marijuana plants after the other. 2,000 total out of a warehouse where a fair broke out around 3:00 30 this morning. >> she was in here sleeping when one of her dogs began whining. when she opened the door she was overcome by the smoke and fumes from the fire she's the one that called the fire department eric this is a picture of the inside of the warehouse off 6th and ohio where police say a woman guarded the plants with her two pit bulls. >> this is a large scale operation which has probably been going on for sometime. >> not totally surprised. i did not know anything about it. >> reporter: neighbors say the street has had its share of
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trouble. >> i see a lot of prostitutes on the street. >> reporter: some say there was suspicious activity going on at the warehouse for at least a year. >> there seemed to be a lot of warehouses around here i have no idea what goes on up and down ohio. there's a lot of empty space. >> it's not a lot of -- you don't see a lot but there must be something going on. >> reporter: the street value of marijuana these days is about $3,000 a pound. with this particular crop they estimate the value to be at least $200,000. authorities believe the fire sparked from high voltage wires rig to supply power to grow lamps. they say the guard may face charges and the owner most definitely will. in richmond tara m ktvu channel 2 news. >> ktvu has learned indoor pot farms are a growing problem. the tactic one fire department is using to prepare its firefighters for those marijuana fires that they are
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called out the battle. as police were investigating that marijuana warehouse fire a young man was gunned down blocks away. the victim has died as of this afternoon. shooting happened about 10:30 a.m. outside an apartment complex on 8th street. police say a 27-year-old man was sitting in his car when several men walked up and opened fire. the victim's sister who did not want to be identified told our news crew she saw the shooting. >> they got the wrong person. my brother sits in his car listening to his music every day like clock work and doesn't bother no one. >> the victim was married and the father of four stepchildren. his name has not been released. police say the shooting could be connected to a recent spike in gang violence in richmond. students disruned the meeting of university california regents in sacramento. they were about to discuss the report on handling of campus protests when a young man began shouting at them. 20 other protesters in orange
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jumpsuits formed what they call a chain gang. >> they don't actually listen to what people are saying. while they are giving this reports talking about how to improve we want them to address the concerns of our protest. >> students say they are upset over talk of another possible tuition hike of 6%. the regents tried to resume the public meeting but then rearranged the agenda so they could move it to closed session. san francisco mayored lee is behind a bonds measure targetingty parks. the mayor proposed the 195 million-dollar initiative yesterday it would repair and replace equipment at public parks. the measure needs to be approved by county supervisors before it goes on the november ballot where it needs a two- thirds majority to pass. president obama hop ordinary an american soldier 3 decades after he was killed in action. >> we see the shining values. >> the president awarded the
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medal of honor to specialist leslie say would, jr. for her heroic action during the vietnam war. his platoon was ambushed in eastern cambodia. he saved the lives of several fellow soldiers by tossing a grenade and shielding a wounded comrad with his own body. today his widow accepted the award. >> my heart beats with pride for leslie because he is finally receiving tribute for his sacrifices and bravery. >> say would is just now receiving the medal because his paperwork was lost for 30 years. let's talk about our weather now. nice day today, but lot of fog obtain the coast. >> it hung out for a long time today. in san francisco when it didn't clear all day. >> it's been very cool in one of our bigger cities around the bay san francisco. rest of us had sunshine got up to 80 degrees in concord. 80 degrees in concord. 77 livermore and of course you
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can see the fog right along the cold front. >> it has a chunk of it too. that encompasses there's a lot of folks who live in this area. got over a million people living in the san francisco area and you are surrounded in fog. if you head down to san jose it's 70 degrees and clear mountain view not the warmest of days not as warm as i thought it would be i thought we would see more low 80s. we did see a couple of 80s but just not that warm. the reason is a lot of fog along the coast. that fog is lined up along the coast right now. i just showed it to you. this next weather system kind of comes in there's one to the north of us is going to slide in and does its thing. when it comes in it lifts the inversion that's why the fog is at the cold front. this thing comes in stretches it out makes it deeper, makes it thicker. that fog bank will get real thick and make it into most of the 9 bay area counties by tomorrow and that will provide significant cooling for many. i think we'll see temperatures tomorrow mostly just in the 70s
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and 60s. i'm pretty sure we won't see any 80s at all. overnight lows cool again tonight. 48 in santa rosa 50 san francisco. 50 in free months. cool to start thursday. this time we get going there's going to be plenty of fog and low clouds. here we are now the model set of the fog where it is. look at tomorrow morning, boom. that's a dose right. so this is a lot of fog. i suspect down here by mountain view south toward free month we'll see more fog in san jose but a lot more of it. that's the weather system to the north. it will be pushing inland cools australia off and drops temperatures down. by later in the day fog burns off but basically temperatures are going to be on the cool site tomorrow. when i come back we'll get specific for your forecast highs for your thursday and five-day forecast with the weekend in view. thank you, bill. check your ticket the airline admitting today it's been
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overcharging some of its passengers. also this man a tuberculosis patient is trouble with the law. what he did to get attention of authorities and why it's considered a crime. must they are supposed to help tone you up. instead they are costing the skechers company $440 million in fines. how you might be eligible for some of that money.
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. a commuter train hit and killed a man today on the
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caltrain tracks in san jose. the northbound train hit the man after 6:30 this morning at monterey road and south drive. that's just south of tamien station. >> authorities have not yet released the man's name. train service was stopped in the area for 3 hours while police investigated. caltrain says 6 people have been killed on the track so far this year. a central valley man is in yale because he refused to take some medication. the man has tuberculosis and his actions could have put others at risk. >> did you know he has t b? >> no. i didn't know that. >> neighbors in french cap were stunned to letter earn 34- year-old armando rodriguez had been arrested and he has tuberculosis. prosecutors said rodriguez ignored repeated warnings to take hid met indication. >> apparently there's a substance issue he took a height he disappeared he went a would. >> rodriguez told a caser he
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week r went on an alcohol binge. the chief pub about lick health nurse says if rodriguez missed his medication for too long he could spread tuberculosis into the community. he's being held in a special medical cell undergoing treatment. he has a court hearing set for tomorrow. in he is convicted he could go to jail for up to 3 years. the makers of the skechers brand of toneing sneakers agreed to pay millions to settle charges that it misled its customers. skechers, which is based in southern california makes shape upper and toner shoes. but the federal trade commission says skechers falsely claimed the sneakers would improve the wearer's health fitness and muscle tone. >> skechers put its foot in its mouth by making unproven claims that its toneing footwear strengthens muscles, increases weight loss reduces body fat and improves
5:27 pm
circulation and aero big conditioning. >> skechers will pay $40 million in the settlement with the ftc. the money will go toward refunds for customers. delta airlines blames a computer software upgrade for charging some of its frequent flyers higher fares than those charged to other customers. two businessmen noticed the fare difference a few weeks ago. delta says it switched back to its old software to fix the problem. look what vandals are doing to these rock formations that are 50 million years old in mount dean how state park. what rangers can do to stop them. >> he's a friend to me because he faceed a lot of challenges in life. >> why this field trip is so personal for a group of oakland students even though they have never met the people they are learning about. [ male announcer ] sizzler's new ultimate steak combos.
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. mount diablo is known information for its natural beauty. rocks that are millions of years old damaged in just moments. rob roth is on mount diablo tells us why cleaning up the graffiti is easier said than done. >> reporter: we're in an area called rock city. here's an example of what vandals are doing up here. carving their initials and messages into ancient stone. in these tight bum times there seems to be little rangers can do to stop them. nature has been carving out these stand stone rocks for the past 50 million years but vandals are defacing them in minutes and this goes on for
5:31 pm
hundreds of yards language rock city. >> it sort of ruins the memory of what i had of this place. >> frustration and disappointment. why is this happening? >> reporter: park rangers show us what else has been happening lately graffiti spray painted on what should be pristine rock form as touched only by wind and rain. >> knowing what has happened how long it taken for these formations and then how quickly they can be destroyed. >> reporter: because of state budget cuts only five rangers patrol the entire park half the number that used to work here. >> we simply don't have the backcountry rangers the enforcement that allows the interpreters to do. >> reporter: park officials are searching for eco friendly ways to remove the paint but getting rid of the carvings is next to impossible. sandblasting could compromise the rocks making the disease even worse than the cure but leaving the vandalism seems to invite even more of it leaving park rangers truly between a rock and a hard place while the
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natural beauty is getting chipped away. >> it's upsetting not be able to see how it was naturally. >> reporter: defacing the park is a misdemeanor rangers have put up signs asking people not to carve or paint hoping through education people will leave sculpting to mother nature. rob roth ktvu channel 2 news. come this just a hot of state parks will close due to budget cuts. how do you actually keep the public away from a park that has been closed. we'll though show you the dilemma trying to keep people away from a state beef. saraly more disappeared 2 months ago today. volunteers continue to search this time in several remote areas of southern santa clara county she vanished after leaving for school morning of
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march 16th. investigators recovered a red volkswagen jetta that could be linked to her disappearance. an attorney for 52-year- old mary kennedy said she died of unknown causes at her home in pedestrian for new york. she was rfk, jr.'s second wife. robert f. kennedy, jr. is an attorney. the defense rested in the trial of john edwards. he's being tried in north carolina on federal charges of using political donations to support his then pregnant mistress while he ran for the presidential nomination. edwards did not take the stand to testify in his own defense. closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow. edwards faces up to 30 years in prison and million and a half dollar fine if he's convicted.
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children took a tour of seeing and touching history. >> reporter: children from glenville elementary ran their hands over the bronze sculpture. it includes abraham lincoln martin luther king, jr. and helen keller the blind and deaf woman who try triumphed over her difficulties. >> helen was a friend to me she faced a lot of tragedies in her life. she achieved so many things that very few people even without disabilities probably wouldn't have been able to achieve. >> helen keller was one of the few people on the monument they could touch. artists are working for a
5:35 pm
sculpture for visually impaired visitors a four foot high granite wall with the faces of all 25 humanitarians and quotes from each in braille. >> we take so much for granted we who have sight and we don't think anything of people without sight not having a clue what some of these great history makers look like or felt like. >> this spent the fourth and largest section of the remember the monument is going to be installed. once organizers raise another $750,000 the hope to open the visually impaired wall by the end of the year. how soon some voters in contra costa county could put their two cents for a cost increase for a popular drink. they are making a pitch for parents to keep their eyes on a certain feature of their child's favorite video games. turns out dogs could be pretty expensive. why state farm paid out $20 million in claims in california
5:36 pm
alone. way more than any other state in the country.
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around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. heinz ketchup is only $1.79. that's for the party size. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. get the new safeway app. it's free. and the easiest way to get the most savings. . republican presidential candidate mitt romney slammed president obama's fiscal policies he rallied supporters in st. petersburg, that. he said president obama promised to get the unemployment rate down below 8%
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but failed. romney poked a little fun at the democratic national convention back in 2008. >> he spoke at that democratic convention about four years ago and of course big greek columns behind him. i don't think he'll be speaking in front of greek columns this time. he won't want to remind people of greece. >> romney also noted that president obama is responsible for the mortgage loan crisis in his opinion. vice-president joe baden hit the campaign trail and had strong words for mitt romney. vice-president biden spoke to worker at a high tech company in youngstown ohio he says romney believers as long as the people at the top of the economy do well everyone else will be okay. biden said despite his quote great respect for romney he disagrees with that philosophy. >> but he doesn't get it. he doesn't get what's at the core of all this. it's about people's dignity. >> the vice-president also campaigned at a chevy dealership that was saved
5:40 pm
during the auto industry bailout. featuring two of the san francisco giants biggest stars. they helped debut the spot at at&t park they encourage parents to pay close attention to the ratings on the virginia games their children play. they say they themselves pay closer attention now that they are parents. >> as prevalent as video games are today there's a lot out there not all of them are going to be appropriate for an 8, 9, 10-year-old. >> we know how sneaky kids can be and try to pull a fast one on you sometimes. >> psa is schedule to run on tv and radio station in the bay area. voters in richmond will get to vote on a soda tax next november. they voted 5-2 that would add a
5:41 pm
one cent tax to sugarally drinks it would generate between 2 million and $8 million a year. that money would go for youth sports and nutrition programs. state farm insurance says california tops the list of states where people fail claims for dog bites. in 2011 state farm says it paid more than $20 million to settle 527 california dog bite claims. that's up 30% compared to 2010. illinois came in a distant second with 309 claims for $10 million. texas came in the number 3 spot with 210 claims for $5 million. a new usda study counters a common perception buying junk food is cheaper than eating healthy. it all depends on how food prices are measured. pastries and processed snacks high in fat may seem like a bargain if the price is measured by calories comparing the cost of foods by weight or portion size shows that grain, vegetables, fruit and dairy fads are foods are less
5:42 pm
expensive. coffee drinkers may actually live longer. that's according to the largest study ever done on coffee and its affect on health. researchers found coffee drinking men reduced their risk of death by 10% women by 13%. what's more it didn't matter if they drank regular or decaf coffee what can get you is sugar and cream extra calories may negate any good that comes from drinking coffee. good news home building not only has a pulse it's stronger than most people thought. the numbers still ahead. it was a cold day in san francisco. live camera showing union square and it is fog in right now. it's been foggy all day in san francisco. what happens tomorrow? more fog. i'll tell you how cool it's going to be.
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. the oakland city council has given initial approval to cut down on blighted properties. the new regulation would require banks the register homes that have received notices of default the earliest stage of foreclosure. bank would have to maintain the appearance of the property whether or not it's occupied. banks say they don't own the homes one once the default notice is sent so they shouldn't be held responsible. the markets for new homes is showing some real signs of life and that holds the promise of more jobs in the devastated construction trades. consumer editor tom vacar is in
5:46 pm
walnut creek at a lock where homes are going fast. >> reporter: well example this tony townhouse complex in walnut creek well it's get them while you can. actual home building in the u. s. last month is up a whopping 30% from a year ago. even though banks hold droves of foreclosed homes the number actually for sale is at its lowest level in 7 years. >> we have many more buyers than we do properties. every property in our area here locally has 15 to 20 offers on it. >> reporter: so even in recession wracked contra costa county some how many beders are coming out of hibernation. >> 244 permits issued is a 72% increase over last year. >> reporter: of the 65 units built or being built at k b homes walden park development 43 of the homes have already been sold. >> as this demand have
5:47 pm
increased we have builders that are starting to rehire folks. >> it's starting to maybe turnover a little bit you see a lot more people starting to get jobs. right now we're only working half days. a few months ago it was even worse than that. >> reporter: but until the banks put their foreclosures on the market we won't know what properties are really worth except in the most desirable locations square foot per square foot resales are cheaper than new homes. but. >> as demand increasees and prices increase it gets to a place where it makes economic feasibility to move forward with a project. >> reporter: but again until banks release those foreclosures a truly honest market cannot develop. reporting live consumer editor tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now on the signs of recovery from the housing market. new numbers from show the median home price in
5:48 pm
california hit $679,000 in april. that's an increase of 5.27% compared with a year ago and 4.62% up for march. that's in contrast to a decrease seen in april for the national average home price. great prices are seeing a boom that's according to the report. a great shortage and growing demand nor california wine fueling the price jump. some grape prices have doubled in the past year that's led to tension between growers who want higher prices and wineries who don't want to raise prices and risk driving away customers. let's talk about our weather now over to chief meteorologist bill martin the fog is moving in. >> it's coming in big time tonight. it means cooler for your thursday. check outside we got some fog on live storm tracker 2. it's actually pushed in a few maybe a half mile out over san francisco. you can see it all the way out to the ballpark now shooting across the golden gate bridge
5:49 pm
check this outright there's a fog finger shooting across berkeley albany hill. that's an indication that the push is startinger. an early push means whet he good coverage tomorrow morning. so when you wake up i expect plenty of fog like we had this morning. a little slower burn off temperature tomorrow not as warm as these. we did look at 86 degrees today. so they were just outside the fog ring. 79 in livermore 79 in concord but it was cool. san jose 70 mountain view 64. the system ushers in more fog and more coolness. the tree pollen trending high. pine cedar and oak. but this pattern actually kind of helps you a little bit with allergy tomorrow cooler than today. the weekend warmer today. we'll warm up but it's all still pretty steady in terms of
5:50 pm
how warm it's going to get how cool it's going to get. this is the low pressure center. what i meant by that is how warm -- it's not going up and down a lot it's kind of flat lineing. 78, 80, 82. >> its it's browning around all through the five-day. this low pressure center is the mechanism for tomorrow's cooling. it drops down bring rain in the winter it's going to fog and motor it into the salinas valley. cool pattern west winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. 75 in sonoma. 75 in napa. 77 fairfield. not a bad day tomorrow slightly cooler than today certainly in some areas. 69 in castro valley 68 in hayward. forecast highs santa clara valley mid-70s in warm spots. somebody asked me on my facebook page what about sacramento. you would expect it to be in the upper 80s tomorrow will be in the 70s maybe upper 70s. even 60, 70 miles away that fog gets up to the delta an cools
5:51 pm
them off. the weekend warms up nicely as you see the five days day is 76, 82 to 84. real subtle change. >> thanks bill. we'll tell you the two thing oakland's oldest man credits for hess long and happy life. a major san francisco museum is launching a new art exhibit why curators are calling there piece an invitation to look inward. ñ?óyp8
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. facebook founders mark zuckerberg is getting a message from the speaker of the house of massachusetts. come home. in an open letter robert today leo says zuckerberg move facebook to massachusetts because he says it's i better place than california to do business. today is older americans day and those gathered to celebrate the event in the east bay this name time heard a greating from the oldest man in oakland. >> hello to everyone. that's. >> that's andrew frank hatch he was born in louisiana on october 7th, 1898. that makes him 113 years old. oakland mayor read a prok has recognizing his contributions in oakland since he moved to the city in 1928.
5:55 pm
mr. hatch says god and family have helped him so long. >> how about that. >> the san francisco asian arts museum is phone nor collection of art treasures is celebrating the arrival of first large scale contemporary art exhibition. >> this is a gift to all the people of our be loved city of san francisco, a gift to all the realtors from near and far. >> the exhibition is called phantoms of asia. it includes modern and international art from more than 30 artists around the world. the exhibit's largest piece is the breathing flower it's located in civic center plaza. >> the museum says it's one of the pieces inviting visitors to pause and reflect on their existence in the universe. >> it is one theme that our asian art museum wanted to make sure begins this month with
5:56 pm
their whole exhibition of the phantoms in asia. >> the exhibit is part of san francisco's may celebration of asian american heritage month. the museum is also offering other activities including workshops story telling tours and live performancees the phantoms of asia exhibit will run until september 2nd. coming up in 2 minutes we're continuing to follow the drug bust today at a gated community in contra costa county. we were the on tv station there. what federal agents found. a san francisco fire chief in hot water. what a judge has requested chief joanne to do to help her ex-husband.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them. . federal drug agents descends on a gated community in contra costa counties. what they found that resulted in 19 people being arrested. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. 19 people are in custody after did a special agents swooped in armed with search warrants. the raid dubbed operation disco days tack place at the gates community in discovery bay. among the items seized
5:59 pm
marijuana plants, guns even a grenade launcher. eric rasmussen has been following the story and is the only tv news crew there where agents just finished up their workers that's right frank. 30 minutes ago agents pulled down down the crime scene tape. this investigation spend a very wide area. they busted 14 indoor marijuana growing operations today. they won't name the exact locations yet but we do know agents had gone in and out of several houses on this street alone. the last few minutes people came out of those houses and inserted no drugs were found here. one of the alleged ring leaders lives here in discovery bay. late this afternoon we watched authorities carrying several a tells out of a house in this gated community known as the lakes in discovery bay. after seeing members of the drug enforcement agency and other officers search several homes all day, the dea revealed it was all parts of a million dollar marijuana bust.


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