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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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chair outside a home while authorities searched inside. whale we never saw him day attend the dea says it arrested a total of 19 people from discovery bay to as far away as fresno. >> it's upsetsing but we got to be careful with what we say and try to stay to ourselves otherwise there could be some retaliation on our homes. >> reporter: this man did not want to show his face but says he's not surprised the trail of a major drug ring led authorities to this gated community. >> drug dealing a lot of people walking around late at night. people that shouldn't be here are in this park. and they are not residents here. >> reporter: the owner of one house that was searched did not want to talk on camera but says he's been renting out the home to the same person for a year and-a-half and had no idea there was anything suspicious going on until now. >> the dea says the father and son owners of a hydroponics equipment business in tracey and hayward were behind this drug ring and it bears
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repeating in addition to all drugs received today agents also found 46 firearms including some assault rifles and a grenade launchers. eric rasmussen can it values cancel 2 news. he richland police discovered a large marijuana growing operation. coming up in 13 minutes how this growing pot problem is changing the way firefighters do their job and the dangers these growing operations are creating for unsuspecting neighbors. a strange story unfolded in san leandro in the past hour it started with a woman being robbed at a castro valley safeway. the victim told police three women one pregnant tackled robbed her and stole her car. sheriff's deputies caught up with the car at 164th in san leandro. after a chase the stolen car crashed right in front of the sheriff's department hitting an employee coming out of the lot. needless to say the suspects were quickly arrested. the employee and all three suspects were taken to the hospital. all are expected to be okay.
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dublin police are searching for the driver of appliers december who struck and killed a cyclist. investigators say the incident happened near the corner of do you rememberty and fall creek roads at 11:30 last night. the coroner's office has not yet released the name of the victim but is said to be a man about 55 to 60 years old. investigators say car parts at the scene belong to a black 2012 mercedes benz cls500. 550 or 63. they also say the very expensive car likely has front end damage. in richmond tonight about 3 dozen cyclists took part in a nationwide effort to honor psych lift who have been killed in accidents. the ride of silence started over an hour ago. a similar ride also took place tonight in tiburon. a turn of the century graveyard found at a bay area hospital has put a halt to construction going on. crews bit building a loading dock uncovered more than a dozen pine cover fins.
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the hospital says the cemetery was set up more than 130 years ago for people whose families were too poor to a afford burial elsewhere. >> in the 1932 map shows the cemetery location. the 1958 map there's nothing that's indicated exists in that figure area. >> santa clara county plans to ask a judge to grant permission to excavate a number of the coffins. it is the latest domestic battle involving a public official. the fair chief was in court after failing to pay alimony to her ex-husband. rita williams looks into how this case is being handled compared to sheriff ross mercury any's case. >> reporter: unlike that case against the suspended sheriff. city hall is quiet about the failure of the city's fire chief to pay her ex-husband
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alimony. lieutenants the latest public riff between the couple shown here in happier times. 7 years ago her then husband sean white called 911. >> my wife hit me in the head with a wayne grass twice. >> what's her name. >> suzanne hayes white she's the fire chief. >> reporter: neck day the mayor said this. >> i continue to have strong support for the chief and am confident the outcome of that review. this is a personal matter. >> domestic violin is never a private or a family or personal matter it's a crime. >> reporter: kathy black is director of la casa did he last madras the women's shelter that put up billboards after ross mcgowan used the term private matter she says there should not be a double standard. >> regardless of gender age, race, sexual orientation, no matter what all crimes should be investigated.
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>> reporter: police did investigate the fair chief's case. she reportedly passed a lie detech for test and the district attorney did not file charges. since their divorce in 2009 the chief who makes $300,000 a year has paid her ex-court ordered spousal support. $3,300 a month until 14 months ago when he assaulted one of their sons while drinking. he since pled guilty and friday a judge ordered the chief to resume paying. >> doesn't really affect may. >> definitely not mayor to her. >> aim tired of hearing about everybody's sex lives. >> reporter: the mayor's press secretary told me today for now he does not see the fire chief situation as a case for the ethics commission. that unlike the chevy says it is civil not criminal. it does not relate to her job. reporting live in san francisco rita williams ktvu channel 2
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news. in richmond a long stand off end police surrounded april apartment on l street after a 6 hour stand off. 26-year-old todd gill hard surrendered. police tell us gill hard is a parolee wanted to on a $1.5 million warrant who had removed a tracking device from his ankle. a man was struck and killed on the cal train tracks in san jose. a northbound caltrain hit the man around 6:40 this morning near monterey road and south side drive south of tamien station. authorities have not reese looked the man's name. cal train set up a station. the tracks opened about 3 hours later. caltrain says 6 people have been killed on the track so far this year. san francisco police are looking for the gunman in a deadly shooting in the city's visitacion valley neighborhood. officers responding to shots fared found 21-year-old william
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castillo lying between two bidding on sunny dale avenue after midnight. castillo later died at san francisco general. police do not yet have a suspect or more in that shooting. a 25-year-old man is in critical but stable condition tonight after police found him lying near highway 101 a week after he went missing. the man was found last night near the hell year avenue off ramp. chp identified him as michael james sanchez. the chp towed his truck tuesday. officers searched the area for about 45 minutes that night, but didn't find sanchez. san jose police say it turns out he was unconscious just about 50 feet from where his truck was found. some big changes are in store for san francisco's van ness avenue. muni has to go ahead from the san francisco municipal transportation agency for a new bus rapid transit system on that busy corridor.
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buses will run on new lanes right down the middle of the street with stops on center island. the new system is expected to speed up service by 30%. officials say the 125 million- dollar project will be ready to go by 2016. advocates for people with hiv and aids today called on the city of san francisco to make up for the looming federal funding cuts. starting in july the city is set to lose about $8 million in federal funding for aids programs. advocates including a number of city supervisors all rallied at city hall. >> there are more people living with hiv now than there were in the 80s than they were in the mid-90s. than there were last year. and yet we have less money. we have more needs. >> healthcare providers say it is crucial to maintain funding for promising new treatments that could finally bring an end to that epidemic. a gasoline break near contra costa college set off a two hour evacuation as classes were getting underway.
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it's a story we brought you live on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. college officials say a construction crew hit the line after 10:00 this morning. the school evacuated 6 buildings on the south end of campus as a precaution. classes in those buildings were canceled and that frustrated many students. >> yes because i travel a long way to come to school. i live in the east bay. so when i got here yes, i was extremely upset and disappointed. >> abouting are capped the leak at noon today and student were allowed to return to class. the waters off san mateo county draw big crowds wind surfers and kite boarders a newspaper development may change the reason they head to this particular air. john sasaki is live in san mateo with a natural element that may go away. >> reporter: this water is a paradise for wind surfers and kite boarders they are upset because a big new development could be coming right over
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there. they say there's nothing like their favorite sport. >> you get going pretty fast. you get to feel the texture of the water. it's very calming very soothing. >> it can be pin full with the crashes but otherwise i do it because i love it. >> reporter: the water off coyote point park is where they like to jump this in but these winds could be in danger. the city of burlingame is considering a major development on the lands just across the water from the park. >> i would say all winds surfers kite boarders are against president. >> why? >> it will block the winds we'll have to move elsewhere. >> reporter: it would include 5 buildings and a parking garage some 100 feet tall. the city planning commission approved the idea on monday night and now it's up to the city council. >> the entire project was designed in a wind tunnel at uc davis in order to try to minimize any impacts upon the
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wind flow within the area. >> reporter: but at the board sports school people worried a dramatic change in wind patterns could challenge business. >> our teaching goes out the window. >> reporter: they say the winds usually come from that direction where the buildings will go up if the project is approved. the city council takes up the issue next month. live in burlingame i'm john sasaki ktvu channel 2 news. police say someone guarding a marijuana grow behind this fence called 911 this morning. the reason why is parts of a growing problem for police and firefighters. and doing the thinking for you. the new feature google is rolling out that allows its search engine to think like a human. . back here in 10 minutes with your thursday forecast lots of fog at the coast and it's heading your way cooler weather in the forecast. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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. a warehouse fire in richmond today uncovered a growing secret. a marijuana growing operation. ktvu noel walker is live in richmond with how this is part of a big statewide problem and how one bay area city is faithing back. k. noel. >> reporter: some neighbors call this community a gateed community. a fire blew the whistle on a growing problem. it took an early morning four for people living at south 6th street and ohio to know their neighbor. >> they should have kept it more neighborly. >> reporter: police raided the corner warehouse this morning. inside about a thousand marijuana plants. >> boat loads and they let a couple in and out but i've never ever suspected it. maybe once or it was we thought
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we smelled it. >> reporter: the warehouse sits a stone's throw from a school housing and foot path used by families with kids. >> if it weren't for the fire reported by the warehouse's night watch person the wide scale grow might have remained a secret. >> over the last year we've seen more grows eric drug enforcement statistics show california is a staggering number one in marijuana busts. agents seized more than 7 million plants the next closest state was west virginia with 400,000 plants. it's a dangerous business. california tops the list of weapons seized at pot busts too. >> a lot of these places harbor weapons because they are concerned about being robbed. >> reporter: the trend sparked special firing training in vallejo to help firefighters deal with the unique dangers a marijuana grow possesses. >> it was actually a neighbor that actually found out and called the cops. >> reporter: flames gutted the home in march. there was evidence of a
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marijuana grow inside but neighbors didn't know they were living next to a fair hazard. >> there are dangers to it obviously. just be careful who you're living around. >> reporter: police are investigating if this was a medical marijuana grow but so far no efforts. noel walker ktvu channel 2 news. there is concern in the east bay that people are destroying what nature took millions of years to form. the area called rock city in mantodea an look state park has been hit hard by vandals who are either carving or spray painting the rocks. because of state budget cuts only five rangers now patrol the entire park. that's half the number that used to work there. rangers and most park goers hope through education people will decide to leave the rocks alone and let mother nature take care of her creations. one of california's top legislators is pushing president obama to commit more federal money to build the
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state's high speed rail system. senate president pro tem darrell stainberg is trying to get skeptical lawmakers to okay $2.7 billion in initial spending by july 1st. steinberg told reporter today it would help in the federal government committed to even more than $3.5 billion it's promised so far. google announced today a new feature the company says will enable its search engine anticipate what the useres looking for. the search tool is called knowledge grandfather and google started rolling it out today. here's how it works if you google a historical figure for example a box will appear to the right of your search results listing key information about that person. facebook said today it is boosting the size of its initial pub you can lick offering ahead of its wall street a abuse. the ipo is more than 400 million shares. major stakeholders increased the number of shares they intended to offer by almost 5%. the move may potentially list the landmark sail to more than $16 billion. the state says facebook ipo
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could generate $1.5 billion or more in tax revenue. the governor has already factored that windfall in to the latest budget projections. if the governor's tax hike on the wealthy passes in november facebook could add another $400 million to the state's coffers. >> . for more on the facebook ipo including a poll on what americans think about the site's staying power visit and click on the facebook tab. growing demands for housing is sparking new home construction in the east bay. a building industry analyst tells us 240 permits werish in contra costa county in the first three months of this year. that is up 72% compared to the same tame last year. at the walden park department in walnut creek 43 of 65 new homes have already been sold. what is said to be the largest traveling barbeque grill in the world made a pit stop in livermore.
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johnsonville sausage brought the gill to percent street. it can cook 750 hot dogs at one time. the money raised will benefit prostate cancer research. the weather out in livermore looked pretty good but other parts covered by fog. >> anti-okay got up to the mid 80s today. big fog push today a bigger fog pitch tomorrow. that means cooler daytime highs. take a look it's pubing right now it's already shooting across the towards berkeley and albany. when it does thaw you know it's going to be a foggy overnight into tomorrow. there's a mechanism low pressure center enhancing all this. you're not going to get highs like these. highs tomorrow will be a few degrees cooler especially in antioch where they reached 86 degrees outside that cooling influence of the fog. tomorrow temperatures dip a little bit. it will start to work their way back up. as we head towards the weekend temperatures will be nice back in the low 80s.
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no heat wave and subtle changes. tomorrow's fog we'll take a look at the model. we'll get to tomorrow morning early you see there's the push. it's him up into the delta. there will be cooling throughout the northern half of the state because of this low pressure center to the north of us. as that low pressure gets closer it blows all the fog out but it's too late by afternoon to recover the temperatures. so daytime hayes tomorrow yellows are 70s agrees than 60s. >> lots of low mid-70s tomorrow. san francisco you're in the upper 50s all day. beckly 64, 63. free months you're 68, 69 degrees. you'll start finding your mid-70s as you head off into the inland bay valleys modesto stockton out towards discovery bay. maybe an 80-degree reading but most temperatures in the 70s. the forecast this low pressure this is the main mechanism comes down it scoops the fog pushes it well inland we get a cooler day thursday. friday is going to be a little bit warmer the weekend a little
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bit warmer still. there's your five day forecast coming up. these are the forecasts for 44 cities where you live near where you live. it's kind of cool but nice the air quality is good. fire danger is not off the hook obviously. bay area weekend you see a nicing warm p. it's summing changes. >> warms up just in time for the weekend. thanks bill. >> sure. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 can it have you channel 2 was first on the scene to tell you about a fatal hit an run involving a cyclist in dublin. tonight new information about the pricey luxury vehicle authorities are looking for. and we're learning how one man was found alive 6 days after his vehicle crashed into south bay. join us for these stories and more at 7:00 on tv 36. stage 4 of the amgen tour of california takes over gold country. sports is coming up next. also nike town in san francisco's union square is
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closing its doors but it isn't disappearing forever what you can expect when the business reopens.
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. nike is reported hi planning to give its nike town
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store in san francisco union square a new look and new name. the 50,000 square foot store will be closing for the next 12 months for remodeling and when it reopens it will be called nike s f. similar changes are taking place at nike town in chicago and portland. mark joins us now a's are in progress they have a tough chore tonight. >> down in texas taking on the first play rangers josh hamilton and yu darvish. he signed a multimillion-dollar deal and he's looking pretty good early on. the a's were leading 1-0. darvish has already got a 5-1 record. and tommy malone makes a little too good to adrian beltre gone to right two-run shot we're just in the 4th inning a's trailing 3-1. not all that bad. meantime at the risk of sounding like a broken records at the risk of sounding like a broken records we've got the
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same guy winning again in the tour of california. every day so far during the event. peter say began has won it little different location same result. as they go from sonora to clovis longest leg of the race 130.2 mails and it is say began from slovakia nothing slow about him. fourth straight stage win. in gymnastics the women's u. s. and men's olympic trials hp pavilion back in 1996 the u. s. head by legendary coach bella today role he they won a lot of goalie feels the potential is there again for 2012. >> i definitely see the opportunity. i see the possibility and i believe if i'm taking it opportune which country there is no country on earth at this point ha would can come marble with the power an excellence of the american kids. >> like i said, an absolutely legendary good-bye so solong.
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>> i took my drama mane. >> world champion cardinals are in at at&t park tonight to face the giants. >> all right. tonight we uncover the research tool that you're feeding information to and you don't even know its. that special report is on the 10:00 news and stay with us at thank you for trusting it ktvu channel 2 news.
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