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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 17, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in vacaville. fso almost everybody says cloudy skies. 56 san jose and towards mountain view, 70s and there is only a few lower 80s. and that is near eastern contra coster coup tape it will be a cooler pattern and psych that low continuing with that on shore breeze and drizzle. partly cloudy and it will be mostly cloudy in the morning. cooler fog and drizzle coast and bay. temperatures 50s and 60s and 70s, here is sal. i want to show you some late night video, these pictures exclusive to the ktvu channel 2 morning news camera. and they were on the scene even before the fire crews arrived. somebody had sheered off the top of a fire hydrant and with all that flooding once firefighters arrived they capped it within minutes.
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doesn't know who started it. it looks good getting up to highway 24 and into the oakland area and westbound all the way to oakland looks good, let's go back to the desk. >> it is called the biggest copper heist, somebody told hundreds of feet of copy wiring from veterans memorial park. wopping wong is there to talk about the big event that has the city scrambling to make big repairs. >> good morning pam. >> reporter: you have the veterans day and we have to get the lights on for that but let me show you where this veterans park is located. but if we pan here to the park you can see the lights are all down from the north end to the
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south end. there is an area here and then a dog park and all of that is without power this morning. according to thieves they took these lights on monday. and they are on the other side of this gated area. according to reports, from the north and south end of the park it was discovered monday they are hoping to get it all fixed again before these memorial day ceremonies on may 25th so they have a week and a half to finish it up. they don't have a firm estimate on how much it costs to fix this but they say it is a problem everywhere and they are still working to fix it trying to figure out who is responsible. wopping wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. -- claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are looking for
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suspects in a violent incident. it happened about 8:30 near story road. a man is fighting for his life after being shot. and another man faced a brutal beating, we are still not clear what led to all the violence. an overnight shooting just happened at 10:00 near the intersection of 40th and police and market.$♪ the police found the man suffering from two gunshot wounds. he is now at hyland hospital and at this point this is no moat if i have tore the shooting. that fire was just reported just a few minutes before
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midnight. firefighters stopped it from spreading. nobody was hurt. he was lying injured in and out of consciousness near away area freeway. michael sanchez was found in the bushes off highway 101 in south san jose. now last thursday san jose police say they got a missing person's report on sanchez and they learned they had found his red pickup struck. they brought in sheriff's deputies and the fire department to search the area and the accident but say they found nothing. >> you definitely take a look at the situation and see if there is anything you could have done differently but when you look at the circumstances i feel confident with the best information we had. >> san jose police say they returned to the area yesterday
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on a hundred and they found -- hunch and they found sanchez despite going without food or water for seven days. 4:34 it has now been two months before sierra lemar disappeared. yesterday her father released a message about his daughter. >> my family and i remain positive and confident that she will be back home safe with us. i ask everyone could keep her in your thoughts and prayers. since she disappeared police have found her cell phone, her bag and impounded a investigate wig gone jet why. he man charged of a killing is now accused of another violent
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incident. daniel due bunched him and he is accused of beating a 60-year- old man to death and he is ruled incompetent to stand trial. it is said to be run by a father and son team in eastern contra coster county it is known as the lakes in discovery bay. now the dea made nine arrests and confiscated 39 marijuana plants 36 firearms 36,000 in cash and a grenade launcher. the ring leaders were 50-year- old ortega senior and/or
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saratoga junior. >> it is -- ortega junior. >> what if something goes wrong at somebody's house like that. >> they say they launched an investigation a year ago into the equipment retail business. the father and son are accused of providing to businesses in exchange for profits. and new census data, shows the nation's diversity is growing. coming up at 4:47 it is coming up in u.s. history. it is now 4:37 and they have authorized a strike and today they are taken their message on the road. they start a series of rallies
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and they will all end up at caesar chavez for a bigger day of action and today it comes in the midst of the contract negotiations with the grocery store chain. they will force the closure of a main artery on a memorial day weekend. the first is to excavate straight. over the holiday weekend they will install tell rare bridges a long first, fremont and beal to minimize the impact it will go up over 3 holiday week ken's, memorial day and labor and veterans day. >> it will allow us to transfer below four blocks long. >> the first closes at next
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friday night, five p.m. to noon. the nighttime working will also affect several bus lines and a seismic upgrade on the dumbarton bridge will close that structure from may 25th to may 29thth and the bridge will be closed in both directions. 4:39 a good time to check in with sal. i didn't have a chance to check are the giants in town? and that will certainly be tricky around the trans day terminal. news an action. >> news an action, yes pam, i know they are away that weekend but they are away the weekend.
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>> so that is helpful. >> yes, that is helpful and the traffic is doing well. there are no major problems as you drive out to the mcarthur maze. there was an overturned vehicle but nobody injured very lucky person standing outside the vehicle and emergency medics are on the way at east waterman. no major problems with traffic and the morning commute is looking good getting up to highway 17 and that traffic is getting off to a nice start. we have a weak system pushing to the north of us and that will continue to enhance the pattern cooler inland. it is already cold or cool and
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toast and bay it is not going right over us and this one is mainly going towards north. 54 to 8 and that will pick up as the system inches closer and already out of vac vac having vacaville and south at concord, 17, west southwest at oakland and the delta has already been established. temperatures again, due to the cloud cover. there would be a few lower 80s and those are out towards the delta or well inland. mostly cloudy in the morning
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partly sunny coast and bay 56 for the city, berkeley only 62, 75 fairfield, we did go upper 70s and this is tough to cool down inland areas. it does not take much but days are long nights are short. temperature clearing out and with your weekend always in view, another cool document early next week. 49ers may leave san francisco -- cool down, early next week. 49ers may leave what they have to do if they want to head south. >> you know the sketchers promising to tone your body. they actually done working and you are eligible for a refound. we will have more coming up stay tuned for more.
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. good morning mostly cloudy skies, it will be a cooler day inland, 50s and 60s and 70s. a berkeley homeowner could be evicted from a house after 30 years of complaints from neighbors. that house is at 1722 in northwest berkeley and on tuesday they voted unanimously to have the paperwork declare
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the home a nuisance. the homeowner must be a stop to the drug dealing loud music and fireworks. this morning the planning commission will discuss the plan to let the team out of its lease at candle stick park. under the deal they can go at 2040 in its new home and in exchange san francisco would get more than $5 million from the 9ers. the trial of a 22-year-old richmond man is accused of murder. andre davis, he is accused of killing a man outside club swayed near fisherman's wharf. february 7th davis shot hall multiple times. davis was arrested after they
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witnessed the shooting. after the defense rested its case yesterday without calling edwards to testify, edwards is a used of using 100 to hide his ex-from marital a fair. edwards faces up to 30 years if convicted. this weekend, leaders from across the world will come to the u.s. for two major sum myths. on friday -- sum myths, on friday he will hold the summit and on the a general gay is terrible -- agenda is terrorism. much of it will focus on the new french president. ones that folk cause is over they will ted to chicago with local law enforcement on patrol.
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they are already there and some businesses are boarding up as a precaution. >> it is a little glass here and they just want to be safe than sorry. >> the summit will address it for $4 billion and aid. obama administration has invited them in hopes they would not get it contributing to most of the money. minorities make up more than half the children in the united states and just about 50% of all babies born were minorities. according to the u.s. a data that is compared to 1990. all children under the age of 5 under the sepsis are mine -- census are minorities. a local park is being destroyed by vandals. a part of the park is being
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covered in rock spray paint. it only has been destroyed by wind rain and sun for 50 million years and park workers say it is frustrating to see what happened. >> it is frustrating not knowing what it was like naturally. >> not knowing how long it took for these form makes and how quickly they can be destroyed. but leaving the graffiti seems to encourage other graffiti artists to leave their mark. and a meeting at the usc board reagents.
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they delayed the closed door system if the state cut's was made. a fiery campaign speech in ohio. vice-president joseph biden is upset about it and they say democrats don't have dreams. >> my mother and father believe if my brother and scissor wanted to be a mill on -- millionaire. >> after his speech, he stopped in for a little ice cream. >> he is intensifying his attacks on president barack obama as a wasteful spend der. >> i will get the job done.
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>> mitt romney continues campaigning in dock do today in jacksonville. california claim says he will tie up quickly including kim kardashian in its ads. they claimed people would help them loose weight and get in better shape. >> they are supposed to tone your butt and help you with your posture. >> they have put their foot in their mouth but making unproven claims. >> they will have to make chargers. buyers will have to file a claim. a man under arrest refusing
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treatment for tuberculoses, why he said he didn't want to medication. the action bus drivers a using.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 4:53, a stockton man is under arrest for refusing to take his medication. 44-year-old arm month dough rod -- mr. rodriguez refuses to take his medications. health workers went to check on him three times but he refused to take his meds after a drinking beginning and taking
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methamphetamine. the contra coster times reports there are multiple rides and an "a" c transit spokesperson said he will continue to follow the rules. 4:54 is the time let's check with sal for the commute, is there a little bit of road construction? >> yes, but it starts to go away because it gets so heavy at 5:00, i want to show you traffic is moving well and traffic looks good in oakland. of course at the toll plaza, there is no road working and it is a nice drive to san francisco. road working looks good to livermore and caster valley and if you are driving to hayward, 880 looks good and in santa clara valley we are off to a good start. let's go to steve
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mostly trouble, we have had a series come by and they definitely enhance the fog bank and pacifica only 49 degrees and it has been chill hi. a cool pattern for this time of year and inland areas will start to warm up as we head to the weekend. a little blustery at times, nothing outrageous yet once the cloud deck begins to burn off. where 1 san francisco, 56 san jose. lots of 60s and even sacramento will be hoofing around #0 defreeze. high pressure builds in and we'll see much improved conditions on the weekend. mid-70s for some but upper 60s
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in napa santa rosa, 74 in concord and 70s for livermore pleasant on it and redwood city 67 and mountain view 67. morning fog but it does look sunny and warmer and cool down starts early next week, pam? thank you steve, developing news out of san jose, one person has died after a brutal overnight fight, plus a series of copper theft. we have member more crawl day sell breaks -- memorial day sell breaks are now in jeopardy. memorial day celebrations are now in jeopardy.
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. good morning, new developments in the overnight fight, one person has died, one person beaten and the latest on the search for suspects. copper thieves stole wire, we will tell you how much they took and how long repairs are expected to take. you will want to hit the breaks, if you are driving past the school in san francisco later this morning. the new lower


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