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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 17, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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that have now gone up. come least coverage now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning to you welcome to thursday, it is may 17th, i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook, thank you for joining us this morning, i am wondering what the weather will be like. thank goodness we have steve. we have fog and higher clouds associated with another pressure system and temperatures are staying cool today, inland temperatures are pushing 70s, here is sal. good morning traffic on highway 4 is doing well and it is a little crowded in antioch but nothing major. also the commute looks good in san francisco, on northbound 101 approaching the 880 split. it happened at about 30:00
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-- 8:30 east of mclaughlin road. another man was beaten but he is expected to live. also a ktvu channel 2 morning news crew was on the scene just moments after a shooting in oakland. it happened on 34th and market. the victim was found in the street and had been shot two times. he is now listed in critical condition at hyland hospital. right now we have no word on suspects or even a motive on shooting. copper thieves have plunged into the dark a week before celebrations are to take place. here is claudine wong with a look on how long repairs will take. >> reporter: certainly they
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estimate repairs will be done in the thousands and certainly it is dark here in american canyon and there are pad locks on this unit and we have seen some junction boxes. they are talking about how they will stop copper thieves from tar getting this park from keeping this happening again and this park is 14 acres. it has one side that is grass area and another part is dog park on the side. thieves stole00 feet of copper wire. they believe it happened sometime on monday and the park has been in the dark ever since. they have put the city workers there to get them through the last few days and they are hoping to get the repairs done
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by memorial day where they have veterans coming out for the celebration. they are not alone and they are just stuck now trying to repair all of this. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are investigating a graffiti case and they need your help to make an arrest. they released this surveillance photo of this person of interest. they sprayed on may 6th. they say the person in the photo was possibly involved and if you have any information please call police. the ruling prohibits the demonstrators from entering or farming the 10-acre university owned field in albany. in two weeks a judge will decide whether to order a
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preliminary injunction and they eat hope to change the judges mind. an incredible story of survival. a man found alive after a week of being on the highway. he was found in the bushes near highway 101 in south san jose. sanchez was reported missing to the police last thursday, that is when they realized the chp found his wrecked truck two days earlier. they searched the area and found nothing but yesterday they decided to give it another look. >> they said hey, we have come across another victim and that's our mission to save lives. >> sanchez was found in the
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bushes. he had been without food or water for 7 days. right now he is listed in critical condition. they are launching a video for posttraumatic stress disorder. many soldiers had their diagnosis improperly reversed. the shocking reason those were enforced. alex savage is near sherman elementary school telling us about new speed limits. alex? >> reporter: you will want to watch your speeds if you are driving past us because of this new signs that have gone up in front of schools across the city including where we are at
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sherman elementary school. normally it is a 25 hour per limit, put a citywide effort to keep kids from going to school and now there are 50 miles per hour speed zones and publically and private schools in san francisco. but not all of them have these lowered, just the ones on two lane streets. a pedestrian advocacy group, she says san francisco is now the largest city in the state to change to 15 miles per hour zones and the costs to install these new signs, 360 $1,000 and all of it is being spent. remember, speed limit zones are live in san francisco.
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ktvu channel 2 morning news. bart will be extending its service this sunday. all the bart stations will open early and start a 5:00 a.m. on sunday. they will be riding at 20 minute intervals. bicycles will not be allowed on the tapes until 8:00 a.m. they will provide easy access where the race begins i will be part of it this year and there will be judges with costuming and i want to see some good stuff out there. >> oh you will. you have not been out there. isn't he going to be surprised. >> yes, dave, there will not be a shortage of things for you to see. good morning, traffic is moving well and they will be on time
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according to dispatchers. east shore looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze and also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza and this is your reward it will be nice getting into the city. no problems in the south bay, santa clara valley 280 and 101 all look good, let's go to steve. very good morning and what is the clout cover, it has been cool to cold with temperatures in the mid-50s at best. it will start to working its way in and it gives us some drizzle and it is not coming right over us, it is going to the north but it has already put its stamp on with low and high clouds with a cool pattern. it has already been cool, coastal areas, a little breeze,
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nothing outrageous, west of napa southwest of vacaville and a that is a strong sea breeze already. 55 on the temperatures and that covers the spread, livermore is 52 and high pressure is building behind that and that will start to working and flexion its muscle on the weekend. cooler inland after some lower clouds on the first upper 60s 50 and 60s, i kept it within the same redwood city santa cruz breaks out with those 50s and gets some 60s but we will have some 70s after lower 80s, warmer day sellsly on -- especially on sunday and a cool down early next week, pam,
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dave? details of a private meeting with the parents of a teenager is shot and killed by a police officer. information that is sure to be credible in the trayvon martin case. we will have another update on your traffic and weather straight ahead, stay tuned.
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. welcome back we are finding out more, trayvon martin died from a single gunshot wound to the chest fired at intermediate range. the accused killer shows george zimmerman had a broken nose, two black eyes and minor cuts report was prepared by george zimmerman's personal physician. both autopsy reports will be critical against george zimmerman. and the ex-wife of marry kennedy junior, she was found dead in her home in bedford new york yesterday. when police found her, she was hanging. mary kennedy was his second wife and they divorced two
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years ago. he is the nephew of john f. kennedy. well has the army been playing down the troops in order to save money? the scandal in washington has prompted a nationwide review, allison? >> reporter: , pam, the army is launching the review of mental health evaluations and all of it at medical facilities dating back to 2001. this was for soldiers at the medical center near seattle had their diagnosis of posttraumatic disorder reversed. they found at least 100 cases where the diagnosis was restored. we talked about it with the veteran's affairs committee and they are holding back on p.s. the diagnosis so they will not
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have to make disability payments. >> of those, more than 40% of soldiers who had been given a diagnosis of pt sd who had been treated for it were told, no we are not going to give you this diagnosis. that is so wrong on so many levels. >> reporter: we will look at how the diagnosis process changed since the scandal broke, reporting live, allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:15, we have new information on a video of a man, he was taken down without incident and was taken to a hospital for observation. it all started on 7th and madison. traffic had to be diverted around this. the man was distraught and he talked about not wanting to go to jail. oakland's police chief
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extended an olive branch to the family of a teen who was shot and killed two weeks ago. harold jordan met with the parents of allan blew ford. the chief offered condolences for having to wait without information about their son's condition. they are expected to release the name of the man killed in dublin. police found a man in his 50s late tuesday night. they are not sure if the victim had been riding or walking his bike when he was hit but they have evidence from the car involved. police are looking for a black 2010 or 2011 mercedes benzs. it is tracked to a little
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known part of the city and half the night they wanted to change the name. will let people attract more business to the area. >> just to see the downtown area continue to evolve into a nice attraction place that will bring people to places like some of the other waterfront communities... >> now that change could come as much as $40,000 and they are expected to sign off on the name change and new signs could be up in just a couple of months. time now to check in with sal, how is the commute? >> well, nice and quiet, dave, pam, let's go out and take a look at these pictures for you. this is the time it starts to wrap up and right now it looks
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good on highway 4. this is a look at 880 in oakland and traffic is moving a long very nicely. the morning drive is moving well incase you are trying to get into san francisco, it is a nice drive for you. a lot of high clouds and fog, and other lows are coming in and it is staying mainly to the north. a lot of areas are on the coast and i have not seen much sun but probably it is a transition day as we go to fry and the weekend. but the low keeps in high clouds and low clouds so mostly a cool pattern. the rest will cool down and the breeze will pick up 15 to 25 later on. there is a southwest breeze in a sea breeze direction. 50s to low-to-mid everybody
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else says cloudy skies and here comes our next one and behind that high pressure is moving in but mostly cloudy to partly cloudy. i think mostly cloudy to the north as the system comes in and keeps temperatures well below average. 50s and 60s and even mid-70s and inland areas continue to joint party for the cool down and we have a clearing pattern taking place on friday and with your weekend always in view it will be sunny and a little bit warmer, pam, dave? european markets are over shadowing concerns about the state of the greek government. they had some pretty big sellouts. closing up at 1.7% and china
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and shanghai also had 1% gain. and slightly lower opening, nasdaq and s&p 500 and we will have a better indication as we get closer to that opening bell. jamie diamond warns the banks loss could increase in and coming months and the loss now tops $3 billion just four days after the warning. losses have surged in recent days as hedge funds and other investors have capitalized on the stress. that is faster in the underlying information of the bank. they are growing and this particular one is affecting man's best friend. and american idols judging panel after jennifer lopez dropped enough on the hit show. and it looks pretty good
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approaching the 880 split and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned.
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even my bank account! fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. this nonstop fashionista is definitely a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. . temperatures have been 50s and 60s and 70s. very unusual rescue near
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santa barbara. an iranian horse was spooked and swam two miles before the harbor patrol toed the horse to land. we are told the horse was tired but was in good shape. sometimes animals are sleepy and disoriented and can't control their bladers but oftentimes, some end up come toed. the number of this cases are climbing the higher up the cases you go and in humboldt county they see at least one case of that every day. they are trying to fight off a flesh eating infection.
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she suffered a deep gash after falling off a zip line. doctors amputated her leg and will also loose saul of her fingers. she and her parents are in good spirits. >> she can still communicate with us and the visiting hours runs far too short and that's the only thing i hate is leaving her room, i will be honest with you. north carolina suffered the same fate. she lost her leg after getting a cut on her leg and she is hoping copeland can live as normal a life as possible with prosthetic limbs. and the next apple iphone is expected to have a bigger screen. the current ones have smaller screens and it is one of the smaller ones in the market, as usual apple is saying nothing about the report. the next apple i phone is
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expected today beau later this year. he will be giving a talk on a new approach to development in africa. blair is the founder of the africa's initiative promoting good governments, leadership and building capacity across africa. well the 11th season of american idol is coming to a close and we are getting reports jennifer lopez may be missing. she appeared on the ellen degenerous shows san she said idol is taking up a lot of time. if they want to keep her as a judge it may cost them. lopez signed on for a reported $20 million, an increase from 12 million the year before. meantime you can still catch jennifer lopez and the other
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judges before a few more episodes and you will find out about it before next week's big finale. you can catch the next one right here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. an amazing site right in the middle of the streets, what caused water to shoot 30 feet into the air and this you will only see on mornings on 2. and a message for grocery store workers the message they will be taking around the bay this morning. firefighters are coming to the rescue in a very strange freeway incident. freeway looks good and we will tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather.
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. well good morning to you welcome back, this is thursday may 17th. >> let's check in with steve paulson, cooler? >> yes, the last couple of days have been tough, temperatures have been in the 50s for san francisco, a little warmer towards santa cruz and we have some clouds which will cut the temperatures and they are moving into the north with clouds and there are a lot of 70s that were in the 80s just a couple of days ago.
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traffic looks good coming to the willow pass grade and i want to show you some video, a geyser sprouted up at an intersection at the loop. water shot 30 feet into the air and somebody sheered off top of a fire hydrant. when firefighters arrived they capped it within minutes. it is unclear if damage was done to the hydrant by accident or on purpose. an overnight rescue on the freeway, it happened east bay 92 in foster city. look at this firefighters rushed to help a man who somehow plunged more than 30 feet over the freeway railing. right now we don't know his condition or how he even fell. a normally business convenience store will be
5:32 am
closed after an overnight fire on campbell street. it was first reported just a couple of minutes after midnight. they managed to keep the flames from spreading to nearby apartments, there is no word of anybody being hurt and firefighters are still looking for the cause. today has been called a cause of action for union grocery workers, safe way market workers authorized a strike and they held a series of traveling rallies starting at 7:00 this morning. they will all end up in san jose for a bigger demonstration for 4:00 this afternoon. today's day of action comes in the wake of contents shows meetings. he is now accused of another violent incident. daniel punched an alameda
5:33 am
sheriff's deputy and broke his jaw. it happened as the deputy was getting ready to transport him to the hospital. he is a paranoid skits friend nick accused of beating a man to death in front of his own home and has been ruled incompetent to stand trial. he is reportedly operated by a father and son team in eastern contra coster county. it is known as discovery lakes. they arrested 19 people and confiscated 3800 marijuana plants 36 firearms, $400,000 cash and even a grenade launcher. the ripping leaders of the drug
5:34 am
ring were steven ortega senior and/or take gay junior. >> there are a lot of -- ortega junior. >> there are a lot of problems with shooting bullets. bullets that go a stray. >> and now the father and son are accused of using the businesses to providing equipment to growers in exchange for profits. some berkeley homeowners could be evicted from their property for over a year. they complained of crime and noise at the house for more than 30 years. now the berkeley city council approved calling the home a nuisance and guidelines that could end with the homeowners being kicked out. a resolution could be explained later this month. this morning the san francisco planning commission
5:35 am
will discuss a plan to let them out of their lease at candle stick park. they will allow them out of the lease early in 2014 when they will begin playing at their new home in santa clara. in exchange they get more than $5 from the niners. and it will slow down if he is driving near san francisco schools today. alex savage is in san francisco and new speed limits are taking affect around private as well as public schools, alex? >> reporter: it is all an effort to make sure kids get to school safely and they have installed these new 15 -- these new 15 miles per hour speed limits signs in front of school. normally it is 30 miles per hour but speeds have been reduced near schools and it is
5:36 am
a citywide effort. mayor ed lee kicked off the lowered speed limits and it is only the ones a long 2 lanes streets. they are now applauding the new signs set up and grand sister will change off on all of its eligible schools. she thinks it is a very good thing and it is part of an overall effort by city leaders to reduce. only on channel 2 news. a massive construction project in san francisco will force the closure of a main artery leading to the bridge on memorial day weekend. the next plan is to excavate
5:37 am
the street. there will actually be three temporary bridges along fremont and bay stretch. memorial day labor day and veterans day. >> it is a significant artery out of downtown so we wanted to take advantage of a long weekend to give arousers to do this. >> the next one choses at 5:00 p.m. there are two other closures to keep in mind on memorial day weekend, muni will shut down a week from tomorrow. the nighttime working will also affect several bus lines and a seismic upgrade on the dumbarton will close from may 25th to may 29thth memorial day weekend and the bridge will be
5:38 am
closed in both directions. occupied oakland reportedly is picking a brand-new battle and this time ac transit is the one. coming up, are checking in -- coming up, checking in with sal and i am still thinking about memorial day weekend. sometimes they think it will be crowded or let's move a land and traffic is moving a long welcoming out to the mcarthur maze. also the commute looks good if you are on the way to the bay bridge toll plaza and looking towards the south bay, traffic continues to look well and you
5:39 am
don't have an opening to silicone valley job if that is where you are leg, let's go to steve. it is a combination of low clouds high clouds associating. temperatures outside the golden gate bridge are very cold and any little heat in the valley that fog machines gets cranking along fast. cloudy skies on the lows, the combination of those higher clouds 5 to 72 and hopefully it will break up fog in the coast. it has been a couple of hot days and 54 to 78, clouds sun, that breeze will pick up and it will be a delta breeze, a sea
5:40 am
breeze. 60s and 70s and maybe a few lower 80s and soft 80s because there will be a west breeze and it looks like the last in the series it looks like over the next three day and 50s and 60s coast and bay and upper to low- to-mid 70s 54 and hayward 62 and berkeley 69. redwood city mountain view, san jose all at 70 even though some of the forecast projections and one of the view on the we had breaking through on monday and mostly sunny and warmer weather kicks in for your weekend. pamela, dave?
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an earthquake in text as it we will show you more. and a man who has tuberculoses is in trouble with the law for nod taking his medication. we will have the reason he is not in for treatment. they look pretty good -- they look pretty good, the morning commute and the bay area weather. texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪ but now it can make you more connected to your doctor
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. welcome back, good morning, here is a look at some of the top stories, police in san jose searching for suspects in a deadly attack. a man was shot to death last
5:44 am
night near story road east of downtown. another man was found badly beaten but he is expected to survive. authorities in american canon, that city is dealing with the biggest copper theft. 1,500 feet was stolen from veterans memorial park. it could affect summertime fun in napa county. and you better slow down if you are driving around schools, the city has implemented new 15 per miles school zones. a moderate earthquake hit east texas four hours ago.
5:45 am
it is close to the louisiana border and there are reports of broken windows and fallen dishes but no major injuries. and arizona a wildfire has nearly doubled in sides and destroyed four homes. it has burned more than 4,000 acres and shifting winds could move closer to the town of king. most people have evacuated but there is concern a few hold outs could become trapped. in northern colorado a wildfire also burning northwest of fort collins and it is only 5% contained. flames are spreading closer to some homes and authorities have warned people to be ready to leave. that fire was caused by humans they are saying. leaders from around the world will be coming here to the u.s. for two major sum
5:46 am
myths. on sunday they will head to chicago fortunate tow summit and security is very -- for the nato summit and security is very tight. they are vowing they will disrupts meetings and some businesses are boarding up as a precaution. >> i am going to buy some groceries and stay in the house all weekend and let it blow over. >> they had a request for $4 billion in aid and yesterday germany pledged they would help but first, president barack obama will be hosted some of the world leaders at camp david. participants includes england fran and the global economy will focus on the new president of the france. he was inaugurated on tuesday.
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he had charges of refusing to take his tuberculoses medication. he has an active form of the illness and without his medication he could be projected. he told the nurse he had gone on a drinking binge and used methamphetamine and didn't want to hurt his liver with the medication. vandals at mt. diablo state park are targeting an area known as rock city. they spray painted and carved into the rocks that have only been touched by rain and wind for 50 million years. they have you cut the rangers in half and now there are half patrolling that park. they have put up signs telling visitors don't carve into the
5:48 am
rocks or paint them. they are hoping if they can educate them. it will stop some of these graffiti incidents. 85 cents for bus transfers and occupied members are calling on drivers to honor transfers for three hours and for multiple rides. he says he expects operators to follow the rules. we are looking at 24 and 680 and we have a strong eye on contra coster county and it looks good in lafayette and pleasant hill and highway 4 coming from antioch to bay point and so far looking at the toll plaza it has not become a
5:49 am
big slow down here. traffic looks good there as well and we will look at livermore and caster valley that has been a nice drive and no problems, not stop and go just yet. >> do you have any better news? >> yes, the weekend does look better but another low is working towards the california coast. end result will be low clouds and high clouds so the combination giving us a cloudy morning, it has been a cool morning for us and winds at the time will pick up later on. spreading in the higher clouds and we start off with the high cloud deck with maybe even some drizzle and the associated low
5:50 am
is right there. wind is out of the west. delta breeze already in place. 5 -- 50s and westport tall in the city valley 49 and keeping temperatures inland cooler coast and bay, cooler pattern some fog may be drizzle maybe it this will be a chance for inland areas and still a chance for 50s and 60s and 70s except towards santa cruz and capitoa, but it should be much warmer than that warming up some low-
5:51 am
to-mid 80s cooling down. >> they are holding stead did he, 370,000 people filed for first time unemployment benefits last week and that's the same the week before. they need to stay at or below 370,000 consistently for a while for economists to say the job market is improving. the number of homes seized by homes and they received for closure notices. the north bankers association said they are agreeing to short sales rather than foreclosing on the homes. and pay day loans, prepaid debit cards and check cashing services are younger than how much they owned and 29% of the
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, nicolson experienced a hazard and there he is laughing about it afterwards but look at the video. he lost his bat after swinging at a pitch and the bat went flying towards nicolson's seat. luckily a net caught the bat and the golfer was okay. stage 5 this morning has been held in baker's field and racers will be there for a 15- mile resource. meantime workers are recorrect to the goal country.
5:56 am
a grueling 130-mile ride to close visit and the 22-year-old rider surged a few hundred yards from a finish line. they are holding more than a million dollars that belong more than that or the city keeps the cash. they are going to track down students who received reimbursements for dropped classes. some of them are worth almost $2,000. a major follow for why shoot making dollars will claiming problems it's over athletic shows. the ads claim wearing the rocker bottom clouds helping them get in shape.
5:57 am
>> it seems so bogus, i am not surprised it doesn't working. >> i have seen people get achilles tendinitis from that shoe because they are stretching the heel. >> stretchshy, get all the information on how you can get a refund on the shoes, just scroll down to our home page. >> i have to say i was one of those people who bought them. i thought it can't hurt. >> and you are looking tone. traffic is moving along in many areas, and we will look and notice that the south bay traffic looks good and coming up a complete traffic update
5:58 am
featuring some key spots in the east bay. and one of the victims in an overnight shooting in san jose has died and police are still searching for the suspect. >> good morning lots of clouds cover over us, temperatures continue to cool and we will finally warm it up, we will have your forecasted highs coming right up.
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