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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. we are live in san jose where police are on the lookout for suspects in a shooting and assault. we will have an update. copper thieves hit an american canyon, we will tell you how much wire they stole and the repairs are underway. a miraculous tail, a man found a life one week after crashing on the highway. and peel lighting posttraumatic stress in troops, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. well, good morning to you, it is thursday may 17th, i am dave clark. >> let's check in with steve
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paulson for a look at the weather. >> we have low clouds and higher clouds and the combination is giving us lows in the $50 and we will have some 60s but this does look like the cool day of the week here is sal. traffic looks good coming to the willow pass grade and also it looks good on 237, let's go back to the desk. >> a man is responsible for attacking two men in san jose. tara moriarty is at the scene where the street is now blocked off, tara? >> reporter: well, that's right and if you take a look behind me, this is walnut woods drive apple have been combing a home looking for evidence and we are not too far from history and
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mcclock. '18-year-old was found beaten. that 18-year-old died at the hospital three hours ago. his identify is not being released until his family is notified. they don't have any suspects in custody but there were a number of witnesses so they are pursuing leads. walnut drive is blocked off at the moment. we will continue to stay with this developing story and we will let you know when it becomes available. they were on the scene just moments after it, police found the victim lying on the street suffering from two gunshot wounds. he is now listed in critical company. at this point there is no motive on the shooting. police are trying to figure out how much it's going to cost
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to fix and replace hundreds of feet of wire that was stolen from a local park. claudine wong is live at the park to tell us what is going on, allie rasmus? >> reporter: -- claudine wong? >> reporter: we are at veterans memorial park and you can take a look, all the lights are out in this 14-acre park. we saw some caution tape and sure enough, you can see one of the junction boxes are caught and the light pole you are looking at, those lights documents working as well and 1500 feet of copper, that is what was stolen and it has left this park in the dark. the issue is getting it fixed for memorial day because they
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have ceremonies on monday. here is another junction box and you can see there are wires cut on this as we will. they hope to have this fixed by may 28th and they are talking about filling the junction boxes with concrete to prevent this from happening. i spoke to some residents who say it is happening around all these parks in the area and at this point it is still unclear to keep it from happening again. a 25-year-old man is recovering and it is right near away area freeway. sanchez was found off the well yard railway. last week police got a missing person's report about sanchez and they found out chp had found his wrecked pickup truck
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he empty near the freeway on ramp. chp brought in sheriff's deputies and fire department and searched the area around the restaurant and found nothing. >> you try to look at the circumstances you know i feel cover tall we did the best job we could with information they had. >> police went back and had a hunch and they found sanchez. he was unconscious but alive even after going without food or water for seven days. uc berkeley left a retraining order against a group of occupied protesters. they are prohibited from farming on that land and they are ordering a preliminary injunction. they tell the albany patch they
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hope to change the judges' minds after promoting a full hearing. they are reevaluating the diagnosis of posttraumatic disorder. this is after hundreds of soldiers had their diagnosis improperly reversed. time now 605, if you plan to be there awe organizers call it home. they are talking about on and off the golden gate bridge the day of the festival and thousands are expected to be there on may 27th for the celebration. it will be an all day a fair featuring special exhibit the with a lot of music, fireworks and a lot more. sal what are you keeping an eye on?
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well, we are looking at the golden gate bridge and looking at counter coster as well. now a lot of people use this to cross into south bay and it is not really a bridge but people use it to cross to the other side. 237 looks good and i mentioned the san mateo and dumbarton are nice. traffic is going to be a little slow here and there but for example highway 17 just looking off camera and we have a little crowding in the santa cruz mountains already. and we have some of these cash ways coming in. lows are in the 40s and 50s and by noon still cloudy to mostly cloudy and inland areas they will come down on
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temperatures and yesterday coast and bay didn't travel far and today we stay in the 70s and reason being we have an area of low pressure but it is coming in from the north, today after that logos through that wind will pick up as well and it will be a definite sea breeze, that is the law. still it is setting the stage for a cool down or southwest or west, it is all coming from a sea breeze direction. everyone is pretty close, san rafael, santa rosa, san jose a little warmer under cloudy skies. 50s in the blue 60s in the green 70s in the yellow and that is out towards sacramento. our system will keep us cool by the end of the week and high
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pressure starts to come back in tomorrow. partly cloudy skies later on. and essential spermly towards the north bay, hayward 62, 67 mountain view and 56 half-moon bay 68 redwood city and san carlos. clear and breezy friday and mostly warmer weather kicks in for the weekend and we will have cooler weather early next week, dave pam. it ends up with a trip to the hospital after breaking out in flames in a southern california woman. this is new video attacking police cars. and the balance sheet at jp
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more gap chase is showing more red ink.
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. >> welcome back, it is now 12 minutes after 6:00. the new york times reports the loss by jamie diamond last week has now escalated to $3 billion. hedge funds are now capitalizing and that is hurting the underlying credit market the bank holds.
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this morning prosecutors will make their closing arguments in the john edwards corruption trial. they rested their defense without calling edwards to testify. he is accused of using $1 million from two wealthy donors to hide his ex-from marital affair during the presidential election. he faces up to 30 years if convicted. the army launched a major investigation for post traumatic stress disorder at the army post. some say the military has downplayed mental health problems. allison? >> reporter: the committee says the army clearly realizes it has a nationwide systemic mix problem on its hands. its investigation over mental
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health evaluations comes after thousands of soldiers near seattlhad their diagnosis of posttraumatic disorder reversed. they found at least 100 cases where the diagnosis was restored. they have launched their own investigation and she is concerned they are holding back on posttraumatic disorder diagnosis so they don't have to make disability payments. >> if you lost your leg it is clear you can't working but it is too easy to make a diagnosis of no, you are making this up. >> there are guidelines eliminating written tests who try to exaggerate their symptoms. and fans of the losing
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treatment stored the field. it was released by turkish police. it shows them attacking police and security guards after saturday's game and surveillance video shows people setting a police car on fire and flipping cars over and 40 people were arrested and are currently in jail awaiting trial. trustees of tiaina baul "junior" seau's estate made the decision to close the restaurant which was shut down in honor of his legacy. there was a question as to who would run it in the future. it was one of the most popular sports restaurants. a richmond man is accused of murder. andre davis is accused of shooting hall outside club
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swayed near fisherman's wharf on february 7th 2010. he and another man shot hall several times. davis was arrested after he said he saw the shooting. a search is underway in cop cord. it happened just after 32. he walked up to a worker and pulled a gun and demand money from the register. the man got away with an unknown amount of cash and walked away. a man is in the hospital and it all started at 37th and madison. the man was distraught and talked about not wanting to go to jail. this is wild, a southern california woman is recovering
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third deglee burns after -- third-degree burns after rocks she was carrying burst into flames. she and her children were carrying the roxanne firefighters say she put the rocks in her pocket and suddenly caught fire burning her right thigh and knee. her husband also suffered burns as he tried to put out the flames. coming this sunday a dramatic southern eclipse, it is a ring of fireee clings and the moon will slide across the sun and block everything but that light. you will be able to see it at 5 minutes at sunset but it all depends on where you are at the time. >> and don't directly look at it. good morning, we have a
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pretty good commute on 880 and that traffic is moving along nicely with no major problems and it is a nice drive and that traffic is light. also on the toll plaza we have more of a crowd here and traffic is getting a little more crowded and usually they turn the metering lights on right about now so you will start seeing traffic in the area. >> drivers in san francisco, the city just implemented 15 miles per hour speed zones around school zones and this is a live picture in sherman elementary. and reporting for the new safety wide push, here is more with steve. i just tweeted this is cloudy, a couple of breaks in the clouds and higher clouds
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will be back, it is a associated with some wind. even west at napa west southwest even with the cloud cover in place and it terms you it will be a cooler pattern extending all the way to the delta. due to the nature of the cloud cover, the logos to the north and it has set the stage inland. coast has been already cool. 70s for some, upper 70s and 78 in clear lake, napa san rafael 67 and 59 and upper 70s antioch and brentwood, 59 caster valley, and santa clara valley, 68 fremont, and on of the peninsular 60s for many
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including palo alto. and 55 d.c. clearing and prose i, warmer temperatures lower inland. verizon is expanding the network 4l and they will have to sign up for the new data share plan that will be introduced this summer and that will provide tears of data to be shared among family members and prices will be set depending on the tier shows -- chosen. they will have a new base price of $26,000 and that's less than the toyota wagon. the fuel economy will also beat the counterpart and the plug in hybrid will go on sale this
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fall. a woman battling a flesh eating bacteria... >> it is heartbreaking. >> the very latest condition on the woman from georgia and how she contracted that bacteria will be explained. >> all of a sudden when we see that, we were high arriving. surveillance video of a burglary gone wrong trying to swipe a bicycle. and we are seeing more crowded conditions at the toll plaza and we will have more on that coming up. hello?
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real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. get the new safeway app. it's free. and the easiest way to get the most savings. . good morning, we told you we would show you the metering lights on and it is getting more crowded in san francisco. and training wheels, take a look at the surveillance video, it shows a crook breaking into to a tulsa bike shop. once outside he crashed and fell, face first onto the asphalt and he eventually gave up leaving the bike on the street. in richmond dozens of
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bicyclist took part in the nationwide events called the ride of silence. some wore a photo, he was hit about ten days ago. bike activists say they are in the early stages of implementing a safety plan. a woman in georgia is in critical condition trying to fight off a fresh eating bacteria in fix. she suffered a deb -- infection. she suffered a deep gash and doctors have amputated most of her leg and she will also loose most of her fingers. despite all of that, she and her parents are in good spirits. >> i have chosen not to focus on it and we have chosen instead to focus on the positive conditions of amy's
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recovery. >> now a woman in north carolina survived that same infection and she reached out to amy. she lost her leg after getting a cut on her foot. she is hoping she can will a good -- live a good life. she is in critical but stable condition this morning and she just delivered twins last week. they are prompting warnings to stay out of the water and the national weather service issued warnings near maverick in san mateo county and in monterey county. people who swim wade or surf increase their chances of getting sick. the in and out restaurant is opening today in pleasant
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hills and the popular hamburger joint is expected to open 10:30 this morning. the restaurant wanted to open in walnut creek but faced opposition from people in walnut creek. one of the bay area social networks, linked in signed several new long-term leases and the company will have access to more than 65 3,000 square feet in five separate buildings and linked in headquarters is in mountain view. tonight we find out who will make the american idol finale. ... music... >> last night the final three contestants performed in the closest race ever. we also saw the homecoming celebrations for jessica.
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they each sank three songs, one was picked by the judges and one by the show's mentor and vocal coach. now you can find who will make the finale right here on channel 2 and it all begins tonight at 8:00. overnight news, firefighters come to the rescue in a strange freeway incident. live in san jose, police are trying to figure out who killed an 18-year-old and left another person severely beaten. and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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or bacon-wrapped shrimp. . welcome back, right on time. we have been talking about jp morgan's trading business, it is 50% higher than originally claimed and that will hurt the shares. wal-mart is posting a strong profit as a u.s. sales jump and
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they are the world's biggest retailers so that could be good. you see the man in the middle. that is sean connery. that is the james bond, pam. >> steve paulson just said he was going to be there, and i'm not sure why. >> i'm sorry. i will find out why he is there, i will have that in a moment. we will smile, say good morning to you, it is thursday, may 17th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, time now 6:30. >> police in san jose are busy, they are investigating an overnight attack that left one man dead. tara moriarty is at the scene telling us about the search for suspects, good morning tara. >> reporter: we just spoke to police and they say they will be processing this for some time. this is where all the crime scene technicians are and you
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can see to the left of that two little markers those are evidence markers and it appears this is spread out over a far distance. investigators are combing the area over walnut drive looking for evidence and we are told they are focusing on one particular backyard. we are not too far from astoria and mclaughlin an 18-year-old boy was shot and that 18-year- old died at the hospital three hours ago. his identity is not being released until his family is notified. they don't have any suspects in custody but they are pursuing leads. sources tell us this is a neighborhood known for gang activity and walnut drive, they are letting some cars through to the streets that cut across but they are not letting anybody through this actual street. we will stay on top of it and
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we are told they will not be speaking with us and we'll see if we can get anymore information from neighbors around here. ktvu channel 2 morning news. and on a san mateo county freeway it happened 2:30 right near foster city. firefighters rushed to help a man who somehow plunged more than 30 feet over the freeway railing and at this point there is no word on his condition or how that man fell. the usually busy west oakland convenient store was reported a few minutes after midnight. crews quickly controlled the flames and they managed to stop them from spreading to some apartments nearby investigators are still looking for the cause. >> time now 6:33 copper thieves have just plunged a local park in the dark and it is a week
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and a half before memorial services are due to take place. from american canon they will tell us how much the repairs are going to cost and how much it will take. claudine wong? >> reporter: this is veteran memorials park in american cap none and the -- canyon and the lights they don't come on and the problem is this, underneath this bush that is a junction box and the power is cut and this all happened on monday 1500 feet from the north and south end of the park plunged this park into the dark when copper thieves hit it. they all look like this box and when it happened people noticed it because they came to use the park and called police. police are still looking for whoever is responsible. american canyon is not the only city dealing with it but they
6:35 am
are saying it is the biggest theft. i just spoke to a women who said she had to change her routine because of the theft. >> that is the time i can walk the dogs and keeping this place lighted with regard to the safety of the area. >> on monday that is when you came out and noticed something was wrong? >> yes, yes, so it alters where i walk the dogs. >> and back here another situation of cut wires and how long will it take? they want to get it done by the memorial day celebrations and how much it will cost, well the estimates are in the thousands. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man charged in the killing of a berkeley homeowner is now accused of another incident. daniel punched a deputy and
6:36 am
broke his jaw. it was as he was getting ready to transfer him. the paranoid skits friend nick is accused of beating a man in front of his own home. he is ruled incompetent to stand trial. now the houses at 1722 west 9th street on berkeley, they are voted to declare the home is a nuisance. the council said they had to put a stop to drug dealing, fighting loud music and fireworks. well the 49ers days at the park is numbered. they will talk about a plan to allow the team out of the lease. they will allow the team out of the lease in 2014 when they are ready to begin at the new home.
6:37 am
in exchange they will get more than $5 million from the 49ers. and a massive construction project will force the closer of a main artery. the next choice is to excavate. they will handle the traffic and there will be three temporary bridges to minimize the impact bridges will go up over three different holiday week ken's, -- weekends memorial day and labor day. it will start next friday night and runs through 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. other closures, due to light rail line a week from tomorrow, the nighttime working, a seismic upgrade on the dumbarton will close that
6:38 am
structure from may 25th to the 29th, the bridge will be closed in both directions. >> time now 6:37 picking a new target this time ac transit is the target. we will tell you the policy that the protesters are asking bus drivers to ignore. all right, let's check in with sal. i did get some more information about sean connery, 600th anniversary in scotland but i am hoping in the next business report, there are other interesting people there as well, so let's talk about that. >> let's talk about the roads trying to get to working in this morning's commute on the east shore freeway, it looks good in el cerrito heading west. there is a daytime game giants
6:39 am
versus cardinals 12:45 start. and the game will be over for the afternoon commute, so plan accordingly. take a look at the south bay commute this commute looks good so far and we are seeing a decent drive in the south bay, let's go to steve. all right, thank you sal. >> it looks like some of the fog is getting chewed up and we have mid-level clouds coming in right there. i have tweaked the forecast on the coast and i think the fog will get chewed up and that will allow better conditions when it has been darn cold. still a sea breeze will be out of that direction and 50s on the temperatures although it looks like somebody is up in sonoma county and we can see some clouds breaking through so maybe this system is strong
6:40 am
enough to wipe out conditions that set the stage for the fog. there is our system as it moves to the north, partly sunny skies, cooler along the coast highs 60s and 70s and too much cooler air a aloft -- aloft. some of that fog may be swept down southeast but inland temperatures should come down and we have nothing barn burning but better than the last couple of days. steve can you give me some sunshine, jay asked me that on a tweet, i need warmer weather. okay there you go mostly sunny and warmer. >> so nice he can do that. less than a half hour from now, bay area grocery workers they will head out to the street, the issue that has them
6:41 am
declaring a day of action today. >> and you will want to watch your speeds if you are driving near san francisco, the new speed limits that have gone up to keep students safe. the commute looks good and i will tell you more about the commute and the bay area weather coming up.
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. well, good morning, here is a look at some of the top stories and police are searching for suspects in a deadly attack. a man was shot to death last night near story road east of downtown. another man was found badly beaten but he is expected to survive. and we have exclusive pictures, a sheered off fire hydrant in oakland. water shot up 30 feet into the air last night and with all that water you can imagine there was minor street flooding. we are still not sure if somebody did it by accident or on purpose. it is the city's biggest copper theft in almost two years.
6:45 am
50 feet was stolen out of veteran's park. it could have affected some of the fun coming up for memorial day -- memorial day. joining us outside sherman elementary, here is more with how slow you need to go. >> reporter: if you are driving near any schools this morning, you need to slow down because crews have installed all of these 15 miles per hour speed zones. this is part of a citywide effort to get cars to slow down and mayor ed lee kicked off this -- mayor ed lee kicked off this project. normally the speed limit is 25 miles per hour on city streets. she said san francisco is the
6:46 am
largest city around the state to change to 15 miles per hour and these slower speeds are all to prevent accidents and deaths around the city. not all schools will have those new lowered speed limits especially three lane roads where they can put up these 15 miles per hour signs which are near two lane streets. so not every school is eligible. alex savage san francisco ktvu channel 2 morning news. honor expired transfers, they paid 25 cents for bus transfers which are good for two hours and a single ride but they are calling on drivers to honor them for three hours and
6:47 am
multiple rides. ac transit said he expects them to follow the agencies rules. in less than a half hour from now, northern california grocery workers will be kicking off a day of action. safe way and safe mart authorized a strike and today they are taking their mess on on the -- message on the road. they organized a series of traveling rallies and they will begin in san jose for a larger demonstration at 4:00 this afternoon. today's day of action comes in the middle of some tough contract negotiations with the grocery store chains. a search is on the way for a man in concord. it happened at the food max around 8:30 last night. they walked up to a store
6:48 am
worker pulled out a gun and demanded money. the robber escaped with an unknown amount of cash and he is still on the loose. there will be an autopsies on marry kennedy junior. she was found dead in her home in bedford new york yesterday. when police found her she was hanging. mary kennedy was richard kennedy's second wife and they divorced two years ago. robert kennedy is the nephew of john f. kennedy. british prime minister tony blair be giving a talk about a new approach in africa. now blair is the founder in the initiative. they will be trying to tackle some deeply routed poverty problems that have excited in
6:49 am
africa for years. >> a new crash in antioch, sal, what is going on. it is always a problem and if you want to put this up, this crash is there and right in the middle of all that slowed traffic as well. after that when you get to pittsburgh and bay point, it still looks good in vallejo and richmond, no problems there getting off the richmond san rafael bridge. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and that's backed up for a 10 to 15 minute delay and a reminder, there is a baseball game at at&t park, it should be right in time for the commute and this morning's commute looks good getting to highway 17, let's go to steve. mostly cloudy, it looks like some of the fog is getting chewed up on the sonoma coast
6:50 am
but overall most locations say mostly cloudy and clouds with a little bit of sun, 48 to 54, there will be a few pockets, we are dealing with a lot of high and mid-level clouds, 54 to 72 and weather is a challenge every day. if that fog does get chewed up, temperatures on the coast will come off and there is a lot of fog. but the breeze will kick in and there is a little low and i know it does not look like much but that's all it takes and water temperatures are cold outside the gate. i think i saw off bodega bay, west breeze, northeast at 6 but still the breeze will kick in. 50s on the temperatures, low-to- mid, san rafael, santa rosa is in there san jose is the warmest under cloudy skies, the
6:51 am
system will usher in some cool air aloft and that does tend to chew up the fog and there is nothing there to support it so there will be nothing at the beaches. cooler inland and a little warmer on the coast. partly sunny skies, highs 60s and 70s and upper 60s and 70s for some, fairfield 77, walnut creek 60 and 80s out of the santa clara valley holding steady on san jose at 70. upper 70s on the peninsular and 50s and 60s on the san mateo coast and sunny and breezy. warmer weather and patchy fog kick in for the weekend. those filing for first time unemployment benefits did not change from the week b370000 initial claims came in and
6:52 am
that's the same for the week previous. first time claims need to stay below 37 5,000 for several weeks as a sign of a good market. quart quarter -- first quarter earned $3.74 billion and that's up from the same time last year, the world's largest retailers say sales increased and it dosage expect that -- does expect that trend to continue. and hopefully for the retailers in general, checking in on the numbers, live look at the big board, and wal-mart's stock is up 4-point 5% and nasdaq and s&p 500 down a little bit, still some concern about over the increase in jp morgan's trading loss and the banking stocks. >> it is a new groundbreaking
6:53 am
product from apple. it is a patent that could change the way you listen to music for your car. you want to know what it is. that story is coming up on stories on 2 at 7:07 this morning. landmark moment for the united states. what a new sepsis data -- census data it is revealing for adverse i. getting involved over the debate forehead light cameras. and the fog which you see on the roads may actually affect something you see on more than just cars, we will explain.
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. look at these live pictures, this is arizona, this is bad, a wildfire in a historic mining community, it is almost destroyed, live pictures from crowned king arizona. it has burned more than 5,000 acres in the pros could the national forest and the winds have shifted and it could put the flames closer to the town of king. a few hold outs may end up being trapped and that's a
6:57 am
concern. it has burned almost 1,000 acres near fort collins. the flames are getting closer to homes and authorities are warning people get ready to move. they say a human started this fire. minorities make up more than half the children born in the united states. according to the sepsis data -- census data, more than half were minorities compared to 13% in the 90s. san rafael's red light camera program is improving safety and that's a new finding on a grand jury report. the red light camera at irwin have reduced accidents. they point to showing a 12% drop in accidents and critics have raised concerns though about privacy. they snap your picture as you
6:58 am
roll. westbound traffic at the toll plaza will be busy getting into san francisco and coming up on mornings on 2, we will have a look at airport delays that will be affecting flights in and out of west fso. mostly cloudy and a few breaks, maybe some of that fog is getting chewed up, upper 50s coast and bay, mid-70s inland. coming up on mornings on 2, there was deadly violence, police still on the scene of a fatal shooting. also, ruining some summertime fun this year from copper thieves, we will explain, stay right here with us. i'm a native californian.
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