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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 17, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪ we're live in san jose, where investigators are trying to solve a homicide. we'll tell you what they found, coming up. >> seems like everybody investor wants a piece of facebook. the big announcement that is expected tonight. >> the lights are out at a local park in american canyon, and this is the reason why. we'll tell you how much copper. >> what you should know before heading off to sfo this morning. mornings on 2 begins right now!
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good morning to you. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, may 17th. topping our news right now, the search is on for suspects in a deadly shooting in san jose. tara moriarity is at the scene just east of the downtown area. >> reporter: it appears this crime scene stretches from just behind this beige building on the corner, all the way to the house across the street, where the fire hydrant is. you can see on the curb there are some yellow evidence markers. and then police just expanded the crime scene, if we want to swing this way we can show you they've now blocked off this scene as well. so it's definitely gotten larger here. police pushing us back a bit. we spoke about to police and they tell us they'll be processing the scene for quite a while. investigators are combing the area off walnut woods drive
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searching for any more clues. we're not too far from the intersection of story and mclaughlin, and last night around 8:20, shots rang out in this neighborhood. an 18 neural man was shot and another person found beaten that. 18-year-old died at the hospital at about 3:00 in morning. his eye don't ty not being released until his family is notified. san jose police say they cone have any suspects in custody right now, but there were a number of witnesses and police are pursuing leads and interviewed people in this area. sources say this is an area known for its gang activity. we're told the houses that are on this side of the neighborhood are -- there's not a lot of activity. they don't see a lot of police. but over on this side, this is where the story changes. so again, police will be speaking with us after 9:00 this morning and letting us know updates and possibly the identity of the victim. tara moriarity, ktvu channel 2 news. there was also gunfire in west oakland overnight. a ktvu news crew on the scene
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just moments after a shooting near 43rd street and market. police found the victim lying on the street suffering from two gunshot wounds. he is now listed in critical condition at highland hospital. at this point there's no word on suspects or a motive in the shooting. the city of american canyon right now trying to figure out how much is going to cost to fix and replace hundreds of feet of wire stole 14 the local park. claudine wong joining us live at veterans memorial park right now to explain what happened out there. claudine. >> reporter: no official estimates yet on exactly how much the price tag will be to fix what copper thieves did. but the estimates are in the thousands. take a look, the lights are out, they've been out for several days now, and hires the reason why -- as you come back down you are look at this box and see the wires have been cut. it's like this at junction boxes throughout the park. if you look down the pathway you can see how big this park
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is. those lit walkways that go all the way down stretch about 14 acres, and we're told 1500 feet of copper wire was stolen from the north end and south end of the park, plunging the park into the dark. it happened sometime on monday. that's when residents noticed it. and alerted police. police came out here, tried to figure out if they could track down the people responsible, but it is from all accounts and cities we've covered this before a very, very hard crime to stop. and at this point, the question is, how do you stop it from happening again? >> i don't know. i don't know. they have to be accessible to the workers. so unless they can figure out some way that people can't -- and it's a tough solution. >> yeah, it as many it's really hard. it's all over. i see it on the news on a regular basis. so i don't know. >> reporter: debbie says she's had to change her routine
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because she can't walk in the park anymore early in the morning before the sun comes up because there's just no light and she adopt feel safe walking through the park without the lights on. as far as the city, they're adjusting things as well, trying to come up with the money and the plan to fix the problem because they have memorial day celebrations planned here for in a week and a half for memorial day. so they certainly want to get those repairs done by then. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. our time is 7:05. three years into it, wireless service on bart is still lagging behind. wi-fi is supposed to be available on bart trains in san francisco and the trans-bay tube to oakland. however, the service can still drop out because some of the bart cars are missing the equipment that can receive that signal. the plot promised to have wi-fi available by 2010. however, it's been hard to make happen because of lack of funding. >> verizon plans to eliminate
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its unlimited data plan. verizon is expanding these latest generation of its wireless network called 4g. the customers who want to upgrade phones from their current 3g plan are going to have to sign up for the new data share plan, introduced this summer. it will provide tiers of different levels of data use for family members or service devices. the prices will be set by the data tier that you choose. apple won a new patnd that could give it more control over how you listen to music. the company filed a patent for a click wheel that can click to the steering wheel of your car. it gives the driver a remote control for wireless devices including ipads and iphones. that means you can change tracks, hit pause, or increase volume without taking your hands off the wheel. and hopefully, keeping your eyes on the roads.
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>> that's the key. sal, i know you'll talk about our commute. you're not going to tell us about airport delays, are you? >> i am. unfortunately, they've become a little more than usual. more than an hour and some say about an hour and a half at sfo because planes are late coming in, and then turning back around and going out. so if you have a flight today at sfo, this usually starts after 10:00 in the morning, the first flights usually go out on time but some other flights that you're waiting for to come in and turn around and go back out will be delayed according to sfo. more than an hour, maybe 90 minutes. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this traffic is backed up for about a 15-minute delay getting into san francisco. daytime baseball today at at&t park, 12:45 game it. should be over at 3 or 4. and that means it will affect the afternoon commute in san francisco and along the peninsula. moving along and taking a look at the 880 northbound and southbound, this traffic looks good. now steve. >> thank you.
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i'm very good morning. mostly cloudy morning, few breaks in the clouds. looks like some fog getting child up on the coast so maybe the system will be strong enough to wipe out some of that fog and give us more sunshine to the parts of the coast which have been really socked in and cold last couple days! we do have multiple areas of clouds. lows in the 40s and 50s. low clouds and system coming into the north. 54 to 72. mostly cloudy, partly sunny later today. clouds, sun. but that wind will crank up and it's already out of west- southwest. reason for the higher clouds, associated low-pressure system. weak as it may be, doesn't take much. the water temperature outside the golden gate are really cold, upper 40s, low 50s. doesn't take much to get the fog forming and gets a system coming in. low and high clouds today, getting way tomorrow partly cloudy after the afternoon hours. it's a cool pattern, cooler for inland areas, temperatures will come down there. still have very low 80s yesterday. more upper 70s today. our system will move through today, that will then start to
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exit out tomorrow and temperatures will rebound. west-southwest fairfield 18, that tells me the delta breeze will be kicking up today. low to mid-50s, san jose 57. few breaks in the clouds there but still mostly cloudy. after this system goes high, high pressure builds back in and it looks like improving conditions for the weekend. the coast is really tricky for the weekend. i know we have the eclipse coming up because of fog is forming so fast and any warmth in the valley would get that fog going. so i'm working on that forecast for the weekend. i think we'll be okay. partly sunny today, cooler. 70s on the temps. upper 70s for some but lot of 60s. a lot of -- too much cool air coming in so 50s to 60s and 70s inland areas in the low 80s yesterday, not today. santa cruz one of few that breaking through some cloud deck, but not very warm either. 69 the peninsula. city yesterday was only 54. clearing, breezy on friday. then mostly sunny with weekend
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always in view, looking better, especially inland, temperatures up to low 80s. >> thank you, steve. it's amazing story of survival. a 25-year-old man is found alive one week after a car accident left him on the side of a major bay area freeway. michael sanchez was found yesterday in the bushes off the hellyer avenue ramp near highway 101 in south san jose. he was reported missing to san jose police last thursday. that's when he realized the chp found his wrecked truck two days earlier. chp said they searched the area but found nothing. yesterday police decided to give it another look. >> definitely the officers were elated to know that a, we've come across the victim. you can't ask for anything more as a public safety officer. that's our mission to save lives. >> sanchez was found in the bushes unconscious. police say he had gone without food or water for seven days. right now he's at san jose regional medical center in
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critical condition. it was no day at the beach for a southern california woman who ended up in the hospital. and police and paramedics say they've never seen anything like this. coming up for you at 7:19, what the woman and her children picked up apt this beach that suddenly burst into flames. it's 7:10. why the one trip of iran is issued a serious threat against google. also the late night decision in antioch over renaming a street 3 why leaders say this is such a crucial decision for their future. the golden gate bridge was instrumental getting cars into marin county but the coming anniversary celebration will be extremely unfriendly to cars.
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(man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. mostly cloudy skies, low clouds, low and high clouds. temps in the 60s.
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50s, 60s and some sun. highs 60s if 70s. iran is going after google. literally! in a war over words, tehran is threatening to sue the high- tech giant for dropping the name the persian gulf on google maps. google left the body of water between iran and the arabian peninsula on its map service. while tehran wants the area referred to as the persian gulf, arab states want it called the arabian gulf. happening right now the senate finance committee is holding a hearing on the health of social security. last month the obama administration said the program is running out of money faster than previously anticipated. that is senator orrin hatch speaking now. the commissioner of the administration has been called to testify at this morning's hearing, and if more information comes out of this hearing, we'll bring it to you. it is 7:14.
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has the army been down playing troops' mental health problems in order to save money? ktvu's allison burns reports a ptsd scandal has prompted a nationwide review. >> reporter: the army is launching the investigation of mental health evaluations at all of its medical centers, dating back to 2001. this investigation comes as after hundreds of soldiers up for medical retirement had their diagnosis of post- traumatic stress disorder reversed at the medical center near seattle. we talked about it with the chair of the senate veterans affairs committee, who has been concerned the military is holding back on ptsd diagnosis so it won't have to make disability payments. >> of those we've seen more than 40% of soldiers given a diagnosis of ptsd, who were being treated for it, when they went to separate from the military to get their benefits,
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were told no, not going to give you the diagnosis. that is so wrong, on so many levels. >> senator patty murray says she has warned the army against whitewashing its investigation. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning, after spending hours on top of a roof in oakland, a man is now in the hospital being observed. show you this, there he as many he came down during the night without incident. this all started around 6:30 last night. this is at 7th and madison. traffic in the area was diverted away from this. police say the man was distraught, he talked about not wanting to go to jail. this morning the alameda county coroner is expected to tell us the name of the man killed in dublin. the body of a man in his 50s was found on dougherty road late tuesday night. investigators say they're not sure if the victim had been riding or walking his bike when
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he was hit. but they have a lead on the car that was involved. police are searching now for a black 2010 or 2011 mercedes- benz. later this morning, closing arguments are scheduled in the trial of a man accused of murder. deandre davis is accused of shooting and killing le won hall on february 7, 2010. police say davis and another suspect shot hall multiple times. davis was arrested at the scene after a patrol officer witnessed the shooting. the antioch city planning commission is hoping a simple name change will bring more tourists to a little known area of the city. last night they voted to change the name of of l street to marina parkway. they say the change will let people know antioch actually has a waterfront and could lure more business to the area. >> just see the downtown area
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continue to evolve and to a nice attraction place that will bring people down to downtown and places like sausalito or other waterfront type communities. >> the name change could cost as much as $40,000. and the city council is expected to sign off on the name change next tuesday. the new signs could be up in just a few months. new york city mayor michael bloomberg just gave $500,000 to the campaign that supports proposition 29 here in california. prop 29 would add one dollar to the price of a pack of cigarettes to fund cancer research. the mayor bloomberg says he put out the money to counter the almost dollars 40 million contributed by major tobacco companies to an ad campaign against the measure. as mayor, bloomberg has expanded new york city's own no- smoking policies. new video this morning, a strange, strange incident happened down in southern california.
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on saturday, a woman and her children were out collecting rocks at this san clemente beach. firefighters say she put the rocks in her pocket, when they suddenly burst into flames. >> according to witnesses she had flames coming off her shorts some we're still unsure of what caused the actual fire. we do know she had the rocks in her pocket, that the rocks are being tested as we speak. >> wow! she suffered third-degree burns on her right thigh and knee. so far we don't know what kind of rocks these were. the investigation is expected to last another week. her husband was also burned, second-degree burns on his hands. he was trying to put out those flames. on sunday, the most dramatic type of solar eclipse is going to happen over northern california. it's called the ring of fire eclipse. the moon slides across the sun, blocking out everything but a bright halo like you see right there. this will be the first time
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this kind of eclipse has happened in almost two decades. and you'll be able to see it for about five minutes at sunset, depending upon where you are. >> of course you don't want to look at it directly. >> don't look directly. you plan to be at the golden gate bridge 75th birthday party? better leave your car behind. tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the may 27th celebration. organizers are predicting bumper-to-bumper traffic on and around the span on the day of the festival, and the bridge will be completely shut down to vehicles and pedestrians during an 18-minute fireworks show that will start at the 9:30 p.m. other festivities include special exhibits on the golden gate bridge, music, and much more. of course it's a week from sunday, but the next day is memorial day so we'll have the day off. >> that's right. it was breezy and cool outside this morning, but as we look outside, live pictures, will it get warmer? steve knows. he'll tell you how high
7:21 am
temperatures will climb today. >> and minor flooding on an oakland street. what caused water to shoot 30 feet up into the air. >> good morning! traffic on highway 280 this morning is not too bad. we'll tell you more about the traffic and also some fog related air delays. like a mills without spending it. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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coming up on 7:23. a geyser in oakland lasts night. around 10 p.m., in the loop, water shot off some 30 feet into theaire. someone had sheared off the top of the fire hydrant, with there was minor street flooding. when firefighters arrived they capped it within minutes. whoever damaged it ran away before firefighters arrived. sal, you're busy this morning. >> yes, we do have some things getting busier. good morning. first of all, let's started off
7:24 am
with a look at highway 13 at 24th. so that's highway 13 coming north, up to highway 24, which will be just right here. as you can see, highway 24 in both directions looking pretty good. a lot of people are concerned about 24. this time of morning going eastbound because there's only one tunnel open and this morning there's a little bit of a backup as usual because of the only one tunnel being open. but it's not all that bad. people sometimes when something happens there, it gets really bad. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for about a 20 minute delay. no problems getting into san francisco. san jose and the south bay, highway 17 cho slew los gatos. 280 and 85 slow through highway 17, and 101 is slow in sunnyvale. airport delays could be as much as 90 minutes. now to steve. >> thank you, sir. mostly cloudy out there, there are a few sunbreaks but lot of
7:25 am
cloud cover. little sunup towards sonoma county but another band of clouds is not far away. and some of the low clouds seem getting chewed up it's that system beginning to work over us, with breeze west 17 at sfo. so there will be a delta breeze today. it will be a cool, fresh breeze. 50s on to the temps. another low coming through. yes, right there, so that keeps us cool today. nothing wrong with being cool! partly sunny, mostly cloudy here in the morning. cooler, maybe warmer on the coast. just by the mere fact the fog might get chewed up. so 50s, 60s there. 70s inland. few upper 70s but temperatures coming down away from the coast today. clearing, breezy on friday. and it looks sunny and mostly sunny, some fog on the coast but warmer inland temps by the weekend. >> thank you, steve. overnight news from the peninsula, firefighters come to the rescue in a strange
7:26 am
incident on a san mateo county freeway. >> and drivers make sure you're slow for the school zone in san francisco. 12 you about the new speed limit signs up near schools city-wide. >> also the threat of a supermarket strike, what is happening today that may affect your trip to the market tomorrow! -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. you can see the upper deck of the bay bridge traffic moving well, a backup at the toll plaza this morning 15 to 20 minutes before the span. i also want to mention the overcast is going to make it for tough flying into and outs of san francisco international airport. and that is because the planes come in late. this happens usually after 8:00 in the morning and really becomes pronounced after 10. if you're taking a flight today, perhaps you're coming into the middle of the day, that's when it's most likely going to affects you. check with your carrier, your flight may be delayed by 90 minutes. we'll stay on top of it. now let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. a warning for motorists in san francisco -- make sure you slow down. and i mean really slow down when you're approaching a school. alex savage is outside sherman elementary where the new speed zone around schools. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, tori. make sure you hit the breaks as
7:30 am
you approach any of the school zones in san francisco because crews have finished installing all of these new 15- -mile-per-hour speed limited signs across the city including where we are this morning. this is all part of a city-wide effort to get cars to slow down near schools. we'll show you video from last year as mayor lee kicked off this project. the speed zones have been set up around 180 public and private schools in san francisco. normally the speed limit is 25 miles per hour on city streets. although not all schools will have the new lower speed limits, it will only be the ones that are along two lane streets. the director of walk sf, pedestrian advocacy group, says san francisco is the largest city in the state to change to 15-mile-per-hour zones around all of its eligible schools. these new slower slower speed zones around schools is part of an effort by city leaders to hopefully reduce the number of accidents involving
7:31 am
pedestrians, many of them as we have seen recently are in fact fatal and the city is trying to reduce those accidents and keep pedestrians and especially students safe so they can get off to class safely notice mornings. and that's the reason for the new signs. 15 miles per hour speed limit in front of all the schools across the city of san francisco. this morning a lot of unanswered questions about an overnight rescue on a san mateo county freeway. this happened about 2:30 this morning eastbound 92 near fashion island and foster city. firefighters rushed to help a man who fell more than 30 feet over the freeway railing. right now we don't know his condition or even how he fell. usually busy west oakland convenience store is closed today following an overnight fire on campbell street. fire at the market was first reported a couple minutes after midnight. crews quickly controlled the flames and they kept it from
7:32 am
spreading to adjacent was hurt. fire investigators are still searching for the cause of the fire. the man charged in the killing of a berkeley hills homeowner is now accused of another violent incident. authorities say 23-year-old daniel dewitt punched a sheriff's deputy and broke his jaw. this happened on wednesday as the deputy was getting ready to transport him to napa state hospital. dewitt, a paranoid schizophrenic, is accused of beating a 67-year-old man to death in front of his home. he has been ruled incompetent to stand trial. federal agents busted a marijuana growing operation that reportedly was operated by a father and son team. yesterday's massive sweep targeted several areas including the lakes in discovery bay. the drug enforcement administration said it made 19 arrests and confiscated 3600
7:33 am
marijuana plants, 36 firearms, cash and a grenade launcher. the ringleaders of the drug ring were 50-year-old steven ortega and his son 25-year-old steven jr. the neighbors hope the raid will make the community safer. >> it will keep danger from being in the neighborhoods because there's a lot of jung parents and children. and if something went wrong with the shooting, bullets stray -- >> the dea launched an investigation a year ago into this equipment businesses in hayward and tracy. the father and son are accused of using the businesses to provide equipment to marijuana growers in exchange for profits. some homeowners in berkeley could be ordered to pay fines and be evicted from their property for a year. neighbors are saying they've complained about crime and noise at a particular house at
7:34 am
1722 ninth street for more than 30 years. now the berkeley city council approved calling that house a nuisance. they say died and lines could impose -- kick the homeowners out. a formal resolution on all of this is expected later this month. the san francisco 49ers' days at candlestick park are numbered. this morning the san francisco planning commission will talk about a plan to allow the team out of its lease. under the deal, the city would allow the 49ers out of the lease in 2014. when the team is scheduled to start playing in its new home in santa clara. in exchange, san francisco would get more than $5 million from the 49ers. a popular bay area social network is expanding. linked inn has just signed several new leases for office space in sunnyvale. the company will have access to more than 163,000 square feet in five separate buildings.
7:35 am
the headquarters for linked in is a neighboring mountain view. support rallies for northern california grocery workers are now underway for what is being called a day of action. yesterday union workers from raley's, nob hill, safeway and save mart authorized a strike, and today they're taking their message on the road. they just launchnd a series of traveling rallies. the workers will end up at ceases after chavez plaza in san jose for a bigger demonstration at 4 this afternoon. today's day of action comes in the midst of some contentious contract negotiations with the grocery chains. and just a few hours, the first in and out restaurant in central contra costa county will open its doors. it will be located on contra costa boulevard near toys-r-us and target in pleasant hill. in and out had planned to open a second location on north main street on the border of walnut creek but faced opposition from residents who were concerned
7:36 am
about parking restrictions and trash. sal, easy getting in and out of our commute this morning? >> well, it's sort of. it's a normal commute which means you'll have some slow traffic out there. but you will see some spots where just a little lighter than usual some places. less take a look at 280. it's a little slow around the corner, it's slowing down into the valley. some mornings it's jam-packed already by this time. so i would take little optimism and looking at this picture. it's a little foggy, you can tell. foggy all over the bay area. let's look at highway 237 westbound. the traffic is moving along slowly here. pay bridge toll plaza, that is backed up for 20 minute delay and it's cloudy there now. just as i toss it over to steve, i will say that i did see a little bit of sun in my bay point picture, an yough, just filtered sun. >> i that you too, sal.
7:37 am
also a little towards san jose and there was some towards sonoma county but now it's filled back in. you can say yes, that's true or what are you looking at? our system coming, in mostly cloudy skies with a low- pressure system heading up shelter covary. it's going over us, and it's effects are. low and high clouds today, it might be strong enough to wipe out the fog. the fog -- what supports the fog is really kind of falling apart. and that's warm temperatures away from the coast. water temperatures are very, very cool to cold upper 40s, 50s some it doesn't take much to the get fog number rolling along. but looks like there will be a few breaks today as the system drags across a lot of high clouds, the wind will pick up as well. you get this system this time of year, that cranks up the breeze. already west 17 at sfo, southwest at oakland, west. at livermore, southwest at vacaville. west-southwest at fairfield and west at napa.
7:38 am
again people asking me all the time, that's the direction the wind is coming from. it's coming from the west- southwest. 50s on the temps. low to mid-san jose 57, but under mostly cloudy skies down there. maybe couple little soft 80s, well inland. lot of 60s and 70s here. good news is looks like today will be the coolest day unless you like the cool, high pressure will build in for the weekend. temperatures will start to warm up so partly sunny, mostly cloudy now. cooler inland. little warmer by the coast, just by the fact the fog will get chewed up and could get a little more sunshine today. it won't be a barnburner, but 60s, 70s. almost across board here, areas that should be warmer than this. they'll slide down into the cloud cover. 50s and 60s, berkeley, alameda, just a cool pattern. 70s in the santa clara valley after 80s yesterday. mill pita 68 degrees. 68 redwood city. 67 menlo park. city is 60 after yesterday's 54. man, that's cold! clearing and breezy on friday.
7:39 am
then weekend shaping up to be pretty good. patchy fog but temperatures bayside inland will warm up with return of the 80s there. >> thank you, steve. tonight is the night that facebook stock will be priced. we know the range that is expected, but should you buy it or better yet, can you guy? stan cook has analysts and money managers are staying this morning. good morning, pam. >> reporter: good morning. can you buy facebook stock? that depends who you are, initially. should you buy it? no one can really answer that question. but investment banks get the first shares. they'll sell them to their best clients. some of the boutique shops such as charles schwab and ameritrade with an account will also get stock on the ipo. but you do have to have a six- figure account balance and a pretty active treating account. it's expected to go public tonight, priced about $34 a share, but many analysts and advisors think it's going
7:40 am
straight up from there. >> mutual funds and investors will be the major ones buying up the stock. so when the stock opens, i believe it will come in between -- $1hundred a share when it gets released some let the hype go down. >> that's the question, when it goes down will, the stock go down as well? some. investors waited too long for google or apple. now google stock now more than $600 a share. apple, $539 a share. so will facebook head there? up for debate. here's something you can consider. there are some online companies, including one, where you can buy one share, and you'll get a stock certificate that you can frame on the wall, disney is a very popular one with that company, lot of people buy them for baby gifts. but do you have to pay a price. but it's more of a memento maybe that you can hang on the wall. but who knows, it could be worth money in a few years as
7:41 am
well. back to you. >> maybe just expensive wallpaper! >> right. >> thank you. 20 minutes before 8:00. how the markets are reacting to the new jobless numbers and from bad to worse, why j.p. morgan chase's loss has gotten even bigger in the last few cases and firefighters having trouble battling a fire in arizona. i'm a native californian. times are tough. our state's going through a tough time.
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but we can fix it. ♪ chevron's been here in california for 133 years. we work hard. we support 1 in 200 jobs in the state. we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪
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early trade something unease over europe and encouraging u.s. employment report and good results from big retailers, including wal- mart stores. also the average u.s. rate on
7:44 am
30-year fixed mortgage hits a new record low of 3.79%. taking a live look at the big board, the dow down 31. nasdaq down 13. s&p down 4. the number of people filing for first-time unemployment benefits is holding steady. 370,000 people put in initial claims last week. that is the same as the adjusted number for the week before. economists say these numbers show the job market is improving. that's the case when initial claims stay at or below 375,000 consistently for several weeks. j.p. morgan chase ceo warn the bank's $2 billion trading loss could increase in the coming months. well, no need to wait that long. now the new york times reports the loss already topped $3 billion. losses of surged in recent days as hedge funds and other investors capitalize on j.p. morgan chase's distress. that's creating faster deterioration in the underlying
7:45 am
credit market positions held by the bank. happening right now, firefighters in arizona battling a rough wildfire near the historic mining community of crown king. now it's already destroyed 4 homes and burned more than 5,000 acres. this is the prescott national forest. look at these pictures. officials are worried the shifting winds could push the flames closer to town and leave the few people who were holding out down there trapped. the crews say fighting this fire is really tough because of the terrain, it's so rugged there's also low humidity and that gusting winds. in colorado, a wildfire has burned about a thousand acres near fort collins. flames are getting closer to homes now, and authorities are already warning people, get ready to leave! this fire started monday in the roosevelt national forest. it's only 5% contained. it's being investigated, though, and forest officials say they believe it was caused
7:46 am
by humans. this morning prosecutors and defense attorneys will make their closing arguments in the john edwards corruption trial. the defense rested its case yesterday after calling just seven of the 65 people on its potential witness list. jonathan is live outside the courthouse in north carolina. so what is the take on the strategy taken by the defense, jonathan? >> reporter: yes, it was really interesting, the defense wrapped up its case in about a fifth of the amount of time it took the prosecution to present its witnesses. the difference was that while both sides are addressing the legality or illegality of the money, nearly a million dollars that was dedicated towards keeping rielle hunter, edwards' mistress in hiding, during the 2008 campaign, the prosecution also went into some of the salacious details and emotional impact that the affair had on
7:47 am
edwards' cancer stricken wife, whereas the defense during its testimony really focused on just the legality of the money, as well as discrediting some of the prosecution's witnesses. so it will be interesting to see what each side does in its closing arguments. the prosecution trying to portray the money as campaign contributions, alleging that the money, that the main intent behind the money to hide rielle hunter was to keep john edwards' presidential campaign in 2008 on track and later his vice presidential aspirations, as well as aspirations he to become attorney general or supreme court justice, whereas the defense is arguing that edwards was largely unaware of all of the money schemes going on to hide rielle hunter and that that money represented private gifts ten in on keeping his wife from finding outs about details of the affair. in other words, personal. and so in the instructions that
7:48 am
the judge will be giving the jury this afternoon, the judge is going to instruct the jury that the prosecution doesn't have to -- prove that politics or protecting the campaign was the only intent of the money, but that the benefit to the campaign can't just be a side benefit. there has to be a direct benefit in order for the jury to determine that these were indeed campaign funds. so the closing arguments are expect to wrap up early this afternoon. the jury instructions expected to take the rest of the day. and then the jury expected to begin deliberations friday morning. back to you. >> and do we know who -- is everyone still in the courtroom today? john edwards and his daughter and his parents also? >> reporter: yes. as a matter of fact, john edwards and his daughter return today. yesterday was the one anomaly, when kate edwards was not next to her father as she had been every other day when they
7:49 am
arrive for the trial. it's still unclear why she wasn't there yesterday but she was back by his side again today, and they're both in the courtroom as we speak. >> all right, jonathan, thank you. this weekend leaders from around the world will be here in the u.s. for two major assumption. tomorrow president obama will host the g-8 summit at camp david. the participants will include england, france and italy. they'll, talking about terrorism and the global economy among other things. but a lot of the attention will focus on the new president of france. francois hollande took office on tuesday. once that conference is over, various leaders will be flying off to chicago for the nato summit. securities very, very tight as you can imagine. protestors already vow they will try to disrupt the proceedings. and several businesses in chicago are already boarding up as a precaution. >> i hope we're making more out
7:50 am
of it than it will be, i hope everybody conduct themselves accordingly. >> the nato summit will deal with afghanistan's request for $4 billion in foreign aid. yesterday germany pledged it would help. the obama administration invited non-nato countries to the summit hoping the u.s. won't get stuck contributing most of the money. in a fiery campaign speech in ohio, vice president joe biden says he resents suggestions by republicans that democrats are envious of wealth and democrats don't have dreams. >> my mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. >> after a speech he surprised people at a local dairy queen when he stopped for an ice cream cone. on a two-day campaign swing
7:51 am
in florida, republican presidential candidate mitt romney is intensifying his attacks on president obama as a wasteful spender. >> time we have a president that will stop the spending and borrowing, and i will. i'll get the job done. >> romney continues campaigning in florida today. he is scheduled to meet with supporters in jacksonville. a man from stockton will be arraigned today on charges that he refused to take his tuberculosis medication. health officials say 34-year- old armando rodriguez has an active form of tuberculosis and without that medication, he could be contagious. health work are went to his house three times checking on him. rodriguez reportedly told the nurse he had gone on a drinking binge and used methamphetamine and didn't want to hurt his liver by taking the medication. more than a million dollars in unclaimed cash, and it belongs to some former
7:52 am
students. how much longer they have to claim the money. plus the foreclosure trends taking a positive turn.
7:53 am
7:54 am
angry students fearing another tuition hike protested at a sacramento meeting of the uc boards of regents. about 15 of the dome straightors delayed yesterday's closed door meeting for about 15 minutes with this protest. they're angry that the university of california is considering a 6% few, hiring, if the state cuts education funked. there were no arrests yesterday. city college of san francisco is holding more than a million dollars that belongs to former students. and the students just have until june 25th to claim the money or the school gets to
7:55 am
keep the cash. the school is required to try to track down the nearly 16,000 former students who never collected reimbursements for dropped classes. the oldest accounts go back to 1999 and some are worth nearly $2,000. a new report shows the number of homes seized by banks dropped during april, and fewer than 189,000 homes received foreclosures related notices is last month. that's the lowest number since july 2007. the mortgage bankers association adds banks are agreeing more often to short sales, rather than foreclosing on homes, which is often better for the owners and the banks. short sales are going to outnumber sales in california and arizona. sal, you taking care of the folks on 880? >> yes, i am. as a matter of fact, we're looking at traffic that's getting busier right there, and as you drive on northbound 880 you can see how slow it is past
7:56 am
the coliseum. there have been a number of fender-benders, one northbound 880 just north of 23rd. you can see this is just outside of our camera range. traffic say lot slower than usual. about the only good things is this accident has no injuries. four vehicles being taken off the freeway right now. so the lanes should be open any moment now if not already, but traffic has been slow. there are a lot of fender- benders out there with no injuries. westbound bay bridge, touch lighter than usual. today there's a daytime basketball, at&t park for the giants game. and the commute this morning, this will be affected not only in the roads but on the air delays. air delays at sfo about 90 minutes reported. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. on twitter couple marks checking in. pleasanton, blue sky, some fog breaking up, look like a bob ross painting.
7:57 am
put a tree here. little bird up there. then mark in he's anthill said three, sun, it's all associated with that system right there moving through. it looks like it's breaking up some of that fog, just updated -- but the breeze is going to pick up so it will be a cooler pattern for inland areas and i still think. some of that fog on the coast gets chewed up so little better there. but 50s on the temps. san jose already 58. there are breaks in the clouds there. highs today lot of 70s. i mean 60s and 70s. 50s on the coast. just too cool for right now. but the good news is after this system high pressure building in. so partly sunny, cooler inland but warmer on the coast. i don't say that very often. 50s, 60s and low to mid-70s really challenging on these forecast highs because they're well below average for this time of year for many. clearing, breezy on friday. and good news is mostly sunny and temperatures will be warming up on the weekends. does look like another cooldown on monday, though. >> all right. thank you, steve. a bay area prostitute behind
7:58 am
bars, the alleged violent incident that has her facing felony charges. >> police are investigating a homicide and a beating. we just spoke to the friend of one of the victims, let you know what he had to say coming up. >> and copper thieves hit a park, we just talked to a park supervisor about how much thieves took what the plans are to get everything back and running, when mornings on 2 continues. my boyfriend. i can't help it. i'm a fashion stylist! at t.j.maxx, i get designer clothes...
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is thursday, may 17th. happening right now, san jose police are investigating an overnight attack that left one man dead. now what happened on walnut woods drive. tara moriarity has been on the story and has the details in the search for the suspects. >> reporter: detectives have just arrived on scene, and we have counted 22 evidence markers so far. that white vehicle over there is the crime scene technician's van. they've been gathering evidence all morning. investigators are combing the area here off walnut woods
8:01 am
drive, searching for any more clues. we're not far from the intersection of story and mclaughlin. last night around 8:20, shots rank out in the neighborhood. and 18-year-old man was shot and another person found beaten. that 18-year-old died at the hospital at 3:00 in morning. one neighbor told us the victim ran into her friend's apartment after he was shot. >> he came this way, and he was open the door, especially opening it and my anybody was trying to unlock it. he opened it, and he ran into -- he was -- near the couch and holding on to his chest. and he got -- [not understandable] and my neighbor was calling 911. >> my friend was like my best friend. he was a nice guy. played sports, played football. mvp of football and he was just ricky. i knew him since elementary school. i can't even say anything now. just like -- sad. >> reporter: we are not
8:02 am
releasing the full name of the victim until police have given us the okay. and his family is notified. san jose police say they don't have any suspects in custody but there were a number of witnesses so they are pursuing leads. we're told this area is known for gang activity and the neighbor that we did speak to said that there was one witness that saw everything from her window. don't know if she got a description or not of the suspect but did get a description of that suspect vehicle so we're waiting for police to release that. she only described it as some sort of maroon or orange silvery car. so again we'll pass on any new information we get about this crime to you and let you know. tara moriarity, ktvu channel 2 news. there was also gunfire in west oakland overnight. a ktvu news crew was there at the scene moments after a shooting right near the intersection of 43rd street and market. police found the victim in the street. he was shot two times. he is now listed in critical condition at highland hospital. right now we have no word on a
8:03 am
suspect or a possible motive in the shooting. copper thieves have plunged a local park into the dark. just a week and a half before memorial day celebrations are set to take place. ktvu's claudine wong joins us live from american canyon with a look at how much repairs will cost and how long they're going to take. claudine. >> reporter: surge a big project. show you something that within the last hour, park crews came out here and raised those two flamings those flags are actually normally up 24 hours a day. but here's the thing. there's no power to this park. and because there's no power, those lights which usually light up the flags at night, don't work and corked to the flag code, a flag can only be flown at night when it's lit, so when copper thieves stole the wire, the lights went out and those flags had to come down some that means every morning crews come back out here to put it up and every afternoon they come it take it down. they're going to do that until repairs are made and they are still trying to figure out when this will be.
8:04 am
a lot of wire was stolen from the park, 1500 feet from both the north end and south end. >> what they did is popped the lids here, and then they slowly cut the wires. and then they just sneak in and pull it out. >> the city is in the process of getting bids to get it repaired. we see within contractor here right now, taking measurements for his bid. this is the second time the park has been hit. but the first incident only knocked out power to part of the park. >> we end up directing, redirecting resources. we could be out maintaining the parks for the kids, but now we have to spend our resources over here, trying to get things back in order. >> done by memorial day for the ceremony? >> that's our goal, to have everything up and running by memorial day, for the ceremonies we do conduct out here. >> reporter: that's the goal, still unclear if that's going to happen. meantime, however, authorities are looking at other possible ways to try to keep this all
8:05 am
from happening again. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning, police in martinez investigating a graffiti case and they want your help to make an arrest. investigators released this surveillance photo you're looking at. this is a person of interest. police say graffiti was spray- painted on several businesses in downtown martinez on may 6th. police say the person in that photo was possibly involved. they've got any information about this, contact martinez police. a san francisco prostitute in jail in morning, accused of beating and robbing one of her elderly customers. the 82-year-old victim had been 38-year-old lynette's regular caretaker for years, but in may prosecutors say the woman came to the victim's san mateo home and struck him with a brick. she then allegedly stole money, a brand-new television set, and put them in the man's car and drove away. the woman has been charged with
8:06 am
eight felonies, including home- invasion robbery and embezzlement of an elderly person. oakland's police chief extends an olive branch to the family of a teenager shot and killed by an officer two weeks ago. the chronicle reports chief howard jordan met privately this week with the parents of 18-year-old alan blue ford. he expressed his condolences and apologized for having to wait hours with no word about their son. the mother says the meeting relieved some of her frustrations. a search is underway for a man who robbed a supermarket in concord. it happened at food max off clayton road after 9:30 last night. police say an 18 to 22-year-old man walked up to a store worker, pulled out a gun, and demanded money from the register. the employee complied and no one was hurt. the robber got an unknown amount of cash and ran away. a loss filed now against a monterey county care facility
8:07 am
for the disabled. five residents were killed in at fire there last november. the chronicle reports the families of three victims are now suing the owners in the operators of the mount carmel adult residential facility and claiming negligence as well as an inadequate and poorly trained staff. the defendants were not able to get -- reach them for comment. investigators say they haven't term the cause of the fire. uc berkeley slapped a temporary restraining order against a group of occupy protestors. now this prohibits those demonstrators from either entering or farming at the 10- acre university owned field in albany. in two weeks, a judge will decide whether to order a preliminary injunction against those occupy protestors. while the university is pleased with the ruling, defendants tell the patch they're hoping to change the mind of the judge after presenting their side of the story in a full hearing. some occupy oakland members
8:08 am
want ac transit bus drivers to ignore the company policy and honor expired transfers. ac transit riders pay 25 cents for bus transfers, which are good for two hours and a single ride. however, occupy members want the drivers to honor transfer three hours. a spokesperson says he expects the bus drivers to keep following the agency's rules. bart will be extending service for the betsa breakers race in san francisco this sunday. all bart station will open early with service starting at 5 a.m. sunday morning. trains will run at 20-minute intervals. bicycles will not be allowed on trains until after 8 a.m. bart says the embarcadero station will provide easy access where the race begins. >> i plan to be there, helping the judge costumes. >> that's right! >> looking forward to that. >> that will be fun!
8:09 am
>> hey, sal, how we doing out there? >> it's better in some areas and little bit worse in others. but we've had fender-benders. about the only good news is we haven't had a lot of injury crashes, which is good. highway 4, getting busy now in bay point and concord but eased up in antioch. also looking at slow traffic on the bay bridge. but that really has improved. be very happy with that. remember, there's a daytime baseball game today, 12:45, giants versus cardinals at at&t park. should be off at about 4:00 when the game is over. and let's look at the south bay. road showing the slowest traffic on 101 after 280 north to sunnyvale. steve. >> thank you, sir. mostly cloudy morning, few sunbreaks, but a lot of cloud cover, low clouds, high, mid- level clouds some combination giving us a cool pattern, also breeze is picking up.
8:10 am
little low moving northwest here, that's moving no. not moving in over us. we had one earlier that moved over us. this one is staying north but ushering in a lot of cloud cover and more sea breeze so low and high clouds today, partly sunny, mostly cloudy. cool pattern. although the wind is beginning to pick up, gusts to 25 miles per hour now at concord, buchanan. south at 20. it's going to be a cool, blustery day even for inland temps. one positive is maybe the fog will get chewed up. it's been socked in much of the coast. 50s to 58. san jose the warmert under mostly cloudy skies down there. looking at three web cameras from san jose state meteorologist department, mostly cloudy. couple breaks but not much. it is bringing in some cooler air aloft sony land temps cool down yet warmer by the coast. little different forecast today. going partly sunny, cloudy to mostly cloudy now. highs today look for 60s and
8:11 am
70s. orange would be 80s and those will be out there in the back 40. upper 70s, some 60s around, 50s, 60s close to the coast. san francisco yesterday 54 for a high. pacifica. so hopefully they'll bounce temps up a little bit today. lot of 70s. 60s on the coast. tomorrow looking better. the weekend mostly sunny and warmer. key question continues to be sunday evening for the eclipse on the coast. it's going to be a tough call because another system comes in on monday. there was an early morning earthquake in east texas. it was a magnitude 4.3 quake, hit about 1:12 this morning near the town of timpson, texas, near the louisiana border. we've had reports of broken windows there, and some dishes falling. but no word of any major damage or injuries. also in texas, some developing news, a new mystery involving white powder. and another tragedy for the kennedy family. what we found out today about a tragic death.
8:12 am
also a mental health controversy involving the u.s. military live coverage from washington, d.c. ♪
8:13 am
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mostly cloudy out there, few sunbreaks. some low clouds, high clouds. kind of a combination here, mixed bag of temperatures, also breeze is picking up, pretty shot. we will have partly sunny, partly cloudy skies today. highs inland cool down so 60s and low to mid-70s. happening right now, authorities in texas investigating suspicious white powder found at a copy and
8:15 am
shipping store near dallas. right there. this is new video we just got this from plano, texas this morning. earlier today, an envelope containing white powder was found at a courthouse in dallas. officials there determine it was not dangerous. all of this comes after the fbi just yesterday said they think one person in north texas is responsible for mailing more than 380 letters with white powder since 2008. it 1:15. we're learning more about trayvon martin's violent death. the autopsy report shows the florida teenager died from a seasoning. gunshot wound to the chest and it was fired from an immediate range. that report found the 17-year- old also had a small cut on his left ring finger. the medical report on the accused killer shows george zimmerman suffered a broken nose, two black eyes and minor cuts to his scalp. that report was prepared by zimmerman's perjury physician.
8:16 am
both reports will be crucial evidence in the second-degree murder case against zimmerman. there will be an autopsy today on mary kennedy, estranged wife of robert f. kennedy, jr. the 52-year-old was found dead in her home in bedford, new york yesterday. reports say when police found her, she was hanging. mary kennedy and rfk jr. were married 16 years and have 54 children. he filed for divorce two years ago, but according to mary kennedy's attorney, they were still married at the time of her death. robert f kennedy, jr. is the son of senator robert kennedy and the nephew of president john kennedy. with u.s. army launching a major investigation of how it deals with post-traumatic stress disorder, after complaints were made at the largest military base on the coast. why some see the military is down playing mental health problems. allison. >> reporter: dave, here on capitol hill the chairwoman of
8:17 am
the senate veterans affairs committee says the army clearly realize easy it has a nationwide problem and its hand. the investigation will examine mental health evaluations over the last decade. it comes after hundreds of soldiers up for medical age retirement at the medical center near seattle had their diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder reversed. one hundred of those reversals were later reinstated. they're concerned the army is holding back so they won't center to make disability payments. >> if you're injured your back or arm or laos a leg, it's clear you want return to service. but if it's a mental health issue, it's too easy for someone to make a diagnosis of -- making this up. >> the army is also changed its guidelines for diagnosing ptsd, eliminating a written test that tried to weed out people who were exaggerating their
8:18 am
symptoms. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. the cencus bureau says for the first time minorities make up more than half the children born in the united states. the data just came out, saying little more than 50% of all babies born in the u.s. last year were minorities. that compares to 37% in 1990. according to the cencus, 49% of all children under age 5 are minorities. a major california shoe maker will pay $40 million to settle claims over some of its athletic wear. sketchers used celebrities, including joe montana and kim kardashian, in its ads. the ads claim just wearing the rocker bottom shoes would help people lose weight and get in better shape. >> the concept seems so bogus that i'm not surprised. but that doesn't work. >> i've seen people come in with problems from the shoes,
8:19 am
such as achilles tendinitis because they're overstretching that heel. >> sketchers denies any wrongdoing and says it settled to avoid a long and drawn out lawsuit. if you bought the shoes, check for details on how to get a refund, just scroll down to the web links sections on our homepage. former british prime minister tony blair will be at stanford university today. blair will give a talk on a new approach to development in africa. he is the founder of the africa governance initiative, an organization that work to promote good governance, leadership and build capacity across africa. jennifer lopez, according to forbes magazine, is the world's most powerful celebrity. the singer, actress, "american idol" judge reportedly took in $52 million over the last year and had earned number one spot.
8:20 am
stars in this ranking are ranked on visibility, income and their social media presence. however, j.lo may be about to step away from some of that power. the 11th season of "american idol" is ending and there are reports j.lo may be missing next year from the judge's panel. on tuesday she appeared on the ellen degeneris show, said she didn't know if she could do another season of "american idol." she said idol is time consuming and she misses doing other things. however, idol executives are desperate they want to keep her there and it may cost them. last august, jennifer lopez signed for a reported $20 million. a big pay hike from her 12 million the year before. meantime, tonight is the night we find out who will be in the "american idol" finale.
8:21 am
last night the final three contestants performed in what is called the closest race ever. we also say the homecoming celebrations of three others. they each sang three songs, one picked by the judges, one by them, and one by the show's mentor and vocal coach, jimmy. and you can find out who will make the finale right here on ktvu, "american idol" begins tonight at 8:00. >> lot of suspense about this one! >> lot of people will be tuning in! of. a major medical concern this morning, we'll tell you about the latest victim of a flesh-eating bacteria. also meteorologist steve paulsen will tell us when the morning fog will burn off. >> good morning. westbound 237, that traffic is going to be busy. we also have some sun showing, talk about the weather coming up.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
a georgia woman is in critical condition, trying to fight off a flesh-eating bacterial infection. 24-year-old amy copeland suffered a deep gash on her left leg after falling from a homemade zip line murder than two weeks ago. doctors have since amputated most of her leg. she will also lose all of her fingers. despite the injuries, copeland and her parents are amazingly still in good spirits.
8:25 am
>> knowing she can communicate with us, and we have some wonderful moments in there with her, and the visiting hour just runs far too short. that's the only thing i hate is leaving the room. >> a north carolina woman who survived the same infection reached out to copeland on facebook. she lost her leg after getting a cut on her foot. meanwhile, a south carolina woman who also came down with the infection recently is in critical but stable condition and just delivered twins last week. let's check in with sal. see what is happening out there. >> all right, this morning's commute is still pretty busy now and i want to let you no that at san francisco airport we have flight delays because of the heavy cloud cover. this is a look from our live camera near sfo. we just looked at control tower and these are the runways and they seem a little sun which is
8:26 am
good news, but the planes come in a little slower and they go out slower when there's overcast some this morning we're likely to see delays according to sfo of as much as 90 minutes, as we pan to the right here. you can see that there's one plane coming in for landing here, and come in one at a time. when it's absolutely sunny sometimes you'll see two planes coming in at the same time today they only come in one at a time until the weather gets better. let's go look at the commute at the bay bridge. it has cleared up. also want to mention the south bay because we have been watching that. the traffic in san jose very slow on 17/880, up to 101. now let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. we do have some sun, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy, just had a nice tweet san ramon, said the wind lou away the clouds. we do get a little sun but there is some mostly cloudy clouds, low clouds and higher clouds. and i don't think it's that yucky in san jose. but there are a lot of cloud
8:27 am
covers, associated with that system which is moving through. see a few breaks but the breeze is definitely going to be an issue later today. once some of the clouds clear. 50s to upper 50s. another cool, cool pattern in place now my hope is that some of this cooler air will wipe out the fog on the coast and give those folks a little more sunshine. so cooler inland but a little warmer on the coast. partly sunny, partly cloudy. we'll be optimistic and say partly sunny. 50s and 60s, few mid-70s in areas that were about five to seven degrees warmer yesterday. we will see a rebound on the temps, cool friday morning but then warmer into the weekend. the tricky forecast will be sunday night and monday, with the eclipse coming in and i think on the coast it will be a tricky call. inland won't be a problem but the coast might have to deal with some fog. a seriously injured man found after spending a week lying near a bay area freeway. how the chp is responding to the many questions about this case. >> and a new lower speed limit
8:28 am
in san francisco's school zones. the signs have gone up city- wide. we'll somehow you how much drivers will need to slow down. >> plus, part of a 20s mountainside gone! in seconds! you've got to see this spectacular rockslide caught on video.
8:29 am
8:30 am
there's a new speed zone around schools in san francisco. ktvu's alex savage is talk to parents who want all drivers to obey the new safety rules. alex. >> reporter: the parents i've been talk to certainly hoping the drivers watch their speed if they're nearest school in san francisco.
8:31 am
and here's why. crews have just finished installing these new 15-mile- per-hour speed limit signs at schools across the city. here's video from just the last hour as crossing guard helped kids with get to class here at sherman elementary, near another force and drivers don't always slow down. so we took a ride this morning, trying to give you an idea of how much you really need to be on your toes. >> and you really need to be very aware as you approach any school in san francisco. here i am doing about 25 miles an hour. but i approach this school zone near sherman elementary, and very quickly you can see i have to drop down to 15 miles an hour. it's very significant, and i have to keep going that slow all the way through this school zone, past the school when chirp are present, in an effort to make sure kids get to class safely. >> reporter: it was last year when mayor lee launched this effort to reduce pedestrian accidents near schools. crews began to set up the 15-
8:32 am
mile-per-hour speed limit zones around 180 public and private schools in san francisco. but not all schools have the lowered speed limits. it's just the ones along two- lane streets. here parents are glad the signs have gone up and they're keeping their fingers crossed that drivers take it easy. >> we hope so. it's obviously safety first for the kids and the families. and i think that's -- you know, our biggest issue around our school. i think we've seen it, even on busy union street it's been effective i think. so we're for it, as parents and families of these schools. >> and the director of walk sf, a pedestrian advocacy group, says san francisco is now the largest city in the state to shift all of its eligible schools over to the 15-mile-per- hour speed limit zone around the school. and the director of that group is hoping that other cities in the bay area will follow suit. alex savage, ktvu channel 2
8:33 am
news. this morning the alameda county coroner is expected to tell us the name of the man killed in this week's hit-and- run accident in dublin. the body of a man in his 50s was found on dougherty road late tuesday night. investigators say they're not sure if the victim had been riding or walking his bike when he was hit. but they do have a lead on a car involved. police are looking for a black 2010 or 2011 mercedes-benz. new this morning, after spending hours on top of a roof in oakland, a man is now in the hospital for observation. he came down overnight without incident. this started around 6:30 last nights at 7th and madison. traffic in the area had to be diverted. police say the man was distraught and talked about not wanting to go to jail. a 25-year-old man recovering now, he spent a week lying badly injured in the bushes in and out of consciousness, right near a major bay area freeway.
8:34 am
we're talking about michael sanchez. he was found on tuesday in the bushes off the hellyer avenue onramp near 101 in south san jose. last thursday police got a missing persons report on sanchez. found out two days earlier the chp had found his wreck pickup truck empty near the freeway on onramp. the chp says they brought in sheriff's deputies and the fire department. they searched the area near the accident but found nothing. >> you definitely take a look at the situations, try to see if there's anything you could have done different. but when you look at the circumstances, there was -- i feel confident we did the best job we could with the information we had. >> san jose police went back to the area yesterday just on a hunch and they found sanchez. he was unconscious, alive despite going without food and water for seven days. high bacteria levels in two
8:35 am
popular beaches in california are prompting warnings to stay out of the water. the national weather service issued the warnings for the waters off pillar points in san mateo county, and the waters at stillwater cove near pebble beach in monterey county. there are concerns people who swim, wade or surf in the waters with high bacteria levels increase their risks of getting sick. the warnings are in effect through tomorrow morning. only on 2, ktvu has learned a massive construction project in san francisco will force the closure of a major road leading to the bay bridge on memorial day weekend. the next phase in the construction of the trans-bay transit center is to excavate first street. over the holiday weekend, those crews will install a temporary bridge to handle traffic. they'll actually be three temporary bridges on first, fremont, and beal streets. to minimize the impact, those bridges will go up over three
8:36 am
different holiday weekends, memorial day, labor day, and veterans' day. >> first three is an onramp to the bay bridge. significant artery out of downtown so we wanted to take advantage of the long weekend to give ourselves a window to do this installations. >> the first street closure from mission to howard, that starts next friday night at 8 p.m. it will run through 5 a.m. on tuesday. and there are two other closures for you to keep in mind. on memorial day weekend, muni plans to shut down its light rail line beginning a week from tomorrow. the nighttime works will affect several bus lines also. and a seismic upgrade on the dumbarton bridge will close that bridge from may 25th to may 29th, closed in both directions. we have all this information about the project on our channel 2 website, we've posted video of the projection in the hot topics section.
8:37 am
we've also mentioned the golden gate ridge, lot of traffic on sunday, memorial day weekend. let's check in with sal now, update on airport delays at sfo, lot of fog there? >> yes, that's right. when the fog comes in, sometimes the planes don't come in on time. and then they go back out little bit late. the first flights leaving shouldn't be as impacted as later on when some of these planes come in later. as soon as the clouds lift, and there goes a plane now -- the airport lays it will get better but could be as long as 90 minute this morning. let's move along and look at the 880 freeway here. northbound 880 a little slow. we had an earlier problem at 23rd, that's been cleared. very heavy in the south bay on 17. getting up to 880, it has been staying that way. 10 one also busy, 17 unusually slow towards the airport. let's go to steve thank you. partly sunny, mostly cloudy, few breaks but a combination of
8:38 am
fog, some high clouds, middle clouds and the breeze is cranking up. when it's that turbo charged, that tells you there's a strong, strong sea breeze south at concord and west south 12, sfo west to oakland. it's all in place there for cooler pattern inland. my hope is the coast will see a little bit of a break and the fog gets chewed up because it won't support temperatures. 50s on the coast. low right there, beginning to move in. that's what is really causing this cooldown for the inland areas. just warmer by the coast. partly sunny, mostly cloudy here in the morning. mostly sunny in the afternoon. highs today 60s and 70s. that should be 80s but you have to head out far towards vacaville to get close. so upper 70s for some. mid-70s first but lot of 60s. 60 in oakland. 74 walnut creek. 62 hayward. alameda, 59. 70s in san jose.
8:39 am
70s santa clara. 91 los gatos and upper 60s fremont. it's been a tough couple days, very cold in san francisco yesterday high was 54. clearing, breese on friday. then sunshine and warmer temperatures kick in at least inland with temperatures into the 80s. time is now 8:38. facebook frenzy! you know tonight is the night the stock will be priced. pam cook says it's part of the return to glory for silicon valley. quite a day. >> reporter: it is exciting. it's like a second dot-com boom with the local economy in 65 if and in san francisco getting quite an economic boost from the tech sector and its new millionaires. almost 300 companies have filed for ipo's since 2011, more than 10% of those are here in california. now the big ones getting a lot of attention, zynga, yelp, pandora, and now facebook. according to bloomberg, 65 is
8:40 am
the u.s. hub four early stage companies receiving almost 40% of the $23 billion in venture funding. and many people hope facebook will bring money and restore confidence. >> lots of people will be instant millionaires and billionaires. so that changes the economy around here, people start spending that money. >> i don't think the i pictures o will mean that much for the community of world facebook users, but if you're talking about the silicon valley community startup people, yeah, i mean, it fuels confidence in investors as long as it goes well. >> also going on this morning, a press conference with two senators regarding a contentious debate over a move by facebook co-founder eduardo saverin. senators accuse him of a scheme to denounces his citizenship and move to singapore in order to get out of paying some of that money, $67 million in taxes. they want to impose mandatory
8:41 am
capital gains taxes on anyone who does denounce their citizenship. and then bar people like him in ever coming back here to the united states. so that's going on this morning. interesting side note with facebook, just to let you know some of big money managers, the whipping shops, in v. banks are going to get the ipo stock, charles schwab, ameritrade, where you might have an account, will get some stock. do you center to have a six- figure trading account balance. stocks will start trading tomorrow morning, and we'll watch it on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. i'm pam cook. back to dave. >> thank you. the soyuz spacecraft is now docked at the international space station. it happened after 1:00 in morning, our time some now there are six men, including two american astronauts, living on the international space
8:42 am
station. the first privately owned cargo ship is expected up there at the space station next week. show you this new video, though. a spectacular rockslide in witnesses lands. you don't see this every day. it happened early monday night, going into tuscany morning. the village in the southern part of that country. now the experts had predicted this slide because of the very unstable mountainside there. almost 400,000 cubic yards of rock slid down the valley. neighboring roads are now, more rockslides are expected, and getting into that danger zone for good reason is forbidden. we have just getting some breaking news into the newsroom. it volcanoes one of biggest names in disco music. also the growing threat of a supermarket strike what unhappy union workers are doing in the south bay. and the announcement this could change the whole industry.
8:43 am
>> we're live in san jose where detectives are investigating a homicide and an assault. we just spoke to the friend of one of the victims and tell what you they said when mornings on 2 continues. ♪
8:44 am
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she's known for numerous hits, including the last dance, and she works hard for the money. again, donna summer died this morning. she was just 63 years old. stocks are lower once again in wall street, unease over europe is still weighing on the markets and that's offsetting some positive news that just came out this morning on jobless claims holding steady also good news from the leading indicators. verizon plans to completely eliminate its unlimited data plan. verizon is expanding the latest generation of its wireless network called 4g, customers want to go upgrade phones from their current 3g data plan will
8:47 am
have to sign up for verizon's new data share plan that will be introduced this summer. it will provide tiers of different levels of data use for family members or several devices. prices will be set by the data tier chosen. up to date on some. other top stories we're following for you right now. we're following overnight news from san mateo county. firefighters rushed to help a man who fell more than 30 feet over the freeway railing on highway 92 in foster city. we don't know his name or his condition, or even how he fell. authorities in american canyon investigating that city's biggest copper theft in two years. 1500 feet of copper wire was theft from this park. and police in san jose still searching for suspects in a deadly attack. a man was found shot to death last night east of downtown.
8:48 am
another man was found very badly beaten but he is expected to survive. ktvu's tara moriarity is there now, and you have new information? when do you know. >> reporter: we do know the victim's name but we're not going to give it to you until we know it's okay with police. they're not releasing it at this point. we do know that the victim lives just a couple blocks from him. and behind me if you look at this white van, this is the crime scene technician vehicle and they've been gathering evidence, two dozen evidence markers and detective were here all night trying to piece together the crime. and another group of detectives arrived this morning. but after gathering more information from neighbors. we're not if are from story and mclaughlin, and last night around 8:20 shots rang out. an 18-year-old man was shot and another person found beaten. the 18-year-old died at the hospital at 3:00 this morning. a woman told us the victim ran into her friend's apartment to call 911 after he was shot.
8:49 am
she says her next door neighbor watched the drama unfold. >> she was -- and she was -- heard [not understandable] thought it was firecrackers. the guy was running and she called 911. he was holding his chest shot right here, and then he was bleeding from the back. and he got shot in the leg right here. and it came out -- >> we asked a friend of the victim if he had ties to gangs but he would not say. >> my friend ricky was like my best friend. he was a nice guy. played sports, played football, mvp of football. and he was just ricky. i knew him from -- elementary school. >>itnesses say there was a car seen leaving the area after the shooting. a are moon orangish car and police say they don't have any suspects in custody right now, but there are a number of witnesses so they are pursuing leads. the victim was assaulted is expected to survive. the victim who died this
8:50 am
morning we saw his family out here just minutes ago trying to learn more about exactly what happened. they didn't want to speak to us. they're very distraught and upset. so again, we'll be speaking with san jose police later this morning and bring you the latest coming up on our news at noon. support rallies for northern california grocery workers are now underway for what is called the day of action. yesterday union workers from raley's, nob hill, safeway and save mart authorized a strike, and today they're taking their message on the road. they just launchnd a series of traveling rallies. workers will end up at caesar shove's plaza for a larger demonstration at 4:00 this afternoon. today's day of action comes in the midst of really tough contentious contract talks with the grocery chains. a san diego restaurant belonging to the late football
8:51 am
star juneor seau is closing. trustees of his estate made the decision to close the restaurant yesterday. it's being shut down in honor of his legacy. there's also a question as to who would run it in the future. it was one of san diego's largest and most popular sports themed restaurants. it was a violent end to a soccer game in turkey as fans of the losing team stormed the field. this video is released on tuesday by turkish police. it shows fans throwing flares and seats and attacking police and security guards after saturday's game. footage also shows people setting a police car on fire and flipping others over. 48 people were arrested and are currently in jail awaiting trial. riders in the biggest bicycle race in the u.s. are preparing for another big day today. stage 5 of the amgen tour of california begins at 1:00 this afternoon in bakersfield. the racers will be on road for
8:52 am
individual 18-mile long time trials. the race wraps up sunday in beverly hills. riders are recovering from yesterday's run through the gold country. peter won his fourth straight leg of the tour, a grueling 130- mile ride from sonora to clovis. raise your hand! the 22-year-old rider surged to the front of the pack just a few hundred yards from the finish line. in the meantime, golf center star phil mickelson had a different hazard to face. he was at last night's oakland a's game, sitting there, and the game between the texas rangers now look again -- everybody worked together on this. just roll that thing up. take a look again. the batter loses his bat, and it goes flying in the direction of where phil mickelson is sitting. luckily, phil wasn't hurt. and it was a thrill to be there. he was later spotted. you can see him there laughing
8:53 am
about that close call. >> that could have damaged his golf game! >> a whole lot! >> a woman is recovering after a bizarre incident at a southern california beach. emergency responders say they have never seen anything like this. also, a new apple device in the works, this one could make it easier to control the music in your car.
8:54 am
8:55 am
a very unusual rescue took
8:56 am
place near santa barbara, and arabian horse pulled out of chili waters after getting spooked during a photo shoot on tuesday, then it just doing offer. the horse swam for two miles, before the harbor patrol arrived and ended up just towing the horse back to dry lan. the horse was exhausted but in fairly good shape. the health department is investigating a puzzling incident in southern california. on saturday, a woman and her children were collecting rocks at san clemee beach. she put the rocks in manager pocket when they suddenly burst into flames. >> she had flames coming off her shorts, so we're still unsure of what caused the actual fire. we do know she just had the rocks in her pocket, that the rocks were being tested as we speak. >> the woman suffered third- degree burns on her right thigh and knee, so far we don't know what type of rocks and an investigation is expected to last another week. her husband also suffered
8:57 am
second-degree burns on his hands when he was trying to put out the flames. >> you can imagine! apple won a new patent, one that could give it more control over how you listen to music. apple filed a patent for a quick wheel. you can clip it to the steer wheel of a car. it would give you the driver remote control for iphones, and ipads, things like that. which means you can change tracks, hit pause, or raise the volume without ever taking your hands off the wheel. all right. speaking of trafficking let's check in with sal. >> pretty slow 880 northbound and southbound, but northbound mostly in this section of oakland. as you pass high street, couple earlier problems, southbound also slow traffic in hayward. also this morning, the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza is lighter than usual. back to steve. >> thank you. little sun, lot of low clouds and higher clouds so partly sunny, mostly cloudy here. cooler and breezy, especially for inland areas. hopefully the coast can get some fog out of there and warm
8:58 am
up. we do have good news. it will be warmer on the weekend. and trying my best to clear the coast sunday night for the eclipse but looking iffy. counsel on monday but the weekend will be better. >> all right. thank you. and that's our report for this morning. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. see you the next time news break. join usus at noon. we'll have more about the death of donna summer. we're always here for you at thanks for joining us!
8:59 am
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