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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 17, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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hello, everybody, the best videos of the day on on the way, "right this minute." a 120 miles per hour police chase leads to all kinds of carnage. worse of all, cops say the driver was pretending to be one of them. a deer is hung up on a fence. >> get the back leg! >> i was thinking those things can kick. >> what were the rescuers thinking? a father-son science experience. >> you realize that's a giant
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rocket. >> and problems with a long awaited video game. >> one particular gamer is quite upset. >> get ready for the mother of all rants. >> we'll kick off the show with dashcam footage. alen anthony clifton is in a lot of trouble after this was caught on dashcam video. he said he saw mr. cliffton pull over somebody in his truck. police pulled over too, and mr. cliffton decided i'm taking off. >> imagine how confused you are if you're the person mr. cliffton pulled over. >> this chase reached speeds of 120 miles per hour going the
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wrong way on the roadway. >> here is how you will see a deputy trying to get this man to stop. >> rammed right into his driver's side door. >> yeah, but he kept going. we pick up on a different road, and we see he is stopped, a deputy is working on getting that car done open. banging on that window, and here they are pulling him out. he is facing 13 charges in this case alone, and he is no stranger to the justice system. he has a long rap sheet. >> was he drunk or on drug sns. >> according to the sheriff's office, his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. >> it's amazing no one was seriously hurt in the whole thing. >> this is the mother of a girl
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that was kidnapped in 2006. she is now 7 years old. according to ap reports, the woman and her child were in the home. when she turned away, she turned back around and saw her daughter carried off by a woman into a t taxi. she says her daughter was sold . >> i'm going to give her all my love which i haven't been able to do. they did determine tham this was, in fact, an illegal adoption and ordered the girl to be returned to her parents, but the usc department said they have no grounds to return this child to guatemala because when this girl was abducted, guatemala had not signed the hag abduction convention.
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>> it has been to delie as much as possible so that time would run out and there wouldn't be an international legal basis we could take advantage of. >> three people have been charged with human trafficking including a lawyer and illegal representative of the adoption agency. >> why wouldn't you just immediately give the child back? >> the family released a statement and they continue to advocate the best interest of the child and they are pursuing the truth of the girl's past. she is planning to come to the u.s. and file court documents in the state of missouri. according to investigations, the family that got her had no idea she was kip napped and that her documents were falsified. >> it gives you insight into the horroring of human trafficking. >> fort meyers florida, a suspected robber walk-ins, goes
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up to the counter, and sells the clerk, give me your money. he motions like he has a gun in his gym shorts. the clerk said, literally, you have to be kidding me. the guy goes give me the money, and the clerk says get out of my store, and the guy just listens to fred. how many videos have we seen of convenience stores being robbed. and all you have to do is say get out of the toor. lee county deputies are investigating trying to forget who this robber is. this isn't the only video. in scotland, this is another convenience store before another suspected robber comes in wielding a 18 inch kitchen
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knife. and he gets a folding chair. the robber grabs for the register. i would say a good half a dozen licks with the folding chair, and robert takes off. he says not to today, you can have the folding chair to the back of the head. >> a great day in russia, a couple riders approach an intersection. they stop, look both ways, and pull out to make a left-hand turn. >> that rider gets punted. >> he was up on his feet right away.
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>> it was a she. she gets up and goes off to the side of the road immediately and lays down. she has protective gear -- >> it's not like she was wearing a color that would blend. it seems like she would be clear view. >> you go backing to that left turn, there was quite a difference between them and the car that him them. that car had to have been speeding. >> emergency personnel show up minutes after this happened. she is up, drinking water, talking with emergency responders. she seems okay, but watch what brings her to tiers. she is crying when she sees how damaged her bike is. a gaming junky ain't having it when a server error interferes with his game.
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i have a little father-son science experiment caught on camera. the son is behind the camera, we will hear him talking, his name is joe. and this happens in georgia. >> we have a level three rocket. 12 inches in diameter. >> he is so excited. you can't help but get excited because he is so excited. >> we are now armed. >> listen to his son. >> you realize that's a giant rocket, right? this isn't a toy rocket that you used to put together in boy
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scouts. >> are they going to shoot this thing up? >> it's not technically supposed to go up or out, it's supposed to separate. >> i knew it, i knew it. >> i saw a flame. >> i think we should slow it down and play it in slow motion. >> ready, joe? >> yeah. >> well, it separated, it did what it was supposed to do. maybe a little too vigorously for a ground test. >> i tried to tell you. hardcore gamers are a passionate bunch.
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apparently the release of diablo three didn't go so well, and one particular gamer is not happy. >> the servers are down, every time i try to long in i get [ bleep ] error 37. i keep trying to log in and i get error 37. >> this is francis from the youtube channel boogie2398. shouldn't it be error number one? i can't log the [ bleep ] in. i have been spending all night trying to do this. i stood in line at walmart, and i wasn't play the game. >> i want to call 911 for this guy, his head might explode.
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>> we know it did not, because he is joining us. francis, did you ever get past error 37. >> i called off work, i have been home for two days. they keep bringing the servers down and i can't play the stupid thing. >> explain it to me. explain the fandom and the passion. >> it's good verses evil, if you're in the middle of it, and the barbarian and stuff. i just want to get in and kill demons and they won't let me. >> tell me what a big fail this is, is the gaming community freaking out about this? >> everybody is upset. and i'll tell you something. i waited 12 years to play this game, since the old diablo came out. they want me to wait another day
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and i'm not waiting another day. >> my guild is made, if they don't figure out the servers we'll go back to word of warcraft. >> is your head about to server. >> if they don't get the servers up, something will explode, that's not a threat, but it is, listen to me i want to [ bleep ] play the game. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> you notice when a cow, donkey, or a dogs. >> a pack of derms or a m
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pacaderm. >> i love how he just stopped traffic, like excuse me. >> aren't you supposed to take notice when they put their ears forward, that's a threat -- >> i would say this is a good day on the freeway. >> as far as traffic jams go, this is nice. not an accident, nobody is hurt. >> i like how they just take their time walking through. >> the attack of the car that is hard to understand. >> you have to be so mad to do this. >> see how many times this guy with wreck his car. the deer on the fence, here from the guy that rescues it. see how he got
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tensions are high at this grocery store for reasons i can't describe. a guy just shashed his mercedes into this woman's audi. the guy gets into his car for
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protection. but the guy in the mercedes, you think he's going to leave, but no, he throws it into reverse. so now, both ends of his car are smashed up. >> you see him drive behind the guy taking the video. >> i think you have to put an exclamation point on your point because smash, he drives into this again. >> i believe there is a man in the car, the woman whose audi is getting hit. i think she was cheating, he found out about it and he game and rammed her car. >> i think you nailed it, a love triangle gone awry. you're not doing this over a parking spot. >> she was getting it on with a bag boy.
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>> lover's quarrel. check out this incredible animal rescue video. >> please help him. >> is he impaled or that or just stuck? >> he is impaled. >> get the back leg. >> it sounded pretty much in pain. they were able to save the deer, and it scampered off. i was thinking those things can kick, so that was dangerous work there trying to rescue that poor guy. >> that sound though. >> if i heard that sound, i would think that's not a deer, that's a bear or something. >> we got this video, and to dell us a about the rescue, we have john. tell us how you first spotted this deer. >> we were leaving a local restaurant for lunch.
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we saw the deer hanging there, we thought it was dead. >> these things have a lot of power, it must have been a little scary. >> i was afraid it wougt -- might bite me. >> we checked out the fence, it seemed like two of them were getting him, only one had blood on it, i think he didn't get pierced in the intestines -- sdpli had no idea the deer would make noise like that. are you getting good nice guy points for this.
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>> everybody thinks it's pretty cool opini cool. yesterday, we got schooled. >> i pronounced pound tony hawk and one of the
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exclusive lsa sports cars, do you think he drove it? >> no? why? >> because he a tony hawk. >> watch. >> nice! >> i think there were some nervous people, because that lsa is a super rare -- just to lay eyes on it, it is a $400 some odd thousand. >> i think it's funny that hawk is who he is, so instead of jumping in the car, he like -- >> i'm going to jump over this sucker. >> maybe he's not good behind the wheel of a car. >> i want to play a little clip for you from yesterday's show.
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this is from british columbia, canada. two teams -- guess what, batten down the hatches, guys. we have tons of e-mails, calls, apparently i pronounced thee two towns incorrectly. >> how could you? >> let's clear the air, let's set the record straight. it was dinimo -- make sure i get this right, cocitnum, sorry, i was unfamiliar with these towns. >> i will say this, it's not the first or last time this will happen. >> the next time we have breaking news from dinimo or
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cocitmum, we'll know. >> you're keeping us on our toes and also in canada. this is toto, getting some exercise in california. >> he is chasing a remote control vehicle designed for dogs to chase. this is called a go-go dog pal. if they catch it, it will with stand a little chewing, and it can go up to 22 miles per hour. so if you have a fast dog, you will be able to play with the dog, and you can sit in a lawn chair and keep your dog busy for hours. and dogs love to chase things.
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evolutionary speaking, they were designed to be chasers. how much will this thing set you back if you want to get it? >> it will set you back about $300. but, they're running a special promotion, you can get $25 off if you order before july 1st. look at the relaxation time you can get while your dog gets exercise. that's our show, we're so glad you joined us, have a great rest of your day. ♪
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