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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 17, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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♪ >> she was the queen of disco, but people who like all types of music admire her talent. today, remembering donna summer. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. first, a developing news out of observing lined. officers are searching for
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suspects in a home invasion. police are near hillside street. police received a call about 9:30 this morning from someone reporting a domestic dispute. the caller also said the suspect in a previous home invasion crime was in the home. oakland police told us what happened next. >> officers imdiately responded, surrounded that residence and evacuated. we have three adults and one child who were inside. >> the suspect is described as an african american man, 6'2", wearing a black t-shirt. police have not yet released details on the home invasion incident. san jose police are investigating a homicide. police first got a report of shots fired last night on walnut woods drive, not far from story road and mclaughlin avenue in east san jose. that's where they found two victims. ktvu's tara moriarty joins
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with us more. >> reporter: detectives have wrapped up their investigation on scene. now, we are simply waiting to find out what sparked this night of violence. family members gathered at the criminal scene wanting to letter more about how the victim died. >> he was shot in the chest >> reporter: angelina hernandez, a neighbor, caught the shooting aftermath. >> she thought it was firecrackers. that's when she seen the guy running. he was shot right here in his chest and he was bleed from the back. >> reporter: police say around 8:20, gunfire erupted off walnut wood drive, an 18-year- old man shot and another man asoughted. >> i understand there was a blood trail. >> yoo we could see at least two evidence markers. >> they were taken to the
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hospital. unfortunately, the 18-year-old passed away from his injuries. >> police won't say if the incidents is gang related and friends also refused to comment. >> my friend ricky was like, he was my best friend. he was a nice guy, played sports, played football, was the m.v.p. of football. he was just ricky. i knew him since i was in elementary school. i can't even say anything else. that's just bad >> reporter: one witness told police she saw a maroon or orangish car drive off from the scene. san jose police say they don't have any suspects in custody right now but there were a number of witnesses so they are pursuing leads. now, the victim who was assaulted is expected to survive. live from san jose, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. u.s. postal inspectors spent the morning canvassing a neighborhood hoping to get a lead in a robbery. a letter it carrier was beaten
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while delivering mail tuesday morning. two bags of mail were taken there ace 50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. the postal service is also giving customers information on what to do if they think their mail has been compromised. the world is mourning the death of legendary singer donna summer, the woman many call the disco queen died today of cancer. alex savage has reactions from fans and a bay area historic musician. >> reporter: quite it was just a few years ago, back in 2008 when the queen of disco played a show here at the paramount theater here in oakland. her songs just made people wanting to move. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: known for upbeat dance classics, donna summer was the diva of the disco area.
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she had hits like love to love you baby and bad girls. the family confirmed that summer died at her home in florida. renown music writer said that summer's music was meant to make you feel good. >> it's the beat. it's the good time. it's sort of a sean sensuality. she burned up the charts with three straight number 1 albums. she earned the title of disco queen. but that's a title that she struggled with: what i tried do is combine the person that i am with the person they want me to be and become they will accept. so she was thinking those thoughts while she was performing on stage and trying to reach the audience in a way that would indicate to them that she was more than the queen of disco.
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>> reporter: while other disco stars faded into obscuritiy, summer stuck around, releasing her last album, crayon, in 2008. she died of cancer. the news came as a shock to many of her bay area fans. >> so many of us came out to donna summer. it was her music. not only did it bridge jen rays, it bridged orientation. heaves an icon. >> reporter: this morning, a wreath was placed on summer's star on the hollywood walk of fame. her family put out a statement saying that they are at peace celebrating her extraordinary life. from men lo park to wall street, excitement is building over facebook's initial public offering. each the most conservative
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estimates project that facebook founder mark suck bergan zuckerberg will be instants millionaires. >> i don't know that the ipo itself will mean that much nor the community of world facebook users. but if you are talking about the silicon valley community as startup people, yeah, i mean, it fuels confidence in investors as long as it goes well. >> reporter: analysts expect the prices to be between 34 and $38 a share, raising as much as $16 billion on its first day on the market. jp march began chase ceo jamie dimon warped that the $2 billion loss could increase in months. no need to wait that long. the new york times said that
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the losses already topped $3 billion. that's creating faster deterioration in the underlying credit position held by the bank the number of people filing for first-time unemployment benefits ills holding steady. 370,000 people put in initial claims last week. that is the same as the adjusted number for the week before. economists say that these numbers show the job market improving a usually busy west oakland convenience stores closed following an overnight fire. crews contained the flames and stopped them fromreaching adjacent airport. no one was hurt. investigators are still looking for a cause. these officers had
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something other than bad guys on their mind. waiting for the return of spring-like weather. steve paulson is up in a few minutes to tell you how long you will have to wait. take a look at this american canyon park. thieves stole 1500 feet of copper wire plunging this park in the dark. we'll tell you about the deadlines to get repairs made.
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>> a geyser is sprouting up at an oakland intersection late last night. water shot 30 feet into the air around 8:00 p.m. someone sheared off the top of the fire high durant. whoever did it ran away before firefighters came. there was only minor street flooding despite all that water. city of american canyon says that copper thieves are to blame for leaving the city in the dark. something they don't normally do here. but something that they have to do, thanks to copper thieves who, on monday, stole the copper wire that runs all the way through this 14-acre stretch of land.
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>> what they did is they popped the lid and slowly cut the wires, you know, and then they just sneak in and pull it out. >> reporter: and when they did that, they plunged this park into the dark leaving the park's lamp without power and forcing city to take american flag down. >> fleeing are normally flown 24 hours a day but here is the thing. according to the flag code, a flag can only be flown at night if it's lit and because there is no power to the park, those lights don't work and fleeing had to come those flags had to come down. >> that's what time i walk the dogs. they need to keep the lights on. >> reporter: this morning, we saw contractors out at the park taking measurements so they can repair it. >> how much do you you think that's going to cost? >> well, i don't know.
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when you add the costs of labor, that could be a lot >> reporter: quitey manager estimates about 5 to $10,000. but with memorial day coming up, time is of the essence. they wants to have the flags up. closing arguments are a murder case. a patrol officer shot davis after witnessing the shooting. the city's entertainment commission came under harsh criticism for not doing enough to crack down on violence at nightclubs. a judge later ordered the club sway to close down permanently. different teams are competing for a battle of strength right now. >> 23 teams from 20 state
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agencies are taking part in the fifth annual san leandro s.w.a.t. fitness. it included cot fit, running, rogue and marksmanship. you see a lot of camaraderie many, a lot of smiling but once the event starts, you see a competitive edge and every member comes out. >> the challenge is held as parts of police work. the united states army is undertaking a massive review of how it diagnoses and treats post traumatic stress disorder. this comes after the army reversed many diagnoses. some of these diagnoses were later reinstated. washington senator patty murray says she is worried that the army is short changing ptsd victims because it wants to save money on medical benefits. authorities in new york say that any maire kennedy, the estranged wife of robert
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kennedy, jr. died of asphyxiation. mary richardson kennedy was found dead in her home in bedford, new york. her death has not been ruled a suicide officially but it is believed she hung herself and she had troubles with drugs and alcohol addiction. caltrain employees met students and other passengers at the san francisco station this morning. workers said that they are deeply affected every time someone takes their life by walking on to the train tracks. nine workers are taking part in a fundraising walk next month in san francisco called out of the darkness overnight. they hope to raise $9000 for suicide prevention. drivers in san francisco will have to go even slower now when they are near a school.
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city has just implemented a new 15 mile-per-hour limit in school zones. 800 signs are being installed near schools in aneffort to increase pedestrian safety citywide. >> it's obviously kids safety first. that's the biggest issue in our schools, we have seen it even on busy union street. yeah, we are for it as parents and families of these schools. >> san francisco is the largest city in california to enforce this safety initiative. bay area grocery workers are planning a rally later today to protest stalled labor negotiations. workers got on buses at the pleasanton headquarters of safeway. they plan to join other workers from lucky, safemont in downtown san jose. the workers say they want a contract that includes good jobs and affordable health care for both employees and retires. >> fog and low clouds caused big delays at sfo this morning
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although the problem is easing as the day goes on, there were a i rifle delays as much as 2 1/2 hours. that's because sfo instituted the traffic management plan cutting the rate of landing in half. the average delay was down to 24 minutes but the earlier arrival delays did push back later departures using the same planes. well, finally, some sun for most of the coast. a little bit of fog holding on in the city and san mateo coast and the santa cruz coast but there are lots of breaks now, a lot better than the last couple of days. inland has been sunny but the wind has been cranking up. inland temperatures will cool down. i think the coast will cool down little bit. such a cool system that also wipes out all the support for the fog. that's why we have sunshine and because that little guy right there, right there, that's why
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the wind picked up pretty well. extra hold on the inner spray. west 17 as sfo. you can see some of that fog right there i still think it will disappear. sonoma airport showing a little sign of northerly breeze. they are, by far, one of the warmest. san jose at 68. you have 56 in the city. the high was 54. at least they are making progress today. 66 san jose, also concord, 64 napa airport, 59 oakland but kind of a fresh, clean feeling breeze here as that system goes through for this time of the year. not too bad, kind of impressive but there are signs that high pressure is going to nose in, give us a nice little decent warmup. temperatures tonight will really cool down. one system moves through, the next couple of systems will arrive to the north but another one will come in on monday to keep things going on along on this pattern. the fog forms really fast this year, i noticed. the water temperatures are rareliy cold. so any heat in the valley will
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bring fog. sunny, cooler inland, a little warmer on the coast. temperatures today, a lot of 60s and 70s. i mean, orange would be in the 80 but that's out towards sacramento, but i don't think that will happen that much. we'll get some sun. temperatures will start to pop up a little bit on the coast, but it's not going to be warm. temperatures inland will start to rebound tomorrow. today, look for a lot of 70s out of those 80s. we had a couple of mid-80s yesterday. not today. 620s and again, very blustery and very cool tonight. 60s on the peninsula. sunny and breezy on fry day the weekend looks good, tori. the only ointment is sunday night for the eclipse. i'll tackle that tomorrow. >> more hair spray tomorrow? >> not as bad. >> firm, not extra hold. >> okay. speaking of the eclipse on
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sunday, the most dramatic type of solar eclipse will occur in northern california. it is a ring of fire eclipse where the moon will slide over the sun. this is the first time that this type of eclipse will be. it will be available for five minutes at sunset depending upon your location. do not directly look at it in order to avoid serious eye damage. all b.a.r.t. stations will open early with service starting at 5:00 a.m. on sunday. train also run at 20-minute intervalues. bicycles will not be allowed on trains until after 8:00 a.m. b.a.r.t. says that the embarcadero station will allow easy access to the race. 10s of thousands of people are expected to attend the may 27th celebration.
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that's a week from sun day oh,ersorganizers are predicting bumper to bumper traffic the bridge will be completely shut down to vehicles and pedestrians during the 18- minute fire work show that will start at 9:30 p.m. the festivities include special exhibits on the golden gate bridge, music and much more. we'll tell you about a new idea from apple and it could be important to drivers. also how low can they got? another record is set for home mortgages. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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the dow jones industrial average is heading for its 11th loss in 12 days after a pair of discouraging economic reports and experts are still worried about the situation in greece and that country's possible exit from the euro. there is ongoing concern with jp morgan chase now that the loss is $3 billion the loss is not going by billions but it is taking on water and things are getting worse for them taking a live look at the big board, dow down 103, nasdaq down 43, s&p down 13. home buying and refinancing is more affordable than ever. mortgage rates continue their steady decline for the third straight week, reaching new record lows. according to the latest data
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from freddie plaque, the rate on a 0-year loan dipped to 3.79%, the lowest since long- term mortgages began in the 50s. the rate was down to 3.04 for 15 years. apple wants a new paternity that will give it more control over how you list tone music. they filed a clip wheel that can clip to the steering wheel of the car. it can give drivers control over ios devices including ipad, iphone,ipods that means you can change the volume, change strong without taking your hand off the wheel. a new store will be located on costra costa boulevard. in and out had planned to open a second location but a group of walnut creek residents opposed the move because of
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parking restriction and trash. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to be here at 5:00. we'll see you on and ktvu mobile.
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