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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 17, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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was so high that would have left too much money on the table. >> reporter: share holders will pay $100 for each user. >> reporter: what are the dangerous? >> they will try it get the $100 a person. will they sell individual information? abuse the trust? people could leave. >> reporter: hesieshesies -- he says facebook not become commercial. >> will it have live interactions via picture and voice. it has to change. if it stays stanginant it is not a good investment. >> i think facebook's growth is in mobile. billions don't even have computers and they will access
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through mobile. >> reporter: facebook is locked down tonight with many employees inside doing an all nighter. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> here is hour facebook's price compares to others. when apple went public its shares cost $22. in 1996 yahoo $24.50. and google in august $200,485 a share. >> by some estimates the facebook ipo could create a thousand new millionaires that company. and it appears some of the people are already starting to spend their money. ktvu's mike mibach shows us what all that cash can buy. mike? >> reporter: you got to see this. as i pull it out. this is a house, 1.198, three
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bedroom, two bath, this has already received multiple offers, cash on the table, as the agent told me, facebook is in the air and cash is king. >> also have the master bath, updated as well. >> reporter: he is a broker. >> most facebook employees are still young. >> reporter: he chalked up $100 million in sales. money coming from many facebook clients, some already cashing in their shares. >> one of my facebook clients wants something particular so we will place ads in the newspaper, we will pay all cash. >> reporter: facebook's ipo looks to be igniting a spending boom. >> they are frequent guests of ours. >> reporter: he is managing
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director of this hotel. where lunches are packed, deals are done and mark zuckerberg has dined. >> high expectations expectations and we welcome the challenge. >> i didn't imagine this would happen. sheep talking about -- >> reporter: he is talking about the spending boom. who is buying? >> all tech people. >> new wave of ipos causing bidding wars. a couple weeks ago this home had 51 offers. >> waited for it to close, sold for a million four, all cash, 551,000 over the asking price. >> reporter: ahead on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, why one couple is encouraging philanthropy among the new facebook millionaires. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. . >> also at 6:00, while facebook
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is growing, another player may be shrinking. the company that could be laying off 25,000 employees. two senators are targeting facebook's co-founder with the x patriot act. they introduced legislation today after he denounced his u.s. citizenship before he becoming a billionaire. some say he is trying to avoid paying taxes. >> when you have someone who benefited from our education system, from our capitalism, and then to take that wealth and avoid taxes, in this manner, i think cries out for basic justice. >> anyone determined to have given up their citizenship to
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avoid taxes would face double taxes and not be allowed back into the country. >> our coverage continues on, and clicking on the facebook tab. the doctor of a man found alive one week after his car went down an e. bankment is -- embankment is speaking out. the doctor is surprised that progress the man is making. we have a map where he was found in the park of san jose. near highway 101. ktvu's robert handa is live at the hospital where the man is recovering. >> reporter: doctors say they are pleased with the progress but he will have to stay here for a while before anyone will know how much of a recovery he will make. >> reporter: the doctor says he was monitoring the progress of michael sanchez since he was
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brought here tuesday night. his facebook shows pictures of a strong young man and his youth is the main reason he survived. as we reported he crashed his truck in san jose on may 8 and somehow ended up in thick brush. the california highway patrol could not find him and stopped searching because the chp says witnesses say they saw the driver walk away. he wasn't found till police linked him to the crash vehicle and discovered him there on the ground. he says he was in a coma and unresponsive but he has improved a lot in the last 48 hours. >> he was on the respirator and it was responsible for his pres operations and now he is breathing spontaneous. >> reporter: he is now sure how he walked away and collapsed. >> he suffered a blow to the
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head. the nature of the blow would be speculation. >> reporter: did you tell the family? what was their reaction? >> the family were very realistic. let me put it that way. they were so worried for 8 days and we know that anybody who is out in the elements for 8 days without water has a very poor chance of surviving. >> reporter: his father came to the hospital, you see him here, but he is not commenting on the situation or the crash or the search. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are investigating the death of a pedestrian who was struck and killed today about 1:00 this afternoon. police say a truck was turning right when it hit a 45-year-old man crossing the street. he was rushed to the hospital where he died.
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the driver stopped and is cooperating with the investigation. right now police are still trying to determine if the pedestrian was in a sidewalk at the time. the san francisco police released photos of two men wanted in connection with several bank robberies. here is the fist picture. -- first picture. investigators say in one of the robberies he had a helper who is this man. police say this man is missing fingers on both hands. the state passed a bill to help prevent violence at california sporting events. it would require stadiums to post the numbers fans can use to contact security. the bill now moves to the
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senate. the beating of bryan stow, he was attacked outside dodger stadium on opening day last year. he is still recovering. the family write he still needs around the clock care. home prizes rose for the first time in two years. the medium price was $390,000 in april. up 8% from april of last your. the number of homes sold was also up to 7700 homes, that is a 13% increase. buyers who have been waiting are moving in to take advantage of lower prices. for the third straight week mortgage rates fallen to record lows. the average for 30 years is 3.79%. 17 years is 3.04%. the lowest is a one year
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adjustable 2.78%. unemployment benefit held steady, 370,000. >> worries about the european debt crisis drove stocks to a four month low today. the dow is down 156 to 12,442. 11th loss in the past 12 trading session. the nasdaq is down 60 at 2,813. after 30 years of complaints the owners of a house could be asked to vacate if they don't change their ways. they voted this week to declare the home a nuisance. residents say crime, drugs, fighting, loud music are a regular occurrence. they stayed quiet till now
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because of fear of retaliation. 15 people list this house as their residents. new documents are shedding new light on the trayvon martin case. the autopsy on the teen shows he had marijuana in his system the night he was killed. george zimmerman says he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. one photograph also shows george zimmerman with a blood -- with blood under his nose and a cut on his head. the jury is set to begin deliberations tomorrow in the trial of john edwards. john edwards arrived in court this morning in north carolina where attorneys delivered their closing arguments. john edwards could face 30
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years in prison. [ singing ] the music would is mourning a loss -- world is mourning a loss, a look back at donna summer. >> the fog cleared from many locations today. we will warm up but not right away, what you can expect for your friday forecast. [ male announcer ] sizzler's new ultimate steak combos.
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. [ music playing ] tonight the world is mourning the death of donna summer. the queen of disco died today from cancer. >> her signature song apidmized
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the disco era. >> you want to dance? [ cheers and applause ] [ music playing ] >> reporter: donna summer shot to stardom in the 1970s, burning up the charts with three straight number one albums, her songs earned her the title queen of disco and a huge legion of fans. >> loved her music. >> reporter: she broke new ground with a 17 minute love to love you baby. in all, she had 19 number one dance hits between 1975 and 2008. second only to madonna. >> it is the beat. the good time. the moment that her music accompanies you on the dance floor. >> reporter: quincey jones said
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today donna summer was the heartbeat and sound track of a decade but she became a born again christian. the 2008 album crayon and performed on american idol twice. [ music playing ] >> she was an icon and she will live forever. >> donna summer always said her favorite song to perform was last dance. she is survived by her husband and three daughters. raiders linebacker rolando mcclain was sentenced to 180 days in jail. he was found guilty of assaulting a man and firing a gun. he is free on bond. at this point it is not clear when he will serve his
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sentence. it is possible rolando mcclain could face discipline from the nfl as well. the speed limit went down in school zones. 15 miles per hour when near a school. the city implemented it today in an effort to make pedestrians safer. >> obviously safety first for the kids and the families. that is our biggest issue around our school. we have seen it. even on union street it has been effective. we are for it as parents and families. >> the city is installing 800 signs to alert drivers. imagine a car rolling around washington, d.c. with no driver. the car belongs to google which had to get permission from the dmv to operate it there. they weren't looking for media attention but the city counsel
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woman they invited put out a press release and the cameras showed up. an upclose look at what can happen to a plane after a bird strike. we got these pictures showing a plane that hit birds last month. some of the other pictures are too graphic to show. it happened after the plane took off last month. the pilot turned the plane around and make an emergency landing. a rare ring of fire solar eclipse. we have video of the last ring of fire eclipse in the united states in 1994. this weekend it will be visible at sun sunday sunday here in northern california. it is called an annular eclipse and seen best in asia. remember, never look directly at the sun during an ellipse because you can suffer eye
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damage. our chief meteorologist bill martin, will sunday be good viewing conditions? >> weather should be good for it. coastal sections should see fog. you will just see not complete coverage, you got to go east a little bit to get the full coverage. this coming sunday weather should be good. wind right now. if you look at san francisco airport, w-40, san francisco airport, over san francisco, but it is reporting at the airport, 40 miles per hour winds that airport. that will slow you down on the flights. that is a lot of wind. the fog is going -- being chewed apart. when the winds are this strong the fog is almost gone, the wind tears up the fog. we had a mostly clear afternoon. started off cloudy.
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winds tore it up and then we are starting to see sunshine. we warmed up into the low 70s. weather system sliding through to the north. this one lifted up the inversion. cool tonight. lots of 40s and low 50s. tomorrow morning you will notice a chill in the air because it is cool now. the winds will die down tonight and it will get cold over night. tomorrow in san francisco, upper 50s -- at the beach, 50s, low 60s. san francisco, downtown, mid- 60s, low 60s. oakland, mid-60s. through the bay area, numbers popping into the 70s. warmer than today. and then the next couple days temperatures increase. these changes are subtle. the big change was the wind, right?
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breezy out there and lack of fog. bay area weekend, sunny and warmer. temperatures increase saturday and sunday. when i come back how warm it will get and when the fog returns. u.s. airlines are pulling in less money when it comes to baggage fees. why it isn't because they are giving passengers a break and asking for action, what lawmakers want the government to do when the debris from japan hits our shores. >> where this geyser sprung up over night and why.
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someone hit a fire hydrant last night in oakland. 10:00 p.m. west of interstate 880. water was shooting 30 feet into the air. there was only minor flooding in the area. there are concerns over the debris from the japanese tsunami. they urged the government to do more to protect american shores. >> they said we couldn't see it till 2013 and now debris is showing up and people want answers. >> a committee held the first over sight hearing, grilling officials on their response plans.
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it sent houses, cars and other debraze out into the -- debris out into the pacific ocean. some of the trash is showing up with more expected last year. they don't know how much will arrive or the danger it poses. >> unlikely any debris is radioactive but hazardous items could wash ashore. >> the program is working to predict where, when and what will hit u.s. shores. they are working with states and cities to develop response plans. but any clean up is left to local communities. major u.s. airlines say they made less money from the baggage fees. the revenue fell for the first time since 2008. the 17 largest airlines made $3 million in bag fees in 2011. that is down from $3.4 billion
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in 2010. a small drop in the total number of passengers. >> reporter: apple is responding to critics who says they are not doing enough for the climate. they say they plan to power with renewable energy sources by the end of the year. they staged a demonstration. they were demanding apple abandon coal powered energy for its computer servers. this family had their bank account cleaned out and then police shot and killed their dog bell. >> thieves stole 1500 feet of copper wire, plunging this park in the dark, the deadline to get repairs made.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> a family dog is shot and killed by police and the family says it didn't have to happen but authorities say the officer feared for his life. ktvu's rita williams tells us the one thing they want from the officer who is responsible. >> reporter: frank, the family that lives in this house over looking the water front is upset with police. >> he didn't have to shoot the dog. he could have went like this and stepped out the gate. >> reporter: he is talking about a police officer who came here unannounced at noon yesterday to take a report of identity theft, they reported
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online three days before. police say this 14-year-old dog and the family's 11-year-old dog came at the officer. the officer fefeed for his life and pumped two bullets into her. the couple's two children are heartbroken. >> she was really nice and we loved her a lot. >> the police officer shot her -- the police officer shot her. so we are very sad that happened. the family says none of the dogs has ever bitten anyone. he says he doesn't want his children to grow up fearful of police. at this point he does not want to sue. >> anything he should apologize
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and next time do something -- something different. >> i still feel really sad. >> the guy would come here and apologize and play with the kids, he would be done. the parents say the children are so upset that they are all going for family counseling tomorrow. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. u.s. officials say they will move ahead with plans to close hundreds of mail processing centers. they said the advantageous close to bankruptcy and they will close the facilities this summer. the changes will cut positions by 13,000 nationwide and save $1.2 billion a year. no word on layoffs in the bay area.
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american canyon replacing the wiring at veterans memorial park. ktvu's claudeeen -- claudine has more. >> reporter: crews raised the flag that veterans memorial park in american canyon. something they don't normally do but something they have to do, thanks to copper thieves who stole the copper wire that runs all the way through this land. >> what they did is popped the lids over here and cut the wires and then they sneak in and pull it out. >> reporter: when they did that they plunged the park into the dark and forcing the city to take the american flag down. those flags are flown 24 hours a day, according to the code, a flag can only be flown at night if it is lit, so those lights don't work so the flags had to
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come down. >> effects what time i can walk the dogs and keeping the place lights for safety. >> reporter: we saw contractors taking measurements so they could submit bids for repair. >> when you ad up everything -- add up everything might get expensive. >> reporter: repairs are expected to cost 5 to $10,000. time is also a factor. on memorial day the city wants to raise the flags and leave them up but they need power to do it. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. mitt romney today blamed president obama for the nation's deficit. mitt romney rallied supporters in flor
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on the road we are on and reelection president obama we will find ourselves becoming greece with debts larger and larger. >> a woman handed him a campaign donation check. vice president joe biden lashed out at republicans or transportation spending. he held a rally in ohio. criticized republicans of a bill to fund infrastructure repairs. >> imagine if we were rebuilding the roads and the bridges in the valley, how many thousands of jobs will be created and how much that would incorrect the productivity of every business. >> the vice president made a surprise stop at a dairy queen restaurant in ohio. he had a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate. a scam where customers are
5:35 pm
being told president obama will pay their utility bill. pg&e says that is not true at all. in some cases customers have been asked for their social security numbers. pg&e says anyone who gave out their personal information, a credit card or checking account information should report it immediately. grocery workers rallied in san jose calling for a new contract. they picked up members from locations all around the bay area. among the chains involved are nob hill and save mart. two navy ships collide at sea, what is the reason for the collision and who is accusing
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the army of putting money ahead of health. >> the new figures that show something that has never happened before. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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yesterday 120 miles off the coast of southern california. after the ship's steering failed. therapy no one was hurt. the army is launching a review of mental health screening of soldiersiers. hundreds of soldiers up for medical retirement had their diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder reversed before they left the service. a chair woman is concerned that it is an attempt to make disability patients. >> that is wrong. when many soldiers are told that there is a deep problem and it has to stop. >> service members with ptsd are eligible for $800 a month. more than half of the
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babies born in the united states are minorities. they made up 2 million babies born last year. 50.4% of all births. 37% of births in 1990. california is one of four states, including hawaii, new mexico, and texas, half the population are people of non- white vaccines. doctors in houston are giving the vaccine to women in remission from cancer. doctors say if it works it could lead to a vaccine to prevent breast cancer. contact sports might increase the chance of reduced learning ability, that is the suggestion of a study. researchers tested the learning ability of college athletes in
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contact and non-contact sports and found no difference before the season. afterwards the athletes in contact sports were more likely to have reduced learning ability. they say blows to the head might be the cause. >> a simple postural test that could determine whether a child is at risk for autism. >> back here in 10 minutes, friday is upon us, i have the forecast into the weekend.
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parents might be more likely to be happy than people without children. that is the finding at stanford university, uc riverside. they found parents were happier during the day when caring for their children. older married parents are the happiest of all. today autism researchers reported a test that could help identify autistic children. ktvu's john fowler is live with the test and also a message to parents. >> reporter: rates of autism are soaring and parents found the test provocative. >> reporter: the cdc says 1-88 children has autism. scientists say a simple posture
5:45 pm
test could be a red flag. >> the ability to have a sense that early at 6 months is great. >> reporter: the institute provided this video. a child in a pull to sit test. notice his head and test. but researchers found 90% showed this, it is called head lag. >> could be a sign of a developmental delay. >> reporter: he says most kids don't have a autism risk and head lag is usually not serious. >> the majority are healthy. >> reporter: he uses this test but fears parents will do this and worry. >> if we over respond, we are taking away from the well being of the child, parent and family. >> there is a chance somebody
5:46 pm
might pick up on something. >> reporter: till now it focused on social and communication development. but motor development could provide key clues and early intervention inproves outcomes. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities said mary kennedy the wife of robert f. kennedy, jr. died of affixiation. mary kennedy was found dead yesterday in new york. it is not officially been ruled a suicide but there are reports she hanged her self. she and her husband separated four years ago. hundreds of school children hit it beach in san francisco today for a special one day clean up. organizers of the adopt a beach event estimated 700 students were on hand. and for some today was their
5:47 pm
first trip ever to a beach. >> finding a lot of trash. when you look out there you don't think there is a lot of trash. but they are looking for the small pieces of trash. >> after the clean up they got into a formation to be photographed spelling out the words defend the sea. nice bright sun, let's go over to our chief meteorologist bill martin. feels like it now. >> warming up. windy at the beach. winds at the airport 40 miles per hour. san francisco airport. along the coast, mid-20s and the fog is being chewed away because of the winds. let's check this out. 34 miles per hour. we can check out this one by redwood city, 30 miles per hour by red wood shores and one more. it is windy out there.
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gusting to 30 near alameda island. a cool, breezy afternoon. plenty of sun. that much wind whips up the marine layer. and imports -- evects lots of cool ocean air. nice out there and sunny. feels like early spring, something in march. here is the satellite loop. that created the mechanisms for the wind and the clearing of the fog. high pressure will reestablish itself and we head into a warmer bay area weekend. sunny and mild tomorrow. temperatures in the 70s. no 80s tomorrow. for the weekend, 80s. patchy fog. you see it lines up more patchy fog tomorrow morning, 2:00 a.m. i am not up. 7:00 a.m., that looks like that. patchy fog along the coast.
5:49 pm
even though it is present it is not well established. by the afternoon it goes away and we end up with a patch around lunchtime, should go away by later in the day. high pressure moves in. temperature increase. saturday low 80s. low 80s sunday. maybe mid-80s in the warmest spots. highs tomorrow, near where you live, 44, no 80s. upper 70s, mid-70s. nice friday for you. as you head out of town or whatever you have planned, plent e-- plenty of sunshine. tree pollens are trending down but the wind stirs it up. if you have issues you are noticing them. >> the weekend looks great. we have a giants afternoon game on saturday and beta breakers
5:50 pm
sunday morning. what do you think it is like? >> not a lot of fog for the beta breakers. upper 50s at race time, 62 when they are done. >> thank you. southern california officials say beach rocks set a woman's shorts on fire contained a flammable substance. she collected rocks, when she got home the rocks caught fire and she was hospitalized with severe burns. >> she had flames coming off of her shorts. we are unsure of what caused the fire. she just had the rocks in her pocket. >> they said two of the rocks tested positive for phosphorus. a spokesman says there is no evidence that material from exercises was involved. tonight we find out who
5:51 pm
will be in the american idol finale. [ music playing ] >> last night the final three contestants performed in the closest race ever. we also saw the homecoming celebrations of the three. they each sang three songs, one of the songs was picked by the judges, one by the contestants and one by the vocal coach. you can find out who makes it right here on ktvu at 8:00. why drivers are being told to steer clear of the golden gate bridge when it celebrates days from now. and just hearing about the work outs they got today will make you sore. who they are and why they are still feeling the burn tonight.
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. police shut down a neighborhood to search for a man wanted in a home invasion robbery. they responded to a dispute and a suspect from a previous crime was in the house. the suspect managed to get away. police haven't released details on the incident. s.w.a.t.
5:55 pm
team members from five different counties may be tired tomorrow. taking part in the s.w.a.t. fitness challenge, a battle of strength and skill, running, rowing, push ups and marksmanship. >> started with the s.w.a.t. team, 14 members and now today it is -- we have 23 teams and representing probably 28 agency. >> it is now in its fifth year. the challenge is part of police week. the bay area is getting ready for a big party in 10 days. the 75th anniversary celebration of the golden gate bridge all day may 27. drivers are advised to avoid the area on the day. the bridge will be shut down to
5:56 pm
vehicles and pedestrians during a 18 minute firework show at 9:30 p.m. bart plans to get a early start for the beta breaker race. 5:00 a.m. they will open. trains are scheduled to run every 20 minutes. bicycles are not allowed till after 8:00 a.m. embarcadero provides the pest place to start -- best place to start. brutal attack on a post office worker but we are learning tonight he may not have been the only one victimized. >> a massive marijuana growing operation busted by federal authorities in discovery bay, what we were told when we went knocking on the doors of two businesses suspected of breaking the law.
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you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
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facebook frenzy, how the impact is being felt in the bay area to the tune of millions of dollars. >> and the warning tonight, how it is connected to the attack of a postal worker and some stolen male. >> complete bay area news
5:59 pm
coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening. i am. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> a crime leaving residents vulnerable to identity left it. a postal carrier was attacked, injured and his mail stolen. ktvu's jade hernandez went along with inspectors today as they warned residents why they could be at risk. the letter carrier was knocked unconscious. today postal inspectors went door to door warning of consequences. >> reporter: she didn't hesitate to put the reward flier in her window. >> a lot of mail was stolen. serious enough crime they


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