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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we have new information this morning about a deadly crash in berkeley. we'll tell you more about the people involved in this crash. >> the countdown is on here at facebook. less an hour before the social media giant goes public. which way the stock may move once the opening bell is rung. >> plus cleaning up homeless camps in san jose. the community concerns that prompted that crack down. >> and break out the tank tops and shorts. the reason meteorologists say this summer is going to be especially hot. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues.
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good morning, thank you for joining us on this friday, may 18th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. steve, tank tops, shorts. what do you think? >> it's cold out there right now. you can dress whatever you want. it will be sunny. not as windy as yesterday. 60s and 70 proposal mostly clear skies and highs will warm up a little bit. we'll have your weekend forecast coming up. here is a live look add the east shore freeway. you can see the traffic ons left hand side as you make your way toward the mccarthur maze. and 880 near the oakland coliseum same story. a little hazy out there. your commute so far is looking great. let's head back to the desk. we are starting our 6:00 hour with overnight news coming in from berkeley. police investigating an early morning crash that killed one
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person and seriously injured two others. lorraine blanco has been out there since 4:30 she is here now. i know you talked to the police what are they saying? >> reporter: dave, investigators tell us the young child and the driver are in very serious condition at the hospital. we were just told that the driver is a male in his 20s. they believe the car was traveling rather fast before it hit a round about, went airborne and hit that tree you see behind me. first responders arrived just before 1:00 a.m.. there was a lot of damage. one passenger was pronounced dead at the scene a female in her 20s. the driver and small child were transported to the hospital badly hurt. it will be a little while before authorities release the names of the victims and survivors. >> we are being a little cautious in terms of the ages
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and genders of the persons who died here. because the detectives are efforting to try family members. we would be quite concerned if they were to learn from another community member or the media about a loved one. >> reporter: and as we told you we just found out that the male driver is in his 20s. the female passenger that died is in his 20s. no other cars were involved. it may be awhile before the streets are reopened. police say it could be at least about an hour before the streets reopen. an officer on scene did also tell me the car is registered from out of town somewhere in southern california. reporting live in berkeley lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. 6:03. later this morning police in the east bay are expected to give new information about a fatal hit and run accident in dublin. investigators have already tole us the bicyclist that was hit and killed late tuesday night was visiting from china.
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he's been identified as 57-year- old bo hugh. the car parts found at the scene indicate the car was a 2012 mercedes benz probably black in color and sls-550 or sls63. in less than a half hour mark zuckerberg will ring the opening bell. ktvu alex savidge is in menlo park with the largest initial public offering in tech history. >> reporter: at the end of its first day as a publicly traded company facebook could be worth $100 billion. the company staying quiet this morning ahead of the historic ipo. as you take a look behind us here the parking lot is full. anticipation is building here for facebook's market debut. a lot of activity here. ceo mark zuckerberg will be ringing the opening bell
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remotely later on in the morning. many employees here have been here all night. they spent the night doing something called a hack-a-thon where they write code throughout the fight. these employees are free to work on new projects. it's an effort to show investors that the company is committed to developing the new products. zuckerberg talked to employees and answered their questions. this ipo will make instand millionaires of about 1,000 of those employees. many wondering how high it may go. we pose that question to the director of social products at a company called web trends. it's a market analysis firm that works with facebook. >> a lot of tech companies especially when you have some that are getting evaluation especially after facebook is it will go quiet. long term we see success with the companies that are working on facebook. we are helping them get amazing
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results. figuring out how to optimize their ad. we are seeing impressive results. >> mark zuckerberg and company will be remotely ringing nasdaq's opening bell 6:30 this morning. and we understand that it may be a couple hour office that before facebook shares actually start trading on the stock exchange. we understand media will not be allowed inside facebook headquarters to see that remote ringing take place. we understand facebook will be feeding out photos and video to us in the media. we'll pass those along to you. live this morning in front of facebook headquarters alex savidge. >> can't wait to see those photos. many facebook employees already spending their newfound fortunes. they are helping to drive up the real estate market in the menlo park, palo alto area. one agent chocked up $100 million in sales in just four months. some of his facebook clients cashed in their share through
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private exchanges. we'll have continuing coverage of the facebook ipo all morning long. we'll see it when it happens. you will also find more information any time of day. we have a facebook tab on our website at speaking of power happening now pg&e crews trying to restore power to hundreds of customers in novato. two distribution lines and a power pole crashed down on sequoa glen lane. we want to take you live out there right now. this is what we are talking about. live pictures from that scene in nevada. pg&e says about 560 customers in novato still with no power. the service should be on about 8:30 or 9:00 this morning. at the height of the power outage 7,000 customers were effected. homeless camp cleanups will be temporary restored in san jose. three sites will be targeted
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including one in communications hill at the end of the month. two others along coyote creek will be cleaned up in june. san jose city leaders agreed they had to take action after hearing from angry community members at meetings this week. santa clara valley water district and conservation core will conduct those cleanups. later today president obama is hosting a g8 summit at camp david. it continues into tomorrow and then most of the world leaders will head to chicago for a nato summit on sunday. coming up the main topic expected to dominate the g8 discussions. protestors gathering in chicago already ahead of that nato summit. this group staged a demonstration outside the
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canadian consummate against the keystone oil pipeline project. they covered themselves in chocolate to rep oil. thousands of protestors are expected in chicago over the weekend. many businesses bordered up their store fronts as a precaution. let's check back with tara. she is in for sal today. how are we doing? >> well, we are doing really well. with the exception of that berkeley accident lorraine has been on all morning. we have been lucky. a couple fender benders and road hazards. let's take a look at contra costa county. you can see how clear it is in concord. hercules, vallejo, and walnut creek all looking good. at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is moving nicely into san francisco. no backup. we do expect that to change within the next half hour. perhaps we might be lucky. and finally san francisco this is a look at 101 through the city. you can see traffic on the right hand side of your screen as you make your way toward
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sfo. no delays and same story on the opposite side. steve, how is it going? >> i can't kick too high. it's friday, you know that. no, i hurt myself if i did. a lot of mid 40s here. just looking before i get to the north bay where the coolest palo alto a around 45. there is cooler readings. but a chilly start in the north bay with temperatures near 40 degrees. up near the russian river and kenwood. so a cool beginning. 42 at the napa airport. temperatures 48 livermore. 49 at san francisco. 49 hayward. even 48 redwood city. if san jose is 50 then it's not too far away. all left behind. temperatures they will rebound today. it will be sunny and nice. a very cool start by the afternoon.
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mostly sunny i say that because there could be a few high clouds. somewhere a cool air mass in place even though the days are long and nights are short it will be sunny and warmer today. temperatures will cool down pretty rapidly. overall we are looking good. high pressure builds in for another three days. mostly sunny. breezy at times but nothing like yesterday where you had all sorts of issues with that wind that was crazy. 70s for many or very, very low 80s. 60s closer to the coast. upper 70s to near 80 degrees. temperatures today worth lots of sunshine. good visibility. we will warm up a little bit on the weekend. i think the fog comes back to the coast sunday and cool down takes into monday and tuesday. 6:11. this summer will be a lot warmer than usual for most of the country. above average temperatures are expected between june and august. and it could be especially a problem for the west. yeah. us. because of the threat of wild fires. there is also a concern about
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water shortages as well. shots fired in a neighborhood already hit by violence. gunfire at the scene of a double homicide investigation sent people running. >> also a key decision about the reno air races after last years deadly crash. the reason the future of it is still up in the air. >> also it's a trip to a fast food restaurant that one teenager will never forget. what he found in his roast beef sandwich. ♪
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6:14. bizarre story. a teenager stopped at an arby's restaurant for a quick meal. he found part of a finger in his roast beef sandwich. a female employee cut her finger on a meat slicer. somehow part of her finger got into that teenagers meal. arby's has apologized and promised a full investigation. >> do we know how the finger got into the food before someone noticed it? >> it's one of the things we've got more research and investigation on exactly how that happened. >> now the michigan health department has now allowed the restaurant to reopen after they talked through and interviewed employees and conducted an inspection. you may remember a finger in my
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chili claim that turned out to be a hoax. president obama will host the largest gathering of world leaders at camp david ever. it is the start of a big week that will test the president's leadership on the international stage. alison. >> reporter: pam, one analyst is calling it diplopalooza. tonight the leaders of the world's largest economy will spend the night at camp david about 60 miles outside of d.c.. each delegation gets one of the rustic cabins at the retreat. aids say the president wants an informal setting as leaders try to tackle the growing debt crisis in europe. president obama is expected to encourage the leaders to act more decisively. but he is not likely to talk about a more aggressive u.s. s
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with the new president of france at the white house this morning who is expected to say he wants an early withdrawal of french troops from afghanistan. more in about an hour. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. an incredible story. video captured the horror of back to back shootings. police arrived in a louisville neighborhood yesterday afternoon to investigate gunfire that killed two people and injured two others. then another person was shot and killed while officers were still on the scene talking to witnesses. that second round of gunfire had many people running for cover. >> it's senseless. it's not conducive to real life. what i see is not responsible living. >> louisville police held a news conference a short time
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ago. they now believe the two shootings are connected. a memorial service will be held later this morning for a hayward police officer killed in a motorcycle accident. 46-year-old rodney pierce was ejected from his motorcycle after hitting a deer in castro valley on may 7th. he died from his injuries four days later. pierce is active in the community including teaching youth baseball. your time 6:18. nato reporting that an insurgent attack today in afghanistan killed two members of the international coalition. now we don't know yet the nationalities of the troops killed or we don't have any other details. so far this year 154 nato service members have been killed in that war. at least 100 of them were americans. california's two u.s. senators demanding answers after last weeks scathing report on oakland's veteran
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affairs officers. they wrote a letter to the veteran's affair secretary calling the current situation unacceptable. the oakland va office handles claims for all of california's returning soldiers. the report said the office took almost a year to process their disability claims. that is one of the worst backlogs in the nation. the reno air races have flown over another hurdle. the future of this years event has been in question ever since the fatal accident that killed ten spectators and the pilot of a race plane last september. now race organizers say they have a one-year permit that would allow them to conduct this years races and air show. they still need to get insurance for both the september races and pilot school schedule for next month. san francisco muni gearing up for big crowds. it will run international
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shuttle -- run special shuttles before and after the race. prerace services will be from 5:00 a.m. to 6:30. and post race will be from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.. costs ranging from $8-$12. 6:19 is the time. let's check in with tara who is in for sal. >> that is right. as you know facebook is in menlo park and thousands of people have flocked the campus. streets may be congested. we do have an accident in castro valley. we have a pickup truck verses a car and the number three lane is blocked. the chp says the lane isn't moving. we do expect some delays i hear on 238 northbound at east 14th street. at the because bridge toll plaza we've had a pretty good morning.
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if you've got fast track it looks like you are in good shape. finally we have a look at the east shore freeway. traffic on the left hand side there headlights as you head westbound. definitely a lot more folks out there on the roadways right now. no major delays to report. 6:20 let's check in with steve. >> all right everybody. happy friday. sunshine over the big city under clear skies. a little cool though out there. lots of low 40s, mid 40s after yesterday's system. today will not be as bad. it will be a little breezy. 39 yeah there is a couple locations in the north bay right near 40 to 51 degrees. 58-72 mostly sunny. could be a few high clouds north bay. 60-80 degrees. temperatures coming up but we start off with a lot of 40s. napa airport at 42. sonoma is in there. kenwood in there. yont vail 42.
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wood side 45. and even livermore at 48- degrees. there is a definite chill. it will warm up fast. overall high pressure our fair weather friend kicking in. it's not a big guy. but it will give us a nice weekend. so breezy at times but nothing like yesterday. thank goodness. warmer and mostly sunny skies. it looks great visibility today. finally clearing out expect far patch or two of fog. 60s around the bay. 70s to upper 70s and a few very low 80s inland. with your weekend always in view it does look good. it will be cool. days sunny and warmer. fog comes back sunday night. we are keeping an eye on gas stock. after yesterday's closing bell the san francisco based retailer reported revenue gains for the first quarter. increased sales online and at old navy helped overcome rising costs. gap struggled for years but
6:23 am
stepped up marketing and some more trending clothing in the stores. right now it looks like gap will open up about 2%. >> all right, pam. 6:22. a really hairy work of art landed a student in hot water. why he was suspended for supporting his fively nba player and what the team did to thank them. >> something like this happened to us so you have to be careful. >> dozens of victims. police tell us about a scam targeting certain people in the bay area.
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and the easiest way to get the most savings. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:25. san francisco police warning older asian women of a scam aimed directly at them. there have been more than 20 victims so far. one of them is a woman who asked us to identify her only as mrs. chan she was approached as she walked out of a doctors office. that is the tactic that has been used in every case. >> in each of the incidents an older chinese woman was approached on foot while alone by three suspects. >> police tell us that the suspects tell the victim they can help rid her of evil spirits if she will give them valuable items and cash. they arrange for a pick up and
6:27 am
take jewelry and family heirlooms and money. 6:26. a texas middle schoolers love for his favorite nba player got him suspended. he had the back of his head shaved look and it resembled the face of san antonio spurs forward matt bonner. when he went to school with that hair cut his teacher was not impressed. >> my first period teacher called the principal. she told him it was a distraction. >> he shaved his head so he could get back in school. but it got the attention of matt bonner. he gave patrick free tickets to last nights playoff game. what witnesses heard before they spotted the flames. >> a car with two young adults and a small child crashes into a tree in berkeley.
6:28 am
we'll have an update on this deadly investigation. >> the opening bell is about to ring on wall street but also in menlo park. take a look at the crowd outside facebook. we'll be right back. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier?
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. happening right now there they are right on time. the opening bell ringing for the nasdaq in menlo park and you know the guy in the middle mark zuckerberg. he's joined by a lot of happy, happy employees there because they are making a bunch of money this morning. ringing the bell remotely as zinga did as well when they went public. the crowd is out there as well. and alex savidge is out there as well. you are a little further away. i know you can't getless to
6:31 am
mark at this point. tell us what it's like. >> reporter: they are keeping a good ways back all of us in the media. the parking lot is full right now. you can see well here's all the media folks. but let's take you up top and show you the video from chopper 2 live pictures from chopper 2 right above facebook headquarters. we are told a lot of employees almost everyone out in the courtyard right now. the anticipation well now it's over opinion the opening bell has rung. but a lot of exciting people. about 1,000 or so facebook employees that will soon become instant millionaires now that the company has gone public. i want to bring in justin. you work quite a bit with facebook. give me an idea of the feeling inside facebook. >> there is a lot of excitement. this is a historic moment. not only for facebook but the largest ipo in american
6:32 am
history. >> reporter: a lot of excited folks inside of facebook. the stock priced $38 a share right now. even though the opening bell has been rung remotely by ceo mark zuckerberg we understand facebook shares will not begin trading for another couple hours. the celebration certainly continuing here at facebook headquarters all the employees out in the courtyard and presumably ceo mark zuckerberg will be talking to folks and sort of giving people an idea what is to come next for the social media giant now that the company is being traded or will be traded soon publicly on the nasdaq stock exchange. we'll stay out here live at facebook headquarters and let you know what develops. so far no one from facebook has come out here to talk but we hope one someone will. we are live in menlo park alex savidge. >> thank you alex. shot shout out hopefully they do come out. it does take awhile to balance out the trading.
6:33 am
it will take awhile for that stock to start trading. but we will continue our coverage of the facebook ipo throughout the morning. don't forget any time of day you can go to our website we have a facebook tab. time is 6:32. we are also following overnight news coming in from berkeley. police investigating a tragic car crash. three victims including a child. lorraine blanco has been on the story since 4:30. you've been talking to berkeley police. lorraine. >> reporter: yes, dave. investigators are still out here as we speak. you can see them there behind me. still trying to figure out what led to this deadly crash. one of the key things they look for are skid marks or any sign that the driver tried to break. and there aren't any marks before that round about where police believe the car hit before it slammed into the tree. emergency vehicles arrived here at california and alston just after 1:00 a.m.. firefighters worked hard to cut into it and get people out of
6:34 am
that crushed car. a female passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. the male driver also in his 20s and a small child were transforted to the hospital with very serious injuries. they are looking into whether alcohol or drugs could be a factor. >> we don't know that. certainly the driver will under go medical assessment or is under going medical assessment and part of the protocol is to take blood and determine what alcohol content might be if there were any present. >> reporter: no other cars were involved in this crash. again we are here near california and alston back out here live. the streets are still closed off here. and there is no update yet on when they will reopen. reporting live lorraine blanco. >> 6:34. a 57-year-old bicyclist was killed in a crash in napa county. it happened along the silverado trail around 6:30 last night.
6:35 am
chp says the man was riding southbound when the driver of a ford focus drifted into the bike lane and hit that cyclist. the 20-year-old female driver according to authorities is not suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. this case is still under investigation. we are following overnight news from oakland. this morning investigators are trying to find out if an arsonist is responsible for an early morning carport fire. now it started shortly after midnight on 90th avenue. the fire destroyed one car but firefighters did manage to stop the flames are spreading across the carport to an apartment building nearby. several people came running out of their homes after hearing a loud bang. >> i heard a big boom and ran outside. the blaze was so high it was scary. >> no one was hurt but the flames did cause major damage to that carport. still no definite word on the cause but arson investigators
6:36 am
say that fire may have been intentionally set. 6:35. oakland police investigating a double shooting. police say they responded to 65th avenue about 9:00 last night after a woman reported her son had been shot. police also found a woman a female wounded about a block away. both of them were taken to the hospital their injuries said to be nonlife threatening. neighbors said they heard about 20 shots. there is also new evidence released in the trayvon martin shooting case. and coming up at 6:45 what the autopsy results revealed and we'll tell you about court documents shedding new light on how the sanford police department responded. a court hearing is scheduled to consider a request to remove coffins from an old grave site. construction crews unearthed the coffins back in february. some are set to date back in
6:37 am
1875 as the site was used as a cemetery. if santa clara county gets mer mission to remove the coffins an archaeologist will be hired and efforts will be made to track down the family members. several reports this morning that one of the pioneers of silicon valley will lay off thousands of employees. hp is about to eliminated as many as 30,000 jobs. most of the cuts would come to according to reports from the printer, pc, and information technology services divisions. that move if it happens could save hp more than $1 billion a year. later today at a meeting muni is expected to change how it calculates whether or not the buses run on time after a report that muni has been using fuzzy math in its calculations. under the city charter muni buss are considered on time if
6:38 am
they arrive no more than four minutes late. however the bay citizen reports in muni's calculations a minute can last as long as 1:59. online performances of 71% for the last three months of 2011. where as a bay area citizen -- right now we want to take you back out to menlo park. facebook headquarters this morning. don't you want to be close to all that excitement? if you can't be one of the lucky employees this morning, at least we can take a little view from news chopper two. you can see a huge screen. they showed there you can see the huge screen showing the nasdaq actually time square when the nasdaq bell rang. they rang it remotely there in menlo park. mark zuckerberg himself out there. you can see the crowd disbursing a little bit. you never know maybe they are
6:39 am
going back to work. a lot of the employees i'm sure they worked 100 hours a week for a long time. a lot of them have been at an overnight hack-a-thon. the people that work at these companies love to be up late at night and work like crazy. >> how do you relax after that? we just saw history live. >> it's exciting. it's nice we get to be there and take you all there overhead. we will keep dipping in and see. 6:39. tara is back. you will help you get you need where you need to go. >> there is a lot of people in menlo park that means a lot of traffic. you might see some back up on 84 as you get on or off the dumbarton bridge. at the bay bridge toll plaza those metering lights went on. give yourself extra time maybe ten minutes or so. delays not as bad as they
6:40 am
normally are. 880 near the oakland coliseum getting busier ons roadways. no mayor delays -- no major delays to report so far. and 101 as you drive toward the airport or sunnyvale also looking good. 6:39 let's check in with steve. >> thank you, tara. good morning, everybody. clear skies. mostly clear. a little bit of patchy fog. san mateo and santa cruz coastline but not as much as we saw. yesterday was nutty. we had all sorts of reports of tree damage and blustery conditions. the cool air is left behind. it will be mostly sunny today. again a little chill in the may morning air. now there are a lot of mid 40s on the peninsula down toward the south bay and east bay. the coldest has been up toward mendocino county and lake county and sonoma and napa and marin. near almost 39. it's close running out of time to get much colder. the 46 degrees.
6:41 am
42 around sonoma. napa airport at 42. livermore in the 45040s. hayward, san francisco, redwood city. not much of a breeze but there is still that westerly component. it has been cut in half at least. so not that strong but it's a sea breeze delta breeze. high pressure kicks in today and takes us into the weekend. nothing like yesterday pap little warmer as well. temperatures 70s for many or very, very low 80s. today looks good. tomorrow looks good. 60s, 70s to some 80s. nice day. great visibility. now it will be warmer on saturday for the beta breakers. i think there is fog coming back but it will be okay. surprise during the first night of a gang sweep in san mateo county. a ktvu news camera was there when it all happened.
6:42 am
>> also a valy hoe -- vallejo police officer shot and killed a family dog. what the family wants from that police officer. >> here's a live look at highway 237 in milpitas. we will also give you a look at the because bridge toll plaza. ♪
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[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. good morning, to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are
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following for you right now. see that. just a short time ago we saw history right here on ktvu morning news. we showed you facebook ceo mark zuckerberg ringing the nasdaq opening bell from facebook headquarters in menlo park. facebook's initial public offer willing be the largest ipo in tech history. facebook according to the experts will be worth more than $100 billion. more than companies like disney. in other news this morning berkeley police investigating a deadly car crash. a driver slammed into a tree on california street just north of austin. this was several hours ago. one passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver and a child are in very serious condition. >> also pg&e crews are busy this morning. they are out there working to get the power back on in parts
6:46 am
of novato. a power pole and distribution line came crashing down on sequoa glen lane. your service should be back on sometime around 8:30 or 9:00 this morning. a vallejo family wants a police officer to apologize for fatally shooting one of their dogs. the officer came to the wednesday unannounced to take a report of identity theft. vallejo police say two of the families dogs including 11-year- old lab mix bell aggressively came toward the officer while snarling. police say the officer feared for his safety and shot and killed bell. >> she was really nice and we loved her a lot. >> the police officer shot her. so we are very sad that that
6:47 am
happened. >> the family says that none of their dogs has ever bitten anyone. all they want is for the officer to come to apologize to the children. >> weeks after trayvon martin was shot and killed in florida, sanford police urged the states attorney to arrest shooter george zimmerman saying the incident was avoidable. that is according to the new evidence released by prosecutors along with this surveillance video of trayvon martin taken inside a 7-eleven the night of his death. martin had traces of marijuana in his system. now after leaving the 7-eleven he encountered zimmerman. according to documents in the courtesan ford police say there is no indication that trayvon martin was involved in any criminal activity. 6:47. jurors in the trial of john edwards' will start deliberating his fate today. edwards is accused of using $1 million in campaign donations to cover up an affair during
6:48 am
the 2008 presidential race. in yesterday's closing arguments prosecutors say edwards' knew about the money and directed the cover up. however the defense is arguing that while john edwards' may have been a bad husband, he did not violate any federal campaign laws. edwards faces the possibility of up to 30 years in prison if convicted. police have launched a new crack down on violent street gangs. our cameras were there when the operation got off to a surprising start. the task force was holding a briefing outside mills peninsula hospital in burling game when one officer recognized a known gang member going inside. he was wanted for burglar. turns out the man had already been arrested and just been released from jail. the gang task force ended up making two other arrests during the first night of the
6:49 am
operation. 6:48. getting high school students to stop cutting class. coming up add 7:06 -- up at 7:06 the antic they are using to get student's parents involved. tara is in for sal. there has been quite a few accidents. >> it has been okay. the accidents we have had are pretty minor. so we're in breath good shape in that arena. if we head outdoors. let's take a look at your maps. they were running a traffic break right here 280 northbound it's just north of john daly boulevard. not sure what the traffic hazard was. we'll keep an eye on it for you. and add the bay bridge toll plaza we do have metering lights on as you head into san francisco this morning you might be looking add a 5-10 minute delay. traffic not too badly.
6:50 am
and finally down in the south bay 280 at the 880 interchange the traffic at the bottom portion of your screen really no delays to report. all right 6:49 let's check in with steve. >> thank you very much. a happy friday everybody. just heard from tracy. she says i'm up near sebastopol and it feels colder than 42. it will warm up pretty fast. a very cool morning for may. mostly sunny by this afternoon. it will be a nice day. temperatures nice. by this evening we cool off pretty fast. just so you know. the day looks good. lots of sunshine and the system that came by yesterday is long gone. few high clouds toward the north bay. the morning forecast though again has a little chill in the morning air. so mainly the north bay upper 30s. i was trying to find a 30 can't find it yet. 40 up in middle mendocino county. and a lot of low 40s in the
6:51 am
russian river area to 46. a little cool here. 47 san rafael. a lot of 40s or very low 50s. a little component of a sea breeze. the coast is mostly clear after a solid week of air. yesterday very, very windy. today looks pretty good. little breezy. not too bad. it will be a little warmer today. highs today 60s and 70s for almost most. there is a couple 50s if there. i think more 60s and 70s. a couple very, very low 80s million well inland this is not a strong high pressure system. at least it's sunny out. saturday looks good. i think the fog comes back for the beta breaker. sunday night could be really tricky. monday cool down for everybody. >> thank you. today kick starletter will hand -- starter will hand over $10 million to the pebble technology. they are funding for cell phone linked smart watches. and the san francisco business
6:52 am
time reports it's a funding record on kick starter which is the best known organizer for crowd sourcing. pebble says it's smart watch loss start shipping in september. lake tahoe hotel is celebrating facebook ipo with a deal of its own. the deal is from constellation residences at north star. new facebook investors and employees will pay $549 a night for a minimum two night stay. they will receive champagne aupon their arrival as well as a $200 credit at the spa. if you can't get the stock or don't work at facebook we will give you the same deal just for liking it. >> that sounds nice. 6:52. usually you go to a vending machine you get a soda or potato chips out of a vending machine but not that vending machine in san francisco. why things as big as bicycles are being give away. >> and u2 front man bono
6:53 am
definitely has something to sing about this morning how he turned a $90 million investment into billions. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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happening right now waiting for facebook to start trading publicly. they did go public overnight. they rang the opening bell from
6:56 am
menlo park. we are live overhead. facebook head quart quarters menlo park. they had a huge crowd this morning. you can see the big screen. they showed the nasdaq at time square also ringing the bell simultaneously there at menlo park. and again the stocks should start trading in the next hour. we want to take you live to new york right now. we could get a little bump stoc dow jones trading up about 12 points to 1254. investing in facebook certainly helping out u2 bono become the richest man in rock. in 2009 the singers equity firm bought 2% of facebook for $90 million. total shares worth $9.5 billion. in case you are wondering the richest musician was sir paul mccar any he is worth roughly $1 billion. if the fog doesn't roll in, you may be able to see something very rare in the skies this weekend. it's called a ring of fire
6:57 am
solar eclipse. that's when the moon blocks the sun leaving a bright halo of light. it will begin at 5:25 sunday evening. the maximum eclipse at 6:32. i'm warning you do not look at it directly. it can cause severe eye damage. very unusual attraction has taken over justin hermanen plaza in san francisco. 14-foot tall vending machine. they are giving away things like golf balls, water bottles and even a bicycle. >> how did you get to work this morning? >> i road my bike. >> and you now have two bikes? >> i have two bikes. >> that machine will also be out today and tomorrow. active at different times while the supplies last. >> we want to check back in with tara top of the hour coming up it's getting busier. >> yeah two car crash in san mateo. let's take a look at our maps
6:58 am
we can show you where. there you go 101 southbound two cars in the center davider. a woman is injured so an ambulance is on the way. and highway 4 through bay point not too bad. 6:57 let's check in with steve. >> thank you very much. expect for patchy fog on the san mateo coastline it's clear. today will be sunny and a little warmer with 60s and 70s and very low 80s. we are watching this historic day for facebook. social networking company begins trading. there is mark zuckerberg ringing the opening bell live. >> new details about a deadly hit and run accident in the east bay.
6:59 am


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