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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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neighbors are responsible to keep the round abouts maintained. >> i've been real really busy and meant to trim it a little bit. >> traffic circles don't go in unless we have, we poll neighbors in the area and a decisive majority agree to have it there. >> reporter: max anderson isn't the only city council member who told me concerns about how vegetation obscures bicyclists and pedestrians have popped up. and frustration over how emergey vecles must navigate through neighborhoods slowing response time, other neighbors relive what shook them up this morning. >> an earthquake in 89, my house didn't shake like it did on the impact of the car and the tree this morning. >> reporter: about a year ago there was a neighborhood meeting to discuss the effectiveness of the traffic circles but nothing happened.
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tonight berkeley police say that both the driver and the little boy are still in the hospital. and as you can see flowers have been brought out for the woman who lost her life right near this intersection. reporting live jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. an attorney was arrested today in connection with a hit- and-run crash that killed a bicyclist. ktvu received this mug shot of 32-year-old spencer freeman smith. police say he was behind the wheel when he hit and killed a cyclist thursday night. investigators say they linked smith's 2012 mercedes to the crash scene then they said they found his car with severe front end damage. >> hit somebody and it was an accident just stop and try to get help. because hiding your car, you're going to be found. they can easily trace the car. >> reporter: smith has been charged with vehicle manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident. san jose police say an innocent bystander who got caught in a police chase
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yesterday has died. that chase ended on south 33rd street near allam rock avenue. that's when police say a 59- year-old man got wedged between two parked cars after a series of crashes involving a suspect allegedly trying to evade police. that suspect is now facing charges of manslaughter, felony dui and felony evasion resulting in injury or death. a san jose man has been convicted of murder in a 2009 fatal crash that killed a 6- year-old boy. gary westover was found guilty of second degree murder and gross vehicle manslaughter while intoxicated. police say westover broadsided a mini van. the crash was his fourth drunk driving crash. he is now facing up to 22 years in prison. investors looked for an
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unlike button today. trading was delayed at the stock because the nasdaq was overwhelmed by orders. the stock closed just above the asking price. there was no dramatic spike that some had hoped for. robert handa live in menlo park with what might be behind the lackluster. >> reporter: it does seem many investor and financial analysts did not like what they saw and facebook paid the price. a view from news chopper 2 shows the excitement in menlo park today as the social networking giant became a trading company. but the stock sagged quickly and some analysts said it started right away with mark zuckerberg ringing the nasdaq opening bell in his hoodie. >> is zuckerberg offended a lot of people that make the market on a stock. you saw most of the folks come
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out immediately afterward much more negative than they would have. a lot of that negative stuff is what drove this down. >> reporter: if stock was lower than anticipated just a month ago. many traders said it was an accurate price for its value. some investors said their clients had a different attitude. >> i want to make a lot of money but i don't want to lose anything either. so $38, or even $35 not very many people readily willing to put it out there and see what happens. >> reporter: some analysts also say facebook may have created long term problems although zuckerberg made $20 billion before taxes and many el employees became instant millionaires a lot of people who lost money were facebook customers. >> they priced it so facebook could make as much money as it could but that's chasted their
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customers and that's going to come back to hurt them. >> reporter: that could be more ads and fees. live in menlo park, robert honda. facebook did log some success today it set a record for the number of shares sold at more than 567 million. it raked in 57 million. here's an interesting tidbit. facebook shares accounted for 24% of all trades through the online brokerage firm td ameritrade. and ktvu has video of the ipo. the state legislative analyst says he supports governor brown's latest plan to close california's budget cut.
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the $15.7 billion budget gap was called realistic. he does warn it may be overstating how much revenue will be devastated. >> if they take actions, and we stress ongoing actions we can put a major dent into our budget problem. >> reporter: the analyst also said that the state will not cash in on facebook's ipo for months. oakland mayor gene quan went on the defensive over the coliseum project. the mayor wants to transform the coliseum into restaurants, hotels and shops and new facilities. today mayor quan's office released a statement disputing recent reports that claim the city doesn't have the money to move forward. the mayor adds the project would generate more than 30,000 local jobs. tonight on the 10:00 news we take a closer look at the
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fight to keep the oakland a's in town. a walnut creek law -- lawyer is headed to the state court. jerome fishkin is representing sergio garcia. garcia was allowed into the state board after passing the bar. the state's highest court will decide whether or not garcia will receive his california law license. food safety fishes lifted the quarantine on two central california dairies recently linked to mad cow disease. an investigation showed the illness that struck a cow cow did not come from cattle feed. also tests showed the diseased cow had a form of mad cow disease that does not cause illness in humans. those dairies have been closed since april 26th. >> do you know what your teen is reading? a study is uncovering a large
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amount of swearing in teen readings. that bad language can be linked to bad behavior. >> reporter: we're at book passage. some may argue that our culture is becoming more profane, so the literature for adolescent merely reflects that. >> they want these words because it makes them cool. and it's english. >> reporter: researchers reported profanity in 88% of teen best selling books. >> that's their world. >> reporter: in tweak, researchers counted the f word 135 times. >> tweak is categorized as an adult book although it was written from a teenager's perspective. >> children are seeing a lot more profanity, they're seeing it on tv, among their peers, they are seeing it among their
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parents. >> reporter: cpmc psychiatrist told me profanity often denigrates women, relationship and races. >> language overtime shapes how you see things and how you approach the world. >> they get exposed to it no matter where they are at. but getting it through books is probably not a good idea. >> everything is within the pages of a book. better they learn it there than on the streets some where. >> reporter: book sellers say this argues for buying books at a store where you can get face to face advise on an appropriate, well written and meaningful book. reporting live, health and science editor john fowler ktvu news. a mental health awareness group today tried to get people moving to help them feel better. dozens showed up today at lake merit to dance, take a yoga class or climb rock wall. people who suffer from mental illness often put their physical health on the back burner. >> people who have mental health challenges whether
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that's depression, anxiety, bipolar are dying almost 25 years sooner than the rest of the population. the 10 by 10 wellness campaign is trying to increase life expectancy by 10 years in 10 years for those challenged by mental health issues. the protest against harvey milk day we first told you about yesterday is now expanding to tv. the conservative group save is running ads urging parents to keep children home from school on harvey milk day may 22nd. a spokesman for the group says discussions about milk and the gay right movement don't long in a classroom. milk was the first openly man elected to office in california. he was later assassinated. one of u.s. senator dianne feinstein's 23 challengers is taking campaigning to some extreme heights. donald krampe plans to climb mount whitney next week. krampe said he intends to climb
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the mountain with a flag bearing his web address. mount whitney is 14,505 feet high. the capital corridor train is adding a stop starting next week. the new stop means added travel time, 10 minutes will be added to its run time for trains going to and from san jose, deredon and santa clara university station. in just the past 20 minutes, hundreds of homes and business the áf had their power restored. high winds knocked out power to almost 8,700 customers. crews quickly restored electricity to all by 400 customers. we just talked to pg & e and they told us all service was back by 5:45 this evening. police say some residents are afraid to come out of their
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homes because of a gang war. the stepped up efforts to stop the street violence. a huge sometimes crazy crowd is about to take over san francisco. the rules you don't want to break at sunday's beta breakers race. back here in 10 minutes with your bay area weekend forecast. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home.
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san jose police say a technical failure brought down part of the city's 911 call center for about 10 minutes today. police say the glitch happened during some routine maintenance by at&t. they say emergency and nonemergency calls may not have been able to get through during those 10 minutes anyone who did not get through received an automatic call back by communications employees.
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police in richmond identified a man that was shot to death earlier this week. 27 donna washington of richmond was sitting in a parked car on wednesday morning when two people walked up and fired into the car. washington died later at a hospital. this happened on eighth street in the city's iron triangle neighborhood. so far police haven't made any arrests. that killing is just one of many recent acts of street violence that has police on special patrol tonight in richmond. rob roth live in richmond where he went out with police today to see how they're trying to keep the peace this evening. rob-- >> reporter: frank a series of recent shootings has richmond residents hiding inside and police on high alert. we road along with two officers today as they patrolled richmond's most troubled areas. typically richmond officers ride solo. by pairing them, police are
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sending the message. >> the streets know that people are out shooting and there's a back and forth going on and they also see us. >> reporter: this week alone two men have been shot to death in what police say is a battle between a faction from north richmond and a faction from north of town. >> we put patrols specifically looking at those two groups because they are the ones committing it right now. they were given a message that we would come after them if they did gun violence and that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: neighbors say they can feel the tension. richmond is like a ghost town today, hardly anyone is out. everybody is scared bullets will ring out. >> enough is enough, we need to stop this. >> reporter: officers do roll up on this group standing on a sidewalk on what police say is a well known drug area. officers say this man is on probation for gang activity, they search him but find no drugs and weapons so they order him to leave.
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i'm going to give you your i.d. back and i want you to leave. >> we don't want gang members to come out and shoot them and cause chaos for everybody. >> reporter: violence has declined in richmond the last few years. richmond is using around operation seize fire which targeting gang members and trying to direct them toward jobs and associate programs. for now police say they intend to keep the heat on until things cool off. reporting live in richmond, rob roth, ktvu news. california's jobless rate dipped slightly last month, the economic development department said today that unemployment fell to 10.9% in april. that's down from 11% in march. about 20,000 jobs were added in california last month but at least 2 million californians are still out of work. the unemployment rate around the bay area still vary widely. marin county has the lowest rate. solano has the highest.
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15 citations per day for distracted driving during april's it's not worth it campaign. 445 citations were handed out. statewide 57,000 tickets were handed out during the month campaign. drivers were ticketed for using hand held phones or texting while driving. the 101st running of the beta breakers race is taking place this weekend in san francisco. the race goes through six neighborhoods before ending by the ocean. the event has been plagued by complaints including public drunkenness. 26 people had to be taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning during the 2010 race. >> just took it too far instead of being silly and coocky it turned out to be a frat party. >> rules include no open containers, no alcohol on the race course and no floats.
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let's go to bill martin for what all those thousands of people will be seeing this weekend. >> it's going to be a great weekend for all the outdoor activities going on. it was a cool week, kind of windy, cool and cloudy. but now we're headed to the weekendand it's going to be spectacular. we have gusts to 33 miles per hour. let's go to fairfield, we've got gusts -- sustained at 28 miles per hour. the winds die out tonight and then they go away. these were the recorded highs for today. highs tomorrow are coming up five or 6 degrees. so we're going to see lots of mid-80s tomorrow. even warmer in some places. sunday the warmest. santa rosa 48. 49 in napa. 50 in concord and 49 in livermore. weather system right here has a pretty good chance of bringing us a few showers. and those showers not showers bringing us cooler weather. those would show up next week.
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so not a big deal. mostly clear and cool tonight. mostly sunny as we head into your weekend. extended forecast, cooler as the clouds move in. a warmer high pressure sets up. saturday and sunday, sunday should be the warmest day on the weekend. as we head out in the pacific you can see this high pressure really setting up so it's mostly sunny tomorrow. as we head into next week this system the one i pointed to kind of inches on shore. creates an on shore flow. it's monday you don't care about monday, it's the weekend. this is next week's forecast. next week just try to remember it's going to be a little cooler. but this weekend is going to be outstanding. daytime highs tomorrow warm. 85 in napa. 86 up in the clear lake area. maybe warmer than that. 82 in nevato. lots of cities, lots of warmth. air quality good though. bar-b-que weather.
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everyone at the coast we're going -- even at the coast we're going to see clearing like we did today. we'll see plenty of clearing. the five day forecast shapes up like this. nice one, saturday and sunday looks good. in education week starts to cool down but we -- next week starting to cool down but we don't care because it's the weekend. >> a's game is at 7:00, bring a jacket? >> yeah, it's going to be in the 60s. see why there's an unusual air of uncertainty resinating through this year's greek festival. joins for these stories and more at 7:00 on tv 3á6. the big donation jim harbaugh unveiled today to help the city respond to the next major emergency. hello?
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49ers head coach jim harbaugh helped fed ex make a very special delivery to the salvation army.
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that canteen truck will be able to feed as many as 2,500 people a day in the event of an emergency disaster. in addition to the truck, fed ex also donated another $10,000. >> a very good deed there. mark ibanez is here. coach could not resist talking a little football. >> you get him out and about and he's been making the rounds this offseason. the giants were the blue color team last year as coach harbaugh liked to call them. they are the highny new truck in the world -- shiny new truck in the world of the nfl. our fred inglis has a chance to talk to coach harbaugh and he's sticking with the blue collar stuff. >> we're still the blue collar team. there's going to be a lot of people talking about expectations next year for our football team but we're not going to be the ones fueling that hype. we're working hard, heads to the grindstone and trying to
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figure out how to beat the green bay packers opening day. >> you heard him say it's going to be a nice night -- you heard bill say it's going to be a nice night out at the giants game. barry zito on the mound tonight against the team he once performed for. as a matter of fact lifetime he's 1-4 with a 7.24 era against the a's. but you know it's been so long he doesn't really think of them as the team he once played for. >> played with a lot of guys at this point. five, six years out. it still has that familiar feeling. just want to go out and have a good showing. redick has had a good year. they have good pitching no surprise there. so we just have to be ready to play. white sox and cubs, look at this right in the noggin. paul konerko drilled yesterday. and happy to say that despite
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the injury there, he managed to leave the field under his own power and word is, paul konerko is all right tonight. obviously they're taking it slow. we'll be watching his condition and justice verlander of detroit has a no hitter going in the 8th inning. more on that tonight at 10:00. of course we probably just jinxed it. >> i was just about to say. thanks mark. >> it's like a flash mob but it's called the cash mob. the fast infusion of cash planned tonight for a cherished restaurant in the north bay. >> that story is tonight on the 10:00 news. thank you for trusting ktv you can -- ktvu channel 2 news. six-
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