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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 19, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. people trapped inside a burning home in san francisco as neighbors and firefighters race to the rescue. good evening, i'm ken wane. >> i'm heather holmes. >> first it was a party, then flames. firefighters raced to a house in san francisco's bayview district where at least two people were sent to the hospital. ktvu's eric rasmussen is at the scene. >> reporter: firefighters are out here tonight. you can see police and fire have the street partially blocked. they are still working the scene and got the call at 6:30
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and arrived to discover heavy flames at least two burn victim and power lines down in the street. a neighbor recorded this cell phone video of the fire on lucy street in san francisco's bayview district just as firefighters arrived. >> i looked out the window and saw flames going everywhere. >> reporter: as flames poured out of the bottom floor of the home it became clear some people were still inside. >> i hear screaming and what i came out, someone was running across the street. >> reporter: neighbors say this han was burned trying to save others in the home. they say 12 people were inside, some of them out of town family members attending a party. >> accounted he had been and transported two people immediately and athird complaining of smoke inhalation. >> reporter: neighbors say someone had been working on a car in the home's garage about half an hour before the fire started. >> working on a car, need,
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yeah. something must have ignited and the whole thing went up. >> reporter: as we mentioned some live power lines that came down near the burning homemade things even more dangerous out here for everybody involved. i just checked with firefighters in last few minutes and there is still no word on the condition of those injured and possibly burned. neighbors told me at least one of the victim's injuries appeared to be severe. live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up in just about 10 minutes the surprise oakland firefighters found inside a warehouse after they knocked down the flames. there is a big boost in president obama's call to recognize same-sex marriages and it comes from a very important voting block. jade hernandez tells us the naacp now support's the president efforts. >> reporter: between san francisco and oakland opinions flowed about the naacp's decision and we found tonight in an unofficial poll there were
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strong feelings for itle the naacp spoke out against propyl in california and today it voted to declare marriage equality civil right between same-sex couples. >> i think everybody should have the same rights as everybody else. i think gays should be able to marry. >> reporter: we found this couple walking along lake merritt and they agreed. >> the irony of what is going on in our political system is that this nation was founded on people seeking freedom and now we have politicians trying to take those freedoms away from us. >> i think it's the right direction. i think it's a civil right and there are all types of unions, but people deserve to be able to share their inheritance, to pass on their property. >> reporter: in a statement released today bit civil right's group president, "the naacp support for marriage equality is deeply
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rooted in the 14m amendment of the united states constitution and equal protection of all people." inside san francisco 's lgbt community center michelle wright expressed her statement. >> i think that is marriage equality is something that people are talking about on a national level and they are going to talk about it in their homes. >> reporter: this stance comes two weeks after president obama spoke out in favor of same-sex marriage, but still stating it's up to the states to decide marriage laws. we also tried to get a hold of someone from yes on 8 and were unable to reach anyone tonight. the naacp spokesman i contacted today said there will be a press release on monday about this decision. at 10:30 honoring the pioneering politician harvey milk. while the state is ready to pay tribute to the openly gay
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elected politician, see why not seven embracing the idea. san josi police are investigating the discovery of a man's body in the guadalupe river. volunteers doing clean-up discovers the remains between west santa clara and julian streets this morning. officials say the man appeared to be in in his 50s. cause of death is not known, but police say foul play is not suspected. >> oakland police released new details in an officer-involved shooting that left a suspect on the run. investigators released this photo of 24-year-old eid luqman hasan. police say hasan ran and was wounded. a s.w.a.t. team responded to an east oakland mom where they believe hasan was hiding, but he was not found. for the second time in a week a train has struck and killed someone on bay area
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railroad stormtrackers the caltrain officials say a southbound train hit a man in burlingame around 12:30 this morning. the man was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. he is not yet been identified. this is the second fatality and the third incident in which someone was struck by a train in a week. volunteers came out once again today searching for signs of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. it's now been more than two months since the 15-year-old girl disappeared. now santa clara sheriff's office are investigating new tips that were featured on "mesh mechanic's most-wanted." they include the red volkswagen which has been impounded. officers are following up on suggestions to search certain areas and certain homes. bart plans to open early to accommodate those who intend to take part in the 101s running
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of the breakers to bay run. while bart understands that some people choose to run the race in a natural state, proper attire is required while you are on the train. the race starts tomorrow at howard and beale street around 7:00 a.m. we would like to see those pictures from tomorrow's bay to break rears race. send them to or post them on the ktvu channel 2 facebook page. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has changed his status from silk to married. he marred his long time girlfriend 2-year-old pricilla chan. zuckerberg wore a suit rather than the trademark hoodie. google has reached an agreement with chinese regulatory officials
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that clears the way for a major acquisition. the deal allows google to buy phone-maker moatoriala mobility for $12.5 billion, but comes one condition that google's android operating system remain available for the next five years for free. the agreement geffs mountain view-based google the ability to expand in the manufacturing of phones. tablet computers and other consumer devices for the if he time. tomorrow a spectacular sight is coming to barack skis fog permitting. it's the annular eclipse when the moon completely blocks the sun leaving a bright edge of fire around the moon's edge. it starts tomorrow evening with the maximum eclipse at 6:32. several viewing events have been planned across the bay area, but experts say we're a little too far south to see a complete ring. you will find more how to view
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tomorrow's solar eclipse on under "hot topics." a blind chinese activist is now in the united states. . cheers greeted chen guangcheng in new york this evening just hours after chinese officials put him, his wife and two children on a plane in beijing. on april 22, chen escaped from house arrest, breaking his foot in the process. days later he showed up at the u.s. embassy in beijing. negotiations between the u.s. and china resulted in a keel where he was allowed into the united states to study law. today his wife translated for him. >> nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart to it. >> as long as you are put your heart into it, she said. chen fought against forced abortions and sterilization. >> the sacramento sikh community is offering a large reward to track down a
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killerment one yeager someone shot and bill balb singh dhami in his home in elk grove. . with security extremely tight in chicago ahead of the nato summit tomorrow comes word tonight that three young men are under arrest. they are accused of motting attacks on president obama's campaign headquarters and the home of chicago's mayor. but as ed henry tells us a defense attorney says the men are shocked by the accusations. >> reporter: final preps are underway in the windy city for the nato summit and security is a top certain. hundreds of protests are have descended on chicago. this latest demonstration comes on heels of three men accused of a terror plot. >> the defendants brian church, jared chase and brent betterly
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are facing serious charges. their intent was to commit acts of terrorism. >> reporter: chicago police took the three into custody during a raid of an apartment building. >> plans were made to attack four chicago police department stations with destructive devices in an effort to nur mine the police response. >> reporter: their alleged weapon of choice, motellive molotov cocktails. >> they brew their own brew and you have bottles and tubes and other materials. >> reporter: an attorney with the national's lawyers guild suggest the men are accident. >> they are shocked and very confused and frightened by the severity of the allegations.
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>> reporter: they face several charges including possession of incendiary devices. bond has been set at $1.5 million each. in chicago, ed henry, fox news. the second warehouse fire leads to the second illegal stash and how neighbors were caught off-guard. a big achievement for fort ord today. the national distinction it now has and what it could even for the future of the former army post. this video just came into the ktvu newsroom and what we have learned about a car that hit a house tonight in san francisco. the 10:00 news continues in just 90 seconds.
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. we have a developing story out of san francisco right now. firefighters are on the scene of a rollover accident where a car hit a house and apparently broke a gas line. here are the pictures that just came. the accident happened at 8:45 this morning near colby street in visitation valley. firefighters say pg&e just shot off the gas, several homes were evacuateds a precaution. initial reports indicate one person was injured in that car accident and taken to the hospital. there is no word yet on the extent of those injuries. oakland police were called to the scene of a warehouse fire today after hundreds of marijuana plants were found inside the burning building. ktvu's john sasaki, tells us
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that neighbors had no idea what was going on in that building. >> reporter: the firelit up the sky above an old warehouse on broadway and oakland starting at 4:00 this morning. >> there were flames 20' above the building and very concerned about my shop and luckily they kept it under control. >> reporter: the flame were so big it crosses brook street on the backside of the building and residents were concerned for their safety. >> just flames everywhere, yeah, and then we thought -- we can feel the heat upstairs in our bedroom. >> reporter: as firefighters foothill put out the flames on the second floor they discovered an extensive marijuana grow one floor below and that stunned neighbors. >> i looked in there and saw all of these plants and oh, my god, it's like a grow room gone wrong. >> reporter: police say there are about 500 plants inside. the building is used by a nearby business to store supplies and during the fire officials say something was blowing up. >> you can see cans actually being thrown up in the air.
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>> reporter: no one was hurt. on wednesday there was a warehouse fire in richmond in which fire crews discovered another major marijuana grow. >> are you seeing more these days? >> he would say yet. >> reporter: no one has been arrested, although police are look for the property lessee. fire officials say they have notice determined what caused the fire, but add that all the additional electrical wiring used to grow marijuana is a major fire hazard. in oakland, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. there was a party like atmosphere to raise awareness of something quite serious. hundreds of people enjoyed live music at oakland's make mer receipt for the 7th annual walk to end poverty. organizers say an alameda county alone there about 200,000 people struggling to pay rent and purchase food. >> one in five of our youth in alameda county are in poverty
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right now. >> this really highlights what he can do as citizens to really end the issues of poverty. >> those who attended today's walk received a free breakfast as waltz lunch. they also received information on how low-income residents can receive help. today's event was ownersed by the alameda county-oakland alliance. alliance. authorities say a cement truck was traveling northbound when it collided with a flatbed big rig that was heading southbound. driver of the cement truck died. big-rig driver suffered major injuries. the cause of that accident remains under investigation. fort ord the former monterey county military base was dedicated today. ken sars and congressman sam farr took part in the
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dedication ceremony. in april president obama designated nearly 15,000 acres of the former base as an nationality monument. the land is popular with outdoor enthusiasts. government leaders say the designation should boost tourism and bring in more jobs. >> we inform people that we would be hiring 30,000 people just within the public land agencies of interior and u.s.d.a.. and so we're well on our way to getting that done for the summer and the president is very focused on making sure we're providing youth employment. >> the base was established back in 1917, it closed in 1994. some of the land went to california state university montoy monterey bay. helicopters dropped water to douse a grass fire in herald east of galt yesterday. it quickly bushed into a grove of eucalyptus trees. crews with able to keep the fire to ten acresment while the fire may have been small, calfire says it may be a sign of things to come this summer.
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>> especially this time of year, even a little earlier this year we're getting dry earn weather and the fuels are ready to burn. >> it doesn't burn one direction. it swirls and caused what everybody would think would be a tornado. >> a call fia captain says a good defensible space around the home probably kept it from burning. hundreds of firefighters are battling wildfires across several western states and adam housley explains why fire officials are keeping a close eye on those blazes. >> reporter: fires are already burning in five western states with two major fires one in prescott, arizona and the other in northern colorado. the hewlett-gulch fire is burning near fort collins, colorado. and, in fact, winds have helped stoke this fire and there are evacuations of some smaller communities and when you talk to those evacuees they say the area is rug. it's beautiful, but also dangerous. >> just you have to deal with
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it. it's beautiful up here, but it comes with the territory. >> it's scary, because you know, we have friends, neighbors, you know? this is a tight community right here and i'm worried. i'm really worried about it. >> reporter: meantime a fire burning near prescott, arizona, not far from phoenix continues to burn gladiator fire has chewed up more than 13,000 acres, but it's burning into more remote areas staying away from the historic mining tourns it theaterrened earlier this week. so far the winds have died down, helping firefighters their fight and also the temperatures have come down, but humidity is still at very low-levels. as the fires burn the western neighbors like in california as well as nevada are keeping a close eye on what is happening with the fire situation here in california. they say it's been a couple of years since they had a big fire, but they are prepared. >> our focus right now is to make sure that both our equipment and our people are
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prepared for whatever comes to us this summer. you know, with two relatively quiet years we want our focused to be keyed in to fight the fire aggressively, but to watch out for themselves and the public safety. >> reporter: they say the season used to be from the beginning of june to the end of november, but with rains and then very hot temperatures the last couple years they say fire season is now basically 12 months out of the year. in los angeles, adam housley fox news. the tornado that tore through joplin, missouri killing 161 people was the most expensive twister in decades. according to an associated press analysis, about $2.8 billion in damages been covered by insurance policies, but taxpayers could end up footing the bell for another $500 million paid how to state and
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federal disaster aid, low- interest loans and bonds. former president george w. bush is heading back to the white house. the former president is set to be back at his former residence at the end of the month for the unveiling of his official port rate. he will be accompanied by first former first lady laura bush. they are looking forward to seeing friends back in washington and grateful to the obamas for their hospitality. the golden gate bridge's u- connic structure. history on hold, what is keeping the spacex rocket from taking off and the distinction it will have when it does launch. another round of pleasant weather is in store for your sunday, coming up we'll take a look at the numbers expected for your neighborhood.
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. . dozens of people came together in san francisco for a special tribute to the golden gate bridge. participants dressed in orange and red and formed the number
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75 at crissy field to commemorate the 75th anniversary. today's event was put by the national park service and golden gate park conservancy. in the city one of the largest celebrations of asian culture. san francisco's 8th annual asian heritage street celebration was held at the civic center. the event featured lots of music, dancing and food from several asian countries. organizers tell us that the event gives asian-americans a sense of belonging. >> to be able to bring all the asians to the and we feel like vietnamese, i'm not alone because if we're asian, we are big as a group. >> today's event is part of the asian-pacific-american heritage month celebrated nationwide. in news of the world tonight in syria a car bombing killed at least nine people
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today. the bomb targeted a military complex, which houses branches the military and fair force intelligent. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. latest bombing come days after the un secretary-general blamed al-qaida fort bombing in damascus that killed 55 people. acin nigeria a mass wedding was held today. the couples were introduced and we had by islamic government officials although muslim man play marre up to three wives divorced or widows women are often sunday and forced to life off male relatives. many women said they were happy to get married again, but human rights activists say the women have few other opportunities and are pressured into accepting potentially dangerous relationships. in cheen can you a coal miner was found alive today, 17 days after he was trapped in a flooded mine. miner is said to be in stable
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condition tote. at least ten people escaped following the may 2nd floodingle three other are still messing. >> yemeni officials say at least 22 al-qaeda linked militarrants and 12 government soldiers were killed in clashes and airstrikes over last two days. and at least two of the militants killed died in what appears to be a u.s. drone strikes. . anyl historic mission into space has been put on hold. a technical glitch kept the spacex falcon 9 robot on the ground at cape canaveral, florida. it contains half a ton of supplies to the international space station. spacex was set to be the first private company to fly to the space station. another attempt has been scheduled for tuesday. harvey milk made political history, but not everyone is ready to embrace the message he left behind the moment to stop
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the statewide tribute planned for next week. also a yosemite gold-rush? not so far, the move made by activists to preserve the park's beauty. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ?
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this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. . san francisco's most famous gay leader was honored today in the castro district. ktvu's matt keller tells us why there is still controversy surrounding harvey milk three decades after his death. >> reporter: harvey milk's famous wores were turned into song today to celebrate and honor one of the first openly gay politicians ever elected to official. >> we have to always remember harvey milks a visionary and trail blazer that he was. >> reporter: a new plaque was rededicated in
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harvey milk plaza. a grant from pg&e and the castro community benefit district raised enough money to replace it. california recognizes may 22nd as harvey milk day, coinciding with his birthday. >> well, people like harrison have grown-up knowing about harveyy and having no hate in their lives. i think that is really important that we start educating our children when they are young. >> reporter: one group doesn't want harvey milk's message in school. >> your boys and girls are being targeted for immoral indoctorination. >> reporter: for supporters it was about the man who they say changed history and an opportunity to remember. >> to make sure that it's
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alive forever and never forgotten. >> reporter: events will be taking place including a fundraiser in the castro theater. it will be a special screening of the oscar-winning film "milk." matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. a trouble spot was cleaned up today. volunteers with save the bay picked up garbage at the martin luther king regional shoreline. decencies young and old took part and picked up fast-food containers and lots of cigarette butts, but organizers say plastic bags are by far the biggest problem. >> san francisco bay is home to hundreds of endangered and threatened species that we work hard to protect by cleaning up the bay and restoring native plants. so we want to keep plastics out of the bay to prevent wildlife from consuming it and eventually dying from it.
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an environmental group is taking steps to ban goldmining at yosemite park. they are asking the white house to bar mining within ten miles of the park. now backers say the skyrocketing price of gold has some people staking dozens of claims within a ten-mile radius of yosemite, but many prospectors say state and federal regulations are sufficient to protect the environmental. hundreds of san francisco students are learning what it means to grow and sell their own produce. students from john o'connell high school had rosemary, radishes, lettuce and little green onions for sale this morning. the students cultivate the crops in the school's vegetable garden for the their health and science classes. >> we're the most local farm, three miles away where it was grown, in san francisco. >> we can keep a small garden going, you lose plants all the time to bug and insects and just bad luck and stuff. so i think it was really cool
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to be connected to your food. >> two other schools are part of the san francisco school district's schoolyard to market program. student as thereto booth will sell anywhere from $200 to $300 produce and that money goes back into the program. the sounds of the mediterranean fills the area at the annual greek festival. that looks like fun. people learned the steps of traditional greek dances at orthodox kirkland. >> we have a lot of dances and the little kids does the wonderful dances. >> the festival features handmade jewelry and works of art. the celebration runs until 9:00 tomorrow night. an historic battle ship is
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moving out of bay area waters u.s. is the iowa world war ii- era ship will be turned into a floating museum. the historic vessel served in the navy until 1990. . a few young football players hit the field today in berkeley. the kids are taking parts anyway free weekly football camp at san pablo park. one of the volunteer coaches we spoke to says today's turnout is much less than what he has seen in past years. >> normally we have 60-70 kids, but due to the rash of violence a lot of people are scared to come out here. watch a kid at 2 or 3 years old be active and see there is more to life than going to funerals or jail. >> coach todd walker says the camp happens every saturday at the park from 1-3 in the
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afternoon. would i have another? make it a double and keep the triple crown hopes alive. the dramatic finish of today's preakness in sportswrap .
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. an enjoyable day around the bay area for most of us. another round expected for tomorrow before the cooldown begin as we get back to work on monday. look at what is happening outside of our doors, winds generally light, westerly
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brief at sfo and fairfield reporting 10-15 and our numbers beginning to develop. widespread mid-50s to mid-60s at this hour. 60 degrees in napa, 60 for santa rosa. we'll continue to cool another 5-10 degrees be the time we wake up tomorrow morning. stormtracker 2 showing you a few hundred miles out we have high clouds and those high clouds associated with the system that will bring us cooler weather in time for your monday drive. and we have got temperatures beginning to cool at this hour. we'll begin to warm back up again for tomorrow. as we run through your sunday notice we have mostly clear skies. just a little fog developing off the coast. tomorrow morning we could be with a little patchy fog inside the bay. low clouds expected for the coastline, but into the afternoon and even ing hour we should plan on mostly sunny which is go to sue the solar
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eclipse. maybehere at home where we're expected to see not the entire ring of fire, partly cloudy skies and just a light breeze in the forecast for you tomorrow. tomorrow morning we wake up very similar to how we woke up this morning, upper 40s, low 50s, 49 expected for napa, 50 degrees redwood city. widespread mid to upper 40s along the coast. if you are heading out to watch bay to breakers or participating it's going to be a nice morning. 53 degrees by the time it starts. by noontime, 60 degrees and mostly sunny sky as we get closer to the coast. your afternoon highs around the region look like this. le 2 expected for santa rosa 82 for vallejo, 6 in the city.
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these numbers a lot like what we felt today. 85 expected for antioch, 73 in santa cruz, widespread 60s expected for pacifica as well as half moon bay. there is your extended forecast. as early as monday we begin to drop off. low 60s along the coastline. mid to upper 70s inland and that trough that sets up is going to sort of hang around and bring us that very same pattern it looks like through wednesday maybe thursday. good running weather for bay to breakers. absolutely. >> we'll see you out there. [ laughter ] >> you have got to work. >> i do. >> coming up next, it was a wild finish at the preakness stakes. you have to see the finish that is coming up next. >> the giants continue to dominate the a's and we'll hear from the pitcher who had a big part in that. sportswrap is next. ♪
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. at&t park is becoming a oakland a's personal house of horrors. they dropped their 11th straight interleague game. this afternoon's game was all about pitching and in the case of the giant's starter ryan vogelsong. the line drive to left. melky cabrera gets it with a diving back hand. vogelsong retires the first 18a's he


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