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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 20, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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you are looking at something that hasn't happened in 18 years. and tonight's annular solar eclipse thrilled bay area sky watchers. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. it was a spectacular show in the sky and it did not involve fireworks or special effects.
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jade herds -- hernandez is in the east bay hills. >> reporter: we have so much to tell you about. it's the moon over the sun and we captured the eclipse from start to finish. >> you point it at the light and put a cover over it and then it shine it is moon on there. >> where is it buddy? >> right there. >> reporter: vohn may be young but he's learning from his father all about the eclipse. >> it's very rare for these events to be visible from the bay area. the next one won't be until 2023. >> reporter: we captured the eclipse all in a many minute. more than 500 people paid $1 to watch from this observation deck. >> you can tap into our
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knowledge, ask questions. >> others had homemade viewing tools. others bought special glasses. >> let me see if you can put it on, you can see it. there's a little bump on the sun. >> reporter: many others watched through sun spotters. watchers viewed mid-eclipse at 6:29 font. at full eclipse. >> [ applause ] >> it's very wonderful. >> reporter: astronomers point to tonight as the first in the triple play. an annular eclipse tonight, then on june 4th: the lunar eclipse, and june 5th. venus crosses th -- the corner of the sun in a full transit. in parts of utah, the full effect of the solar eclipse was visible tonight and some people cheered, others howls and some
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broke out in a rousing rendition of johnny cash's song a ring of fire. in some areas the full ring was visible for five minutes. we need to take another look at that time lapse video of the eclipse from the space and science center. here you can see the crescent shape as it rotates counter clock wise. these images were taken with this telescope and show an hour and a half in just seconds. we asked ktvu viewers to show their photos of the eclipse in the bay area. this is a screen of a series of photos viewers posted tonight. the first one was posted by marylin maison. she adds that this picture was taken by a fifth grader. this one shows a nice edge on the eclipse. this shows multiple shadows of the eclipse up against the wall. you can see all of those are
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individual shots of the eclipse. some stucco kind of material. this picture was taken by tracy cameron baker of san leandro. we would like to see your photos, just e-mail them to photos @ there is new criticism tonight for pg & e. even after that deadly san bruno disaster, the company is still be set by overpressured pipelines it simply cannot explain. the new head of the gas system is unhappy about the searches he says are not supposed to occur. ktvu's debra villalon has the answers tonight, she's live in san bruno. >> reporter: this neighborhood paid a high price.
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so people find it hard to believe. pg & e has since replaced its procedures. but in an e-mail to his team the new head of gas operations says he needs to crack down on pipeline surges. 80 last year, more than 40 this year. in his words, if we're doing our jobs correctly, they simply don't happen. they are supposed to be an exception not a norm. >> the overpressurization incidents that we're talking about were minimal. >> reporter: pg & e down plays the danger and says every incident is being analyzed to bring the numbers down. >> the right number is zero. >> utility watchdogs say pg & e credibility on pipeline safety is shot. so the fact that it still struggles with test lines. >> it may in fact, be true that some of these overpressurizations are not dangerous. it's also true that pg & e has ignored safety risks in the past and customers just aren't
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going to trust them anymore. >> we know we have a lot of work to do to rebuild the trust of our customers and that's what we're doing. going through the records. identified these type of problems and taking aggressive action. >> reporter: in this neighborhood so scared by a neglected gas system, there's this question. how much pressure is too much? >> you don't want to find out too much after the fact because that's when you might have an explosion and a fire. >> reporter: pg & e exec told his staff the ongoing gas surges keep him up at night. customers we talked to say if he's worried, they're worried too. we're reporting live in san bruno, debra villalon, ktvu news. you may remember last november a gas pipeline ruptured during a high pressure test near wood side. that rupture sent mud and rocks under interstate 280 closing that freeway for about four hours. the line that broke was the same line that failed in san bruno causing that deadly explosion. the highway patrol says a
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teenage driver was attacked by a group of motorcyclists today after an accident on highway 101. the collision happened just after 8:00 this morning on southbound 801 in belmont. the teenaged driver was video taping the motorcyclists, lost control and hit two of them knocking them off their bikes. after the crash, the driver was allegedly beaten up by several bikers. authorities say he was punched in the head and threatened with a knife. so far no one has been arrested, the driver and two motorcyclists who crashed suffered minor injuries. another crash in san mateo county killed a motorcyclists. the driver of a harley davidson collided with a car. the driver died at stanford hospital. san francisco investigators have still not released the cause of a house fire that sent three people to the hospital
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this weekend. we first showed you this video captured by a neighbor during last night's 10:00 news and you can see the flames shooting up from the house there on lucy street. witnesses say the fire broke out during a party at about 7:30 p.m. three people were hospitalized for burns and smoke inhalation. across the bay in oakland, police are now involved in the investigation into a three alarm warehouse fire yesterday that revealed a large marijuana grow operation. the building is on broadway. when firefighters arrived flames were shooting 30 feet into the air. when it was all over, investigators found marijuana plants, lamps and an irrigation system. nobody was hurt. the first to cross the line at the beta breakers finished the course in 24 minutes and 30
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seconds. amito daska won the women's division in 39 minutes. many others said just taking part in the colorful race was enough and the prize was just being there. >> i was a smoker and i quit smoking and i just tried to get myself healthy. >> the one day in the year we get to wear burning man and wear costumes and act crazy. >> reporter: the people involved in the activities behaved themselves. and for many it's not a race, it's a party. >> reporter: called the san francisco experience, the 101st beta breakers was not without its hick ups. costume participants pointed to the bathroom situation. >> there was no hand sanitizer,
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it was overflowing. >> reporter: long lines lines formed outside of the bathrooms. >> there will be no drinking on the streets today. >> reporter: these panhandlers put up yellow tape and stood guard. >> they broke the stair, a lot of people were going in and out as they pleased like it was their house. >> reporter: this year seemed a bit more tamed. >> we had a couple of years where it's been a little more mayhem, but i think the cops did their job this year. they moved people on. the minute the crowds stopped and started congregating they moved them on. >> i don't know if they banned the alcohol or nudity, it seems to be fun but not too rowdy this year. >> reporter: police and crew
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cleaners started the clean up after noon. san francisco police tell us at least one person was arrested during the race for public intoxication and resisting arrest. officers issued at least eight citations for open alcohol containers and possession of marijuana. for more on tonight's race including pictures of all those creative costumes, click on the slide show tab. a massive protest heard violently today at the nato summit in chicago. the streets of chicago today looked like they did back in 1967 as thousands butted against a police line with bloody results. inside the summit, president obama had a different message. coming up in seven minutes, we'll go live to chicago with what the president said today. robin gibbs one of the three singing brothers of the bee gees died today at the age
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of 63. the bee gees, robin, harry and maurice sold more than 200 million records. their hits included night fever, staying alive and dive talking. gibbs had been hospitalized numerous times over the last two years. today he lost his battle with colon rectal cancer. last year he told a reporter, while others were writing songs with political meaning, the bee gees wrote about emotion. because as he put it, people loved songs that melt your heart. people will be watching facebook when trading resumes tomorrow even as some question how the ipo was handled. the market didn't have enough appetite for the number of shares offered. others say the response by investors shows they are cautious about high tech and are waiting to gauge facebook's
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potential. it ended 23 crepts higher, far less than what some economists had predicted. what happened here that made him go this way? a man in san francisco is clinging to life after a hit- and-run crash. the surprising fact his family learned when they rushed to be at his side. and going after parents for something their children do. in a ktvu special report tonight we investigate the new tactic to stop kids from skipping school. the 10:00 news continues in just seconds.
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pg & e says a badly damaged when a car slammed into it will need major repairs. one person was injured, ewe dillty crews had to cap a gas line that had been cut. a pg & e spokesman tells ktvu news the homeowner will likely have to make structural repairs to make sure the home is safe enough for new gas line. >> new details about a homeless man who's name is les who was critically injured. the man's family just arrived in town and said they had no
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idea he was living on the street. every day, carila used to pass a man, known as les. cril says he never asked for money. >> i walked every have a nice day. every day when i passed by crel made me feel better. i asked him if he had a place to stay, he said no. i asked him how much money it would cost him to get into the shelter and he said $12. i gave him a $20. he said i don't want you money, take your money, i just need $12. >> reporter: last saturday night, row was crossing columbus avenue when he was hit by a white suv that fled from the scene. police describe it as a late 90s model white chevrolet with tinted windows. it has a california license plate with the last numbers two and four. row is in critical condition
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here suffering from brain trauma, broken bones and leg injuries. his family says he is heavily sedated and it is unclear if he will survive. row's family flew in from alabama to be at his side. they said he graduated from college with a degree in engineering and he would always tell them things were good. >> what happened in his life here that made him go this way. because he had a home. >> reporter: the family hopes the driver comes forward. >> he is important to many people here. me, my brother and the man upstairs because if he wasn't he wouldn't be hanging on. for more information on how you can help les, be sure to visit our website and click on the bay area news tab. a motorcycle thief has made off with a harley davidson belonging to the mayor of vallejo. his harley road king was stolen on friday afternoon.
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he left it parked at an employee lot. davis says he's owned the bike for 11 years, it's black with chrome parts. anyone with information can leave an anonymous message at the police tip line at 777-444- stop. funeral plans are on the way for gayle uilekma. she spent 16 years as a contra costa county supervisor, before that she was on the lafayette city council for 19 years. she also thought at uc berkeley and was a children's activist. her funeral is scheduled for thursday morning at 10:30. if you want to vote in california's june 5th presidential primary, the deadline is quickly approaching. the voter registration must be postmarked by tomorrow. they're also available at postoffices, libraries as well
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as county elections offices. as we showed you a few minutes ago, the nato summit is off if to a rocky start. demonstrators pushed against a line of police. president obama urged a gradual transition as the u.s. leaves afghanistan. craig boswell is live in chicago with the latest. >> reporter: good evening to you, protesters jammed the streets here in chicago quickly finding themselves virtually outnumbered by chicago police. they quickly cleared the streets just blocks away from the nato summit. the protest that had been largely peaceful erupted between officers and protesters. officers gradually pushed protesters away from the convention center. away from the downtown clashes, authorities arrested two men allegedly seeking to build pipe
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bombs and stockpile molotave cocktails. one of the major topics in this nato meeting is the future of afghanistan as the alliance plans to end the war by the end of 2014. >> we'll meet to chart the next phase of the transition in afghanistan. just as we've sacrificed together for our common security, we will stand together united in our determination to complete this mission. meeting with president obama afghan liter karzai reaffirmed his partnership. >> afghan will no longer be a burden. >> reporter: at least 23
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protesters were arrested today. there was one officer injured as well, stabbed in the leg. copink occupied university avenue foot bridge above interstate 880. signs above the freeway says stop militarizing our earth and disband nato. protesters wanted to raise awareness also about the issue of drones. >> think about what nato is doing led by our president obama who's sending drones all over the world right now. killing people in countries we're not even at war with. >> reporter: code pink says that the highway patrol took the signs down. the decision is welcomed to many couples who are seeking
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full marriage and financial equality. but not everyone agrees with the change of heart that president obama says led him to change same-sex marriage. a dozen pastors opposed what they call the hijacking of the civil rights movement. an east bay school district is about to take a big step. what school leaders say it is going to stop doing after 20 years. >> a quake leaves thousands homes tonight in italy. the toll the deadly earthquake has taken on the region. >> a warm day across most of the bay area this afternoon. but some changes on the way. coming up where the fog will be first thing tomorrow morning and the one direction temperatures will be heading over the next few days.
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the only person convicted in the pan am docker bee bombing died today. he died at his home in libya at the age of 60.
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prosecutors say he loaded a suitcase bomb at an airport while he worked as the head of operations for libyan airlines. 159 people on board were killedded. most were americans, 11 people on the ground were killed. in other news of the world tonight in northern italy, 3,000 people are out of their homes tonight following a deadly earthquake there this morning. initial reports indicate at least seven people died from the 6.0 quake centered north of bolognia. aftershocks continue to rumble through the area. the largest a 5.1 this afternoon. the quake collapsed many historic buildings there, factories and homes. a major arrest to tell you about in mexico, the army says it has jailed the man accused of ordering the brutal killing of 49 people a week ago. an army spokesperson says daniel jesus elizanda also known as the madman is the
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local leader of the notorious zeta's drug cartel. in montreal canada, in its 26th consecutive night of protest ends with 69 arrests. nine of those arrested face felony charges including assault and arson. the demonstrations are against a planned 82% tuition hike. last night's protest came a day after a new emergency law was enacted banning spontaneous protest of more than 50 people. a man is behind bars in southern california tonight accused of shooting and killing a los angeles county bus driver. the shooting happened around 9:10 this morning on santa monica boulevard in west hollywood. the gunman was a passenger who jumped out of the window and ran down the street after the shooting. investigators say they do not know what prompted that attack. a financial staple for thousands of people pursuing a degree is coming toen a end. which college students that
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will soon see their pell grant dry out. >> cracking down on truancy. how a lawmakers is going after parents.
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a new state law that took effect this year allowed california's district attorneys to jail the parents of chronic truants. as tori campbell explains, one da has already filed charges against two mothers. we're not naming the children because they're juveniles. >> reporter: his principal and teacher say he's an extra bright 9-year-old. his mother says he like other kids love school. >> they want to college and
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everything. >> reporter: truancy is missing 9% of school or more. and the school says that she failed to take the child to school 30% of the time. early this year contra costa district attorney mark peterson filed criminal charges against katherine marie faria. and this woman keisha wite nburg. faria seems to have all but disappeared. but whiteberg took the time to explain. >> if i have to get to doctor's appointments i have to get on a bus and find a ride. there's days when my youngest son gets real sick and i have no one to watch him. maybe my boy will miss a day or two out of school. >> it was okay for me but not to them.
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>> reporter: it suddenly stopped being okay when contra costa authorities hit her with an arrest warrant. telling her that she could face charges and spend time in jail if her son did not start going to school every day. >> so i had to do what i had to do. because i have two kids that i can't leave behind because nobody is going to treat them like i treat them. >> reporter: now despite still having some medical problems and bullies on the school bus from the west county projects, whitenberg's son is doing spectacularly well in class. the child of the other woman charged is still out. chronic truancy is a problem that can destroy a life and the lives of others. although it's true, the most vulnerable days are in middle school. a study released last week confirms earlier results that an astonishing numbers of truants are also part of school that may fall into a hole they
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cannot escape. >> you just raise the truancy rate you will have less murders, less assaults, you will save money in the long run. >> reporter: peterson says he is agaffe as the numbers. >> it costs $50,000 a year to pay for someone in prison. that's more than a stanford education. >> because i have a child that wants to be successful in life. he loves school. because he wants to be a lawyer when he gets older. >> reporter: tori campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. come july there will be less students the available for a pell grant. in addition starting july 1st only families that make $23,000 a year or less will automatically qualify for the $5,550 annual grants. in years past, families making $32,000 or less could qualify. the west contra costa county school board says it is ready to take control of the
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district back from the state. the board will consider a resolution at its wednesday meeting authorizing the final payment of its state loan which has been paying off now for 12 years. that will allow them to remove the trustee. conditions for removal were expected to be met. after months of scrutiny, a key acquisition by google has cleared a final hurdle. it's a deal to buy motorola mobility. regulators in the u.s. and europe had already signed off on the deal. officials in china gave it the okay. the $12.5 million acquisition of motorola provides google with an opportunity to start building consumer devices such as phones and tablets. bad weather in southern
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california propertied -- southern california to scrap the move áf of the u.s.s. iowa. the historic ship will become a floating museum. a second look focuses on the fleet. including the u.s.s. iowa and you can catch it right here after the 10:00 news. san mateo was a place to show off your creativity and abilities at the annual makers fair. quite a show there, the fair is the place where any innovator, or food maker can show off their creation or creations. whether it be a tesla music
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contraption or low tech or high tech robotic invention. as you can see a lot of flame throwing devices just for fun. animals ruled broadway today at bay area celebration of people and their pets. raised some serious cash for a well known organization. >> a costume change, get ready for a change to our weather. you have to change your clothes. mark tamayo has his five day forecast for the workweek ahead. if you want less, you can always have less,
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we're wrapping up a pretty good bay area weekend. fog bank offshore finally on
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shore. at least we had good conditions for the viewing of the solar eclipse this afternoon, expect some patches of fog near the shoreline. the latest right now, you can't pick up the coverage up there and developing right now, we have a stronger offshore breeze. that low cloud deck will be a factor as we head into your monday morning. this was the time lapse, we're looking at the sun quite a bit over the last few hours. you can see the clear sky but off in the distance that fog bank developing. as a result we have partly cloudy skies across most of the bay area right now. temperatures from today they really warmed up. you probably felt it toward concord and fairmont. we have the other extreme with the temperatures in the low to mid-60s. forecast headlines for tonight, we do have fog increasing overnight. tomorrow morning fog, temperatures will be cooling things off quite a bit for your
10:39 pm
monday. the extended sun cloud mix and major drop off for our temperatures. overnight lows for our monday, coolest locations in the upper 40s for santa rosa, napa. there's that fog coast side and also right around the bay. this was the case today as high pressure was in full command of our weather. this will gradually weaken. this gradually moves off the coast. the cool air you will definitely feel it beginning tomorrow. temperatures a good eight to 12 degrees. same deal for tuesday and into wednesday and thursday the cooling trend will continue. our water quality advisory out toward pillar point. right around mavericks for elevated levels of bacteria. they're going to retest this region for tomorrow and hopefully we will have improving water quality in that area. our forecast model showing some of the overcast first thing
10:40 pm
tomorrow morning. clearing back into the shoreline, partly cloudy skies for the weekend. a bit of a breeze as we head into the afternoon hours. forecast highs, no more 90s, warmest locations right around the 80 degrees mark right toward brentwood. san jose mid-70s. these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. and san francisco in the lower 60s. here is a look ahead, your five week forecast. tuesday, wednesday and thursday. look at friday making it to right around the 70-degree mark. we're also going to bring in a few extra clouds on friday. and your weekend always in view, same deal on saturday. sunday we do warm things back up. once again it's the three day weekend coming up on memorial day. the big theme will be cooler temperatures. you will feel that chill in the next few days. >> it is still may. our typical heat we associate with august, september. today's weather did seem just right for the bay area's fuzzy residents. people with a passion for pets
10:41 pm
attended the 12th annual animals on wall broadway. the festival is a fundraiser for a.a.r.k.f. >> this is little boy blue. he's a shepherd mix. we're hoping he gets adopted today. >> what kind of things are going on? >> today we they have a pet wellness fair today. where the dogs can get their nails cut and they can get doggy groomed and blood tests. >> there was also a pet walk to laze money. a costume contest for the dogs and venn tors -- vendors with a will the of pet paraphernalia. all in all as you can see an exhausting day for some of those in attendance. >> cute pups there. coming up the spurs look to sweep the clippers in the nba play offs. why we hear from the a's as
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they try to end their losing streak in san francisco against the giants. sports is next. [ mechanical humming ]
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good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday edition of sports wrap. the first part of this year's beta bay series was wrapped up today with the a's putting an end to the losing streak. and it was bryan wilson gnome day. buster posey did it again in the third. posey with a line


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