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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 21, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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facebook ininvestigators brace for a bumpy ride as the stocks start off in -- facebook investors brace for a bumpy ride as the stocks start off in the wrong direction into there are new signs that the golden state wears yers may be leave -- warriors may be moving. and a young boy involved in
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a weekend tragic accident. "mornings on 2" right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2" i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, may 21st. the opening bell rang just momentses ago and invest -- moments ago and investors are closely watching after friday's disappointing reviews. here's more from noelle walker. >> reporter: well, they are -- facebook employee newly-minted millionaires are coming to work. are they richer? the stock opened at $28.23. and the stock quickly dropped from there, pretty much right
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off the bell. at the last check, the facebook was trading around $33. right now it's at $33.79. that's down just over 11%. today could be a bumpy ride after friday's ipo's flat flynnish. took made the most of this and got the cash they wanted but investors did not. they are watching the investors -- watching the stocks. stark -- mark zuckerberg got marry overred weekend -- over weekend. i'm looking at what -- over the weekend. i'm looking at what stocks are doing and they trading at
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$38.44. it's really kind of jumpping between being off between 1% and -- so again, it could be a bumpy ride today. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:02. j.p. morgan chase is trading off much bigger than previously thought. analysts say the total loss is likely to be somewhere between $6 billion to $7 billion. jamie dimon said it would be about $2 million. the problem has been worse made worse by the u.s. and european stock markets. rapping -- happening right now, president obama is about to speak beginning at the nato summit. these are live pictures.
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60 world leaders are here for the summit. we see some of the people coming in live. i'm trying to see who that is but i don't know right now. but the big issue on the agenda is winding down the war in afghanistan. app i will bring you a report here about the tough questions today on riding down the war the has signs saying "disband nate toe." code pink says it will adeputilier to down some of the signs. the chp did send and officer to
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see if the signs were a traffic accident. in fremont, a 5 4-year-old motorcyclist was killed yesterday of a pumping out of a car that was hurt in the drive way. he was pronounced dead right that he. the chp says the motorcyclist collided with the car. another clockist was killedp 0 -- was killed on saturday. new signs the golden state warriors may be moving out. the plan includes a waterfront deal. alley was must has more. >> reporter: well, i just talked to the team's spokesman and he will the none -- he will not confirm nor deny any of these reports. he said only at this time we're
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not prepared to make any amachines -- announcements. but the deal in the paper says that they have signed, and this site is mentioned for a new waterfront arena. it's kind of an luggie parking lot. you it's very close to freeway and entrance programs now uspn is reporting an announcement and a possible use could start playing by the 2017/2018 season. last week, america -- they let
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regarding the. >> the people who here -- i would go if 2 was close enough. >> i would love it if they were here. >> how, back in december, the warriors' owners announced they were looking for a new state of the art a i keena, somebody in the bay area. but in the month since then, people have kinted -- hinted and leaked information about the teen coming to san francisco. we've attacked we've not heard back from them yet. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. later this morning there will be a hearing on the right
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liability of street lights in san francisco some people have complain about imimportanting -- improving the system, of fixing the lights. 7:07. san francisco muni has spent billions of dollars on buses, rail stayings and minute tense records. but muni is actually installed less than 50. reportedly funds were diverted to pay for. track are some of the older cameras, they still work. muni plans to install ten thousands dark are yous -- 0 nourk cameras on traineddance budded you buses in the pew few couple of years.
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hello, sal. >> hole low tori and dave. it's kind of a you will be dealing with -- hello, tori and dave. it's kind of foggy out there. you will be dealing with fog as you are driving out. and the morning commute sh in contra costa county county. we always watch that. this is -- contra costa county. we always. notice traffic is going to be busyance you drive in bay point and 680. this is -- i think i said summer -- westbound 4. but the very traffic is there even after that. let's go to steve. cooler pattern. it's still sunny inland. we had a lot of high clog on the coast. it will be a cooler pattern
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today, tomorrow. 48 to 56 on the temperatures. some high clouds. 54, 74. nothing is going by the coast and the low clouds will continue to give us a big cooldown as we heard weak testimony. that's all it takes -- weak system. that's all it takes. in san jose and also many areas away from the coast. it's a little bit cooler on the lows and a little more of that sea breeze. in vacaville gets a sea breeze, that tells you the sea breeze is really quicking up. and west-northwest san jose,
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morning san jose. all doe ising if to sit here and drop into northern california which by thursday is really impress --ism pressive. it should be gone by friday. again, there are no more 80s that that are muper -- and mountain view 77. 60s and 50ps on the coast. looks like a cool. -- looks like it will be cool. >> all right.
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thank you, steve. several prior presidential candidates are in heavy debt.
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who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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well, the fog is back. even though it will be sunny to mostly sunny, temperatures are not -- temperatures will not be as warmth as sunday. that's for sure. even cooler toward tuesday and wednesday. 7:14. happening right now, the sentencing hearing of a former rutgers university student convicted of using a web scam to spy on his roommate's encounter with another man. this man is being sentenced now. he was convicted of hate
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crimes. the victim's parents are in the courtroom. they are expected to reread and impact statement. >> robbie's parents are also in the courtroom. they are -- robbie also faces the possibility of being sent back to india. the city of chicago is bracing for more demonstrations today. the last day of the nato summy. sandra inco is in chicago to tell us about the agreements expected on the last day of the
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summit. good morning, sandra. >> reporter: well, good morning, tori. world lowered -- leaders are up against the deadline to end the war in 1014. the biggest issue on the table today. how to divide up the bill. who is gonna pay to make sure after an fores are free to voo? prom met with if hamid die czar and was optimistic the 2014 -- hamid karzai and was optimistic that the 2014 could be hit. >> reporter: a big what, who will -- who will pay the annual
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prices form -- >> at the end of the day, it's less jen seven to finance the after an security forces anyone to deploy our own drips -- are troops -- our own troops. outside nato meetings on sunday, protest -- protesters and lits arrested. they asked three anp tifts -- act visits back to you. 7:17. pakistan has restored access to twitter after blocking it for about eight hours. they did so because that were
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pro-- twitter says it did not take down nep tweets before pakistan stopped blocking the site. in the meantime, facebook has agreed to address pakistan's concerns about the prophet mohammed city figures. the securityham home stand will on a -- hold a meeting on thursday and one who -- one be there have been some people who have been fired for their involvement. on wednesday, the school board will vote on a resolution
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to move ahead. the district says the statism have been met to the district has been paying off this loan for 20 years. the final pay is expected to in august 2015. both men are said to be inths now in the romney campaign. the only major republican candidate still in the race, ron palm. he's maintained a balance campaign badge bit. he ended upp in april it 3,
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--sh dash campaign -- april campaign. climbers were descending on the summit on saturday saturday and they believe they died frequent hostagetion and altitude. 7:20. a prison riot in mississippi leaves a prison guard dead dead. you can see smoke out -- from outside thed a cams county correctional facility yesterday. that's where the inmates to tried to take over the it.
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area. during the night, guards reagained droll. avenue. after investigator is happening now between what happened testimony at the bonfair market gas station on 27th street, the. he never heard the gunshot. a friend drove him to the hospital. so far no arrests about haven't and we have things of the william. cool and foggy in some part of the bay area this morning. will it turn steve's forecast is next.
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it is 7:33. the mayor of vallejo says he's frustrated and disappointed that someone stole his motorcycle. osby davis says his harley- davidson was stolen on friday afternoon. he left it parked in an employee lot on the side of vallejo city law. he says he's owned the bike for 11 years. anyone with information can leave an anonymous message on the police tip line and at the number you see on the screen. hey, sal, have you fixed things on 280. how is it going? >> yeah. >> i want to show it to you,
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northbound 280. a little bit slow because of some problems. and livermore valley over the altamont pass westbound. once you get to dublin, it eases up. eastbound highway 4 will close between lover -- loveridge. we'll let you know more about that projects it it approaches. let's go to the bay bridge pop. the he's steve. a lot of low clouds in place. bay bridge. let's here's heave. >> we have a few high clouds in
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the north. that system really ramped up the fog beige. 40s and 50s. if you don't have the fog it will be sunny and breezy. 50, 60s, 70s as you head to the west. a memorial for a young crash victim in the east bay. the tragedy that led to the death of a 5-year-old boy. we a live in redwood city where the chp needs your help. also we have new information about pipeline safety. what's happened in the two
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years as that disaster in san bruno. in-- since that disaster in san bruno. why are we here?
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you said we should try club chipotle! i said we should try a chipotle chicken club! spicy, crispy chicken with bold chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough. get it as a combo with fries and a drink. did you say you want drinks? i said a drink comes with the combo! you know how to mambo?! of course i can do the robot. the chp says a driver was attacked on highway 101 by a group of motorcyclists. tara moriarty is live in redwood city to tell us what led up to the confrontation and why investigators are asking for help.
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good morning, tara. >> reporter: well, good morning. you noe the chp will be talking with us in the next hour about their investigation. they are looking for a group of vehiclers -- bikers who adult -- who assaulted a teenaged driver and they may be using a cell phone video to do this. yesterday morning, and 9:00, a 19-year-old san jose man in his toyota prius was recording a group of bikers. he hit a traffic jam. he hit one and -- someone and then another biker. officers say some of the bikers started to beat up the teen. one biker did suffer broken bones in the accident, and another collapsed lung. the other had a broken lot. we don't know the extent of the
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injuries to the teen. authorities are trying do track down the attack or if perhaps other drivers saw what happened. a 5-year-old boy has died. we took this video from the scene. you can see there is now a memorial out there in in memberly of that child. police believe the boy ran out in the street on jenkins way. he died earliers after the accident. driver cannot -- the -- the driver is not a suspect in the -- in the accident.
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:31. oakland police are now investigating a warehouse fire that revealed a large marijuana grow operation. the fire on broad way near 30th street started just after 4 -- just after 4:00 in the afternoon. after getting the firefighter landed under control, firefighter the found. if police are still searching for those who --
7:33 am
police are still look searching for the -- for those who caused the fire of this house. it may be true that some of these overpressurizations are not difference. -- pg&e says the safety of it's customers is its possible priority and the utility prob misses a new investigation. new news this morning from
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this le -- they are did $6 billion bell in cash insaid yoo- hoo will hand over most stash to its stock olders. and google just announced that chinese authorities signedded off on its acquisition of motorola bring the deal was announced last august. it received all of the regulatory approval between delete accept between china a google's buyout could close bethe end of wex week.
7:35 am
of-- buyout could close out by the end of the week. 7:34. hundreds of immigrants from across california are expected to march the -- march through the streets of sacramento. this is the 16th annual immigrant day. bus loads of people will arrive in the state happen and they want to draw attention to those who want to meet them and they expect to meet with congresswoman speier a town
7:36 am
holdlep. -- the staff will be there to help with the vis delete disability claims. later this moving, in san francisco, a southern california assemblywoman willern support for a cash on sax systems the money raised could be -- would be used to fund rams -- for sames of those under sexual assault. tomorrow -- for those
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on. it is 7:36. mother nature put on an impressive show in the sky. do you -- did you get a chance to check 2 out? you will see the amazing video. ring of fire that dazzled sky watchers all over the world. that's coming up at 7:45. san francisco is extremely popular, the beta from breakers attracted around 15700 that the. 157 -- around 15,000. of course it couldn't be dash wouldn't be beta brakers without these -- beta breakers
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without a few things. [ cheers ] >> i think they are doing a good job this year. >> as soon as they started to congregate they moved on. 19 people were arrested. we have more pictures from bay bau breakers on our website, click on and my own co- anchor, dave clark, you were out there -- i had a fromp a lot of people different -- i had a lot of fun out there. hey, sal, what happened in livermore? well, unfortunately there is a crash in livermore. on 580 westbound, right near
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air ware delete way, there is a crash in the middle -- airway there is a crash between it all. also slowing in cass crow valley, approaching 880. slow as -- slow as you approach -- slow so as you drive south. let's go to some pictures. this is 880. tonight the as pray the angels of anaheim at 7:05 pm. so put that into the back of your mind from. and also the. p commute at the toll plaza has -- and also the morning commute at the toll plaza has become a little bit heavier. ers here's steve -- here's steve. >> thaw. this morning we start off with a lot of bay over the bray
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gray, but that system -- over. gray. you can see a lot the fog right there. tomorrow sunday, it looks like it's going to be the start of a rather cool week, temperatures plunging, low andky -- low and -- and low. west-northwest breeze. san pablo boy out to the carquinez straight. the del bra is breeze is starting to pick up right over there. and eventually northern california. out here hype is gonna build. that will be a cooler pattern
7:41 am
for next. a lot of low clouds and fog. some sun. mainly 50, 60s, by the water's edge, upper os, low 80s inland but temperatures five, ten day it will be coolly kye f.m. temperatures well -- it will be coolly and temperatures will rebound. we'll rebound by the weekend. >> thank you, steve. it's a lasting distribute to a heroic chp officer tribute to a heroic, officer dale krings, in may 1962, a mentally ill man shot and killed the officer while he was having breakfast at the coffee shop at
7:42 am
the old the music world is mourning the death of a member of the begee's. ♪ >> robin gibb died last night need. he was 62 sheers old -- he was 62 years old. rob be's -- robin's mother, maurice gibb, died of a heart attack in we. and donna summer -- in 2003. and donna summer will be laid to rest today. well, took's stock is down. we'll find out what is causing
7:43 am
other stock to rise this mon. and new trouble for the interest chief accused of raining a hotelinger in new york. hoteling -- of raining -- of raping a hotel worker.
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stocks are rebounding thanks to the report that economists are more optimistic about housing and unemployment. facebook's stock, it's still down about 11% late right now to $34. the dow as you can see up 87. nasdaq up 28.
7:46 am
s&p up 11. 7:45. millions of americans are not answering an invitation to are. -- to have the treasury department review their mortgage vase case -- their mortgage cases. officials say many borrowers may be ignoring et willers because they think they are -- the letters because they think they are a scamming. here in california, of prices are headed other areas. san francisco has the highest average in the country of 4:49 a gallon from a week. but it's still 12 researches more than a week ago.
7:47 am
a rolf the people enjoyed a -- you cities 12 cents more than a week ago. a lot of people enjoyed the sites. >> it's amazing. it'sal. >> the kids are having fun. >> hundreds were at this viewing party in the east bay hills. they cleared with excitement as the moon crossed the sun and the here's another look at the eclipse. amissing -- amazing pictures
7:48 am
taking -- taken in reason know. very excited skywalkers had to be repeatedly reminded not to look at it with a naked i. we now, we have some her pictures of last night's show. you can see images of around. world. dominique strauss-kahn is already under investigation and now a prosecute accuses him and his friends of gang raping her last year. those charges were eveningvy ladronned. a new database shows nearly 2,000 people have been
7:49 am
exonerated since 2009. the any saying those wrongly connected accident an average of 1 testimony people say the goal, to prevent -- to prevent -- to declare marriage equality a civil right. but not everything agrees with thement on thursday a dozens people of the. president obama will address
7:50 am
the garage graduating class to be the school was one of -- will address the graduating class this evening. school was canceled for the dessest semester. this year, the high school studented have been -- students have been going to the classes in art of -- a in of a -- classes. some bad news delays the depart chur of the u.s -- there
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it is -- the departure of the uss. there it is. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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they look coomb. the super heroes of the avengers sank "battleship" and several other move vis -- movies. the uss iowa will be here in the bay area a little bit longer. we're out there live of the uss iowa docked in the port of
7:54 am
richmond there. but there is a storm grewing -- brewing off the coast. that trip taking it down there will be rescheduled when the weather clears up. possibly this week. it will go to leaks and become a bloating -- a floating -- a floating museum -- it will go to los angeles and become a floating museum. roger hernandez of west
7:55 am
covina faces drunk driving charges after being arrested in concord in march. police say hernandez refused to take a breathalyzer test an they spotted his state-owned car we'ving on the road. but a broad test shows that he was above the legal -- weaving on the road. but a test shows that he was above the legal limit. sal's gonna help you get to where you need to go. >> we had some slow traffic in the east bay this morning.
7:56 am
especially in. livermore where we had an earlier crash. traffic is slow question. load at the roads sensors. which which means stop and go traffic. finally gets better by the time you reach dub lip. 80 has been steadily and slow. if northbound 101, it's pretty slow. 85 is also also. it's slow, as we mentioned. this morning's commute is backed up for about a 15-minute delay get on the bridge. let's go to steve. >> well, mostly cloudy, partly cloudy. companies -- temperatures are coming down a little bit here. we have a rather strong sea
7:57 am
breeze. on thep temperatures will come down about 0 to 5 that -- eventually that way up there will be dropping down on thursday. it will keep us on the cooler side this week. 50s, as, 70s, low to middled -- 50, os and 70s. i think -- 60s and 70s. i think this is a system that's dry. much better conditions for the weekend. tropical storm alberto swimming off the coast autopsy, autopsy the coast, all the way to virginia. the storm has winds near 450 miles an hour. a little change in its expect
7:58 am
somethinged. thousands are living in a attack -- thousands are living and want to change it. and the waiver yers may be looking for a new home across the bray. bap
7:59 am
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's monday, may 21st. well, the opening bell bang 90 minutes ago. facebook, off to a shaky start. noelle walker is live at partly cloudy headquarters. what's the feeling out there -- she's at facebook headquarters. what's the feeling out there? >> reporter: take a look. >> the stock is at $33.65. that's off about 12%. in the few minutes.
8:01 am
it's been off between 11% to the 38%. >> right on top. >> reporter: now, the stock fell right out of the gate dipping to 7% up and then 10% up and then as well inch and -- 10%, up. now, snack regulators about potential customer claims but again, rim now, if you are a investors -- but again, if you
8:02 am
are an invisitor or are just trading delete,ock's share is off right now by a -- is off right now more than -- is off right now. tomorrow, the oakland city council will consider a new propose am to ban protesters from carrying what any call tools of violence. those include shields, poles and ears. the orie dense seems to be -- ordinance seems to be in
8:03 am
response to the occupy oakland vandalism. the-year-olds it's reported are eventually to protesters. >> watch out! watch out! >> it was scary between from the melee. >> youryer a man throwing things down below is due in court and faces assault with a deadly weapon and several other charges. the violent incident after.
8:04 am
>> f.m. f.m. new this morning, -- four men have been arrested after an attack in the dodger stadium parking lot. police say a nan his 0s was involved with aic minor they say three men from another car held the map down while the on -- while the man beat him in the arm and face. this comes one year after bryanstone was pleating from it if f.m -- this williams one
8:05 am
year of a -- this comes one year after the pleading by brian jones. just in the last 15 minutes we had a chance to speak to red's jaw saw haas. the epen -- java. the owner said the team prod walked into his shop, tat down -- sought down to hel them that the warriors move at this opportunity was going to open at this spot. >> it wasn't -- he was assertive about it all. >> reporter: the warriors
8:06 am
spokes team could not confirm nor deny any of these reports. he would just say they were not prepared to make me statements out at this time, i-- preached to make any statements. f.m. the team owners were willing to work together to make this move happen. live m san francisco, allie rasmus, kut ut -- ktvu channel 2 news.
8:07 am
what are you seeing out there, sal? >> seeing traffic that's moderately heavy. let's go outsee. the traffic is going to be slow on highway 4 as you come up to the willow pass grade. eastbound highway 4 will close tonight east night tuesday and -- overnight only, 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. the freeway will close between loveridge will not be affected. it's let's go out to the it was later than unusual early. then it got heavy and now it's coming back dune. the northbound 101 is simming really. let's go to steve. a very good forming -- a very good morning. there is a little chill in the
8:08 am
morning air. even with the sunshine, the temperatures are coming down a foodful -- are coming dune. 50s and 67 os -- 60s. it's close for concord and also san jose. still some low 60s. the city is stuck at 5. you can city see low the -- that's the -- that's the fog. it will start to work its magic all the way through the inland areas. the it sea breeze and the
8:09 am
aforementioned eventualry a lot of row clouds and fog. there's some sun. highs will be in the 50s, 60s 70s. the theme is to wring the. the f.m. thursday it will -- why the united states has decided to sell drones to the iraqi navy?
8:10 am
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fog has returned. cooler, coast and bay. inland with the sun. temperatures will be coming down. look for upper 70s, low to mid- 80s away from the coast. a lot of 50s and 60s closer to it. 996 yemeni soldiers have died after a suicide bomber blew himself off during a parade hospital in the capital. it may have been a failed an attempt towards yemen's defense
8:13 am
minister. authorities say the -- the drones will allow the iraq's military to keep watch 0 over its oil terminals along the persian gulf. a significant portion of the old's oil originally nateed and iran has becomes the -- originated andrin has become the -- look at these pictures. yesterday, police and protesters slashed -- clashed outside of the world convention
8:14 am
hector. inside the summit today, it's all about the winding down of the war in afghanistan. that's topping the agenda. system alison burns reports that in just the last hour, president obama told the nate -- said that. alison burns has more. >> reporter: the this is a look at the nato leaders arriving for the morning commission. they are expected to finalize plans to hollywood over the lead sole. f.m. workweek. >> ure forcers broke prak --
8:15 am
over the weekend. >> they. watt delete -- they want the troops out sooner. president obama is asking nato allies for more help paying for the $4 billion a year price tag for the war. the u.s. is shouldering the cold front right now. reporting live from walk, allison bushes, ktvu channel 2 news. >> meantime, here in the play there wassal -- there was da -- look at. this code pink look over the -- took other -- took over and pet posted signs. code pink will file the complaint against the chp officer who say they abruptly.
8:16 am
abruptly-- abruptly took away a few signs. this span charged with anticipating sill legal from two owners to hide an extramarital affair during the 2008 campaign. if convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison. this morning, the judge in the roger clemens trial said roger. rodge -- said that roger clemens could identify two in
8:17 am
the scannal. they denied this as first but then when chris humphrey their to soon -- they denied this at first. amazon is setting up facilities in patterson and san bernardino. part of a tax on on each order goes to those city. the "l.a. times" reports the city would make so much money from the tax, they are considering some of the point back to go back to amazon. critics of the whale -- in
8:18 am
february, the rail or the filed papers with the state saying it say -- the committee is investigating alleged misspending of federal money on the bullet train project. in northern italy, thousands of people were owe are too afraid to go home after arshocks rattle that region after the 6.0 earthquake hit yesterday. barbie has more. >> reporter: seven people have died. there are over 50 injured. some critically. one of the big problems they are facing right now in terms of the making.
8:19 am
situation secure for everyone with these after shocks. they've had over a hundred of them. for the most part, people don't want to be anywhere except for in their cars. instead of going into the camps, they are just sleeping in their cars. sometimes you have family pets and a family holed up in there, it's a difficult situation. the weather is not cooperating. an re not -- about 4,000 people right now cannot about back to their homes. and the -- and they are gonna
8:20 am
try to doing they can to wor -- until the after shocks that anyone can do. >> in area, i believe is pretty familiar with earthquakes. we understand the bay area is very familiar here being an earthquaker to ter roy. but i heard some people say this is the region are -- this has been the worth -- >> the people are not prepared for earthquakes. there were a lot of 80-year-old people saying they couldn't remember in their lives ever having a situation like this.
8:21 am
and asal result of. they don't flow what to do -- as a result of this. they don't know what to do. two of the people were -- who were killed, were killed because of the trouble out side of their house. it is a tragic situation and once -- and, about 30% of the entire country's -- they are important 209 economy, the paremy sawn cheese and the ollieive, some of -- omany people are -- >> yeah -- parmesan cheese and the olive oil. >> yeah. >> hopefully those cheese starses as well.
8:22 am
why. the parmesan there were 400 wounds of this -- round of in wonderful cheese. there's so many elements of kratter -- so many elements of lateral -- all right. joining us live fromp italy.
8:23 am
quite a bit of damage there. seven dead and 67.0 earthquake. worse in seven years. >> and the residual, some prices will be going up at a -- going up as a result of -- as a result of this earthquake. technology f.m. the workweek is debt getting chesney. it's 80. and it's easy. and we'll be back.
8:24 am
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150,000 people are demanding that safeway end the suspension of a woker who stopped a female from being assaulted. safeway now says the workers 'actions were heroic -- worker's actions were heroic. >> he hit me. >> well, young was hailed as a
8:27 am
hero. even the chief of police commentedded him -- commended him. let's check in with sal and see what's happening on our roads right now. >> right now. >> traffic is moving along relatively well in some areas. northbound 280. it's still a little bit slope up to the marge up-- it's still a little bit slopy. and contra costa county, we've been having some heavy traffic on 608 to walnut creek and let me move it over here. 88 a. a lot of low clouds out
8:28 am
there. inland temperatures will be upper 70s, low to mid 8s 60s and f.m. f.m -- 23 -- mid 80s. 23 at fair field. west sfo, that sea breeze is really starting to take a grip he there. the low in the gulf of alaska will end up in northern california around thursday t will be a dramatic change. if you don't have the fog, but the sun, it will be breezy. 50s and 60s closer to the coast. iting loose frick i don't think we'll get any rain out of this unless there is a curve ball. it will be out of here. it will be better. happening right now, crews at
8:29 am
the scene. there's been a deadly crop duster plane crash in northern california. look at this. we'll bring you a live report just ahead. >> reporter: we're live in wed delete redwood city where we've just spoken about an april salt on a -- on a teen delete teen driver. find out what that teen was doing before the attack. and muni has spent millions of investment cameras yous. why are wouldn't be that a bad investment in-- cameras. why that wouldn't be a bad investment.
8:30 am
8:31 am
well, good morning to you. welcome back. a violent confrontation on a bay area freeway is under investigation. tara moriarty is live in redwood city to tell us why a driver says he was attacked by
8:32 am
a group of motorcyclists. tara? >> reporter: well, that teen driver was doing something he shouldn't have been doing -- he was on his cell phone taking videotape. bikers as they drove by. now, the chp hast just confirmed -- has just confirmed there were hell's angels present. right now, the investigator is investigating them. they are hoping that other witnesses come forward. chp officials say yesterday morning around 8:00, a 19-year- old man in his toyota prius was reporting the pike -- was reporting the bikers with his -- was reporting the bikest. witnesses say several assaulted the driver. >> he not been really -- had he
8:33 am
been paying aagency to the front of him -- >> nobody ever caused getting cut up in that? >> exactly. >> one two bicyclists lost toll of the car dash lost control of the beak and. two did receive -- forepeople did -- they are hoping that other people will come forward. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. according to "the times herald" a 27-year-old, a victim, said he never heard the
8:34 am
gunfire. a. the mayor of victim says he's frustrated and disappointed that someone stole -- someone stole his motorcycle. osby davis says his harley david, road king, was stolen on friday move. he left it parked on thep them. >> 8:34. san francisco -- he left it parked. 8:34. san francisco police police say
8:35 am
neighbors are raising money for row ally family where he used to stand. >> you would walk by him every day and he would tell you to is have a good day. >> police are searching for a late model '90s. vehicle. 2 and 4 are the last two numbers from the last license are police -- license plate. go to the website. and crick on the bay area news -- click on the bay area news tab. climbers from mount everett were coming down from the -- mount everest were from coming down, and they had favorable conditions but then an
8:36 am
unexpected bout with weather happened. richard sharp joins us live from the seen where he's barning more in about -- more information about what people saw before the crash. >> reporter: good morning, the sheriff eoffice said the h -- the pilot had some problems. in order to get the pock kit out of the pock kit. they had to brick out the -- pock et out of the -- pocket out in order to get mission pocket out. they did not see him take -- they don't know if the gps rob mem -- they don't know if the gps problem led to a bigger problem. the pilot, a 50-year-old, they don't have a name that's
8:37 am
registered to. live in supter county, richard chet, 5:59. some people have complained about woke -- live in sutter county, richard chet, ktvu channel 2 news. some people have complained about the lights working. according to the san francisco chronicle, muni has installed less than 50. reportedly 50300 of cameras were not installed because the fund were diverted to pay for
8:38 am
track repairs. mun nip says some of the fund if were allocated bought the agency still plans to work. hey, sal, everybody banking themselves at the -- behaving themselves at the toll plaza? >> we'll see. that's god. no major problems on the bridge -- that's good. no major -- no major problems. northbound 880 as you pass the coliseum. that traffic is busy near high street. we've been watching highway 4. wasn't -- i want to mention men -- i wanted to mention that. the traffic is heavy from
8:39 am
pinole and 880 is still slow from 892. let's go to steep. a lot good news, it looks leak emom -- like we'll see good conditions the next through fies tu. -- the fog has been increasing. the system to the north will continue to drop on here. tomorrow it will be for everybody as the pattern evolves here. today, the sea breeze is in place. 50s, 60s. there is a lot of fog out there. but i already -- southwest 23
8:40 am
dash southwest. high pressure out here. that will lift it and as that does. i don't think we'll get any rain out of it. but it bears watching, especially for northern sacramento valley. also in the seer -- it will be -- also in the seater raw, it will be cool. 50s for -- 50s -- sierra. it will be cool. 50s, 60s. too much in the way of fog over by the beaches taught. after thursday, that's when the low drops in. we'll kick it out on friday. it does cook calmer. 20 -- it does look calmer. the sentencing hearing of a former rutgers college student convicted of using a webcam to spy on his roommate's
8:41 am
roommate's action with his partner. tyler committed suicide just days after he learned that robbery had spied on him. toe. the family has hey -- has agrees -- has addressed thep. a police opinion. yesterday inmates tried to take over. authorities -- police --
8:42 am
yesterday inmates tried to take over the prison. the investigation is underway to find out what marked the investigation. a state lawmaker today will be tracking their new concerns on hype pipep. and we are monitoring -- based for their concern regard. cameras. what the nasdaq is saying about friday.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
stocks are up as investors latched onto a survey suggesting that commits are more optimistic about housing and unemployment. the dow is up 78. nasdaq is up 35 and s&p up 11. however, a steep slide in facebook stock reminding investors that the market is far from healed. noelle walker joins us live from facebook headquarters with an update on the stock and reaction there. >> reporter: kind of business as usual here. we have a shut. box. some other news coming out of
8:46 am
facebook, too, mark zuckerberg, went from his ipo saying i do, marrying list longs-time girlfriend over the weekend -- marrying his long-time girlfriend. the stock is $6 where it started. it will be a bit of a bumpy right. the facebook's stock fell right off the fell -- bem. it was off in tree trading as well. there are some that are saying the say bu -- debut hit it just right to give the company the pash it needed. but that -- nasdaq ad hits over the glitches that delayed ipo
8:47 am
launch and is talking about potential regulators that could come in with 20 minutes from. sh -- within 20 minutes from when it started -- anyone -- from $38. reporting live at headquarter ktvu channel 2 news. let's bring you up to date on some other top stories -- anlizs say the total loss of j.p. morgan will probably top $3 billion. also today is the last day of the any nato summit meeting in chicago -- the nato summit meeting in chicago. they will talk about winding down the war in afghanistan.
8:48 am
8:37. twitter refused to remove tweets that were promoting a imams of the muhammed prophet. watters -- twitter said it did not take down any tweets. however, facebook has agreed to address the concerns about the profit dash
8:49 am
the west contra costa county school district is moving closer to regaining control of their school district from the state. on wednesday, the school board will vote on a res caution to move forward with a payoff of the state loan. the district also endedped -- resolution to move forward with a pay off of a state loan. the final payment is expected in august of 2015. there will be a public meeting on wednesday involving the prostitution scandal and charles edwards, he's expected to testify about his condition. so far nine secret service
8:50 am
agents have been fired for their environment. >> here's pipeline soft and the chronicle reports that report -- it may, in fact, be true that some of these overpressurizations are not dangerous. it's also true that pg&e has ignored pg&e crews with the wall street -- ignored the pg&e crews. the police and. coast guard teamed up over the weekend to rescue a several and
8:51 am
several adults in a small boat. dinghy start testimony -- started to 0 drift. if f.m. and officer rescued an april dult, a 4-year-old and a senior citizen. the u.s. anything companies are increasing the number they recruit to work in in country. america companies have work -- to work in this country. american companies, the government sedes aside 65% of the visa and in 007 and 2008, the vo kaw was hilled in a few days only. hundreds of. my grunts are connected to march in sacramento. this is the 16th annual immigrant day. bus loads of people will arrive
8:52 am
in the state capitol. they wouldn't address -- they want to address accident to veterans waiting a year for their disability claims to be processed at the regional center in oakland. today's me eting at the war memorial building in san francisco begins at 1:00 p.m. va will be there to help vets will are with their claims. gus williams introduced legislation to charge a $10 per customers tax on california strip clubs that serve alcohol.
8:53 am
williams says tomorrow, the san francisco board of subpoenas will vote on a plan that could quiet down tour buses. a proposal would require the tour bus p.a. systems are not audible within 50 feet. tour operators said it would be bad for business, so that idea was scrapped. a trannic accident in the east bay. what authority authorities -- in the east bay. and the surprising reason behind a proposed water rake hike in the south bay.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
a -- a 5-year-old boy has died after being hit by a car in richmond. in happened in the afternoon in the parchester neighborhood. a memorial has been set up. police believe the boy ran out into the street on jenkins way and was height by a minivan. he died just hours later at the hospital. police say the driver of the minivan did stop and is not suspected of wrongdoing. today is the last day to register to vote in the june 5th presidential primary. voter registration forms have to be sent in or postmarked by today. you can find those forms on the
8:57 am
secretary of state's website. there are -- they are also available at post offices, libraries -- libraries. san jose water officials say a -- they want a 44% rate hike over the next three years. water officials say the increase is needed to upgrade aging instruct. >> they also say people are using less water. the orin law will be held on north street. one more time we want to check in with tal. >> we're looking 880 northbound on hide street. but that's about it. all when -- when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see it's lightened youped --
8:58 am
lightened up significantly. let's go to steve. we'll continue this pattern wednesday in thursday. we may see a rebound by the holiday weekend, you two. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you for usng ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see he -- we will see you the next time the news breaks. -- we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> as we go, we want to take a look at the uss iowa. delayed because of rough seas automatic loyening -- out along the california coastline. and we will see you again at noon. thanks for watching. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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