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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 21, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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there are glowing indications the -- growing indications the warriors are planning to leave oakland for a new facility across the bay. that's our top story. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we're hearing from more sources that the warriors are moving back to sacramento. allie rasmus is live insigned
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the warriors' practice facility in downtown oakland and will join nus a little bit about the latest signs the team may be getting read -- join us in a little bit the latest signs the team may be getting ready to to leave. >> reporter: the owner of this java hut got the news when an unexpected viteor came through the door -- visitor came through the door. >> i had a conversation with the president and they said they want to come here. >> reporter: what was your resnack. >> re-- what was your reaction? >> sure, fine. >> reporter: the team spokesman would not confirm or deny it. but espn is reporting they signed a preliminary deal over
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the weekend. san francisco city leers haven't been shy about courting the warriors. last week, they sent a letter inviting team members to -- >> right now, i we're just havings conversations. there are a -- we're just having conversations. there are a lot of details that we need to work out. >> reporter: we went to oakland city hall. we found out mayor jean quan is in las vegas for a business convention. we are in direct die luge with the warriors. they are exploring a san francisco site. we continue to believe that -- >> reporter: so that's the statement there. there is a predraft workout
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place taking place. this year -- six years this may be happening in san francisco, not oakland, as the team appears one step closer to arriving across the bay. allie rasmus, cut account. work got underway in -- ktvu channel 2 news. work got underway in san francisco. at the rate of 1 pile every few minute, they plan to do 120 a day and finish in 20 five-hour gay days -- 20 five-hour days. >> the project is using low carbon dioxide concrete which is environmental friendly. the 49ers are scheduled to start staying in the new stadium in 2014.
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a 5-year-old boy has died after being hit pie a car in richmond. it happened around 4:15 saturday. you can see this a memorial has been set up. police believe the boy ran out on engines way and was hit by a minivan. he was -- on engines way and was hit by a -- on jenkins way and was hit by a minivan. he died at the hospital.
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when you get in your car, don't forget to buckle up. today is the start of the eighth annual click it or ticket national seat belt campaign. during this two-week campaign, police will not let drivers off with a warning for not wearing their seat belts. california already has one of the highest compliance rates buckling up for safety. a new report is raising concern about pipeline safety. pg&e it's reported has, seeded the maximum amount of pressure on the pipelines. this high number of surges is reportedly causing concern among the new head of pg&e's gas division. it's also makingsome consumer groups nervous. >> it may be true that some of
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these overpressurization may is are the -- are not dangerous. customers just aren't gonna trust them. >> pg&e says the safety aned -- and the utility promising a -- -- dash are promising a recommendky. next tuesday, the traders here at the san francisco floor of the new york stock exchange will start to trade facebook o -- options. it's business as usual at the headquarters in menlo park but on the nasdaq, facebook is taking investors for a roller coaster ride.
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often. second day of trading, stocks dipped to more than 10% off the opening price. this comes on the heels of a major pickup since friday's ipo launch. the chief expect officer admits started a 2046 day minute delay. >> you go to the facebook page. nasdaq used to have -- we're in a relationship with them. and now it's complicated. >> it looks like it was priced to perfection. >> reporter: think of it like a house, if you list your to us -- house for under what -- what
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it is worth, you are vehiclely to -- you are likely to sell it with multiple offers. investors and analysises say you need to work at -- need to look at this as a long-term investment. back to you. >> thank you. analysts say the total loss to j.p. morgan is likely to be somewhere between $67 billion and $7 billion. originally, the ceo said it would be about $2 billion. experts say the problem has made worse by the -- by the drop in u.s. and greece
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stock. i haven't heard you apologize once. i heard this jury cash ash. >> the judge hands down a college for a formal college student accused of and linked to hisping the two. linked to the two.
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two san jose town homes suffered minor damage when a garbage truck nearby caught fire, sending a plume of thick, black smoke into the air. fire was reported just after 9:00 near lundy and murphy avenues. it took five crews about 20 minutes to get the fire under control. nobody was injured and the cause of the fire is under investigation. president obama closed the nate toe sum submit today in chicago by focusing on the security of afghanistan. the president and nato leaders are chart, the next stop and charting responsibility to the
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afghanistan. president obama says afghanistan will not stand alone. he says nato will set a goal for after an forces to take the lead by next year, so nato can move to a more central role. >> today hard one progress is preserved. this agreement that president ardie and i signed in -- karzai and i signed in kabul its is sure as they stand, we will not give up. after a weekend of intense protests, chicago police are bracing for more today now that the nato sum mishas wrapped up. protest, start to demonstrate in front of boeing headquarters for undocumentsmented immigrants. yesterday, at least 45 protesters were --
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undocumentmented immigrants. yesterday, at least 45 protesters were arrested. president obama will hold a press conference this afternoon from the nato conference. we'll be covering it and you can watch it beginning at 1:45. a nudge judge this morning handed down the fon -- handed down the sentence for the man accused of triggering -- his roommate's signature. >> he will report to serve as part of a probationary sentence with other conditions is will articulate, a 3046 day jail term. probby used a webcam to
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record the his roommate. $10,000 fine and counseling on cyber bullying and alternate lifestyle are ordered as well. dozens of catholic institutions today sued the obama administration over new rules require most employers birth control in their health conditions. those in the suit include the university of -- of notre dame and the catholic university of america. the institute of medicine recommended the requirement because it allows women to space their pregnancy. the religious organizations and universities saying it goes against their religious firearm. the supreme court says a man -- freem. the supreme court ruled that twins born to a man's surviving wife did not qualify
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under the -- under the surviving benefit's initiative. social security denied their application saying to qualify their father had to be alive during their conception -- conception. the mayor of vallejo says he's frustrate and disappointed that someone stole his motorcycle. he says his harley-davidson was
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stolen on friday afternoon. he left it parked in an employee lot on the side of vallejo city hall. david said he's evened the bike for a year. it's black with colombia parts. anyone with information is leave an anonymous information messant at 7107-644-stop. san francisco's muni has spent millions of dollars on thousands of security cameras for bus, railitionsshsh -- rail stations but according to "the chronicle" mun nip has installed less than 50 of the -- muni has installed less than -- less than 50 of the cameras because some of the funds were diverted to pay for track repawaws some -- because some their older cameras are still working. agency plans to install more at the end of the next new year's.
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san jose water company wants a 44% right hike over the next three years. tonight there will be a 7:00 at the event senator at north third strip. the uss iowa will be in the bay area a little bit longer. storm trueing off the southern california coast prompted officials to delay the journey scheduled to begin yesterday afternoon. here is a look at the iowa port. the battleship is going to los angeles in the los angeles area to become a museum. well, the old fog bank decided to come roaring back. we get a couple of days of warm
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weather. inland areas are sunny, cooler. but it's breezy and temperatures will be coming down. low clouds. 50s and 60s there. this looks like the start of what appears to be a very, very cool week. warm sunday, our the -- the fog was increasing this morning and continues to hang out by the coast. all signs point to the cooler trend. in fact, maybe even by thursday, we could be looking at mid-60s. right now 60s and 70s. a little bit warm weather coming in. 57 san francisco. still getting out of the fog and 62 degrees. see some of that low called there.
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west-southwest 25. even san jose, stock ton and the big valley. so the sea breeze is rather than -- stockton and the big valley. so the sea breeze is rather strong. i don't think we'll get any rain. up to the mountains there could be snow and keep that in mind -- be so but keep that in mind. the coastal clouds are not going anywhere. it will be coomber for will for most. highs will be in the 50s, 60s. some locations won't break through the fog we'll continue to bring temperatures down here for a while. thanks to very, very low 80s out to pleasanton. a lot of 60s and 677 os in between. it will continue to cool down.
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in fact, tuesday, wednesday, thursday could be downright windy around here. friday, it starts to clear out. the weekend looking better. the next three, wind. >> heading up to memorial day. >> i know. >> okay. >> caltrans is looking -- is giving contra costa county county commuters a heads up on highway 4. this is to widen the lanes. eastbound highway 4 will shut down overnight between pittsburg and antioch. tomorrow, a vote for quieting down on tour buses. a proposal would require that tour bus p.a. systems are not audible within 50 feet. there was a proposal to make the tour buses replace their
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noise. that would muniz -- minimize some problems. it would not be bea bau breakers without characterize like these -- beta breakers -- bay cau breakers without characters like -- beta breakers without characters like these. >> yeah! >> i think the competition was strong this year. they moved people on.
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the crowd would stop and congregate, they would measure them them -- they would move them on. a small number -- number of people were arrested. just ahead, we'll tell you if california drivers are any closer to enjoying lower gasoline prices like the rest of the nation.
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after three weeks of dumping stocks, investors found something to be hopeful about. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 121. the nasdaq is up 66. s&p up 20. facebook by the way, still down about 10%. well, the country is seeing a big drop in gas prices just in time for the long holiday weekend. the latest aaa report says the price is 3.69. but here in california, the prices are headed the other direction because several west coast refinery are shutting down. california has the highest prices 4.41. fighting battles we never could. >> the super heroes of the avengers were still number one at the box office.
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it's more than double the second place battleship. today on the news at 5:00, a federal grand jury is reportedly investigate egg the police force. officers have been involved in at least two major incidents including a fatal shooting. find out what's behind this investigation. thank you for trusting the news. we will see you the flextime news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile e know you look around for the best deals.
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