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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 21, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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put it to the voters. >> reporter: this owner says he will raise the wages but there will be consequences. >> for small business it is not a great recipe. >> reporter: a new analysis was released today. it says this could cost jobs in the area. >> high end it was 1500 jobs. >> reporter: labor groups say wages should keep up with the cost of living. >> thousands can't afford to live here and who is responsibility is that? if they are employed the employer should bear some responsibility. >> reporter: it is scheduled to be heard tomorrow during the city counsel meeting. matt keller, ktvu channel 2
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news. there are three cities in the country that have separate minimum wages. as far as raised to $10 -- san francisco raised to $10.45. new mexico $10.29. and washington, d.c. was the first at $8.25. california lost a million jobs since the economy went south 5 years ago. new figures showing the state lost 954,000 jobs since 2007. the group says sweeping job cuts hindered the recovery. california has the third highest jobless rate in the country behind rhode island and nevada. new at 6:00, ktvu's rob
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roth is live where lawmakers are trying to tackle an issue. >> reporter: veterans are angry with the va office in oakland, they say it is burring them in red tape. >> reporter: so many veterans and families came to the hearing. the room wasn't big enough to hold everyone. he survived world war ii's battle of the bulge but he has been waiting for two years for the va to get his claim. >> now he is just asking for help and now you are running us around in circles. you should be ashamed of yourself. [ cheers and applause ] >> giving you government bureaucracy, i apologize.
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i we will fix it. >> reporter: theyare not getting anything? >> nothing. >> reporter: the hearing was organized because they are concerned how poorly the oakland office is performing. that office has a back log of 34,000 claims. vets wait almost a year to have the claims processed. officials hired more people and impmenting a system to do better. >> i think we were satisfied with the progress we wouldn't be meeting here today. >> reporter: they will seek the funds necessary to make sure the back log is cleared quickly. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a former yahoo executive
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and a manager pleaded guilty in new york to charges of insider trading. he gave secret information. both pleaded guilty to commit security's fraud. they both agreed to give up any gains from the transaction. pacific gas and electric pired a new executive to -- hired a new executive. pg&e says he will be senior vice president for public safety, project engineering, gas transmission and gas system operations. his hiring comes days after they reported pg&e's over pressurized its pipelines 120 times since the san bruno pipeline explosion. the golden state warriors appear ready to move across the bay. ktvu's david stevenson is live
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in san francisco where rumors are flying and confirmation seep seems to be -- seems to be coming. >> reporter: crews setting up tents, saying it is set up for a city event tomorrow. officials won't confirm that, the owner alerted ktvu that he is expecting his new neighbors will be the warriors. >> reporter: leaders hope they are close to bringing the golden state warriors and a sports arena to peers 30 and 32. he first told ktvu this morning he learned of the deal yesterday. >> he said they are coming. yeah. they are going to make the deal and the warriors are going to peer 30, 32. >> reporter: espn reported a deal to move the team from oakland to san francisco. >> we are not repaired --
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prepared to make any announcements. >> i think our city got that success. >> reporter: mayor ed lee insisted the team will pay for the build. nay say we are in di-- they say we are still in dialogue with the warriors. they are exploring all their options, including a san francisco site. >> he declined to talk about a potential deal. that didn't stop fans from speculating. >> does that open up the east bay oakland market? >> reporter: another live look at the white tents being set up. details of a potential deal may seem -- even san francisco city
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city hall says they are waiting word on what it will take to bring the golden state warriors here. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you will find the latest sports headlines on click on the sports tab. lawmakers looked at ways to trim spending. the budget committee reviewed possible cuts. lawmakers need to trim 7-$8 billion. taxing strip clubs was the focus today. the bill sponsor says they are a sexually oriented business and can contribute to violence. the legislation require as $10 tax for every customer that
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serves alcohol. it would generate $35 million a year for victims. the state senate passed a bill that would cap salaries for employees making more than $200,000 a year. he authored the legislation. the bill place as two year moratorium for any pay raises till july of 2014. it is getting harder to get in to california state universities. they saw a 5% increase in applications for the fall 2012 semester. that is 743,000 applicants. officials say budget cuts forced them to admit only 1100 more students. enrollment for spring of 2013 has been frozen. president obama is coming to the bay area this week for
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three fundraisers. he arrives on wednesday. his first appearance is at the home of lisa and doug goldman. after that he will speak at the redwood city's fox theatre. and thursday he will be in palo alto. a lettuce grower is expanding its recall of bagged salads. they are recalling bagged salads nationwide after they detected listeria. initially it only effected california and colorado. river ranch and fresh and easy. no illnesses have been reported. the san francisco restaurant, the oldest italian eatery in the country is closing tonight. they have been around for 126 years. the owner says the tough economy is forcing them to close up shop, they would like to reopen in the future,
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though. the summer driving season is considered the deadliest time of year for teen drivers. today the commissioner urged teens to check out a new online program by teaching them crash avoidance techniques. >> if you suspect someone is drinking, get out of the car and talk to someone, make sure the driver isn't allowed to drive home drunk. >> authorities say 40% of teens will end up in a police report within their first year of driving. tickets on sale for the first county fair of the season. it begins thursday, may 31 and run through sunday, june 3. it features rides, a lot of food, a cook out contest and a live stock auction. tickets are $8 for adults, $5
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for children. facebook stock drops, the concern investors have and the change the ipo is forcing on wast. >> i am rolling up my pants to avoid a common blood sucking pest, i will tell you what else you can do coming up. >> a lot of fog, that is cooling things off, i will show you how cooler things will get.
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a sheriff's search team went to a reservoir in another water search for clues for the disappearance of spanish lake -- sierra lamar. the sheriff's department says
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the new sewner equipment gives crews 3d image of objects beneath the water. they plan to reexamine the water ways. investigators are still reviewing results from the teen's belongings and a red car that is connected to the case. the frenzy surrounding facebook's stock market debut is fizzling. the stock dropped $4 today. analysts have different theories. some say the price was set too high. others say too many shares were offered. a drop of 10% today. the nasdaq is changing its procedures after a glitch with
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facebook friday. investigators are still trying to get to the bottom of what went wrong. apple's ceo is the highest paid executive in the country. that is according to the wall street journal. tim cook's compensation is 300 faith million dollars a -- $378 million a year. the -- immigrants raising awareness of bills that will impact them. focusing on immigrants rights he is pushing one bill that could create work place protection. >> break time, salaries, vacation, and recourse if
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mistreatment is reported. >> this is the 16th year drops to gathered in sacramento to push for workers rights. officials say now is the time to worry about a seasonal hazard. ticks. ktvu's christien kafton is live where vector control is keeping a close eye on the tick pallulation there. -- population there. >> reporter: this is a tick hot spot. there is a notice here warning visitors about ticks. high grass like you see here is the perfect place to find ticks. they like to hang out with their legs extended, waiting for a host. >> reporter: you can see this tick burrowed into this child's head and feeding. summer is prime time for tick bites. >> funny, i hear every year from somebody that it is the
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worst year ever for ticks. >> reporter: they say if you are out in an area where ticks are common, wear long pants and check yourself for ticks when you get home. if you find one, follow the guidelines for removing them. >> burning them, twisting them or putting vaseline over them is not recommended. because it can increase the risk of lyme disease. best thing is to pull them out with tweezers. >> reporter: only one species carries lyme disease and 3-4% of ticks have it. but hikers aren't taking any chances. >> when she is playing around i check her when we get home. >> reporter: how about for you? >> yeah. me too. >> reporter: one tip, tucking your pants into your socks work. they stress it does work and i
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know how silly it looks. one more thing, if you are bit and you remove it, keep the tick, they may have a form like this to help identify if it is the type that carries lyme disease and they will guide you through what to do next. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> he is looking good. [ laughter ] we will check the weather now. mild day around the bay area. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now with what to expect this week. >> more of the same. the fog cooled things off and it is pouring in right now. outside, live storm tracker 2, fog pushing inland now. big dose of it. look how far inland it is. to hayward now. cool night. i know i can see we got a live camera, i see all the fog in the shot. throw that up if you get a chance.
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fog over the coastal hills. these are the highs from today. 69. 76 napa. 71 san rough yell -- san rafael. highs tomorrow not different than this. tomorrow, more of the coastal fog over the hills. it will be coverage in all the nigh bay area -- 9 bay area counties. this is the mechanism. mark talked about it last night and steve this morning, it brings rain north, but it takes the lid off the fog and goes like this. and the fogs gets up over the hills. the coastal hills are about a thousand feet. theday like today, it picks up the fog, drops the temperatures because it pushes inland. that is where we are. you know this pattern over and
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over. thing i liked about the bay area, i can look at the hills or the golden gate bridge, knowing it is 700 feet, i can get the depth and do a temperature forecast for all bay area cities. i bet you do that too. highs tomorrow, lots of oranges, those are 9s. not for us -- 80s. not for us. 60s and 70s. for your neighborhoods, 79 in pittsburg. 80 in brentwood. 79 livermore. nice day tomorrow. air quality good. tree pollen backed off a lot. grass pollens are coming on. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view you can see warmer for the bay area weekend right there. just nice. this is good. it is not high fire danger. >> good. thank you. a film crew is shooting a
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new steve jobs tv movie and will soon film in the south bay. it will film at the house where he grew up and in the garage where he founded apple. his stepmother still lives in the house. it will star ashton kutcher as steve jobs. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 president obama wraps the nato summit with a strategy for afghanistan. and one company that owns movie theaters has a new owner on the other side of the globe. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. the bay area is home to one of the best, which city ranched in the -- ranked in the top 10 for bike friendly streets.
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bicycling magazine ranked san francisco at the number one city for biking. they credit them for adding bike lanes, parking corrals and
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traffic signals. mark is here now with sports. giantsp have theirish -- giants have their issues. >> yeah. giant management can talk all they want about nice pitching. you know what i miss? the 3-run home runner. how about more of those and that is what they get in the first inning. 3-run home runner. that makes pitching easier. buster posey just hammers one deep in milwaukee. giants 3-0. good so far for madison bumgarner. bases loaded. double play. right now in the fifth with the giants leading still 3-0. yeah. nothing like a 3-run home runner. mean time, fun to see peyton manning back in uniform. his first formal work out in denver. from all reports he was
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productive. sharp. looking healthy. his back up in denver could be rookie scott. 6'4" was asked after practice how he felt about his back up. >> reporter: is it weird looking up to a taller quarterback. >> happens to you all your life. [ laughter ] >> good one. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> he is in good spirits too. we had another nba player wind up getting their coach fired, dwight howard never got along with stan van gundy, one of the most qualified coaches you would ever want. didn't get along with the star. not advisable. today he was fired by the magic. that is the sporting life right now. >> interesting seeing manning
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in a different jersey. >> it will take a while to get used to but he looked fantastic. >> thank you. a dispute in the east bay, workers in the school district say they have taken multiple pay cuts while maintaining benefits and pay for administrators. >> and we will have that story tonight on the 10:00 news. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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