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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us, may 22nd. i am pam cook. >> we will get to our coverage, the latest on that in just a moment but first let's check in with steve for our forecast. >> we will hit some fog or a wall of fog so there are definitely some coastal clouds out there. 60s and 70s and breezy, here is sal. all eastbound lanes, they reopened after a terrible accident after 12:30 last night, they hit a structure containing high power lines. ktvu channel 2 morning news' alex savage is there, now at
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5:00 let's go back to the desk. we are following the arrest in the sierra lemar case. they broke this story on the 10:00 news and just a few minutes from now, they will tell us about the suspect in custody. tara moriarty has exclusive video. >> reporter: there is dna evidence linking the suspect to sierra lemar, last night we were here when sheriff's deputies questioned their suspect for about two hours about sierra lemar's disappearance hoping to learn about her location. now it happened around 9:00 and ktvu channel 2 morning news was the only news crew to watch him walk out at 9:00. they led garcia torres out and to the main jail. they booked him on charges and
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kidnapping and murder. they are declining to talk about what garcia has said including whether he knows sierra lemar. >> we have probable cause to believe that he has committed the murder and kidnapping. we are charging him with murder. it is very difficult, it is very difficult to come to that position where we believe she is not alive. >> garcia torres is the owner of the red jetta and is associated with sierra lemar's disappearance. >> reporter: we have been told garcia torres has been on around the clock surveillance and there is dna evidence linking him to the clothing found in sierra lemar backpack. last year he was arrested for resisting a peace officers as
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well as -- officer as well as vandalizing a toilet. live in san jose, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. the man arrested for sierra lemar's disappearance was arrested at a safe way store. the entire city is now coming in support of the sierra lemar family during this difficult time. we spoke to up with woman who tried to help find the missing teen. >> i am hoping something comes out of everything because, it is very, very hurting for the family and all of that. we have been searching for almost 2 months, going on 2 months already. >> still they have not found
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her but stay with us for this major break in the case and again a conference is set at 8:00 with more information and we will bring it to you live with mornings on 2. power is -- they are working to restore power to the bridge. sal legs savage has more on the fatal accident that caused the outage. >> that repair working is still going on after a driver slammed into a utility box knocking out power. it happened in hayward. it cut power to the eastern section of the span. it all happened when a white suv lost control hit the center divider and slammed into some sort of a structure that contained high power voltage lines. the the chp and alameda county
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coroner were called in to investigate and what caused that driver to crash. >> at this point we have no indication that alcohol or drugs were involved. >> reporter: chp is not giving us any other information on that man but they are still on the san mateo bridge and they are trying to work and repair the power situation and get all of the street lights repaired on the bridge and there is no word on when that will happen. but again t-s up following -- it is up following the deadly crash. warriors will layout plans for the waterfront arena in a
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press conference today according to the country and they plan on moving the team. >> they want the fans to be loyal. >> so they want the fans to be loyal, so yeah, a little bitter, i am bitter. >> there will likely be a legal challenge, others who want the warriors to stay is not fair. they sell out most of the games and for a team that has been so lousy on the court to have this kind of support, now they want to move the team across the bay and i am sad about that. >> they moved back in 1971. in the meantime santa cruz is working with the team.
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today they will ask santa cruz the d league from bismarck to santa cruz. the team will have them play in attend like structure for at least five years. president barack obama is raising money for his reelection campaign. tickets prices $3,580 and later president barack obama will attend redwood city's fox he theater. thursday morning he will appear at a round table event in palo alto and tickets for that event will be $35,800 a person. and a washington post poll shows mitt romney and president
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barack obama tied in terms of who voters think can fix the economy. coming up, why president barack obama says business experience claims do not qualify him so occupy the white house. >> sal, we want to check in on traffic, how bad is it trafficwise. you heard him say it earlier but traffic is looking good but a little bit of fog here steve snows about it also out to the mcarthur bridge. no problems getting into san francisco, traffic looks good getting to highway 17, it is 5:08 here is steve. there are a lot of little
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clouds around and inland temperatures should get up super but still it hadden a -- it will be a day with some low clouds and breezy later on. sunny and breezy and it should cover most of the spread. places east should be in mid- 80s. coastal fog and we will have more of a westerly breeze for some. but temperatures will level off today and expect some blustery conditions as a strong low will bring us any rain. it will usher in and if you have any trouble plans keep that in mind. 50s on the temperatures, 59 concord and breeze is still in
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place even southerly and we will have to deal with a breezy day skipping in weak impulses, that will really give us a good event. 60s or 70s fell lay the city is only and 78 gilroy not much change that system drops report very windy conditions and with your weekend always in view it does look better with warmer temperatures and sunshine. he sent a reporter to -- he sent somebody to a reporter's house and now he is facing a
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new controversy. westbound highway 4 traffic looks like it is getting off to a good start, we will tell you more about the commute and the bay area weather. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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. the dea according to the
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justice department, the dea agents are being investigated for what happened in columbia. the 60 leaders at the two day summit agreed to give afghan forces starting next year nato troops taking on a supporting roll. most will withdraw by the end of 2014. >> transition and the end of the withdrawal and other places is good for afghanistan and good for other allied countries. >> during the summit's second day which is after they clashed on sunday. a washington post pole shows president barack obama
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and mitt romney over who could fix the economy. allison has more on this foal and is now getting involved in the business world. allison? >> reporter: the poll gives president barack obama a slight lead when it comes to popularity but they are tied on the handling of the economy and now president barack obama is jumping in the fight over mitt romney's career at bane capital. president barack obama is making clear, the issue is fair game. >> so if your main argument for how to grow the economy is i knew how to make a lot of money for investors then you are missing what this job is about. my job is to take into account everybody not just some. >> it shows mitt romney's record is neither a positive or
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negative with voters. mitt romney's campaign said bane made more jobs than it cut but what the biggest jobs are during my next update, allison burps ktvu channel 2 morning news. the police chief is under fire for sending a police officer to a reporter's house. some of those officers were on overtime. the chief declined to talk about the cell phone incident. meehan was involved for an earlier controversy for sending a police officer to a reporter's home. thomas was caught at a cupertino store putting his own
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barcode stickers so he could buy them at a discount and sell them on ebay. he is involved and will be arraigned on four felony counts. healthy men should excuse them. they actually help more men. men have you everred -- suffered even death from treating the tiny opportunitiers. the plans called for the casino to have 3,000 slot machines and card games. back in march governor jerry brown signed off on an agreement to begin working. they ratified it this month.
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now it is up to the department of interior to give the final okay. we are looking at traffic all over the pay but it will be busy on highway 4 and bay point. you can see it here and it is not stop and go but certainly a lot of people get on the freeway to avoid very heavy traffic. certainly it is closed tonight between 4:00 and 6:00 and we will do it didn't and obviously so many will cheer. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. some low clouds and few and the cop mute looks good, it is getting a little more and that
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traffic looks good from burke down to vallejo -- berkeley down to vallejo. there is a strong jetstream plunge inginto oregon and even if we have the sunshine, it will be a breezy day. 59 san jose and we have been telling with a lot of 40s although that is not the case this morning. northwest san jose, that comes moving into washington, we are not quote sure and if you have plans, there will be some snow showers up there for us and a wind will clear it out for the
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week tip windy at times, 50s and 60s and very low 80s and some of the higher elevations are running cooler. 60s around the bay, fog should start to get chewed up and a 70s thursday and friday things calm down a little bit as we go to the union. investors are booed by other markets. no negative news from europe and a good day on wall street had many traders jumping back in to buy and sending the stocks back up as the s&p 500 snapped a 6 day losing streak, we have bed bath and beyond,
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bay area's looking at the numbers yet they are all up and now they are indicating a future for them again. revenue forecasts. there is the ipo there, they are major underwriters on the ipo and they revised their earning estimates down and it is unusual to make changes so close to an ipo. it was sue supposed to the hottest on wall street and why people who bought facebook stocks had a sudden loss.
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. authorities seized more than 100 bails of marijuana over the coast over the weekend and the orange county harbor patrol found it floating after a tip. in all they recovered more than thousand pounds of marijuana and turned it over to the u.s.
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border patrol. they estimate the street worth is more than $4 million. the investigation continues. back here the city of oakland has revoked the pot club. they failed to distance itself from a so called guru who is controlling it from behind the scenes. some marijuana club board members were secretly taking orders from a man involved in an unrelated grant program. shares of facebook finished down $4.20s and that's a drop of 11% in one day. economists say it is a sign of the times and those who do are
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being more cautious about how they invest. >> there is risk in ipos and not everything is a guaranteed win. >> face back were allowed to sell their stock and that made too many shares available to keep the prices up. tim cook is the highest paid executive of a u.s. company. he earned 9 100,000 dollars and was given a $100,000 stock award that was worth 376 million when he was given the top job and the heads of cps and moat roller round out the
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top 5. the restaurant has barn for 126 -- has been around for 126 years and calls itself the oldest and they say they hope to reopen in the future. 526 is the time right now. a rope is spotel him 45 feet below a popular restaurant. >> an accident triggers a blackout on the san mateo bridge, how long will it take to restore? an exclusive video on the suspect in the sierra lemar case now in custody. here on 87 traffic looks good and we will have more for you on the bay area commute
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. well good morning to you, it is tuesday, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, are we going to warm up for the weekend? >> a little bit. low clouds and fog, it will be nice some people love this weather, i can't say i blame you, maybe by the latter part
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of the weekend but it looks to be a windy week, here is sal. it looks good getting to highway 17 with no major problems, also the morning commute and it is not affecting drivers to the mcarthur maze, let's go pack to dave and pam. ktvu channel 2 morning news broke the story on the 10:00 news and in just a few hours they will reveal the break in the case. deputies released a booking photo of the suspect. there he is, garcia torres. officers arrested him in morgan hill at 6:00 last night and just hours later, ktvu channel 2 morning news got these exclusive pictures of garcia torres as he was taken to the main jail. he was booked on kidnapping and
5:32 am
murder. it links him to the chloesing found in sierra lemar's purse. >> we have probable cause to believe he has committed the murder and kidnapping and we will provide you with more information tomorrow. >> at this point do you believe sierra lemar is indeed dead? >> we are charging him with murder. >> we have learned the suspect opens the red jetta that longs to his disappearance. we will bring the conference to you live. news is spreading quickly in sierra lemar's home town and the entire city is coming together to support the family. allie rasmus is joining us with the details of that part of the story, allie? >> reporter: after sierra lemar
5:33 am
went missing back in march, friends and supporters started looking for her and started hanging pink ribbons to show they were still looking for her where sierra lemar's family lives. the search center for bernard elementary has been the focal point and volunteers will gather for another search at 8:00 a.m. for garcia and the search will go on as planned. the searches will continue and for weeks volunteers have combed the area. some of the seem who volunteered said they are glad there was a break in the case and they hope they will finally
5:34 am
get some answers. >> it is going to hurt, especially the mom and the dad but there has to be a closure of some kind. even if it hurts at least they will know what happened to their daughter. >> and sheriff's officers arrested jar cease torres, we are told he had worked there but we don't know at this point what if any relationship she had with him. many times we have heard this is a very close knit community so people were feeling strongly as the searches continue but the searches from that night. she was last seen in morgan hill and her cell phone was seen a few blocks from the bus
5:35 am
stop. they found her pink juicy brown bag with clothing found neatly inside. they had large scale searches and the sheriff's department said sierra lemar was probably abducted. then on may 8th another critical discovery, a red jetta with a blackhood was found. it had been seen in three different areas of her home. stay tuned for the major break in the case. a sheriff's conference is scheduled for 8:00 this morning and ktvu channel 2 morning news will bring it to you live during mornings on 2. also happening right now the the lanes are open but the
5:36 am
lights are off. how long will it take to fix? >> reporter: it could take all day to restore the power but they are on the eastern section of the bridge door doing the repair working but this is after a driver slammed into a utility crash. the accident cut power to the street lights and everything hit 12:30 this morning. several of those lanes were blocked for a short time. it slammed into a structure, the man driving that was killed on impact. cal trans crews stepped in to
5:37 am
get them fixed. >> cal trans has come out and they are working on restoring power and we don't have an estimated time to get the power back on the bridge. >> cal trans crews will try to get actual all the lights turned back on and after this crash it will be back open to traffic, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. overnight, they rescued a man trapped on the rocks below over the cliff's restaurant. if you look at the pictures, he was stuck 45 feet below the restaurant. when he was hoisted to the top, they said he was okay and they released him. so far we are not sure who he
5:38 am
is or why he was down on the rocks. a possible kid napping in oakland. she was not a kidnap victim and two men have have been detained. and the 32-year-old attorney from san ramon is charged with hitting and killing somebody last week. i.d. numbers were found to track the car down. some supporters say it will help hard working families but opponents say it will have a negative impact on jobs.
5:39 am
time now 538. but you are looking everywhere else. >> we do look everywhere else, and we don't have a lot going on and it is good because chp is one of our main sources of information. we will look at interstate 880 and the traffic looks good if you are driving on the san mateo bridge getting on the east bay it and it should not be a bad thing. it looks good no problems on the upper bay bridge and it is time to go. it looks good from vallejo to richmond and if you are drive together peninsular, 101 is looking very nice and there could be some low clouds and fog. we talked about the sap san bridge and traffic is not
5:40 am
affected by the power outage. they will as he said will take him awhile to fix those lights, let's go to steve. a very good morning, we have a lot of low clouds around and a breeze in place with the same of what happened. the key will be on fray day and in northern sacramento valley tahoe, i think for us it had be a windy pattern. a westerly breeze place for most but they have to keep it right there but then a redocument on those temperatures. now this is really not much in
5:41 am
the north but they seem to be aiming in the oregon weather. low-to-mid, southwest or northwest 17 at fso, a breeze will not have any problem forming. the low is here and eventually it will die down somewhere in there. forecast models are right and it will give us a big change in our wind pattern and bring some temperatures. it will salvage some nice weather by the weekend. it will be in the 60s and 70s and very low 80s. redwood city 72 and increases clouds, we will start to salvage some warmer weather and more sunshine by the weekend .
5:42 am
a 13-year-old boy spent hours clinging to a ledge, and just a few feet, eight people wound in last night's game against the lakers. traffic look good coming into san francisco and we will tell you more about the morning commute and let you know if the fog is affecting some of the commute. ♪
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. here is a quick look at some of the stories we are
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following. they arrested a man in the sierra lemar case. look at these pictures. ktvu channel 2 morning news took these exclusive pictures of garcia torres, taken into custody last night he is charged with kidnapping and murder. a police conference is set for 8:00 this morning. a fatal accident just hours ago knocked out power on the bridge and some of the lights are out on the eastbound lanes. crews are saying it may take up to 12 hours to fix that problem and they seem ready to talk about plans to san francisco. several reports say the team will detail plan for a wanter front consequence late this
5:46 am
morning. at least eight people were shot blocks from the arena in oklahoma city. a group of girls began fighting with the guys and one victim is in critical condition. no arrests have been made. a small plane crashed and missed hitting any homes. he managed to free himself from the wreckage and is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. it hit a power pole before it landed up side down in a home in glendale. the pilot reported end begin trouble right before the crash. the man fell 180 feet. he is the only person known to survive the fall. the man climbed over a railing yesterday morning and
5:47 am
deliberately jumped. he did surface and was able to make it to shore. rescuers repelled down a steep and rocky gorge and the man was picked up by helicopter. a boy was rescued 270 feet from a water fall. the boy was hiking with his father and brother when he slipped and went over a small 10-foot water fall before climbing on to the ledge. they camped with them until a helicopter to fly them all out of the area. they could increase the minimum wage or they could turn it over to the voters. supporters say hiking it to $10 per hour would help hard
5:48 am
working families who have a hard time living in silicone family but san jose chamber of commerce said it could force employers to cut jobs. >> on the low end, 500 jobs. and if it is approved it will go into a affect late august. . the gold end gate bridge, those lights are going out, it is thicker fog from parts of the peninsular southern marin and san francisco area and let's move to the toll plaza, there are clouds for sure but traffic is getting busier approaching the toll plaza.
5:49 am
we mentioned the low clouds and fog and we might see it on highway one. if the maps move there, at least he way 4 is closed for road working eastbound between 11:00 and 6:00 for road working. let's go to steve. good morning, we have a lot of low clouds and it is getting harder to keep the clouds in place, yesterday we had a few low 80s and still the fog is there and low clouds and fog clouds for some. running lower and if you are stuck in that, it is tough to get any warmth that is for sure. 58, sunny and breezy and that
5:50 am
fog looks like it is rather stubborn and does not want to burn off. if that is not the case, inland areas are still in the 20s and westerly breeze, northwest at napa, west 17 at fso, you can see the sun shine where it is coming taking aim at oregon and the low will end up in sacramento and that will give us a strong wind event but it will be better as we head to the weekend. some of that fog is thick and 50s and 60 as an 70s. it lotion like they eat and it
5:51 am
will be breezy, better, warmer sunday and monday. thank you. cupertino based apple continues to be the most valuable brand. the brand value $183 million. ibm is second, google third. mcdonald's sits in 4th microsoft 5th. a former yahoo is pleading guilty to sharing information. he talked about it and made $290 million in profits. they have all faced five years for conspiracy for securities fraud.
5:52 am
and former goldman sachs trader is underway and he is being charged in a recent federal crackdown on insider trading. they are already serving on those charges. they are calling her a teenage hero, why a missing woman owes her effort to a young girl. plus a private lunch for all to see, what they are carrying into space and why it is so important. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
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. scheduled to dock there on friday and unload 1,000 pounds of supplies, if all goes well, they could use the same service in years to come. today is a california holiday involving harvey milk. on this harvey milk day san
5:56 am
francisco board of supervisors will talk about a resolution to name a battle ship after harvey milk. he was a member of the u.s. navy and board on san francisco. a high school senior is being call adhere row for helping to find an alzheimer's patient who had been missing for days. last week they went to mop ray county, that is when a woman with alzheimer's had disappeared. they decided to check out a fire map. >> she was laying on a pile of sticks. she had no shoes on. >> now the woman was dehydrated. she had some cuts on her body but otherwise she was okay.
5:57 am
she said the search and rescue team was a team effort and she was happy the woman was found alive. >> something about up instinct. back avenue to sal. let take a hook at this and if you are leaving pleasanton or free mob 680 is the way to go and 580 is busy coming in over the pass. this is the teams big announcement. plus the very latest on the suspect for the missing teen sierra lemar, a news conference is set for 8:00 a.m. >> good morning, lots of fog and low clouds, temperatures
5:58 am
will continue to cool, we will have your forecast coming up.
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