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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. people in morgan hill are reacting to the break in the case more than two months after sierra lemar disappeared. another sign. warriors are headed back to san francisco, another announcement that macon firm all the -- may confirm all the rumors. and what he is looking to get out of this, preparations are underway for today's visit. >> complete bay area coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us this tuesday morning, i am pam cook. >> and low clouds were there touched on it and some of that loy cloud deck will be tough to burn off and highs 60s and 70s and here is your update on
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traffic with sal. san rafael is clear here as you drive to a foggy southern marin. the outage on the san mateo bridge began when a white suv crashed into a building with high voltage power lines. one person has died as a result of this crash. the cause is still under investigation. alex savage is at the bridge and we will have a live report coming up. let's go back to the desk. there has been an arrest in the sierra lemar case. the story broke last night and in just two hours, they will tell us more. his name is antolin garcia- torres. police arrested him at a safe
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way store at 6:00 last night and hours later ktvu channel 2 morning news got these exclusive pictures you are looking at, at antolin garcia- torres as he was taken to the main jail in san jose. we have this developing story and allie rasmus is in morgan hill with how the community is reacting to all of this but first let's start with tara moriarty, you are at the santa clara's main jail in san jose, tara? >> yes, we were the only people here when the sheriff let the suspect out of the building and we found court documents and found antolin garcia-torres has been in trouble before. he was arrested for trouble with a peace officers. they are trying to find out sierra lemar's location. around 9:00 last night antolin garcia-torres was escorted out of the sheriff's office and to
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the main jail and they booked him on charges of kidnapping and murder. >> we have evidence that leads us to believe and we have probable cause to believe that he has committed the murder and kidnapping. we are charging him with murder and it is very difficult, it's very difficult to come to that position where we believe she is not alive. >> reporter: now deputies arrested antolin garcia-torres around 5:30 6:00 last night. we know he used to working at the store and was well-liked by co-workers. he was the owner of the red jetta and they said they were associated with sierra lemar's disappearance. sources say there is some dna evidence linking him to the clothing found in the backpack.
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sheriff's deputies do not believe she is alive but they are hoping to find justice for sierra lemar's family but they are expected to be there which i will carry it live for you. we continue with allie rasmus and she joins us from sierra lemar's home town with reaction, allie? >> reporter: well in the area where sierra lemar's family lives, you can see there are pink ribbons lined up on every house on this street and it is a reminder that friends and supporters have not stopped looking for her since she was missing two months ago. a break in the case happened yesterday evening and it was in the parking lot where police made an arrest taking antolin garcia-torres into custody around 5:30 yesterday evening. >> i saw cops rushing to the
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parking lot and a girl came and said they had guns drawn. >> reporter: he lives in san martinez, and at this point we don't know what if any relationship they had. this has been the focal point and sop of the people who helped with those searches are glad there was some sort of break in the case and they are hoping there will be some answers. >> i am hoping something comes out and it is very hurting for the family. we have been searching for almost two months, going on two months already. >> volunteers will gather for another search, at 8:00 a.m. it was there and it will go on
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as mapped. this is the family and there is expected to be a press conference early this morning. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> stay with us, for continuing coverage for this major break. again a sheriff's news conference is set for 8:00 this morning and we will bring it to you live coming up on mornings on 2. today the golden state warriors plan to initially announce the team is moving out of oakland and go back to san francisco. it may come by noontime. a deal had been made with san francisco arena at peer 32 for the nba season. san francisco mayor ed lee has
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been courting the warriors. now the warriors played from 1962 to 1971 and that is when they then moved to oakland. it runs until 2017 and they understand why they want the warriors but they are not giving up yet. >> it would be a huge loss, win or lose, the fans that come out and support the warriors is incredible. they have not had the best record, but the fans are such diehard fans -- >> they had the pest attend dance in the league. the team is trying to move from
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b had league to santa cruz. they will plan to have the dakota wizards play in a large tempt facility for five years -- tent facility for five years with an option for two more years. president barack obama will be here in the bay area starting tomorrow. he will be raising money for his reelection campaign. tomorrow he is scheduled to be in at they are tonight. later they will be there for the fox theater and tickets start at 1,000 per person. the president will appear and the price for that $35,800 per person. and it shows mitt romney and president barack obama are
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tied in terms of who they think can fix the economist. mitt romney's experience in the private sector is not good for the job the president has to do. it is getting busier and we are starting this time, dave, pam, traffic is busy and you will see some traffic as you come to alderwoman band any hill. i want to show you the toll plaza. we have a little bit of a crowd at the toll plaza. we just found out about the montague expressway and at willow road, there is another new crash and this was just reported so we don't know much about them and if you are driving on 880 southbound from fremont down to san jose, right now the drive looks pretty
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good. >> well, there is a hot of low clouds and fog, it is going to be a breathe breezy blustery day and forecasts along the coast, breezy to windy at times and price i as well am i think it will level off 5 we tart to see better conditions by the holiday. let's open the door, there is the west southwest at 24. west of livermore and i have just spoken to victoria barclay
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at stockton and they have a west wind out there in the big valley and if the big valley is getting a west wind, that means, it is in place and coastal clouds just tub important across the bored but the trend is to printing these temperatures down and we will continue to do so through thursday and it will clear out and be nicer saturday and warmer sunday and monday. historic records will become available, but the reason they were also lost forever. and report the of miss hundredelled remains at the dover u.s. air force base.
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. welcome back, we have new information, a top commander, the man has been reprimanded for whistleblowers. they wrongfully tried to fire two subordinates after they reported problems that handle
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the war's dead. it includes partial remains dumped in a landfill and the deputy was suspended for 20 days without pay. president barack obama was able to cop vince leaders to sign on to his plan for wiping down. they agreed to give afghan forces a leading roll in combat beginning next year with nato taking a supporting roll. most with draw but the end of 2014. and the ambassador ryan crocker will step down this summer. earlier he served as u.s. ambassador to iraq. no reason has been given for his departure.
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ktvu channel 2 morning news allison burps is in our newsroom with how president barack obama is criticizing mitt romney's career. >> reporter: it shows mitt romney and president barack obama locked in a dead heat over who can best help the economist but they believe president barack obama understands the economic problems. they say his campaign argument that mitt romney profited at his ex-person is fair. >> when you are president as opposed to a private equity firm than your job is not to maximize profits. your job is to figure on how to give everybody a cut. >> reporter: he said the
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argument is a looser for president barack obama. >> for better or worse, mitt romney was taking a risk with private money in the private sector. >> the polls show both candidates are generating enthusiasm among supporters. recording live from washington d.c., ktvu channel 2 morning news. the police chief is already under fire for sending a police officer to a reporter's wife. some of them were on overtime. the chief declined to comment. he has been under controversy for send ago police officers to a reporter -- sending a police officer to a reporter's home.
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she graduated last month from uc berkeley in social welfare. lopez, her six-year-old son and her boyfriend, they were all in that cadillac that crashed into a tree last friday. her son and boyfriend are still recooper rating. tonight is the first meeting. they will discuss it near the fairlawn eye happened near where they died. since that accident they have banded accidents outside the bay and they are hoping to get it in time for the cup. apple's ceo is number one when it comes to executive compensation at all u.s. companies. a new study shows he earned
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$900,000 in salary but what put him on top was the stock award when he was made ceo. that is word that and 5 3 million and he is the executive pay name on the list. the historical documents willen available -- will be available for viewing. his successor jackpy spear, they are -- jack spear are credited with saving it and more than 500 countries came to the u.s. in the early 20th centuries. sal is checking in on san
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jose, it -- they are okay but except for one problem south of the montague expressway, a couple of vehicles got into a crash but there are parts across the from the right lane. no injuries, and actually in meadow park, a crash there injuries reported as well, traffic may be slow and 280 is a good bet for you and if you are driving from hayward to foster city, san mateo looks good and so does the dumbarton bridge. highway 4, this traffic is moderately heavy coming to the grade. let's go to steve. >> i see a few breaks, in some
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locations that is thick and it will be sunny and breezy, in fact we have good gusts but it does call for 58 on the lows and they are a little bit warmer. it will be sunny mostly warm, sunny and breezy as temperatures are held in check, so the start of the cool week is yesterday and it looks like it will continue all the way to friday. santa rosa 52 but sonoma airport says fog. west breeze or north southwest, a very strong low will help by friday. fog sun breezy blustery windy at times, 50s 60s and 70s and if you are stuck in that fog it will be a cool day.
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morning fog takes us to wednesday thursday and there is that drop for a windy friday and it will kick out saturday and a little warmer sunday and monday. the best buy reports a drop in quarterly profits about 20% less in the forecast. despite profits, they are actually up. at least for now, ceo diamond said they decided to use buy backs and regulatory requirements will be needed on capital levels. they will restart the program but the bank does not plan to tell people when. they will maintain the dividend and earlier the bank said they hoped to keep paying the dividend. it was supposed to be the
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hottest on wall street and a lot of people may now be having second thoughts. a record it hold the and we will find out how long it took to get the first person up.
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. good morning, northbound road, if you get closer you may see some traffic because of earlier problems. let's go back to the desk. >> one person was hurt after this high speed crash ended with a car in somebody's front yard. look at the pictures, it happened down in fountain valley. police say the car ran off the road and flipped over a brick wall. the driver ran away from this scene but one of the passengers in the car was treated for minor injuries. a couple of rough days for business stocks, shares fell a second day which is a loss for more than $4 for the close. they attribute that to the mood of investors. they say it was optimistic but now the more cautious stocks were stepped up. they are just avoiding the stock market all together.
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they add too many facebook shares were offered and too many insiders were allowed to sell their stock when the company started trading. they served their last meals last night. the restaurant has been around for 126 years at different locations and calls itself the oldest italian restaurant in the united states. they point to the economist put they hope to reopen later. they call it the tokyo sky tree and some people waited for about a week to take high speed elevators to the observation deck. despite the size, the 2080-foot
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tower is not the tallest, that goes to a sky scraper in dubai. it may be hours before crews may get the lights back on. sheriff's deputies made a big announce. , we will tell you who they believe is responsible for her kidnap and murder. ou back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, just ringing the opening bell in new york where it looks like a good day for new york as a whole, they are reported better than expected earnings, sonoma based in san francisco, urban outfitters and in facebook, i am looking at it now it looks like it is starting to trade,
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down $32 a share so keep watching. >> well, we will smile and thank you for joining us here, it is tuesday may 22nd. we have an arrest in the sierra lemar case. ktvu channel 2 morning news broke the story on last night's 10:00 news and in just 90 minutes we will reveal more about the case and tara moriarty is watching for that, she is in san jose. >> reporter: well this is not the first time antolin garcia- torres has been in trouble with the law. we dug up court documents showing he resisted arrest from a peace officer but nothing of this caliber. they questioned him for two hours trying to find out more about sierra lemar, his connection to her and possibly her location. the 21-year-old was escorted
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across the street to the main jail. officials said they booked him on charges and murder. >> we have evidence that leads us to believe and we have probable cause to believe he has committed the murder and kidnapping. we are charging him with murder. it is very, very difficult to come to that position where we believe she is not alive. >> reporter: now deputies arrested antolin garcia-torres at 5:30 6:00 last night which very close to his home in san martin. we know he used to working at that store and by many accounts he was well-liked. he also attended a continuation school for several months. he is the owner of the red jetta we have been seeing and he has been on around the clock
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surveillance and he has been linked to the clothing found in sierra lemar's backpack. searches are continuing for sierra lemar and perhaps we will get some reaction from them at the press conference this morning. 6:32 new this morning, we are hearing from a friend anxiously awaiting the conference so sierra lemar's family can start to feel. >> i honestly think the closure will be great and any sort of information that can help them move on from the disappearance of their family member. >> reporter: he went on to say he hopes the family can get something positive from this nightmare. >> reporter: the man -- >> the man was arrested inside a safe way store in morgan hill.
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news quickly spread and we will get the city's reaction coming up at 6:45. she was last seen in morgan hill and her cell phone was found one block from the school bus stop. they found her bag with neatly folded clothes inside and the next week they organized the next large scale search. they said sierra lemar was probably abducted at that point. then on may 8th, another critical discovery, a red jetta said the car had been seen on three surveillance cameras in three different locations near sierra lemar's home. an early morning crash knocked out the power on the bridge and they are here to
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tell us what people can expect throughout the day, alex? >> reporter: all lanes of traffic are open and we still want to be aware there is some repair working going on at the plaza here in hayward. this was a deadly crash and the driver hit a utility box and the accident cut power to the lights. it was a white suv that lost control and first hit the center did i have -- divider. the driver died at the scene and chp does not think alcohol played a role in this accident but it can take time to get the power fully restored on the brim. >> i would expect sometime in the next 12 hours by tonight i expect it to be back on.
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>> the chp is not releasing the name of the driver in the accident or giving any information of where the map may be from but they will be out here and they do expect to have all of those street lights back on and the power will be restored by tonight. but again all lanes are back open. a man being pulled to safety beneath the restaurant, this is 11:30 and fishermen spotted a man 45 feet below the cliff house restaurant. they rigged up a rope and got the man as you can see and after he was brought to the top he was checked out by paramedics and was released, but it's still not clear how he
6:37 am
became trap dead on the rocks. spencer freeman smith he is charged with hitting and killing bicyclist beau hugh and police found i.d. numbers on car parts to track the member down. in san francisco, it is one of the most congested cities in america. on average, san francisco drivers were stuck in traffic for 48 hours last year according to the score card. san francisco ranked third behind los angeles and next is honolulu. they go between 5:45 and 6:00 p.m. m. that is surprising for honolulu. there is a gravel spill
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southbound 101 in south san francisco, this is on the peninsular here and this gravel spill has as many as 10 cars pulled over. including one guy who first reported it was driving a very expensive car. he tried to avoid it but ten people didn't and now it's on the shoulder at grand avenue in one of the right lanes and it could be causing some slow traffic. just give yourself plenty of time to be on the safe side. not causing a huge jam, the bay bridge toll place do is packed -- backed up. ones you get into a nice drive it is already getting thick into san shows and gets better after certain roads. most live cloudy, nice
6:39 am
breeze from julia who said it is ponytail weather. i understand that but temperatures coming down inland low clouds breezy, no changes tomorrow, each day the fog gets chewed up more and it is getting too cool inland and very windy on friday it drops and could produce some snow showers just keep that in mind. anywhere in the mountains and they can find tune that forecast for us we started yesterday with a big drop on those temperatures, i mean they were much lower and the breeze
6:40 am
southwest at livermore and gifts about 20. it is already beginning to peel off the sonoma and marin coast overall most of that fog will disappear but it will be sunny and breezy at times. very low 80s, 59 pacifica and mid-to-upper 70s and it looks like a lot of 70s. the system drops document thursday and that will crank up the old wind machine especially sunday and monday. a plane crash went down, what that pilot reported before he hit three power poles. and the arrest in the sierra lemar case, it will not stop their efforts to continue
6:41 am
looking for her. we are coming over the willow pass grade, we will tell you why and how to get around it.
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. a fatal accident knocked out the electricity on the
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bridge and look at these pictures of the crash. right now some of the lights are still out on the eastbound lanes and it may take up to 12 hours to fix the problem. golden state warriors will relocate to san francisco today. the team will layout the terms of the arena according to several reports than will be built on peers 30 and 32 in time for the 20 nba season. and santa clara arrested a man in the sierra lemar case. they took these exclusive pictures of the suspect, antolin garcia-torres taken into custody last night he is charged with kidnapping and murder. a police conference is set for 8:00 this morning. news is spreading in sierra lemar's home town and allie
6:45 am
rasmus joins us with that part of the story, allie? >> reporter: where the family lives you can see there are pink ribbons lined up and down the street as a neighbor put it, he says these ribbons are there to remind everybody they care about sierra lemar and the search continues. they are there and we knocked on the door 20 minutes ago but nobody answered. we did see a few cars but they pulled out of the driveway and we did not see any of the sierra lemar's family members inside. it came in the parking lot in morgan hill. police arrested 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres around 530 yesterday evening. he worked at one of the safe way stores but we don't know if he was still an employee at the time of his arrest yesterday. people were glad to hear about the arrest but many told us
6:46 am
they were sad to hear they now believe she was murdered. >> it has been sad, because you can't go anywhere without seeing the signs. now it is the talk of the count. >> i am glad they found whoever it was and it will lead to wherever she may be. >> reporter: we don't know what if any relationship he had with her and it is a 20 manipulate's drive away -- 20 minutes' drive away. they are searching for clues in her disappearance near the fields -- in the fields near her family home. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> stay with us for continuing coverage in the sierra lemar case. a sheriff's conference is set for 8:00 this morning and we will bring it to you live on
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mornings on 2. a small plane crashed half the night put pairly hitting, which he is being treated now for non-life threatening injuries. the plane hit 3 power poles before landing upside down. the power was knocked out to 2000 people. the pilot did report engine trouble just before the crash. the lure of leg goes allegedly drove a silicone executive to burglary. he allegedly crafted a scheme to put his own barcodes on leg go toys to buy them for cheap and sell them online. he was caught red-handed at target. he faces four felonies.
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a veryup certain future for sports. school funds are available to cover cost the. coming up, the challenging things they are facing with sports. sal is starting in contra coster county how is that going? >> well, we showed you a picture of highway 4 and this time we showed you a picture and this little section is slow but yes, it's not bad and it is slow in antioch but as you get passed that point, it looks good so i don't want to scare you, it looks good to concord and walnut creek so you still have an opportunity to get out there and richmond traffic is getting slow. same thing, a small point of traffic, the rest of it still
6:49 am
looks descend. southbound 101, they are cleaning a gravel spill southbound just give yourself a few extra minutes if you are trying to catch a flight at fso. they have a three minute backed up delay and that's north coming through downtown let's go to steve. it looks like the low clouds are already getting chewed up and it is too cool in the atmosphere, there is nothing to support it and no heat in the valley but david said man it is sow upper muggy and other areas are cool and there is a little breeze out there. the forecast is breezy at times, about the same but the fog will burp off sooner and any fog inland will burp off.
6:50 am
56 and san rafael, these are much cooler and the westerly breeze is in place and it is early. it will be a windy day and it heads towards us late into friday so the wind is not going anywhere. i can take the heat but i just don't like that wind and it will be breezy, windy at times, highs 60s and 70s, a few upper 50s and it will be sunny at the coast. 50s, 60s and 70s, there could be a mattering of 80s and off and on clouds, fog by thursday that system drops for a very windy pattern and we will have improving conditions on the weekend. drive through convenience.
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it shows sales at drive through windows were up, they bought it at a drive through and there was and i increase in 2010. now it includes pap they are la restaurant -- banner a restaurants and convenient -- convenience stores. police department can use them, the bikes are already in use in santa cruz, scott valley and over in london. >> interesting. time now 6:51 this is the last night for the last two american idol finalists. >> phillip phillips and jessica sanchez get ready to take the stage for the last time. a spacecraft is now headed for the international space station, we will tell you what is on board.
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>> if you are driving in marin, it is a different story in southern marin.
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. welcome back, dow jones industrial average up 12 points nasdaq and s&p 500 up a little bit and i am looking at
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facebook stock it is down less than $32 a share. >> 3, 2, 1, zero... and launch. this morning a private spacecraft is headed to the international space station, they launched a rocket to the space station and they are scheduled to dock on friday and unload about 1,000 supplies. also on board are the lipstick sized castles cremated remains and remember actor james duhan, scotty from star track? they may be able to track complaints against police officers. the city spent 15,000 dollars on a computer program just seven years ago but the city right now uses a system it
6:56 am
built and it's said to have a lot of problems. one consideration program costs up to $3 million and the police department is facing a july deadline make court ordered reforms. foot doctors have a warning, they say more injuries ranging from pulled calf muscles to stress fractures can occur in the latest trend. it happens when they try to transition from shoes to feet and don't allow their body to get used to the difference. it is inspired by the movie born to run. jessica sanchez will take the stage for the last time and so far details about the types of songs they will be singing is being kept see karat and tomorrow the season 11 winner
6:57 am
will be crowned. you can watch it all here, the two night finale begins at 8:00. >> how is the commute, sal? >> it is okay, i would not give it a "b" plus. i want to show you the commute and it is getting busier and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is not that bad, it is backed up to what used to be the parking lot which translates to a 5 to 7 manipulate delay. >> it looks like it is beginning to burn off, so sunny, breezy high and some of that fog is on the santa cruz coast for a little bit longer and it continues to settle slightly below averages. coming up, a break in the sierra lemar case, a suspect now in custody, we will continue live team coverage. also a break-in the dark,
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how it is a affecting your morning commute, stay right here with us. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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good morning. a break in the sierra lamar case. ktvu news has exclusive video of the suspect now in custody. teamer


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