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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 22, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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developing story. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where a press conference is about to get underway in the case of missing teen sierra lamar. we'll tell you who the suspect is and why investigators believe he killed sierra lamar. a deadly crash on the san mateo bridge early this morning. triggers of power outages. the lights went out. we'll tell what you caused the young and what we've learned about the -- caused the outage and what we've learned about the driver involved. and the church chief's new controversy -- and the chief's new controversy. this involves his son. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." >> good morning. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell. right now, we start with the arrest in the sierra lamar case. ktvu broke this story on the
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10:00 -- on the 10:00 news last night. he's suspect is 24-year-old antolin garcia-torres. police arrested him at a safeway store in morgan hill about 6:00 last night. just hours later, ktvu got these exclusive videos of gar ia-torres as he was taken to the -- garcia-torres as he was taken to the main jail. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: at this press conference will be the family of sierra lamar. can you imagine how they must feel? holding out help for so long that their daughter will be found alive and then investigators make an arrest for murder. we're told this particular 21- year-old, antolin garcia- torres, had been under around- the clock surveillance since
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the beginning -- around-the- -:00 surveillance, since the be -- around-the--- around-the- -the-surveillance. this is from the beginning. >> -- around the clock surveillance. they've been watching him. now deputies arrested him in the parking lot of a safeway morgan store around 5:30, 6:00. we know he used to work at the store. we know. suspect attended central high school. sources tell us that he owned the red jetta that investigators seized this month in connection with lamar's disappearance. there is also apparently some dna evidence linking him to the
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clothing found in sierra's backpack. this is not the first time he's been in trouble with the law. we dug up court documents which show back in 2009, he was arrested for resisting a peace officer as well as vandalism at the county jail. again, the press conference is starting and that's coming up and we expect to learn more then. >> as we mentioned, the man accused of kidnapping and killing usa was arrested at a safe -- usa was arrested at a safe -- killing sierra sierra lamar was arrested -- killing sierra lamar was arrested the a safeway store. another search is scheduled for tomorrow morning. allie rasmus will have more
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from morgan hill coming up in the next half-hour, at 7:0. stay with us for continuing coverage of this major -- 7:30. stay with us for continuing coverage of this major conference. this will start at 8:00. we'll bring it to you live. suspended sheriff ross mira kim san mateo campaign -- mira -- mirror mirkarimi is appealing publicly to keep his job. president obama will be right here in the bay area starting tomorrow raising money for his reelection campaign. tomorrow night, the president is due to be at a private fund- raiser in atherton. tickets for that -- $35,800 a
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person. later the person will attend the redwood city foxwood theater. the president will be spending the night in san jose. and then on thursday morning he will appear at the garden court hotel in palo alto. tickets for that will be $35,800 per person. a new roll shows that president obama and mitt romney are tied as far as voters -- who voters think can fick the economy. coming up, the high level endorsement that president obama did not get this morning. 7:05. it's getting tougher to fund high school sports. president weekly reports athletic cost about $500,000 a year each. but with budget cuts, the
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schools are struggling to come up with the money. they already have more of a need for community p -- community participation. 7:06. they are trying to get the power back on the bridge, that's since this morning. alex savidge has more. >> reporter: a short time ago a representative from the alameda county coroner's office told me the driver involved in this accident was 40 years old, from daly city. he was killed in in single car crash that happened early this morning that triggered a blackout on the san mateo bridge. the driver hit the utility box. the traffic is going westbound. we do understand that all lanes are back open. repair work is going on on the eastern section of the span.
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this crash happened around 12:30. a white suv lost control, hit the center divider and then knocked out power to tom -- to some of those street lights. the man who was driving that suv died on the scene. the chp doesn't think that alcohol played a role. we understand that caltrans will not have the power fully restored on the bridge. as we come back out here to a live picture. you can see there is a heavy backup on the westbound direction. let's check in with sal castanedo for that. >> you know, alex, what you are seeing there is a debris -- backup from a debris spill on this bridge that happened went last half-hour or so. some degree was spilled on the
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bridge and boxes were spilled and the material on the boxes were run over by several vehicles and now there is a backup as chp is waving on traffic. give yourself plenty of time on that san mateo bridge. we'll continue to follow this for you as the morning -- as the morning wears on. let's go to some other pictures. northbound 280. you can see traffic getting slow trying to get to cupertino. this morning's commute on the peninsula was marred by a gravel spill southbound 101 causing a little bit of a delay. one of the lanes is blocked. they are waiting for a sweeper there. if you are trying to catch a flight give yourself a few extra minutes. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for about an
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eight to ten-minute delay. let's go to steve. >> tsunami -- thank you, receive. i think the atmosphere is getting too cool to support fog and also inland temperatures are coming down. there's no heat in the valley. you need the two of those things -- to get things going. fog, stun, breezy for the -- sunny and breezy for the day. sunny and breezy, we had the system that kind of opened the door yesterday. it will continue to be with us. so the cooling trend -- i think it will cool off. although the wind could pick up. that looks like that will play
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in our forecast. it will be breezy. to be -- fog, sun, breezy. a lot more 60s and 70s. a few 50s on the coast but i think those 80s are really low. i'm going upper 7 os for many. inland areas will come down a almost bit more today. we'll just settle in and then that system droops in late thursday. with your weekend always in view, we'll kick it out of here. it will be breezy, saturday subject and then warmer on monday. it's happening right now in washington, d.c., a stroller brigade descending on capitol hill, involving hundred of
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moms. and how to save money at california universities. ing, why this plan may win the support of stewarts. universities. ing, so why this plan may win support of students.
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s. we have new information -- we have new information this morning about there's been reprimanding regarding whistle blowers. a mortuary in dover had
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wrongfully handled remains. president obama was able to convince world leaders at the nato summit in chicago to sign onto his plan for winding down the war in afghanistan. they agreed to give afghan forces a leading role in combat with nato taking a supporting role. most foreign troops will end by by -- end by 2014. ryan crocker will step down. herrer why -- earlier he seveed 2007-2009 -- her is everybodied
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2007 -- he served in 2007-2009. the polls show president obama is slightly more popular but they are tied on the handling of the economy. now president obama is jumping in the fight over romney's career at bang capital. the obama administration is making clear this issue is fair game. >> if your main argument for how to grow the economy is i knew how to make a lot of money for investors, then you are missing what this job is about. my job is to take into account,, not just some -- into -- my job is to take into
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account everybody, not just some. >> the polls show that both candidates face a challenge generates enthusiasm among their supporters. one big case, colin powell, he endorsed president obama the last time around. thousands of immigration records become available to the public today after they were almost lost forever. the historical documents will be available for viewing at the
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national archives center in san bruno. the late congressman of san mateo and his successor congresswoman -- the files for immigrants for more than 100 countries who arrived on the west coast. we want to to take you to -- we want to take you to washington, d.c. where there is a stroller brag grade. hundreds move moms and cancer survivors and they are also their -- the moms say the chemical industry is rupt and trying to -- corrupt and trying to downplay the risk to children. 7:127. back here at home -- back here at home. a uc berkeley graduate is being remembered as a dedicated
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mother. university officials have identified the victim as lopez and she garage wait a minuted this month. lopez, her 6-year-old son and her boyfriend, they were in this cadillac. it crashed into a tree in berkeley last friday. her son and her boyfriend, they are still in the hospital. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the state assembly will now have its chance to decide on a pay cap for some california state universities. the state's senate overwhelmingly approved a pay be hike for those who learned -- who earn $00,000 a year or more. it would cop this at 10% for the following four years. the name of a former oakland as' star has come up in
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clemens' steroids trial. he says two men were talking to a mysterious man known for steroid use. a federal government says healthy men should skip the screening for prostate cancer. the task forces say many have suffered impotence and other issues because these were not -- any were not cancerous.
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the much of the bay area, starting out this morning with some lice. a little -- some cloudy skies. a little chilly. is that gonna change? things are not looking good for fact's shareholders. share hold -- for facebook's shareholders.
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it's good for the silicon valley, but there's risk involved in ipos. not everyone is a guaranteed win. >> other analysts say football and its advisers created their own bad luck. they say too many employees were allowed to sell their stock. they say that made too many shares available to keep things prices up. 7:22. let's check in with sal. how did you clear the fog off the golden gate bridge, sal? >> that's incredible, isn't it? >> it is. >> it was completely foggy. in fact, i mentioned to steve at the same it was foggier -- at the time it was foggier. southbound 101 trafficwise looks
7:24 am
good, too. on the peninsula we've been watching 101. the road sensors are not being very kind i would use 28ed on -- i would use 280 and then 308 and then you won't have to sit in stop-and-go traffic. look at the san mateo bridge. westbound still closed because of debris spilled t will still be a little bit -- spilled. it will still be a little bit spilled. very, very foggy for some. it's going to burn off sooner. we have some patchy fog. sunny and breezy conditions today. very, very strong jet stream just kind of visiting oregon, a
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westerly breeze. that's a little bit cooler direction. and then everything will continue to stay this way. there's just no heat in the valley but then a very strong system will drop in for a pretty significant win. overall, sunny. about the same on wednesday and then a little cloud buildup. it will be sunny and then a little warmer, especially sunday, monday. a man pulled to safety by san francisco firefighters. spinner -- fishermen spotted him on the rocks. neighbors, friends and supporters respond to the news about a break in the sierra lamar case. coming up we'll tell you why the search for her continues. and there is a new controversy involving the police chief of berkeley. so, ah, your seat good?
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welcome back. an arrest in the sierra lamar case. ktvu news broke the story last night. in 30 minutes, investigator also reveal more in a news conference. overnight, deputies released this booking photo of the
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suspect. he's antolin garcia-torres. officers arrested him at a safeway store in morgan hill at about 6:00 last night. hours late, cute news got these exclusive pictures of -- later, ktvu news got these exclusive photos. he was booked on kidnapping and murder. dna links him to the clothing found in sierra lamar's purse. we spoke to the county sheriff last night. >> we have evidence that leads us to believe and we have probable cause to believe that he's committed the murder and kidnapping and we'll provide you with more information tomorrow. >> at this point, do you believe that sierra lamar is dead, then? >> we're charging him with murder. >> antolin garcia-torres owns the red jetta. deputies questioned him for two and a half hours about the
7:30 am
missing morguing hin -- morgan hill teenager. we will bring you the -- the live news conference at 8:00 when it happens. now, news of this -- >> now, news of this spread. quickly. and allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: there are pink ribbons on all of the fences and mailboxes. neighbors say they are a reminder that 15 -- that 15- year-old sierra lamar still has not been found. now we've been at the lamar family home at the corner here since 4:00 this morning. we knocked on the door about 45 minutes ago. no one answered. earlier we did see a few cars with what appeared to be investigators pull out of the driveway of the home just
7:31 am
before 7:00. the break in the case in her disappearance came yesterday evening on this parking lot and in -- and this story. police arrested antolin garcia- torres around 5:45. he worked at the safeway in morgan hill. we don't know if he was still an employee at the dime of his arrest -- employee at the time of -- at the time of his arrest. >> i'm -- i'm saddened for the family. the were it's shocking he worked at safeway. i'm always there. >> i'm glad they found him and he can lead where she may be. >> reporter: antolin garcia- torres lives in san martin,
7:32 am
about a 20-minute drive away. we went by there last last night. the -- the owner said -- the owner said antolin garcia- torres used to live there but does not live there anymore. since sierra lamar went missing, volunteers have searched and searched for her. there is another search planned for tomorrow. live in morgan hill, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> let's talk about the time like in the case. 16-year-old sierra lamar was last seen march 16th before she left home to go to school. now, the very next day, apatiently i can't swing this just right -- the very next day her cell phone was found. a day later, authorities found her purse with some neatly folded clothing inside.
7:33 am
the next week, the klaas kids foundation got involved. that same day, the sheriff's office said usa was probably abducted. now -- sierra was probably abducted. and then they found a red jetta with a black hood and said the vehicle had been on surveillance near the home. and then they arrested their suspect, antolin garcia-torres. make sure you stay right here and in 30 minutes we're expected to hear from sheriff officials. they will tell us more about garcia torrez and what let -- and what led investigators to him. berkeley's police chief is already under fire for sending an officer to a reporter's house after midnight. now, the chronical reports that
7:34 am
-- the chief has -- has declined to comment about the insdy ent-- incident. oakland police arrived at a home on hay street and found a woman who claimed she had been kidnapped. but now police learned the woman was not kidnapped. two men had been detained on suspicion of pimping. we'll have more on that, we've -- but we've seen -- a driver abusing a passenger. three witnesses apparently called police. the driver got a flat tire. so police were able to catch to him and arrest him.
7:35 am
the man who was accused in a deadly hit-and-run crash is due to appear in in court. he's a lawyer from san ramon, charged with hitting and killing a bicyclist last week. police used i.d. numbers found on the car parts out the -- at the seen -- car parts at the scene. about 11:30 last night, fishermen spotted a man stuck about 45 feet under the restaurant. when he was finally hosted to the top, paramedics checked him out and they released him. so far, we still don't know why hege who -- who he is and why he was down there on the rocks. the warriors will apparently lay out plans for a cauter -- waterfront arena in a
7:36 am
conference today. that's according to the contra costa county. the vice chair says he plans to fight any effort to move the team. >> they want the fans to be loyal. why can't they be loyal? a little bitter, yeah, i'm bitter we're having this conversation. >> there will likely be a legal challenge. those who want the warriors to stay are not giving up either. >> the team moved to the current location back in 1971.
7:37 am
today, santa cruz officials and the warriors will ask the city council to approve a plan to leave the deleague dakota biz ard from bismarck, north dakota -- deleague dakota wizards from bismarck north dakota to here. san francisco drip -- drivers went the equivalent of two full days stuck in traffic last year. the transit score card said drivers in the city were stuck
7:38 am
in traffic for 48 hours in 2011. the city ranked third for the worst traffic congestion behind los angeles and honolulu which was number one. >> i think i can handle the traffic in honolulu. >> you might have a different attitude -- >> i might. >> a lot of people think living here is mara dice, too. let's take a look at the commute we have. we'll start off with the san mateo bridge. look how heavy it is because of a debris spill.
7:39 am
let's go to steve. mostly sunny, partly sunny, still some fog around. it's burning off pretty fast. in fact, i got a photo from willie, he says, something is sit -- sticking up up. the fog looks like it's gonna get chewed out. it looks like a sunny, breezy day as -- well, the breeze isn't going anywhere. it looks like a breezy windy week. but a little bit warm he on the lows. west-southwest breeze. any way you slice it, it is a sea breeze direction. but a really strong low, looks like it's taking a turn down
7:40 am
the elevator shaft. very cold temperatures for the end of may. for us it will give us wind and also some really cool temperatures. fog, sun, breezy, coatal position but not like yesterday. they are losing a lot of their oomph. 60s, 70s for many. not much change on wednesday. the system drops down thursday/. the main message is the wind. pam? >> thank you, steve.
7:41 am
late ma -- state lawmakers are rallying to save state parks. on july 11, almost 70 are -- on july 1st, almost 70 parks are slated to close. money will come from existing bond moneys and contributetions, possibly -- contributions possibly from you. >> californians can buy a savior state license state -- can buy a save our state license plate. how a bare teenager played a crucial role in finding a missing alzheimer's patient.
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we stand for farmers owning the company; for them taking responsibility for the products they make; for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering from their commitment to excellence. we stand for that.
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7:43. taking you live to the big board where the dow jones is up 53 points to 12,563. some good news coming in from best buy and william snow may with the earn -- william sonoma, with the earns statement. u.s. sales of previously- owned sales rose to 4.6 million. that's according to the national association of realtors. an improving job market are
7:45 am
credited. but economists say the sales are below what reflects a little they housing market. a new study shows that apple continues to be healthy company. ibm was in second. google, third. mcdonald's is the highest non- tech company. apple tops another list as well. the ceo, tim cook is the highest paid ceo of any other company e was given a one-time restricted stock award did the 366 million. it's worth more than $500. that puts him -- that puts him far ahead of larry ellison. 7:45. one of san francisco's oldest
7:46 am
restaurants closed its doors. theyer is,ed -- they served their last meal last night. they call itself the oldest italian restaurant in the state. the owners point to the tough economy for the money problems. protesters packed last night's meeting. union members say hours and benefits have been cut while administrator have kept their large salaries and full benefits. the school district says the state is to blame -- is to
7:47 am
blame. supporters of a height say hiking that to $10 would help some trying to otherwise have a hard time trying to live in theel isly convalley commerce say that hike could force employers to cut jobs. >> on the i hand about 500, on the low end, about 500. >> if the city approves that hike it could take effect in a few -- hours.
7:48 am
two acres burned behind some homes in canyon drive last night at about 5:30. firefighters tell the "press democrat" that smoke was visible for miles. fortunately, no homes were damaged. the fire was brought under control before the flames could spread to nearby trees. a high school senior is being called a hero. who had been missing for three days. 17-year-old nicole reader, last week they went to monterey county with an early cash cash woman with alzheimer's disappeared. they spotted the woman counsel the slope and called out her mom. >> we said, are you okay? she said no. right when i heard that -- i was just so thankful she was
7:49 am
arrive. >> she was lying on the pile of stick. she had no shoes. a judge's conference, one man for hawaii. it has representses.
7:50 am
7:51 am
look at that -- look at that. heading towards the international space station.
7:52 am
falcon 9 launched out of florida and it's carrying a cap saul named dragon. dragon is packed -- capsule named dragon. dragon is packed with supplies and is due to dog on friday. if successful, it will -- dock on friday night. if success facility, it will bring back supply. if everything goes as planned. the rocket's second stage should have separated about ten minutes after lift-off and will spend. next year or so circling the earth before it's pulled back in the atmosphere and just burn up. >> wow. incredible. >> yeah. 7:52. sal's been covering traffic. >> how is the commute? >> it's getting better right
7:53 am
now, as a matter of fact, if you can see traffic on the brick. let's go to 880. northbound 880 passing high street and getting to downtown oakland. i want to mention the south bay, we have 85 and 280. the peninsula really slow. use 280. the san mateo bridge is moderate. and 5 0 is moderate getting into little. and quickly to the weather, let's go to steve. >> we have mostly sunny skies. all right a lot of report with some areas of fog. you can see some areas hanging on there. i know i have -- there is a lot of sun in the -- kind of getting chewed up.
7:54 am
but there's also a good breeze warmer -- warmer breeze. we had mainly mid- to upper 50s on the lows. so look for -- 50, 60 low to mid-70s. the key will be next week. i think it could get very windy around here. >> but it will be warmer sunday and monday. some lawmakers are capitol hill say a judicial conference planned at a resort in hawaii is among the lines of the gathering in las vegas. but as jamie dupree reports via skype, the judges are dean fending it. >> reporter: at this opportunity in time, the judge pushed back saying that at this point in time, their conference
7:55 am
scheduled for july and august is still on. this is a situation, they said, where a lot of money is going out. in fact, pam, the cost of this conference is estimated by s&p some in the conference being a million dollars that would make it more n testimony. where we stand at this point in time, lawmakers want more information how much the trip was going to cost. these two gatherings are pretty normal. i would say the reason we haven't heard much about him. for son testimony -- for follow -- for some reason -- for one
7:56 am
reason, they don't do enough. i've not gore more about it black to you. partly sunny -- i've got more about this on my blog. back to you. >> thank you,. >> go to, pull down the news bar and pull up our politics cage. an arrest in the. sierra lamar case -- an arrest in the sierra lamar case. we've just learned new information about a big information about arking future -- about the future. that's just hours away.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell. >> it's dave clark.
7:59 am
an arrest in the sierra lamar case. the news conference is scheduled to get underway at any moment. ktvu's tear ma moriarty is out there live waiting for this. >> reporter: that's right. we're waiting for the detectives to epter the room here. they are waiting outside. so they will be coming in here in just a minute. you can see they've set up the -- -- set this up and a map. we were here at sheriff headquarters last night around 9:00 when deputies lead 21-year- old torres-garcia out and toward the jail. investigators questioned him for two hours trying to find out her location. we know that he has a younger
8:00 am
sister. whether or not she's sierra's age, we don't know. now, investigators arrested -- arrested him at the store at 5:30, 6:00. by spoke to the store. though said he was well liked. we also know nat school attended -- the know that the school be dash we've also learned there may be some dna evidence limbing him to the clothing found in usa's backup. we found pictures of lake cunningham -- clothing found in sierra's backpack, and we found pictures of lake cunningham.
8:01 am
>> we'll geck 'em check back when they start. let's check in with sal. if the -- we'll get -- we'll get back to them when they start. >> you can see traffic is busy getting up to the toll area. we're looing at the livermore commute and a lot of heavy traffic as you can see on the left getting into hayward and from northbound 208 is crawling. let's go to steve. the breeze will kick in. there's still some fog. i think it's disappearing faster than yesterday.
8:02 am
you seed some warm air aloft. owl of that is disappearing. i don't always show it but i all buy in to it and the low 60s in the city. and head over towards emeryville, berkeley, oakley. that's about right, head to the east bay. and then upperp to antioch and brentwood i'm on board. southwest were. west is at sfo, p f.m -- west out to -- west out to sfo. 60 in fairfield. 61 in concord. the key is going to be a very, very strong low i will find
8:03 am
that tomorrow. it coastal clouds are disappearing for today. that orange would be 80s but i think those are about 80, 81. some areas will have some today. maybe some -- maybe some it sierra. prosecutors say thomas logan bock bought leg gop toys toel is them on the cheap and buy them cheaper. a $1500 werd -- reward is being offered for a man who
8:04 am
attempted to rob a bank in oakland. he's described as asian, 25 to 30 and about 5'7". he's a slim build, no facial hair e was also wearing a t- shirt with the word "delmar champs why the. police say he gave a bank teller a note. when the teller hesitated, he ran away. the city of oakland could pay a lot of money for a new police computer system to track complaints against police
8:05 am
officers. the city spent $3415,000 on a computer -- $315,000 on a system. the system is said to have a lot of problems. one replacement program being -- being consideredded costs up to $3 billion. sebastopol, have thes school and london using some of the quietest policics avenue -- the valley school and london using some of the quietest
8:06 am
policies there around. president obama will be here in the bay area starting tomorrow to raise money for his reelection campaign. tomorrow, the president is scheduled to be at a private fund-raiser in atherton. tickets are $35,800 a person. later tomorrow evening, the person will attend the rally at the fox theater. that event costs $1,000. on thursday he will appear at a round table event. that -- those tickets, the
8:07 am
price the same $35,800. a pilot who crashed his plane into a southern california neighborhood got out of the hospital this morning. that plane missed hitting any houses but it did knock down three power poles and a tree before landing upside down right there in glendale. the captain blamed for the 2007 cosco busan spill wants his mariner's license back.
8:08 am
he was piloted the ship when it spelled 53 -- 53 million gallons of oil in the sea. right now, sheriff deputies holding a news conference will last night's arrest in the sierra lamar case. right now, it looks like they are introduce who is there. we broke this case last night on our 10:00 news. let's listen in. >> jeff thomas from our search and rescue team. sheriff? >> thank you. thank you for being patient us
8:09 am
-- being patient with us. we did make an arrest last night. i would like to start off by expressing cone dole lenses to sierra's family. it's a very difficult time for them. on behalf of law enforcement all of the volunteers that have been involved in in investigation, they've been so dedicated and have worked so very -- and have worked very hard to couple to this minute. as far as it -- we would like to yak knowledge the united states marshal, the. this has been very, very labor and many powers from our search and rescue team and for that we're grateful. our investigation has led to
8:10 am
the person of -- to the person we arrested. the discovery of sierra's cell phone, her clothing, what she wore that day and her personal belongings have contributed to our belief that sierra is the victim of murder. early on when our deputy first responded to a missing child report, he knew immediately that this was not just a runaway. it was something more significant. so early in the investigation, we had tremendous resources out there. we found the bag of clothing less than two days -- less than
8:11 am
two days after -- our some and rescue found that two miles from the house. that's a huge way to -- area to it search. >> off of her property in the bag we found dna from an toe lin far seia-torres. it -- this was -- from -- in the bag we found dna from antolin garcia-torres. it was that dna that revealed the identity. we received the lab results on -- on march 28th and since that time we've had 24-hour-a-day surveillance. we were hoping he would lead to
8:12 am
us where sierra was. we had around the clock surveillance because public safety was our primary concern. there were three assaults in morgan hill about three years ago. in march of 2009, we've linked tune of -- one of them through our suspect. he was booked for murder last night. the family is here we're not southeastern will come down and talk with you. i believe they will. but this is a very very tiff fire for you and we would like to -- very, very difficult time for them and weigh would like to -- i will -- and i would will sake some questions. >> we got the initial dna itp
8:13 am
two days after she disappeared. that led to the suspect's vehicle. we sezzed had the sis -- we seized that vehicle. we have nis evidence linking sierra to his vehicle. >> any possible motive? >> we don't know that. it's me belief this was truly random. there's nos of that we have of any type that the two know each other, have had any kind of impact. [the question is inaudible]
8:14 am
>> it was enough dna to link him within the system identifying him as the person. >> did he know -- did he know he -- there was under surveillance? >> i believe he may have known that. we don't know that for sure. last night, after his arrest, was the quist custodial environment interview we've had with him -- war the first custodial -- was the first custodial environmental interview we're had with him. we hope at some point he tells
8:15 am
us more than he is now. sierra was a very social friend. she had a lot of friends. from the time she was reported missing, there was no contact. there was no contact with any of her friends. we had no reason to believe that she ran away. we now have a stranger who we aided through dna on her property. also her property -- she threw away or dis-- discarded was her property that she what -- that she would have taken with her, including medication [the question is inaudible] >> i don't believe he did. but we've been unautomobile to
8:16 am
confirm -- unable to confirm that. >> did you have any other suspects. >> early in the investigation, we had many, many suspects. right now, we believe he's the only person responsible for the kidnapping and murder of virginia. virginia-- murder of sierra. >> does he have her stashed away somewhere or is -- >> we believe that the facts that i have just talked about lead us to believe this. these are very, very difficult cases to prosecute a homicide when you have not found the victim but it's been down and we have strong facts to believe that she has been murdered. >> is he a morgan hill resident?
8:17 am
>> yes. >> does he live in that area? >> he doesn't live that close. but he has spent most of his -- most -- most of his life with us. he has not been full -- fully open with us. we don't know about analley by -- alibi. i don't know remember -- >> did you locate blood in the
8:18 am
vehicle? >> we have located any blood but we're not commented on any of the physical evidence. we want that to remain confidential. our focus right now is continuing to search and look for sierra. and we hope that we reach a successful prosecution on the person who did this. >> if you believe she's dead -- >> what -- what has he done? >> he has a prior conviction for interfering with an officer. that's a misdemeanor. he has a prior felony arrest for an assault. that's what got him into the dais. but that was not -- database. but that was not prosecuted. >> if you believe she was dead, do you know how long she lived? >> we don't nope that. we don't know that.
8:19 am
when we look at -- we talked to the people in quantico, virginia, about these types of cases and to -- and what to expect. it's based upon their -- what we're finding now, we have a suspect. much of what they -- much of what they thought could have occurred -- he's not a registered sex offender, he told us that right away. we were surprised because that's the first thing we looked at, looked at the sexual registered sex offenders. and the probability in this is
8:20 am
strong. >> two more questions. >> i think a lot of people are concerned that you have not found see rather you. did you find any weapons or do you know how she was killed? >> we don't have a weapon and we don't know. the lab takes a longs time. there are -- a long time. there are many -- public safety was our primary concern. surveillance was not perfect.
8:21 am
we wanted to make sure that this did not happen again. >> i think this is gonna come up later. if you had this person under surveillance since -- [the question is inaudible] >> i'm absolutely confident in what we've done. the communeny outreach has been wonderful. we were communicating with the community. the community in this has come together to search for her. what you have stein publicly has been our search, our search
8:22 am
and rescue team. our sheriff office sur offers, what you haven't seen is the -- the volunteers have been doing -- our sheriff office of survivers -- what you haven't seen is what the vols have been doing, what our -- volunteers have been doing and what our vols have been doing. >> the three assaults in morgan hill cash -- assaults in morgan hill -- >> no, that's were not served. a little ovaller -- over a year ago, in santa clara county alone, there are -- let me get. number -- let me get the
8:23 am
number. >> i think there's 43 missing juvenile females that areen is -- that have been missing since 2011 that vancouverer returned home. youd oner -- you -- that have not returned home. you wonder if those are all runaways. our detectives have done a great job. we've put a lot of resources in it. this is a missing little girl. i know you've all met and i think sierra's mother would like to talk for a few moments. >> i would like to thank the
8:24 am
communityp outreaching to find. and all of the time and -- community outreaching to find sierra and all of the time that went into this. we continue if -- we continue to pray. as a mother, i'm hopeful has not been found and that gives me hope. p just what i've ha p it -- just what i've heard. that gives me hope. i'm so grateful for the response for law enforcement. i do have a plea to the perpetrator to please are -- please give the information that you have to lead us to
8:25 am
sierra to help end this nightmare. i would like you to come forward and say where she is an end this -- this nightmare for us as a family. i'm not giving up help. her body has not been found. thousands of people showed up and i believe there is a reason why she was not found. we're not giving up on that. good morning, everybody. i just want to say just a couple of words. the main thing we have we want to thank everyone for all of
8:26 am
the support we've gotten. we still need your support. we need to bring sierra home. we still need to find her. so we're looking for everyone to help us do that. and -- we're -- we want justice served. that's what we're looking for. thank you. >> ox. that clouds the -- okay. that concludes today's press conference. thank you. >> we've been listening in to the press conference. we just heard from sierra's lawyer and father but the mother saying she's not giving up hope since they've since they've not found her they believe that sierra was it -- and they believe the man in
8:27 am
toted -- the man accused, they believe he's the one who did it. they have correct and -- direct and circumstantial evidence including from that head car. they also said they found dna from him from her clothing bag as well. he was a registered from f.m. is the -- he was a registered -- we heard the mother make it a plea to say where she is, looking up -- she saidee mott good afternooning up -- she's not said giving up at any time. >> the other thick that she
8:28 am
mention,ed. there are -- mentioned there have been tree. one of them involved a tater, the young girl got away, and the gerive shot thisle it -- so certainly that would with -- that would indicate a predator. >> and they call it a -- call this a random murder. >> reporter: yes. very emotional. you now know the very latest. >> -- in the so -- listening at if the certainly brought together over this and have been searching for two months -- in the community certainly brought together over this and have been searching for two months.
8:29 am
p he's not made a confession. thea had valuable conversations -- months. he's not made a confession. they've had viable conversations with him. >> you just heard from sheriff investigators discuss the latest developments in the case. coming up we'll tell you what the family is asking the community to did after this arrest.
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
it was an absolute stranger abkucktion -- abduction. there's no information that we have that the two know each other and have had contact. we believe this is the worst kind of kyle, a striker abduction -- crime, a stranger yab duction, a crime. investigators say dna evidence has convinced them that sierra lamar is dead. they are now hoping the suspect will lead them to their body. news quickly spread through morgan hill.
8:33 am
the city coming together in support of sierra's family. allie rasmus is in morgan hill with that part-- with that part of the story. >> reporter: well, 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres, he was arrested here around 5:30 yesterday. he works at this safeway. we went inside. we found out that the employees are -- they've been talking about what happened. but they have been told not to talk about it there. there are still pink ribbons on mailboxes and that's a reminder, that there's no -- that there's still no --
8:34 am
>> i'm hopeful because her body has not been found and that gives me hope. and just what i've heard you know, as far as -- as far as certain things not being found in the vehicle it gives me hope. >> now, sierra -- now, sierra lamar's parents both spoke briefly and said they werevy grateful for the community -- were very grateful for the community support. steve lamar did put a plea out to the community and said they still need that support to try to to find clues where seer law may be. there is another another search
8:35 am
effort. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. a rope and pulley system was used by san francisco firefighters. they were out there rescuing a man trapped on the rocks beneath the cliffhouse restaurant. it was about 11:30. for now, the chronicle reports that michael meehan ordered police to search for his teenaged son's stolen cell phone. some of those officers we're told were on overtime. the police chief said no comment on this incident.
8:36 am
the chief was involved in another incident where they sent a reporter to andvy's home. ktvu channel 2 reporters join -- channel 2 reporter joins us now with the site of where the wears yers could move. >> reporter: oh, yeah, the big announcement coming at 10:30. a spectacular view. it will be the site of the new 500 million union. warriors -- warrior -- the state of the arena will be reportedly built between the at&t ag. according to published reports the warriors will be glibbing a
8:37 am
a -- will be given given this -- >> but the parking space is going to be absolutely worse. >> you think that will an big problem? >> yeah. i guess -- >> pretty exciting to the city to have a ball. giants are down the street and -- i don't know what they need. very exciting looking forward to it. as we come back out here drive. >> head coach mark jackson just
8:38 am
annoys -- just arrived. espn reporting the warriors are planning to play here along the sm -- sf waterfront. the other side of the bay, theful authority says there will it -- there will like lick be a legal tal -- there will likely be a legal challenge. we're live in san francisco. construction of the new. crews are spending 5 hours a day for the next ten days. about 3,000 sign licksle will be laking it -- -- -- for the
8:39 am
next ten days. 8:39. let's check back sal and see how the commute is doing. >> well, it's very busy and one of the biggest problems, if you are trying to catch a. 208 is getting slow. there was a gravelle it. 208 is busy -- there was graving. use 280 through daly city. it will be a little heavier than it normally is but i would still use it. let's take a look at live
8:40 am
pictures, no make or problems getting onto the bridge. this morning's bridge is very slowed. are slow down. yoo yoo 880 northbound at bascom, i think this is justful -- 80 northbound at at-- 880 northbound, i think this is just everyone trying to get the morning in. let's go to steve. we do have sunshine and most of that fog looks to be wiped out. 50s and 60s on the temperatures -- temperatures. fairfield, i'm your san jose by now. our observer is out. 53ful the system right up -- the system right up there in --
8:41 am
is dash is -- it's really close. won't be until friday, fog, sun, breezy. coastal clouds. windy at times. but temperatures in the 50s, 60s, and os. it's mr.. -- the main focus will be thursday night into friday. it are i -- it will be a slow recovery. we'll bring you much more about the arrest made in the sierra lamar case. also, the race for president getting it -- live coverage on this war on words. angry teachers deliver pool mart hoard message. mart-- and angry teachers
8:42 am
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." 8:44. live look at the big board. dow jones up 53 points. facebook, though, still in focus today. the big news this morning is that some of the lead underwriters actually cut their estimates in the middle of the ipo road show. certainly might have helped
8:45 am
take the stock down. a former yahoo! director are pleading guilty to illegally sharing company information. any say robert clock illegally clicked the fund-raiser about a five we'll -- they say it was illegal and they illegally fixed the fund-raiser. they both face jail time. rajat gupta's trial starts. and j.p.
8:46 am
morgan chase will stop buying back its own stocks after the late for now. jamie d i m 0 n will start to meet global regulatory -- dimon will start to meet globe regulatory. 8:45. let's bring up to date on some otherrers to -- sheriff deputies just ended a news conference about the arrest made last night in the sierra lamar case. sheriff smith says it appears the suspect, right there, that did the -- did not know the morgan hill teenager. last night officers arrested the suspect outside of a -- outside of a safe way.
8:47 am
in five years, the golden gate -- the golden state warriors will become a california sports franchise. in 15 minutes, the warriors will announce the details of their plans to relocate from oakland to san francisco. they are little will -- reportedlily moving in a brand from new neater is up. if this morning, after a deal city city man died in a horrifying crash, and the repairs could take up to 12 hours. they are hoping to bike -- they are hoping to have this fixed by the evening commute.
8:48 am
our new "washington post" poll shows the two, president obama and rit momny, are blocked into a dead feet. -- dead feet. most people think that -- >> and when you are president they're of a firm, your job is to figure out how to figure out how every guy in the country has a share buck. >> knit say the argument is going nothing -- lisk, he was
8:49 am
taking a private. obama obama has been throwing our 911 voters are split whether miami -- he was taking a private stance on this, and president obama has been throwing our voters around on this. the protesters packed last night's board meeting. union members say their hours and benefits have been cut while any claim that administrators have kept their longest salary health official -- kept their longest salary. and the cuts cash cash. >> the cuts that we've had to make, we've made because the state is imposing cutsen everyone else. >> those people who make a lot
8:50 am
of money now, angry union members are blaming thefulful. tonight, phillip and jessica sanchez will take the stage for the last time performing for the chance to be the next "american idol." we don't have any numbers of the about the. p then tomorrow night, the oen will be nouned -- crowned. you can catch all of the action hear. the two night fife -- you can catch all of the action tonight. >> the two-night finale starts tonight. >> exciting. >> yes. this morning, wicked -- we talked to neighbors of the man suspected of kidnapping and
8:51 am
killing the tager. tel el you what they tell us. >> reporter: the permanent -- the family says it's not giving it up --able --able -- the family is not giving up.
8:52 am
8:53 am
killing the teenager. we'll tell you what they told us. >> the family is not giving up. welcome back. just a short time ago, santa clara county sheriff deputies wrapped up a news conference on
8:54 am
last night's arrest in the sierra lamar case. tara moriarty joins us from san jose and was listening none the conference and has more information. >> reporter: well, the sheriff said they had dna from antolin garcia-torres from a felony assault he had committed. they would not give details about when that assault happened, we have sources who stay was sexual in fay chur. but that be dna in caking the race. he's -- in nature. but that dna heed make the arrest. sheriff -- but that dna helped make the arrest. the sheriffs are confident in their arrest but they are not sure that they knew each other.
8:55 am
>> we believe this is the worst kind of a crime, the stranger abduction. >> we need your help. we need justicester offed. that's what we're -- we need -- we need justice served. thank you. >> reporter: they questioned him for two hours and then booked him into the jail. they say they received labyrinths. and they've been south bay -- they received lab results. and they've been watching him under surveillance since. >> police have been linked to three assaults in morgan hill in march of 2009. but then, the news near, the feeling that we get from the conference that ended probably whether a half-hour ago, the
8:56 am
family of saul the suspect in the sierra hole has been living in this trailer park -- in the sierra lamar abduction has been living in this trailer park. he worked were tack, he says -- he worked with antolin garcia- torres, in the deli department, i says. >> it's mind boggling that hurt my friend would be the suspect in this murder. >> reporter: one neighbor says she believed that garcia torres lived in the -- lived here with
8:57 am
his mother and a young woman. let's go to steve. >> yeah. 680 southbound. a motorcycle accident. why you -- if you are driving from -- if you are driving down to walnut creek, this will -- it will be tough for you. that will really slow you down. i want to move the maps down to san francisco, leaving san francisco now, 280 is getting into the act. getting into the act. they had a gravel spill. theyle in san jose, no arrest or -- no rest for the weary here. a couple of minor crashes have really slowed things down. >> let's go to steve. >> a little bit of fog hanging on. it will be mostly sunny to
8:58 am
sunny. a little breezy. i think it would get very breezy. >> thank you, steve. >> and that's our report. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to join us for the news at noon. we're gonna continue to follow the sierra lamar case with new information coming in. thank you for joining us. 3q
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